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Page 4 Messenger Van Burenites build a wall of straw New York, February 22, 1995 75 cents ••"••""T Home of Liz Walter 150th Year, Number 8 52 pages Passing parade Who can help me write an technical communication thesis proposal Editing 6 hours 150 pages / 41250 words British•""T Home of Liz Walter 150th Year, Number 8 52 pages Passing parade

15 edition of the Messenger, it was stated t h a t Simeon Farrell t a u g h t at the Syracuse University Law School.Farrell did not teach a t t h e law school, b u t hTcHoT" t e a c h accounting and business law from 1948 to 1956 at Syracuse University 3 Feb 2016 - collaboration between the Office of Science's Advanced Scientific Computing Research program and the National Nuclear. Security Administration's   acquisition and project management, nuclear safety and health, facilities management, and technical writing. The MSIPP is a direct-funded   Page 53  .Farrell did not teach a t t h e law school, b u t hTcHoT" t e a c h accounting and business law from 1948 to 1956 at Syracuse University.Casino Night T h e Baldwinsville Knights of Columbus invites the public to their Casino Night on Feb 3 Feb 2016 - collaboration between the Office of Science's Advanced Scientific Computing Research program and the National Nuclear. Security Administration's   acquisition and project management, nuclear safety and health, facilities management, and technical writing. The MSIPP is a direct-funded   Page 53  .Casino Night T h e Baldwinsville Knights of Columbus invites the public to their Casino Night on Feb.at t h e KOC hall on Elizabeth S t r e e t .A hot buffet will be served from 8 to 9:30 p.For more information, call 635-9366 or 638-0123.Proceeds will benefit t h e KOC Council 5082 programs and c h a r i t a b l e activities.

Parents support needed P a r e n t s interested in the r e i n s t a t e m e n t of t h e seventh g r a d e foreign language p r o g r a m a r e asked to attend t h e board of education meeting scheduled for Feb.For more information, call K a t h y Garvey a t 635-9534.

Grazing management meeting A conference is being held for dairy farmers who wish to obtain more information on.improving t h e results of grazarigrThe grazingmanagem e n t meeting will be held on March 8 from 11 a.The meeting will include a buffet lunch.T h e conference is co-sponsored by t h e Cornell Cooperative Extension, Pro-Dairy, and Graze New York.Contact Keith Severson at 963-7286 before M a r c h 2 to obtain registration information.A conference on grazing management will take place on March 8 at the Fireside Inn.Final little league registration Final registration for the 1995 Baldwinsville Little League season will be held on March 4 a t the Baker High School Girls Gym from 9 a.All boys and girls who a r e between t h e ages of six and 18 on July 3 1 , 1995 a r e eligible.Birth certificates m u s t be presented a t registration.Baseball players m u s t live within t h e league boundaries and girlp pofthall ia opan to all girls t h a t live within the Baldwinsville school district.For more information call Mark Curry a t 638-0875, Dan Boudreau a t 635-9517, or Tom Petrik a t 638-9596 Excellence inside In this week's edition of Excellence, featured businesses include retail, home furnishings, travel and e n t e r t a i n m e n t Next week will feature technology, advertising and communications and labor unions in o u r conclusion of t h e series.

635-3921 • Informal poll seems likely to reject OCRRA $ by David Tyler The 193 people who packed the Van Buren town hall on Tuesday night do not represent t h e entire population of t h e town.But if they did, it seems unlikely t h a t any stipulated agreem e n t between t h e town and t h e j , a , ? ' y ' : *?-•'• • • Onondaga County Resource Rec o v e r y A g e n c y could e v e r b e passed.While the results of a straw poll taken at the meeting aren't yet known, chances appear to be close to zero t h a t a majority will favor accepting OCRRA's proposed host benefits package as a t r a d e off for t h e proposed landfill."We fought for, now, over five and a half years," Van Buren supervisor Edward Hallenbeck said at t h e beginning of the meeting."I • Baldwinsville, I asked under difficult would the public) take to agreement to stop us from fighting.

" Hallenbeck received his answer in applause at least twice during t h e meeting: t h a t t h e town should reject OCRRA's proposal.On Wednesday, the town will receive the results of the straw poll.Participants were asked if the town should accept or deny the proposal.Whether or not to make t h e results of the straw vote available to the public will be up to town attorneys.Hallenbeck said the vote was taken to enable the town board to get a feel for consensus on the OCRRA proposal.

Hallenbeck also told the audience that he had hoped to have a public hearing, but the time frame caused by the pending legal claims with Joseph Raite prohibited a public hearing.Standing at a podium in the front of the room, Hallenbeck discussed with t h e a u d i e n c e t h e stipulations of the agreement, and briefly dealt with what the town would surrender if the proposal was accepted.He also stated what he h a d hoped to be h negotiations.The proposed agreement is "ap- proximately one-third of what I asked for to protect you," he told the audience.

Question and answer While the structure of the meeting did not allow for direct comm e n t s by t h e a u d i e n c e , t h e public's written questions, a n swered by Hallenbeck, were for the most part directed towards the denial of the proposal.

The most discussed topics included the effect of the proposal on school and fire district taxes, and the recourse that the town would have if any environmental dangers manifested themselves.(see back page) OCRRA offers a 'package deal' • Is it enough to win Van Buren over? by D a v i d T y l e r After six years of public squabble over t h e siting of the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency's landfill in the town of Van Buren, OCRRA has come to the town w i t h a proposal t h a t would reimburse the town for any losses incurred."* But the town of Van Buren may not see the proposal as rich enough The proposed agreement would give the town an annual payment of $25,000 in lieu of taxes for the $638,700 assessed property value that will come off the tax rolls if and when t h e agency exercises its option to purchase the landfill site from the existing owners.The town would receive this p a y m e n t for no more t h a n 10 with payment ceasing if the A ponslvo Ed HallonbGck waits for the overflow crowd to file intoyears, landfill goes into operation, or the the Van Buren town Hall Tuesday night.l agency determines to abandon the project and dispose of its ash elsewhere.Van Buren supervisor Edward Hallenbeck said that in negotiations over the past four months, he had asked for a PILOT agreement of $75,000 annually.If the landfill is completed and goes into operation, OCRRA will pay the town a host community benefit payment of $250,000 annually, with payments adjusted each year according to the cost of living increase.Hallenbeck said he had asked the county for $500,000 plus ann u a l indexing for t h e next 25 years.

A $750,000 fire protection capital project will also go into effect if the landfill is constructed t h a t would bring water into the landfill cell.This system would be completed within six months of t h e completion of phase I of the landfill construction.Of the $750,000 allotted for this project.$200,000 would go towards a water tank for the landfill facility, Hallenbeck said.Although there are no stipulations mandating Onondaga County Water Authority service to residents surrounding the Jandfill cell, this project could lead to county water to those residents.

In n e g o t i a t i o n s , Hallenbeck had asked for a $ 1.8 million dollar capital project to provide water for residents of Connors Road, Brickyard and North Brickyard Roads, and Canton Street Road.The town would also receive a one-time payment of $150,000 to be "allocated by the town in its discretion" for highway or public safety equipment.T h e town h a d a s k e d for a $ 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 fire t r u c k for t h e Warners Fire D e p a r t m e n t t h a t would service the landfill site, a $50,000 vehicle for the Greater Baldwinsville Ambulance Corps, .(see page 12) Sick and Ryan challenged off village ballot line • Wells makes successful claim against petitions by David Tyler Village of Baldwinsville elections a i o i moly buqinonff an usual.

It looks like t h e 1995 election will provide no exception.17, three days after petitions for t h e election were due, mayor J e a n Wells filed an objection to t r u s t e e candidates Dennis Sick and Diane Ryan's petition with t h e county board of elections.Wells claimed t h a t a n u m b e r of t h e signators were not registered to vote in t h e village, dropping the n u m b e r of signatures u n d e r the required 100.According to Wells, 34 of the 117 names on t h e candidates' petition were unregistered.

| fe "When I saw those names, it just kind of set off some flashing —lights— Jean Wells — T h a t day, t h e board of elections notified all t h e candidates that in accordance w i t h Wells' claims, the two candidates would be rejected from t h e ballot." B e c a u s e of t h e s h o r t time frame, t h e whole thing was kind of rushed from t h e start," Sick said of petition drive.Sick said t h a t h e and Ryan decided to r u n on Feb.10 when they realized t h a t there w a s no one run- ning a g a i n s t the t h r e e village party candidates, Rick Presley, Chris Savacool, and Howard Tupper.

The late start left t h e m w i t h four days to collect 100 registered signers.-"We had every intention of coming in with 200 signatures," he said, "but the weather didn't coopeiale." Over the weekend prior to the petition deadline, a storm hit central New York that closed area churches and schools.Sick said he h a d planned to solicit for signatures at some area churches."I still can not believe that thev would loOK.

k -fur lor a victory m that form," h e said of the village p a r t y r "If they felt they had the best candidates, they should be willing to accept the challenge.17 that if Sick and Ryan's petition had come in j u s t a couple of signatures below "I still can not believe that they would look for a victory in —tha-— Dennis Sick the required number, she might not have blown the whistle.

But because the petition had significantly fewer signatures of registered voterT than are required v "she felt itrwas i n the best interest of fairness to file a claim with the board of elections."When I saw those names, it just kind of set off some flashing lights," she said.21, the board had not determined when an appeal to the decision must be filed.The law stipulates that an appeal must be filed within seven days of the petition deadline, or three business days after the board decision.

Republican Deputy Helen Kiggins said that Sick and Ryan might have until Feb.22 or 23 to file an appeal, but she wasn't sure.Kiggins also said that in a case in which a candidate is clearly below the required number of signatures she "couldn't see a judge putting them back on" the ballot.and Sick would file an appeal, but if it was inetlective, they would definitely stage a write-in campaign.

"I t h i n k it's i m p o r t a n t t h a t there's a choice," Sick said."Without any race there's lower voter turnout." Gargan and Walter: Baldwinsville's service women by David Tyler Service in World W a r II was not limited strictly to t h e fighting men abroad.Back in t h e states, there were a n u m b e r of jobs t h a t needed to be done to e n s u r e t h a t men stationed a t home a n d abroad were prepared for the fight.Jn a large part, it was t h e women of the service t h a t took care of these details.

Pat Gargan and Liz Walter, two WAVES, Women Accepted for Volu n t e e r Emergency Service, live right h e r e in Baldwinsville.Prior to the war, Walter was living in Richmond, w h e r e she worked as a social worker.At the time, she was d a t i n g a man who entered t h e Navy."I thought, 'since he's gone into the service, I would go too,'" she said."Unfortunately, h e married a Navy nurse.

" Nonetheless, she made the best of h e r Naval experience.she became an ensign, and even t u a l l y ended u p in California There she was in charge of 200 WAVES on a base with 20.Her job, she said, was to make s u r e t h a t everything was 'ship shape.

" P a t was living in Baldwinsville when the w a r broke out, and with t h e blessing of her family, joined t h e service.Most of her time, she was at the Great Lakes Naval Base on Lake Michigan.After her basic train ing, she became a disbursing were treated well while in the service.While in California, Walter was able to visit Golden Gate Park and San Francisco, and when she was stationed in Massachusetts, she often went to New York, where she stayed at the Waldorf-Astoria for almost nothing.She and the other WAVES were once escorted to the front row of a Broadway musical for free, where the musicians sang nght to them, she said.


latforfft by David Tyler The Key Party, represented by mayoral candidate Dan O'Hara.h a s announced its platform for the 1995 village of Baldwinsville election.The four planks in the platform are: • B u d g e t evaluation O'Hara m a i n t a i n s that he will not main tain t h e "current practice of build ing upon existing budget year af tar-year." Rather, he will seek in p u t from all village employees.

vil laga trustees, and the public in evaluating the ' w a n t s and needs" of village taxpayers in balance with available funding •Implementation of rost-effec Pat ,and Ux Walter today.By working with t h e wars aervlng thalr nation aa WAVES during World War ll.towns of Lyaander and Van Buren and t h e Baldwinsville school dis- tinct, O'Hara hopes to 'achieve better coordination, that realize greater savings, while still maintaining the level of service.O'Hara vowed to revive the Municipal Coopera tion Committee, which h a s not met in the last year.•Provision of "results-oriented government." O'Hara stated that he will monitor the commitments of the village board and track the results to ensure that I t will not take years to enact ordinances." He promised to take care of vil lage requests in a t i m e l y man ner.

" *1 will also enact a village ordinance that will prohibit an 'Adult E n t e r t a i n m e n t Business" from operating within 1,500 feet of a c h u r c h , r e s i d e n t i a l h o m e , or school," he said •Creation of pro-active government O'Hara said he will make sure that each village department has three year business plan that will be updated annually during the budget review process O'Hara pointed towards state tax and aid cuts as possible dark clouds for small municipalities, which rely in a large part on state funding *1 certainly agree with many of the changes," that arc being matle 1 by the state government, O'Hara said."If the local municipality is going to survive, it also needs to begin to change the way it conducts business and creates budgets.* 'V �# reuruaiy / / , I W J Winter Olympics a McNamara hit Serving All Faiths Pre-Arrangement Consultation Casket Selection Room Handicapped Accessible ST** w FUNERAL HOME INC.by B a r b a r a Sobczak What did 570 students, more than 75 staff members and parents along with several invited guests have in common on Feb.16? They all took part in the Second Annual W i n t e r , Olympics at McNamara Elementary School.

Physical education teacher Mark Bader and fourth grade teacher Al Wallon are the mastermi ads behind the event."This works because of the cooperation of both staff and parents,"said Stephanie Tamulevich."Al and Mark are wonderful with the children, they truly are dedicated professionals." Bader, Wallon and Tamulevich served as co-chairs of the event.

There were two sessions planned for the day with the AM Kindergarten, third, fourth, and fifth graders participating in the morning and PM Kindergarten, first, and second graders having their turn in the afternoon.

Every classroom divided themselves into seven groups prior to the event.Second grade teacher Larry Salvage took advantage of RALPH C.Buy a Kidney Foundation paper airplane for $ 1 at any Crunch home hockey game and try to win a new Saturn SL1 or other special prize.Fun times for a good cause! the activity by using a math problem solving lesson."Once the kids figured out that we would have three groups of seven, they inserted their initials on to a prepared sheet that had been divided into seven sections," said Salvage.

"Using the problem solving lesson, the kids were able to get themselves into the required groups", he added.Each session began with the children filing into the gym to the sounds of the Olympic Theme.Some of the older children entered with flags from various countries that were hung on the gym walls.Bader showed them a map of the playground where all the events were held, described each event and gave the children general rules to follow.Bader then directed them to parents and staff who were waiting to lead them outdoors and off they went to the sounds of swishing nylon and clunking boots.

Once outside, the children were directed to seven different stations.One group began by dressing a snowman in a relay race, using hats, shirts, ties carrots for noses and checkers for eyes.that for the most part, her contingent of WAVES were not difficult or unruly.After three and a half years in the service, Walter came back to Although she was enlisted, Gargan alsoreceived many of the benefits of the uniform, going to all the famous hotels in Chicago for free and generally enjoying her frequent visits there.

Both women said that they enjoyed marching in many patriotic parades.Walter said that she always regretted not keeping one of her uniforms so she could march in the Memorial Day Parade in Baldwinsville.But the WAVES were not merely a walk in the park.Discipline was a large part of the process.When asked what she learned in the WAVES, Gargan responded, "discipline.

I learned how to do things the correct way." It is something that helped her later in life when she was bringing up her four daughters, she said.As the officer, Walter was often the disciplinarian.1 SAM DELL $&&*&*** Kidney Foundation ofCNY, 73 J James St.Smith was 1 seen helping with the snowman dressing event and Klem played the role of ball retriever in snow bowling.

Assistant superintendent Jeanne Race arrived with one of the four candidates being interviewed for the Superintendent position.The candidate was impressed to see so many people pulling together to make an event work."Last year it was 60 degrees and sunny," said parent Karen Lewien."Today is a little cooler, but perfect for winter activities"* Another parent agreed and added that bringing her cross country skis would have helped instead of trudging through the snow on the playground.Although every elementary school has a form of Summer Olympics a t the end of the school year, McNamara is the only one" to have a Winter Olympics.

Even though the games, were non competitive, the pink cheeks, laughter and shouts of glee coming off "the playground proved that everyone w a s a w i n n e r at McNamara's Winter Olympics.Baldwinsville, where she had not been in 12 years.She worked at a bank before being hired at the Messenger, where she acted as a bookkeeper and office manger for 30 years.Since her retirement, she has "travelled the world" with her sister, she said.

While at Great Lakes, Gargan met a man on the base, and the two were married at the chapel there.

After going with him to Norfolk, she eventually found her way hack to Baldwinsville, where she has lived ever since.Both women said that although it is much different now then in the past, they would suggest the service as a good alternative for women today." "On the whole, I'd say my Navy experience wasjust great," Walter said.But the most important part, Gargan said, was the service to their country."We did it so we could help our country in some, small way," she said.Polar PAKP at Palmer pleases parents ADIEOiWHCK.CAR STORES Others took part in a dog sled race, with one child as the musher and four children being the pullers.There was an obstacle course, complete with mounds of snow for the children to maneuver themselves over, snow bowling, sack races and target throwing, where children tested their skill by tlirowing a frisbee through a hanging tire.The last station was a place where egveryone involved could enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or a cool drink and popcorn served by parent volunteers.

After t h e morning session, McNamara staff members Peg Barker and Karen Szakaly coordinated the adult luncheon.Parent Becky Smith and staff members Pam Saraceni, Pat Kryshak, Roey Kuryla, Mary Lou Colaneri and Jean Ann Galime assisted in set up.The adults enjoyed a luncheon of hearty winter soups and chili, salads, breads and desserts.The hit of the day seemed to-be the Oktoberfest Sausage soup.District business administrator Dave Klem, science supervisor Fred Smith and social studies supervisor Bob Cook were .zn DAILY • B U W Q Sryle Wings •Staffed P.

zza •S:eak Subs -Cod Subs •Sa'ads •Ho-re-raie D shes by Barbara Sobczak The Parents As Reading Partners (PARP) program concluded at Palmer Elementary School last week.The program is a National PTA encourages children and their parents to read together five out of seven days per week for three weeks.Program planners hope that by sponsoring the program, the habit of reading daily will be formed.This year's theme, created by PARP co-chairwoman Tracey Mead, was Palmer Penguins Polnr Paradise, .The teachers in the building each read to a class other than their own.Len Sharpe, a ninth grade teacher at Liverpool High School came to Palmer on Jan.26 to speak to the children about Antarctica and his travels there.

The children at Palmer have been busy taking part in many activities that culminated in the Readers Gallery, a special place where those children who participated in at least one week of reading were able to go from Feb.

Close to 90 Palmer Penguins have been video taped doing book reviews, similar to those seen on the popular PBS television series Reading Rainbow.Some students have also drawn pictures or written reports on their favorite authors and books.Those efforts are on display in the "Readers Walk Of Fame" Wednesdays have been "special" days.

The first Wednesday, children were encouraged to wear black and white to look like penguins.Children and staff wore their slippers for "Slip Into A Good Book Day" for the second week's celebration and the last Wednesday found everyone in shirts that had school appropriate messages on them for "Read Me Day".At the Readers Gallery, located on the Palmer stage, children that read for at least one week gained entry to the "Palmer Penguin Polar Paradise" where they were able to take part in games, crafts and activities.Children were able to string "penguin eggs" made of clay from a rookery display into necklaces.They played "Polar Jeopardy" by coming up with questions to answers about the Arctic and Antarctica.

The children were also able to fashion button pins using the polar theme and played Polar Bingo, and Polar Tic Tac Toe.The Readers Gallery was decorated in part by Mrs.Minerd's third grade class, using penguins that were a part of a class project, parents Karen Unger and Alis Seffick completed thedecorations."Participation has been running high with over 95% of the entire Palmer population participating in weeks one and two.The figures for week three have not been tabulated at this time," stated Mead, who along with fellow parent Maureen Hartmann and Palmer staff members Patrice Murphy, Pat Resseguie and Anna Foley organized this year's event.

"I've done the leg work, arranging for Mr.Sharpe to come to Palmer and seeking donations," said Hartmann."Tracey has been the creative mastermind behind the whole project, without her ideas, we wouldn't have what you see here today".All five elementary schools in the district participate in the PARP program.Palmer gets an early start in January with Elden, Van B u r e n , Reynolds a n d McNamara kicking off their programs in March.

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00 W illi so many to choose fioin, f i n d i n g — office hours, tees and more.We ll even schedule the right doctor can be frustrating.your first appointment if you like—while you're Make it easy on yourseff—call HealthMatch, Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital's f r e e physician JOFS So don't wait until you need a doctor to find referral and health information service.Call HealthMatch Monday through Friday, phone, our registered nurses will match you with 9 a.

It's quick, confidential and i t s an experienced, credentiajed doctor who meets free! your medical needs • • We'll find doctors who practice in your area, are affiliated with your insurance and who are accepting new patients.We can also tell you OJNOA on the phone.

about their medical education, area of specialty, PHYSICIAN REFERRAL A HEALTH INFORMATION SERVICE 472- 2464 •**X««Ua«i A free community service of Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital - f * �I/O February 22, 1995 Around town occer sign-up extended the informational meeting.Due to popular demand, the BYSA Soccer registration deadline h a s been extended.Mail-in registrations for t h e spring session will be accepted until March 3.Registration forms a r e available at Collins Sports in Tri-County Mall.Teams for boys a n d girls ages five to 14 are coached by trained adults with emphasis on gaining soccer skills, good sportsmanship, and great fun.

For more information, contact Jody Adams at 638-2675.B'ville students at NYSSMA Baldwinsville m u s i a s t u d e n t s will perform solos and ensembles at t h e Fayetteville-Manhus NYSSMA Festival on May 19 and 20.All fees and forms must be turned in to Ron Kern, fine Arts Supervisor, at the district office by March 10.Acoustic music moves The Acoustic Music Association will now meet at Kowalski's Country Inn on Route 48 on Wednesday nights at 7 p.

Spring Baskets and Bows The Syracuse West Women's Club will hold its "Spring Blankets and Bows" luncheon at t h e Syracuse Airport Inn on March 13 at 11:30 aim.Michelle Ronacher from Baskets and Bows Shop in Phoenix will present a showing of her specialties.Reservations and cancellations are required by March 10.Nursery care is provided, b u t bag lunches should be brought for the children.Call Waneta Edgett at 6357096 for more information.Opening at BNS Baldwinsville N u r s e r y School h a s an opening for t h e rest of t h e 1994-95 school year.BNS meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings in t h e First United Church's education wing.A child m u s t h a v e reached four years of age by December 1, 1994.Anyone interested should contact Barbara MacPherson a t 635-9333 at home or 635-5723 at t h e school.

Cheerleading tryouts Varsity and junior varsity tryouts for t h e 1995-96 footballaTicTbasketball seasons will begin with a meeting on March 1 a t 7 p.in t h e cafeteria a t Baker High School.Practices will begin on March 6 w i t h t h e final try out date March 11.

A signed physical slip is required for t h e first day of practices.No one will be allowed to practice without a signed physical slip.All interested s t u d e n t s in grades nine through 12 for t h e fall of 1995 and t h e i r parents/guardians a r e asked to attend W.PATRICK MULLIN Experienced Financial Focus 1995 FINANCIAL MARKET OUTLOOK AND STRATEGY PNS registration Registration will be held for the Presbyterian Nursery School's 1995-96 school year on March 1 at 9:30 a.for children who will be three or four by Dec.For more information, call Donna Wagner at 635-7391.24 to April 14, t h e Seneca River Lodge will host public lenten dinners a t t h e Baldwinsvile Masonic Temple.T h e menu includes haddock, clam, shrimp, or a seafood platter, served with french fries,salad, roll, beverage, a n d cake There is a fee for t h e dinner.Senior citizens will receive a discount and children under five will e a t for free.Dinner will be served each Friday from 4:30 to 7 p.T h e Baldwinsville Masonic Temple is located at 36 Oswego Street in Baldwinsville.Raymond Demonte GATT Will H e l p O u r E x p o r t s O v e r The L o n g - T e r m .Since the ••< n'-ral agreement on tariffs and trade 'G.-VITi was ratified by congress, long-term export p.GATT: • Opens up commercial a r e a s where l' S.

gricuitural m a r k e t s — a plus for •.'? highlv productive Despite higher tax*-? ar.

rates, the economy expanded close to 4% in 199-4 — t h e best rate of growth since 1987.y companies will be restocking fallowing a strong holiday selling season However, because many variable rate loan? are being adjusted upv.growth in real grots domestic product ! ( G D P n s likely to ?k-* :•• 1! V' Schoolhouse social An old-fashioned schoolhouse social "will be hosted on Feb.26 at Baldwinsville's Museum at t h e Shacksboro Schoolhouse.Featured will be poems, stories, and songs about friendship and romance in keeping with t h e museum's current exhibition, "From t h e Heart.Refreshments will round o u t the program.T h e m u s e u m is located on Canton Street in the village's McHarrie Park.For further information, call t h e museum at 638-2452.

M a n u f a c t u r i n g Will B e T h e Bright Spot Although G D P :-:ro--' inttrf-5'.' attribute this main!;, to ;rei n v e s t m e n t cycle Co:: ; •.:,> • h investing heavily in :a-\v ;,: equipment, lifting.T\'o:\a \ p o i n t s to higher productivity, •growth and low inflation — t h .out t u t Missionary conference The Faith Baptist Church will host a missionary conference from Feb.

The speaker will be Pastor, ' Lloyd Larkin from W e s t Jordan, UT.Larkin h a s e s t a t e lished three churches in the Salt Lake area.H e will be speaking in t h e Sunday School which starts at 9:45 a.Nursery will be available for all services and the services are also interpreted for t h e hearing impaired.

The scht-duit-d iniflemeniation d a t e for GATT is July 1, 1

'> Will F o r e i g n E c o n o m i c Strength In what should be the best performance m decades, worldwide G D P is expected to expand bv 3 b'\ in 1995, f'.'llowmg growth of roUfchJy '/"• in 1994 nnd 2 3£"< .with t-conomic acnvity e)tpect«r-i to r i;ce the rate-expt-vted in mrhistriahzed nations.

exports will be- bolstered by bnsk investment in'injr a structure, benefiting industries such as capita! "machinery, power generation equipment, arid computers Developing Asia should remain t h e most dynamic region, where • growth could reach.Meanwhile, all of the major Latin American economies, except Venezuela, should ex;K-nence 4~ growth or better.-Next Time- - --•-- - • Raymond De~: fceyrVQr(3s.

'- r e j r Witter ' 5 ~ " ' : e c 2 5 C S C "'cY 2S VBA ITS EASY TO LOOK GOOD •Precision Hair Guts •Permanents •Coloring CELEBRATING OUR 5™ YEAR IN BALDWINSVILLE Call our professional hair stylists appointment today.PERSONALLY YOURS FREE CONSULTATION Evening & Weekend Hours Available 215 East Water Street Call For An Appointment Syracuse, N.;•• :•-: 1 9 ''> n T h e E c o n o m y S h o u l d SlowI n L a t e 1995 The Republicans in t h e town of Van Buren invite those interested in r u n n i n g for office in the election of Nov.1995 to contact 689-7687 or 638-4833 r information.The election includes t h e town supervisor, town clerk, highway superintendent, and three councilors.ice a By Van Buren GOP seeks candidates TriaLLawyer— Personal Injury Criminal Defense ! VJ r,\e 1 ' ' " o .nearly tasovi-raJ real G P D growth •-Id .

«-nt ih< u!d k ' v j : '" S factories hum- We art- be-;:nrun : 1 economy, iiiuih Lij;h« t h a n last year, and re! stock price? %\••:•-•;••• • publican con- - • tion their portfolio? :" to be a Year Preventive.Cosmetic ev Restorative Dentistry HAIR & SKIN CARE SALON 52 Oswego StreetG e n t l e and ( ,inrm Ih:ii!!>:r\ for adults and children

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99 « I — - ••• ~ ' — « « " * ' " MlMlkWtlfW< St 0.01 '3\ $ Q 99 Ask our Branch Customer Sor\ico RoprOvSontativos or mil 424 4437 lo apftfr • W/2TOPP ;4CANSCC*E E V Expire* 2/2ft5 I , — — — — — « /o APR fCjtr ;< i;:Vv1 h- ifw<-fr » ,'S ."* 0* 1>M- »>i zm OMTW I * » 3I3«37«»0 0/ * I x.Baldwinsville Limited Offer New Auto Loans Exfim 2/2&fM / I : lf>fte • ST XL.— " O H I t f ONBVAINK & Trust Ca vtrtmroc �M.W mmmm TheMesseng A frustrating system There's nothing wrong with Be careful what you wish for - he began the process of cutting However - to lower taxes, we you may get it.That old saying education mandates, by proposing have to cut spending.To give busi- that, of course; times change, and carries eternal wisdom, as both a reduction in required middle nesses more freedom, we have to we must respond to the changes.loosen the reins in many areas, We should remember, though, residents of this state and their school curricula.On Friday afternoon, Baldwinsville mayor Jean Wells recognized legislators are discovering, Ironically, that was met with including those that benefit con- that every action has some effect, that Dennis Sick and Diane Ryan's petition for candidacy in the village

We have only a couple of alterelection had a number of signators that were not registered voters.N e w Yorkers tossed out a sit- m i n i s t r a t o r s ; environment.We ask for change, and Her next step was to take this petition to the board of elections and t i n g gOVernor in favor of a chal- there weren't fix welfare, we we accept it, and we do our best to huve them determine whether or not the petition was acceptable.The ledger w ho promised new and dif- any local school have to make guide it so that it isn't worse than board, affirming Wells's claim, rejected the petition and dropped Sick f e r e n t ways of doing government officials who f u n d a m e n t a l what it was we changed, Or we do and Ryan's name from the ballot pending an appeal which should take business.Among those promises gave that any changes.To a lot better job of weighing the place this week.was a greater dedication to fiscal big huzzahs or Ryan, who has not run for office before, said that she failed to conservatism, a tougher stance on ho-do-does to make our alternatives before we make our understand that signators must be registered voters when she was social issues, and deregulation of that proposal.

schools work bet- decision to change, and we base circulating petitions.It is an unfortunate mistake, one that will most business to the extent that the ter, well, who our vote on that deliberative proEnvironmenlikely cost the voters of Baldwinsvilles when they go to vote on March state should not meddle.talists are worknows? We at cess, and then we shut the hell up the change promised ap21 Now, here it is February and ried about the least assume it when pears.The question is whether Wells acted out of a sense of legal duty, or t n e new man has come through.

softening of the cannot continue There is nothing wrong with out of an instinct for party preservation.

e b a s made serious cuts in the regulatory process; city and counas it is now.she would not have challenged the petition if it had come in near the g t a t e budget; he has proposed ty social services administrators Every one of those requireHe has pretty much given what he required 100 her behalf, Wells is not directly facing Sick changes in social services that are have greeted the concept of man- ments has a cost.Reducing taxes or Ryan in the election, and while certainly the elimination of Sick and n o t o n i y based on fiscal prudence, age d care for Medicaid with alac- mean'sreducing services.

If there is fallout Ryan crossed her mind, it may not have been the sole reason for her D u t o nen tirely new philosophy n ty, but are otherwise unhappy alternative to that is shifting the from the changes he has delivered, if we think the Pataki philosophy action.of helping the needy; he has taken with other changes that will affect burden, and no one can really Nonetheless, Sick and Ryan did not meet the letter of the law, and s t e p s t h a t indicate he will in fact to whom, how and how long bene- tax that tax abatement.by the book, they should not be allowed on the ballot.

burden of regulation on fits are delivered; city, town and consider we screwed up when we voted.business will, at leastburdens occasionLikewise, reducing on is bankrupt unworkable, then run a significant write-in campaign could still bring out the issues that business.county transportation heads are ally, set limits Especiallyorvexated; I suspect, on consumer proneed to be brought out, but without a doubt, they lost some clout in I nprocess, he has managed concerned about the reduction of tection efforts and roll back envi- are those who voted for Pataki to gore just about everyone's fa- consolidated highway funds, and ronmental protection rules.

While and now find their interests suftheir failure to procure the mandatory signatures.it would be nice to say that isn't fering.I wouldn't be surprised if so on, and so on.What is a shame, is that the decision was made not by the voters, vorite oxen.Local school administrators To borrow a line from a new so, any real review would show those people are now wondering if buLby a technicality.

It is the voters that j r e the true losers in this across the state are aghast at member of Congress, the beat goes that government has not, by and they really like the new order affair.large, simply placed burdens on So maybe your vote does count, Pataki's proposed treatment of on and on and on.and maybe entering the public deeducation aid.And why shouldn't Nullum gratuitum prandium, business to have sport with them.bate is more valuable, and more they be? Just about everyone gets New Yorkers: there's no such Most restrictions on business important, than you thought.

And cut, and the prospect of no state thing as a free lunch.Taxes here came from perceptions, real or othaid for buses and buildings affects a r e too high.Business is in some erwise ; that without them, public maybe, just maybe, we should all of ,.Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing.

That seems to nearly every district in one way or cases overburdened by regulation.Thus consider all the ramifications another.So as we remove constraiuts, wc~al-—the~things we wish for, before we apply especially to the state legislature, which last week passed not Meanwhile, the governor also too, in some ways, is public educa-terpublic policy decisions made in let the genie out of the lantern one, but two bills that would raise the state speed limit to 65 miles an followed up on another promise: tion.

Unfortunately, that was one bill too many.The Senate bill is the one we much prefer.It would raise the speed limit on all rural interstates - thus allowing travel at higher speed on y, and the many other controlled access highways that crisscross the Goodbye to the double nickel The Assembly bill, unfortunately, only allows such travel on the Thruway, and it includes a sunset provision that would require that the legislature revisit this decision in three years.

' There is bound to be a good deal of partisan wranglingthis year.The change in the statehouse has probably set the Assembly Democratic leadership a little bit on edge.But this question is not one that should he subjected to the party litmus test.It is in the best interests of all New Yorkers to have a comprehensive policy on speed oh interstate highways.The Assembly simply cannot argue that the Thruway is safer than 1-81, the Adirondack Northway, 1-88, or any other the other highways that service the state.

Absent the safety argument, there is no argument that would compel this speed change on the Thruway alone.going to drive 65 whether the Assembly likes it or not.Test after test, on interstates all over the nation, show an average speed trayejedimorjLthaii-6JLmake all drivers lawbreakers for no legitimate reason? The state police cannot enforce the current speed limit, and the safety factor has long since been discarded.

Move everyone up to 65 miles an hour on all rural interstates, give the police the ability to enforce the speed limits," and move oh to something more important.SiCK S6GKS W r i t S - i l l SUDDOrt """ * * from the board of elections indi- the luxury to easily review who is To the Editor who is not registered.11, less than 90 hours cated that Jean Wells had chal- and system is antiquated because if prior to the petition filing dead- lenged our petitions and therefore you register with the village it line, it ramfl to my attention that our names would not be on the "does not -ant there was going to be no challenge ballot.in the upcoming elections of vilThis letter did not specify the you with the county and it does not provide mail in applications.

At that time I came objections, although it did give us Nevertheless, Mayor Jean to a speedy decision that I would - three days to appeal.At this time Wells and her running mates have run.Diane Ryan, a local real es- it is hard to appeal objections that taken advantage of the system tate agent, had indicated that she are not stated.All offices of town and cheated the voters again of a would tod also run.

and county are closed for these Aftlike -pen mg Saturiaytr to determine the items m do, we put together a petition question.More than likely there her party was protecting the citiready to circulate by later that is a question on if all of the eligible zens because the law is the law.Unfortunately with both voters who signed were registered tered politics I was warned that I of us having Sunday work sched- voters.- " -''• '"should not get-involved in local ules and Sunday being bitter cold The village still maintains, a we were not able to circulate as local registration in March of each politics because it would hurt busimuch as we had wanted.year conveniently after petition ness and cost me friends.I have This past Saturday notification drives.Only the incumbents have always contended that I will not forsake my political beliefs for a dollar and if I lose a friend because of my opinions then I've lost nothing.

In the last few years I have laid From the pages of the Onondaga Gazette, The Gazette & Farmer's Journal/ and The Messenger, all published in Baldwinsville, now on Microfilm at the Baldwinsville Publid Library.ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN YEARS AGO - 1880 Last Tuesday occurred the annual town meetings in VanBuren and Lysander.A pleasarfter election day we never saw.The two towns return the same Supervisors as last year, John T.Skinner (R) in Lysander with 556 votes over Democrat John Boyd, and A.

Hotaling (D) in VanBuren with a narrow 19vote margin over A.VanBuren Democrats also carried the vote for tax collector and road commissioner.

"Hippit" Donahue was on Friday arrested for drunkenness-in Oswego, after lecturing on the subject of temperance.When will this imposter get through imposing himself upon the public? Business card advertisements: J.Perkins, Surgeon Dentist, rooms over the Post Office, Baldwinsville.

Hotaling, Merchant Millers, Stone Mills, Baldwinsville.

Wilkins, Seneca Mills, Baldwinsville, Flour, Feed and Custom Work, cash paid for all kinds of grains.sent Wednesday, a very large centrifugal pump and engine, to Brownsville, Texas, for irrigating land.Its capacity is 16,000 gallons per minute.

NINETY-NINE YEARS AGO - 1896 A Lively Runaway.An exciting runaway occurred Tuesday afternoon.George Peck was driving down Syracuse street with a horse and Messenger PO Box 270.New York 13027 USPS 340-480 Phone 315 635 3921 • Fax 315-635-3914 Stewart Hancock.Ad Manager The Messenger is a unit of Eagle Newapapera Richard K Keene.Managing Editor Perry White Copy Editor John Mon.National Advertising Manager Beverly Selby.Circulation Manager oflk*rfPuNkKKxv 7 CM Ctnmi Urm, i

ymniei »nd Vinfturm and rht MMvtM»Ut fctod OMrfct Th* »**rift««|fe M c M t f f n K puUMtfd vffkty ky EjjW M«d« h f f M K .Mai *•fractionmmfi i art ym at aJranctte * * N intowTart *<«• tU ptt y w if) Hnf« .

In the wagon were several big live turkeys, making in all quite a heavy load for a light wagon.The horse was walking and when the vehicle struck the railroad tracks at the junction of Water and Syiacube blieeLb, the reach of the wagon parted.

The horse started to run with the forward two wheels and Peck was thrown into a mud hole.The horse ran against the heavy coal wagon of Crum & Smith, when the wheels and thills were left behind.The animal continued up the street, turned into Elizabeth, Virginia and Canal streets, and into the third ward where it was stopped.Several persons narrowly escaped being run down.Williams as Supervisor for the town of Lysander on Feb.11, the people have secured a most capable and trustworthy representative, one who is one record as a progressive businessman, and whose energies will be put forth for the very best interests of his constituents.Advertisement: New Fresh Goods daily arriving At the Bee Hive, G.

One lot of narrow hamburg edging, 2c yard.One lot of 25c hamburgs in five yard pieces, 12c yard.New Percales! New Dimities! Also, Light Outing Flannels, New Patterns of any size or style.FIFTY YEARS AGO - 1945 The task of removing the huge banks of snow in the downtown business district of the village will be started today or tomorrow, the Village Board decided Monday evening.Don Reinhardt, an employee of Morris Machine Works who also operates a farm, and owns a tractor, will be paid $3 an hour to load village trucks which will dump the snow in the river behind D.Reinhardt has devised a shovel attachment for his tractor.James Fyler and Kenneth Kimball, from Boy Scout troops 114 and 80, will serve as county clerk and county sheriff, respectively, when the county observes Scout Day.Baldwinsville's business shutdown due to the fuel emergency was lifted yesterday when merchants opened their stores from 11 a.The coal shortage is still serious, and closed virtually all stores last week.Police Chief Frank Springhas also granted opening permissiontothe bowling alleys, billiard room operators and the movie theater.Bruce Baker has arrived at army air forces redistribution station in Miami Beach, Fla after completing a 3-year tour of duty in the South Pacific.

TWENTYFIVE YEARS AGO -1970 Village trustees are asking the State Health Department to shed some light on why it classifies the Seneca River safe for swimming but Onondaga County health department teats negate this classification, threatening to dose the Mercer Park beach.A much-discussed new county sewage district which would serve the village and surrounding areas will be the subject of a public hearing tt Baker High School.The proposed $11 million Seneca Knolls Service District would replace five existing sewage plant* with a new plant to be built on the Seneca River near the Syroco plant Village trustees have assented to supply op 160,000 gallons of water daily for home in Village Green, thefirstphase of which, 300 dwellings, is under construction in the Town of VanBuren.backers ot a struggling In' teen enter prorram appealed this week for adults willing to serve as chaperons once of twice during the season.

The "In* is operating every Friday night at the Presbyterian Center, needing six couples each time.The l a " stays opening until midnight tt times when there are home basketball games.Candidates for Winter Weekend queen at Baker High School are Marjorie Zinsmeister, Sue Connery, Mary Pat Roe, Sally Chapin, Darlene Sharps, Deepay Kaur, Bahette Ott, Reagan Womble.Debbie Dak, Marda Collins, Colleen Giles, Tooi Neri, Barb Johnston, Denise Montague and Barb Green low due to a very busy schedule and personal changes in my life.Embarrassingly I admit that meddling and harassment from the motivated my silence.

I have a vision for Baldwinsville and I cannot do it by myself.Therefore, I believe that my presence on the board will bring much needed decision making, creative ideas and a renewed Baldwinsville that we all can be proud oJL In closing I ask all of you to take an inventory of empty buildings, for sale signs on many homes, high taxes and continued reduced services.I encqurage : those who are eligible to register and vote in the March 21 village election.Bring your pencil and write in Dennis Sick for Trustee.DENNIS SICK Afinepxamplo of ChriatianityTo the Editor After reading your story regarding the fire Mr.Art Eiss suffered at his home two weeks ago, which you covered, I couldn't help but want to share some more things you probably don't know about Mr.

You asked how could be smile while his house had just been on fire.The answer to that question lies in the fact that Mr.Eiss knows the peace of the Lord, and his circumstances do not determine his at titude but his knowing the Lord gives him the peace that passes all understanding.Eiss had been at the church repairing some pipes and had picked up a hitchhiker on his way home.I just wanted you and all the Messenger readers who don't know Mr.Eiss that this would have been only one of many days Mr.Eiss (who by the way is well past retirement age) spent working at the church.

Last fall he spent many, many days and weeks working to help replace a good portion of the church's roof, actually climbing to the roof each time.

This is onlyone example of how he serves the Lord.His having given the hitchhiker a ride that day would probably, i would guess, have been one of many, many times just that week he would have helped the needy.I thank the Lord for such saints as Art Eiss, who is a fine example to other Christian brothers and sisters and certainly a witness to the world of the way Jesus wants us to serve Him.MARILYN PALERMO Letchworth Lane 0'Hara: an "outstanding citizen" To the Editor Dan OUara, a candidate for mayor of our village, is an outstanding citizen who repeatedly displays his genuine concerns for our community.He is an individual who believes in quality management by assuring an active role in the day to day operation of the village and, most notably, is afiscalconservative.

A true leider, Baa believe* we should generate a new budget each year baaed on required services.not just, "build* on a previous budget We need this kind of everyday attention to the operation of our village and adopting a budget process which could result in tax reduction.O'Hara would truly bring a representation much needed to our board.affording our dtitens a two party representation, therein, challenging the status quo of yearly tax increases, rubber stamped spending and extended discussion, etc.PETTY Smokey Hollow Road More letters on page 5 I �i lie ivica&ciifrom page 4 FRIED HADDOCK DINNER Column showed callousness To the Editor: I was shocked and appalled as I read your column "Filling the Screen.A Change in Tune," in the February 15, 1995, edition of The Messenger.The column described your thoughts or the way to a fire that was ravaging the property of a member of this community.How dare you disgrace the journalism profession by writing comments like, "A journalist.but a hellish inferno where a firefighter lowers a baby.to safety is a much better story !" And, "I hope it's (the fire) a good one!" Did you feel that by putting your "siren chasing" thoughts into words you were expressing the secret thoughts of all journalists? Not so! As a journalis t of tenyears, covering news for all mediums (television, radio and newspaper) before moving to upstate New York, I feel you may have permanently damaged your reputation as the editor of our newspaper through your words, which, may I remind you, are p e r m a n e n t ! (What will a student who pulls this paper out of the archives in 100 years think of our society.that we wished for a house to go up in flames for a good news story?) As a journalist your job is to report the news, accurately, fairly and completely.Instead of embarrassing yourself throughout the fi;st one-third of the column, why not write column educating the community about the hazards of a faulty furnace (the probable cause of the fire); the benefits of having a home-safety inspection each winter; or dedicate some space to how we can help this poor man who lost his property and possessions? Why take up space describing your disappointment t h a t the fire wasn't an jnferno?.

< Granted, halfway through your column you try to make a point that once you met the owner of the house, your perspective changed, but the point was overshadowed by your earlier comments like, "We sped along Route Mrs.O'Leary's cow had j u s t kicked a barrel full of kerosene onto the blaze." I know you must experience "slow news days" here in Baldwinsville, but that should not be an excuse to hope for greater loss or human tragedy.The need to sell more papers or receive higher ratings should never supersede human compassion.

When it does, a journalist needs to step back and examine his conscience.Or, take his talents to the To the Editor.I wish to publically express my concerns about county legislator Don Colon's negative feelings towards Onondaga County employees.Two weeks ago, he felt that it was necessary to publicly insult us.The legislature was asked to approve our CSEA contract.

Colon feels that our two and a half percent annual increase is excessive, and because of this some taxpayers will be unable to pay their taxes.He also feels that we are lucky to have our jobs, because so many are unemployed.m struggling, just like many of Cosharing aid in the 1995-96 state lon's other constituents, to pay tax budget.

bills that are increasing much We, at the local level, certainly faster than our incomes.My annuunderstand the budget difficulties in Albany, but we cannot, once al two and one half percent inagain, be part of the solution.Rev- crease will not even cover the adenue sharinghad beenrjreyimisly ditional insurance expenses and cut b6 percent more than any oth- co-payinents that I will now be er state program.In spite of this, I is the proposed state budget does do feel lucky to have a job.

I am an not provide relief from the most regressive tax — the property tax.In conclusion, if New York State wants to become competi- To the Editor It was my privilege to be back tivey it must first address the in RalHwinsville last Saturday property tax issue, since it is the" night to see "Fiddler on the Roof tax which leads to New York's duat Baker High School.It is one of bious distinction as the state with my favorite musicals.We need favorite, I have seen it performed to let our legislators know that they must keep their commitment many times by other troupes, both to revenue sharing and real man- amateur and professional, and

see a production that was more enjoyable 6rln6re~prodate relief:— fessionally done than Saturday's JEAN WELLS Mayor of Baldwinsville employee in the department of social services, and have serviced many families that remind me much of my own.I resent that Colon has attempted to place blame on the very people who are trying to implement the government programs that our federal, state, and local representatives say we must administer.County employees have not caused these problems.They are just trying to survive with less staff, increased caseloads, and more paperwork.I feel that Colon has done his entire community a disservice by speaking so negatively about county employees.We are not the cause of the problem, but we are also the victims -of the excessive taxation by our government, that is so painful to all taxpayers.

KATHY SCOTT David Lane Fiddler was "wonderful" performance.As a former B'ville resident I was happy to see t h a t Carol Jacobe, the orchestra, the actors, singers, set designers et al are all maintaining their high standards of many years.Congratulations to all who participated in "Fiddler on the Roof itwas-wonderful! MffcDRED E.PELRJNE" Utica O'Hara "can ma|e a difference" DFrancisco supports Wells To the Editor I am writing to lend my enthusiastic support to the candidacy of Jean Wells, who is seeking another term as Mayor of Baldwinsville.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mayor Wells on a number of projects, including the Baldwinsville bypass, the Emergency Assistance Fund for last year's flood vietims, and Uaflk cungestion at the four-corners in the village.In each of our dealings, I National Enquirer and leave sensitivity intact here in Baldwinsville.As editor of our community newspaper you must practice responsible journalism and set a good example for your entire organization.I feel you owe property-owner Art Eiss, as well as the Baldwinsville community, an apology.

PEGGY MORGAN Baldwinsville Colon disparages county workers Mayor says they cut wrong tax T d l r i e Editor Along with Mayors from other New York municipalities, I support the property tax relief called for by the New York Conference of Mayors at the recent budget hearing in Albany.The executive budget appropri-" ately aims for tax relief, but set its sights on the wrong tax.Nobody wants to cut taxes more than mayors.But it is the local property tax, not the personal income tax.that is suffocating small business, gqupgying tho middle class and driving the elderly out of their homes.

If cuts in the income tax prevent increases in state aid to municipalities, the net result will be increases in the property tax and/or cuts in local services.minded that eight short months ago they enacted legislation providing a 10% increase in revenue found Mayor Wells to be a dedicated and hardworking public servant who consistently puts the concerns of the residents of Baldwinsville first.Mayor Wells has been an asset to the Baldwinsville community since taking office, and she is the ideal individual to lead the village into the future.

DEFRANCISCO State Senator lt> To thUEditoftif On March 21, we have a chance to make a change in government by electing a competent and responsible leader, Dan O'Hara.Dan will bring a two party system into the village along with his concerns for us.Dan has served on the village board as a trustee and has first hand knowledge of village government and the challengoc wo faoe.New planning, a realistic budget, holding taxes to a minimum, a new look at priorities, maintaining services, keeping long term debt within our means, honest reporting, citizen involvement and shared services are a few of the challenges Dan will accomplish, with your help.

We need a change and Dan can make a difference — NORMA K, HOOK Tappan Street Attention Village of Baldwinsville Voters CANDIDATES FORUM now serving from 4 - 5:30 on Fridays Wed.CAFE MANHATTAN (Mohcgan Manor) 635-6271 58 Oswego Street • Unreserved Real Estate • AUCTION / SATURDAY, M A R C H 4, 2 P.3 2 2 8 Isle of Pines RADISSON! Lovely Town Home featuring 2 laige bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 baths! Skylight in living room, built-in desk, range & oven in kitchen, deck, recessed lighting and fireplace in living room! Community offers tennis courts, swimming pool & walking trails! O p e n H o u s e : S u n d a y , F e b r u a r y 26, 1 - 3 P .

Terms: 5% or $4,000 (whichever is greater) down day of auction with like amounts due within 72 hours, balance on closing, 60 days.v( Am titmrvr ine Kwxt <«•»«« 1'««M ('unl 'aunttlu With TheXumy ljmi I «>/.' Submit questions to the Messenger by March 3 I'UX (.\ vtv r t RECYCLING v t % ROUNDUP THANKS FOR LENDING A HAND! Thankso the-peopl»ot-Qr>oodaqa County for recycling 484,541 tons of material in 1994.In the numbers which matter to New York State's recycling mandate, 151,020 tons were recycled reaching a 35.(Thafs the industry's word tor your trash.LaLonde translates into 1,869,762 trees never used and Director of Recycling 11,626,662 gallons of oil saved.and Waste Reduction The American Forest and Paper Association also recognized our community's recycling with one of its 1994 Best Paper Recycling Awards.Onondaga County won for its corrugated recycling program which began for businesses in Jury, 1990.

We were one of four winners and the only governmental entity to be chosen.The prize was an award of $1,000 which went to the Onondaga County Resource Rft mvftry *<3anry Here's a score card on some of the different material recycled by the people of Onondaga County in 1994: • Corrugated Cardboard: 49,854 Tons • Newspapers/Magazines: 31,121 Ton* • Office Paper.29,011 Tons • Glass: 20,739 Tons • Ferrous Cans: 3,424 Tons • Plastics: 1,887 Tons • Aluminum: 843 Tons • BotrJe pal Returns 7,579 Tons • Textiles through area charities: 3,771 Ton* • Yard Waste Composting: 1,456 Tons • Appliance Recycling:i5289 Tons •Ferrou*Scrap Metal:79,667Ton* 1994 Christmas Cards Recycled: 4.34 tons or 338,520 Holiday Cards, and Christmas Tree Recycling: 17,800 Trees delivered to OCRRA sites.Of any category, the growth was highest in curbside with 38,310 Tons putout in blue bins.

The addition of corrugated cardboard to the curbside collection contributed to the increase of nearty 1,000 tons over 1993.Another interesting statistic is that for the battery collection which occurs curbside ye arty in the month ct Jufyand through drop-effsthe rest of the year at the Service Counters of the local Wegmans Supermarkets and at the OCRRA transfer stations.5 tons of batteries were collected through the expanded program.9 tons of batteries were received at the transfer station dropoffs in 1992 and 1993 combined.Questions? Call the Operation Separation Hotline at 453-2870.at Elden Elementary Cafeteria Wednesday, March 8 Take this opportunity to hear mayoral It all stacks candidates Jean Wells and Dan O'Hara, and trustee can up to didates Howard Tupper, Chris Savacool, Rick Presley, recyclable.

Sponsored by ttTe~Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce

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Unfortunately for the bees, the home pool advantage was not enough, and the Bucs came away with the win, 50-44.Rich Hoy was a double winner for the Bees, claiming first-place honors in both the 100 freestyle and the 100 backstroke.Hoy's time in the 100 free was a career best of 56.Jeff Simonds was also an individual event winner for Baldwinsville, taking first-place in the 200 free.In the 200, Simonds defeated Scott Roth of Oswego by less than a second, with a good time of 2:06.Unfortunately for the Bees, Roth t u r n e d t h e t a b l e s on' Simonds in the 500 free, claiming first-place for Oswego, and forcing Simonds to settle for second.

Although the Bees split the team points with Oswego in 5-8 individual events, the relays provided the key to Oswego's success.

Oswego finished first in the medley relay by just under twotenths of a second.The Bucs also claimed third-place in that event, giving them a four-point lead over the Bees.Although the Bees closed to within-two after the 100 free, a B'ville's Jiialln Bro wn (5) tries to get a shot off before being picked up by two New Hartford victory in the 200 free, accompaby another third-place finish, defenders.The Bees lost the game 5-2, and finished their season with a final record of 14-4.Photo nied boosted Oswego's comfort margin by Todd Thorpe back to eight points.The Bees began the final relay knowing that even a 1-2 finish would leave the meet in the Os- Bees eliminated by New Hartford Sudden death overtime play enabled the Baldwinsville varsity ice hockey ' t e a m to defeat Cortland/Homer by a 4-3 score, in their last regular season game.

But last Thursday night, the Bees saw their season come to an end, as they weiv defeated by New—rsr Hartford 5-2, in a Section 3 Division II quarterfinal game.Against Cortl and/Homer, the Bees fought back to tie the score at 3-3, late in the game.Freshman Justin Brown scored the overtime -gameCenter- Ryan McLaughlin, moved the puck to Mike Hawthorne, who then passed to Brown, just inside the blue-line.Brown then drove to the net, pulled the puck to the backhand and flipped it into the top shelf of .Captain Jim Frey opened the scoring for the Bees with a power play goal, assisted by Hawthorne.Matt Fullone then, once again, ignited the Bees and brought them back to within one goal of the fast Cortland n Mike McClure' and .

The Cortland squad opened up ; with a three-goal lead, after scoring their first goal 14 seconds into the game.Not having played for a week, and still fighting illness, the spirit of the team was dropping fast as Fullone left the ice with an injury.Prey's first goal, Fullone's return to action and his goal, started to fire up the swarm.The defensive corps, led by senior Jason Gardy, Tim Bunnell, Matt Gardy, and Todd Stady started finishing their checks and punishing the fast-skating Cortland forwards.

" Frey scored the tying goal after a face-off win, unassisted and short-handed.Dave Shaw returned to action for the B'ville squad, and along with Drew Miller and Jeremy MacCollum, added much depth to the attack .Once again, this magical group of Bees found a way to win when it would have been easy to give up and lo<<\ Senior Jim Snell stood tall in nets, as he recorded 19 saves, including some spectacular blast« from the slot by Cortland's high scoring first line.Brown's game winner made the final score 4-3, and moved the Bc-"s record to 14 3 overall, and 10 0 in the league B'ville finished in first place in Division II-B, and were ranked eighth in York State C)ai« B poll, heading into sectional*.N'ot aware of what they had until th»'v lost it, the Bees wore wego win column.

The team traveled to West Genesee for the OHSL County Meet last Friday.The Bees swam an excellent meet, earning a number of ribbons and swimming some of their best times of the season.The medley relay team started off the action, as Hoy, Andy Techmanski, Greg Colvin, and Mark Leggett earned fifth-place ribbons with an excellent time of 1:53.The 200 freestyle saw two BVille swimmers among the finalists, as Simonds earned thirdplace with a time of 2:05.

98, while teammate Colvin finished right behind him in fourth-place with a time of 2:07.In addition, B'ville's Lloyd Rathbun, although narrowly missing out on a ribbon, did swim a lifetime best time of 2:10.Hoy earned the next ribbon for the Bees, as he swam a personal best time of 25.

11 in the 50 free to earn sixth-place honors.Don Backus did not finish among the finalists in the 100 freestyle, but he did swim an excellent race.He clipped almost one-and-a-half seconds from his previous best time to register a new personal record of 57.Simonds earned his second individual event ribbon in the 500 freestyle, where he again finished in third-place.

Rathbun swam another best time, clocking a 1:40.The 100 backstroke provided the Bees their biggest surprise of the meet, as Brian Disinger Todd Thorpe, editor, - 635-3921 Soccer team remains unbeaten i .• • i Junior Mike Hawthorns (3) attempts to penetrans the tough New Hartford defense, during Thursday's game at Radisson Arena.

The Bees were defeated 5-2 in the sectional contest.

Photo by Todd Thorpe upset by New Hartford at the Radisson Arena, last Thursday.Taking numerous penalties in the first two periods, the hometown team fell behind 1-0, before Fullone tied the score, after a head-man pass in the neutral zone by Millett to McClure.More penalties sent the Bees to the locker room down 2-1, after the first period horn sounded New Hartford scored the only goal of the second period, as the arena drew silent in disbelief of what .was happening to their magical ice hockey team.Co-captain Frey again delighted the packed house with a great individual effort.

The speedy junior McClure assisted on the goal that gave life to the Bees, as the score closed to 4-2.Maybe the still young Bees were going to once again find a way to win, as they had done so many other times this season However, as the bees were whistled for more penalties and were overcome with the fatigue of killing them off, the New Hartford squad upped the score to stake a final 5-2 lead.Senior goalies Snell and Tom Coleman shared the goaltending duties and competed a fine 14-4 season.Senior defenseman Jason Gardy also played his final game on the blue line for the Bees, and his leadership will be missed.

Gardy has led the Bees with the highest scholastic average for the last three seasons and has been a real inspiration and role model to the younger members of the one of the best Baldwinsville hockey teams in school history.New Hartford moves on to the semifinals, where they'll play Skaneateles, a winner over Solvay last week.Meanwhile, Clinton and Cortland/Homer meet in the other semifinals.The sectional finals are scheduled for Saturday, at the Utica Auditorium, at noon — The 14-and-under~boys~Balcb" wins ville Thrill indoor soccer team remained undefeated in B division play at 3-0, with exciting one-goal victories in their last two contests.9, the Thrill benefited from three goals each by Ricky Anthony and Chris Grier, while Ryan Appleman turned in a tremendous second half effort in goal, as B'ville downed a spirited Jreck Subs team, 8-7.won another close one, as Sean Cox scored the third of his three goals with under five minutes remaining to lilt B'ville to aT5:5~win~ over a very tough Westhill Eagles' club.Against Jreck Subs, the Thrill jumped on top quickly for the second week in a row, as Anthony found the lower left corner of the net on a long shot just 30 seconds into the game.However, Baldwinsville became sluggish soon after, and quickly fell behind 5-2.

Defensive lapses allowed Jreck Subs' forwards to convert several breakaways and other close in chances against goalie Anthony Tangredi.The momentum began to shift late in the half, as Anthony again scored on a long, right-footed blast.Grier closed the deficit to 54 j u s t before halftime, as he p~usfie~oW irFfromTclose range with five seconds left on the clock.Defenders Colin Belle and Ryan Hiller played solid defense, while Cox and Peter Smithson controlled the midfield.B'ville opened up the scoring with two goals in the first 10 minutes, before allowing Jreck Subs to tie the score at 6-6.Tow more goals by B'ville opened up an 8-6 lead late in the game.Cox, Grier, Mike Anders, and Anthony all scored second half goals for the Thrill.r e c k S u b r m o u n t e d a late rally, scoring with just one minute remaining the narrow the lead to 8-7.They nearly tied the game in the closing seconds as one of their forwards fanned on a shot from close in.To advance to 3-0, the Thrill needed their best performance to date and got it.Solid team defense combined with creative offense to produce the best win of the year.B'ville held true to form in the early going, by taking an early 1-0 lead.

loose ball at midfield and unleashed a rocket that theWesthill goalie barely had time to move for.Westhill responded with three goals of their own before Cox narrowed the lead to 3-2 with over 10 A win there would put the Bees back in the finals for the first time sintv 1993, against tin? winner uf the Liverpool-Fulton semifinal.Both teams hold wins over B'ville this season.The Class A Championship is scheduled for Saturday night at CNS High School, at 7.

Top scorers for B'ville against Rome were Beth Turner with six aces and four kills; Michelle Turn At the Section 3 Class A Cham- and CNS with 110.pionship meet in Fulton on SaturThe Bees ended up in seventhday, the Baldwinsville varsity place with 42 points, in a 10-team team finished in seventh-place field.

and had three wrestlers make the The top finisher for B'ville was semifinals and advance to the 126-pound Adam Alexander, who overall sectional championship, made it to the championship this weekend.But To no surprise, the host Fulton there, Alexander dropped a 4-2 Red Raiders dominated the field decision to top-seeded Jason and wound up winning with 184 Briere, of Fowler.points, ahead of Fowler with 151, With his second-place finish, Alexander moves on to the Section 3 meet, at the War Memorial this weekend.

The top four finishers in each of the four class meets go on to sectionals.

At 119, Jeff Hartman made it to the semifinals, where he lost, but then came back to take third.Dave Boudreau also took thirdplace in his weight class, at 138.They both are off to sectionals, as well.Lady Bees lose last two JV games The B'ville girls JV basketball team dropped its last two games last week, to finish the season with a final record of 11-9.Last Monday night, in a makeup game at Rome, B'ville started fast, taking a seven-point lead and er seven aoa»ftnd 17tua>aU;Ahhin -ied throughout the first half.

Boudreau seven kills, Molly Rome came back in the third qu ar Wallace two aces and two fells,—jgfc taking a 24-fil laad at the end and Somer Sharpstene two aces of the quarter.B'ville, playing its third game Whitesboro (14-3) was the in four days, seemed to run out of champion of the Tri-Valley gas in the second half, and couldn't League Eastern Division, and de dote the gap.Rome pulled away feated Watertown in their for the 33-28 win.Tuesday's Jenna Cosbey and Michelle match is scheduled for 6.Middleton grabbed 10 rebounds each, but Rome dearly out-rePi '> minutes remaining in the half.B'ville was unable to converted on a number of good chances before halftime, while goalie Tangredi made several key stops to keep Westhill from increasing the lead before intermission.

For the second straight game, Baldwinsville elevated their play in the second half.The Thrill raced to a 5-3 lead, behind the goal-keeping of Appleman, and goals by Cox, Grier, and Tangredi.Led by the midfield play of Cox and Hiller, the Thrill continued to pressure the Westhill goal.With five m i n u t e s remaining, Cox pounded home a rebound from close in, to give B'ville a 6-5 lead.The defense, anchored by Belle, Anthony, Anders, and substitute Pat Dwyer, shut down t h e Westhill attack to preserve the victory.After an off day this Thursday, the Thrill return to action next weekday they take~on undefeated" and league-favorite CNY.

The locals will have to build on these two performances if they are to improve to 4-0.Wrestlers seventh at sectionals Volleyball team advances past Rome In the quarterfinals of the Sec tion 3 Cla«s A playoffs, the top dHHitHl fMhUmiuiilf Lady Bws volleyball team made quick work of visiting Rome Free Academy, to advance to the tournament semi finals With their three game sweep of Rome by scores of 15 8.15-1, 15 4, the Bees advanced to play Whitesboro in Tuesday's semifinal.dropped seven-and-a-half seconds from his previous time, to register a 1:07.That time was fast enough to earn-him a fifth-place ribbon, as well as qualifying him to swim in the Section 3 Championships, next weekend.Techmanski captured Baldwinsville's highest finish with a second-place in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:12.The Bees concluded the meet with an excellent finish in the 400 free relay.In this event, the team of Simonds, Hoy, Colvin, and Rathbun captured third-place with an excellent time of 3:48.

In addition, Baldwinsville diver Jeff Strobeck earned lOth-place at the diving portion of the meet, held earlier at Nottingham Pool.Strobeck, in his first attempt at a championship dive list (in which a diver must throw 11 different dives), did an excellent job, scoring 258 points.The Baldwinsville swimmers closed out their dual meet season, last Thursday, as they went against a tough team from Fayetteville-Manlius, and lost 93-67.The loss brought the Bees' league dual meet record to 2-8 (2-9 overall).

The Bees will now use the vacation period to prepare for the Section 3 Championships, Saturday at Nottingham.Trials for swimmers will be held Friday afternoon, with diving trials on Saturday morning.The meet will conclude with finals for both swimmers and divers on Saturday afternoon.Dawn Smith led the B'ville scorers with 10 points, Nikki Sallustio had six, Amanda Liber a ti with five, Jen Dugan four, and Cosbey added two.

Playing their fourth game in five days, the JV girls lost its last game of the season, 35-30 at home Tuesday night to CNS.B'ville started quickly, opening a 10-0 lead in the first four minutes, led by Smith's six points and two steals.The Bees cruised to a 21-13 halftime lead, but in the ond half die game turned.CNS started playing a more aggressive, trapping defense through the second half and the Bees were only able to manage nine points the entire half.

B'ville did close to within three points with a minute to go, but missed several lay-ups and free throw opportunities to hand CNS the victory Smith had seven points and seven rebounds for the Beea, while Liberati finished witli itat pulnia and four steals, to go along with eight rebounds.

Cosbey, Middleton, and Sallustio each had four point*, with Cosbey adding 15 rebounds, Middleton 13, and Sallustio seven.Briane Carbanaro and Dugan chipped in with three and two points, respectively.�i ne Messenger / M February 22, 1995 / V Lady Bees second at sectionals 'Wi f > n,, ji V *•>4B mk 's JV CYO basketball team F J W row (leftto right)- R.B e l c a s t r o ; middle rowCHargraves, B.

Track team wins sectional title The Baldwinsville boys indoor track and field team entered last Monday's Section 3 Championships as a long shot for the team title.When the meet was over, the Bees had amassed 73 points, to Liverpool and East SyracuseMinoa's 72 points each, and won the Section 3 title.In the past, the Bees' teams have been known for the strength in the running events.

Of the 73 points scored, 43 were scored in the jumps.In the pole vault, Chris Hilfiger won th title with a jump of 13'0", and sophomore Matt Ducharme claimed second at 12'6"; based on fewer misses.=JTjhe long-jump event featured Shan Smith with a winning jump fo 21*4", with Tim Nobles third at 19'6".In the high jump, smith finished third at 6'0", and sophomore Darren Bregande scored a valuable team points with a sixthIplaceJitEff! With the triple jump being the final event ofthe night, Smith once again came through with a fifthplace at 38,2", to seal a great team efforkojp v.

t ,; On tiie track, the Bees received four points in the 4 x 400 relay, with a time of 3:39.Only arch-rival Liverpool finIn the 3000 meter run, the Lady ished with more points last week, Bees claimed their third individuas the Baldwinsville girls indoor al win ofthe night, as distance ace track team ended up with a sec- Meghann Wraight finished in ond-place finish in the Section 3 10:51.Class A Championships, last B'ville dominated the 3000, as Tuesday at Manley Field House.coming right behind Wraight in The Bees ended up with 66 to- second-place was Beth Olson, in tal points to claim second, seven 10:51.In the 4 x 800 relay, the Lady B'ville had three individual win- Bees took first-place in 10:04.2, as ners, as well as one winning relay the team of Wraight, Olson, Kahl, team.and Tracy Kraft beat out secondIn the 600 meter run, B'ville's place Cicero-North Syracuse by Amy Kahl ran a 1:41,8 to finish ".almost two seconds ahead of her Other B'ville athletes who closest opposition for B'ville's first placed in their events were: Kraft winner.in fifth in the 1000 meter, i n ' Shannon Hayes followed that 3:12.1; Jen Bryant sixth in the 55 up with a run of 8.5; the 4 x 200 meter high hurdles to claim first- relay team tied for third in 1:57.

6; place in that event over Marcy and the 4 x 400 relay team second Winer of Fayetteville-Manlius, in in 4:18.Sharks swim at Star meet The 4 x 800 relay team of Dan Monica, John Young, Jeff Organ, Members of t h e Syracuse free (24.She also raced to and Eric Goulet finished fifth with Sharks Senior swim team com- strong finishes in the 200 free a season-best of 8:35.peted in Buffalo recently at the (fifth), 500 free (third), and 100 In one of the biggest upsets of Erie Community College Aquatic butterfly (sixth).

the evening, the 4 x 200 relay team Center.They quickly made their Another major force was ten 16captured first-place in a heated presence known to even the host year-old Katie Cowan.team; South Town Aquatic Rac- ond in the 500 yard free and 400 Nobles led off with a 23.IM, as well as fourth in the 100 B'ville's Jennifer Bryant runs in the 55 meter hurdles during the and passed t h e baton to The Syracuse Sharks is made and 200 freestyle and 200 IM, OHSL Championships, on Feb.Bryant Ducharme, who then passed to up of swimmers from across On- Cowan showed her endurance and finished in sixth in the event at the recent Section 3 Class A junior John Baumgartner, who ondaga County, including OHSL determination to be among the Championships.Photo by Will Kincaid gave the team about a five-meter schools Fayetteville-Manlius, best.Tay was impressive in h e r Matt Speach, running the anJunior National qualifiers Kim fourth-place finish in the 50 yard chor leg, held off three fast closing Black, Katie Cowan, and Yen Tay freestyle (24.77) and sixth-place teams and finished at 1:38.teamed with Kim Dahm in thein the 100 yard freestyle (54.

Individual points were scored 200 yard freestyle relay and Leading the way for the boys by Nobles in the 55 meter sahs, Chrissy Cowan in t h e 4 0 0was Joe Murphy of Liverpool.Murphy bettered all five of his enseconds.

Monica was fifth in the Both teams took first-place, try times and swam to strong fin600 meter run at 1:28.5, as was while setting new club records in ishes in the 50 free (22.oung in the 1000 meter run at their respective events.

20 in the 200, played the Along with p a r t n e r s Greg Gaulrapp in the 1600 meter run at relay in the top five nation-wide Paradis, Chris Crowe, and Brian 4:43.Mclntyre, all three boys relays fin"This was an outstanding team The 3:34.effort," said coach Charlie 400 team was a Senior Nation cut Crowe took over three seconds Duggan."I have never coached a Jime and placed the girls in the- offhis 200 yard breastatroke to teamrwhenall the~athletes~had top 10 nation-wide.He also imoutstanding efforts on the same The 400 yard medley relay proved his 100 yard breaststroke night.

Every athlete clicked and team, which placed second, con- by 1.70 seconds to capture 12th In recognition of her 20 years of service to Baldwinsville girls rose to the challenge.soccer, recently retired varsity coach Jerri Costich was honored The Bees will be competing in Raasch, Black, and Katie Cowan.

Newcomer Paradis (Junior Na- at a gathering of past players and their parents.Pictured are the New, York State ChampionLeading the way individually fconal qualifier) had fast finishes sovoral ofthe parents in attendance who presented Costich with ships, on March 4, at Cornell Uni- for the girls was 16-year-old Black, in the 200 yard backstroke (sixth), a framed document thanking her for the excellence she provided versity.who finished second in the 100 200 IM (11th), and 400 IM (12th).their daughters both on and off the soccer field.47) and third in the 50 Thank you for Coach Costich J You II Discover AN OASIS OF SAVINGS • • ; * * * ' •* -.At Fred Raynor's Place! '95 ESCORT LX 4-DR.WAGON y Deep forest green w/opol grey rtoth interior, 5 spd.manual, Preferred equipment package 321E, A'C, AM'F.M cassette, dual electric remote mirrors, luggage rack, rear window wiper/washer, driver'?, side airbag.


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" 12 Mickeys 2 7 All Star Deli 4 Last week's high individual scores (3 games) - T.Mickeys I 782, and individuals high 3 games.ON 1994 HONDAS 5 8 MUST G O ! ( = : ACCORD - CIVIC - PRELUDE - PASSPORT NO REASONABLE OFFERS REFUSED AND SOME UNREASONABLE OFFERS ACCEPTED! ALL TRADE-INS WELCOME - "BETTER HURRY" STK # 5 8 5 3 Mickey's T h u r s d a y Night Men Team standings as of Feb.15 Team Pts Pasta-Pasta 34 Atlas Signs 32 Sports Bowl Too 30 Speach Lumber 30 Al'i 29 Hooligan's Cafe : 28 Paul's Garage 23 Strutz Electric 22 Gino &.Joe's 21 Sports Bowl 18 Mark's Transportation 16 Warner's Trash Removal 11 Last week's high individual scores (3 games) - G.Teams - high 3 games, Speach Lumber 3243; and high single game, Warner's Trash Removal 1160; and individuals - high 3 games, C.Strutz 729; and high single game, M Binsley 293.Cunningham 232, 224; L Calkins 226, 221; R.STK # 5 8 7 8 STARTING AT '94 CIVIC 3 DR-DX - 5/SPIEP STK # 6 0 8 9 MSRP $22350 '94 PRELUDE "V-TEC" SI STK # 5 4 9 4 MSRP $22825 '94 PASSPORT "AWD" - IX (Aulo) C.


5 H O N D A CITY "We're Going To Be Your Favorite Dealer" 7140 HENRY CLAY BLVD.

451-6750 LIVERPOOL Ail o- us at Fu'ton Savings Bank are committed to r Lady Bees prep for Wildcats KSiMS-S WYSIWYG 45 u Pin Seekers 44.5 Gutter Dusters 36 Bowl Them Over 34 Last week's high individual scores (3 games) - N.Teams - high 3 games, Sowat Team 1979; and high single jjame, Sowat Team 707; and individuals high 3 games, N.

Sunday 4PM Mi**d Team standings as of Feb.RC Fixers 34, The Movers 33 DJs 28 Flat Broke 25 BNGs „ 24 TheTs 24 Giddyupgoes 23 Weekend Warriors.22 Challengers 21 2 guys 2 gals 20 Flojos :.„ 20 Dolittles 18 Wannabees 17 Misfits 15 Taz 11 Cole Muffler Ladies Team standings as of Feb.RP Speed 44 B'ville Agway 42 Collins Sportsworld 39 Jacks Reefs Kennel 38 Ourself 37 Electrical Testing I 32 Jerry's Plbg.29 Frank's Unisex Salon 28 NRK Construction 28 Electrical TestingII ~ 27 B/R Travel 24 Happy Times Video „ 21 Dragettes .Ladies 18 Floral Expressions by Cindy 11 Dee's Unisex Salon.11 Last week's high individual scores (3 games) - D.Green 220 -5O81-N Clnus 501 ;P, Calkins 494;Krfatne493; L.Teams - high 3 game s, E lectrical Testing 13113; and high single game, Electrical Testing I 1117; and individuals - high 3 games, D.Our Fmed Rate and Adjustable Rate mortgages can Savng for the future.Or stopping at an ATM for cash help you buy your own home.that's bank'ng satisfaction' Lady Bees in double figures with 16 points, while Melissa Sewruk had 14, and Lpri Behm 11 points.

Christy Connolly contributed eight, and two for Aja Huff.On Tuesday, B'ville closed out the regular season with a 48-39 thumping of CNS.A 15-4 second quarter run, broke open a twopoint game, and the Lady Bees never looked back.Sewruk led a balanced attack with 15 points, while Hayes chipped in with 12.Connolly had eight, Benin five, Huff and Faon Mahunik three each, and two for Jenny Chong.

With the end of the season, Behm officially wrapped up her second consecutive league scoring title, averaging 18.1 points pergame, on a team that showed good balance all season long.Hayes, Connolly, and Sewruk ail had games where they led the Lady Bees in scoring.Behm also led the league with 23 three-points, five more than second-place Lani Zambito of Auburn.B'ville's senior all-time leading scorer also was among the league-leaders with 3.

B'ville bowler rolls 300 Baker High School student and varsity bowler m recently achieved the first perfect game of his career, as he rolled a 300 at the Strike N" Spare Lanes, on Saturday.Markham, 16, was not competing in scholastic competition at the time, but rather as part of the B'ville Sports Bowl Travel team, during junior travel league.The league consists of 16 teams from bowling centers across Central New York, who compete i n league play against one another, every week.The teams are made up of high school students.

Buy, Build, improve or Cash In on provd g\ou Yrith the best banking services for ail r With wins in their final two regular season games, the Baldwinsville girls basketball team wrapped up a second-seed in the Section 3 Class A Tournament, which begins with the quarterfinals this week.On Tuesday, the Lady Bees were scheduled to host West Genesee in a quarterfinal showdown.The defending Section 3 champion Lady Wildcats hold one of the two league losses for B'ville, back in January.But before they could start thinking about sectionals, the Lady Bees needed, to wrap up the.regular season, and they did just that by beating Rome 51-47, last Monday, and Cicero-North Syracuse 48-29, last Tuesday.

Also with the wins, B'ville closed with a share of the OHSL North National Division title, tied at 16-2 with Liverpool.Against Rome, the Lady Bees had a battle on their hands, as they led 15-11 after one, and jut 29-25 at the half.The Black Knights cut the deficit to two by the end of three, 39-37, but B'ville made the shots down the stretch to hold off the upset bid by the final four-point margin.Center Kelley Hayes led three tion financ r g with only one closing.

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<\«U»»A\U\I%'ifOBMU'ft* •TOHfW\BU JHtVK - HOARS.HM-4FM • ClOSID S t \ I HON OrEMTORSAUIlAlLE HM VWMMOV �February 22, 1995 BVille advances past RFA In a mild upset on Saturday, the Baldwinsville boys basketball team knocked off National Division rival Rome Free Academy 5351, in the first round of the Section 3 Class A Tournament.BVille now advances to play the number-two seed in theHraw, the West Genesee Wildcats, Tuesday night.

Three-pointers were integral parts of the victory, as B'ville trailed for most of the game, and found themselves down 51-47 with under 30 seconds to play.Chad Munier stuck a three to cut the lead to 51-50, and then Jamie Darwish hit the game-winner, also from three-point range, with just one second on the clock.For the game, Munier led the Bees with 22 points, while Darwish contributed 19 to the winning effort.The host Black Knights seized the early momentum by jumping ahead 10-8 after one and 27-21 at halftime.B'ville cut the lead to five points, 44-39, after three.

They then outscored Rome 14-7 over the final quarter, playing excellent defense and scoring the last six points in the final 30 seconds.Three of Munier's nine field goals were three-pointers, while Darwish's buzzer-beater was his only one of the game.Other scorers for the team were Brandon Smith with six points, Dave Greco with four, and two for Scott Nadzan.Now at 9-11 on the season, the Bees will seek their second upset road win in-a-row, at West Genesee.

The Wildcats are 16-4, won the American Division title, and are the two-time Section 3 Class A Champions.

B'ville police report T w o a r r e s t e d for DWr On Feb.Mcllroy spoke with the operate, of a vehicle on Salina Street.It is alleged that the operator was in an intoxicated condition and he was arrested for DWI.

Roscoe was transported to the police department for booking and a chemical test.He was later released on his own recognizance to appear in court on March 1 On Feb.Mcllroy were called to an Fast Genesee Street address regarding a property damage auto accident in which one of the drivers left the scene of the accident.It was determined that the suspect vehicle belonged to John R.Officers responded to Claus residence where he was subsequently arrested for leaving the scene of an incident and driving while intoxicated.Claus was transported to the police department for booking and a chemical test.1 le was later released on his own recognizance to appear on March 1.Suspended license leads to arrest On Feb.

Mcllroy stopped a vehicle being driven on Osv, ego Street with malfunctioning brake lights.

, age 21, of Sterling A computer check showed that his lit- use had expired and that it was further suspended on three occasions for hjs failure to appear in other courts.He was charged with aggravated unlicensed operator second degree as there were three current suspensions.He was released on $100 cash bail to appear on March 1.

announces final registration Final registration for the 1995 Baldwinsville Little League season will be held March 4 at the Baker High School girls gym from 9 a.All boys and girls who are between, the ages of six and 18 on July 31, 1995 are eligible.Birth certificates must be presented at registration.Baseball players must live within the league boundaries and girls Softball is open to all girls who live in the Baldwinsville Central School District.Programs offered are teeball for boys and girls ages six and seven; adult pitch baseball for boys and girls ages seven and eight; minor league baseball for ages eight to 12; major league baseball for ages 10 to 12; junior league baseball for age 13; senior league baseball for ages 14 and 15; big league baseball for ages 16 to 18; girls minor league softball for ages eight and nine; girls major league Softball for ages 10 to 12; girls senior league softball for ages 13 to 15; girls big league softball for ages 16 to 18, and challenger league baseball for boys and girls ages six to 18.Registration fees will be colli ed, the player fundraiser will begin and volunteers can sign up to manage, coach and umpire for all levels of play.

For more information call Mark Curry at 638-0875, Dan Boudreau at 635-9517 or Tom Petrick at 6389596.ENTRY LEVEL HOME CARE POSITIONS Trainmg is jxee and leads t p • N.Flexible full and part-time positions, available throughout your area.and sicj< time and holidays: mileage reimbursement, free life ffOtTtd M insurance and opportunities * 9\\ for health insurance.jmMflCS ofCenlral cw York ,nc CALL 476-4295 " On Feb.Patrick, age 20, of B'ville, on a warrant -issued to the-Ocala, Fla.Police Department for numerous felony counts of grand theft and forgery.

Patrick fled the arrest attempt down Oswego Street and east on East Genesee Street with Officer Mead in pursuit.With the assistance of Special Deputy W.Duffy, where he was on an unrelated assignment, Patrick was apprehended.Patrick physically resisted his arrest and was subsequently charged with resisting arrest by Officer Mead.Patrick wa3 arraigned before Town of Van Buren Justice Lessaongang and placed on $500 cash or bond for the resisting arrest charge, and held on no bail for the Florida warrant.

Patrick is being held in the PSB jail pending extradition proceedings.Gardynski, age 22, of Liverpool, on a bench warrant for his failure to appear in village court on a charge of felony criminal mischief third degree.The arrest was made at the town of Lysander Court where he was being arraigned on a pending charge in the town of Clay.Town of Lysander Justice Rutherford set bail at $500 cash or 51000 bond.Gardynski was turned over to sheriffs department deputies on further unrelated charges.

Weber arrested Morey Reinhardt, age 32, of Fulton on the authority of two bench warrants issued by Justice Huling for his failure to appear on two counts each of aggravated harassment second degree and criminal contempt second degree that stem from incidents dating back to 8/12/ 94.

Reinhardt was located,fayTrooper J Saarie of the Fulton barrTie was arraign before town of Lysander Justice Rutherford and remanded to the PSB jail in lieu of $ 1500 cash bail or bond.He is to appear in village court on Feb.

Youth a r r e s t e d for a s s a u l t On Feb 16 at 9:51 a.LeKyy arrested an eligible youthful offender, age 16, for assault third degree.The youth is a resident of the Toomey Residential Group Home, located on East Oneida Street The arrest was as a result of an incident that occurred on Feb.14 at aboul 7 a m when it is alleged that the youth got into an argument with another resident and hit him an number of time's in the face and then kicked him in the head while he was on the floor.The victim suiTered a possible concussion from the incident.The youth was released on his own recognizance to a family member and did nut return to the group home.

He is to airpear-in village-court-on March 1.State police report The State Police m Baldwinsville report the following activity Harassment second charged DWI c h a r g e d Jeffrey Adorante, age 40, of Clay w u arrested on Feb 3 by Troope' Vievia and charged with harassment second degree after he allegedly pushed another down a flight of stairs.Carlton, age 27, of Liverpool was arrested on Jan 31 by Trooper Chomyszak and charged with driving while intoxicated after being stopped for other vehicle and traffic violations Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle On Jan.

31, Trooper Caporuscio arrested Jeffrey S Haynes, age 16, of Baldwinsville and charged Haynes with two counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle after investigation revealed that Haynes took a 1994 pickup on two occasions without the owners permission Haynes also stole $300 cash belonging to the victim and was charged with petty larceny.

Haynes was arraigned before town justice Rutherford and committed to the PSB on $1000 bail., police were called to an apartment on Landrush Way regarding a harassment and violation of an order of protection from family court.

The victim advised that the suspect, Ronald J.Aller, age 38, of Landrush Way, had pushed her about and had threatened "to kill her." When police arrived, Alter had left the apartment and taken one of the children with him.Huling charging him with criminal contempt second degree.

Aller was located and the warrant served.Richard A Rogala, age 17, of Mexico, was arrested on Feb 4 by Trooper Eberl and charged with petty larceny after he allegedly stole gasoline from the Mobil Mart on Route 31 in the-town of Clay Rog-a!a was located by Syracuse Police and -turn-d over to troopers for criminal action Burglary reported On Jan.Theisew, age 33, of Baldwinsville and charged her with driving while intoxicated while in the tbwn of Van Buren L a r c e n y of s n o w m o b i l e s Petty larceny charged DWI c h a r g e d Lon M Bressett, age 34, of Baldwinsville was arrested on Feb 7 by Trooper Griflb and charged with petty larceny upon a complaint from Sears Department Store m the town of Clay Bressette allegedly stole property valued at $104 97.P e t t y larceny c h a r g e d Elizabeth M.Murtaugh, age 24, of Brewerton, was arrested on Feb.10 by Trooper Caporuscio upon a complaint from K-Mart in the town of Clay.Murtaugh allegedly stole property valued at SS6.

Sheriffs report Criminal m i s c h i e f c h a r g e d Criminal c o n t e m p t charged P e t t y larceny c h a r g e d On Feb 7, a Braemar Drive resident in the town of Clay reported to Trooper Chomyszak that sometime overnight, an unknown subject(s) forced their way into the attached garage, entered his vehicle and stole the Pioneer stereo m the vehicle.Damage was also caused to the car when the subject attempted to gain entry into the trunk On Feb.1, a Plainville Road resident in the town of Lysander reported to Trooper Krawczyk that an unknown subject(s) stole two snowmobiles from his property.The snowmobiles were a 1992 Ski-Doo Safari and a 1988 Polaris Sport Trespass charged Both sleds were in damaged condition at On Feb.

Mead was called to the Fay's Drug Store at Tri-County Mall regarding a trespass I s s u e d a bad c h e c k in progress Upon arrival he found Lori Sharon L.Bressette, age 39, ofB'ville in the Fay's ville was arrested on Feb.She had been previously warned Vievia and charged with issuing a bad not to enter any F a / a stores because of check.

Bressette was processed and released on her own recognizance to appear in village court on March 1.Mead were caiicd to aTappanSfreet address regarding a domestic problem.Upon arrival they found the eligible youthful offender had damaged furniture and the telephone.

The youthful offender, age 17, was taken into custody for criminal mischief fourth degree and transported to the police department for processing.The youth was arraigned before Village Justice Huling and released on his own recognizance to reappear in court on March 1./ll &§*5*£? DWI Accident One injury was reported in an accident Feb.Norris reports that Michael Lembo, 69, of Sherwood Lane, North Syracuse, attempted a left turn onto the Route 690 on ramp and collided with a car driven by .Andrea Gagas, 25, of West Genesee Street, Baldwinsville.Gapas was treated at CIM for minor injuries.Lembo was ticketed for failure to yield the right of way.

Rape Michael Arcuri, 23, of Hyland Drive, North Syracuse was arrested by Detective N.10oncharges ofrape, Texual abuse and sodomy.Arcuri allegedly met a woman in a Liverpool tavern and then accompanied the woman to her home in Lysander.

There he allegedly engaged in sexual relations without her consent.He waa arraigned in Lysander Court and ordered held in jail on $2500 bail.of Village Boulevard North was ticketed by Deputy R.11 on Village Boulevard South for driving while intoxicated.12 on Route 48 near Lamson Road resulted in one injury.Murray reports that a 17-yearold Baldwinsville youth was drivingnorth when she lost control of the vehicle and hit a guard rail A passenger in the car was treated for minor injuries at Lee Memorial Hospital in Fulton.Two persons were treated for minor injuries at Crouse-Irving Memorial Hospital following an accident on Feb.Murray reported that a 16-year-old of Warrensburg was driving west and went off the road striking a parked vehicle.

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"We would have to help OCRRA tell you you're wrong." Other questions related to the possible loss of Rroj>erfey values as- a result of the siting of the landfill in Van Buren.Hallenbeck said that there is no portion of the proposal that would allow OCRRA to compensate homeowners in this event.

With Leroy Peck in attendance, Hallenbeck answered several questions referring to the status of the Peck property by assuring the audience th'at the town board would continue to support Peck."We're not going to leave him," he said." Hallenbeck's comments were greeted with a round of applause.In his answer to one question regarding the permitting of the landfilj by the state Department >,- of Environmental Conservation, Hallenbeck hinted that even if OCRRA did gain a DEC permit for the construction of the landfill, they may not build it.

"This landfill is going to be permitted ladies and gentlemen.I would be amazed if it wasn't permitted," he said."That doesn't mean they have to exercise (the permit ." The meeting was summed up by the comments of Jim Ruddick of PURE.After all the questions had been answered, Hallenbeck said that he would encourage one speaker from the public to state views in favor of accepting the proposal and one speaker in favor of rejecting the pr-oposal.

" Ruddick, also, was greeted with loud applause.The town board will review the results of the straw vote in executive session at the Feb.22 town board meeting, before voting on the proposal.

"What you want is the way I will vote," town councilor Norma Hook said at the beginning of the meeting."I'm really interested in what you want." Each of the other board members echoed her statement.If the general feel of the meeting are indicated in the results of the straw vote, than the proposal has little, if any, chance of passing.Finally, the town would be forced to "cooperate with the agency regarding discontinuance of existing ing flow control," the proposal reads.

Van Buren would also have to cooperate with the agency and the other 32 municipalities in "vigorously defending against the Raite litigation," and refrain from filing any cross claims or take any action to assist Raite in his suit.The Raite suit challenges the agency on the issue of flow control.Raite and the town of Van Buren have thus far maintained that flow control is illegal and unconstitutional, and must answer in court on this matter on March 1.If the town board does not accept the proposal, Hallenbeck said that they would side with Raite in his litigation.Raite is the sole hold out from a settlement t h a t OCRRA made with the other haulers in Onondaga County.

Hallenbeck said that that settlement cost the county in the neighborhood of $900,000.""Why can't they offer Van Buren more if they offer the haulers that much at the snap of a finger?" he said Monday.22 meeting, the town board will decide whether or not to accept this proposal.If the proposal is accepted, the county legislature would have to vote on it at their March 6 meeting, conditionally followed by the acceptance of the OCRRA boarVJ of directors on March 8.

If the proposal is not accepted by the town board, the county legislature, or the OCCRA board, Hallenbeck said that Van Buren's claim against the agency in state supreme court would most likely be dropped to redouble their efforts on the same matter in federal court with Joseph Raite.OCRRA s p o k e s m a n Andy Brigham said that if the town does not accept the proposal, that negotiations could be re-opened, but with the legal deadline right around the corner, it would be difficult.He also said that the offer was not made with the prospect ef continued dickering over price.It is an offer that OCRRA officials felt was fair after four months of negotiations, he said."I would never say that any offer is a .

Only a fool would say the door is closed, never again tobeopened," Brigham said."But t h e s a n d s a r e r u n n i n g through the Van Buren hourglass.from page 1 INTERNATIONAL Tkt Carpet Ston At Your Dow THE CARPET STORE AT YOUR DOOR LOW MILL DIRECT BILLING Hi! I'm Jack Carragher.I offer you a convenient shop-at-homc floor covering service.I carry carpet, area rugs, vinyl,,ceramic tile, and hardwood.You can choose from over 3000 styles and colors.Call me for a free consultation and estimate.

Terms Available 5 Special Presentation By DR.STEVEN KLINK at The North Area YMCA March 7,1995 at 7:30 Wellness Approach to Life and a new 4x4, six wheeler for the town highway department, valued at $150,000.In addition Urthe financial segments of the package, OCCRA assured preference in hiring to qualified town applicants, within union and civil service requirements, with a "goal of 75 percent." Hallenbeck said that he had requested that 80 percent of the laborers at the landfill be from Van Buren.He also took exception to the wording of the proposal, which does not require that 75 percent of hires come from Van Buren, but -fists it as a-goal: "They have no intention" of fulfilling the goal.

OCCRA will also provide indemnification and defense for any action brought against the town on landfill claims.Because the agency w6urd accept this responsibility, Hallenbeck said the town will have no legal choices or recourse.The agency will also accept resposibility for the closing and capping of the nine wells that currently exist on the landfill site.Town officials will be granted "reasonable access" to visit the site and provide the town with copies of any test results submit- ted to the state Department of Environmental Conservation of the mandated ash tests performed at the Waste to Energy Facility in the town of Onondaga.

To implement the above proposal, the town must agree to "discontinue all actions and challenges, legal and regulatory, against Site 31," the agreement reads.In addition, the town can not embark on any new challenges to the agency.The regulatory challenges refer to any action taken against the agency in the DEC, Environmental Protection Agency, department of health or any other regulatory body.Hallenbeck said, "there's nothing we could do.

" "This would tie up every town official for the next 25 years," he added.The town m u s t also give OCRRA all the environmental data it has collected in its six year fight against the siting of the landfill in Van Buren.v*an Buren would also be required to "provide reasonable available community services," such as water and fire protection to the landfill cell.- Proper Biomechanics of Strengthening & Stretching - Ideal Balance of Exercise, Diet & Lifestyle Public Welcome - No Admission Charge 4778 Wetzel Rd.• Liverpool SWIMMING POOL DISTRIBUTOR MUST SELL ITS ENTIRE INVENTORY OF NEW 1994 HUGE 31' X 19' (O.

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Leartad 18 000 MBe • T ; �Second Section • February 22, 1995 Messenger Crossword, Classifieds & Real Estate B a l d w i n s v i l l e .Moose names new secretary Students In Mrs.

Nostrant's class at Elden pose In front of their "Jackson Pollock style" painting.Recreating Jackson Pollock at Elden Karen Smith-Collins, art eduLarge, colorful paintings in the style of the 20th century painter cator at-Elden, says that this Jackson Pollock have been the project would not have been possubject of enthusiastic comment sible without the assistance of at Elden Elementary School in the Elden parents.Rotondi second grades created their own and Mrs.Lang* - mothers of stupainting as a class by voting on dents in Mrs.Nostrant's class; the colors and then splattering Mrs.Reinhardt and and dripping paint on the 4' x 8' Mrs.

Pitts - mothers of students in backgrounds.After the paintings had dried Mendrala, Mrs.and were hung in the halls, stu- Jones and Mrs.Nordmark - mothdents discussed various charac- ers of students in Mrs.Rice's clasB; tenstics of the art works includ- Mrs.Corrigan and ing line, shape, color, space and Mrs.

titles and all of the students ideas Kester, a local artist, Jackson Polare displayed alongside the paint- lock enthusiast and parent of a former Elden student.by Bob Kirk Last week, for the first time in 15 years, a new secretary was elected and installed by the membership of the Moose Lodge in Baldwinsville.Dan Herring, director of human resources management at SUNY Oswego, was elected to replace Carl Seger, who served as Moose secretary for 15 years.Herring is in his twenty third year at SUNY Oswego.He has been the past governor of t h e Loyal Order of t h e Baldwinsville Moose three times and has been district president in the New York State Moose Association twice.He has also been on the board of officers for the B'ville Moose for 14 years.

The goal for Herring and the board of officers is to raise the Moose to its past high water mark.They desire to smooth operations, increase community participation, and become partners with other community organizations."It is our goal to increase membership in both the lodge and the women's auxiliary," he said."At present the total is over 1,500 members." The Moose offers a social room that houses a large screen television where sporting events are enjoyed, and a large room that can hold over 200 people.

Every Thursday night, t h e Moose holds bingo, and on most Wednesdays and Fridays there are dinners and fish fries.There is also a Sunday morning brunch on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.Pool, shuffleboard, and dart tournaments, as well as basketball and baseball games for youth groups and softball games for members are other Moose sponsored activities.There is something going on at the Moose Lodge almost every night of the week.Activities are many and the Lodge has grown since its early days when it was located where Burger King is currently housed? The Lodge is actively seeking new members.

Those interested should contact Dan Herring for more information.Miss New York State 1994, Dione Lee Robinson, is coming to Baidwinsville on March 31 to M.the Miss Greater Syracuse Scholarship Pageant to be held at the Mohegan Manor.

Tickets for the-public am flx/flj|able by calling Colline Dreyfus at 635-7915.

Baldwinsville hosts beauty pageant Blue and Gold dinner a winner Cub Scout Pack 71 celebrated the anniversary of scouting with its annual Blue and Gold dinner at the United Methodist Church on Feb.The scouts and their families feasted on pizza, salad and cake.Each den contributed to the festivities by crafting a centerpiece for their table and by entertaining the audience with humorous skits.Cubmaster Tim Lang recognized several adulta who volunteered to serve the scouts in leadership roles.

Many scouts earned a c h i e v e m e n t a w a r d s : Danny O'Hara, Chad Reinhardt and Timmy Schreiber earned their Wolf badge.Bobby Edmonds, Steven Landers, Danny O'Hara, Ryan P i t t s , Chad Keluliardl, Timmy Schreiber earned Gold Arrow points.Bobby Edmonds, Mike Hajzus, J a s o n J o n e s , Steven Landers, Patrick Lang, Ryan Pitts and Timmy Schreiber earned Silver Arrow points.Alex Zavaski, J o h n Reidy, Timmy Lang, Tom Kay and Matt Jokajtys earned their Webelos badge.Ron Milback earned his handyman, aquanaut, artist and craftsman badges.Matt Jokajtys earned his scholar badge and compass patch.Pack 71 earned the "Best Pack" award a t the Klondike1, and the pack created the tallest snow sculpture at the derby.William Clarke, Mike Hajzus, Chris Jacobson, Jason Jones, Tom Kay, Patrick Lang, Timmy Lang, Bob Lewis, Nick Merrill, Ron Milback, Curtis Wander and Alex Zavaski represented the pack.Results from the bowl-a-thon fundraiser were announced.Steven Landers, Timmy Schreiber and Bob Lewis won prizes for signirig the most pledge!) for Ihia Docember event.The evening's highlight was the appearance of Martin Babour, a staff member from the Museum of Science a n d Technology, who made science come alive with several experiments and demonstrations.

The scouts enjoyed seeing the museum's boa constructor, who came along for the show.Dan Herring, center, Is the new secretary of the Baldwinsville Moose Lodgepast-governorEd Barlow, right,and current governor Dave Schreiber, left.Hd|ojrs M a r y Alice A l m e n d i n g e r Scott Deyett Mary Alice Almendinger of Scott Deyett, a senior at Baker Warner Avenue has been named High School, has been named "stuto the dean's Hst at Lemoyne Col- dent of the month" for January at OCM BOCES Henry Campus.Scott, the son of James and Joanne Deyett of Baldwinsville, is studyDanielle DiNardo Danielle DUNardo, daughter of Anthony and Dorine DiNardo of dents are selected for the "student Baldwinsville, was placed on the of the month" honor by their OCM dean's list for the fall semester at BOCES occupational education Onondaga Community College.teachers and are recognized for DiNardo achieved a grade point their academic achievements, stuattenaverage of 3.After graduation, dent leadership abilities, dance, skills mastery , and attiDiNardo plans to transfer to an tude.other institution and go on to get a bachelor's degree.Andrea Scala Andrea Scala, a senior majoring in psychology' at the University of Rochester, has been named to the fall 1994 dean's list for academic achievement.Scala, a gradcontact with residents and comuate of Baker High School; is a ."I am conficent that this effort will prove equally successful and beneficial to the residents of Baldwinsville," Brown added.R~l in the Lysander Town Hall on the last Friday of eaeh month from 9 a.During the after- "Office on the move" hits B'ville Beginning this month, assemblyman Harold C.Brown (R-C Camillus) will have a staff member available the last Friday of each month in the Lysander Town Hall to help residents in the Baldwinsville area."I hope this effort to put my office on the move is helpful to the residents of northwestern Onondaga County,"Brown said."In addition, my stafl and I are always available to discuss state-related concerns in my Camillus office.

" Brown's "office on the move" in -thft eastern suburbs has proven a useful tool in increasing personal st 1 ijECK'S \* JK.

n• • i •-> *n «f aflf i-i'H VVA IlUUil l i U U i O ) U 1 V W U 9 OIHU w i l l LBj attending meetings throughout the community, but will remain available by appointment.3011 in advance to set up an appointment Anniversary Celebration!

~ * « ~ Young children play dress up the judging also: Clelia Payne, by putting on fancy clothes, high former dance and drama instrucheels and sparkling crowns in or- tor and graduate of Julliard, Ralph der to feel special and regal.Next Sylvia, Executive VP for Niagara month, over a dozen young women Mohawk, and 93Q on-air personwith be doing the same thing ex- ality, Amy Robins.cept this time the crown is for When asked how the communireal.

ty as a whole can support the pagOn March 31, Baldwinsville's eant at this grassroots level, Mohegan Manor will play-host to Colline Dreyfus respondsrThere the Miss Greater Syracuse Schol- are two ways to support this scholarship Pageant which is the local arship pageant.The first and most version of the Miss American pag- importantway is for a business or eant celebrating its 75th anniver- an individual to donate money directly to the scholarship fund to sary in Atlantic City this year.This is the first year that the be awarded to the winner of the Syracuse area has responded with regional competition.

The second enough community support to way is to donate money for adminwarrant hosting a regional com- istrative costs which are driven petition.Previous contestants up by the rent for the hall and from the Syracuse area had to stage, flowers and food for the contravel to Watertown in order to testants, and programs.based on the results of a personal "We are so happy to be hosting interview, a demonstration of her the pageant right here in talent, display oftierphysicai-fit-— Baldwinsville and honored to have ness, and appearance and comMiss New York State 1994, Dione Lee Robinson coming here to act portment in evening wear." says young woman awarded the title of Colline Dreyfus who is volunteer- Miss Greater Syracuse will go on ing her time as the Executive Di- to the New York State Pageant to rector of the Miss Greater Syra- be held in Watertown on June 7,8, and 9.The pageant is open to the pubOther people important to the lic success of the pageant are the and will be held March 31 at judges.David Montague, Field Mohegan Manor at 58 Oswego Director, and David Simmons, Street in Baldwinsville.Cocktails Choreographer, are both from the begin the festivities at 7 p.

and New York State Scholarship Pag- the Pageant starts at 8 p.Tickets can be obtained by contacting eant.Some local folks are joining in Colline Drevfus at 635-7915.

635-5951 Danielle DiNardo OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK WAost On Everything! —TODAY* SATURDAY- DvJO"44oO 6 Mechanic St.Including Home Health Equipment and Supplies Call Us Today For Your Party Needs.

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Village A\CE Hardware - 4ILWKSEIU „ J MLMnNSIRU.inntplfc I D Prescription Files will be transferred to Tri-R Drugs in Bayberry Plaza, Liverpool., Building Fund comspeaking on "A Disciple's Prayer mittee meeting., Covenant Life: Application, P r a i s e and Thanks., AA/ the Christian and Missionary Alli- meets.

, Upper Room In AlAnon - 5th and 6th gTade rooms.First Presbyterian Church C o m m u n i t y Wesleyan Monday: 9:30.Bible studv group meets at 635-9964 T r i - C o u n t v Mall Clarks'.

J i m Willson, P a s t o r Wednesday: 7 p.Hillview C o m m u n i t y B a p t i s t ing, clubhouse game night, outreach 638-8870 Friday: 10 a.

, Samitarian Cenprayer groupTneetsfSibTe stucfy i n .- Adult Bible study with nursery ater Guild rehearsal, choir room.

Brown recently visited the Canton Woods Rev.

D o u g M e r c h a n t , P a s t o r provided; Heir Force Youth Group, Friday.Sweetheart Banquet at 638-0357 age 13 and up; Missionettes for 7:30 p.Here, he Is pictured with Rose Delaney, left, and meeting.

, board LeMoyne Manor girls, age 5 and up; Royal Rangers unteer Sunday: 9 a.members Winter Picnic meeting at for boys, age 5 and up; Rainbows for a.

Nursstudy classes for all ages including the home of John and Lois Place.boys and girls, age 4; Cuddly Cubs ery maintained for children under 3 Saturday: 7 a.

, mornfor boys and girls, age 3 in Westminster House.

, Power and praise rehearsal, choir room.Tuesday: LaQuays scheduled to Talk Back with Pastor DOUR for rally.A tremendous evening of Canton Woods Activities praise, worship, prayer and minis- Boy Scouts.

luck dinner "What Can We Do Right try to people., PWC calling Now?" Faith Baptist Church N-Out.23 7312 V a n B u r e n R o a d Sunday: 9;30 p.

D a n B u n g e , P a s t o r Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet.; w o r s h i p a t morning worship service.C h a r l i e Booth-, P a s t o r school.24 Warners United Methodist 638-9594 ship study, age 13 to 18.

, prayer meet6514 C a n t o n S t r e e t , W a r n e r s try.tries ioy fellowship topic: finances: Chair caning.

J a c k Kissel, P a s t o r friend or foe? All welcome nursery Thursday: 7 p.All services are signed for the Nutrition lunch.

mon: "Be not Deceived; God is not A well-supervised n u r s e r y is 1 p.Friday: Practice for "50 Day Ad- Mocked: for Whatsoever A Man available for all service.26 - 28 we will be having a Saturday: Practice for "50 Day Galatians 6:7.Nelson L a m b , P a s t o r missionary conference with Lloyd Adventure" - Facing Down our Larkin.-27F i r s t United M e t h o d i s t ,— services will be as listed abuvt; and Wednesday: 9:30 a.

Church on Monday and Tuesday we will 10:30 a., morning wor17 West G e n e s e e a n d C h a r - meet at 7 p.Noon ship service, Sunday school, fellowNutrition lunch.conference will be: "The Prevailing lotte s t r e e t s Thursday: 7 p.

, choir rehears- ship hour, Warners Solvay UMC 1 p.M a r k ' s L u t h e r a n C h u r c h for all ages.staff 2840 Cold S p r i n g s R o a d ship service.David Roppel, P a s t o r rffltrj Bible study on the Book of- tive board .nv Wednesday: Ash Wednesday ser- utive meeting., Farmer's Co-1 " Methodist Church communion service.

3474 Stiles R o a d Grace Episcopal C h u r c h Sunday: 9 a., traditional Oswego S t r e e t 457-9382 a.

H a r r i s , R e c t o r Thursday: 10 a., church school (toddlerMarch 3 Saturday: 10 a.10:30 Community Christian Reformed C h u r c h 7823 Hicks R o a d Rev.

S t e e n , P a s t o r 698-1664 Sunday: 10 a., prayer worship service, nursery available., ladies coffee break Bible study - come join us and study the book of Acts., Holy Eucharist II Learning Center (ages 3-7), nursery.; All smiles Senior citizens news 5 STAR 5 STAR SERVICE AWARD SERVICE AWARD WNlcn WWNER 12,999 /

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00 ANO LOAN ASSOCIATION fS MonOffic* LIVERPOOL BALDWINSVULE NORTH SYRACUSE 457-1280 638 0233 458-6543 1-800-527-8271 vmn IYPVr*lMVVf r U p f f F I fp0JI PRIMESW • I • M\t, sMIHIII MM l ) ( > U \ KM W i l l / i / i f » <'nr> • �February 22, 1995 George J u d w a r e George Judware of Surbrook Road has been selected to receive the Richard Lyon Scholarship at Ithaca College.Judware is majoring in finance at the School of Business.An honorary captain of the Honors varsity football team, Judware was selected to the Ail-American and All ECAC upsate New York football squads.

The Lyon scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student-athlete.Marc E b e r h a r t Marc Eberhart was named to the president's list at Siena College for the fall semester.To qualify for the president's list, one must have a grade point average of 3.Eberhart is a marketing/management major.

Tracy Ann Jovanovic Tracy Ann Jovanovic of Baldwinsville.has been named to the dean's list at Sl'N'Y Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome.To be named to the dean's list a student must achieve a grade point average of 3.DeFazio of Baldwinsville has been named to the president's list at SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome.To be named to the president's list, a student must maintain a grade point average of 3.WEISS PLUMBING & HEATING * * * * New Homes Repairs and Remodeling Hot Water Heaters Power Sewer and Drain Cleaning y/c BALD\Virs'SVJL£gLASS, Licensed Real Estate Broker Associate Let Don Do HI 635-1624 ROUTE 57 'BETWEEN PHOENIX & FULTON INC.•Residential (ilass & Screen Repair 'Insulated Glass Repairs 'Auto Glass •Mirrors -Plate Glass -Table Tops •Plexiglass -Alside Replacement Windows Res.638-2340 NEXT TO FAMILY DOLLAR Acrou From Evans Chevy.SNOW BLOWER TUNE-UP Stop in $ Q Q 9 5 or Call 0 5 / 'RFPLAnFMENTWINjnOW•BAY & BOW WINDOWS •SLIDING GLASS DOORS $45 Includes: Cupboards Cabinet Front Replacements Specialty Cabinets • Custom Work Also Laminate Fabricating & Counter Tops Other Returns Start As Low As $35 CNY ACCOUNTING 622-7289 serving businesses & individuals.

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| IN THE WATERPROOFING BUSINESS SNCE1972 I 0/ n C C /O v / l NOW THROUGH February 28, 190! N a t i o nJ o is O M y o u r sidfl BAKER of Photography WEDDING.AND BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY 638-0812 clean service •Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning • Fully Insured Residential & Commercial Call David Nipper, Owner 695-6775 FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS BUSINESS DIRECTORY CALL 635-3921 r.ONAN S JEWELRY Ronald Loop COMPLETE JEWELRY & WATCH REPAIR 638-7113 TRI-COUNTY MALL.Saturday 10-6 WEDDING INVITATIONS Stop in at our office and select from a wide variety of superb quality wedding invitations, announcements, napkins, matches, etc Take advantage of our 20 percent discount offer on your order of '50 or more., B a l d w i n s v i l l e 635-3921 CALL 635-3921 Fred Mezzo 24 Ojwego Stxe« Rhonda M«7/o President BiMwrnsviDe, N.

13027 Vice President ENJOY MORE AFFORDABLE INSURANCE Nick Torio CARPET CLEANING Thomas J.DeSain •REPAIRING "REMOVING OF WRINKLES WITH POWER STRETCHER i.> : (Rl 5W> Uvtrpool 622-1600 * FREE ESTIMATES * Over 28 Years Experience 24 Hour Service • 458-5702 • We Care -J NATIONWIDE TOM DESAIN u.JgT FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING THIS BUSINESS DIRECTORY KARRKLLLAWN & Stop in at out office and select from * wide variety of superb quality wedding invitation*, announcements, napkins, matches, etc Take advantage of our 20 percent discount offer on your order of '50 or more.Ltffi Body Shop $"tS> •24 •Loaner Cars~ SHEEHANS APPLIANCES Peter S c i r i o n Manager Factory Trained We Recycle COLLISION SERVICE b* H o m e 315/434 9839 Dewitt Home Design Center 461 ManKus Center Road East Syracuse.NY 13057 Crime - KENS WE SERVICE AND REPAIR HOOVER And EUREKA VACUUM CLEANERS chimney sweeping relating and repair Kevin Callen Phone: 315-598-3050 Full Service Stripping, Refmishing Restoration/Repair Antiques to Contemporary Residential /Commercial Pickup/Delivery For All Your Furniture Needs 900 Old Liverpool Rd.

• Liverpool, NY • 453-2762 Rand\ Reinhardl., BALDWINSVILLE fireplaces RhctaJcnks 1-800-298-8722 315-635-8722 Retail Sales & Service • F u r n a c e s •Boilers stoves i—i c=p /i?==> Snow Removal @QmBKcrw® Roof Repairs 3070 Belgium Rd.Baldwinsville, NY 13027 (315)635-5174 Director OVER 28 YEARS EXPERIENCE 699-9219 FOR A FREE QUOTE 438-8638 < > Linda B a r n e s NATIONWIDE INSURANCE One Source For All Your Cleaning Needs CALL DAVID JASON (/

ELECTRONIC &**>* m ***** *• * wn* 3193 Cold Springs Rd.- 695-4913 TAX SERVICE IN YOUR HOME OR OURS Itemized Form 1040,1040 A & B, and NYS IT-201 State Form Additional Tax Forms Extra 638-1330 ,0.

635-7625 'Your Real Estate Connection" 7672 OSWEGO ROAD (RT.57) LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK 13090 DON CAHILL B.BRUCE BARNES - Owner FEATURING: INSIDE HOURS IANDSCAPED TUM.Grau Ma/ken • Reli gious Statues Closed Mon.Cremation Memorial* Flower Urni • Corner Posts Pre-Need and Bronze Memorials TRI>COUNTY MALL, BALDWINSVILLE, N.GLASS I'KOKKSSIONALS v/ fongkymzioiKs INSURANCE AGENCY 'Ail of Your Cemetery Needs" •.Septic Systems Installed, Cleaned & Repaired •Backhoe and Dozer Service •Driveways •Fill •Topsoil »Sand »Gravel Ph.635-6721 or 695-7025 ||si Ron Abold Serving The Area For Over 20 Years Sq&tce Svtvtcc tlnd SxccuuituxH LICENSED - INSURED * /'D*D MASTERS OF KARATE Chief Instructors Rudy Duncan Robert Diamond Ph.:315»635»27B9 Plaza 48 • 7271 State Fair Btvd.

Public notices :•» NOTICE OF CONVERSION OF MOJO ASSOCIATES TO A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (Under SecUjn 1006 of the Limited Liability Company Law) 1 MOJO ASSOCIATES v.

as m accordance *t!h the provisions ot the hrrmtKl hdtNUy coriparty law.duty converted to a hmltKi 'uMfty conpany 2 The name ot the part nershipwas MOJO ASSOCIATES 3 The name ot the limited liability company is MOJO ASSOCIATES.ILC 4 the Certdicate ol Conversion was tiled with the Secretary ot State ol N « A mber28.1994 The orticeol the limited lability company is located in OnendagaCounty New York 5 The Secretary ot State ot N e * York hasbeen designed as agent ol the limited liability company upon * horn process agaxi st the labilrty company may be served TheSecre tary ot State shall m a l a copy ot any process served to the limited lability com pany to the following ad dress SuitesM and N.Physicians Otlice Building Community General Hos pital Broad Road.

New York 13215 6 T he character of the business Intended to be tiansacted by the lm»ed iwbiMty company s the ac qmsiion.hng ol real property and any other business *hicti all mfled l a w »y company maylawtulfy conduel 88 Lincoln Center.New York \?& 5 The character ol the business intended to be transacted by the registered lm*ed tiabtly partnership is the practice ol law 6 The registered limited latXhty part nersh p n a s previously a general partnership, and Ss conversion to a registeredftmitedliability partnershp was in accordance with the New York Partnership Law.The lormer name ol the registered Imted liaMIty partnership was Bond.upon whom process may be served Latest date to dissoKe: 12/31/2044 Pur pose to own and operate real estate B 10 ;>:•*•.

1HOJANOWSKI Chairman Lysander Zoning Ooard ol Appeals B1995 tor the purpose of hearing comments concerning a tfve year ptan (1996-2001) tor Community Development protects.TOWN OF LYSANDER ZONING BOARD BALDWINSVILLE OF APPEALS FARMERS COOP NOTICE OF ASSN.PUBLIC HEARING ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE IS HEREBY NOTICE GIVEN, thai pursuant to TOWN OF LYSANDER The Regular Annual NOTICE OF Section 276 ol the Town ZONING BOARD FORMATION OF meeting of the BaJdwinsvifle Law.a Pubic Hearing wll OF APPEALS Farmers Coop Assn , Inc BONO.

SCHOENECK be held oy the Town of NOTICE OF & KING.LLP lor members and guests Lysande: Zoning Board ot PUBLIC HEARING will be held In the (und*f Section 121-1500 NOTICE IS HEREBY Appeals: n Monday.March ol t h * Partnership Law) Baldwlnsvilte Methodist GIVEN, that pursuant to 6.at the 1 The name ol the regGhurch on Saturday.

Feb Section 276 of the Town Town c' Lysander Town istered limited tebiWy part B9 25.SchoenA dinner wll be served Law, a Public Hearing wil Offices 6 Lock Street.LLP 7044 INTERSTATE at 12 30 o'clock andNew York, f or Lysander Zoning Board of the purpose of considering meeting w l fotow.ISLAND ROAD 2 The registration There w l be the elec- Appeals on Monday, March thefoften " j ASSOCIATES, LLC stat e ment was I lex) w l h the The application ol ThoNotice ot formation ot tion of three directors tor 6.

at the New York Secretary ol State on December 28.the Annual Report Town of Lysander town ol- masHa/r-s dbaA OK Man1994 The effective date ol (•LLC).Certltcate ol Con- and such other business tlces.

agement Corp ol 2205 the registration Is January version ol 7044 Interstate as may be necessary at the BaJdwlnsvate.v York tor a sign Island Road Associates.1 1995 the foSowIng: on property located at 789 3 Ttve principal office LP.to a Limned LiabiHy BaJdwinsvile Farmers The application of John West Genesee R d .Inc ot the registered kmfted It Company filed with the Sec DENNIS A GAWARECKI Glcrutest of 2218 James P1aJnv»e New York, former abiiffy partnership is located of Stale o< NY rSSNY") on Treasurer St.Syracuse, New York Fuller's Superette, to altew 12/1S«94.New for an Area Variance on the placement ot a sign BSSNY York property located at 3198 advertising a business not 4 The New York Sec- has been designated as Olrve Dr.conducted on the pre mises VILLAGE OF retary ol State has been agent ot the LLC upon New York, to alow the con- In accordance with Article BALDWINSVILLE designated as agent ol the" whom process against I struction of a single famiy n 139

ParaPUBLIC HEARING registered limited liability may be served.SSNY may PUBLIC NOTICE is residence in accordance graph B(2).of partnership upon whom mal a copy ot any process process against I may be to 8330 State Rd.

Phsadel- hereby given that the Board wftti n 139- the Lysander Town Ordi14, Paragraph C&D.of Trustees wll hold a Pubma8 a copy ol any process Christopher Cannon.7044 i c Hearing a! the Harrington 13913, of the Lysander Dated: February 17, 1995 GEORGE F.served to the registered lim- Interstate Island Rd .TROJANOWSKI ited tabihty partnership at Buren, NY 13027 is the reg- Baldwinsvilte.the folowlng address: One istered agent of the LLC 13027 at 7:15 P.

, Syracuse, NY 13204 472-0021 Sorvic9 Hours; Mon.

Lube, Oil, Filter Cooling System Rush Install Wiper Refills Top Hinds, Set I ire Pressure' TnspectTCIeanTSecTjre Battery uaoTel Inspect Belts & Hoses $ Free Car Wash & Vacuum With Service Offer expires 3/31/95.

, In the weeks to come, signs of spring including warmer weather, llowers and robins will appear, but one of the sweetest signs of the season is Camp Fire's annual can- • Nutritional Counseling.• Seminars on Exercise and Nutrition for companies and their employees.• Injury management through preventive strength training.

This year's sale, sponsored by the Children's Council of CNY, a Camp Fire Council, will be held from March 25 through April 2.This Week on WCNY TV/24 ; protect yourself & :r$dren a t home -dftd'ori the street in i ttfelvsiWCNY &30 1-00 THURS FRI r, Fe& 27/SPM ™" Safety « W Y 0 r * S W £ SPEAK OUT VWkSH * * N PEVtW WAU JTPEET WEEX W)0 \MQ fc30 FIANCHATSYOUR PONP erufWKB SAT AflCXK) TH W0R.D N M MYS TVtfiED GSfiNSHOrt SUN NATURE • TC£RS WTTH BOB HA90NS MASTIRtCErrtATBE-TH: MON O V U M " THESWETY COHVECTCN TUES NOV* • RAf TNG THROUGH THE GflAND CANYON WED (jonncction 10-JO 11KX) 1 CHARE .S T A 1 K N G M T M FEGGYN00NAN TH? H A l U t LAMXJMX EASTINOEftS EASTEfCERS FOSE REODVUAPF VtKVtDG MRYAWAY SfRVfC FUTURE 0UEST AMtPXAONWA CHARIE ROSE SfAPOVER U»;;iA XVTT;R5*iaCAiTC».

; >iSCFW) OPEN 24 I HOURS THE DINER TEAKHOUSE RT.31C, JORDAN , NEW YORK •Takeouts Available* 689-5360 ; « -> UYSTERY1 • KSPECT0R UOftSE GflEATPERfOflUANCCS 6YDCVI CHARE ROSE TrtO THURSDAY SPECIAL - FEBRUARY 23, 5 to 9 p.All You Can To Eat OVEN BAKED SWISS STEAK Served With Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable.Chefs Salad, Roils and Butter, Coffee or Tea, and Rice Pudding for Dessert.

Last while in Auburn, stop at the HUNTER'S DINERANT Same Homemade Food & Desserts 18 E.h-port, by Marine Midland Bank Ca> AtfTk' & & .SSAMSIlflllM TKa** T : •v y fi&SiM ONONDAGA COUNTY WAR MEMORIAL FEBRUARY 26 6:00PM A Creative 8c Authentic Italian Ristorante 6C Sports Bar ALL SEATS RESERVED $10 & $14 Tickets ON SALE at the Wa Memorial Box Office and -••£ CNY Chef Tom CHARGE BY PHONE •> WIN 2 FREE SU HOOP TICKETS THE LANDMARK THEATRE Thurs.

-00 & 5:30pm Sun 1:00 4 4:30pm 472-0700 P«ist«i • Chicken Seafood • Veal Steaks • Chops S3 D I S C O U N T OPENING NIGHT 1 j) * * J V TRI-COUNTY MALL Stop ,n and sign uptorOr

BALOWJNSVJLLE "ROCKIN' IN THE BLUES" -DIRTY POOL .50 AMSeitt Restrved FOR M l SALES CALL (315)476-46081 I'Ml Unmans - 9

50 DISCOUNT FOR CHILDREN Ages 1-10 5-1 All Shows Friday thru Sunday« '- y r>* TICKETS NOW ON SALE at lafxtmdrt.t *** MKmBKUa% • ««*w*>fl Kaulmann'a A fncet mX***UAK S * * f f l 0o r i « a « y m M l a f l a m t r t T l w a « i M M to l a w a w t TMatn Ira Omt*.PQ Bwi400, 3Wi-i*Q0 rnr - riii l i t iMHaani l u i m i • L .I I J L I • J11 DP J ' LUESHLUTE THE FAMILY FRIDAY, MARCH 3 at 9:30 P.00 Oiscount for Youtfts & Senior Citizens I OLisniroRflK plus new variations by well-knownPaut-Dedenchr€PTrB&Nutritiof>5BS-FoodScience National Academy of Sports Medicine Camp Fire candy s'ale-a spring tradition Stton.Life n that Fits your EXPERIENCE THE SATURN SERVICE DIFFERENCE! | | Are you afraid f crime? iucmj#24 Training * Some imports slightly higher.FREE 25 POINT Safety & Maintenance Inspection " WrlfterTReports & EstimatesrProvidedr Service Hours: Mon.Judy Lease and Marion Lemm from the Baldwlnsville Public Library stand with a model of Molvil Dewey, library scietist and inventor of the Dewey Decimal System.Dewey will be hanging around in the library for the next couple of weeks.95 Options: Install Winter Wiper Blades with Any Service Hanging out in the library "Fitness Offer expires 3/31/95, * Some models slightly higher Offer expires 3/31/95.

452-4545 jf" Town of Lysander Town Oltices, 6 Lock Street.York, for the purpose of considering thetolowing: The application ol Rosa and Loretta VTttoria of 3392.New York lor a Use and Area Variance, on property located at 3392 Haye* Rd.

New York, to alow the construction o f a 7 l/2'x 16' addttten In a Flood Plain Zone In accordance wtth Article XIII.TROJANOWSKI Chairman Lysander Zoning Board of Appeals B-8 Install New Spark Plugs, Replace Air Filter, Inspect Belts & Hoses.

7802 Brewerton Rd, Cicero, NY 13039 r\ /"s 6.)* SATURN of NORTH SYRACUSE TOWN OF LYSANDER ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that pursuant to Section 276 of the Town Law.a Public Hearing wll be held by the Town of Lysander Zoning Board of Appeals on Monday.

ATUW FREE COURTESY SHUTTLE! FREE CAR WASH WITH SERVICE! APPOINTMENTS APPRECIATED! WE SERVICE ALL MAKES! Chairman Lysander Zoning Board of Appeals B-8 CHARGF:-RY-PHONECall(.l15)472-0700 f &* l n * o » n - •• • < •"'' — rHUtl February 22, 1995 VanBuren recreation S A M D E L L RT.jm? LEASE FOR THE #1 SELLING CAR IN FORD TAURUS - OVER 85 IN STOCK 1995 FORD TAURUS 4 DR.

32 Stock #3300, Loaded Including Moon Roof.BOTH LEASES BASED ON 10,000 MILES PER YEAR, 15C ON EXCESS MILES.<£-i c / 1 Q O * I O , H 3 » AM/FM, 5 speed.LX 1995 F-150 4X4 PICKUP Stock #41750, 6 cyl.

Fees Rebate Applied 622-0669 Country dancing h a s become the most rvcvrU form of exercise and entertainment in the area Several people want to become involved, but don't know where to begin Taught by the Country Express Dance Team, this program will appeal to beginners and advanced dancers alike Single or coupled, all are welcome Dances taught include: t h e two-step, country waltz, C o t t o n - E y e d J o e , t h e "Achy Breaky," Boot Scootin' Boogie, Cowboy Hip-Hop and the Electric Slide.All of the instruction is accompanied by worksheets, providing written directions ! T the dances taught.This 10-week country dancing course will be offered Wednesday nights from 7 30 to 9:30 p.

m , March l" to May 10 at Reynolds E l e m e n t a r y School.Participants must pay for t h e entire program, n»t en a weekly basis.To register use t h e mail-in registration form from the\T ow a of VanBuren Winter/spring brochure, or come to t h e park office Monday- Friday, 8 3 0 a m .To register, use the registration form in the winter/spring brochure or come to the park office on Canton Street Hoad For more information, call 638-4727, office hours are 8 30 - 4 p.

weekdays Adult craft classes The Town of Van Buren Parks and Recreation Department will be offering five craft classes this winter/spring season The crafts this season will be a St.Pat's Hat t h a t you can use to decorate for the St Patrick's Day holiday.Made with a 16" flat hat, you will use green and white carnations and shamrock garland and finish it with ribbon This class will be held March 2 from 6 30 to 9 30 p m at Van Buren School.A Spring Flower Box will be the second craft this season Learn how to fill a vine flower box with tulips, and finish with ribbons and a bird.

This craft can either set on a shelf or hang on t h e wall This class will be held March 16 from 6 30 to 9:30 p.third craft of the season will be a I'm a l i t t l e l e p r e c h a u n Spring Straw Wreath Design a spring On March 11, town of VanBuren will wreath to hang on your wall using pastel be offering a new program for kids ages ribbon and lilacs It's a beautiful wreath five to eight called "I'm a Little Lepre- to give your home t h a t spring feeling." This workshop will be held a t This class will be held March 23, 6:30 to Stockhaven F a r m .m at Van Buren School, room sevCome join the d e p a r t m e n t on the farm en.Patty's Day theme oriPaper Bunny will be t h e fourth class ented fun.Make a craft to help decorate this spring.L e a m how to make a bunny 1 for the holiday.Games, songs and more using paper ribbon.This bunny is dressed surprises will take place.

l-80fa475-DELL f Y o u n g b o a t e r s safety Town of Van Buren Parks in conjunction with the U S Coast Guard Auxiliary is also offering a young boaters Safety Course open to youth ages 10 to 16 This class will run Thursdays, March 16 to April 27 (except April 20) from 7 to 9 p m.Rm #116 This course introduces students to legal and safe boating practices Upon tion ofthe cou:se, students w ill receive a New York State YoungBoaters Certificate, which will allow them to operate a power boat without an adult present.

It is a New York State law that persons 10 to 18 years of age must have this certificate in order to operate a motor boat without an adult aboard To register, simply call the park office at 638-1727, weekdays 8:30 a m to 4 p.

Robert Weeden of Connelll Terrace was named to the dean's list at Clarkson University.Weeden is a freshman majoringin electrical engineering.MELVYN MILLER ASSOCIATES Michelle D u c h a r m e Michelle Ducharme, a sophomore majoring in psychology at the University of Buffalo, was named to the dean's list for the fall semester.Michelle is the daughter of David and Diane Ducharme of Baldwinsville.

She is a 1993 graduate of Baker High School.FINANCIAL STRATEGISTS FOR THE 9QS AND BEYOND PRESENTS CONSENSUS CONCLUSIONS CREATE CARELESS CONSEQUENCES AN EXCITING NEW PROGRAM OF UNIQUE STRATEGIES DESIGNED TO HELP YOU POSITION YOUR ASSETS FOR TOMORROWS CHANGINFINANCIALrENVIRONMENTS Jennifer Owens Jennifer Owens, daughter of Donald and Mary Lou Owens of ewood I)riYe in Baldwinsvill£ has been placed on the dean's list for the fall semester at SUNY Nancy Nobl« a c c e p t s "Organization of the Y e a r award on behalf Cortland.Owens is a junior maof t h e Baldwinsville Volunteer Center from 1994 Chamber Presi- joring in elementary education.Matthew Straub Cadet Matthew Straub, son of George and Phyllis Straub of The evening's host, Mark Bak- Baldwinsville, was named to the The Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce's 34th annual celebra- er, will share some memories dean's list at the U.Military tion of voluntary achievement will about growing up and living in Academy at West Point.To qualify for the dean's list, a cadet must be held at the Holiday Inn on Baldwinsville.5 grade point averFarrell Road on March 18.This thing wrong, Al Palmer will be age.Straub graduated from Baker now-yearly event all began when there to set the record straight.Corporate sponsorship for the High School in 1991.He plans to LuEUa McNeill and Albert graduate from West Point in 1095 Palmer were named "Man & event h a s been provided by and be commissioned as a second Anheuser-Busch, The BaldwinsWoman ofthe Year" for 1961.

Baldwinsville has a rich tradi- ville Messenger, Copy "Me" Pertion of neighbors helping neigh- fect, Key Bank of New York, bors through tough times and OnBank & Trust, Prepaid Health R o b e r t C.l Richman II, of Baldneighbors getting together to pro- Plan, and Seneca Federal Savings.Tickets are on sale at the winsville, has been named to the vide community services which Chamber Office, 50 Oswego dean's list at High Point Universimake this a better place to live Street, or Berndt & Michels Dry ty for the fall semester.The annual awards dinCleaning, 56 Oswego Street.Resfor the dean's list, a student must ner provides an opportunity to ervations or more information is complete 12 credit hours and earn honor the indi%iduals and organiavailable by calling 638-0550.


, MANLIUS, NY 13104 • 682-5081 Securities offered through Caderet, Grant & Co.w Perfect for spring or Easter This cla->s v.ill be held March 30 from 6 JO to 9 30 p m at VanBuren school, room seven Thumper will be the fifth and final class of the spring Make this adorable fabric-stuffed bunny with a pastel bow around his neck Add pink on his ears and chevks, and a fluffy tail that stands up on back, and you hav>: a great addition to any Easter basket This class w ill be held April 6 from 6 30 to 9 30 p.

m at Van Buren • school, room seven An example of all the crafts are at the park office To register for craft programs, send in the mail-in registration form from the winter/spring brochure, or come to t h e park office on Canton Street Hoad Office hours are 8 30 a m to i p m .

' Discover Great Winter Sale Values at Stickley of Fayetteville! 1995 Dodge Neon Consumer Cash A S H I G H A S $1000 OR •Interest As l o w As 4.9% 1995 Dodge Intrepid E S 3 S AT 26 4 PKG.ABS brake* MSOP $23,447 S o f t C - I O » T ( W * NOW ONLY $ 20,612 1995 Dodge Avenger 4 cyl .AM/FM cass, 22c pkg ONLY $ 16,743 YOUR PROGRAM VEHICLE HEADQUARTERS - Over 80 To Choose From 1994 Jeep Cherokee 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee >l *2396.900 40k mi Was $22,995 )vv Only s 21,900 Now Only $ 21,900 1994 LeBaronGTC 1990 C o r s i c a LT St.V-6 AT loaded 14k mi Was $17 995 $ Now Only Croup consists ofqueensiu pediment bed.triple dresser, cheston-chest, mirror night stands.Rieht now at Stickley of Fayetteville, enjoy special winter tale wvlng» on fine furnishing* by Stickley, Nichols It Stone Hooker, Stanley, Charleston Forge and other famous makers.

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loaded, 18k mi Was $18,995 $ Now 17,995 1994 Intrepid SI «2456 loaded.3 3 AT I9kmi s 16,995 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 St.$ 19,995 �D U / February 22, 1995 Ir recreation J u s t horsin* a r o u n d follow ing days and times Wednesday and Come on out to the farm and 'horse Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 9 p.Buttercup, Duke and and on Saturday afternoons from 1:30 to 3 Dusty The group will make a horse pup- p.Children under 16 must have an pet craft, play some games such as round adult present (not required to go in the up and horseshoes, make some edible pool) There is a small fee to attend.

This treats to feed the horses and go for a is a great opportunity for some family fun haynde.The event takes place March 4 and exercise.Call Lysander Park with from 9 30 to 11 30 a m This program is for any questions, 635-5999 kids ages four through 10 and will beheld at Stockhaven Farm on Church Road G u i t a r l e s s o n s Pre-registration is required Call Always wanted to play guitar 9 Here's Lysander Park at 635-5999 for informa- a chance Cuitar lessons w ill be offered on tion Tuesday evenings at the VanBuren Elementary School on Ford Street be ginning Walking program Feb 28 from 7 to 8 p m.This eight week Dodge the winter weather and walk program will offer basic chord ing and how inside the comfort and warmth of Durgee to read music.Durgee will be open for their own guitar and will be able to play walking from 6:30 to 7:30 p m.on Tuesday some songs, by the end of the session Call and Thursday evenings from Jan.10 635-5999 for information on how to registhrough April 13 (omit Feb.Any walkers under 16 years of age must be D r a m a p r o g r a m accompanied by an adult.This creative dramatics program is for Park at 635-5999 for information.children ages eight and up who are interFamily swim - lap swim ested in beginning or continuing theatriTake a break from winter at the Baker cal instruction.

Classes will include the High School pool.The pool will be open for basics of stage performances as well as family swim and lap swim during the exercises in improvisation and other the- atrical techniques The session will end with a final performance complete with costumes, make-up and scenery.Classes will begin March 1 and run through April 26(omit april 19).at the McNamara School cafeteria There will be a Final performance on Ma.There is a fee for the program and preregistration is necessary.Call tho Lysander Parks and Recreation Office at 635-5999 for more information.room at Baker High School on Monday nights from 6:30 to 9:30 p.

There is a one-time registration fee and materials fee each week payable to the instructor.gistration information by calling Lysander Park at 635-5999.Participants will practice one night and play one night in a non-competitive format.

A tee-shirt will be included in the fee.The registration deadline i» March 30, so don't delay.Call the park office at 635-5999 for details.Written instruction of dances will be provided.Pre-registration is required and there is a modest fee.Call Lysander Park at 635-5999 for more information.

P o t p o u r r i buffet Soccer coaches needed Day camp counselors - - Soccer coaches are needed for the Lysander Parks and Recreation Youth Soccer Program.Coaches must be 16 years old, know soccer rules and skills, and have an interest in working with children ages five to 12 years old.The program runs from April 24 to June 15.Coaches must be available Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays, or all four nights.

For an application, call or stop by the Lysander Park office Monday through Friday, 9 a.

Day camp counselors are needed for a summer program which starts July 5 with three days of staff training.

The program officially starts July 10 and will run until Aug.Counselors must be at least 16years-old and have a desire to work with children ages five to 12-years-old.For more information and an application, call Lysander Parks at 635-5999.

Country western dance lessons There will be no adult basketball the week of Feb.Also please note: there will be no basketball on March 1, March 9 due to school activities being held in the gym.For more information call the Lysander Parks and Recreation Office at 635-5999.Join instructor Joan Veith at the Stockhaven Lodge on March 20 from 7 to 9 p.

She'll pass along ideas on what kinds of things to grow in a garden this Shamrock basket summer to make your own potpourri.Patrick's Day with a Joan will bring the dried flowers, oils; handmade shamrock basket at a work- etc., necessary to crer ce a blend of potshop taught by Linda Sanders of Days pourri right at class.

Class will be he! i be served and participants will receive March 4 from 9 a.to noon at Baker some potpourri to lake home.This class would be a and more will be available for purchase.great parent/child activity, in this case, Don't miss this informative program.Call Lysander Park iStration is necessary.

at 635-5999 for registration information.Basketweaving classes In this creative basketweaving class, participants will be guided through the processof basketmaking.A different basket will be made each week (majority choice).

Classes will be held in the faculty Lysander soccer Attention soccer fans.The Lysander soccer brochure was distributed to schools, banks, the library and at the park on Feb.The progTam will begin the week of April 24 and run through June 15.This course will consist of country western dance forms with most of the emphasis on line dancing as done to popular country western music.All instruction will be at beginner level.Classes will be held in the Elden Elementary cafeteria Adult Basketball BUSINESS OWNERS Always be ahead of your competition! Tt? Reach a new select market before your competitor does by being the first to introduce your business through Getting To Know You's exclusive new homeowner welcoming program.For sponsorship data lis, call 1-300-255-4859 WflCOMNG NEWCOMERS NATIONWCE TOMQDDOW TODAY NEWS ~~ ~~ % #m I hen it comes to health care, most of us W W could use a lot more information.

Whether you're looking for information on healthrelated agencies or support groups in the area, or have a question about a medical topic or diagnosis, the registered nurses at Crouse Irvihg Memorial Hospital's HealthMatch can help.

You can also call HealthMatch for information mammography chemical dependency on Crouse Irvingscreening, Memorial's services—like our treatment and diabetes naanagement programs— e lble At: or to register for community programs we offer during the year.HealthMatch—your "one-stop" resource for reliable, up-to-date health information.It's quick, confidential and it's free! Call us Monday through Friday, 9 a.-MMakft PHYSICIAN REFERRAL & HEALTH INFORMATION SERVICE 472-2464 .J A free community service of Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital Copi e S Avafta s Fay's Dr»8 Bvrnc Dairy Senior CenW THTT TTafT .plus Min Red APP I? Market Smi ih's Bella Bakery Aart -Oku Mini -IvTJtt1 RJvei p&C Bee Drul i,Mart A .

plus Boo W r i g h t ' Store Sutish me Mini Mobil Loi's Foo dbog WVgmfl ns Seneca GriH Brass Mall Vic kt's jri-Counfy fay .Rte Market Wiflifl'" 5 Di" f r Seneca Knoi News Great Vorwe m Rite •Aid -Mart Mi"1 AN1/PM Xo btes can Great Aine n -hool >hS Baker Hi To subscribe.Dri'? 5 a\l 635-3921 he* ostt Was $20,460 *?« ' m* o%M '95 Taurus GL 3.

auto trans, A/C, PW, PL, cruise, tilt, stereo w/ cass, light grp, antRGcR"b7akes, dual air bags; 6 in stock Was$16,650 t« n D £ * * * „ Association 3219 &** and * * £ £ .NY ,208 Wa»« G!££6281 '95 Probe Hatchback 2.0L dual O/Head cam, 4 cyl, auto 0/D trans, PS, PB, A/C, stereo w/ cass, dual air bags, rear defroster & more! (# S225) PA V= P1RZ0 Roure 20.Skaneateles 685-3441 «w ? V �i lie me:»ciigci IB February 22, 1995 CenterStage Events wins nat'l honors Home show on the way The Home Builders Association's 1995 Home Show is just about six weeks away.This year's show will expanding to four days at the OnCenter, March 23 to 26.

The event will be showcasing the area's premiere products and services from hundreds of Central New York's finest building industry suppliers.There will be a wealth of information, demonstrations and displays for anyone interested in remodeling their house or apartment; those considering constructing a new home or building an addition to their current home.This event, the largest home show in upstate New York, will feature thousands of the latest products available in today's marketplace.Throughout the run of the 1995 Home Show, free professional seminars will be presented.Top- ics will range from home financing to remodeling ideas from landscaping to interior design.

A listing of seminars and times will be released in the beginning of March.One of the highlights this year will be "NM Gas (Niagara Mohawk Gas) Live Cooking Demonstrations." The top chefs in the area will be showing off their skills at the Niagara Mohawk Gas exhibit.Hours for the 1995 Home Show are Thursday, 5 to 9 p.The four-day evejit is presented by the Home Builders Association of Central New York, representing builders and remodelers from throughout the Central New York area.Silk and Satin hosts craft fair Winfrey), Warner Brothers Records, Young & Rubican, General Motors, Polariod and Microsoft, to name a few.The spot was produced using state of the art digital technology for both audio and video.Numerous special effects were incorporated into the piece, including 3-D animation, morphing and full-motion digital imaging.

"We're delighted to be included with such lofty company," stated Jim Horsman, president of CenterStage Events.

The firm served as executive producer for the spot.Creative Broadcast Associates, the studio where the spot was produced, also served as coproducer for the piece.Baldwinsviile Baker High School's renowned and talented "Silk and Satin" Vocal Jazz Ensemble is hosting a huge craft fair on March 4 from 10 a.The craft fair will include over 50 vendors and will feature the vocal jazz group singing at 11 a.The fair will be held at the high school with a raffle of artist's works planned amid all the fun as weJI.S 44 Trust me for all your life insurance needs.permanent, term, imiversaLand retirement.

95 % 2 YEARS ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE s , CenterStage Events recently received top honors in its category at the 15th annual Telly Awards covering 1994.The Baldwinsviile firm was honored for its production of a 30 second television commercial for the Home Builders Association's Home Show, held at Syracuse's OnCenter in March.

The Telly Awards are (in their own words) "a national competition honoring non-network television commercials and programs and non-broadcast video and film productions." The annual national competition attracts more than 8,000 entries from firms such as ABC News, Columbia Pictures, KnightRidder, Harpo Productions (Oprah C.S Offered Through FIRST NATIONWIDE BANK Minimum Purchase $5,000 Interest Paid Semi-Annually FDIC Insured Call: MICHAEL, ROBERTS ASSOCIATES 321 S., Syracuse, NY 13202 tlh BOB BONNEY Subject to availability & rate changes.(315) 428-1990 1-800-523-1991 « CLU, CPCU, ChFC 60-1/2 Salina St.Baldwinsviile * Registered Branch: Cadaret Grant & Company Inc.j 638-0247 / \ STATE FARM (Qp) INSURANCE ® State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company Home Office: Bloomington, Illinois Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there ® Picture Yourself In A New PontiaC; Oldsmobile or GMC Truck From Fulton! 1995 Safari ALL WHEEL DRIVE! Passenger van fully comfort equipped, 7 passenger, power everything, aluminum wheels, cassette w/eq'P 1 '!"*, i-t™<> pant, ARS a k t f l j u & mo f e ! $22,686' 1995 BONNEVILLES Pontiac's Finest Luxury Sport Sedan! For those of us young enough to walk on the wild side, but mature enough to go in comfort! fully equipped Several to choose from.

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Syracuse Star-News • Fayetteville Eagle Bulletin • SkaneatelesPress 600 SERVICE DIRECTORY ChooseYour Own Category (2-3 words) 380 Guns & Ammunition 385 Lawn & Garden 390 Musical Instuments 395 Musical Equipment 400-499 ANIMALS 400 Pets For Sale 410 Fish lor Adoption 430 Pets Wanted 440 Horses & Livestock 450 Pet Services 460 Pet Supplies 465 Fteh & Aquartjm Staples 470 Kennels 4 Boarding 480 Feed 4 Tack 490 Stables 500-599 AUTOMOTIVE " 500 Autos For Sale 505 Antique 4 Classic Cars 510 Trucks 4 Vans 520 RVs 4 Campers 530 Motorcydes 535 All Terrain 540 Snowmobiles 550 Boats East Section: Northwest Section: 4 UNES • U l M U U M SIZE (On* S«ct»n Si 2 00 or Ail N n o i f w i Si 4 00) Circle Section Desired: 700 - 799 REAL ESTATE 700 Apartment For Rent 705 Apartment To Share 710 Rooms For Rent 715 Roommate Wanted 720 Homes For Rent 725 Homes To Share 730 Homes For Sale 732 Home 4 R E Services 735 Townhouses 4 Condos 737 Waterfront Property 740 Mobile Homes For Rent 745 Moble Homes For Sale 750 Wanted To Rent 755 Buildings 4 Structures 760 Vacation Rentals 765 Vacation Property 767 Income Property 770 Commercial Rentals 775 Commercial Property 777 Land For Rent 780 Land For Sale 782 Cemetery Plots 785 Storage Space 790 Real Estate Wanted 795 Real Estate Financing Northwest East 5UNES(J1500o»$17SC) All Newspapers 5 L ' , E S , S ' i X .' i 00) 7UNES(*21 0 0 o ' S 2 4 » l PAYMENT REQUIRED WITH AD Northwest or East sections - $3.50 per line • UNES ($24 00 Of $28 00) 6 UNES ($27 00 o * M 1 50) Weeks Run = $ .

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Mail with Payment To: Eagle N e w s p a p e r s P.13027 Attn: Classified Department City:.'•S-fcwJ»: 140 Personal Messages 170 Health100 Notices Free catalog of legal forms, kits.Including lawsuit protection, estates, wills, Irving trusts.Write to AGS Publications, Suite 5435,35 FuUer Rd.

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Skaneatelee sales office seeks truck driver you can average Custodial Subs: Immediate person 2 daysAvk for bookkeep- over $2000 a month your first openings, Liverpool Central er position.Duties include year and receive comprehenSchool District Individuals working w/computer-account- sive benefits with J.Hunt needed to sub on a reuglar ba- ing program.

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(nyscan) Mother's Helper: Large, happy Fayetteville family needs mother's helper for fall and winter '94 & spring '95.Should have car, lots of imagination (no TV!), and patience.

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Send resume to: S E L E C T NANNY, 7030 E.Applications also being accepted for other positions Apply at Hofday Inn.Farreil Rd They have each won a four pack of tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters on February 26.ld€an> 2£5 Financial Opportunities w You do want to sell your car, don't you? ,— £ �Eagle Community Classifieds • Northwest Section • February 22, 1995 -•m 11 Newspapers * 132,000 Readers 600 Service Directory Contractor Handyman Local Contractor needs work, winter rates for your interior project, dont wait for Spring, fully insured, free est , written ins.622-1139 Since 1975, experienced in all repairs, carpentry & masonry, hourly or flat rate, sm or Ig jobs written insurance est.

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You'll love tho affordable opportunities, and you won't have to drive around town to find them.Seasoned, unseasoned, kindltn Over 2 5 years in the business North Country Firewood Eagle Classifieds 6 2 3 - * 5 5 3 or 437-6264 CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS!!! r635-7832 CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD Eagle Newspapers Information Services • What's The Score? Call now and find out the Score of your favorite sports team.Wwie < Yew must be 18 or older to use this tysuwn SPORTS SCOREBOARD ~"\ 1-900-255-8844J Only S l .M u s i he 1H or oltlcr YOUR H O R O S C O P E LINE What's YourSign? Find out what sign(s) are compatible to yoursDaily readings available! •8866 \>$1 49 minute Must be at least 18 AVAILABLE 24 H00ft8

i STO(MtimWWE Keep up on the financial;( Find out how well your stocks are' doing.?e- 1(900)255-8877' SOAP OPERA HOTLINE Call Now And Find Out All The Latest Goings On Of Your Favorite Daytime Soap Stars! CALL TODAY! 1-90Q-255-8855 $1.Hotline Musi b« 18 Plus •\ �Eagle Community Classifieds • Northwest Section • February 22,1995 500 Autos For Sale 5 0 0 Autos For Sale 500 Autos For Sale Pontlac Grand Prix, 1971 Completely restored.

1988 Bulck Regal, 2-dr Au- Ford Taurus LX 1987.loaded tomatic P/W, P/L, AM/FM, V6, new bakes, good shape A/C, 88K Excellent cond Ask- runs great Asking 3,450 Call ing $ 4 5 0 0

5 - 7 5 4 1 635-9335 500 Autos For Sale 1882 Volvo Gl burgundy, sunroof, tan mteftor.body & engine in mint condition, 146 K $3,000 or offer 655-5933 tv msg »86 GMC Pickup S I 5 .$2,850 Call 635-1370 TROC-Z, 1986 Loaded, f-tops.

000 mi Must sell $3400 452-1150 1987 Bulck Somerset Ltd.loaded, 5-spd, new engine & clutch, excellent condition S3.5 spd turbo, sunroof, new snows, loaded $2,200 655-8933 1987 Mercury Grand Marqu is.fully loaded, like new, Sold by original owner.$3,500 Call 6376144 1992 Chryaler LaBaron, loaded excel cond new tires & exhaust, 45K, $2850 or- BGwork* 453-4368- home* 6999288 Bulck Grand National 86., mint condition, all original no racing, no winters Asking $10,900 673-1145 Chevy C-10 Pickup.all major parts new, recently rebuilt heads, has ' slight cabsag, needs battery S800/BO 458-6513 Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon.91k mi , $2975 655-5409 Chevy Nova, 1988 (Toyota) Tan.2-tone blue-silver, liable 1968 Dodge Omni.

Auto, 4 cyl like new, new tires & reasonable.

6555409 tires $2000re O 458-0190 Cars under $2001 Vehicles Lincoln Continental 1988, auctioned off by IRS, DEA, FBL Signature Series.nationwide Trucks, boats, furGrey leather interior.75K, niture, computers, and more' $7000 or BO 682-7087.Call toll free! 1-800-549-2951 For Sale: 1992 YZ 125.

(nyscan) suspension, FMF ppe & silenc56k.

Call warranty, $9,200 425-9470 685-8176.Mustang 1990, excellent condition, 4 cyl.

56k, tape/locks/cruise, $5500 or 1930 Modal A Ford pickup Good condition.Yeoow & biao B O 635-9335 & Ac $6500 or BO.4pwT cruise, clean, new tires, 1 Chevy Special Deluxe.652-8106 All original Not a scrap, heap Roadworthy.4 extra white Many, many good parts for 6pm wails & tubes.Mercury 1960, Vey little rust, needs body trim, runs excellent but needs a little good cond.Stanwork, many new parts espe- dard, 6 cyl, $2000.Invite You to look to the Back Page of this paper for more (1 Hill 111) Pre-Owned Vehicles Pontlac Grand Am "89 4 dr.Call 635-7965 after 5pm, Home & Real Estate 700 Apartment For Rent II ,IIJIIII)IIIWI lllllllll II 710 Rooms For Rent Efficiency, ideal for single person, B'ville village, ref.private hnme near Cazenovia FalrmoumV Camlllus: Gemini village, 1 mo + sec.700 Apartment For Rent B'ville village efficiency.

FOR RENT NORTH SYRACUSE 1 and 2 bedroom apt.

5 bath town homes near banks and shopping, carpet.$ 3 5 0 - $ 5 2 5 includes BRAES1DE Apt*.1 month FREE bdrms, Heat & hot water incl.

On HKS REALTY busline, Pet teases avail.Open 9-6 M-Sat, Sun 12-6, 25 South Manllus Village, one-bdrm StTMarcenus, 673-2406 or 451- .

dep , lease, 463-8367; Caz: Bring your dog or cat, 2 bdrm.townhouse, 1 1/2 baths, Manllus, small efficiency, Off laundry hookup, sec.B'ville: 2 bdrm lower flat Very dean, off st.

Chittenango: beautiful 1 person apt attached to private residence.Spacious living/dining area, laundry, garage.Cozy 1-bdrm convenient to ChrttenanQQ & Cazenovia En-.Sunny 1-bdrm avail 1/1/95 ergy efficient.$275Ano plus uci- Heart of Caz Village, minutes ities.655-3344 days or 655-8700 nights FAYETTEVILLE: Luxury Spacious 3 & 2 bdrms Eat-in kitchWILLOWS Apts., Studio 1,2,& en, laundry rooms, hot water 3 bdrms.

included, balcony, gas heat & bldgs, laundry fac .quiet suburban setPet leases avail, Open 9-6 Mting, $595.637-4434 Sat, Sun 12-6, 925 Seventh DOWNTOWN B'VILLE: 2nd fir.Ceramic tiled dining/ kit , full ceramic bath, new Berber carpet livtod,glass sliders to private deck NO PETS $350/mo incl utils 469-0780.

, Liverpool, 457-9556 or 451-5011 Crossword Solution '0 O O F S H O A 8 G E NjO t1 m 31 H 0 n A R A B I.E | t l A S | A 0 I 0 w l I C E M O R E I » E OJP I E WOU L D B E B O U G 760 Vacation Rentals ?6S Vacation DlaneyWofld: 2 BR, 2 bath, 5 star luxury condo.720 Lakeshore Rd, across from WUUams Park, Hflnriymgn> special $19.

FLORIDA on the B e a c h ! VIEW INCLUDED Charming home near Route One or Two-bdrm, weekly/ 690 and stores.Roomy kitchen w/island, water Beach, (813) 837-5772.

This Hilton Head, SC: Fully furwont last at $52,900.-Walk - to ocean, -pool, Sun Harvest Realty, Inc.custom featuring 3 Rent second homa/condominiBR.Weekends, FP, LWR-LVL, 1 BR & 2 week, month, season, off./BR, 3 car+, 13+acres Brochure: Green Mansions, Country with convenience Box 740, Warrensburg, NY $289,500.(nyscan) 720 Homes For Rent Cazenovia 1920s Farmhouse: Lovely woodwork, spac.730 Homes -JE&dSaiet, B'ville 4 bdrm ranch 1 1/2 bath, living rm w/ fireplace, formal dining rm, eat-in kitchen, full basement 2/3 finished, 3 season porch w/lg.Call 638-4396 or 635-9590 ' Moving south, must sell 1985 \4x70 2 bdrm w/ washer, dryer, deck & more.water heater & ROOF! Hrdwd floors; walk to schools; $69,900 by owner, 622-5972.750 Wanted IfeReal Cazenovia Lake: Rustic cottage, 3 bdrm., 1 1/2 bath, 6'private lakefront w/dock, lovely treed lot.

California family seeking to rent large furnished house with frontage on Skaneateles Lake for 4-6 weeks during July & Cazenovia Village: By owner.Also willing to exchange for a large home within walking 3 BR, 2 BA, porch, deck, garage Private setting.

Pleas reply: days 655-9280, 655-3393 x 239.

1 -800-645-7527, ask for Sharon, eve: (310)545-5292.2 1/4 acres, private road, views, wooded lot, 4 bdrms , 2.Moving, and selling your home? Why not advertise right here and reach over 132,000 readers! Call 635-7832.

On Onondaga Lake Park: Village center, dose to all shopping & bus lines 2 or 3 bdrm.w/ all appliances including washer, dryer, range, refrigerator.Screened porch, gas-fired air heat, nice quiet yard, driveway freshly paved.Avail immed Call 457-5096 for appt Dlanoy/Unlveraal/Sea World: Howard Johnson Hotel.(nyscan) Got a Campground Membership o r T i m e a h a r e ? We'll take it! America's largest resale clearing house.Call Resort Sates International, 1-800423-5067.

(nyscan) Myrtle Beach Ocean Front: Condo rentals.Oceanfront condos: 2 bedroom $235Aveek: 4 bedroom $450Aveek.(nyscan) California family seeking to rent large furnished house v.V frontage on Lake Skaneateles for 4-6 wks during Jury & Aug.Also wiling to exchange for, a large home within walking disSherkston Shoreo 4 0 % tance of beach in LA area.Ontario's Lake Erie Please reply: Days: 1-800-995- Family BeachskJe Resort, luxu7997, ask for Sharon Eve: ry vacation home rentals from (310)545-5292.

per week also pull Skaneateles summer rental through RV sites.Waterside, wanted for week of June 12- Mini-golf, pod/spa complex, 18 Preferably East side of take.Take advantage of the exchange rate, call Please call 685-7185.

(nyscan) S K A N E A T E L E 8 : 4 bdrm, country kitchen, formal dining rm.th bdrm, fireplace, 2 5 car garage $99,500 315-6853828 CK 1 •' «n* A tlu \ CLASSIFIEDS J Time share units and campground memberships.Distress sales-Cheap!! Worldwide selections Can Vacation Network U.

(nyacan) PLACE AN AD s ooWl: R 0 ! E I H A 1 DIEMBOTA N r b • F1 1 0 | R | A | L L V H 0 | U | l|N T E T WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME! 795 Real Estate Financing Florida bomes from the mid$30"s! Your choice of 12 locations, eastAvest coast, golf, retirement and all age communities.

The #1 piece to retire in Florida, #3 in the U.Crty convenience, country quiet, adult manufactured home community.Call collect for free video or information, 407-880-1212.(nyscan) 770 Commercial Baldwins villa downtown store and office space for rent.

Call 6 3 5 - 3 2 2 4 9am to 5pm or 635-3341 after 6pm.DeWltt: Retail store in strip shopping center.Refinancing home improvements, many-programs to match your credit situation.NYS licensed mortgage broker, (nyscan) Adirondack & Tug Hill Riverfront.39 acres with 700 foot prime riverfrontage.(nyscan) CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS!!! 635-7832 TO PLACE YOUR AD Tired of collecting a monthly payment? We buy privately held mortgages.«No fees-fast closings-highest prices paid!! Capital Investment Group 518-5831314/ 800-MYG-BUYER (ext 104).

(nyscan) You c a n o w n y o u r o w n homo! No downpayment on Miles materials, attractive construction financing.(nyscan)**t»yp t « r H •mr Guess who's been reading the Eagle Newspapers ' Classifieds lately? JPfbl EVERYBODY! Over 7,000 sq ft.

Our Classifieds gel seen by our enlire readership.a ptrrfert reason why your Classified ad will gel results! 457-9439 or 638-7491 Village of Cazenovla-Downtown.

Call 635-7832 or 635-3921 to place your ad.DON'T INVEST SINKING SHIP • • • Read the classifieds first.

For real estate options, check out what the classifieds have to offer.You'll love the affordable opportunities, and you won't have to drive around town to find them.Eagle Classifieds 635-7832 or 635-3921 TnU R:eldsntf*'h Commircial, Farm A Waterfront Raal Eat a ft DQQQO ooou nana one I ' E I S P I < i Niajs pi R AiCJA P U L CO ANS l oR H I buy houses where sellers will take payments for their equity.

for !%£nt or ?or Sa(t M m b t r o l l h t N A A k N Y S A A , PAA Wth Th« N « T » YO.J C»" SKANEATELES: ACRE building lot, water, natural gas, cul-de-sac, near bgs line, by owner.CASH I If you have taken back a mortgage, I will buy that mortgage for cash.

637—9856: ; : CALL" B'ville Store/Office: 1050 1340 sq., 2052 Larruon Road, PhocnW, NY 1313S (315) 678-2000 or Fax* (315) 678-2116 CAI Toll Free 1-800-374-SELL ProTcMloea) AtKllefMwr Skaneateiee building lots with lake access in the 40*s on east side for sate.o N W T B A ntmp i N i R,o o r | N o Ii i Y | O I N K B B O I A T E o • AUCTIONS • No Commissions etratfhtnatm To Sellers! UtHntng, Ptotomioni S+rv CAU 655-78)i E A C H CLAJJIFIIDJ ( M X ATIONS.BaktwtefTtlk, Nartk Bfnom, Lhrtrpool, For the elderly, handicapped or disabled.M a n i l a and Syracuse W r l / i l \Nt>! Available March 1 st, 1995.Wall-to-wall carpeting, private parking, on-site i;' 3BJSS • • y j laundry, trash & snow removal.(init EMERALD COURT HOUSING 200 TOM TOM ST.CHITTENANGO, NY 13037 TDD #1-800-421-1220 /vI >>\\f| l l < > | | v ( 638-2*13 CmMTUMTY AW* Vp§rt*»A •Mir •DMkaMIM | .•/fJKk Your credit Is good with usl ZfTy* "I*******<**dMf «*»«mbtrwh«n yM Mil your MtolOB • MotMhy • Frkky, 9 m • 5pm it 635-7SJ2 or &3S-3921.Eagle Newspapers Classifieds �February 22, 1995 /D'l Deaths Eric S.17, 1995 at University Hospital from injuries he suffered in a fire at his home Feb.Brazell was born in Syracuse and lived in Clay most of his life.

He was an employee of Mother's Restaurant on First Street, Liverpool.Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Baldwinsville, where he was an a l t a r boy for many years.Baker High School, Baldwinsville, where h e played lacrosse and football.He was a s t u d e n t at Onondaga Community College.Surviving are his p a r e n t s , S t e p h e n and J u d i t h Brazell of Baldwinsville; two brothers, Benj a m i n R.of Baldwinsville; his paternal grandmother, Beverly Brazell of Liverpool; his m a t e r n a l grandmother, Dorothy J a n e Hughes of Syracuse; and several a u n t s , uncles and cousins.Burial was in Riverview Cemetery, Baldwinsville.Maurer Funeral Home Moyers Corners had charge of arrangements.Harriet Calland Harriet "Hattie" Calland, 100, formerly of 45 West Genesee St.4,1995 at J a m e s Square H e a l t h and Rehabilitation Center.Calland resided most of h e r life in t h e Baldwinsville area.Calland is survived by t h r e e g r a n d d a u g h t e r s , Marilyn Checkosky Rorick of Liverpool, K a r e n W e s t e r m a n of P i n k n e y , Mich.

S y r a c u s e ; five g r e a t - g r a n d c h i l dren and one great-great-grandchild.Burial was at Riverview Cemetery, Baldwinsville.

Contributions can be m a d e to J a m e s Square Health and Rehabilitation Center activities program.Baker part of Promise of Excellence' Bradford H.Briggs was a n a t i v e of Q u a k e r Street and had lived in Baldwinsville for the last 37 years.He graduated from John Hopkins University in 1946.He was a member of F&AM Seneca River Lodge 160 and the Riverside C h a p t e r 260., and Paul of Baldwinsville; two daughters, Marjorie G a r r y of Robbinsville, N.

Burial was in Riverview Cemetery, Baldwinsville.Contributions may be made to the Greater Baldwinsville Ambulance Corps or Baldwinsville Volunteer Fire Department.Jeannette Orr Goldstine J e a n n e t t e Orr Goldstine, 77, died Feb.J e a n n e t t e was a native of Homer and had lived in Baldwinsville for m a n y y e a r s , h a v i n g moved there with h e r husband, Donald Orr at the end of World War II.She was employed for several years as a registered n u r s e at Cortland Memorial Hospital and in the office of Dr.

She was a past matron of t h e Order of E a s t e r n S t a r , Solvay,S past matron of A m a r a n t h of Baldwinsville, and a member of the United Methodist Church of Baldwinsville for many years.

Surviving a r e h e r h u s b a n d , Harold Goldstine; a son, Bruce Orr of West Palm Beach; a daughter, Leslie J e a n Petit of California; a step-son J a m e s Goldstine; several grandchildren and greatgrandchildren; two b r o t h e r s , Arthur and Frank Blanden; and two sisters, Margery Alexander and Lois Hall.Baker of Baker Studio of Photography recently returned from Las Vegas where he attended Eastman Kodak Company's "Promise of Excellence" meeting.Baker was invited to serve on the Promise of Excellence Advisory Board as a c o n s u l t a n t to E a s t m a n Kodak Company's "Promise of Excellence" program.

Baker, a professional photographer with his studio in Baldwinsville, was one of only nine professional photographers chosen from the entire United States to this advisory board.He is well known in Central New York for his portraiture and wedding photography.His role in Las Vegas was to assist Kodak with the development and planning of their marketing programs for professional studios around the nation.As a result, Kodak will provide business and educational semin a r s to help photographers better meet their customers' needs.This board creates a conduit of communication between Kodak and the studio owners.

Kodak has implemented the "Promise of Excellence" campaign which maintains Kodak's assurance that the customer will receive portraits made with professional Kodak materials and a lifetime guarantee of the Kodak prod-~ uct's performance.Baker, who has owned Baker Studio of Photography since 1966.3 Edwin F, Baker said, "It was an honor to be a part of Kodak's Promise of Excellence advisory- board.With a photographer's work being so focused on customer satisfaction, it'is critical to stand behind our performance not only as photographer but as a provider of-quality prints.Kodakhas allowed me to be a part of the future direction for solutions to both customers and studios.S AUTffl SOURCE an T T EE f T BE BOISE «0 • • • • • • in your auto CrucialnEo You fill y o u r car's g a s t a n k t a m i n a t e d fluid thick a n d slug- t h e same"*results.T h e h i g h e r w h e n buying b r a k e fluid is to w h e n n e e d e d a n d c h e c k a n d g i s h , potentially affecting sys- quality fluids, such as W a g n e r * not over-buy.Once a can of P r e m i u m a n d P r e m i u m P l u s , brake fluid h a s been opened its c h a n g e t h e oil r e g u l a r l y ." s u r p a s s all r e q u i r e m e n t s of DOT entire content should be used a s By point of c o n t r a s t to dow h e n w a s t h e l a s t t i m e you 3 specifications f o r m i n i m u m soon a s possible b e c a u s e it imm e s t i c specifications (or lack of looked a t your b r a k e fluid? Often overlooked a s one of t h e m a s t h e case m a y be), h e boiling points, lubricity a n d anti- mediately begins to absorb mois94 FORD 94 FORD 1994AEROSTAR t u r e t h a t d e g r a d e s its perfort h e e s s e n t i a l c o m p o n e n t s of your s a y s , E u r o p e a n car m a n u f a c t u r - corrosive ability.TEMPO GL 4X4 Another t h i n g to r e m e m b e r mance.PW/PV, A W c a r ' s b r a k i n g , b r a k e fluid i s e r s in t h e i r m a n u a l s r e c o m Auto.995 miles n o n e t h e l e s s t h e "life-blood" of m e n d e d fluid c h a n g e every two 23K.Staring a l $ y e a r s or 24, 30,000 miles;, t h a t system.$ Most c a r o w n e r s fall into t h e s o m e rprnmmpnrl p v p r y y e a r or 1994 FORD 1993 FORD "out of sight, o u t of m i n d " mode 12,000 miles.S i m i l a r recommen1993AEROSTAR EXPLORER 4X4 EXPLORER XLT 4X4 d a t i o n s a r e a p p e a r i n g in owner's 4X4 w h e n it comes to b r a k e fluids 2 * 5 sod .C T J > A U U eanc u n a crva* p o w m a n u a l s for A s i a n i m p o r t s a s K W M i m o i i w T JccAoow a n d c h a n g e i t or a t l e a s t i n s p e c t locks, ar.AIA'FM nereo • % ' O u l & lOCkX * / 2 t CN3CM fror» 200-2? 0O0 r - t e « torn.

14,500 m*e» it only w h e n t h e y notice a prob- well.s $ s lem w i t h t h e i r b r a k e s .Ignoring" A complete flush a n d refill is t h e fluid u n t i l t h a t t i m e , how- s o m e t h i n g b e s t left to profes1991 PLYMOUTH 1994 FORD RANGER 1990 MERCURY ever, c a n r e s u l t in costly service s i o n a l m e c h a n i c s , b u t a d d i n g GRAND VOYAGER LE SUPER CAB XLT TOPAZ 4 DOOR air.power wmocx-s S bills into t h e h u n d r e d s or thou- fluid to t h e b r a k e s y s t e m is an 5 speed, AM/FM stereo.easy chore a n d s o m e t h i n g every miles.miles c a r o w n e r can do, s s $ T h e question t h e n becomes Simply remove t h e cover a n d "How often should I c h a n g e m y Work pkg., AM/FM Stereo 1993 FORD 1993 FORD b r a k e fluid?" T h e M A P Uniform d i a p h r a g m of t h e m a s t e r cylin1993 GEO TAURUS LX 4 DR.

Inspection G u i d e l i n e s , followed d e r (located in t h e u p p e r right A,ta OTNW t o * aoaQ.* U o r K by service t e c h n i c i a n s t h r o u g h - r e a r of t h e engine c o m p a r t m e n t ) MX.

a n d C a n a d a , s t a t e s a n d add clean, fresh b r a k e fluid s $ s Delivered t h a t b r a k e s y s t e m s s h o u l d be to t h e full m a r k or w i t h i n L/4" of flushed and refilled w i t h correct t h e top.1993 FORD 1993 MERCURY 1994 FORD Check y o u r o w n e r s m a n u a l b r a k e fluid a s specified in t h e TAURUS WAGON SABLE WAGON ESCORT WAGON KJK> a*., air, AM/FM stereo owner's m a n u a l .H o w e v e r , in to d e t e r m i n e which D O T g r a d e power windows ana odes.AB3 » t A M * U « * « : ! • ! • • A3S »-v« cassette.37 I 3 9 m i e s m a n y cases ( p a r t i c u l a r l y in do- of b r a k e fluid your car r e q u i r e s .•jf-vujmr: s $ $ m e s t i c v e h i c l e s ) , t h e m a n u a l Be a w a r e t h a t not all b r a k e fluV R O L does n o t refer to t h e m a i n t e - i d s a r e equal; j u s t b e c a u s e two different fluids h a v e DOT 3 n a n c e of t h e b r a k e fluid." W i t h o u t a specific recom- g r a d i n g does n o t m e a n you'll get (South of the Northern Lights Plaza) 455-2435 Baldwinsville, N.• (315) 635-3956 m e n d a t i o n from t h e m a n u f a c t u r e r , " s a y s Ned Lineback, sen i o r t r a i n i n g s p e c i a l i s t for W a g n e r B r a k e P r o d u c t s , "car o w n e r s should flush a n d refill vehicle's b r a k e fluid every two y e a r s or e v e r y 2 4 , 0 0 0 m i l e s , whichever comes first." Lineback s a y s D O T 3 and DOT 4 b r a k e fluids ( t h e m o s t c o m m o n l y - u s e d b r a k e fluids) t*nH tn become s a t u r a t e d w i t h moisture over t i m e .C h a n g i n g t h e b r a k e fluid r e d u c e s t h e poV-6.As Low As •" As Low As t e n t i a l of corrosion d a m a g e to Airbags."Brake fluid is formulated to Alum Wheels.Much More' Wheels and Much More! AM/£M.Stereoabsorb m o i s t u r e , control r u b b e r Stock! 150151 Stock # 150153 expansion, prevent corrosion Several to Choose From Srnrrol To Choose From.OnJy 3 Left At This Price! a n d a c t a s a lubricant," h e cont i n u e s ."And even t h o u g h t h e I): CotlpO \\ /T.

I'm s ;w tx)o Miles Rwluffd to fluid absorbs m o i s t u r e , i t c a n ' t 1991 MERCURY c o n t i n u e to a b s o r b i t indefi1992 CHEVY S-10 1991 CHEVY 1994 CHEVY 1992 SATURN 1992 CHEVY S-10 1993 S-10 nitely." SABLE LS CAVALIER RS CAPRICE LTZ BLAZER 4 DR.SEDAN BLAZER BLAZER Whitr w/ Cm lr( \ 6 \\i' •< 4 Dr.Lineback s a y s t h e c o n s t a n t 57.Caawfle M F* tor, Wan 6 10 Blue/Blue lnt .P w w While w/B»ne ln» l»a<»e«J heating and cooling experienced W i m l a m l U x l u .Maroon w / Innried A l u m Wbeelt Maroon w/Cfey Int.

Frr»*«fcrntohY,x* Chofrf Orr 0»-rvr like Sr» Maroon Int Miles by b r a k e s l e a d s to m o i s t u r e con57.000 MiW densation in t h e b r a k e s y s t e m .$ $ After one year, t h e b r a k e fluid of a typical v e h i c l e will c o n t a i n 1994 GEO TRACKER 1991 CHEVY 1500 1991 CAMARO RS 1994 OLDSMOBILE 1992 BUICK 1994 S-10 1993 CHEVY about two p e r c e n t water; this PICKUP WT.CONVERTIBLE CIBRAS SKYLARK CONVERTIBLE BLAZER grow* to about three p e r c e n t afCAVALIER 6 Cyl .

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ALS 1995 Geo Tracker Convertible $ 17,295 15,595 20,495 1 9 9 2 CADILLAC ELDORADO 10,995 $ 12>95 7,995 $ 10,995 *21,900 14,995 13,295 $ 10,750 15,995 *9,495 17,900 *9,300 11,995 «9,995 •11,995 Title & Req.is h ol c Volunteer Center needs d The earth is a house!i±i , Women throughout the Baldwinsville area will gather in the chapel at the First Untied Methodist Church, 16 Charlotte St.in observance of the annual World Day of Prayer service, sponsored by Church Women United of Baldwinsville.

This year's service, part of a global celebration observed by Christian communities throughout the world, has been prepared by Christian women of Ghana and explores the theme, "The Earth is food for sale that night.This is a Volunteers add that special staff a n d driver coordinator non-alcohol event, for students of touch to our community.Smok- Baldwinsville branch of the VolAnyone interested in learning ing will be allowed outside in a unteer Center, Inc.

, is very grate- about the volunteer driving prodesignated area.Chaperones will ful to its faithful volunteers who gram is invited to this Valentine's be provided.are willing to drive people to and gathering.The band line-up for t h e front medical appointments when Requests have come in for a evening will be "Anodyne" fol- they have no other transportation.double bed, gas stove, potty chair, lowed by "Hereafter" and the lead The Volunteer Center invites and a refrigerator (even a dorm band is the popular Taylor broth- its drivers to stop in for coffee and size refrigerator on loan would be ers called "Zig-Zag-Zen.

" goodies at the office on 63 East appreciated.) The coordinator of the event is Genesee Street, between 10 and For more information call 638Ron Kramer and the number to 11:30 on Feb.and noon call is 697-9777 with any ques- tunity to meet fellow drivers and weekdays.chat with the Volunteer Center Due to heavy snows earlier this month the Student Council dance at the Moose Lodge was cancelled.The event is now on for this weekend, Feb.There has been a band lineup change with "Anodyne," a group from B'ville replacing "Rattler" due to prior commitments.There has also been a change in the price of admission, and only 200 students will be admitted.All proceeds after expenses will go to the Student Council Scholarship Fund.The lodge will have soda and a House for All People.

" The 1995 service, based on the parable of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15, tells the stories of Ghanaian refuges in their struggles to maintain their traditional extended families in the midst of national and community upheaval.Through prayer, song and symbol, the service calls participants to recognize the interconnectedness as dwellers in God's world.t T , i i l l EKE i i i i • i i I zrz I I I I J X I PI • » i» * * • • • * € 0 i r i i ii i i • • • T i i ii ii M ii i ii ii ii ii M %» • • ma , Advertise your Used Car in the Classified Pages! Receive $3.00 off any PREPAID AutoToTSalead xf • • - - * not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or specials.C o u p o n and payment must a c c o m p a n y a d , SEE CLASSIFIED JPAGES FOR A D FORMlj 77 Point Inspection 5-day Exchange PoHcy 6 Month/6,000 Mile Warranty .Is fm m-l-m 1i i l 1ftJL / WITH THIS COUPON* Mail t o : Classified Department PO Box 270 Baldwinsville, NY 13027 Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles n\ i 2Dr.

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J 1 « 1 IA S k * B o o t $ J 0 f i 0 24,995 Illl ofnpcU'ire Check These Dealerships for February Certified Buys! Rogers Bulck 5500 E.Syracuse 452-1500 Roger Burdlck Mazda Rt.11, N, Syracuse 456-7500 Burdlck Ford Rt.11, Central Square 666-7102 \ �� Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections.For more information see, /documents/dces/.

Title Baldwinsville Messenger 1995 Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections.For more information see, /documents/dces/.Title Baldwinsville Messenger 02-22-1995 469186bfec06b8809123495917e75b96 Text Messenger 11 r THE Baldwinsville, New York, February 23, 1994 149th Year, Number 8 50 cents 58 pages Home of Tbm and Sue McKee Arena vote Extra sign-up day set Lysander residents who wish to vote in the March 8 referendum on whether or not the town should purchase the Lysander-Radisson Community Arena will get another shot at registering for the special vote this Saturday, from 10 a.The Town Board decided to add the third registration day based on the turnout at the registration days last Wednesday and Saturday, Town Clerk Shirley Kelly said.She said about 1100 voters registered on Wednesday and about 620 registered on Saturday.Kelly said the deadline for absentee registrations will also be extended to Saturday.

Mailed registration must be received by Friday as the Town Hall does not get Saturday's mail.To be eligible for an absentee registration, a voter must be out of the state on both registration dates.To be eligible for an absentee ballot, a voter must be out of the county on the day of election.Eligible voters must specifically register to vote on this issue.To be eligible, voters must meet the following criteria: •A resident of the Town of Lysander •Registered to vote in regular town elections, or qualified to be registered.

If the person is not currently registered, they should bring proof of eligibility.•An owner of property which appears on the 1993 Assessment Roll of the Town of Lysander.Property owners should be prepared, to identify their property as it appears on the assessment roll."We're just trying to give as many people as possible the opportunity to vote," said Town Attorney David Twitchell of the extra registration day.Passing Parade Volunteers needed Sandy Schurman, new C A R E , chair for the Volunteer Center is looking for new volunteers to Call on and Assist Residential Elderly.

Schurman has been working with churches and area agencies to identify people who are confined to their homes and would like to be visited.She is now looking for "friends" to match with them.All C A R E , clients live within the Baldwinsville School District.Volunteer visits are at the convenience of the visitor, sometimes more frequently than at other times.No special talents are necessary, just a desire to be useful.

For information, call the Volunteer Center at 6380251 any weekday from 9 a.Spaghetti dinner The Knights of Columbus, Council 5082 will be sponsoring a spaghetti dinner on March 5 from 6 to 7:30 p.

On the menu are spaghetti and meatballs, three bean salad, Italian Bread, chocolate cake, coffee, and fruit punch.For information, call 638-0123 or 635-9366.Second Lenten Luncheon Second in the series of Lenten Luncheons will begin Friday at 12:05 with Rev.Randy Czyz leading the ecumenical devotional service in the Methodist Chapel.

The Presbyterian Women will host the luncheon in the dining room.Bees wrestle at Class A meet All you can eat breakfast The Baldwinsville varsity wrestling team competed at the Section 3 Class A Tournament, at West Genesee High School.Here, Jim Schanzenbach wrestles in the 112-pound weight class.Schanzenbach ended up second in the field.

The Lamson Grange and Lysander Fire Department will be holding an all you can eat breakfast at the Lamson Grange, corner of Lamson and Fenner Roads, on March 6 from 8 a.Dam level worries legislators At its February session, the Onondaga County Legislature approved a resolution asking for a review of the permit that allows operation of a hydro power project at the 364 foot level at the Phoenix Dam.-Lysander) and Bob Warner (R-Van Buren) were sponsors of the resolution."A number of people who live on the Seneca-Oneida-Oswego River system and on Oneida Lake have spoken to me about the water level at which the Phoenix project operates.

The are concerned that this level increases the possibility of spring flooding, such as occurred last year," Colon said."The resolution we just passed at the Legislature asks that the federal agency that permitted operation at 364 feet reexamine that decision," Warner added.The hydroelectric project at Phoenix is operated by Oswego Energy Partners, d.The project is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), under license No.4113, to operate at 364 Barge Canal feet of head.The legislature's resolution asks FERC to review the license to determine whether operation of the facility at this water level contributed to the 1993 flooding.The Legislature also asks that FERC reopen the license for public comment.

In addition to Colon and Warner, the resolution was sponsored by Legislature Chairman Bill Sanford (R.-Liverpool), and Legislators Bill Meyer (R-Cicero), Joyce Goike (R.Compact for Learning Steering committee struggles with plan by L i n d a L a u p h e i m e r Baldwinsville School District's Compact for Learning steering committee is still w i t h o u t a shared decision making plan to submit to Albany.The failure to finish the plan will mean the district missed the February deadline."What we're here for is to improve education for students; nothing else.That's what we adults are here for - to improve education for the students," Assistant superintendent Jeanne Race reminded committee members at the opening of Thursday's committee meeting.

Race reminded the committee that in January 1993, they began to get a Compact plan in place.1994, and I think we owe it to ourselves, and to this district, to bring this to a conclusion," she said.The committee's agenda for the meeting was to have included the structuring of goals, and the determination of the ratio of parents to teachers on each building planning team.New discussions were halted when Blase Lauri, representing the Baldwinsville Teachers Association, reported that his group was not in agreement with the voting method selected by the committee in the previous meeting.

Lauri said that his group's major contention was that they didn't want any decisions mandated by the committee.He said, as professional educators, teachers knew what was best for the students.Superintendent Tom McGowan, acting as facilitator for the meeting, reiterated that the method ot consensus voting had been agreed upon in previous meetings."The only place I favor (voting by) consensus is in choosing the number of participants in the building planning committees," said Lauri.

McGowan suggested that consensus voting be used as a model, in order to equalize the voting powers between parent, teacher and administrative participants.

Lauri also raised concerns that the wording in any agreements state that all participants are volunteers, since the teacher's contract requires they be paid for any time s p e n t after school.Ho pointed to the East SyracuseMinoa School District's plan, that said any parents who want to participate must be at meetings held during school hours.Frustrations mounted for committee members, as they attempted to move forward with new discussion.McGowan asked that the issues be looked at across a much broader spectrum.Parent representatives felt that no movement had been made regarding the issue of their involvement, although they came prepared with a list of solutions to problems brought out at the last meeting.

The meeting, dominated by concerns raised by Lauri's group, lasted almost three hours, with no decisions reached.Intersection will get upgraded signal A problem intersection in the town of Lysander will be getting some attention from Onondaga County.Pirro has announced that the intersection of Smokey Hollow Road and Hencle Boulevard will get an upgraded traffic control signal.According to Pirro, the county Department of Transportation has recently completed a traffic accident study of the area and h a s recommended some changes.

The intersection was the scene of a Dec.20 accident which took the lives of two local residents.The county DOT is in the process of installing Btop signs on Smokey Hollow Road and modifying traffic signals to flash red on all approaches.Smokey Hollow Road currently has a flashing yellow light at the intersection, while Hencle Boulevard has a red light and stop sign; the new intersection will be a four-way stop.The work is expected to be completed this week.

Pirro said the county will continue to monitor the intersection to determine the effective- The intersection of Hencle Blvd.In Lysander ness of the traffic control improve- will become a four-way stop this week.B'ville Baseball Boosters and the B'ville Optimist Club are co-sponsoring a Craft-n-Treasures Sale on March 26 at the Baker High School Cafeteria.Donations of saleable items, baked goods, raffle and door prize items are welcome.Interested crafters should call LeAnne Pierce at 652-9404; for drop off locations for treasures, call Kathy Grilli at 638-4751 or Rita Nadzan at 635-7876.Pancake breakfast The Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department will be holding their third annual pancake breakfast on March 6, from 7 a.to noon at the Lakeside VFD Recreation Hall, State Fair Blvd.Estate planning workshop The American Lung Association of Central New York will be hosting a free seminar entitled "Retirement & Estate Planning" on Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.Lecturer and financial planner Jerry Lindberg, CLU and Edward Abendroth, CLU, will discuss retirement strategies, protecting your assets, trusts and maximizing retirement income.B'ville Wrestling to meet B'ville Wrestling will hold their next meeting on Monday at 7 p.On the agenda will be the Section Three Kids/Cadet Freestyle Qualifier on March 12.Anyone interested in promoting wrestling in the community is urged to attend.Second session registrations are still being taken.

Practice has started and will continue through April on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the Wrestling Room at Baker High School.Moose basketball tourney Tryouts will be held for the annual New York State Moose Basketball Tournament, on March 1 and 2 at 8 p.Tryouts are open to all boys ages 11 to 13.

The tournament will be held in Utica on March 25-27.For information, call Mike Badlam at 638-8691 after 6 p.Fashion show "A Fashion Affair" will be presented by the St.

Augustine's Women's Group on March 5 from 1 to 3 p.

at the St Augustine's Parish Hall, O'Brien Road.There will be refreshments and door prizes For tickets or information, call Sally Fedrizzi at 638-7902 Wrestling banquet The Wrestling Banquet will be held on March 30 at 6:30 p.at Rolgium-Cold Springs Fire Department on River Road.Varsity, Junior Varsity and 7th-8th Grade (Modified) team members tickets are at no cost Tickets may be purchased in advance at Collins Sports World in Tri-County Mali or at the door.For information, call Dan Boudreau at 635-9517 Baker forming PTO The Baker High School PTO will meet on March 10 at the linker High School library.All parents of Baker students are encouraged.NYSSMA competition School calendar changed due to snow days 11M winter's cold and snowy weather has done tome capricious tinkering with moat school calendars, and Baldwinsville has not escaped unscathed.

The number of enow days taken to date have affected the calendar for the rest of the year.The good newaia that vaca• hare remained in tact.Any additional days needed, however, wilt come from the spring break starting April 18 Affected by the changes are Professional Development Days, .Good Friday (originally a full day off for students-it will now become a 1/2 day off for student*), and the end of the school year for elementary students.Craft bazaar set The calendar now looks like this: March 18 - Students full day, nil kindergarten held April 1 -1/2 day AM Students and Staff; AM Kindergarten only April 16 • Full day of instruction for all students May 27 - Full day of instruction for all students June 21 - Full day of instruction ftf elementary iHmJuuU, schedule remains the same for secondary students June 22,23 • Regents and exam schedule for secondary student*, full day instruction for

f l t i r y etudents June 24 * No students, just fltSuperintendent's Conference Day All Baldwinsville students participating will perform solos and ensembles at the Fayetteville-Manlius Festival on April 29 and 30, except Ray band students Ray sixth and seventh grade hand students only will attend the Union Springs Festival on May 13 and 14.All fees and forma muat he turned in by March A to Ron Kern, Fine Aria Supervisor, at the District Office.

\ I The Messenger CJI February 23,1994 District spellers move to next round SENECA RIVER NORTH LITTLE LEAGUE by Linda Linn Hibachi was the final word in Baldwinsville School Districts oral spelling bee held recently at Ray Middle School.Approximately 60 students competed from grades 5,6,7,and 8 to see which of them would represent the district in the written spelling bee on March 5 at the Carousel Center.Northrup, Jim Ginther, Fred Ngo, Ken Nichols, Frank Szakaly, Elaine Brooks, Colleen Gibbons, Mark Graves, Lindsey Mills, Nelissa Thibado and Richard Sarsfield.

Laurie Northrup was the first place winner in the REGISTRATION MOYERS CORNERS FIRE STATION #1 Baldwinsville competition.Other words contestants were asked to spell included acupuncture, anisette, basilisk (a type of lizard), kielbasa, fuchsia, hibiscus, irreconcilable, sassafras, malapropism, scuppernong, xylograph and zigzaggedness.Each finalist received a monetary award from the district.The top 35 of the CNY area written bee will compete in an oral spell-down which will be broadcast on WCNY in April.Winner of the regional spell-down will advance to the national competition in Washington, D.

Pictured are Baker High's All-State musicians, Heather Bowen, Jennifer Steier, and Melanie Lengyel.31) Three named to All-State Saturday, February 26th 9 a.Baker High School performed with the Area All-State Band or Orchestra at Ithaca College recently.Students from 62 Central New York schools were selected based on their solo ratings at last year's New York State School Music Festival.The Baker students, Melanie Lengyel, Jennifer Steier and Heather Bowen are among the most outstanding French hornists in New York State.They have been members of Onondaga All-County groups, other Area All-State groups, one student was in All-State Band, all are members of Syracuse SymPictured here are the last ten standing after about an hour of tense phony Youth Orchestra as well as Ages 5 - 1 8 Years •Must Be 5 Years Old By August 1,1994 •Birth Certificate Required For More Information Call: VICTOR BROUSE President 652-7373 DON BROOKS Vice President, Jr.

's, Big League 652-6869 UPSTATE CHIROPRACTIC competition, spelling word afterword, sighing a breath of relief when the judges nodded in affirmation that they had given the correct spelling: (front row, leftto right) Fred Ngo, grade 6, Laurie Northrup, grade7, Jim Ginther, grade 7, (back row, leftto right) eighth graders Elaine Brooks, Colleen Gibbons, Mark Graves, Ken Nichols, and 7th graders Lindsey Mills and Nelissa Thibado.th grader Richard Sarsfield and Frank Szakaly.

v - Chiropractic Care For The Treatment Of: • Headaches • Low Back Pain MOW names board • Neck Pain • Numbness In Hands &Feet The Board of Directors of Baldwinsville Meals On Wheels plays a unique role in the administration of the daily program.It is unique because each member has a particular assignment to do to help insure the success of the program.And each Board member is an unpaid volunteer.The paid staff personnel who supervise the program are: Donna Prusinowski, Coordinator; Deborah Roderick, Assistant coordinator; and Kimberly Hamlin, cook.

Hot meals and bag lunches are delivered daily to approximately 70 clients by volunteer drivers.And the food is prepared by volunteer kitchen help.Here are the members of the Board of Directors with a listing of their particular assignments.They are: Ginger Ruddock, board chairman and volunteer driver; Ralph Gates, vice chairman and nominating member; Kay Pridell, nominating chairman and kitch- • Sciatica '••• VHT& • WorkmanComp J , Auto Accidents this year's Area All-State.

This year's Area All-State Orchestra was directed by Mr.Grant Cooper who has been recently appointed to the position of Orchestra conductor at Ithaca College.Cooper is from New Zealand and is internationally known.Alan Hutt, conductor of the Kent Youth Orchestra in England.He is a well-known conductor and trombonist throughout England.The students participated in two days of intense rehearsal and performed the concert at Ford Hall to standing-room-only audience.Baldwinsville Call Today For An Appointment YouMways Receive Quality & GreatSewice en coordinator; Rita Nadzan, sec- retary; Jenoyce Woodridge, assistant chairman and kitchen volunteer; and also a member of the special committee; Kathy Raymo, publicity chairman and driver; Paul Reeves, treasurer and budget committee member.Also, Frank Dowd, assistant treasurer, volunteer driver, and member of special committee and budget committee; Joan Ramin, special committee member and member of long term planning committee; Ida Blackman, RSVP program and newsletter mailing; Mike Monica,- budget chairman, fund raising, and volunteer driver; Marilyn Swete, long term planning and volunteer recognition ; Gary Ryder, newsletter committee and volunteer recognition; Edwin Gurley, newsletter chairman and volunteer driver; and Walter Farnholtz, attorney and advisor.Trees moved n Lysander Parks and Recreation this past fall moved several large pine trees within the park grounds.Seen here, the truck from Timber Tree Service is digging ,a tree.

Stan Dombrowski, owner of Timber Tree Service, donated part of the work to the Town of Lysander.Public notices in this issue LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Catskill Housing Company I, L.FORMATION OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Water St.Limited Realty TOWN OF LYSANDER West Genesee Water District x TOWN OF LYSANDER Clinton Heights Drainage District Times Have Changed, Cars Have Changed.

EVERYTHING FRESH DAILY 91! URBAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Notice of Public Hearing TOWN OF LYSANDER Additional Registration Day » S;ci''on Piiia • Neopoliton Puzo .Stuffed Pino • S'eak Scbs • Co'd Subs • Sa'ods Read all about it! • Hofnemode Dishes

BALDWINSVILLE NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA It's PkmAnd So Much More! OUR COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION HAS NOT 1 LARGE (HEESE I PIZZA & 24 WINGS HUDSON & MOWINS has dedicated 48 years and 3 generations to providing Baldwinsville with quality service.Customer Satisfaction is lop priority with us! 635-1769 2 LARGE (HEESE Featured this week Bargain of the Week! See this week's classified pages for Eagle Newspapers Bargain of the Week.Look in the classified section to see if you were a winner of 1 of 4 pairs of tickets to the SUSeton Hall game on February 23,1994.NdVaWVfthCXtaOtera Wih Coupon CWy Expres 1S94 Toppiw Extra Not VaM WJh Otter Ofcis.Wh Coupon Orty &qpirw 3&S4 I*lARGE CHEESE PIZZA, " A R G E T K T L I A N " 50 WINGS i W/2 TOPPINGS Win a $50 gift certificate i Turn to the classified pages to see how you can win a $50 gift certificate to Coleman's., Baldwinsville 635-5681 Topping Extra MVaMWAOiterOlw*.

I Topphg Extra Not VWdW* Otec Cfwi V&GMpooOnJfj : ; ; — ±s �February 23,1994 / c / State Police report Baldwinsville Police report DWI Ronald A.Greenwood and Pinker and charged with Driving While Intoxicated and speeding.

Rafferty is to appear in the Town of Lysander court.Germain, 37, of C a u g h t s t r i p p i n g c a r s was turned over to the parents.

into Durgee Junior High School S h o p l i f t i n g Rt., The case will be referred to the on two occasions during August of On Feb.

, the ratically and being followed on Rt.Merritt observed a sus- department's youth officer for dis- 1993.While in the school they Baldwinsville Police were called 370 in the Liverpool area.picious vehicle parked in the park- position.stole a stereo worth $500 and also to Fay's Drug store at 18 E.

ing lot at C-Line Laudromat with damaged vending machines in an Genesee St.regarding youths Germain to observed the erratic two subjects inside.On foot Agent S e r v i n g a l c o h o l t o m i n o r s attempt to steal money.Fay's The Baldwinsville Police had operation of St.Merritt checked the area and loThe police were assisted by the security observed two of the St.cated two other subjects in the received complaints of underage families of the juveniles in the in- youths stealing the beer from in370 in the Village of Baldwinsville Evans Chevrolet new car lot on youths being served alcoholic bev- vestigation.

Both juveniles were side of the store and taking it outPIAA erages at Christians Bar located and charged with Driving While On Feb.Caporuscio Intoxicated and for Failing to Syracuse St.The owner returned to the custody of their side.The two youths were t h A vehicle parts from a number of parents.The cases are being re- selling the beer to a third juvenile.Gunther, ferred to the Onondaga County vehicles., Syracuse, was ar- Family court for further action.for assistance and was assisted by rested two juveniles for petit largate a three care personal injury G r a n d L a r c e n y rested Feb.Knaul ceny and the third juvenile for auto accident.Engels for two counts DWI alleged criminal possession of stolen propcaused when a vehicle operated by ident in the Town of Van Buren and Deputies W.Ma- of unlawfully dealing with a child On Feb.The subjects were confronted first degree for serving individu- Officer M.They were processed Baldwinsville passed a red light sometime during the day of the als under 21 years of age alcoholic hicle westbound on W.while he trav- 16th, his Everex personal comput- in the parking lot and one was beverages on Jan.failed to keep right and driving and turned over to their parents.The case will be turned over to the eled south on CR-57.A second ve- er and monitor were stolen from immediately taken into custody.

department's juvenile officer for The second was taken into custohicle operated by Mary Stewart of his residence.The computer was Gunther was processed at the He also noted that the vehicle was dy a short time later with the asdisposition.

police department and later re- speeding, traveling at 42 mph in sistance of Deputy Weston's K-9 ceeded into the intersection of Rt.The subjects in the vehicle leased on his own recognizance.

and col- C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s i n o r d e r He is to appear in Village Court Officer Knaul stopped the vehiOn Feb., the were taken into custody without In January of 1994, Investigalided with Powell.The case will also be cle and identified the driver as Baldwinsville Police investigated incident.The suspects were identhen sideswiped a third vehicle tor Michael D.Byrne, a 20 year referred to the Alcohol Beverage Darren M.

Stewart was in- veteran of the State Police, retired tified as Alvin L.at Lock S t The vicjured and treated for neck/back from the Baldwinsville Barracks., Syracuse; Judson smelled a strong odor of alcoholic tim, Brian Dailey, was walking on pain.Caporuscio ticketed Byrne resides in the community Watkins, 29, of McAlister Ave., Traffic a c c i d e n t beverage and administered field the sidewalk and was approached Syracuse; Raussi Ahad Uthman Powell for Passing a Red Light still.Roberts, of Hussien, 20, of Merriman Ave.

Engels investigated a traf- sobriety tests to O'Neil.Officer by a youthful offender, 18 and two after witnesses gave the above acBaldwinsville, formally of the Syracuse.The fourth suspect was fic accident that occurred on W.

Knaul alleges that O'Neil was in other individuals.an intoxicated condition and ar- a dispute earlier in the week - • B'ville Barracks was appointed to a 14-year-old juvenile.A rested him for driving while intox- which apparently was the cause of the position of Investigator and The items the subjects were at- vehicle c a r r y i n g p a s s e n g e r s Petit Larceny icated, speeding and failed to keep the altercation.14, a employee of No- has been reassigned to SP oneida.tempting to steal amounted to Michael Goodrich and Edward right.A fight erupted after a verbal bles C o n v e n i e n t M a r t in Tpr.

Christine Marahall, who more than $4500 in tires and vehi- Miller, was waiting for a traffic O'Neil was transported to the argument and Dailey received faBaldwinsville reported to Tpr.spent a year out of SP-B'ville was cle parts.They were arraigned when they were struck from be- police department for booking and cial injuries and a possible broken Eberl that a Blue Camero drove also appointed to the rank of In- before Village Justice Huling and hind by a vehicle being operated a chemical test.While at the pooff without paying for the $17.61 vestigator and was transferred to all three adults were remanded to by Andrew Dorr.

A passenger in lice department, the motor vehi- nose.The youthful offender was arrested on E.at about worth of fuel pumped into the ve- the State Police Community Nar- the Public Safety Building Jail.

Dorr's vehicle, Joy Vanderwalker cles computer indicated t h a t 9:05 p.

McGrath was arrested cotics Enforcement Team.Lastly, Dunham and Watkins in lieu of was also injured.O'Neil had been convicted in 1990 at 1:22 a.

Jose Figueiredo last sta- $2500 cash bail or $5000 bond.The injuries were a number of for driving while intoxicated, mak- charged with assault third degree.DWI c h a r g e d tioned at SP-B'ville was trans- Hussien was held in lieu of $1500 minor head and neck injuries.

FurThe pair were transported to An alert cellular motorist fol- ferred into the State Police Com- cash or $2000 bond.Dorr was ticketed for imprudent ther, it was learned that CNeil's the police department for processlowing an intoxicated motorist, munity Narcotics Enforcement speed.He will appear in Village license was revoked for driving ing.McGrath was later released Shoplifting tipped off police, which led to an Team as a Trooper.

while intoxicated involving a per- on his own recognizance.O'Neil was youthful offender was held for arjuvenile shoplifter was caught by B u r g l a r y Fay's security at 18 E.LeRoy also charged with aggravated un- raignment before Village Justice attempting to steal in excess of arrested two juveniles for bur- licensed operation of a vehicle first Huling.He was remanded to the $40 in cosmetics.Weber glary third degree, two counts, degree, a felony.He was released Public Safety Jail in lieu of $500 on his own recognizance to appear cash bail or $1000 bail bond.Ward, 223 Daywood arrested thejuvenile and returned petit larceny, two counts, and Baldwinsville Village Court lice advise that the investigation criminal mischief, fourth.After processing the juvefmle veniles are accused of breaking Driving while intoxicated, failure Justice Elijah Hiding -Michael Berry, 21 Echodale to keep right.

Charge: Ha- fee $590, second charge dismissed.Berkman, 151 Old rassment, second degree.Rodman, 9272 Harassement, second degree.Nationwlde's $600 includes heat, e o o o c c - f -David A.Reynolds, 808 Charge: Issuing a bad check (three Homeowner's Discount! counts), petit larceny.INJURED? ARRESTED? Insure both your home and car w i t h Conditional discharge (on one C h a r g e : Petit larceny (eight Nationwide and get a special FOR ALL YOUR counts), criminal mischief fourth Automobile Accidents count), all others dismissed.money-saving discount on your degree (three counts), attempted GARDEN & HARDWARE NEEDS -John E.Charge: Driving while grand larceny fourth degree (two HARDWARE & GARDEN ability impaired, following too counts), grand larceny fourth deCARL SCOTTDWI/Traffic And All closety "Disposition: Fine/fee $525, gree (two counts), criminal misROBERT SALENSKI AGENCY chief third degree.PATRICK MULLIN Experienced Attorney at Law BECK'S PH.1 3 0 2 7 The MESSENGER OFFICE HOURS: Open Monday thru Friday 8 A.CLOSED SATURDAYS The MESSENGER 7-9-11 E.Baldwinsville 635-3921 Y > < S-c >< ><>< XX X X X X X •$30 Perms Inc.

Hairait & Style X •$10 Cut & Style Winter Special With Pam On Tuesdays Only x x x I •$B Men's Cut •$5 0ff Chemical Treatment (With Cut & Style Frost.Wghfiohting, Colors) Baldwinsville £

CHRYSLER BUY BACK •12,500 86 VW GOLF 2 DR.Slk "* *3495 JUNO AM »11,425 , 62 EAGLE PREMIER LX 88 CORSICA 4 D R 6/Auto.Mite* 3,5951 »11,650 LDNGLEY $ 4850 Brothers Dodge 598-2135 RT.

***: Cof~©j-i Call For An Appointment 479-9139 Hours: DOMINO'S Op*n Sunday - Thur»

JSf&SttS- 215 East Water Street Syracuse, N.FREE PARKING * « N y » a » •% o<"> ro*jr *-3» 12" Sub 6" Sub The Service Conscious, "PRICE" CONQUERING i .

, k A i NEW NOVA 1995 DODGE NEON FINANCING AS LOW AS AS LOW AS II FREE CONSULTATION Evening & Weekend Hours Available NATIONWIDE INSURANCE •IESUBS • SUBS - S U B S M I C $10" 2+2+2 (2) FT.CHIPS (2) COKES DEEP DISH $ 9 99 (2) 12-TESTY DEEP DISH CHEESE PIZZAS* •Exir.Topftogi AwfeMe Tvmm JJ �/ February 23,1994 Letters to the Editor Whd's making the rules Enough is enough To the editor: Here we go a g a i n A last minute decision to have another day of voter registration for the $2.The rules are being changed at the whim of the Town Supervisor.First the legal notice was published in D e c over the holidays.

Fortunately, enough signatures were secured to guarantee the referendum.The fact that only property owners could sign the petition and vote was not broached until after, the petition was filed with the t o w n Two days of registration evidently showed the town that the "No" vote was predominate, so they belatedly decided to have another day for registxation.Why couldn't they be honest and above board with u s since Day H Four y « r s ago, they assured u s that the ice arena would not cost us one penny.All those who slipped up in registering, get out and register this Saturday.

I also hope that they extend the date of absentee registration to 2-26-94.Remember this little saying: Fool me once, it is your fault; Fool me twice, it is my fault.KIRK Connell Terrace DARE graduates give thanks To the Editor: To the People of Baldwinsville: We would like to thank everyone for letting the DARE program come to Baldwinsville.It is a great program for kids to learn not to use drugs.

We should know this because we are recent DARE graduates.We would also like to thank Officer Lefancheck for being our DARE officer.He is a really good role-model for kids.We would also like to thank Mayor Jean Wells for tslring part in our DARE graduation, it really means a lot to us that you came.We also would like to show our gratitude to the Su- perintendent of Baldwinsville for supporting the DARE program, and Post Commander #153 Andy Bergevin for getting the DARE shirts for us.

We really appreciated i t We would like to thank Chief John Balloni for participating in the DARE graduation too.Vavala for recording the DARE graduation, and the PTA for providing the refreshments at the graduation Thank you everyone for your support! BREANNE RYAN AMANDA CORRIGAN Candidate will do his best To the Editor.F i r s t I would like to express my gratitude to the Village Party for having the confidence in my abilities to select me as one of the party's nominees for the position of Village Trustee.

I am impressed with the Village Party's track record for providing a people oriented approach to the direction of our village services.I am a lifelong resident of Baldwinsville.In fact I am of the fifth generation of my family that has called the Baldwinsville area their home.I accepted the Village Party's nomination for one basic reason - that being the opportunity to give something back to the community that has been good to me over the years, Baldwinsville has been and still is a good piace to raise a family and to enjoy life.:ial that every tinued growth and development in the Baldwinsville vicinity.We must all work together to maintain our village's identity as one of which we can all be proud.As a trustee for the village, I will bring my experience as Director of Beaver Lake Nature Center to the service of the community.Not only will I share budget management and facility operational skills, but I will continue to support and emphasize the critical need for a "service with a s m i l e ' orientation to village matters.

I am currently impressed with the community warmth as typified by rs that wave and smile as opposed to stare and intimidate, and DPW workers that assist, not hamper, village .~~'- lain the hi£h£-s~ :uai;:v ;•:" Life :n Bal dwirtsvil .-d tegricy of the vi ship must dilirs enicierury, cccp*s cai municipal::: supported duzL es.:: i— :•: JS w: L— Eii-«to-lriFTlfli* r ~,Ti~ «>•' ' • .

£ Officer Lefancheck is a hero effect at Elden School; Thomas To the Editor.McGowan, superintendent of the My name is Luke Delia, I am a Baldwinsville School District for recent graduate of the Dare proletting this program go in effect gram (Drug Abuse Resistance Edthroughout t h e B a l d w i n s v i l l e ucation).Dare is to try to keep School District; Andrew Bergevin, kids off drugs.My classmates and from VFW Post 153 for providing I have been through 16 lessons in us with the Dare teeshirts; Chief Dare.

In our classes we talked Balloni of the Baldwinsville about how to say no with eight Police' Department for letting the different ways.We also went over one and only Officer Lefancheck roll playing pretending that we to leave his normal job to teach were in a real situation with drug my fellow classmates at Elden Eldealers.At the end of the 16 weeks ementary how to say NO.I would of Dare classes everybody that like to thank the officer who filled participated in the Dare program in for Officer Lefancheck's normal had to write an essay.One person shift so that he can lead this great from each classroom had to repreprogram; Mrs.

Vavala for recordsent their class by reading their ing the program; Mrs.Russell for essay at the Dare graduation.I typing the ceremony programs, The Messenger welcomes letters to the editor on subjects of w a s t h e w i n n e r for M r s .PTA, for all the refreshments interest to our readers.All letters must be signed (not a Hollenbeck's class.

I was very after the graduation; all the typewritten signature) and should bear a daytime phone proud of myself and very surlocal businesses for their donanumber for verification only, if necessary.prised that I won, I never thought tions to the Dare program and that would happen.Editing may be necessary for space, clarification or to avoid l a s t but n o t l e a s t Officer As a Dare graduate I would obscenity but ideas will not be altered.Lefancheck for sacrificing his keep the program active.I think it Letters used do not necessarily reflect the newspaper's time in order to mold u s into rewould stop a lot of crime, and opinions.

Anonymous letter? - those without signatures — sponsible children of the commudrugs, I was very fortunate to receive no consideration.Thank you very much Offichave this program in my school.er Lefancheck, you are one of my I would like to thank the true heroes! following d i g n i t a r i e s : Anne LUKE DELIA Costello - Jones; our principal, upon so many in answer to the for letting this program go into To the Editor.5th Grade DARE graduate For the past six months we haw prayers of the righteous.

The Lord become accustomed to being could not save Sarah or return her greeted by the smiling face of Sa- unharmed to her loving parents, Police Department for letting OfTo the Editor rah Ann Wood as we entered near- but He, I have no doubt, was inficer Michael Lefancheck teach To the People of Baldwinsville: ly every establishment or shop in strumental in the apprehension Thank you for your support in Drug Abuse Resistance Education CentraLN.Since Louis Lent and confession of Louis L e n t His the DARE program.I would like to Elden Elementary Schools fifth confessed to h a v i n g slain her.Spirit also drives so many volunto thank Mayor Wells, Superin- grade.

I spent about sixteen hours some e s t a b l i s h m e n t s have re- teers to endure such hardships in tendent of Schools Mr.with Officer Lefancheck and I moved her flier and, in time, once the frigid and fruitless search so MacGowan, the Chief of Police learned that drugs are wrong.John Balloni and the Veterans of choose to live a drug-free and If at all possible, please place a they will all come down.

I fee' a Foreign Wars Post # 1 5 3 Com- healthy life.

I will always rememsense of loss, as do many others.silk flower on a Sarah Ann poster , mander Bergevin for attending ber there is no hope in dope.Beautiful Sarah Ann has become to show your tender condolences KEVIN WATT my Drug Abuse Resistance Edua part of our lives and we share and compassion.Also you could DARE student cation graduation I would also the grief that her parents endure.call the White House, Massachulike to thank the Baldwinsville On the day that we learned of setts officials, or the Attorney Lent's evil deed I placed a silk General to voice protest towards rose on her poster as an expres- the heartless D A who refuses to sion of condolence and rooum:r.

g allow Lent to come to New York To the Editor.eight ways to say no, how to reas well as a simple tribute to her to lead authorities to the burial We just wanted to write you a lieve stress, and what drugs can purity and innocence so brutally site.Most of all learn from Sa- letter to tell you how much we do to you.Such a delightful spin: rah's tragedy and train your chil- enjoyed the DARE program at program should definitely continwill surely dwell with the Lord dren how to stay safe.

ue and we want to thank the peoHis Spirit has been poured c-u: LINDA JOCHUM Maybe the reason everybody liked ple of Baldwinsville for making DARE was because not only w a s this program possible.Officer Lefancheck a great teachTAMARA MICHEL er but a true friend.It was very KELLY PALUMBO To the Editor versed.It may not be economical interesting learning about the MOLLY NICHOLS For some time I have been fal- for the arena to make ice during lowing the arguments pro and ee-n the summer months as it does curover t h e a c q u i s i t i o n of the rently, then the arena could be LysaudeT-Raiissm arem.

~t~be- used for band concerts, cranTfaira, indoor lacrosse, roller blading, to name just a few without the energy CDSt of maTT-.fnirig the ice SUTlise- As a boy I grew up in the tiic -i-xrr'-ry :':~ is? ;ti:.t Slxrre Park arena, a rink wz&d by ihe v j w n I am confident wnr-sr M.totun mi-usr- -fXr-x/xh tij£'r~ thsir t a x e s ~~\Z\.

n i im't* JJUTJ* iu? *-ii? wtmic i*£ Tfzirj.wyr* uiased ~~ii~ vpttci arpoid be "' in v.ii ursas ii i irtjt i'jr the *ins — "i e s r.ILASK TfEGERSKI To the Editor: It is becoming obvious that our Town Supervisor is not happy the way things are going on the ice arena.He has now decided to give everyone another chance to register.How about absentee voters, are y o u g i v i n g t h e m a n o t h e r chance also.Milt?? After all, this past week was not conducive to getting people out to register.The s u n shone brightly and temperatures were in the high 50"s If the results of the vote on Mar.

Supervisor, will you also s e t another date for voting.(Sounds familiar — the Board of Education does it all the time to get a budget, e t c passed).It would appear that you gave as much thought to voter registration and voting a s you initially gave in considering the fiasco of the ice arena lease agreement.What change in the rules can we expect next? ARTUCOURT Village B'vilk Letters policy Place a flower for Sara No hope in dope Enjoyed the DARE program A vote for the families Volunteers of the week- From Pages Past by Al Baker ,.

'~~Z* ONE H U N D R E D TWENTS'-FTVE YEARS AGO - J 9 * FTJTi TEAS& AGO - 1*44 l he Latest ti= frr :i>r Cr*r=GET \ Drree -3t Francises' We a 2 WJk ijrwud 2-3.

:irrnx~2~*: ll-"'l Go -u* !I*ST* i-jwvr c-i* -.

csre&d and Oswego 5-30 S*xrticomd -TisziS ilec *z*rc3ii*rjsitt* zrji irell turn oat tirH I r—mrj at inst as p — .: JZIXT* 3jritTu»e tn i:

McMahon'f Ao8* Sopfiy, 11 W GH AcS-ertisecer.

Yzrxj* 42 Drni fail to prorur? Mr? Wzjeii;*w'« .

rtiset&esr A La \a S*ve Policy HvWers wi» p*A $2%*fi Last rIt n»:<: :nlv rei>?ves the chcZd brxs, ytr * c « » tii» T»jcr r»o»n»fi f 7 12 at the er,d of the policy year Farss Bwrci— afatnal >\r ~ a :h ar/d b»r« ~rrr~Jk *radrrr.*; fj/Um V Dixon, 1 5 wh-oie system It w.=3 th* Bf7w*&s vzti Seeeics S t , B*b& * uisville VY-.r>d Cohc We b-eiie-ne it aiso to be the b e e atari irzrwe roBerdr Fn+ rxrrjaAt of tobacco for the P.

xxihusk ;- - - : - * c fsgned by grcwd Ecr-=Pa-L wrJs ar; E * w « 3 t asrl afou* ha* t e e s rmaxof slightly heavier than expected, afeo«t L4001 Prei:m:nary tKXi by Reir Leccard B«cca c( YaJe e s r r e / ssjd a company representatrve

Send fcr oaz descrsptrre bagbeit price of 22 tents per pound, was rained a t flO/XSO The giving full particulars and t e r n s to Agrat* S S Scrxafisn & C*.

, is the Federal Savings At Loan Association.

INE Y E A R S A G O - I M S i Fiies for the year 1994 are TWENTY FTVB Y E A R S AGO l*m The Fishway to Be Bosk.29, the town board m V< construction of a fish way ; •'r- T the dass s t t h » place, as* t a k z a g s n option on 60 acres of land for fotnre to be a disposaUon on the part cf the siaSe •atheritscs tc < Ralph Gates said the sh> is t» byJasepbnnd which makes it a ntinV mtutttu t s bodt a aasa sa a: and is bounded on the south by Bd,aaaW »byJaa»e*Furbush,ontheeaatby the Seneca nvcr w r t h o o t p t w i i d i u g a l s i l i s s j o*ttu by Mamn Parry.Inthefotnr an evident underlying sentissent prvrafiaw *•: froxB getting far frosa SyiatMi ThetowntodboUryinglS enforced.Doyte, Hallow, abutting shout 10 *«W sioners of Fisheries writes, "The buih.* a Pat Wolfe a Teen Hi-Lstas t s abow that pA th>t tf*t§ SOSSI fliilM saji p»linf the snow upon the U j i h s s t s IN ssnassl Ctyatal Cotillion, s p o n n e t l r flL UmiCTO, m 8L Mary's Hall on March 1, with s iebyl tOfveCoachJiatPslcnar'sl Her to take sfsv imumi Work as a team birta and Warren Crego are volunteers who work together as a team de*vering meals once a week to shut-ins for BaJdwinsviBe Meals on Wheels.Asked why they perform this service, Nina repied, "We get a great deal of satisfaction in doing something for tie community.

We both enjoy meeting people and istening to their special concerns." Nina also does volunteer work for the Batowinsvae Female Charitable Society.She helps out at the Society's headquarters office by handing Out needed equipment such as canes and wheelchairs.a son Doug, and a daughter, Marilyn Cook, The Cooks have two chidren, Andy and Jeffrey.

7 East Genesee St, BaldwltuvlOc, New Ydik 13027 USPS 340-480 Phone 315-35-3921 •Fix 315-635-3914 Stewart Hancock, Publisher MfchsdCridky.Ad Manager Tbe Messeap k a unit of Basle Newapsssji MduwdlL Keens.

National AdvtrtUlns Manser SevtrgTSeaW, "PrtCttahc/c Mat Wrt, 1 M T �Letterstothe Editor A (HI ABOVE! Cost of fixing problem would be cheaper To the Editor.Rood for his call last week concerning the drainage problem on Connell Terrace.Rood was so kind as to explain that the town could not fix the drainage problem as it would violate town law which prohibits the town from addressing, using town money, problems such a s we have on Connell Terrace.He noted that it would not be fair for those living in areas not directly affected by the problem to have to pay for fixing it, and I can sympathize with that.1*11 bet those individuals that are being protected from this unfair use of their tax dollars are pleased as punch with the town board for their wise stewardship of the town coffers.

Rood, how can you and your cohorts on the town board justify the much larger and continuing expense of having to: 1) havo equipment and men constantly digging ice slush, etc.out the street; 2) repair sewers broken by town equipment; 3) rebuild the road; 4) fix resident's yards and driveways damaged by town equipment and employees in the performance of their duties; 5) have sheriffs deputies called for unsafe conditions; 6) etc.You may have a law to justify your position concerning this matter, but as with many laws which are on the books, it doesn't make a lick of sense and your attempt to use it to justify your inaction indicates the contempt with which, you and other members of the town board, hold the residents of this town.You are taking a position which in the end will cost the taxpayers of this town a great deal more, in dollars and cents, than would solving the problem.

Remember also, there is an alternative course of action open to the board, and that is to turn off the sump pumps which are causing the problem.But as we agreed, that would be a very difficult position for t h e board to take (politically) Given your position concerning the problem on Connell Terrace, I can not, for the life of me, justify a yes vote on the skating rink bond.I look at it this way, if you can legally justify not spending a little to save slot, just think what a mess you can make of the pur- chase and operation of the rink with all of the money that it involves.Besides, if you'll wait a few days, Connell Terrace will freeze over and well have a rink without paying 2.Even better, during the spring the water in the hole can serve the community as a car wash, and during the summer a s a swimming pool.Would it be OK for the town get the chlorine to keep the little green thing out?.(That would ruin it for the biology/ entomology people, but the political risk would be insignificant) I n fact I am all in favor of asking the community to name the area the Milton Bilyeu Rink/Pool a n d Carwash complex.As you said, if we work together we could come up with a solution to the problem, see we have just solved two problems, of course there are a couple of us living up here that may ask the town for a bridge or ferry in order to get to our houses but I am sure that there must be a law to allow that.By the way did anybody down there ever figure out whose fault it is that we are faced with the Lysander rink problem, or don't we assess blame for mismanagement? I am sure that if you had the numbers that I requested in the first letter you would have presented them by now.

If you hurry maybe you could make up something without anybody knowing, besides I'm sure there must be a law to cover it, if not make one! Taxpayers of Lysander, the majority of individuals on the town board are not interested in you, except as beasts of burden.They, for the most part hold us in complete contempt, and just as the Governor did in T h e Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," they do a little sidestep whenever there is trouble, and hope you won't notice.I regret to say these things, because as a member of the same party as most of the board members, I would have expected better from them.But alas, power, or at least the perception of having power, seems to affect members of all parties especially when they've held their position for too long.

JOHN R GARLICK Take on a whole new look for spring with afreshnew haircut from one of our professional stylists.

Call Now! 52 Oswego St PERSONALLY YOURS HAIR & SKIN CARE SALON (In The Villige M*ll) 638-8101 I Let This Strip 's Identity! • y/////////////////The issue is our children, not power and control To the Editor: I am a parent who has attended the last three Compact for Learning Meetings.I have listened to the discussions regarding t h e Plan for Shared Decision Making - a plan which should have been adopted by Feb.1,1994, but must be submitted late due to the District Planning Team's inability to come to consensus about it.Our School Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent a n d many of the District Planning Team members seem to be honestly trying to explore ideas and come up with a plan which will better the educational process for our children.These members share the commitment to innovation, change, and improvement in education which the Compact for Learning represents.

I have shared the obvious frustration of many that there are a few District Planning Team members who are resistant to ideas

I fear that being vague and nonspecific about issues is inviting further continuance of the status quo - completely negating the goal of the Compact for Learning.STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD I am disappointed and baffled by the attitudes I have seen exhibited by members of the District Planning Team in response to the Parents' Team returning with feedback from community parents who wish to be equally represented on the Building P l a n n i n g Teams.I do not think it is unreasonable to expect to be a meaningful part of the decision making process which affects my own children's education (and which I contribute my tax dollars to).I cannot understand the basis for their reluctance - or fear.

It seems to me that parents are regarded as a threat.I am amazed that they are not automatically and enthusiastically welcomed with open arms.P a r e n t involvement h a s been proven an effective process for increasing student achievement.Furthermore, consensus ensures that parents would not have any higher degree of power than the teachers, administration, commu'•' n nnv) '-".'11 • ! ' » ' : nity members or any other members of each Building Planning Team.

I have found no logical explanation for t h e s e b a r r i e r s in Baldwinsville.I wonder why there is a problem here, when the majority of New York state school districts have already submitted t h e i r p l a n s .For e x a m p l e , Liverpool Central School District submitted and adopted their plan in April 1993, a plan that clearly defines numbers (number of parents = number of teachers on their Building Planning Teams).The important issue here is our children, not which group has the most power and control.

We should all be committed to supporting a n effective home-school partnership process, and all strive for involvement of each stakeholder group as an equal partner in school governance.CROUSE i T S « • • TOO, tht nation'a I wafcoming program will halp you raach * aabct naw markat BEFORE YOUR COMPETITOR do—.Bacoma a apon—r and maka • lasting Impraaalon ao that tha nawcomara in your < wont hav« to ahop around! WEICOMHG NPACO 4fRS NA DONVVCE For aponaorsMp (Mais, cai 1-800-255-4859 THE BIRD FEEDING STATION 'All About Birds' Hanging, Tree or Post-Mounted Suet Feeders In Stock JOIN PUR SEED CLUB! : 'IH.'! -I" After You Have IHircbiaed 500 ibs.of Any Seed, Couple celebrate 60th anniversary Albert and Aileen (Patterson) Palmer celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 17, 1994.A celebration with family and friends was held at the home of their daughter and son-in-law, Bonnie and Harlow Kisselstein.He grew up in Plainville and she in Baldwinsville.

They both g r a d u a t e d from Baldwinsville Academy.V i r g i n i a (VanWie) Silfer introduced them on a blind date which was a street dance on W., servicing machines at canning plants around New England and Geneva, Al bought Palmer's Diner in Baldwinsville from his brothers and they returned to Baldwinsville.He ran the diner for 31 years, retiring in 1977.He is known as the "Pie Man" in Baldwinsville, having baked over 250,000 pies for the family, diner and various charitable causes over the years.

He still spends much of his time in the kitchen cooking for family and cause that needs his talents.Both Al and Aileen are very active in community affairs.Al was a village trustee from 19481954 and village mayor from 1959- NOW OUR PATIENTS HAVE TWO MORE HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS TO COUNT ON.\ / \ / e ore pleased to onnounce that oudiologists loura lojowski ond Suzanne Kotko hove joined our more thon 120 heoftti core provider serving me community ond members of PHP m Central Receive 25 lbs, Sing Along Mix FREE! m m i t+t*m*+mmm*# 1962.Aileen has been treasurer of the Female Charitable Society for 26 years (this organization is the 3rd oldest charitable organization in the U.

, having been started in 1917 as a result of the year without a summer (1916).They also are still very involved with the First United Methodist Church, McHarrie's Legacy and Beachaump Historical Society.They have been so active in helping others that they both have been honored by being named Chamber of Commerce's Man and Woman of the Year.He was the first male honoree in 1961 and she was honored as the Woman of the Year in 1985.

Department of energy los alamos study group

They are still quite relatively active in the Community.He turned 81 in December and she will be 80 in May.They have 2 daughters, Bonnie Kisselstein of Baldwinsville and Charlene Nowicki of Twinsburg, Ohio TITLE ISSN E ISSN COUNTRY PUBLISHER AARN news letter nbsp.They have 2 daughters, Bonnie Kisselstein of Baldwinsville and Charlene Nowicki of Twinsburg, Ohio.

Lisa is the instrumental music t e a c h e r at Bishop Ludden and active in music circles around the area.

Katherine is a junior at SUNY Oswego, majoring in Russian and minoring in German Page 1   ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND. PREVENTION. 14575. 18792057. ENGLAND. PERGAMON-ELSEVIER. SCIENCE LTD. Accounting and Business. Research   Technical Publishers. Acta Biotheoretica. 00015342. 15728358. Netherlands. Kluwer Academic Publishers. ACTA BIOTHEORETICA. 15342. 15728358..Katherine is a junior at SUNY Oswego, majoring in Russian and minoring in German.Michael is an aurospace engineer in Cleveland, Patrick is attending college in Akron, and Caroline is a senior in high school.MOREKs inducing hearing evduotions; hearing aid soles, fittings, ond « * • • * * c u s , o m neoring* ® mmm tiSk 457-1881 Liverpool Open Mon.

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NY (315)592-4201 315)676-2065 315)638-0293 (315)695-7214 aH C H E V R O of C«*H * » Y«K me Committed l b Your Satisfaction! - �\JULjr!d)ruaiy 23,1994 THERESA GROMAN AND STEVEN PETERS Engagement announced Robert and Margaret Groman ronmental engineering.She is curof Smokey Hollow Road announce rently pursuing a master's degree the engagement of their daughter, at Cornell in environmental engiTheresa, to Steven Peters, son of neering.The future bridegroom Art and Shirley Peters of Curtis graduated from Oswego State University with a major in graphic Ave.

Both the future bride and bride- design and is currently employed groom are 1989 graduates of as a graphic designer for Agway, Baldwinsville Academy and Cen- IncofDeWitt.

A July 30, 1994 wedding i s tral School.The bride-to-be graduated this year from Cornell Uni- planned.versity, majoring in civil and envi- - BVille resident named manager for new home Anne Marie Mullin of Baldwinsville has been named manager of operations for Janus Park, a new Caring Home facility for the frail elderly, it is scheduled to open on the North Medical Campus in Liverpool this June.Mullin will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the 83,000 square foot facility, including policies and procedures, employee staffing and training, accounting and budgeting, marketing, public relations and quality assurance.She has more than 10 years of experience in the medical field, including five years of management experience.

She has also served as an adjunct professor at Utica College of Syracuse University., Most recently, Mullin was a sales/marketing representative for Eastman Kodak Company's Clinical Products division.""We are excited to have such a qualified individual as Anne Marie to manage this exciting new facility," said Maryann Franz, vice FADRA DAWN ANDERSON AND MARK S.WHERLEY Tfexas wedding planned Thomas Anderson and Christina Boerwinkle of Austin, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado, respectively, a n n o u n c e the engagment of their daughter, Fadra Dawn Anderson to Capt.Wherley, USAF, son of Donald and Marilyn Wherley of Sextant Drive, Baldwinsville.The bride-to-be is a third year nursing student at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.The future groom, a 1988 graduate of Syracuse University's L.Smith School of Engineering is a KC-135 Navigator with the 306th Air Refueling Squadron in the United States Air Force.

He is attending instructor school in San Antonio where he will then be assigned as a navigator instructor.A June 4 wedding is planned in Austin, Texas.ANNE MARIE MULLIN president of operations for Janus Park and administrator of North Medical Family Physicians and North Medical Urgent Care.

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The bridegroom is the son of Luella Abbott Oakes of B a l d w i n s v i l l e a n d David Lord, J i l l MacDonald, Clifford S.Oakes of Richfield Donna Markham, Valerie Merritt, Springs.David Miller, Sherrie Monica, The bride wore a gown with a vRobyn Nelson, Dianne CBrian, neck bodice of re-embroidered Bruce Park, Debra Patchett, Greg Alencon lace with pearls and Pearce, Susan Pond, David Scott, irredescent sequins.Her full skirt Susan PrUsinawski, Bill Radel, and cathedral train were made of M a r i a n n e Ranieri', 1 B r e n d a silk shantung edged with lace, Russeau, Lyn , 1 Sattler, Debbie pearls, and sequins.Her fingertip S h a r p e , Bob S h e r m a n , Larry length veil was held by a crown of S h o w e r s , P a t t i S m i t h , Barb lace, pearls and sequins.

She carSpears, William Spellicy, Valerie ried a cascade of white roses, tuStamp, Doreen Stampp, J u d y lips, leptos, stephanotis, and ivy.Stevens, Agnes Szabo, Mary Ann Maid of honor was Christina Tomaszewski, Kim Valerio, Sha- Pope of Jacksonville.Bridesmaids ron Walts, J o a n Weeks, Gary were Sandra Oakes of Weinhold, Vickie W i l l i a m s , Baldwinsville (sister-in-law of the Marilee Worden, Mike Zahn.bridegroom), Beth B a r n e s of Anyone with information that Greenville, S.

(sister-in-law of would help locate these people, the bride).Toni Nevins of call Marilyn Crego Cook at 638- Baldwinsville was h o n o r a r y 2674 or Maureen Collins Fleming bridesmaid.Anyone who has not gowns of maroon silk shantung yet registered for the reunion may with shawl collars.Class of '74 looking for lost members The Baldwinsville Class of 1974 will hold its twenty year reunion this July.Reunion organizers are looking for the following missing class members: Maureen Adams, Rory Alley, Fred Bell, Marie Brate, Gordon Brelje, Christine Brill, Ed BrOoks, Robert Brown, Steve Brown, Mary Burkhart, David Butler, Marcia Butler, Cindy Clark, Steve Clement, Nellie Cook, Lois Cosentino, Mike Crittenden, Jane Cutillo, Kevin Dack, William Dalton, Linda Dougherty, Barbara Finch, Charles Fuller, Craig Gillis, Earl Green, Phil Hafner, Brad Barrett, Melanie Moore, Kathy Pecore, Sandra Rodger, Mary Hall, David Hallquist, Debra Hewes, Deborah H o n s m a n , C h e r l y n n House, Gwendolyn Howard, John Jones, Richard Jones, Wendy Kelly, Robin Krantz, Greg Lawless, Diane LeBlanc, Becky Locke, MRS.OAKES cascade of pink lilies, stephanotis and ivy.Best man was Michael Nevins of Baldwinsville.

Oakes of Baldwinsville (brother of the bridegroom), Dr.(brother of the bride), and Daniel Terry of Charlotte, N.

A reception was held at the University Club in Jacksonville.The couple took a wedding trip to Deer Valley, Utah.A rehearsal dinner was given by the bridegroom's mother a t t h e Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.The bride is a graduate of Sandalwood High School, Jacksonville, and F u r m a n University, Greenville, S.She is employed as an underwriter for State Farm Insurance Co.

The bridegroom is a graduate of Baker High School and Hampden Sydney College, Virginia.He is employed as a nursing home administrator and health care consultant in Atlanta, Ga.�The Messenger I rj February 23,1994 Deaths Frank Wells F r a n k S.

15,1994 after a brief illness at Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Fla.Wells was born in Meridian and lived in Baldwinsville most of his life.

He was a retired employee of International Milling Co.He had previously been employed at Recreation Inn for many years.Following his retirement, he worked at t h e Radisson Golf Course in Baldwinsville.

Wells was a member of G r a c e Episcopal C h u r c h in Baldwinsville.He was a member of F&AM Seneca River Lodge #160 and the VFW Post #153.Surviving are a daughter, Beverly Paige of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.Palm Beach; a sister, Ruth Kruger of Rochester; two brothers, Loren Leach of Baldwinsville and Warren Wells of Maryland; eight grandchildren; 8 greatgrandchildren; Margaret "Peg" Middlemore, with whom he resid- Lee Starkey FRANK S.

WELLS ed; and several nieces and nephews.Memorial services were1 held at Grace Episcopal Church in Baldwinsville with Rev.Spring burial will be in Grace Memorial Garden.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Plainville Volunteer Ambulance Corps, PO Box 271, Plainville 13137 or Grace Episcopal C h u r c h Memorial Fund.16,1993 at his home in Winter Haven, Fla.Koegel lived most of his life KATHRYN BOWMAN AND DOUGLAS WHITNEY JR.around Baldwinsville before moving to Jackson, Term.He retired in 1987 from Porter Cable Corp.Koegel was a communicant S h a r o n Ann Bowman of Whitney of Liverpool.Mary's Church, Baldwinsville and Alvin E.BowThe bride-to-be a t t e n d e d Baldwinsville, and St.Joseph's man of Cato announce the engage- Baldwinsville schools.

He was a ment of their daughter, Kathryn groom attended Syracuse schools life member of the Moyers Corto Douglas R.of A World War II Army Air Corps Baldwinsville and Sherill veteran, Mr.Koegel was a life member of the Winter Haven Post, American Legion.

Surviving are his wife, the former Mary C.Delaney; five daughters, Patricia Robinson of Engagement announced First Presbyterian plan Lenten programs The First Presbyterian Church principle that all children can of Baldwinsville will again be pro- learn.It calls for a collaboration viding a Sunday Forum during by all stakeholder groups includLent following worship in the ing parents, educators, State and Christian Education Building local governments, colleges, liLounge.Various committees in braries, museums, social service tH£T C h u r c h will be providing ageneies, arid community groups speakers and topics for discussion.

'to bring together our collective Worship begins at 10 a.

, the energies in order to raise and eduprograms run from 11 - 11:45 a.Sponsor: Presbyterian Nursery Programs are as follows: Feb.27, 'The Learning Place"; School Steering Committee.March 20, "Corinthian CorreS p e a k e r Phyllis Newland, founder." S p e a k e r George progress of her drea n for literacy.Is there relevance for us She is an inspiration to many today from Paul's correspondence adults to learn or improve their to the early local churches of reading, writing and math skills.Corinth? Sponsor: Evangelist She was honored by President Committee.Bush by making her one of his Potluck Dinners Thousand Points of light.

SponWednesday evenings during sor: Church and Society Commit- Lent a Pot Luck Supper and Protee.gram will be sponsored by The March 6, "The Importance of First Presbyterian Church.Speaker, ReverMarch 16, "How Two Yankees end Larry Black, Presbyterian View the Russian Bear Now.He will discuss Speakers, Bill and Kris Sammons.bequests, estate planning, living Bill and Kris spent 5 weeks in wills and health care proxies.Siberia under the sponsorship of Sponsor: Endowment Committee the International Executives SerMarch 13, "A New Compact for vice Corporation." Speaker - Members of Carrier Engineer, Bill was there the District Compact Steering to consult on a defense conversion Committee.

New Compaet for Learning, manMarch 23, "Visioning." Speakdated by The State Education De- er, The Reverend Stuart Hayes, partment, which includes Shared Pastor First Presbyterian Church.Decision Making by all stakeholdFor further information please ers in our childrens education.The Compact is based on a simple Boy Scout news Troop 80, Boy Scouts of America, p a r t i c i p a t e d in the Interlakea District, Hiawatha Council Klondike Derby on Saturday, Feb.The event was held at the Three Rivera Game Management Area.80, the oldest troop in Interlakea District, took first (1st) place overall, which consisted of Bow Sow Relay, Snow Boiling race, Split the Match, Log Walking race, and Rescue Race.

The troop took third (3rd) place in the Klondike Sled Race.Scouts attending were: Russell Bader, senior patrol leader, Terry Pickard.Jason Weeden, Devlin V a r a , Ryan Eck, and J i m m y Ledwith.Adult leaders in attendance were Bill Bader, scoutmast e r ; Bob Weeden and Betsy Pickard, assistant scoutmaster's; and Tommy Young, committee chairman.Troop 80 would like to thank Interlakea District and Jeff King of Troop 107 from Baldwinsville for sponsoring the event.

Troop 80 is very busy planning its 70th Anniversary on June 12 at Durgee Junior High School, which will be the 20th year for the Theodore R.Anyone who has ever been a member of Troop 80 or knows of former scouts or leaders, please call , 638-0005 or Tommy Young, 635-6771.Blakeman, 96, of East Mud Lake Road, died Feb.

Lee Memorial Hospital, Fulton, after a short illness.He retired as a certified seed potato grower in 1970 after 50 years.

He attended Little Utica Methodist church and was a former trustee.

He was a 50-year member of the Lamson Grange; a charter member of the Cody Fire Department; a charter member of the Clarksboro Hunt Club, Degrasse; a member of the New York State Big Buck Club; and a member of the New York State Seed Potato Growers Association.He also was "" " oo W» Wf Lillian Smith Chase, 81, formerly of Stiles Rd.A native of Keeseville, Mrs Chase resided most of her life in Baldwinsville.

S u r v i v i n g a r e two sons, Romeyn W.Smith of Clockville; a daughter, Roger L.Loveless resided most ofhis life in the Baldwinsville area.He retired from Morris Pumps, Baldwinsville.Loveless was a member of the Faith Baptist Church, Baldwinsville.Surviving are his wife of 53 years, Kathryn; a son, David Morgan of Baldwinsville; two daughters, Thelma Loveless of Syracuse an avid hunter, fisherman and trapper.Surviving are a son, Kenneth of Little Utica; a daughter, Marion Dudley of Meridian; a sister, Flossie Reeves of Baldwinsville; nine grandchildren; 15 greatgrandchildren; two great-greatgrandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

Services were held at AllansonGlanville-Tappan Funeral Home.Spring burial will be in Jacksonville Cemetery, Lysander.Contributions may be made to Lamson Grange 588, c/o Cora Williamson, RD 3, Fulton 13069.•Quick Turn-Around Times •Quality Workmanship •Moderate Costs Let MERLE BUILDERS help you plan, design and build your new addition or any remodeling job you have in mind, including skylights and decks.; "two daughters, Kelly Rounds of Port St.Lucie, and I r e n e Troia of Liverpool; two sons, Keith Rounds of Boston and David Rounds of C h i t t e n a n g o ; t h r e e stepsons, Louie, Rod, and Ralph; one stepdaughter, Thady; five grandchildren and five stepgrandchildren.A memorial service was held at the VFW of Fort Pierce, Fla.organizations in memory of Francis Rounds.

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•Great on the snow! Linda Szabo of Lakeland; a brother, Walter Boardman of Florida; a s i s t e r , G e r t r u d e Benz of Morristown, N.; eight grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.Services were held at Gates Funeral Home, 29 W.; 11 grandchildren; and several great-grandchildren.Contributions may be made to Aurora of Central New York, 616 S.Maurer Funeral Home, Moyers Corners, had charge of arrangements.•Dance Aerobic Step Reebok Aerobic •Power Low Aerobic 25 Oswego St.Baldwinsville (Parktag & Entrance In Rear) 635-1303 •Low Impact •Body Sculpting •Trim & Tone TI31QI I f i i w i hi EXPIRES S/11/W WITH COUPON ONLY CLASSES MON.JUST AEROBICS (Ofter rw v«M wftfi «njr otwr dtocount or Wrt partytouranc*J NORTHERN LIGHTS MALL, N.

SYRACUSE • 455-6604 TRI-COUNTY MALL • BALDWINSVILLE • 635-3904 43733" JUST AEROBICS • JUST AEROBICS • JUST AEROBICS (lenses & frames) •Sanlor CMzana Sava An Additional 5%l 471-6923 635-6917 Ask about current rebate! «50 OFF ANY COMPLETE PAIR OF GLASSES • Depression • Anxiety • Alcohol Issues • Marital/Family Conflicts • Men's Issues and Mary Ellen Pease of East Syracuse; two brothers, Clyde of Hinmanville and Lawrence of Victory; two sisters, Marion Martin of Cato and Eleanor Whitford of Memphis; and five grandchildren.Services were held at Gates Funeral Home.Contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society or the Greater Baldwinsville Ambulance Corps.14, 1994 at her home after apparently suffering a heart attack.Sopha lived in Baldwinsville for three years.of Liverpool; a d a u g h t e r , Latin and was a member of Etowah Golf Club.Blake; and a brother, C h a r l e s Anthony DeLyne of Baldwinsville.Services were held in Carolina Village Hall, Hendersonville.Contributions may be made tc the Hospice of Henderson County, PO Box 2395, Hendersonville 28793.

Shepherd & Son Funeral Directors had charge of arrangements.Chase """"~"*" Kathleen Falgitano, MSW Elma D.

Blake of Curlew Court, Carolina Village, Hendereonville, N.A native of Baldwinsville, she was a former r e s i d e n t of Barrington, Vt.

She had lived in Hendersonville for the past 20 years.She was the daughter of the late Frank A and Marian Ford DeLyne.She was a graduate of Syracuse University and attended Middlebury College in Vermont.

Blake taught French and Francis Rounds Francis Rounds, 61, of 3110 Kentucky Ave.Rounds was born in Baldwinsville and resided here until 1984, when he moved to Fort Pierce.He served in the Korean War and was honorably discharged after receiving the Purple Heart.

Surviving are his wife, Teddy of Rickey D.Starkey IT both of Syracuse; three sisters, Myrtle Webster of Potter, Mable Austin of Penn Yann, and Marie Hare of N.Tonawanda; three brothers, Frank of Painted Post, Howard of Corning and Harry of Jupiter, Fla; 14 grandchildren; several nieces and nephews.Commital services will be held in the spring at Riverview Cemetery.Falardeau Funeral Home had charge of arrangements.Blakeman BRIEF AND LONG TERM COUNSELING ' Baldwinsville, Susan Williams of Memphis, Sharon Koegel and Mariane Paice both of Fulton, and Judy Galloway of Jackson, Term.Koegel of Syracuse; a s i s t e r , E l i z a b e t h H a r m s of Baldwinsville; 16 grandchildren; an aunt; and several nieces and nephews.

Contributions may be made to Good Shepherd Hospice, P.S t a r k e y was born in B a t a v i a and lived in t h e Baldwinsville area most ofhis life.He retired from Gould Pumps of Baldwinsville in 1988 after 40 years with the company.He was a member of the LAM & AW District 137, Seneca Lodge #1415.Surviving are his wife, Pauline; two d a u g h t e r s , S a n d r a L.Yingst of Syracuse; two sons, All Instructors Are Nationally Certified -II s i \1 KOHK s • II SI \ l HOUR S - .H S I \1 K( >BI( S �8/ The Messenger February 23,1994 Varsity basketball B e e s eliminated from sectionals The Baldwinsville boys basketball team fell victim twice this past week, and they could not have picked a worse time to do so.Their loss to second-place West Genesee did not mean much, but on Friday, the B e e s were swamped by Auburn at home in the first round of the Section 3 Class A Tournament.West Genesee rolled out to an 18-1 lead, and when B'ville's Brad Fredenburg argued a referee's call, he was given a technical foul.

The lead got as big as 24-1, and the Wildcats led 28-7 after one period.

The Bees got another technical foul for hanging on the rim, and the Wildcat lead grew as big as 28, at 40-12.The Bees ended the first half with a 9-2 run, but the lead was still 21 at the half.B'ville started the second half with a 13-3 spurt and the lead got to as low as nine in the third period.However, the rally lost momentum, and with 3:55 left in the game, a three-pointer put the game out of reach for B'ville.The final score was 79-58 in favor of the Wildcats.

Jamie Darwish led Baldwinsville in scoring with 17 points, while Brandon Smith had 11, Drew Olson 10, Chad Munier nine, and eight for Fredenburg.Jason Grilli also scored three for the Bees.That led to Friday night's home playoff game against Auburn, an awful second half led to the end of the season for the Bees, as the Maroons won the game, 71-45.The first quarter started off well for Baldwinsville, as they led a close period by two points at the end, 15-13.But the tide began to change in the second, as Auburn went on a run to take the lead at halftime, 32-26.

The second half belonged to the visiting M a r o o n s , a s they outscored B'ville 17-10 in t h e third, and then squashed any comeback hopes with a 22-9 run in the fourth.The end result - a 26 point loss for the Bees.Munier led Baldwinsville scorers with j u s t 11 points, while Darwish had seven, six each for Smith, Olson, and Tom Palmer, and two each for Grilli, Kasey Cassavaugh, Fredenburg, and .Bowling league scores SUNDAY 4 PM MIXED Team Standing* (as of Feb.

20) Baldwinsville's gets high off the ground to attempt a put-back against West Genesee.The Bees lost twice last week to conclude the 1993-94 season.Photo by Will Kincaid Varsity volleyball Bees rally to beat RFA The Baldwinsville varsity volleyball team began sectional play on Friday night, as they defeated visiting Rome Free Academy in four games to advance on in the tournament, where they will play Liverpool in the semifinals.The regular season ended last Tuesday, and the Bees scored an easy win over visiting West Genesee by scores of 15-9, 15-3, and 15-9, in a battle of sectionalbound teams.Chris Lindsey led the way for the Bees with two aces, two kills, and a team-high 19 assists.

Somer Sharpstene had nine kills, while Abbie Boudreau had four kills, and Jaclyn Lachmiller two aces and three kills.That set up Friday's encounter with RFA, and it was anything but easy, as the Knight shocked B'ville in the first game with a 1513 victory to go up 1-0.In game two, B'ville emerged and seized the momentum to take the match in games three and four, 15-8 and 15-9.Lindsey"s 24 assists was the key to the victory, as well as seven kills from the senior.Judy Goldthwait had 10 kills, Jessica LeBeau seven aces and two blocks, Lachmiller two aces and two kills, Elizabeth Noll four aces and four kills, and Sharpstene three aces, 15 kills and four blocks.

The win improved B'ville's record to 18-2, but the two losses are what await them this week.The only team standing between the Bees and the league championship this year was the Liverpool Warriors The arch-rivals will meet for the third time in the sectional semifinals, with the winner to meet either Watertown or Fayetteville-Manlius in the championship.17 1/2 RTA Fulter Queen 15 Buffalo's 12 Snicks Chicks 12 Berndt-Michels 12 ICC 11 North Country Whse 9 1/2 Gales Girls 9 1/2 Ward Sales 7 1/2 High scores - K.Teams - high 3 games, Buffalo's 2623, and high single game, Buffalo's 926, and individuals - high 3 games, J.

RC Fixers 43 Legion of Doom 39 Giddy Up Goes 36 The 1*8 „ 35 Bootleggers 33 Couch Potatoes 31 The Challengers .31 Alley Oops 31 2 Guys 2 Gals 28 Night Owls 27 Out to Getcha 125 Flojos 121 Bad But True 20 Kid Break 19 Wannabes 16 Thursday PM DJV ,14 Team standings as of Feb.Teams - high 3 games, B'ville Glass 40 RC Fixers 2350, and high single game, RC Jabco 38 Fixers 847, and individuals • high 3 games, Last week's high individual scores (3 men B.B'ville Glass 1990-, and high single game, B'ville Diner 707; and individuals - high 3 games, S.VILLAGE GREEN LADIES Clifton 652; and high single game, S.Gutter Dusters 44 CAS PAVING A CONSTRUCTION Bowl Them Over 44 Team Standings (as of Feb.Lucky Strikers 39 Liverpool Elks 35 Pinsetters 38 VFW 153 30 Late Bloomere 37 Sports Bowl 29 WYSIWYG 31 NEC 26 In Betweens 30 C&S Paving 25 High scores - J.Bikery 14 Gutter Dusters 1895, and high single game, American Legion 13 Gutter Dusters 687, and individuals - high 3 Bonney's State Farm 11 games, H.VFW 153 3382, and high single game, VFW 163 Lamack's 22 1230, and individuals - high 3 games, J.Losorto Blue Moon Junction 21 754, and high single game, M.

Guard Brandon Smith takes the ball strong to the hole against West Genesee.Smith had a good year and should be one of the key players next year, as the Bees strive to return to the sectional playoffs.Photo by Will Kincaid OHSL receives face lift b y Todd Thorp© With changing enrollments as the central issue, the Onondaga High School League athletic directors agreed to a new league format, last week.The league will realign for the following sports: fall- soccer, girls tennis, and cross country; winterbasketball, girls volleyball; and wrestling; and spring- baseball

Softball, boys tennis, and track and field.Other sports such as football, hockey, lacrosse, swimming, boys volleyball, and indoor track, will not be affected.The 39 teams that comprised the previous OHSL Leagues; north, metro, central, and south, voted 29-10 to realign into three different leagues: Class A, Class B, and Class C-D.The Class A league will feature Liverpool, Rome Free Academy, Baldwinsville, W e s t Genesee, F a y e t t e v i l l e - M a n l i u s , CiceroNorth Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, and Henninger - all from the former OHSL North - as well as Central Square, Fulton, Nottingham, and East SyracuseMinoa from the OHSL Metro.Utica-Proctor, who dropped out of the OHSL North this season, will likely make up the 14th Class A team.

The teams will likely be divided into two seven-team divisions.Class B is the smallest league, featuring Corcoran, Fowler, and Cortland from t h e Metro, and Homer, Phoenix, eWitt, Mexico, and Maroellus from the Central.Class C-D has the most diversity, as Westhill, Skaneateles, Jordan-Elbridge, Bishop Grimes, Bishop Ludden, Cazenovia, and Solvay are in from the OHSL Central.In Class C-D from the OHSL South are Port Byron, Cato-Meridian, Onondaga, LaFayette, Hannibal, APW, Pulaski, Tully, Weedsport, and Fabius-Pompey.CBA will be a Class C-D team, that previously was in the OHSL Metro.

- The Class C-D league will also likely be divided into two different divisions.The newly realigned OHSL leagues will begin playing in the fall.Varsity hockey Hockey Squad stretches win streak "One, two, three, four in a row.team were Mike McClure with a the reserve energy to go to the n e t of only two graduating seniors and Count em," called an exuberant goal and an assist, Matt McCraw The backhand saucer pass from many additional players attemptBaldwinsville Varsity Hockey with a goal and an assist, Mike Millett was picked up by Fullone ing to make the line-up in 94-95, Hockey program at player prior to facing off against Hawthorne with a goal and an as- who showed why he is the top goal the Skaneateles in the New York sist, Matt Gardy with two assists, scorer in central New York hock- Baldwinsville is poised to become State Sectionals this past week.The score was 2-1 with 5 min- future champions.New York State Ice Hockey SecNot only did the sophomore domi- Bunnell with two assists.Also utes to go and a silence fell over playing a strong game were Jason the arena as the possibility of a tional game results involving othnated icemen meet Coach Lloyd's Gardy, Andrew Miller, Clayton major upset was in the making.er top hockey teams were as folchallenge to win three of their last Bell, Dave Shaw and Dave The cards continued to fall into lows through this past weekend: four to make the sectionals, they finished the regular season in the Batchelor.Junior goaltender, place as the referee penalized the Oswego 3 West Genesee 1, Ithaca Central New York High School Tom Coleman, recorded his sec- Lakers for a moving pick, an in- 4 Rome Free Academy 2, League with 4 wins and O losses.

ond shut-out of the season as he terference call, "rime-out", yelled Hamilton 5 Solvay 2 and Clinton 9 an excited head coach Mark Lloyd.After defeating heavily favored blanked the Brothers.Facing off against Skaneateles After resting for 30 seconds the The Hockey Booster club is Cortland-Homer last week, the last Friday night, the Bees were tired Bees setup their now famous planning to host a year ending local icemen carried their positive team attitude into a final tune-up determined to upset the top-seed- umbrella power-play.

As shot af- banquet on Sunday March 13 for for the sectionals against an over- ed Division HA club.

Early in the ter shot failed to get by a scram the team.The slick season the Lakers had pounded bling Laker goaltender, the sand sino night Saturday March 26 at skating Bees quickly went up by a the Bees by a 9-0 score.From the in the hour glass waa running out the V.

Hall in the village, will opening face-off, the speed of the The Laker penalty waa over.The be made at the next meeting of the 7-0 count midway through the ond stanza.Showing that their a contest impressed the packed Bees had not scored.

They were Booster Club on the first Tuesday class program and after having house at Skaneateles' Austin out of gas.A break-away, the Lak- of every month at Baker High drubbed this same sextet earlier Park At the 13:23 mark of the ers had scored again.Parents of future hockey in the season by a 9-0 score, the first period the Lakers slipped one was going to be lost With a final player* for the Bees who are curB'ville squad let up on the scoring by senior Bees goaltender, Paul flurry the Lakers fired one more rently playing hockey for the for the final period.The score remained into the face of the local icemen, Midstate Youth Hockey Associathe ever-eager to learn youngster* at 1-0 throughout moat of the sec- The season waa finished; the tion are invited to attend.Off-season activities for the started to practice their neutral ond period until Laker Sam Skaneateles team had removed ice system in preparation for th* Batacheele netted his second goal the Baldwinsville Varsity Hockey hockey team are also being" dissectionals.The period ended team from the Now York State cussed by Booster members.Scoring against C B A with on* with the favored team ahead by a Sectional Tournament by ft 4 4 The** tentatively include, weight training, cro*« training, dryland of the prettiest goals of the season 2-0 count and the Boot top lines scor*.

As the third and 11M smile* on the face* of the training, roller hockey, summer The fre*hm*n blasted a sizzling final period of the Mason began, BaloVinsville player* and the »igh hockey, skat* and shoot *t th* f r** ttiU fT*Rln 4 i < rT t AT«MU *ad slapshot toward the upper right th* young hearts and leg? corner on an N H L .quality blast back ** the Bee* again began to Skanaatalea boy* during the confrom the point.D*ta*mftnTiB>Btinn*U gratulatory handshake *JUr the at the Lyaander Arena.Many of screening the goalie in front, headmanned th* puck to Matt gam* said it ail.Th* young the** top athlete* can also be tipped the puck past the surprised Millett.A* Mill*tt *ped wid* Baldwinsrill* Varsity Hockey found suiting up for th* Bees lan*tmlnd*r.Fullone tallied a total around th* outside beating th* t**m had mad* tremendous croase, baseball, go f, soccer and oM goal* *nd added on* assist a* bigger and stronger L*k*r program this year.

With th* loss football —11 Also seorina for the horn* d*fsn**man./ Lysander recreation Lifeguard training course Interested in becoming a lifeguard? The Red Cross will be offering an 18-hour Basic Lifeguarding class and a 27-hour Lifeguard Training course.Basic Lifeguarding certification will meet the New York State requirements for a beginning lifeguard for pool only.This class will be held April 18 through April 22 from 8 a.

The Lifeguard Training certification will meet the New York State requirement for lifeguards working at a beach and will meet the requirement for a "supervising lifeguard." This course will be offered April 18 through April 22 from 8 a.at the Nottingham Pool, Pre-registration is required and there is a fee for the course.For more information call tl\e Red Cross at 425-4874 or call Lysander Parks and Recreation at 635-5999.Resident ID cards Lysander Resident picture ID cards will be taken on Saturday, March 19 from 10 a.

-12 noon at the Park Office on Smokey Hollow Rd.The card entitles holder to a discount of $.50 from Lysander P a r k toward the Lysander/ Radisson Ice Arena for Friday evening and Sunday afternoon public skating Sessions.

In addition, the card can be sued for free admission on certain days.

Proof of residency must be shown to obtain a card.There will be a small fee charged for processing.Replacement cards may also be obtained on this day for a small fee.Call the Lysander Park Office at 635-5999 for more information.cancellations note: W h e n 8chools are .any P«>grams or classes offered by the Lysander Parks and Recreation Department will be cancelled.If in doubt, call the Park Office at 635-5999.closed d u e to weather to hang on the trees and shrubs in your yard.Even squirrels and rabbits will enjoy the edible creations you will make using popcorn, raisins, bread, bird seed and other goodies! All materials will be provided.

This class will be held on Saturday, March 5 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.at the Stockhaven Lodge on C h u r c h Rd.There is a small fee for the program and pre-registration is required.

Call Lysander Park at 635-5999 for more information.Lysander Soccer The Lysander Parks and Recreation Department will be distributing the 1994 Lysander Soccer brochures to the Baldwinsville schools the first of March.Registration for soccer will begin then.Call Lysander Parks at 635-5999 B a s k e t w o r k s h o p for more information.One in a series of holiday basket making workshops - all mateGuitar lessons rials and instruction will be proGet your guitar out of the vided to make a shamrock basket closet, blow off the dust and join just in time for St.

Beginner Class will be held on Saturday, guitar lessons will be held on March 5 from 9 a.to 12 noon in Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8 p.Parbeginning March 1 through April ticipants must be 18 years of age.as a partner, sons will cover basic-chording and but m this case only one basket reading music.

Intermediate les- per couple will be made.Call 635sons-will be held also on Tuesday 5999 for registration information.This class is a continuation Interested in learning to ride a from beginner to more advanced horse? Then this is the class for techniques.Learn basic horsemanship eight years of age or older.Both and care of a horse, as well as classes will be held in the music parts of equipment.(You will need room at the VanBuren Elemen- hard soled shoes with a heel.

Partici- class is for seven years old and up pants must bring their own guitar and will be held at Smoke Tree as this will be a "hands on" hour of F a r m on Plainville Rd.For more information will run March 7 through March call the Lysander Park Office at 28 from 6 to 7 p.session will run April 4 through S p r i n g is for t h e b i r d s 25, same time.

Call Lysander Make and share some spring Parks at 635-5999 for registration treats with our.

Mix up some tasty treats Munch bunch This "kids in the kitchen" class will discuss cooking such as measuring, reading recipes, using appliances and of course creating some delicious concoctions.Copies of recipes used will be given to all participants.

Class is for children ages 7 - 11 on Saturdays at the Canton Wood Senior Center from 10:30 to 11:45 a.Call Lysander Park at 635-5999 for more information.Design your d u d s Personalize a t-shirt, hat and sneakers using tye die, puff art, etc.

- Participants must provide their own white t-shirt, white sneakers and hat (visor, painters or baseball cap).This creative class is for children ages 8 through 12 and will be held on Saturdays at the Canton Woods Senior Center from 9:15 to 10:15 a.Call Lysander Parks and Recreation for registration information at 635-5999.

All-County musicians Pictured are some of Baker High School's All-County musicians.Participating in All-County Chorus from Baker were Elizabeth Edwards, Lisa Mushynsky, Stefanie Pastella and Jessica Raile.Participating in All-County Orchestra were Lisa Caravan and Chris Menter (not pictured).Baker talent show scheduled for March! Cake decorating This intermediate level class will cover fancy side borders, filigree lace, the secrets of color flow and tiered cake assembly.A 20% discount coupon for Wilton ProdThe Student Council at Baker through the school, Baker's Stuucts will be given at the first class.

High School will be holding its dent Council donated $600 to CysStudents will need to purchase a fourth annual, "Top Notch Talent tic Fibrosis.You will complete a tiered Show" on March 4, 8 p.at the A host of local celebrities will cake a t the end of the course.

Classes will be held at the Durgee A variety of acts will be fea- They are: Ted Long and Amy Home Ec room Mondays, March tured in this year's show includ- Robbins of 93Q radio, Channel 5's 21, 28, April 4 and 11 from 6:30 - 9 ing magic, dance, music, comedy Kathy Crr, Jean Wells—the Mayor p.There is a fee for the pro- and special novelty acts.All the of Baldwinsville, County Execugram.Call 635-5999 for more in- performers will be area high tive Nick Pirro, Dave Younis of formation.Also, as part of the Baldwinsville Diner, Princithe show, Baker High School's pal Jerry Hill, Doreen Zangari of "King of the Hill" will be crowned.

Y o u t h Court, and Michelle Tickets can be purchased at the H e n d e r s o n of the Ronald door.portion of the money raised this Door prizes will also be given Water workout adult aboard.at VanBuren Elementary year will be donated to the Ronald o u t The Town of Van Buren Parks School on Ford S t in Rm.Last year, To register, simply call the soon! and Recreation Department is park office at 638-4727, weekdays The second class is a raffia VanBuren Central Park has running the very popular Water 8:30 p.

* ,-* + ,, five small pavilions, one large pa- wreath.

Participants will make a —< nn Workout Program once again! Get vilion and a lodge available to rent wreath using natural r a m ,

d C O l i e e W i t h A l i n e t t e out and shape up after the holi- B o a t i n g S k i l l s / S e a m a n s h i p for your party, reunion or com- finish it off with a touch of floral in Town of Van Buren Parks and pany picnics.Water Workout will be held Recreation in conjunction with the based on the amount of people at- the center.26 (except on Thursday, March 24 from 6:30 2/22 and 4/19) at Baker High U.Coast Guard is offering a tending a function, whether elec- 9:30 p.This course trical service is provided, mainte- 7.Hi, everyone! flakes for garnish This program consists of water will run Thursdays, Mareh 3 - nance costs, etc.

A damage deposit We also are offering an Easter It's the beginning of Lent a Put fish in kettle, add water exercises set to music and is a April 7 for a basic course, or you is also charged with each reserva- basket, a sunflower window box, good time to reflect on our lives - and salt.Poach slowly until fish can, June 2,r for an ( JI i igaea* way to tone up! Water Worktion.(jextended qourse that is - optional; ~ ''The P&flts and Recreation De- and twig bows with silk flowers.how we've lived and how we can can be flaked with a fork, but not out is designed "with the n o nAll five of the crafts are dis- better ourselves.Reswimmer in mind, so you need not This class will be held from 7 to 9 partment will begin taking reser- played at the park office.To regis- think about our past and our fu- serve water for use in boiling poknow how to swim to participate.at Baker High School in the vations on Monday, Feb.28 at 8:30 ter use the mail-in registration ture.for Town of Van Buren resi- form from the winter/spring broHurry to register, the program large group room.Coast Guard Auxil- dents and on Tuesday, March 1 at chure or come to the park office some good books because it's too ing, fry salt pork in a small pan fills quickly! To register, use the early to think spring.Add onions mail-in form from the brochure, or iary Boating Skills and Seaman- 8:30 a.for any other interested weekdays, 8:30 a.For to get outdoors and plant some and cook 5 minutes.Remove skin register at the park office from ship course is aimed at training parties.Reservations must be more information call the park of- seeds and flowers and watch them and bones from fish, discard.

Add the public in the subject of safety made in person at the Recreation fice at 638-4727.

It takes time for them to fish to kettle of undrained cooked on the water.The focus of the Office, and payment of rental fee grow, just like it took time for all potatoes, add pork, onions with course is based on practice as well must accompany reservation.No S u m m e r e m p l o y m e n t Dog obedience The VanBuren Parks and Rec- of us to reach the stages we are in fat, and milk.Heat to just boiling, The Town of Van Buren Parks as learning technical knowledge.

telephone reservations are acreation Department is now accept- right now.But we can blossom add butter, salt and pepper.Serve and Recreation Department is This will be taught as a six week cepted.every time we reach out to some- and enjoy! currently accepting registrations basic course covering the minimal For reservation and fee infor- ing applications for summer em- one, whether it be family, friends, for a beginner dog obedience class.material to educate boaters, with mation, please call the Parks and ployment.

And we don't have B a n a n a N u t B r a n B r e a d There will be some openings in to wait until spring - we can cultiThis class is not advertised in our an additional seven lessons of- Recreation Office at 638-4727, 1/2 cup margarine winter/spring brochure.The class fered as optional to students, but weekdays from 8:30 a.the following positions: recreation vate and nourish each other any3/4 cup honey aids, recreation leader, lifeguard time.will be held Wednesdays, March 2 desirable for safe boating proce- Craft classes 2 eggs dures.Requirements - April 6, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.

at 1 1/4 cups flour Town of VanBuren Parks and A very hearty and nourishing To register, simply call the Recreation Department has five for each position are varied.Posi- fish chowder recipe from Joy VanBuren School gym.1 cup whole wheat flour Dogs must be at least four park office at 638-4727, Monday - craft classes to offer from their tions are part-time and run for six Quimby is just right for Lent.months old and their handlers Friday, 8:30 a.baking powder winter/spring brochure, two of very healthy and robust banana Applications are available at should be at least 14 years old.R e t i r e m e n t the Parks and Recreation Office nut bran bread recipe is so good, gar added Please bring the dog to the first The first class is a Shamrock in VanBuren Central Park on and just right to serve our family How can you plan for retireclass with proof of rabies vaccina1/4 tsp.baking soda for your front door to decorate for and friends.

tion, DHL shot and Parvo inocula- ment or improve your already ex- St.For more infor1 cup mashed bananas (3) isting plan? You can take the remation on the positions available, F i s h C h o w d e r tion.tirement planning seminar being shamrock is made from paper 1 1/2 lbs.fresh haddock or cod and training collar which can be offered by Town of Van Buren twist and accented with a bow.please call the Park Office at 638In a bowl, cream the margarine 3 cups water purchased the first night of class Parks and Recreation Depart- This class will be held on Thurs- 4727 weekdays between 8:30 a.

This seminar will be taught day, March 3 from 6:30 to 9:30 3 slices salt pork diced in cubes bran, baking powder and soda, There is a fee to register for in two nights, Wednesdays, March 3 potatoes peeled and sliced and mix.To register, come to the 2 and 9 from 7 - 9 p.Of- Baker High School large group 2 medium onions peeled and greased loaf pan and bake at 325° fice hours are 8:30 a.chopped for 1 hour or until a toothpick inweekdays.Call 638-4727 for more This course is designed to anR o n a l d W a t e r b u r y 4 cups milk serted into center comes out clean.swer questions on planning for re- E m i l y A.S l e e p e r Ronald Waterbury of 1 tbls.

Sleeper, 3439 Take care, everyone, and don't tirement, and choosing an investB o a t e r s Safety Course Baldwinsville has been named to salt and pepper to taste Stanford Dr.has been named to forget to use your flower power! Town of Van Buren Parks in ment plan.It will also sharpen the dean's list at LeMoyne College t h e d e a n ' s list at H e r k i m e r a little paprika and parsley conjunction with the U.Coast you knowledge about the different for the fall 1993 semester.The Guard Auxiliary is also offering a ways you can increase your redean's list recognizes students young boaters Safety Course open turns on your IRA, roll-over or A n d r e w H i l l i k e r with an average of 3.The inAndrew Hilliker of Waterbury is a social science mawill run Thursdays, March 3 - structor, Frank Netti has had 16 Baldwinsville has been named to jor.24 - F r i d a y , March 4 April 7 from 7 - 9 p.at Baker years of experience in financial t h e d e a n ' s list at Herkimer County Community College.The D a v i d P e n a f e a t h e r High School, Rm.Thursday David Penafeather, son of Tom This course introduces stuThere is a fee for this seminar dean's list recognizes students No exercise class.

dents to legal and safe boating which includes both nights.and Sally P e n a f e a t h e r of Tax assistance.Upon successful register use the mail in registra- Hilliker is a humanities major Wilkinson Place, has been named Pool lessons.

completion of the course, students tion form from the winter/spring to the dean's list for the fall 1993 Bridge 1 p.will receive a New York State brochure or come to the park of- M e l i s a A.

Melisa A, Pyc of Gerald Lane, a Penafeather is a senior physical F r i d a y Young Boaters Certificate, which fice on Canton St.will allow them to operate a power information call the park office at junior secondary education major education major.

has been named to the Dean's List boat without an adult present.12 noon at SUNY Oswego for the fall 1993 M F a b e r is a Now York State law that persemester.r a junior at M o n d a y sons 10 to 18 years of age must P a v i l i o n r e s e r v a t i o n s M Nutrition lunch, bingo 12 noon Spring is on the way, and the g79 are have this certificate in order to Alfred University, is a student in Pinochle tournament 1 p.operate a motor boat without an time to reserve a pavilion a t named to the Dean's List Queensland, Australia as partjof the Study Abroad Program Faber, Tuesday Carrie Purin the daughter of Mr.C a r r i e P u r i n , d a u g h t e r of James Faber of Baldwinsville is a 10 a.Charles and Doreen Purin of 3117 graduate of Baker High School At Cxtr\»AT Drive.Radisson, has re- AU, she is majoring in English Wednesday There will be a softbaU clinic Offense and defense J n«» cev* J £ JU m i i l from the NetherBowling at Sports Bowl 9:45 a.p r e u n t e d by Heidi Ha t e n on ered.In the Nether- D f j b o r t l h R H a m m o n d 12 noon Nutrition lunch, bingo.

The clinic is by the Baldwinsville Wood.~ i t i » l u i k l mr*mm—"w" been named lo Uw ( M B * t\ March Slfro

j n a t e r College for the fall 10 a m .

Girls should sign u p with Mr PoolW Anyone i n t o r ein girl, fa* g 3 V S 2 l ? V ComaccWo *n the b a i l , of performance in S K upitch L (Ray), or call Heidi Haxen (467There i .n y Sign-up for Becks Grove and Charlie Prose tripe.should wear sweats and m e e k e r , ble Hill School.Sica Honors Senior citizens news Softball clinic planned �I V / February23,1994 F

Susan Tontarski, at right, who will be assisting Solvay-Geddes Kiwanis Club in various community betterment programs, receives her pin and membership apron from her sponsor, Joanne Forger.Tonarski is affiliated with Conifer Park/ Mediplex of Camillus.Poet in residence Reynolds Elementary School recently had a Poet in Residence at school.She is Rachel Guido deVries, and she worked for a week with the fourth grade classes of Mr.Jane Blom of Cicero will be prominent among the artists from the North Syracuse Art Guild displaying work at Beaver Lake Nature Center in Baldwinsville during the month of February.Her colorful paintings of nature are noted for their realism.

Blom is Co-chairman of the shew-wi#> HalHeSeates, and serving asecondterm as the PresidenloL , Art at Beaver Lake Slipper Day Polar Bear Pinochle Students at Palmer celebrated reading with the PARP (People As Reading Partners) program which included a "Slip into a Good Book The tournament was held on Saturday, Jan.Fredette's first graders Three teams finished in the top ten, highlighted by a second place for showing off their slippers: Brad Moehringer, Nicole Binsley, Ashley the team of Jackie Adams and Dorothy Chappell.Others included Bill Rowland, Brandon Skipworth, and Lisa Gravina.Brown's first Neuman, Pat Tynan, Mary Gordon, Bill Ahearn and Charlotte Cotier.graders, here holding their slippers, used Slipper Day as a chance to Pictured, left to right, are: (back row) Bill Neuman, Pat Tynan, Mary practice some math skills.

Brown is holding a graph they made to Gordon, Bill Ahearn; (front row) Charlotte Cotier, Jacki Adams, Dorothy illustrate the different colored slippers in the class.Reflections winners Pictured above are the winners of the PTA Reflections Program from Palmer Elementary School.Left to right, back row, are winners Colleen Fitzgibbons and Joanna Billing.

Front row, left to right, are winners Christine Billings, Jimmy Baxter and Erin Cunningham.Their work has been submitted to Central District PTA for further judging.Congratulations to these Palmer Penguins and all other entrants for the great job they did.Pinochle tournament You may submit black and white or color photographs, but they must be clear and of good quality.When submitting photographs taken with an "instant" (Polaroid) camera, submit two or three of varying contrast (light and dark) so we have a choice.Generally, colored instant photos do not work well.Do not submit negatives, slides, or pictures clipped from other publications.Make sure that all people appearing in the photograph are identified; don't assume that we know them.

Pictures will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.Photos may also be picked up at The Messenger's front desk, 7 E.Twenty seniors competed for trophies in a pinochle tournament held at Canton Woods Senior Center on Monday, Jan.First place went to the team of Charlotte Cotier and Bill Ahearn.Runners-up were the team of Elsie Doughty and Mary Gordon.Others included Edith Sochla, Bob Edmonston, Mary Neuroth, Roberta Smith, Helen Krtevetes, Tony Geiss, Eileen Murray, Dorothy Roberts, Lou Hebert, Dorothea Wolclk, Margaret Bush.Helen Mead, Edith Bye, Shirley Detoff, Catherine Barnard and Ray Richards."Dance Week" Knights blood-drive John Carrogher of Gartock Lane donated a pint of Wood at the Baldwinsville Knights of Columbus Wood drive for the Red Cros* Carrogher is pictured with head nurse Elaine V.

13th was 'Dance Week' at Reynolds Elementary.To complement actMties taking place in the bunding, students In Mr Conway's art classes were studying the relation between movement in hoM at Canton Woods Monday Feb.

Fimt ptece went to theteamof Chartotte Cotter and Bob •action drawing'using live models.The 2-minute poses forced the Edmonston.Finishing a dose second was the team of Edith Sochla and students to focus on the basic movement of each pose rather than gm Hvmmit Mary Gordon, Ray merely cosmetic features.Pictured in the photo are members of Mrs Richards, Elsie Doughty.Bill Ahearn, Margaret Bush, Helen Mead, CoWns 4th grade dass working op their 2-minute drawings.

ZachWard Mary Neuroth, Vic Jakway, Kess Duncan, Vic Usay ami Tony Geiss.and Jeff WHkowsW are In the foreground white AprflHinKhte the model �The Messenger I \ February 23,1994 / 1 Child playing with Sheriffs report lighter caused fatal fire Onondaga County Sheriffs Department detectives determined t h a t a 6-year-old boy playing with a lighter set the fire which killed his sister.7 in a fire at her home at 2037 Warners Rd.

David Jones told deputies that he and his six children were inside the house at the time of the fire.Mindy was asleep in an upstairs rear bedroom and died in the fire.Jones and his other children escaped safely.Storto today determined that a six-year-old boy playing with a lighter accidentally started the fatal fire that night.The child was apparently playing with the light- er in his parents bedroom or the second floor when the bedding caught on fire.Detective Storto and Onondaga County Fire Investigators began searching through the rubble of the fire that night to try to determine the cause.All possible electrical sources of fire were ruled out as was the wood burningstove.

Detective Storto today interviewed family members about the fire and determined that the 6year-old child had accidentally set the blaze.Because of the child's age, no charges will be lodged.The boy will be enrolled in the county's Juvenile Fire-setters program which offers counseling and education to young children.Contest finalist Forgery Derek Boyle, 19, of Oswego Rd.3 on two counts each of forgery second degree, criminal possession of a forged instrument second degree a n d petit larceny.Boyle allegedly stole some blank checks from a home on Peck Rd.in November and cashed several at banks throughout the area.He was arraigned in Lafayette Court and released to appear at a later date.

mason reported that Spaulding was riding a 1986 Skidoo near the fourth tee when she struck a tree.Spaulding was treated for a leg injury at CIM.Accident Two persons were injured in an accident Feb.

13 on Route 370 at Hicks Road in Lysander.Clement reports that John Sunderhaft, 20, of Reston Drive was attempting a left turn from Hicks Road onto Route 370 and collided with a vehicle driven by Snowmobile accident Dyanne Risteff, 33, of First North C h e r r i S p a u l d i n g , 32, of Street, Syracuse.Risteff was Plainville was injured in an acci- treated for minor injuries at Unident Feb.

13 at the Ironwood Golf versity Hospital as a passenger in and Country Club, Canton Street.\ 1 Senior Citizens - Are You Frustrated With Low CD Rates? Receive 13.98% Fixed NEPTUNE1 FUNDING Sfop losing money! Get a return on your investment that really pays off.•Receive Piymenu MonihJy •All Relurra Guaranteed •Minimum Inveitaxrt $4,994 •Secured By 30-YearOld Local NYS Corporation A Division of N.

Call Neptune Funding (315) 446-5151 Now For Details Extension 1384 School lunch menu School l u n c h menu, M a r c h 1 - 4 Tues., March 1 - Hamburger or cheeseburger on oatmeal roll, dill pickle spears, french fries, cherry turnover, milk.

, March 2 - March Madness Picnic: BBQ chicken legs, corn muffin, macaroni salad, carrot and celery stix, fruit, shamrock cookie, milk., March 3 - Cheese or garlic pizza, chef salad with italian dressing, fruit juicee, milk., March 4 - Fish sandwich on seeded roll, french fries, cole slaw, ice cream cup, milk.Charles Purin of Baldwinsville, is a regional finalist in Kid Search '93.

Kid Search '93 is awarding over $1,000,000 in prizes including modeling contracts and college scholarships for kids ages newborn to 17 years old.

Sponsored by the Wilhelmina School b r e a k f a s t menu, M a r c h 1 - 4 Models and JC Penney Portrait Tues., March 1 - Juice, cereal, cinnamon toast, milk., March 2 - Orange smiles, open face toasted cheese sandwich, milk., March 3 - Juice, cereal, toasted bagel, milk.17, is a senior at Manlius Pebble Fri„ March 4 - Trail mix, cereal, donut, milk.TRAINING Call Now For Our GRAND OPENING SPECIALS INTRODUCTORY OFFER $ 19.

95 You are 1 Month Lessons And Uniform #1 with~us~ancl wtTwill always stay #1 with you.Group & Private Lessons 6 3 5 - 2 7 8 9 Plaza#48 i'85 iYKRCUftV MARQUIS 1 9 8 9 MAZDA 3 2 3 f i f e .)M&6 I t U S D K K UNC i i i x « i « * « t * * * n n tui.i ****+«« 9 1 MITSUBISHI PACCIS 1987 MAZDA 323 I X 1 9 8 1 TOYOTA COROLLA 5 Spd., Manual, Air, P/S, P/B, AM/FM Stereo, Only 53,000 Mies Manual Trans, P S , Stereo 4 9 , 0 0 0 Miles.BURDICK MITSUBISHI 4,995 iMHrttwwnm!1 TRUCKS & V A N S I f 18 ItOlO MAZDS H O W •URDKK UNCOIN '4,995 90 FORD T€MPO GL 9 1 O C O TAACHCA 4 x 4 fluto.BURDICK MITSUBISHI BURDICK U N C O I N MC-RCURV • U A D K K UNC0Ut4MftCUftV R O G C R ' S BUICK '5,995 '5,995 '5,995

CC & More! IHMMIIHIIMIIumiWW>mn>IW (Across From Seneca Knolls) '8,991 •,•••.


f BURDICK MITSUBISHI '5,995 '5,995 - "WfesvlExceHent Condtion! '5,995 .m f w, w wm • 87 MAZDA 6 2 6 LX C o n r # b t e , Red, Only 32,000 .- 1989 CHCWMS0C 4x4 Only 4 9 , 0 0 f f M i e s , P S , P B .AT, Like N e w BURDICK U N C O I N Only '10,995 1988 NISSAN 2 0 0 SX 1 9 t 0 NISSAN SCNTAA X« 1989 MAZDA 626 LX 1988FOftDTHUNDCA8MD 1992 D0DGC- GAAHD CARAVAN fluto.

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R O G C R ' S BUICK lIff l19 FORD TAUflUS (URGON OL \91FOttMT0FC0NVtt90NVMI AT, A C .Must Seei • U R D K K MRZDR • 1 1991 FOADTAUAUSOL 'I •• Stereo Tope ROGCR'S BUICK 4 Dr.- 1990 MAZDA M O W * iMt»m«Mtft>iv«A« llttMMflMfOMNDIUMUBLS COA01LADX4DA.\ 1 9 9 1 FOAD TCMFO OL : 19t8«KACUArO(M(IDMA9iniS fluto.-•,;:•:••:•--:•:•:•:•:•:-:-:•-•:•:-:•:•: 4 i 4 .Eyeglasses from Empire Vision Centers '15,900 flir.91 MAZDA NAVflHOLX 4X4 1991 CHC-VY CORSICA LT 2 Or, Automatic, P/S, P/B, Stereo, Trunk Rack, •Red.

HOOCH'S BUICK \ ROGCR'S BUICK -•••••••-•••-••'•••• 1992 DODG€ SHADOW H: urdick Lincoln$ ROUTC- 11, CtC€RO • 699 6300 ROGER BURDICK MITSUBISHI RD N )oe l000 OneOwn** Mies R 0 0 4 R S BUCK '17,999 ROGER'S RUICK f RD, N SVRfKUS • S2 1800 ROGER BURDICK MAZDA N Sim PMKHM5 Af tl\ Quality and Service at the lowest price SYRACUSE W2I Irte *L t , 44imm K m-tm AUWRN 7171 fin* Aie, 25W212 FUTON C«.UAtm 1 2 * sm « M W m KliMIN ATWN AP POKTM ENTS AVARAM1 * T NOT MCEKAft HOI US: TITS THKOKH FRI.S �1 Z / / February 23,1994 Village Party names slate of candidates The Village P a r t y h a s announced its s l a t e of candidates for t h e village election t h a t will t a k e place on M a r c h 15.Tom Kohler, Andy Dryden, and Bruce Stebbins a r e r u n n i n g under t h e Village P a r t y b a n n e r for the t h r e e t r u s t e e positions open in this year's election."We have three excellent candidates r u n n i n g for t h e board this year, all of whom are community oriented a n d dedicated individuals!" says Mayor J e a n Wells."Our philosophy in the Village P a r t y h a s always been, a n d continues to be the promotion of open, honest, and responsive government.Comm i t m e n t to effective village services, competent fiscal m a n a g e ment, and careful p l a n n i n g for t h e future are among our highest priorities.

Sunday 12-5 ALWA YS A VAJLABLEM ANDY DRYDEN nptes the daily operations of t h e service, p a r t s , and body shop dep a r t m e n t s .

Andy supervises 20 employees a n d h a s more t h a n 15 y e a r s experience in customer relations.He h a s been recognized by General Motors for his excellence in customer satisfaction.In addition, Andy is a Certified General Motors M a s t e r Technician and a Licensed Master Electrician.TOM KOHLER Trustee Tom Kohler was appointed by Mayor Wells in J u n e of 1993 to fill a vacancy on the village board.Kohler c u r r e n t l y serves as C h a i r of t h e Village Properties Committee and as a member of the Public Safety Committee.

He and his wife Ann have lived in the village since 1969 in their Oswego S t r e e t home.They have two adult sons, Tom and Steven.BRUCE STEBBINS He recently retired from General Stebbins is a lifelong resident Electric after 33 years service as of Baldwinsville and resides on an engineer and consultant in soSunset Terrace.Stebbins h a s Kohler is a m e m b e r of St.been an employee of Onondaga Mark's L u t h e r a n Church and County's Department of P a r k s for Choir.He is also a member of the over 22 years, and is presently the Board of Directors for McHarrie's Director of Beaver Lake N a t u re Legacy ( c h a r t e r m e m b e r and former s e c r e t a r y ) .He has valuable experience in served on t h e c o m m i t t e e t h a t program development, public sermoved and refurbished the vice, b udget management, Shacksboro Schoolhouse as a Bigrantmanship and volunteer decentennial project.

S t e b b i n s is also a Air Force Veteran.Over the years founding member of the National he and his wife Ann have hosted 7 foreign exchange students in their Association for I n t e r p r e t a t i o n , and has presented numerous prohome.

Trustee Candidate A n d y fessional s e s s i o n s at n a t i o n a l Dryden h a s been a Baldwinsville workshops.Volunteer associations have inresident since 1977.He, his wife cluded Explorers, steering comWendy (Clarke), and d a u g h t e r K i m b e r l y r e s i d e on Edgewood m i t t e e m e m b e r for New York State's Project WILD, the DEC's Drive.Dryden is currently the service river otter reintroduction t a s k director for Evans Chevrolet lo- force, and the editorial board of cated in Baldwinsville.Town of Lysander Board moves a h e a d on w a t e r district by Scott G u n e r m a n The controversial West Genesee Water District took one more step to becoming a reality during last Thursday's Lysander Town Board meeting.Members of the board moved to authorize Town Attorney David Twichell to complete and mail the application for permission to establish the district to the New York State Comptroller's Office.Town Supervisor Milt Bilyeu added t h a t he would personally contact Assemblyman Hal Brown to help speed up the application process so construction on t h e project can begin as soon a s possible.M e m b e r s of t h e b o a r d also moved to authorize Town Engineer Robert Hornaday to proceed with the design for the West Genesee Water District.Hornaday anticipates advertising for bids on the project May 16 and hopes to receive bids by early J u n e If t h e p r o j e c t k e e p s to Hornaday's anticipated schedule, work on the district should begin in early J u l y and will he completed by mid-September.

Other business • B i l y e u recently received a letter from Onondaga County stating thay would take on a n additional •ewer p u m p station t h a t is currently being handled by the village of Phoenix.After comparing costs, the Lysander Town Board moved to end their annual agreement with Phoenix and to begin a new agree* ment at reduced rates with the county concerning the pump station, effective May 19, 1994.• T h e board authorized Town Clerk Shirley Kelly to request the New York State D e p a r t m e n t of Transportation to approve an area speed limit of 30 m.h for the Giddings C r e s t T r a c t a n d also passed bond resolutions for the West Genesee Sower District and for the Clinton Heights Drainage District • Florence S p e n c e r w a s appointed to the Parks and Recreation Commission to fill the vacancy left by new board member Isabel DeRoy, Maysel Markham was appointed as Voting Machine Custodian for the special election to be held March 8, 1994 at an hourly rate of $10.

00 per hour for actual hours worked, and the Rndisson Lighting District's request for the installation of a single street light at the intersection of Route 31 and the service entrance to the Sunshine Mini-Mart was also approved by t h e Lysander Town Board.• C o d e s Enforcement Officer Art Hembold reported t h a t the Town of Lysander is behind in t e r m s of construction compared to last year.January, nine building permits were issued for $1114 in fees and $430,500 in construction costs.

Last year, twelve permits were issued for $2870 in fees and $1,266,000 in construction costs.

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, the local historic preservation organization named after the first settler, and T h e Mess e n g e r are coordinating plans to make 1994 a memorable bicentennial year.On Saturday, July 9, McHarrie Day 1994 will mark the culmination of the bicentennial celebra- tion.Months of preparation and anticipation will be capped off with a day long event designed to showcase every segment of community life.From the morning's opening parade to the closing starlight concert, the spotlight will be on Baldwinsville, its people, its resources and its rich heritage.

Community participation will be the key to an outstandingly successful event as the venue calls for contests, traditional crafters, ceremonies, tours, community exhibits, games, a dance and other special events.will a primary source for event details as they are announced.The bicentennial marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Revolutionary War veteran John McHarrie and his wife Lydia in 1794 and their building a log cabin home on the banks of the Seneca River.George Washington was president of the United States and Central New York was but a wilderness.

In 1794 Onondaga County was established and its unsettled lands were carved up by the state to be awarded to Revolutionary War veterans as bounty in ex- change for their service.The Town of Lysander was among the original towns established with the formation of the new county in 1794.Consequently, Baldwinsville residents will have three bicentennial events to mark this year: the establishment of their county, the establishment of the Town of Lysander (home of many B'ville residents) and the Mcharrie family's creation of the first permanent home in today's Baldwinsville.The Town of Lysander has announced that it will mark its anniversary through participation in McHarrie Day.A celebration of community and heritage, McHarrie Day was first held in 1979.

Sponsored and coordinated by McHarrie's Legacy, the event is based at Mercer Park on the shore of the Seneca River.- (see B3) Looking ahead to McHarrie Day '94 are McHarrie's Legacy members Sylvia Scharlatt, Bill Donaghey, Rosemary Buccl and Messenger Editor Mike Gridley.

On an historical note, while this area was designated for veteran give away and John McHarrie was a veteran, McHarrie actually settled on another veteran's land which was then acquired by purchase.In all, nearly 300 Revolutionary War veterans did settle in Onondaga County, although many of them were in McHarrie's position and purchased the land from the original grantees, few of whom ever even saw their grant.School exhibit Teacher Kate O'Neil was a familiar face to 19th century students at Baldwinsville' River Road country school.From the collection of the late L Pearl Palmer, this photograph is among many school related items now featured at the Museum at the Shacksboro Schoolhouse.the museum is open each Thursday through Sunday from noon until 4 p.The local school exhibition will remain open through March.1958-1994 Custom THE LEARBURY Wardrobe Express = SUITS YOU PERFECTLY, IN 100% WOOL WORSTED, ALL YEAR ROUND SEPARATESDELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR IN 24 HOURS! 36 • TOYS • PRESCRIPTIONS YEARS OF EXCELLENCE Wi HEJEIUE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUJWTimi WE CARRY HOME HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS Most For Rant -Alt For SafePEPSI AND PEPSI BRANDS CASTLEBURY BEEF STEW 6 Pk.Can Paper Towels Deluxe Lined 0 89 JIFFY CORN MUFFIN MIX Re*.15 WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID $ WHITE TABLET PAPER L E A R B II R Y All Varieties Reg.65c sv& m Afl Varieties •119 PORK & BEANS \NV' ACT II MICROWAVE POPCORN PRINGLES CHIPS CAMPBELL'S Camp&Ih 3 Varieties 1 - 12 Ct.

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, Family Biship and luncheon/Methodist 638-1159 ble study, classes for all ages inChurch., Bible study, cluding nursery and adults., worship/chu«&-schonL J\ Sunday: 9:45 a.2nd Sunday of our nursery is maintained for 2 year school.

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votions/Luncheon at United MethFriday: 9:30 a.

, contempoUNITED METHODIST in the Lockwood Building.

12:05 rary service of Holy Communion/ CHURCH p.

, Ecumenical worship and Children's Moment., PEACE in the Sunday school, adult forum and Rev., tra457-9382 the 5th and 6th grade rooms.ditional service of Holy Commun- Wednesday: 6 p., church school (classes for toddlers - adults).

, Holy Eucharist II (Learning Center, nursery).BALDWINSVILLE ASSEMBLY O F GOD 12 E\ O n e i d a S t Rev.Heir Force Youth Group, age 13 and up; Misaionettes for girls, age 5 and up; Royal Rangers for boys, age 5 and up; Rainbow for boys and girls, age 4; Cuddly Cubs for boys and girls, age 3., Sunday school for all ages with many life applying adult electives offered.Children ages 2-12 are dismissed from service for this dynamic children's ministry that features puppets, skits and lots of fun activities to teach young children Bible truths.

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50 Save $151 Sunshine Mini Mart Rt 31 at Wllktt fhRadJgon, 438-4090 'V-tVU/N' *" �Clough Harbor in Van Buren: Library Focus Engineers retained by town by Betty StUl'weU by Sharon Fulmer When Clough Harbor moved to the area in November 1992, it had one single client.Since that time, it has built a base of municipal and private customers on its solid professional engineering services.Offices in the city of Syracuse will soon be moved to 117 Metropolitan Dr., off Electronics Parkway in the Town of Salina, due to a need for more space.The company now employes four people locally -- Mr.Mento, the branch office manager; Chris Trev isani, the design engineer; Dick Catanise, director of marketing for Western New York, and a fourth person being added soon.

"Our plans are to increase the office even further," said Mr.He explained that the client list is continuing to grow and that the Syracuse operation of Clough Harbor is continuing to increase its current municipal base.Clough Harbor is the engineering firm used by the Town of Van Buren as well as the Town of Salina.Chosen originally by the supervisor and councilors elected two years ago, they were invited to continue that relationship when a new supervisor and councilors were elected this fall in Salina.

In November, 1993, Clough Harbor was awarded a large project from the Village of Minoa which will oversee a reconstruction of that community's sewage system.FRANK MENTO The company is involved in site engineering, land use planning, transportation design and water, sewer and drainage design.Mento is a graduate of East Syracuse Minoa High School and from page Bl McHarrie Park and the Museum at the Shacksboro Schoolhouse are also McHarrie Day sites.With much of the flavor of a small town fair, t h e day h i g h l i g h t s t h e Baldwinsville community.

Cochairmen of McHarrie Day 1994 a r e Mary H a r t i g a n and Sue McManus; they may be reached through the museum at 638-2452.Handicap Parking The Baldwinsville Public Library provides two handicap parking spaces near the front entrance of the library.Recently we have had problems keeping these spaces open for our handicapped patrons.Severe weather has made the situation more urgent Therefore, we have requested that the Baldwinsville police ticket unauthorized vehicles occupying these spaces.3 will begin a five-part series on parenting skills led by Joy Pople, a family counselor with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.The title of the session that starts Mar.10 is "How to Raise the Strong-Willed Child.

Dobson's videotape will be the basis for discussion on the delicate balance between love and authority.Advice will be presented on how to give the firm discipline that the children need and still give them a sense of worth and security that they need.Come and share your experiences and air your questions.

Other sessions are "How to Prepare for Adolescence," Mar.17 and 24; and "Communicating Values to your Children," Mar.The production and interpretation of radiological images to diagnose and help manage disease.In March he will receive his MBA from Chapman University.He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of New York.Mento was preciously employed by the New York State Department of Transportation and worked on the Route 690 east and Route 690 west construction projects.He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and an inactive member of Toastmasters International.

Clough Harbor has memberships in the Greater Liverpool and Syracuse chambers of commerce.Clough Harbor is based in Albany with more than 300 employees at that location.Mento, is heavily involved in Total Quality management.T h a t is one of the guiding principals in the company," he said.

mento is pleased to have been chosen as manager for the local operation."I enjoy the challenge of a start-up operation," he said, "and the opportunity to work in areas of the company other than engineering.I enjoy the challenge of being more than an engineer.Mento about Clough Harbor, call 478-5139.Cub Scout Pack 71 held its annual Blue & Gold Banquet to celebrate the 84th birthday of Boy Scouting on Feb.11, 1994 at the United Methodist Church.The Mary Martha Circle of the Methodist Church hosted dinner for the scouts and their friends and families.

David Bock, C h r i s t o p h e r Jacobson, and Curtis Wander received a gold arrow point for achieving the rank of Wolf.Jeff Alibrandi, Matt Jokajtys, Tom Kay, Tim Lang, John Reidy, •GENERAL RADIOLOGY •MAMMOGRAPHY •COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY •ULTRASOUND •DOPPLER •NUCLEAR MEDICINE RICHARD D .and Alex Zavaski received their the cub scout world conservation Bear badge and a gold arrow point.Jason Champion received Jeff-Ahbrandi—received 2 silver- "tus aquanaut arid family member arrow points, and Matt Jokajtys pins.

Matthew Tanney received received his whittling chip.William John Zavaski, leader of den 2, Wright received his compass led the Webelos in a ceremony to point, engineering, scientist, observe their moving on to boy sportsman, and traveler activity scouts.< sented John Alibrandi, J a s o n The pack also presented the Champion, Nicholas Hobson, Paul Webelos with the world scout crest Wander, William Wright, and emblem, which is scouting's symKyle Zavaski with the arrow of bol of world brotherhood.

John Alibrandi, Nicholas The scouts made plans to hold Hobson, Paul Wander, William the pinewood derby on March 18.Wright, and Kyle Zavaski received FREDERICK M.Clay Medical Center (CMC) 8100 Oswego Road Uveipuoi7Nrm309a~ "" Phone: (315) 652-1020 One Crouse Medical Plaza 310 South Crouse Avenue Diagnostic Syracuse, New York 13210 Imaging, P.

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Prices and programs subject to change without nobce.638-9233 �H A R D W O O D FLOORS STEVE LEBEAU (The original flooring people) • Immediate Scheduling • Custom Installations • Odorless Finishes • Repair Work • Refinishing Exploring Spain and Morocco A medieval empire, desert outposts on wet, foggy roads - and with the Moors were chased out in the captured by King Alfonse X.The several locations where rocks had 15th Century.

From Silves, we old quarter teems with native life, fallen onto t h e roadway.

What dropped south again to the Atlan- seaport taverns, and narrow al- would have been a spectacular tic coast where, after an hour of leyways through which sailors mountain drive on a good, sunny, circling, we finally found the Ho- from many lands wander in search day turned into somewhat of a tel Viking in the coastal town of of adventure.It was pure newer part of the city, we entered tive side, we were welcomed into luxury! Cocktails on the open-air the walled 'old port' via the Tierra Ronda by an absolutely gorgeous terrace overlooking t h e ocean, Gate, an impressive, historic, rainbow which touched down on then a buffet dinner consisting of grand entrance dating back many the city, the rain stopped briefly five fully-laden tables, where the centuries.Our hotel here was the allowing us to get some 'overcast' (another 'piece de resistance' was roast Hotel A t l a n t i q u e photographs of the highlights, and 'ParadorO, located a t the seawall lamb ('cordero lechal asadoO.

we were able to get back down Following a very early hotel with a n excellent view of the through t h e mountains before breakfast, we drove east along the ocean.Regretfully, we left Cadiz dark - a n accomplishment for coast, then northward, to Seville, the next morning before dawn to which we were both thankful.It is Spain's fourth largest get to Algeciras, Spain in order to following morning, we drove, first, city and has been a population catch an early ferry to Tangier, to Gibraltar, Britain's last bascenter since the 8th century B.Our route was along the tion in this region and, then, to We reached Seville in time for famous Barbary Coast, past the the charming old Moorish village lunch a t an outdoor cafe on the picturesque town ofTarifa.We did of Mgas - located in the mounG u a d a l q u i v i r River directly not see any of the Barbary Coast t a i n s a s h o r t d i s t a n c e from across from the famous Torre del apes but did find numerous windy Malaga.We found Myas to be Oro (the old Moorish 'Golden mountaintops studded with wind somewhat like Cascias, Portugal Tower').Here, in the midst of machines churning out electricity.

a little too touristy but, nonethebreathtaking surroundings, we Arriving in Algeciras about mid- less, a worthwhile place to visit if lunched on kabobs made with sau- morning, we turned in our auto- you can overlook the crowds and sage, and bread.Afterwards, we mobile and caught the 11:30 a.In Myas, one can continued fighting o u r w a y sailing to Tangier, Morocco.

We wander the narrow cobblestone through mid-town Seville traffic returned from Morocco approxi- streets, lined by adjoining whiteto photograph the lovely Plaza de mately two weeks later a t just washed houses and quaint shops Espana, the huge 1402 A.(Our inter- offering all sorts of wares.There Cathedral (originally a Roman vening travels in Morocco will be are even donkeys to rent for a ride structure, t h e n a Moorish described in Parts III, ITV and V.

We mosque, and now the third larg- Upon our return, we immediately passed up the donkeys and were est Gothic structure in the world rented a very nice, low-mileage, content to 'coffee' at an outdoor after St.Ford and quickly drove through cafe on the main square, watchPaul's in London), and - of course - town to our relatively new hotel, ing tourists 'doing their thing'.the Alboxan, constructed with conthe fabulous 12th Century Girald From -

rlyas, we took th"e~slow Tower (one of the four medieval siderable marble and a charming coastal road eastward, moving Moorish minarets we had set out central, open, courtyard.Leaving Seville, we AFsoorTas we were settled in into and out-of many oucceaaivc headed south to the old Moorish our hotel, we drove east from 'tourist' towns comprising Spain's port city of Cadiz, the oldest in- Algeciras, along the coast, stop- Costa de Sol (the Sun Coast).ping for lunch at a charming cafe this area, we discovered a whole It was founded by the Phoenicians perched high on a cliff overlooking network of ancient 'watchtowers' about 1,100 B.

, colonized by the t h e M e d i t e r r a n e a n Sea, with at intervals of 3-5 kilometers Romans, and later ruled by the Gibraltar in the background.Apparently, these were Moors until 1262 when it was re- ceeding on after lunch, we soon constructed by the Moors a s a turned north - heading to the old lookout system for invaders arrivmountain town of Ronda, a pic- ing by sea.Smoke signals were turesque community of 32,000, probably used to quickly spread flanking t h e deep gorge of the the word of any activity at sea.

Hemingway Leaving the coast, we again thought this gorge-hugging an- headed northward through the cient Serra Mountain city "the mountains to t h e old Moorish most beautiful place on earth".town of Granada - the last such Being one of the oldest towns in stronghold in Spain before King Spain, and last stronghold of the Ferdinand expelled the Granada legendary Andalusian bandits, Moors in 1492.The city had been Ronda's most dramatic feature is an important center of Moorish its ravine - known a s El Tajo - life as they sought refuge from the which is 900 feet across and di- expanding Christian presence in |fcu-i vides the old Moorish town-from the 13th Century.

One of the city's the 'new town', El Mercadillo.main attractions is the Albaicin, Spanning t h e gorge is Puente the 'old quarter', which reflects Nuevo, an amazing architectural much of Granada's Moslem past.feat built in 1755 which offers diz- The Moorish castle in Granada is zying views of the river far below.perhaps the most magnificent of Unfortunately, the weather was their structures in this part of the ; Willilifi(Hal not with u s this day.

Our Spanish 'Parador' hon o r t h w a r d from t h e coast to tel was actually a part of the Ronda was some forty miles (each Moorish castle (the Alhambra) way), climbing thousands of feet and was a charming place to stay.The Moor's famous Torre del Oro" (Golden Tower) and their 12th into the sharply-peaked, steepsloped, Serra de Ronda Mountains (see page B5) century Giralda Tower (background) in Seville, Spain.Part II - Spain and Portugal (Cont) FREE ESTIMATES This P a r t JJJ is t h e second of 676-4353 676-4622 Ave p a r t s d e s c r i b i n g B a r b a r a and J e r r y Rhodes' travels 1-800-3-LeBeau Serving C.Area for over 38 years t h r o u g h Spain, P o r t u g a l a n d Morocco in p u r s u i t of t h e medieval Moorish culture, Morocco's i m p e r i a l cities and its d e s e r t outposts.Driving south from Lisbon, Portugal, we were headed for the Atlantic coast in the vicinity of Portimao - a bustling harbortown which is the start of the Algarve region.(The Algarve, with its stark coastline and rolling hills, is Portugal at its unspoiled best.Phoenicians settled here 6,000 years ago, followed by the bridgeand-road-building Romans.BuL as with Spain, it was the Moors who left the clearest marks on the landscape.

) The rural route south we had chosen was characterized (Feb.1994) by relatively flat terrain - mostly used as farmland with olive tree Manufacturer's Recommended orchards, many, many cork trees, a few grape vineyards, sheep and Maintenance Special goat pastures.30,000/60,000 Mile opportunities to stop the car- and NISSAN 24/48 Month $O/1R00 obtain excellent photos of this From Service home-spun environment.

Shortly thereafter, the topography sudService Hours denly changed to mountainous as Mon.we crossed, first, the Serra de Grandola and, then, the Serra de Monchique Mountain Ranges.Route 57 & 481 • Fulton " Reaching t h e Atlantic coast at Portimao, we decided to sidetrack 598-5800 • 695-2363 a few kilometers back north into ~the muuntains before attempting to locate our hotel.Our objective in sidetracking was to find the old town of Silves, a former Moorish community - complete with castle.We were delighted to find that it is unspoiled by tourists and, apparently, has changed little since m, WOTER SPECIALS \o Jim Finnegan Nissan HONDA CITY LEASE SPECIAL 1994 CIVIC 4 DR.

, air condition, FOR ONLY AM/FM, cassette, custom alloy 30 MONTHS w h e e l s , sunroof, DUAL AIR (EXPIRES 2-26-94) BAGS 30 month tease a! $169.83 p'us tax per month for a iota! of $5,094 90 plus tax.86 dueatmcepion in cash or tracks equity.$11,143 50 residual va'ue p'us $250 = 2 dr.Prce does not include iicense and registration.ty a: 'ease end is limited to damages to the verrde due to excessive wea-and ;ea'(S75and above), p'us a $250d;spositonfee.Lessee is respons We for ail and repairs to vehicle.

WE WILL BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE HONDA CITY "We're Going To Be Your Favorite 7140 Henry Clay Blvd.

Dealer" 451-6750 FARM FRESH PRODUCE rMiiivi rncwn rnvuuvCi Local Floorcovering Store Introduces New Rating System LI Vf-RPOOL.Central New York's premier floorcovering retailer, has instituted a new quality rating system for all floorcovcrings sold., "All floorcovcrings including carpet, no-wax floors, remnants, and area rugs are analyzed by material content, appearance retention, and durability and then given a quality rating.Once proper floorcovering specification has been made by one of our design experts the customer can then compare floorcovcrings with similar quality ratings and arrive at their best value.it takes the confusion out of selecting therightfloorcovering for a customer's home " Research has shown that many customers will shop at 3.4 and even 5 stores while looking for new floorcovcrings.

With each step the customer makes they become more frustrated and confused about floorcoverings and the buying process itself.The new quality rating system at Jack of Hearts Carpet Mill Outlet relieves that confusion and allows customers to.make "apples to apples" comparisons when shopping for floorcoverings.HOT FOODS, FRESH BAK At Jack of Hearts Carpet Mill Outlet the customer finds more benefits than just the new quality rating system.Jack of Hearts buys enormous volumes of first quality floorcovcrings (carpet, no-wax floors, remnants, area rugs) from America's top mills and keeps over $ 1.

This volume buying allows Jack of Hearts Carpet Mill Outlet to offer customers all popular styles and colors of today's fashion floorcovcrings at a legitimate 40-60% off of other retailer's prices.Again, according to company president Tony DiBiase Jr."There's no inflated prices and phony markdowns here, no gimmicks like socalled 'free' installation, no 'sales' only on colors from the 1970*s.What is here is a great value every day from a locally owned company with a 25 year old reputation for being the best at what it does.

THE PRICE CHAMPION® Foods • Manlius, 119 W.Seneca • Chittenango Plaza • Mattydale, 2265 Brewerton Rd.• Camillus Plaza • Baldwinsville, Downer Street • De Witt, 4410 East Genesee St )MUni|Wl W—4 Liverpool, NY IJ (315>45l-f7M • Skaneateles, 40 Fennell St.• Cazenovia, Town & Country Plaza • Syracuse, 3498 Burnet Ave.—— 4141 South SaHnrStreet 2120 West Genesee Street IL h I �February 23,1994 Exploring Spain and Morocco.Our huge room, with a grand mid-town hotel, t h e M a l a g a double-door entrance, had an over- Palacio.Our room at the Palacio look onto exquisite gardens below.

was high above the streets and D i n n e r t h a t e v e n i n g a t t h e directly in front of t h e entire Parador was a real 'gourmet', con- Malaga harbor - giving us an exsisting of wine, almost 1 inch thick cellent view both in the daytime, grilled veal, vegetables, and cara- and with the nighttime city and mel custard for dessert.The next day, we visited some walked through dimly lit, suspiof the Alhambra'8 major attrac- cious-looking streets in slight rain tions and then drove southwest in and fog to an 'off-the-beaten-path' heavy rain through the mountains small Spanish cafe.It had about on winding, but good, roads to five tables and a small bar for Malaga.

But, we had probably the rental car and took a taxi to our best food of the entire trip.Bar- from page B4 bara had salmon in shrimp sauce, while Jerry had a filet mignon in wine sauce.Both came with vegetables and we had accompanying Spanish wine, with ice cream and rice pudding for dessert.The following morning, we dashed to the Malaga airport by taxi for a 7:00 a.

flight on Iberia Airlines to Madrid, where we changed planes for a nine-hour flight to Dulles Airport in Washington D.Despite a couple d a y s of not-so-good weather, our travels in Spain and Portugal were delightful, interesting and very successful in terms of seeing and doing what we had set out to accomplish.

Consequently, we could leave these exciting countries with an enthusiastic 'hasta la vista* (see you later) and 'gracias para la bueno vista' (thanks for the good visit).P a r t s HI, IV a n d V will cover t h e Rhodes' spectacular t r i p t h r o u g h Morocco's imper i a l cities, m e d i n a s , c a s b a h s a n d souks; visits to several d e s e r t o u t p o s t s ; crossing t h e m i g h t y Atlas M o u n t a i n s , a n d their meetings with Berber and Bedouin tribesmen, Eagle Newspapers Free tax counseling for the elderly Volunteers in the AARP TaxAid Program provide free assistance in the preparation of federal and state income tax returns to low to moderate income taxpayers 60 years and over.The tax assistance program runs from Feb.***' yj • " • • * • • - Tw ROUTE 31 CLAY RL31 622-0669 1-800-475-DELL Ford Volume Dealer LARGEST For 1993 NEW C A R * TRUCK INVENTORY AVAILABLE Ford Volume Dealer L For Jan.

'94 A <&§ A\/rn E#cort»-4x4'* \J ¥ C r l Taurus * F-150*» •< O A I f=-250'« - War* \£\)\ Explorer* • FORD BUY BACK RENTALS HERE NOW • SPECIAL PURCHASE - BUY BACK RENTAL 1993 FORD TEMPO 4 DR.WAGON 1994 ESCORTS LOADED 1994 TAURUS GL For 24 Months F-150 4x4 Stock #1035, 4 dr., loaded including speed conl Stock #2020 $ 14,999 14,999 COMM.1 st payments - Si 99 - J833 32 cash or trade due at delivery.000 mileage allowance pef year with 111 per mie excess penafty.Customer is responstole lor all repars and maintenance Customer has no iabHy at lease end unless damaged beyond normal wear & tear.Customer has no laWiry at lease end unless damaged beyond normal wear & tear.


WEISS BUSINESS DIRECTORY BALDWINSVILLE, N.INTERIOR - EXTERIOR Insured - References 635-1628 Qs«£> <£w> Next To Walrhart Spain's Costa de Sol (Sun Coast) with an ancient Moorish lookout tower guarding the approaches by sea.TOM PORTER CHRIS PORTER DICK PORTER <§*=£> Route 31 N - i.-" should contact the following site and bring their 1993 tax forms and tax data to the appointment: Baldwinsville: Canton Woods Senior Center, 76 Canton St.

April 15 a t sites throughout Onondaga County.Trained volunteers will help persons age 60 and older in preparing their income tax returns.Taxpayers requesting assistance SAM DELL FORD $ Members of the New York Press Association, serving more than 300 communities throughout New York State /BS INSURANCE AGENCY 638-1330 3193 Cold Springs Rd.-T» N a t i o n w i d e is o n your side FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS DIRECTORY, CALL 635-3921 ?

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RES •Residential Glass & Screen Repair •Insulated Glass Repairs «Auto Glass •Mirrors 'Plate Glass -Table Tops •Plexiglass «Alside Replacement Windows NFXTTO FAMILY DOLLAR Acroa From F-vans Chtvj.CLIP AND SAVE BAKER STUDIO 41 creative hair design INTRODUCTORY OFFER FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY 0.00 Off Cuts Baldwinsville at 4 River Street 638-0157 1979 PONOS.PLANTS* EQUIPMENT (31S)M4 M M Empire Aciuaticd .TO/->OW~A TROPICAL I CUtttTOTA *2£LL EQUIPMENT OPCN MON * W I t NOC*M PM.-* PM RO#3 80X203 OxaoWROAO 1»32 County North Blinds & Draperies «y Free Estimates - Sen.

Discounts (315) 635-1338 W * C O W FASHONS •OUTfH vomeniM Ronald Loop COMPLETE JEWELRY & WATCH REPAIR 638-7113 TRI-COUNTY MALL, BALDWINSVILLE Open Weekdays 10-9, Saturday 10-6 Rc*em*iyGtil-Owner - SHOP AT HOME SERVICE WE SERVICE AND REPAIR HOOVER ThePrudentid® New Homes Repairs and Remodeling Hot Water Heaters Power Sewer and Drain Cleaning SPECIAL IQfr WORK! .Towing • Loaner Cars •Complete Frame & Body Shop CALL 638-0285 * Professional Chimney Sweeping Tappan & Sedlak Inc.

Insurance • Masonry Repairs * Safety Inspections 32 Oswego St.13027 * C a p s • Reasonable Rates SENECA CHIMNEY SERVICE 453-9455 7 DAYS A WEEK • 8 a.


COLLISION SERVICE AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION 330sWego!>tf«r- Au«o • Ho*w • U f t • AnnuHto 100 Syracuse St.DeSaln A INSURANCE AGENCY Baldwin»vM«, NY 13027 Phone:(315)635-5255 ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE PLUMBING & HE A TING JOHN CANINO * • • * ELECTRIC MOBILITY Sales & Service 638-0812 7/ it decorates a window - we have it" FISH supples* W E D D I N G .A N D BUSINESS P H O T O G R A P H Y Tues.BY •SNAPPER'TORO/WHEEL HORSE •ROBIN ¥T***n* l i l t GLASS PHOIT-SSlOV\I,S FAPpci i PLUMBING FARFLL &HEflT|NG 695-4913 TOM DE SAIN 4 NATIONWIDE Nttlonwi<|« tt en your ixi* PH.635-9931 IRA's - PENSIONS CURRENT RATE 5.

CLU AUTO -HOMEOWNERS -BUSINESS CARPET & UPHOLSTERYCLEANING •Interior H O U M Piloting -Window ft Vinyl ft Aluminum Siding Cloantng •Floor Stripping, Waxing, Ctoanlng clean rarp *F*K ESTIMATES • FULLY MSUREO service ' S B S T Crt David Nfrptt 8 » » e 7 7 8 �Public notices PUBLIC NOTICE WEST GENESEE SEWER DISTRICT TOWN OF LYSANDER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the resolution published herewith was adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Lysander, Onondaga County, New York, on the 17th day of February, 1994, and the validity of the obligations authorized by such resolution may be hereafter contested only if such obligations were authorized for an object or purpose for which the Town is not authorized to expend money, or if the provisions of law which should have been complied with as of the date of publication of this notice were not substantially complied with, and an action, suit or proceeding contesting such validity is commenced within 20 days after the date of publication of this notice, or such obligations were authorized in violation of the provisions of the constitution.DATED: Baldwinsville, New York February 23, 1994 SHIRLEY R.KELLY Town Clerk BOND RESOLUTION DATED FEBRUARY 17, 1994 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING CONSTRUCTION OF SEWER IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE WEST GENESEE SEWER DISTRICT, THE INDIAN SPRINGS SEWER DISTRICT ANDTHEGIDDING'S CREST SEWER DISTRICT OF THE TOWN OF LYSANDER, ONONDAGA COUNTY, NEW YORK AT A MAXIMUM COST OF $317,000 AND AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF Law and shall otherwise be in such form and contain such recitals in addition to those required by Section 52.

00 of the Local Finance Law, as the supervisor shall determine.It is hereby determined that the period of probable usefulness of the aforesaid specific object or purpose is 40 years pursuant to subdivision 4 of subparagraph a of Section 11.It is hereby further determined that the maximum maturity of the serial bonds herein authorized will exceed five years.

Subject to the provisions of the Local Finance Law.the power to authorize the issuance of and to sell bond anticipation notes in anticipation of the issuance and sale of the serial bonds herein authorized, including renewals of such notes, is hereby delegated to the supervisor, the chief fiscal officer.Such notes shall be of such terms, form and contents, and shall be sold in such manner, as may be prescribed by said supervisor, consistent with the provisions of the Local Finance Law.The faith and credit of the Town of Lysander, Onondaga County, New York, are hereby irrevocably pledged to the payment of the principal of and interest on such bonds and bond anticipation notes as the same shall respectively become due and payable.There shall be annually apportioned and assessed upon the several lots and parcels of land within the West Genesee Sewer District, the Indian Springs and the Gidding's Crest Sewer Districts which the Town Board shall determine and sions of the Local Finance Law and any order or rule of the State Comptroller applicable to the sale of municipal bonds.The receipt of the Supervisor shall be a full acquittance to the purchaser of such bonds, who shall not be obliged to see to the application of the purchase rjnoney.All other matters, except as provided herein relating to such bonds, including prescribing whether manual or facsimile signatures shall appear on said bonds, prescribing the method for the recording of ownership of said bonds, appointing the fiscal agent or agents, if any, for said bonds, providing for the printing and delivery of said bonds (and if said bonds are to be executed in the name of the Town by the facsimile signature of its Supervisor, providing for the manual countersignature of a fiscal agent or of a designated official of the Town), the date, denominations, maturities and interest payment dates, place or places of payment, and also including the consolidation with other issues, shall be determined by the Supervisor.It is hereby determined that if such bonds are registered, it is to the financial advantage of the Town not to impose and collect from registered owners of such serial bonds any charges for mailing, shipping and insuring bonds transferred or exchanged by the fiscal agent, and, accordingly, pursuant to paragraph c of Section 70.

00 of the Local Finance Law, no such charges shall be so collected by the fiscal agent.Such bonds shall contain substantially the recital of validity clause provided for in section 52.00 of the Local Finance IT $317,000 SERIAL BONDS OF SAIDTOWNTO PAYTHE COST THEREOF.WHEREAS, pursuant to proceedings heretofore had and taken in accordance with the provisions of Article 12-A of the town Law, and more particularly a final order dated December 20,1993, the Town Board of the Town of Lysander, Onondaga County, New York, has established West Genesee Sewer District of the Town of Lysander; and WHEREAS, pursuant to proceedings under Section 202-b of the Town Law, and more particularty resolutions of the Town Board of the Town of Lysander has determined that it is in the public interest to construct, on behalf of the Indian Springs and Gidding's Crest Sewer Districts, the sewer improvements discussed below; and WHEREAS, it is now desired to authorize the construction of sanitary sewer improvements, including furnishing and installing of various sizes of collector, trunk and lateral sewer pipes and mains, manholes and other appurtenances thereto and related work as described in the report of Barton & Loguidice, P.1992, on file with the Town Clerk of the Town of Lysander, to collect and transport sewage from the homes, businesses and other properties in the aforementioned sewer districts to the County of Onondaga Pump Station at the south end of Artillery Lane for further transportation and treatment by the County of Onondaga, and to provide for the financing thereof; NOW, THEREFORE, BE RESOLVED by the Town Board of the Town of Lysander, Onondaga County, hiew York as follows: Section 1.The construction of sanitary sewer improvements in and on behalf of the West Genesee, Indian Springs and Gidding's Crest Sewer Districts, including furnishing and installation of various sizes of collector, trunk and lateral sewer pipes and mains, manholes, and other appurtenances thereto and related work as more fully described in the preambles hereof, at a maximum estimated cost of $317,000 is hereby authorized.The maximum cost of such specific object or purpose is $317,000, and the plan for financing thereof is by the issuance of $317,000 serial bonds of said Town hereby authorized to be issued pursuant to the provisions of the Local Finance Law.Such bonds shall be signed in the name of the Town of Lysander, Onondaga County, New York, by the manual or facsimile signature of the Supervisor and a facsimile of its corporate seal shall be imprinted or impressed thereon and attested by the manual or facsimile signature of the Town Clerk.

The powers and duties of advertising such bonds for sale, conducting the sale and awarding the bonds, are hereby delegated to the Supervisor, who shall advertise such bonds for sale, conduct the sale, and award the bonds in such manner as he shall deem best for the interests of the Town; provided, however, that in the exercise of these delegated powers, he shall comply fully with the provi- specify to be especially benefited by the improvements, an amount sufficient to pay the principal and interest on said bonds as the same become due, but rf not paid from such source, aH of the taxable real property in said Town shall be subject to the levy of ad valorem taxes without limitation as to rate or amounts sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on said bonds as the same shall become due.The validity of such bonds and bond anticipation notes may be contested only if: (1) such obligations are authorized for an object or purpose for which said Town is not authorized to expend money, or (2) the provisions of law which should be compBed with as of the date of publication of this resolution are not substantially complied with, and an action, suit or proceeding contesting such validity is commenced within 20 days after the date of such publication, or (3) Such obligations are authorized in violation of the provisions of the constitution.This resolution, which takes effect immediately, shall be published in full in The Messenger, the official newspaper of the Town of Lysander, together with a notice of the Town Clerk in substantially the form provided in Section 81.

B-8 NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP THE 215 E.UMITED REALTY PARTNERSHIP NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the above named Limited Partnership has been formed for the transaction of business in the State of New York and elsewhere.The name of the Limited Partnership is The 215 E.The Certificate was filed with the Secretary of State for the State of New York on January 1 1 .

The county within the State of New York in which the office of the Limited Partnership is to be located is Onondaga.The Secretary of State of the State of New York is designated as the agent for the Limited Partnership upon whom process in any action or proceeding against it may be served and the address within the State to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of the process in any action or proceeding against the Limited Partnership which may be served upon him is c/ o GRASSO & ST.

215 East Water Street, Syracuse, New York 13202.The Limited Partnership does not have a registered agent within the State of New York.The name and business address of each general partner of the Limited Partnership is available from the Secretary of State of the State of New York.

The latest date upon which the Limited Partnership is to dissolve is January 10, 2093.The character of the business to be transacted by the Limited Partnership is to engage in the business of owning, operating and managing real estate.B-N-11 Beaver Lake Nature Center Maple sugaring Beaver Lake Nature Center will offer a program on maple sug- • aring during the month of March i for preschoolers.

Introduce your child to the sweet treats of spring -- maple sugar! Designed for children 3-5 years loin America's favorite crooner as he sings the* hits that have made him a !egena\ from "Moon River" to 'Canadian Sunset." old accompanied by one or two adults, March's "Sharing Nature With Your Child" lets children discover what sugaring is about.Everyone will have a chance to sample the sap and take 'The Maple Syrup Challenge." Wednesday, March 16, 1:30 | This Week on WCNY TV/24 8:00 ANDY WILLIAMS THURS In Concert at Branson FRI SATURDAY AT 8 PM SAT uicny§§2SUN THSCLD HX!S£ REVEW 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 FKVJCKL FTTNISS W0TORWEEK **USTf££T WEEK UCLAUGH N GPOP NATCWAl G£OGAAPHC y * x i * i • 6LA.



Dance the night away with that someone special at The Fireside Inn.Mashed ? table, Rolls and Butler, Cofee or Tea.Cherry Pe f or Dessert GOLDEN E GERSHWIN E Join Guest Conductor F Robert Weirich and Leading Soprano Luvada Harrison-Davis • for a special evening of ;; musical retrospective.F e b r u a r y b r e a k ice skating The Lysander-Radisoon Ice Arena will have public ice skating and hockey skate and shoot every day over February break.

Call the arena for exact times, 635-1555.OLD FASHIONED CHICKEN & BISCUITS I— Ice skating lessons Lysander-Radisoon Ice Arena is now taking registrations for its group ice skating lessons that begin Saturday, March 5.

Lessons are for tots through adults, beginner through intermediate skaters.This 8-week session consists of eight one-half hour group lessons plus weekly practice time.For more information, contact the arena at 635-1555.THE GIORDAN DINER & STEAKHOUSE $650 WW»Suppl«»l Last tz PRESENTS CHARE FOSE DAYS OF MAJESTY Woke It Happen With Your Support W.


Admission into the Nature Center is included in your program fee.

Beaver Lake nature Center is an Onondaga County Parks facility located west of Baldwinsville off Route 370.For information, call the Nature Center, 638-2519.February 25 & 26 8 PM Civic Center - Repertoire will include these favorites: The Man I Love Rhapsody in Blue American in Paris Embraceable You Summertime and selections from Porgy and Bess.00 Call 424-8200 UUTMiMI * WO»t (31S) 4 7 2 - 0 7 0 0 ALL YOU CARE TO EAT TIIURS.

24 while in Auburn, stop at the Rhythmairs 7:30 9:30 HUNTER'S DINERANT <«• ?•«»*.Enjoy Our Same Homemade Food & Desserts Roast Beef Dinner $ 5 .25 ?\r Live Entertainment With Eddie Fagan Eddie Fagan Includes Salad Bar With Clam Chowder r $ 49 6 r.ip $ I \ l UN si \ | ) \ \ | \ i | | D I M , IHM 8 FlSrfV with trench frie» •ndtalad •Beef Tips -Baked Chicken •Baked Ziti & Meatball* ~»STH \\tt\i 'Baked Ham •Breakfast Items Till 2 p.Sunday Champagne Buffet Served Noon To 8 P.Horticulture Bldg S-H-OV — )cbt«d /Sunday* r~:n lU-jjrntfw 'fWSMttM KACLKNKW&AH O U •4 Pieces of Haddock •10 Pieces of Breaded Shrimp •8 or.

of Clam Strips •Large Macaroni Salad /Large Cola Slaw •Urge French Fries •2 Liter Pepsi ANY PIZZA D*t>r P r f t * IT-lftRtttawMowM 3 - 4 - 5 1h».n AM 9:30 PM 9:30 PM 9:30 PM 5:00 PM Flower G*rbcn« by Arc* Grccnhoutct CruktUtktft C I H — f Cat

SpejJter SeHet fry j j i n M M YMr SMttmrt S S Adults 12 A older $ 3 Children 3-11 $TdpOFF .niter x NYS F a i r g r o u n d s =638-7406? 4Ub = ONLY DURING LENT HOURS:

WER&GARDEN S-H-O-W Auburn 255-3578 Specials Wednesdays & Fridays Prime Rib of Beef Includes Our Famous y26 Live Entertainment With Fried Fish Dinner Cjarcims&Urxkcapcs • Orchards & Bonsai's • Lawn Care Products ORDER AHEAD FOR I I writ WMI Mwtti O t M ™ « »w ~ w FREE DEUVERY rTWVfM N f t u t • MWOU PWy«PHI«X«owwyi>nwaBisa9qiii,iOH»sioiviM > £ 'i �February 23,1994 /B7 Company thanks donors to annual The Baldwinsville Volunteer Also, David & Joyce Berube, Helen G r i e s m y e r , S t e r l i n g Mildred Jewell and Margaret aret Rogers, Paul Roloff, Dorothy Edmonstron, Katherine Felicia, Fire Company, Inc.would like to Enid Cardinal, William Harrison, Robert Jenkins, Leo Kaisa., Nicholas Freda Hafner, Edward Hahn, acknowledge the following people C h r i s t e n s e n , Winifred Clyde, Johnson, Donald Jones, Norma Also, Mary Kaszyca, Neil & Santore, Jacob & Ada Scholten, John Halleron, Earl Hemingway, and organizations who have made Theresa Crane, Donald Cronin, Kennedy, Christopher Kott, Rich- M arie Labrake, Irving Lawton, Beverly Selby, Carey, Deborah Henny Hinman, Gregory Hudson, contributions to the annual fund Brian Edmonds, Robert Evans, ard Manville, Virginia, Ryan and Harold Libby, Flora Long, Charles Tetrault, Tri-County Apt.1, Gre- C h a r l e s H u m m e l l , Richard drive.These represent those do- Peter Fiorini, Mary Gallo, Tho- Carolyn McDonald, Glenn Mead, Lynch, John Maguire, Kenneth gory Trombly, J a m e s Walker, H u n t e r , M a r i l y n Ibbitson, nations received between Nov.29, m a s Gilhooly, J e a n G i r a r d , Tom Meyers, Douglas Reith, Margrey, Loren Michels, Thomas Norma Walker, Dorothy Ward, Mildred K a m m e r e r , Alonzo 1993 and Jan.It is not Geoffrey H a m m i l l , E d w a r d C l a i r e Rutherford, J o s e p h Mullarney, Henry Neupert, One Mrs., Robert MacConaghy, too late to make a donation to this Kasmierski, Chris Keller, Carl Schwendner, Frederick Shuler, Day Cleaning, Harry Pettitt III, Whidden, Edward Wierzbicki, Harry and Susan Mclntyre Jr.All donations are Kelsey, Sheridan Meaker, Peter Margaret Strail, Wayne Suddaby, Marilyn Potter, Donald Purdy, Duane Woodall, Richard Wrona Louis Mongelluzzo, William greatly appreciated.

Mulvihill, F r a n c i s O'Connor, Sylvia Tiede, Mark Wellman, James Ryan, John Salisbury, Pe- and Joseph Zone., Alfred Oppleton, William & Mary A d a m s , Alfred Petty, Seymour Ratter, Gladys Widger, Josephine Wil- ter Scalzo, Paul Seymour, Sophia Also, Michael Branish, Charles Kristin Rinaldi, Gordon Slye, Gerald Allen, Robert Bartlett, Emma & Robert Rogers, Peter liams and John Wolfe., and Katherine Bendo, Edward Biggers Ruel, William Wadsworth, BarAlso, Raymond Allen, Irvin Bai- Robin Tetrault, Joseph Wilkinson ert Deming, Robert & Kathleen Frederick VanBramer., Robert Bonney, Lee Bort, bara Weller and Leonard Zeiler.

ley, Debra Bellomi, P e t e r and Anthony Zimmer.David Brown III, Gary Buerman, Also, Jesse & Mary Byrnes, Also, William Baker, Ethel Bissonette, David Blatchford, Meryl Chilson, Daniel Cifonelli, Baldwin, Edward Bambury, Rich- George Boisey, Brewery Workers John & Margherita Cannizzaro, David & Diane Clark, Robert ard Benson, Cedarwood Apts., William ClemFirst graders at VanBuren El- about the cycle of water and the Demane, Eugene Egger, Allen Edward Coe, Charles Coleman, Nelson & Joyce Butler, Diane ent, Gary Cole, Michael Coomes, ementary School recently enjoyed importance of keeping our lakes Eidt, Virginia Hagerman and Douglas , Crawford, Marjorie C a n i n o , Michael C a s e l l e , Beverly C u m m i n g s , T h o m a s a visit from William Danehy and pollution free for swimming and Theresa King.

Collins, F r a n c i s Dailey, Bonnie Delelys, William Daily, E d w a r d Denis, J a m e s G e r t r u d e "Ronny Raindrop.Danehy is fishing and the surrounding land., An- Duffy, M a r y H a m i l t o n , Rita Connelly Jr.

, Arthur Connors, Drake, Thomas Fredette, Peter from the Onondaga County Soil Pictured are first graders Michael drew Loveless, Stephen Nagy, Heins, Maryle Herkimer, Helen Mildred Croft, Edward DeLaura, Frey, Harry Gates, Robert Gibson, Delpha, William Eleanor Gilbert, Robert Groman, and Water Conservation Depart- Reidi and Mallory Wilder.Lorraine Nicoletta, Edward Onisk Howe, Carrie Johnston, Mary T h o m a s J r ., William Radcliff, Gary Kane, Michael Kolceski, Marion Denniston, Vincent Difulvio, Fos- William Halpin, T h o m a s ment.He talked to the students Rawlins, Walter Regan, Bryan M u r t z , J o s e p h Loffredo and ter, Kim ancL Nancy Disinger, Haygood, Kay Howard, Ralph Karen Donahue, Mr.Ingham ; Thomas Johnston III, Roberts, Steven Romanick, James Marianne Lorenz.Ruddock, Stephen Sloan, Warren Also, Ernest Maffei, Gary Man- Philip Doucette, Gary Estock, Donald Kasmer, John Kerniski, Solomon, Helen Wase, Frances ning, Charles McManus Jr., Ro- Walter Farnholtz and Simeon Knights of Columbus Council Webster, Michael Williams, Patty nald Merle, Vincent Miceli, Laszlo Farrell.5082, Ann Kohler, Judy Kolceski, Yaples and Sergei & Beverly Mikulas, Milton Mjoen, Eleanor Also, Marjorie Gavin, Robert Ward Locke and Malcolm & Bar- B a r b a r a H .

Francis of Village Norman, Warren Orcutt, Joseph George, Edward Gollands, Donna bara MacPherson.Part time, afternoons Also, Harry Abel, Gertrude Plishka, Wayne Reed, Joseph H a r t , Robert H e n r y , Carl Also, William Mercer, Roger Boulevard North, a junior English and evenings.Arvantides, DDS, Richter, Helen Roe, E d w a r d H i b b a r d , Robert H u g h e s , J .Millard, F r e d e r i c k Miller, major, has been named to the R u t h B i e d i n g e r , Eric Biss, Rourke, Richard Schad, David Alberci & Sons, Inc.Apply Minnoe, J e r o m e Dean's List at SUNY Oswego for Veronica Bitz, Robert Bourdeau, Smith, Sarah Taisey, Phillip Tho- J a c o b s , R u t h Kelley, J a m e s Muscarella, Richard Norton, Gary the fall 1993 semester.

Students in person at Ogden's Paul Briggs, Mr.John mas, Charlotte VanDoren, An- Knight, Lisa & David Lysak, O'Connor, Karen Parsons, Clark who achieve grade averages of Car Wash across from P a t r i c k Pitcher, Robert Plouffe, Richard 3., Walter & Mary But- thony Ventra, William Waggoner, P a t r i c i a M a d o n i a , Maloney, Judith Marketos, Ivo Purdy, Barbara Raymond, Marg- Dean's List.Marsak, William McGrade and Carioggia, Barbara Collingwood, Also, J a m e s Baker, Edward Ruth Cooper, Earl Crego, Thomas Barker II, Susan Bigtree, Marian Mercer Milling Co.

& J a n e Dahm, Frank & Jannie Bloodgood, Bernard Bond, George Also, Alvin Morehouse, David Dewees, Bertha Cotterer, Charles Butler Jr., John Canino, Alfred & Mott, J e r o m e Mullaly, J o h n Elliot, Lloyd Ellis, John Emmons, Joseph Cicci, Thomas Coady Jr., N o r t h r o p , Richard N o s t r a n t , May Ann Fabian, Fulton Savings Clifford Croasmun, Donald Crook, Pauline Paige, Lou Ann Palmteer, ~aRA Bank, Leon Gilinsky, Francis Betty LeLorio, Paul Downing, Charles Parks, Kristine & Robert Gosier, Albert Graves, Kenneth Gloria Dunseath, Jeffrey Fabrizio, Paul, James Richardson, Mr.Edward Russ, David Sauter, / — • Also, Phyllis Hebert, Maurice J o h n Hayden, Aage & Edel Robert Schuster, Christine Shea, DELIVERED Timothy Siddall, David Spurlin, DELIVERED Infantino, Mary Ingersoll, Paul Honore, Donna Hourihan, GreREBATES REBATES George St.John, Robert & Mary Jensen, Thomas Johnson, Roger gory Hudson and Lyndon Hughes.APPLIED APPLIED Swift, Roma Towne, Michael Also, Joseph James, ChristoKing, R a y m o n d Kozlowski, Plus Tax, TMs & Rag.#3948 t3838 Wands, Gordon Waring, Erma Norma Lamere, Franklin Lamica, pher Jestin, Evelyn, Sherrer, and Sandra Laurenti, Roland LaVoie, Gwen Jones, James Kelly, Joseph White, Wallace White, Harold Judith Littau, Raymond Kieskowski, Hattie Kowalski, Wilson and Cecil Womble.

McKenna, Bernard Meade, Tho- C a m i l l e K r u s z y n s k i , Daniel Also, Baker Studio of Photog7 Passenger Seating, 2.5 EFI, Automatic, Air mas Moskalyk, Nami's Engraving Layton, Sebastian & Josephine raphy, Mark Bardenett, Mr.and P/S, P/B, Spare Tire, Dual Air Bags Cond.

, P/S, P/B, Spare Tire, Dual Air Bags & A w a r d s , Jefferson Ogden, Lea, Winifred Milliman, Shirley Mrs.Charles Bowers, Ronald Daniel & Monique O'Hara, Wil- Morritt, Marcia Posenauer, Andy Bowman, Mr.Prysiaznink, J o a n Rouse, Gus Brinkerhoff, Michael & Susan S Dodge Also, Dominick Pollastro, Tho- Rowe, Anthony Spoto, Robert Tan- Burke, Robert Bye S r , Margaret PRICES mas Radford, Edward Reichert, ner, Robert Turcotte, Hubert Chadwick, J o s e p h i n e Fowler/ PRICES MOTORS, INC.

OcJ;e Tilths Ursell, William VanDuser, John David Revette, Loren Robb, Curt Cleveland, Arthur Coville, James 756 State Fair Blvd.Schultz, Otis Sennett, Vondell Weir, Donald Wilcox and Henry Dunham, Robert Eves Jr., Pamela • Smith, Carmen Spensieri, Irene Zylka.Fallesen, Nicholas Fiello, Mary 487-6211 Strobel, Carol & Ken Thomas, Also, Mathew Bernard, Peter Follett, Dorothy Gettman, Carl Margaret Tupper, Mrs.

, M a r y Ann Green, E d w a r d Green, J e r r y son, Donna Witkowski and Darla D u s t h i m e r , F r a n k l y n E a t o n , G r e e n , K a r e n Guffey, M a r k Wood.Myron Howard, Clayton & Margaret Gardner, Harwood, Learning about water Honors Car Wash Attendant THE MINIVAN STORE 14,999 *14,499, W-/-J 1994 DODGE CARAVAN 1994 DODGE CARAVAN T7S Don't Forget Your Camera.G , V , S-H-O-W * $%% M*tpfat/c A&' # N s CET P ABOUT PLASTIC! Did you know that only certain types of plastic are r e c y c l a b l e in O n o n d a g a County? put~recyclables in plastic grocery or trash bags.

Only plastic bottles w i t h a A or & recycling symbol stamped into the b o t t o m are acceptable.T h a t m e a n s no p l a s t i c t u b s , cans, pails, t o y s or other i t e m s .In t h e f u t u r e , it m a y become cost-effective for us to recycle other types of p l a s t i c .But f o r n o w , remember, putting any plastic item other than a & or A bottle in your bin drives up disposal costs for everyone.

W h a t ' s a bottle? A n y container w i t h a m o u t h smaller than the base.If the bottle has a A or /& s y m b o l , r e m o v e and discard the cap, rinse the bottle and place it directly in your blue bin.Never For more help identifying recyclables, call the Operation Separation Hotline at 453-2870.Because w h e n it comes to recycling, it pays to be picky! x «fe PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 1.Only amateur photographers are eligible for this contest.

All photos must be taken at the Flower & Garden Show "94.Only 3 entries per person; each must be accompanied by a separate application form.Only 3-1/2x5" or 4x6" prints will be accepted.All entries become the property of Primrose Productions Ltd.Employees and families of Wegmans and Eagle Newspapers are not eligible.

Prizes will be awardedtoFirst, Second and Third Place and 2 Honorable Mention winners.Prizes are not transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash.Pick up an application at Wegmans/Eagle Newspapers Photo Booth at the Show 2.

Select your winning photo(s), fill out an application form for each, place in an envelope addressed Flower & Garden Show Photo Contest 3.Mail entry to: Flower & Garden Show PhotoContest, c/o Eagfe Newspapers, P.Deadline to enter is MARCH 16,1994 The winning photographs will be judged by and published during the Month of April 1994 in the Eagle Newspapers.•The First Tlace Winner will receive a $ 100 shopping spree at V f c m a n s •The S g f u l » c e WinnMriMceive 4 $50 shopping s « e j « s m a n s .•The Third Place Winner will receive a $25 shopping spree at fcmans.

•Two 1 lonorable Mention Winners will each receive a 1 shopjUig spree �Public notices If So.B-SURE SYSTEMS can professionally solve your basement water problems with NO DIGGING - NO DAMAGE to Shrubs, Lawns, .•We R«p«lr Leaking Cracks SENIOR CITIZEN •Install Drain Tile •Block & Stone DISCOUNTS Walls Repaired • Replaced ALL WORK •Sump Pumps GUARANTEED 107 Ptckard Dr.13211 Installed •Battery Back-Up FULLY THE WATERPROOFING BUSINESS Pumps Installed INSURED 1972 FREE ESTIMATES FOR A FREE NO ESTIMATE OBLIGATION CALL 455-7725 or 1-800-433-0123 • FEBRUARY DISCOUNT • SAVE 40% FOR W O R K D O N I IN FEB.'94!! Please call now - only a limited number of jobs can be done in this time frame.The name and the business or residence street address of each general partner is as follows: David R.Catskill Mountain Housing Development Corporation, 450 Main Street.The latest date upon which the limited partnership is to dissolve is November 1, 2148.

• IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I (We) have signed and verified this Certificate this 30th day of September.BACON General Partner RONALD ROTH President, General Partner Catskill Mountain Housing Development Corporation ss • STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ONONDAGA David R.Bacon, Being duty sworn, deposes and says: That I am one of the general partners of Catskill Housing Company I, LP.

; that I CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP OF CATSKILL HOUSING COMPANY I, LP.Under Section 121-201 of the Revised Limited Partnership Act SS.' STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ONONDAGA The undersigned, being desirous of forming a New York limited partnership, pursuant to the Revised Limited Partnership Act of the State of New York, and being all of the general partners ot the limited partnership do hereby certify: 1.The name of the limited partnership is Catskill Housing Company I, LP.The county in which the office of the limited partnership is located is Onondaga County.The Secretary of State is designated as Agent of the limited partnership upon whom process against it may be served and the post office address within this State to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against it served upon have read and know the contents of the foregoing Certificate; that the same is true to my own knowledge, except as to the matters there stated to be alleged on information and belief, and that as to those matters, I believe it to be true.BACON General Partner Sworn to before me this 13th day of October, 1993 MARGARET K.

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If t h e r e is a wedding in your future, you a r e invited to call Baker Studio, phone 638-0812.Kevin or Ed will be happy to discuss your plans with you or send information to you for your review.8, 1994 Special Town Election on the proposition to approve the Bond Resolution for the Lysander-Radisson

1994 Sworn to before me Place: Lysander Town this 4th day of October, Hall, 6 Lock Street, VHIage of 1993 Baldwinsville.B-N-10 PLEASETAKEFURTHER NOTICE that to register to vote in the said March 8,1994 TOWN OF LYSANDER Special Town Election, a perNOTICE OF son must be: ADDITIONAL (1) a resident of the Town REGISTRATION DAY FOR of Lysander, and MARCH 8,1994 (2) either registered to vote SPECIAL TOWN in the town of Lysander at ELECTION ON regular Town elections or PROPOSnTON TO qualified to register to vote in APPROVE BOND the Town of Lysander at reguRESOLUTION lar Town elections, and FOR ACQUISmON OF (3) an owner of property LYSANDER-RADISSON which appears on the 1993 COMMUNITY ARENA Assessment Roll of the Town PLEASE TAKE NOTICE of Lysander.that at its regular meeting on February 17,1994, the Town By order of the Town Board of the Town of Lysander.Board of the Town of Lysander SHIRLEY R.

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DATED: Baldwinsville, New York February 23, 1994 SHIRLEY R.KELLY Town Clerk BOND RESOLUTION DATED FEBRUARY 17, 1994 ARESOLUTIONAUTHORIZING DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE CLINTON HEIGHTS DRAINAGE DISTRICT OF THE TOWN OF LYSANDER, ONONDAGA COUNTY, NEWYORKATAMAXIMUM COST OF $41,500 AND AUTHORIZING THEISSUANCE OF $41,500 SERIAL BONDS OFSAIDTOWNTO PAYTHE COST THEREOF WHEREAS, pursuant to proceedings heretofore had and taken in accordance with the provisions of Section 202b of the Town Law, including the filing of a map, plan, report and cost estimate for certain drainage improvements in the Clinton Heights Drainage District, the adop- tion on November 4,1993 of a Resolution calling for a public hearing thereon on December 2, 1993, Notice of which was duly published and posted, a public hearing conducted December 2,1993, a Resolution adopted January 20, 1994, determining that the proposed improvements are in the public interest and authorizing the preparation of definite plans and specifications and a proposed contract therefor, it is now desired to authorize the construction of said proposed drainage improvements in the Clinton Heights Drainage District of the Town of Lysander and to provide for the financing thereof, and WHEREAS, the proposed improvements consist of the furnishing and installation of approximately 820 linear feet of 8 inch perforated under drain pipe with 4 field inlets and 14 sump connectors and approximately 450 linear feet of improved drainage swale along the back lot areas of parts of Bendigo Drive which border back lots of Dewitt Drive, together with necessary appurtenances, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Town Board of the Town of Lysander, Onondaga County, New York as follows: Section 1.The construction of drainage improvements in the Clinton Heights Drainage District, as are more fully described in the preambles to this Resolution, at a maximum cost of $41,500 is hereby authorized.The maximum cost of such specific object or purpose is $41,500 and the plan for financing thereof is by the issuance of a maximum of $41,500 serial bonds of the Town of Lysander hereby authorized to be issued pursuant to the provisions of the Local Finance Law.

Section 3 It is hereby determined that the period of 700 Apartment For Rent Baldwinsville: Furnished apt.700 - 799 REAL ESTATE 700 Apartment For Rent C h l t t e n a n g o : 2 bedroom apartment for rent.S e c u r i t y d e p o s i t , $350/mo.635-5892 B'vllle efficiencies/I bedroom apartments.Call 635-3224 from 9-5 or 635-3341 after 6.Call 638-1849 B'vllle: 1 month free rent 1 Bdrm apartment.$365/mon Call 635-3224 from 9-5 or 635-3341 after 6 B a l d w i n s v i l l e Area: 1 Bed room, heat and hot water, country setting "Available now! $350 CaH 652-344t B a l d w i n * villa: 3 room apartment for rent.$325 plus security deposit Available immediately.Call 457-3706 PUBLISHERS NOTICE "All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, the New York Slate I lurruin Rights I J»W, and the City of Syracuse Fair Practices Law (Local I-aw No 17).

which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, ajje.phyiical or mental disability or handicap, familial status marital tutus, or sexual or affectional preference, or orientation, ox an intention to m i k e any such preference limitation or discrimination We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which it In violation of the law.* C a z : ONE MONTH F R E E RENT: Two Bedrm, Ranch and Townhouse style apartments, Laundry hookup, sec deposit, references, Windmill Courts: 655-3027.Cazenovta Village 3 room, apt w/kitchenette, semi-furnished.FOR RENT NORTH SYRACUSE 1 and 2 bedroom apt.

5 bath town homes near banks and shopping, carpet, appliances, parking.probable usefulness of the aforesaid specific object or purpose is 30 years pursuant to subdivision 4 of paragraph (a) of Section 11.It is hereby further determined that the maximum maturity of the serial bonds herein authorized will not exceed 5 years.

Section 4 Subject to the provisions of the Local Finance Law, the power to authorize the issuance of and to sell serial bonds and bond anticipation notes in anticipation of the issuance and sale of the serial bonds herein authorized, including renewals of such bond anticipation notes, is hereby delegated to the Supervisor, the chief fiscal officer.

Serial bonds and bond anticipation notes shall be of such terms, form and contents, and shall be sold in such manner as may be prescribed by said Supervisor, consistent with the provisions of the Local Finance Law.The faith and credit of the Town of Lysander, Onondaga County, New York are hereby irrevocably pledged to the payment of the principal of and interest on such bonds as the same respectively become due and payable.There shall be annually apportioned and assessed upon the several lots and parcels of land within the Clinton Heights Drainage District an amount sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on said bonds as the same become due, but if not paid from such source, all of the taxable real property in said town, shaH be subject to the levy of ad valorem taxes without limitation as to rate or amount sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on said bonds as the same shall become due.The validity of such bonds and bond anticipation notes may be.contested only if: (1) such obligations are authorized for an object or orfoarorrnr To register a complaint, call HUD tolLfree at: I-S0O424-4590 minus acres of land to Anheuser-Busch, Inc.Louis, Missouri 63118, at a Purchase Price of Sixty-Five Thousand Dollars ($65,000) for additional buffer area contiguous to its existing waste water treatment plant located within the Radisson Corporate Park.Syracuse, New York 13209, at a Purchase Price of Seventy-Four Thousand Dollars ($74,000) for the purpose of expanding Purchaser's existing trucking business adjacent to said parcel.All of the parcels comprising the Property are located in that portion of the Radisson Corporate Park south of New York State Route 31.

UDC has determined that the proposed action to be taken by each individual Purchaser on NEW YORK STATE land within the Property will URBAN DEVELOPMENT have no significant effect on CORPORATION the environment.NOTICE OF PLEASETAKEFURTHER PUBLIC HEARING PLEASE TAKE NOTICE NOTICE that, in accordance that, pursuant to Section 6 of with said Section 6 of the the New York State Urban UDC Act, UDC will hold a Development Corporation Act Public Hearing upon the proof 1968 (the "UDC Act"), as posed sale of land described amended, the New York State hereinabove at the offices of Urban Development Corpo- UDC's Radisson Developration (the 'UDC') intends to ment Office located on the sell eight and 3/10 (8.3) plus New Community site at 3128 or minus acres of land (re- Amesbury Drive, Baldwinsferred to herein as the "Prop- ville, New York 13027 on erty") located within the UDC's Monday, March 7.1994 at Lysander New Community ten o'clock in the morning Multi Purpose Project (known (10:00 AM), and that such as "Radisson") in the Town of Hearing shall be open to all Lysander, New York as fol- interested members of the general public.0 plus or information may contact Robminus acres of land to Edert L Schultz, Genera! Manward Spindel, DVM, 5223 Duane Drive, Fayetteville, ager of UDC's Radisson DeNew York 13066, at a Pur- velopment Office, at the chase Priceof Seventy Thou- above specified address.sand Dollars ($70,000), for DATED: February 23, 1994 the construction of a profes- NEW YORK STATE sional office building for the URBAN DEVELOPMENT operation of Purchaser's vet- CORPORATION VINCENT TESE erinary service and for leasChairman/President ing to other tenants.6 plus or B-8 730 Homes For Sale Quiet, Comfortable, Secure 1 BR upper located in the heart of N.BRIDGEPORT - 3 bedroom ranch, $48,900 negotiable.

FuBy fenced yard, shed, roofed patio, gas furnace, remodeled kitchen, appliances included.490 days or 697-9916 720 Homes For Rent Central Square: Own home for cost of renting apartment Newly refinished raised ranch w/ in-law apt.5 bath w/deck & new in-ground pool on 1+ acres $81,000.1 balh, eat-in kitchen, garage, $600 plus utilities, security deposit, 655-3666.Oneida Lake: $54,900, 2 BR, great starter or vacation home Buy now for summer fun.

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Come home to fishing at nine mile creek and relax in a park-like setting with picnic tables and outdoor g r i s .

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New York It is one block east of the intersection of NY Route 48 with NY Route 31/370 (Genesee Street) D e s c r i p t i o n : The Tobacco Barn is a timber framed wood sided structure with stone base ment The structure is 3 stones above the basement It is forty feet wide by eighty feet deep Interested parties may contact the Baldwinsville Public Library, c/o Bruce C King.Holm es King Kaflquist & Associates Architects, 575 North Salma Street, Syracuse.fax (315) 476-5420 CALL 458-0777 79S Real Estate Financing A t t e n t i o n V e t e r a n s : Home loans to purchase or refinance 100% purchases/90% refinances up to $144000 Phone Clarence Phillips Mortgage Company.1-615-684-1029 (NYSCAN) 795 Real Estate Financing M o b i l e H o m e Refinancing Available Now! Fixed rates, no application fees.

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HUINTLEIGH PARK Tayetteville's Finest Family neighborhood' 790 Real Estate Wanted Buyer seeks about 2 acres in FM, JD.Marcellus or Westhill school district or quiet road CaB 445-2495 ONE OWNER SPLIT ON 1.9-Noon COUPON JREGLAZEYOUR I BATH TUB SPORTS MART, Inc.

TlMimniii Mrrlinc Wt/i r- •PLAQUES •TROPHIES •JEWELRY •CHARMS •SILVER TRAYS • I D BRACELETS BaMwinsville, North Syracuse, Liverpool, Manilas and Syracuse CALL: tQUALBOUTOK) purpose for which the Town of Lysander is not authorized to expend money, of (2) the provisions of law which should be complied with as of the date of publication of this Resoh/iion are not substantially complied with, and an action, suit or proceeding contesting such validity is commenced within 20 days after the date of such publication, or (3) Such obligations are authorized in violation of the provisions of the constitution.This Resolution, which takes effect immediately, shall be published in full in the Messenger, the official newspaper of the Town of Lysander, together with a notice of the Town Clerk in substantially the form provided in Section 81.B-8 700 Apartment For Rent- Cazenovta 3 bedroom, 1 bath, combined kitchen-dining room, LR, $475 plus utilities, sec dep 655-3666.

ENGRAVING /Dll PrkJaof ownership best describes this 3- level s| baths, oarage, eat in Wohen, hardwood faors farriry room has chimney for fireplace or wood****, anctowa p a t h , 2 caT $ B 7 » J B 7 ~ £ shed, deep lot, new roof & much mora.Cal for inspection S»vaoa Boone, 652-3522 or 695-5890 (Res.) • 83» Oswego Rd,B*hwwvie 13027 rooms, 1 5 Four bedroom; large family room,- screen porch; spacious master bedroom; basement playroom; 2-cargarage.- hardwood floois; new appliances; built-in dressers; treed comer lot; perennial garden; great neighbors.This house Is a classic; perfect for the growing family.

CaH Mary Ellen Ryan 446-2910 • work; 637-8848 home.FayettevHle Office 6962 MighbTlage evtlle 446-2910 �£>2Utt?i" xi±gjtr iivwixixxwntittiTj COMPUTERIZED FEDERAL & STATE TAX RETURNS Prepared By: JOSEPH F.TANSKI, TAX CONSULTANT • YEAR 'ROUND SERVICE • SERVING OUR COMMUNITY FOR OVER 30 YEARS • OUT-OF-STATE TAX RETURNS AVAILABLE Call Anytime For App't- 458-2864 102 REESE AVE., NORTH SYRACUSE The following student have been named to the Baker High School honor roll for the second ten week marking period.

High Honor criteria are a 90 or above average without incompletes or failures.9 a v e r a g e without incompletes or failures.Students must be enrolled in five courses plus physical education.9th grade High Honor Jennifer Cosbey, Darcy George, Heidi Kieskowski, Dianne Kimak, Rachel Rudolph, C h r i s t i n a Sommers.

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Seymour, K a t h l e e n Sierpina, Melanie Lengyel, C h r s t i n e Debbie S k inner, Kristopher Lindsey, Tyson Lowry, Lisa Smith, Michelle Smith, Sarah Maffei, Anne Maule, Shannon Smith, F a r i s Sousou, Kelly McMahon, S h a n n o n Michel, Sweeney, Tracy Swem, Corrina Zsuzsanna Mikulas, Britton Myers, Mark Newman, Tracey (Dusky) Timson, Jennifer Walker, Nieciecki, Elizabeth Noll, Martha Clyde Walts, Brian Watt, Heidi Wheeler, Keith Williams.ONBVAINK Equal Houshj LENDER L'-Vr R>:€ 11th g r a d e H i g h H o n o r Nicole Alberico, J e n n i f e r Barker, Robin Barto, Aaron Berry, Jillian Boudreau, Mary Bruce, Tiffany Brzostek, David Capucilli, Lisa Caravan, Kelly Carlson, Diane Catalano, Amy Chong, Janine Colagiovanni, Bryan Cook, Laura Cooper, Jessica Daloia, Alan Davies, Andrew DeMaio, Shannon Doorley, Carrie Evans.Stephanie Fichter, Jillian G a l s t e r , J a s o n G a r d y , Jill Gillespie, Michael Graham, Kelly Grant, Kelley Hayes, Shannon Hayes, Lucas Hollenbeck, Richard Hoy, David Klimachefsky, Mark Klueppel, Amber La Mere, Marcijo L a m o t h e , Veronica Lando, Amy L i b e r a t i , Faon Mahunik, Brian Menzel, Andrea Millett.E d w a r d Moran IV, Scot Nadzan, Jeffrey Organ, Nicholas Powers, Felicia Rothman, Edward Ryder III, Christian Scadutd, Scott Seiffert, John Sheridan, Carissa Sipp, Mongkae Siripomsawan, Sarah Smithson, Andrew S p e r r y , Amy Stier, Allison Tall, Jason Toth, William Trach, Claude Valdes Jr.

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, Matthew Read, Kimberly Root, Kirsten Roppel, Philip Semprevio, Victoria Shearer, Bernadette Sica, Joseph Slater, Stephen Smith, Joy Spatuzzi, Tanya Stafy, Theodore Sullivan, Kara Sumner, Sara Swan, Stacy Tafelski, Benjamin Turner, Traci Vogel, Ashley Weigel, Brian Weston, John Young.FOX Minimum loan amount is $20,000; maximum loan amount is $95,000.

Inquire for current rate, terms and conditions.Claire D e p a r t o u t , Devin Dinant, Brian Disinger, Stephanie Dixon, Jennifer Dreimiller, Bryan Dunlap, Elizabeth Edwards, Elizabeth Fallesen, David Fisselbrand, James Frey, Holly Germain, Sarah Gormella, Mark Goode, Sharon Hurd, Jennifer Johnson, Rachel Jones, Karrie Knight, Jason Kozlowski.J a c l y n Lachmiller, David Landon, Keri Lang, Vernicea Lary, Christopher Latorra, Edward Lawton, Deborah Lengyel, Jessica Lyon, Paige Manning, Michael McClure, Brian McQueen, Jeffrey Meloling, Shad Miller, Megan Obrist, Jessica Passanese, Amy Philips, Carrie Phillips, Jessica Raile.Heather Reisman, Carrie Riley, Julie Rosen, Melissa Sewruk, Greg Skinner, Jesse Sprole, Lisa Steier, Denice Stowe, Joseph Stummer, Alec Swensen, Nicole Thibado, Elizabeth Turner, Jennifer Ujlaky, Sean Watts, Jason Webb, Adam Woodworth, Kathryn Zbikowski.$ 14,499 94 Geo Prlzm 94 GMC Full Size #8484.

$ 12,297 FREE VACATION 13,895 * $ 11,999 94 Cadillac Sedan DeVllle #3280, Leather, Alum Wheel*.

driving your newly acqulrtd vthlcte to tha destination o your chotea.Overnight lodging, fun and entertainment await you.8— your Fox Polar for details about this Incredible offer.

Vacations valued up to $500! • C SMARMfMryemrT rrj VjV MVWJJ rtnrv .a*« �� Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections.For more information see, /documents/dces/.Title Baldwinsville Messenger 1994 Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections.For more information see, /documents/dces/.Title Baldwinsville Messenger 02-23-1994 62e021d0de1f3f44341d27d59c2ca7ed Text Home m&$* -;::.

U J / S S S Program aims to increase participation in Paige's Butterfly Run N BAKER H I G H SCHOOL Sen.DeFrancisco proposes bill to encourage sharing of municipality services BY ELIZABETH ZAGATA PRESENTS T H E MUSIC MAN' could save with joint effort THIS FRIDAY.4 W S E N WINTER CONCERT AND DANCE SERIES -FEB.18 TWISTED STITCHES KNITTING CLUB MEETING - FEB.11 FOR MORE COMMUNTTY EVENTS, SEE D A T E B O O K , PAGE 2.I N N I G H T LIFE: The next time you drive by Palmer Elementary School on Hicks Road during the school day, do not be surprised to see students and teachers outside walking.

Through an innovative initiative | known as STEP, or Success I Through Exercise Program, the I students, faculty and staff at I Palmer are heading out nearly ev- j ery day for fun and fitness.STEP is the brainchild of first grade teacher Patricia Resseguie.j A recent renovation project at Palmer created a paved path about a third of a mile long around the perimeter of the school.Because it is regularly plowed and maintained, Resseguie thought the path would be perfect for walking.After teachers at the school met to brainstorm ideas for the project, they decided that all EUZABETH1AQA1K teachers could use the path at Two Palmer students converse as they walk along the school's outdoor exercise path.

"It's really been working out very nicely," Resseguie said."It's "A lot of my children havefinishedtheir eighteenth something that I have always wanted to do.

On a nice day, almile and are starting towards mile twenty-one.

" •• most every teacher has their class Patricia Resseguie out at least once.My class of first First grade teacher at Palmer Serials, Super Bowl, special guests at The Palace will prime audiences for B-Movie Fest SEE PAGE B I .CALENDAR 2 CLASSIFIEDS B5 EDITORIAL 4 LIBRARY N E W S .The Baldwinsville varsity cheerleaders really have something to cheer about.21, the team was awarded first place in the Class AA small team division at the winter 2005-06 Varsity Cheerleading Section Three championships held at West Genesee High School.This is the team's ninth championship title, having previously clinched year from 1994 to 1998, as 15 17 RELIGION 20 S C H O O L NEWS SPORTS 6 19 EASLE N F \Y s P \ P f R S 6mi09859"00011B" 9 (Above) Baldwinsville cheerleader Brittany Mack (left) was awarded first place in the Senior Individual Cheer Championship for Class AA teams and Coach Coleen Nilsen was presented with the Cheerleading Coach of the Year award for Section 3.Please see Municipalities, page 12 Please see STEP, page 8 Ffrv\l\(i'\wme- 111 Bill Mill •—•»——•»————— well as every year from 2000 to 2002.The team's winning streak continued when team member Brittany Mack took first place in the Senior Individual Cheer Championship for Class AA teams and Baldwinsville's Cheerleading Coach Coleen Nilsen was presented with the Cheerleading Coach of the Year award for section three.B'ville varsity cheerleaders, the 2005-06 Class AA Small Team Division champions, are (front from left) Kim Payne, Katie Guyer, Renee Worden, Brittany Mack, (backfrom left) Kelley Harrigan, Timberfy Woods, Brittany Snyder, Corey Gregory, Katie Ducharme, Coach Coleen Nilsen, Cassie Strazewski and Kim Clements.Missing are Christina Jacobs and Brittany Head.

PUBLIC NOTICES Cheer Champions Senator John A.DeFrancisco announced that he has introduced a bill in the State Senate that would promote cooperation, sharing of services and communication among local governments in Central New York.DeFrancisco's bill would create the Central New York Municipal Cooperation Program.The program would be administered by representatives from the Metropolitan Development Association of Syracuse and Central New York, the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce and the Manufacturers Association of Central New York.

"Towns, villages and local government officials are trying to put their heads together to find ways to cut costs, make their governments run more efficiently and save their taxpayers money," Sen."My bill would provide an avenue for local governments to work together to consolidate and improve delivery of services to their constituents, streamline costs and put the savings back *— FIVe departments were busy this past week.The porch of a Tappan Street home (above) was damaged last Wednesday in a fire.

On Thursday afternoon, a home on Grove Street was engulfed with flames and des t r o y e d , just one s t r e e t away fromWednesday's fire.• Firefighters worn to put out a fire on Grove Street.PHOTOS SUBhVTEC BY GARY WILL! •" M 'M �.'-\ N 2/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY EAGLE I, 2006 Niwirnfin MESSENGER DATEBOOK 5910 Firestone Drive -Syracuse, N Y 13206 E d i t o r : Erin Smith 635-3922 (B'ville) 434-8889, ext.

) [email protected] Editor's note: Send your event notices will be offered at 8 a.to the Baldwinsville Messenger, $910 Call 373-9497 for more informaFirestone Drive, Syracuse, 13206.Send e-mail messages in body of message and not as attachment to [email protected] .Notices also may be left at the Messenger office at 44 Oswego St.

Notices must have the date, f o r n e i g h b o r s time and location of the event For further Neighbors caring for neighinformation, call 635-3922.10 at the Baldwinsville Public Library at 33' E."Neighbors" is a Home Aides of Central New York recruitment campaign designed to let people know how they can provide supportive services to enable senior citizens to remain independent in their own homes.This Week A t t e n t i o n S U fans Sports: Phil Blackwell 434-8889, ext.fsw •4-hJ 1 1 1 %ZJW A '""'•' ""• •tf Display A d v e r t i s i n g : Paul Nagle 434-8889, ext.Friday) [email protected] BEAVER LAKE NATURE CENTER CrosscountrySaturdays (Feb, 11 and 18) and from 1:30 to 3:30 p.Mer looking to get in on the fun, or for new skiers looking for

Advanced registration is required and space is limited.Participants must provide their own ski equipment.First mid-winter Blues Run On Sunday Feb.5\ Beaver Lake Nature Center is hosting its first mid-winter Blues Run.

The nature center has become a favorite location for outdoor enthusiasts to pursue fitness activities suBeaver Lake is listed as one of the top places to run on Running Places' web site.To encourage wellness and year round outdoor activity and help to bridge the gap from fall to spring, Beaver Lake has organized this run.The event is a 5K and it begins and ends at the visitor center, using nearby country roads.

The run is open to all ages and theentry fee oa long sleeved Tand Dance Series awarded in the Mohegan Manor Harmony shirtforthe first K» entrants.Restaurant and WSEN Classic fbittowiiig agecj

21 to 25 Radio present the first annual (male/female); 46 winter concert and dance series(male/fSenaa 56 to 60 (male/ at the Manor.25 (The Roosevelt Dean Band), Weekday sndwshoe jaunt fech8, a Beaver Lake March 4 (Donna Colton + 2) and adventure.The rigors of March 11 (Dan Elliot and the ; n£tf8illfor many creaMonterays) at Mohegan Manor, ip||M to discussions of hibernation and migration, 58 Oswego St.

tionsvwill erhphasize the adaptations of For tickets, visit i


The Baldwinsville girls' crew team is operating a concession stand at the Carrier Dome to raise money for a new boat.Support the team and visit the stand during your next trip to the dome.Call Bob Garofalo at 6523036 or e-mail him at [email protected] .WSEN Winter Concert B'ville Rod and G u n Club meeting The next meeting of the Baldwinsville Rod and Gun Club will be held at 7 p.2 at the clubhouse on the corners of Gunbarrel and Kingdom roads in Baldwinsville.Members and the public are welcome to attend.BCSFD announces C P R t r a i n i n g classes Classified A d v e r t i s i n g : Julie Galvin 434-1988 I The Belgium-Cold Springs Fire Department will offer CPR training opportunities to the public.Participants learn emergency skills for all age groups including automatic external defibrillators.

Professional CPR mm Please see D a t e b o o k , page 7 •>;?•.>*•? v r •«':''"ffy- / Please see B e a v e r L a k e , p a g e 9 Why Aren't You Healthy? — Fifteen years ago, I started out with a Mission to build the best chiropractic office in Central New York by offering the safest, most effectiveToday, we have assembled some of the finest Doctors and Staff anywhere with that same purpose, to help get you healthy.

Chiropractic care has been proven to be safe and effective for many different conditions.

We can help you get healthy and feel good again! •* ' .- Join our family of happy, healthy patients today by calling 635-2333 Left to right arc: Dr.Mark Crouchcr with wife Kelly and daughter Charlotte, Dr.Eric Crouchcr with son Ryan, wife Rebecca and daughter Alison, and Dr.

Genesee Street, Baldwinsville : SPECIAL OFFER: This coupon entitles the bearer to an i i i i i i i initial consultation examination and x-rays for the fee of • Dr.Croucher Upstate Chiropractic i i i normally $225 Present coupon - Offer ends 2/211/06 Upstate Chiropractic • 635-2333 .

i i i i i i i i i i i �EA0LE MESSENGER, FEBRUARY Niwsrxr•as • I, 2006/3 •1 J .-ae1 COMMUN BOARDS IN BRIEF EDR to present Feb.16 B Y EJRIN SMITH Environmental Design andResearah, the wnsuitingcny hired by the village of Baldwinsvilleto conduct a bt&fciess corridor study, will not present a public proposal until Feb.

The consulting firm was originally scheduled to conduct the public meeting Feb.Municipal Solutions presents to VB Sue Marino, a representative from Municipal Solutions, conducted an informatiohal meetihg for the town of Van Buren board members concerning placement and construction of wireless towers.Marino said her company helps municipalities write new law concerning the cellular towers and addresses issues such as location, tower style and amount of revenue the town receives for aliowing construction'of the tower.

According to Marino, the city of Oswego, North Syracuse and the towns of Brutus and Elbridge have shown interest in the service Municipal Solutions provide.The company is also working out a contract with the village of Baldwinsville.VB approves janitorial contract The town of Van Buren board accepted a quote from J&L Gleaners to provide janitorial services for 2006.According to Supervisor Mary Crego, the town asked three companies to bid on the contract, but one company didn't place a bid after seeing how much the town budgeted for the services.Councilors Wendy WMtooreand RonaldDudzinskimade amotion to reject the bids received iii order-to re-bid the contract in an attempt to receive three bids.

The motion was defeated and the other board members voted to accept the quotes.The town attorney told the board they could waive the policy requiring three quotes and award the contract* The Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena is home to the Syracuse Figure Skating Club who took the first place club trophy at the Skaneateles Figure Skating Invitational in December.The club trophy is awarded to the club with the most competition points, excluding the home club.Members of the SFSC are pictured with their trophy.They are (Back row from left) Arena Tep, Mackenzie Cummings, Meghan Churajamie Darling, Ashley Marsh, Erin Quinn, Ali Pregent, Caitlyn Sparkes, Kate Osborne, (front row from left) Calley Constance, Paige Ensby, Sarah Pflanz, Serena Capseilo, Alyssa Ross, Miranda Berkebile, Lydia Darling and Amanda Mackey.

VB public hearing on interstate Island Road sewer district pump station The town ofsewer district pump station, MtiaHy, tfie costof tW ers in the Interstate Island Road sewer* district 63 cents per.After receiving higher than expected bids, due to the cost offuel, concrete arid replacing a five horsepower pump with an 11 horsepower pump, the cost to taxpayers will result in an increase to 85 cents per thousand of assessed value.

POLICE BLOTTER Four charged with driving with suspended licenses At 12:44 a.Cerankowski observed a vehicle pull out of a parking lot with a loud muffler.The vehicle was stopped and the driver identified as Mathew A.Further DMV checks revealed that Mettlers driver's license was suspended for failure to answer a summons out of two courts.Mettler was placed under arrest and issued two traffic tickets for third degree aggravated unlicensed operation and inadequate muffler.He was scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.Please see Boards, page 12 Corrections In last week's article, "Custom homes for leisure living," an article about new homes being built in the Radisson area, it was incorrectly reported that the home owner's association would provide exterior painting.Instead, the article should have read that homes would have maintenance-free exterior materials.'Lysander couple a w a r d e d C e n t u r y F a r m h o n o r ' In the Jan.18 edition of the Messenger, it was incorrectly reported that Roswell and Leslie Horner were married.

Roswell was married to Elsie and Leslie was Roswell's brother.Also, the Horner's grandson was incorrectly listed as Justin Waugh.fe# Mortgage Loans Pictured is Brett Cunningham, a senior at Baker High School, bowled a score of 300 in ajan.

Cunningham's accomplishment, one that many bowlers never achieve, was truly impressive, considering it is his third time scoring 300 since he began bowling.The Baldwinsville bowling team is currently in first place in Division A.Zeppetello stopped a vehicle on Van Buren Road for having a broken taillight.The driver was identified as Samantha A.

DMV checks revealed that her license had been suspended for failing to answer summons in the town of Salina as well as an alcohol related driving offense.Massett was arrested and issued two traffic tickets for second degree aggravated unlicensed operation and insufficient taillights.She was released on her own recognizance and was scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.

Baldwinsville Bottle & Can For Information Please Call: •Tom Greco • 343-1230 •Carl Shaw-668-6153 • Pat Hamer-592-3171 Loan Operations Center Enjoy the game on Sunday.

enjoy some change on Monday 41 South First Street • Fulton, NY We Deliver Fast, Efficient Service in a Clean Environment '<& Eultortf ICMOfR *$sri • f = ¥ \ ww+t*: $t for Generations RIVER MALL, BALDWINSVILLE • 635-7817 Open Mon Thurs 9-7, Friday 9-2, Sat 9-4, Sunday 10-3 �4/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY EAJSLE I, 2006 N i w i r t r i t i OPINION siarsttmasmmmmsmmmmi Consistency necessary for PAC-B recipients EDITORIAL Baldwinsville is Baldwinsville; nowhere else The village of Baldwinsville has undergone many changes in the past decade.

Changes have been made to improve the village economy, make a better home for residents and to create a place of destination for tourists.

There may be similarities between Baldwinsville's revitalization efforts and other existing communities, but likenesses exist between all communities.The similarities do not indicate a desire to be like somewhere else and Baldwinsville is not trying>to replicate the image of other villages in CNY, nor anywhere else.Every municipality makes decisions about how to present the community, to others and Baldwinsville is no different.By utilizing the natural and unique landscape, Baldwinsville's revitalization has attracted a variety of visitors and businesses.Even though some of these businesses may be reminiscent of other municipalities, they do not define the village.

Growth is beneficial to a community and, when it is well thought out, growth can result in wonderful benefits for the economy and the residents.Take pride in our developing community and support the efforts being made to make it attractive toothers.Last week I wrote about my inability to receive PAC-B at my home and I wasn't sure if it was an improper connection with my account or if it was a situation facing Baldwinsville residents in the 13209 zip code.I followed up and contacted Time Warner again to see whether or not PAC-B was included in my cable package.

The woman I spoke with told me it was not, so I asked if there was any way I could pay for the service and she told me no.But what could I do? Later on in the week, I went to buy my boyfriend, Brian, a birthday present.Since we moved into the new house, he has wanted a new television.I shopped around for the best deal, then purchased the TV and brought it home.

It is a 32inch screen, a relatively heavy TV, and although I consider myself strong, I wasn't about to carry it in the hide it until his birthday.I waited until he got home and we both carried it inside.Immediately, he removed the packaging and hooked the television up to check out the quality and play with all the Seneca Knolls area.(That's funny, because on the new TV, I can pick up PAC-B on its designated channel, 98.) I thanked her for the information and began to consider the inconsistency of both the representatives' knowledge and Time Warner's service.

If the municipalities features (typical male stuff).We (Baldwinsville, Lysander and are in the process of installing Van Buren) are paying for Time carpet in our living room, so we Warner to distribute channel have removed all the furniture, 98, then Time Warner should including the digital cable box, give residents of the municifrom the room.Brian hooked palities consistent and quality the TV up in another room service.where we only receive basic So, my advice to everyone cable.As he was surfing who is searching for PAC-B through the channels, he found (and by law, cable companies PAC-B on channel 98.

So, was it have to offer a public access the new TV, or is PAC-B only channel.I guess whether it is available through basic cable? CNY's or PAC-B is either The next day, I called Time dependent on the representaWarner again to find out.I did tive you speak with or the age not tell them I was now receivof your TV), keep calling the ing PAC-B (even though they cable company until you are told me I couldn't).Better yet, make find out what they would tell your voice heard next time me this time.

I nicely asked the there is a public hearing with representative why I wasn't Time Warner and the municireceiving PAC-B when l i m a palities.Remember, Greater member of Greater Baldwinsville is currently Baldwinsville.She told me I do operating on a temporary receive the station and it is contract with Time Warner.available on channel 73 in the Now is the time for your voice.2, 1876 - The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs was formed.3, 1913 - The 16th Amendment, establishing federal income tax.Shepard hit a golf ball and Edgar Mitchell threw a "javelin" on the moon.They landed in the same crater and remain on the Moon today.8, 1693 -College of William and Mary in Williamsburg,.

received its charter, becoming the second institution of higher learning in the United States., Baldwinsville, N e w York 13027 USPS Phone 3 I S - 4 3 4 - 8 8 8 9 340-480 • Fax 315-635-3914 Erin Smith.Ext 308 The M e s s e n g e r is a unit of Eagle Newspapers Richard K.President and CEO, Ext 302 John Mclntyre, Vice President and C O O David Grieves.330 Tami Grashof, Corporate Advertising D i r e c t o r , Ext.

v G f p f f Stickel, Director of Marketing/Circulation, Ext.305 Julie Galvm, Classified Advertising D i r e c t o r , Ext 324 •J" Office of Publication 5910 Firestone D r , Syracuse, N Y 13206 Periodical Postage paid at Syracuse.N Y 13220 The Messenger serves the residents of the village of Baldwinsville and the towns of Lysander and VanBuren and the Baldwinsville School District The /Wssenger is published weekly by Eagle Media Partners.D r , "Syracuse, N e w York 13206 Mail subscription rates S2S per yeai in advance to addresses in N e w York state.ftr in aclyance to addresses outside N e w York state.S 'cents per issue Postmaster Send address changes ne* Messenger, 59 10 Firestone D r , Syracuse.N Y Eag q Newspapers s owned by Eagic Media ??-v ers.'S Greer 13206 and Eagle chairman; David H N o r t h r u p ) r rtce»f*WTrtan, David R-c'ay s e c r e t a y t t e a v i ' e r .w i \~hn Mclntyre, vice p'esidor: tt*\Vv\\Y*>.

i FROM THE MAILBAG PAC-B thanks all for holiday help To the editor: During the month of December 2005, 19 holiday events, eight municipal meetings and seven Baldwinsville school sporting events were videographed by 23 volunteers of PAC-B.If you see these folks, tell them you appreciate their efforts to bring all local events to the only public access television station in Onondaga County, Cable Channel 98.Doug Dunlap, Don Schmidt, Jerry Elliott, Jeff Canino, John O'Neill, Bob Heater, Ed Barlow, Colin Kahl, Don and Norma Goodman, Phil Nagy, George Zacharek, Bob Edgett, Pat Leonard, Bonnie Kisselstein, Joe Cimitile, Tyler Massaro, Mike Taper, Gary Reisman, Joe De Barbieri, Ryan Cunningham and Steve Kimek.

These volunteers, along with many others who have worked with PAC during the year 2005, have contributed many hours, talent and some of their own personal equipment to keep you, the viewers of Channel 98 informed, educated and entertained.All of this would not be possible without the continued volunteer support staff operating from the basement of the Baldwinsville Public Library.Under the direction of our Chief Engineer Bob Stockdale, Joe Loffredo, Doug Dunlap and Bob Edgett have labored many hours to schedule these events during the Christmas season.Kimberley Presley, chair, Beverly Selby, Wendy Dryden, Norma Goodman, James Agent in Baldwinsville.

Honestly, we never thought we'd retire because we've always loved what we did and thoroughly enjoyed all our relationships in town.3, 2004 and lives with his mom and dad, Dacey and Mike, in Ballston Lake, outside Albany.Shane's little sister will be making her debut in March.

1, 2004 and lives with her moir and dad, Audra and Dave, in Las Vegas.We wanted to he a part of their lives and decided to live near them, which made the retirement idea mandatory.Life is full of trade-offs, and we traded the comfort and familiarity of a wonderful community for our family.We have no regrets, but we will miss a thousand friends.

We now have to establish ourselves in two new communities on either side of the country.Whenever we think this might be a daunting task, we remember establishing ourselves in Baldwinsville in 1971 and starting a new business from scratch.Now, that could have been daunting, but the folks in Baldwinsville were friendly and welcoming from NORMA GOODMAN the beginning.Not everyone MEMBER BOARD OF bought insurance from me, but DIRECTORS everyone opened their arms to the fledgling businessman and his wife and made us feel like part of the community.How does one adequately say thanks for that! Our activities with St Mary's Parish, the Baldwinsville Rotary Club, Meals on Wheels, To the editor: the Volunteer Center, Cheryl and I made the P.

Inc and all the decision to retire on Dec.

31 after 34 years as a State Farm Please see Far away, page 7 Hougtaling, Andrew Dryden, John Mc Fall wish to thank outgoing board members Robert Meixner, Charles Farrell and Arthur Levy for their past efforts to ensure the continued growth of the Baldwinsville PAC-B Channel 98.Other volunteers who have contributed to PAC-B during the year 2005 are Bob Kirk, Dawn Brauksiek, Bob Clarkson, Bruce Haney, Diane Billings, Micah Ordway, Tom Taylor, James Lowery, Carolyn .Ainsley, Marta Jetty, Anna Custer, Sarah Baker, Mo Le Pine, Ted Houck, Jeff Fortais, Frank O'Donnell, Meg Van Patten, Val and Marissa Chism, John Cerio, Judy McVity, Barbara Milewski, Marlene O'Brien, Nate Gillman, Steve Phanenstiel and Gary Gilcrest.The year 2006 will present PAC-B with many issues to resolve.Among them will be adequate funding, moving to a larger facility,' training of permanent staff and converting from analog to digital equipment.

Your support both financially and politically is needed to help us continue this valuable community resource.Correspondence from far away friends �EASLE MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I, 2006/5 M W i r A M I ! OPINION mmmtttim&m mmmmmmjzzNew York priority issues for 2006 For too long New York has been notorious for rising taxes and bloated health care costs.At the top of my legislative agenda this session is working with my Assembly colleagues in cutting property taxes and reforming the Medicaid system by eliminating fraud and erroneous spending.With a sizeable budget surplus expected this year, I am hopeful we will be able to reduce the tax burdens placed on our community's working families.I am working to reform the aged property tax revenue process, which is further impacted by skyrocketing property assessments and tax increases from all levels of government.With legislation targeting taxes, we can attract new businesses to our state as well as encourage growth by existing employers.

Providing tax exemptions for capital improvement projects as well as establishing tax credits and incentives for manufacturing businesses are just some of the proposals I am working to make law this year.Also proposed are measures urging businesses to explore alternative energy sources.9388 provides tax credits for biofuel production plants and qualified fuel cell electric generating equipment expenditures.I am working on many issues to make New York a better Will Barely place to live and conduct business.

This year I have introduced legislation meant to help small-business owners and consumers combat rising insurance costs: Assembly bill A.8249 calls for establishment of the "New York Automobile Insurance Fraud and Premium Reduction Act," designed to crack down on auto insurance fraud and lower the cost of insurance premiums.9260, relates to sole proprietor health insurance policies.It extends an existing law limiting health insurance premiums to no more than 120 percent of those available to small groups, making health care coverage more affordable for the self-employed during a time of double-digit rises in • premiums.

For many senior citizens in our community, Social Security is a vital part of their income.The program benefits represent a return of hardearned money they contributed to the program over the course of their working years.New York should not penalize ATTENTION READERS • .PAGES PAST seniors receiving those benefits by factoring their existence into the formula used to determine property exemption eligibility.3378, which proposes to exclude Social Security benefits when determining the gross income figure to be used in applications for exemptions from real property taxes.ATV and off-road motorcycle riding is an ever-growing recreational sport in our community as well as across New York.ATV riders in our state have already developed a private pay-to-play off highway motorcycle and ATV trail system with hundreds of trails over thousands of acres among eight riding destinations.

9286 to provide for development and maintenance of ATV trails, as well as state assistance for local enforcement of laws relating to ATV use and state aid for safety and education programs.My legislation is designed to make ATV trail riding safer, more enjoyable to create and maintain trails for ATV enthusiasts to utilize.As always, please contact my office if you have questions, comments or concerns regarding this or any other matter.Life on an Erie Canal boat was 'just like home' From the Oswego Daily Commercial Times, June 5, 1850 People who have commodious houses and the comforts of life are often distressed, perchance, because their rooms are small and their houses contracted.They should see how some tidy house-wives live in canal boats and how they manage to get along, keep moving in their little floating domiciles.In looking in among the craft at one of the docks the other day, it was a matter of positive amusement to see how much was crowded sometimes into the dimensions of a common canal craft.We have one in our mind's eye, which contained all the domestic fixtures of the boatman's family, his horses and also room for 600 to 700 barrels of flour.At one end of the boat was an apartment that served in treble purpose of kitchen, parlor and sleeping room.

The deck is the place ordinarily for exercise and sitting, but the culinary operations and sleep must all be had in the little meager cabin, whose dimensions can scarcely, exceed 10 by 12 feet.navigator concentrates his domestic joys and jewels, and here he gathers around him his earthly treasures.They follow him in his periodical migrations to tide water and back again, and are every where about him in the calm sunshine and in the perils of the "raging canawl." His motive power is strengthened by oats and cut feed in the opposite end of his domicile, and they are fed alternately as they progress toward, or return from market.Too often the cargo supplies the necessary domestic comforts for the voyage, whether it be flour, or sugar or tea, or provender for the horses.

A lesson of contentment may be learned from a canal boat and its comforts.It will thus be seen that the mind and the heart most contribute to personal enjoyment, after all.PITTSBURGH VS* SEATTLE UPER SUNDAY KICK BACK AT • MWine Garden Lounge SUPER BOWL SPECIALS FREE BUFFET v 3 < l v C v) U on the cost of renewing your Eagle Newspaper subscription when you send one new subscriber our way.

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Lobster TaU Choice of Pasta or Potato Fresh Garden Salad *<.99 Wine Garden CORNER OF DEXTER PKWY & RT 370 • BALDWINSVILLE 635-5133 • �6/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY EA0LE I, 2006 H M M M U K S SCHOOLS Call for & FREE credit report, and for your pre-approval! IPS Jason Miller - Home Loan Consultant •/ •/ y y y Why vent, when \<>u tun hu\ far the same payment Ask ine how to hu\ a house with no money down.

\ loans I-HA loans Office: 315-452-4721 / Cell: 315-345-4966 jason [email protected] 4i/itap A (BOAA Mejuuwji A • @/tiiifrest a/if/ c /s/////j, y$eq?//tt ert - <2)OH- U McNamara Elementary School performed in the musical "Melton, the SL TfmW***"' message of the show was that sharing and caring are the qualities of being a good friend.(Above) First>" M>&£km?,m grader Zachary Ravas.(Right) Emma •;mmMM/kmsm Monterville belts out a song with her classmates during the musical.c H E V R O L I Prices! £ £ ? AMAttBUCAN REVOLUTION BUY FOR 55.996 9 * & EttP 8 J279 Baker junior demonstrates freedom 1I00D Down • T B M , • OMV I K n»y» .tiacwflar cmtamar mpcnsfcbtoruceti WMT 2006 Silverado Ext.

Cob 2WD, V6, auto, AC, #T6138 New MSRP $18,085 IV8, auto, CD, I Heavy Duty #T6078 New MSRP $28,035 ffiSS 6UY FOR includes Evans + tax 4 DMV discount & al rebates tax includes Evans DMV cfiscount & al rebates RT.Baldwinsviile Watch M a k e Your Reservations For Valentine's Day SU HOOPS on our large projected 6'x8' -screen.Join Us For Our SUPER BOWL PARTY ALASKAN SNOW CRAB $

PORTERHOUSE STEAK ALL YOU CAN EAT ALASKAN SNOW CRAB WITH CHOICE OF POTATO AND FRESH GARDEN SALAD LATE NIGHT HAPPY HOUR HI U LOCK DOWN EVfflY NITE 9PM - MIDNIGHT WITf&rtOtGl w/Jack Daniels Demi Glaze OP POTATO • Anheuser Buscfi Butted Beer.$2 FBBSHGARPEN SALAD • AN Well Drinks „ $2 PEN JLVF COUPON IfflJEM" • • • DINNER— ; Buy 2 Entrees and00Receive LUNCH • • • Buy 2 Entrees and Receive s *8 Off 2°° Off 635-2794 635-2794 \ .

n ( ( ! M ' t n t i | x i i i | » ' H h Nl 1 h«»'l

»i> A < >l| )< f < l l S < ( M l i l t • I V | >!' • * •• i .

! H < " , 33 Water Street • Baldwinsviile • 635-2794 |\>rirrh Baker High School junior Audrey Owens has placed third in the state level of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Voice of Democracy Audio Scholarship Contest.The essay topic was "How I Demonstrate My Freedom." Owens was the first place winner for the high school; she placed second in the Central Counties Council portion of the contest.The top three winners from Baker were presented with awards on Jan.21 at a dinner at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 153.

Tyler Massaro was awarded second place and Hannah Sollecito received third place.Sunroof, keyless entry, CD Changer LEASE FOR + tax includes Evans per mo 48 mo & DMV discount & al rebates '23.495; m 2006 Trail Blazer U 2005 Tohoc IT Sunrocf, Sound Entertainment, DVD, leather, demo #T5131 MSRP $49,425 He * Six seniors will be performing when the curtain goes up this weekend for the Baker High School performances of "The Music Man." Pictured are (from left) Professor Harold Hill (Matt Dengler), M arian the librarian (in the window-Amanda Kurey), Marcellus Washburn (Dave Rotchfprd).

The Pick-A Little-Ladies are Meghan Faulkner, Alyssa Corson (standing) and Deanna Richards, who portrays Eulalie Shinn the wife of the mayor of River City.The other students nominated by Baker faculty were Kate Ferrara, Lauren Fraser, Dave G i a n n i n o , M a r g o r i e H a r t m a n , S t e p h a n i e Holt, Tehya Johnson, Erica Levey, Chris Lloyd, Carrie McMahon, Dan Walker, Christine Wright, Kevin Schnackel and Heather Zulauf.Pedrotti Susan Pedrotti, daughter of John and Barbara Pedrotti of Baldwinsviile, has been named to the New York Life Scholar fall 2005 Athlete Allison McComb, a senior at dean's list at John Baker High School, is t h e St.winner of the New York Life Fisher College Scholar Athletic Award for the in Rochester.McComb is a Pedrotti is a member of the girls' varsity freshman and indoor track team.She has been majors in coma member of the girls' cross- munications.Susan Pedrotti country and outdoor track teams as well.She is a member of the Grosso National Honor Society and has Regina Grosso of been on the High Honor Roll Baldwinsviile has been named to since ninth grade.the fall 2005 dean's list/at the Each week, New York Life In- State University of New York surance presents the award to a College at Cortland.

Grosso is a deserving senior winter athlete Baker High School graduate from Baker High School.(Frbm left) Voices of Democracy winhers Hannah Sollecito, Audrey Owens and Tyler Massaro, with their teacher Jim Glisson, display their awards.Urban Bethany Urban, daughter of David and Patricia Urban of Baldwinsviile, has been named to the fall 2005 dean's list at Keuka College.Urban is a sophomore majoring in accounting and mathematics.

Baker senior t o represent school in scholarship contest Baker High School seniors have chosen classmate Josh Coyne as the school's representative to the Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship Contest.Faculty members nominated 14 students, for the senior class to consider.Coyne was selected by his peers I based on his dependability, Josh Coyne Craig and Karen Anders of Baldwinsviile, has been named to the fall 2005 dean's list at St.Anders is a junior majoring in elementary and special education.

Allison Brianna Allison of Baldwinsviile has been named to the fall 2005 dean's list at Stonehill College in Massachusetts.Allison is a member of the Tom Colone, left, a representative of class of 2007.New York Life Insurance, recently presented the New York Life Scholar Athletic Award to Allison McComb, pictured with Mike Scuderi, coach of the girls' varsity indoor track team.LaQuay Angela LaQuay, daughter of Dale and Ellen LaQuay of Baldwinsviile, has been named to the fall 2005.doan's list at Greenville College in Illinois.

B'ville residents m a k e , LaQuay is a senior majoring in d e a n ' s list Nicole Anders, daughter of elementary education.�EAffLE MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I, 2006/7 BUSINESS asissssMeet Debbie Castro and Tim Nobles Debbie Castro and Tim Nobles work as a team at Nobles Tire City at 91 Syracuse St.Castro has worked at the automotive shop for about two years and Tim is the owner's son.What are your positions? "I am the office assistant and Tim is the office manager."-Castro What do you like best about your jobs? "I get to meet a lot of people and work indoors and outdoors/* - Nobles "I like dealing with people and working oneon-one.I have met a lot of different people in the community."-Nobles Super Bowl Sampler at Riverside Fitness Center BY ERIN SMITH The Riverside Fitness Center will host a Super Bowl Sampler from 2 to 4 p.The pre-game event will feature refreshments and door prizes.It will include products from Lia Sophia Jewelry, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tastefully Simple, Cherished Baskets, Market America, Homemade Gel Candles and Homemade Dog Biscuits.Chair massages by Gerri Crelot, a licensed massage therapist will be available for participants $10 for 10 minutes (registration and payment needed in advance).The event will also feature pizza samples from Baldwinsville's Pizza Man and baked goods for sale.

Admission is $5 at the door and proceeds from the event will benefit a Baldwinsville family.Faraway friends How do you Hke working in the automotive business? "It's not what I was used to office wise, but I like it.I have worked in a bank and office before.Here, it's a different adventure everyday.

"Castro From page 4 Is there something you would like to share about yourself? "I have lived in the Baldwinsville area for 10 years.My son has a brain tumor, and all of my customers have been very supportive and I greatly appreciate it."-Castro and constantly trying to make tremendous people that make B'ville better.The non-profit up Baldwinsville have enriched agencies and their volunteers our lives beyond description.bring generosity to newI'msoproudof the heights.

Baldwinsville community, We won't physically be in especially over these last few Baldwinsville any longer, but years.The village is renewing you will always be in our Debbie Castro and Tim Nobles assist a customer at Nobles itself and becoming more hearts.business community is thriving BOB AND CHERYL BONNEY Datebook From page 2 Guild of CNY will meet from 10 a.11 at the Baldwinsville Public Library at 33 E.

This month's topic will be "Reading Charts and Patterns," presented by Brian Bermel.Sixth annual White-Out vintage sled show The sixth annual White-Out vintage sled show will be held Feb.12 at the Rolling Wheels race track in Elbridge.Taste of B'ville The Baldwinsville Volunteer Center will be holding the seventh annual fundraiser, "A Taste of Baldwinsville," from 7 p.to midnight Saturday March 4 at the Radisson-Lysander Arena on West Entry Road in Lysander.4 at the Volunteer Center office, 44 Oswego St.

The event will feature beverage tastings provided by AnheuserBusch, Inc., food tastings from various local restaurants, a silent auction and live auction presented by" TW Conroy.Major sponsors of the event are Anheuser-Busch, Inc., WSEN, DOT Publishing and UBS Financial Services.

Basketball camp Baldwinsville Bees basketball camp will be held from 9:15 a.This camp is for boys and girls in fourth through eighth grade.Register for winter break day camp Camp Fire USA CNY is accepting registration for winter break day camp at Camp Talooli in Pennellville.

The developmental program will be held from 8:30 a.Transportation to and from camp is provided by bus.Talooli is for children from kindergarten age to 12 years old.Ongoing A A R P T a x Aides at BPL and C W S C AARP Tax Aides will provide tax assistance to local taxpayers free of charge at the Baldwinsville Public Library on A Ileitis j Tradition! I """""ging 'Valentines performed by members of February 2-for-l The Spirit of Syracuse Chorus Make St.

Valentine's Day exciting! B u y One, i ' Get One j FREE j with Coupon Only Hofmann's i Coney o r F r a n k We will honor all of our competitor's coupons! EXPIRES 2/28/06 II I I OF LIVERPOOL I I 315-451-0786 I I 1 Coupon for Each Boy One, Get One I J Surprise that special someone at home, at ivork, at school, at your favorite restaurant, or anywhere you would like us to sing in Syracuse ana surrounding area! Monday and Wednesday mornings and at the Canton Woods Senior Center on Tuesday and Thursday mornings through Apr.Make reservations by calling the library at 635-5631 or Canton Woods at 638-4536.Each taxpayer must bring a Social Security card and one for each dependent.Taxpayers should also bring a copy of last years tax forms, all forms showing income, information concerning the basis for all security transactions and any correspondence received during the tax year.

Also, all receipts and canceled checks for expenses to be claimed as itemized deductions.The Alzheimer's Association will host a support group at 6:30 p.on the second Tuesday of each month at the Baldwinsville Methodist Church.

The monthly meetings are open to caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease.

Plain/ille Fire D i s t r i c t b o a r d of c o m m i s s i o n e r s m e e t i n g If You are Looking for a Low Price START Here.If You are looking for4 STOP Full Service, Stop Here.• Preferred-risk and "less-than-perfect" drivers • Convenient pay plan • Competitive rates For free auto quote, Call me.Log on it's your choice! • Auto • Home • Financial Products • Business Carl Scott Bob Salenski Agency One or two songs you've chosen from our list V A personalized Valentine's Day Card *? A gift of delicious Valentine candy in a unique packageMemories to last a lifetime! Singing Valentines can be delivered during the following times: Monday, February 13 12:00 p.Alzheimer's support group The monthly meetings of the Plainville Fire District Board of N u r s e r y school r e g i s t r a t i o n Commissioners will be held at 7 Open registration for St.

the second Tuesday of evMark's Nursery School for the ery month at the school house in 2006-07 school year has started.00* your Valentine will receive: V The nursery school is at 2840 Cold Springs Road (Route 370) in Baldwinsville.To register for next year, for more information or to scheduia-a vis&f.te ;•%" 635r9959 Carl Scott 20 Oswego St.Baldwinsville Bob Salenski To order a Valentine: V V V V Visit our web »ito at E-mail us at [email protected] Phone us at (315) 623-7424 Send a mail request to: Spirit of Syracuse Chorus 27 Reed Parkway, Marcellus, 13108 v Credit Cards accepted *You may *elect a specific time for delivery of the Valentine (within a one-hour Window) for an extra $10.00 Nationwide® Insurance & Financial Services Nationwide or*o*ruNrnr INSURER Is On Your Side* Life insurance underwritten by Nationwide Lite Insurance Company Nationwide Mutual Insurance Companyand Affiliated Companies, Home Office Columbus, OH 43215-2220 ANo4 11/00 �

=OTO=0=OCX?OCCCOCO»CCOCOCO?CCOSOCC03CCO 8/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY EASLE I, 2006 Niwsruus s Spiritual Psychic • Reader & Advisor b 37 Years of Experience STEP program refreshes students No Longer Be Worried And Confused About What's To Come.With The Highest Grade Of Psychic Ability.Can Tell You Your Past As Only You Know It.

She Will Pinpoint Your Present Situations.And Clearly And Accurately Predict Your Future.She Will Give Advice On Love, Marriage, Luck, Job, Money.You Will Walk Away A Believer! From page I Readings Offered Palm • Tarot Card • Psychic - Crystals Aroma Therapy • Egyptian Ruins • Charts By Appl Only - Open Mon.- SaL 9AM-9PM jj E r a 652-2200 ' H B «J 7890 Oswego Rd, Liverpool, NY 13090 i< Gift Certificates & Group Rates Available Z& t 2Vetc4*Ke *S ?®(%

One goal of STEP is to have "kids see walking as a part of their daily life.

" With this in mind, many adults in the school, including the school nurse, reading teacher "and Principal Jay Austin, have started walking, not only for their own benefit but to serve as role models for stu- dents.Parent response to the program has also been very positive.Another goal of STEP is to increase school-wide participation in Paige's Butterfly Run ( ), to be held this year at the school June 3.Held in honor of Paige Yeomans Arnold, a former Palmer student who died of leukemia, this annual race raises thousands of dollars to support the fight against pediatric cancers and furiti a scholarship given each year at Baker High School in Paige's honor.The carry-over benefits of STEP into the classroom are noteworthy.

Students and classes are encouraged to keep track of how many miles they have walked and top walkers will be recognized at future awards assemblies.In Resseguie's class, each lap around the path earns a child a paper sneaker to color and display in the classroom; thus, students sharpen their math skills by graphing and analyzing the accumulated miles.At this point in the year, the miles are literally starting to add up."A lot of my children have finished their 18th mile and are starting towards mile 21.Sometimes thev'll get a mile in a single day.

" Research demonstrates a growing need for programs like STEP.The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that childhood obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and recommends allotting additional time to physical activity during the school day.Further, research from the Franklin Institute shows that "walking is especially good for your brain because it increases blood circulation and the oxygen and glucose that reach your brain." Resseguie and other teachers can attest to these benefits firsthand."It takes less than ten minutes for the students to do one lap around the path.

It lets that little burst of energy out." Looking ahead to the future, Resseguie is eager to expand upon the program's success.The Baldwinsville school district has recently established both a wellness committee and a wellness cirective to help support healthier lifestyles for its students.Resseguie would like Palmer students to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating, and she would also like to educate parents more about the importance of exercise in preventing childhood obesity.

In addition, she hopes to obtain pedometers for all of the students.There are approximately 500 students at Palmer and there are only enough pedometers for two classes.Those interested in assisting can contact the school at 638-6127.ELIZABETH ZAGATA Students and teachers participate in STEP, a walking program utilizing a pathway around Palmer Elementary School.Open Super Bowl Sunday @ Noon , 12 TVs I Enjoy Our M e n u During The G a m e ! TAVERN MENU S e r v e d M o n .& Sun @ N o o n D a i l y Soup Special Fresh Salads Hot Sandwiches Philly CheeseSteak Hamburgers Cheeseburgers Chicken P a r m .Patty M e l t H o f m a n n Hotdogs French Fries O n i o n Rings Tuna & Chick.Salad BLT's & m o r e ! Enjoy Our Menu During SU HOOPS For Your Next Party Call 635-6140 * C\ rill 2 9 OSWEGO ST., BALDWINSVILLE m nny Appleseed Farm, Ltd Johnny Appleseed Farm Ltd.Winter Floor Sample Clearance! Each year about this time we start to prepare the store for our new Spring Collections.In an effort to make room we are offering a large variety' of floor samples, one of a kind items and discontinued items at greatly reduced prices.

The list below offers a sampling of the manv items we have to offer.Retail Our Price Clearance Contemporary Leather Sectional Queen Solid Cherry Sleigh Bed Solid Cherry Chest for above item Sage Green Chenille Sofa & Chair Antique Repro Caned Seat Bench Large Leather Cube Ottoman Pine Kitchen work Table/Metal top French Stvle Painted Dining Table, 4 Chairs & Hutch Black Stained Solid Oak Armoire Solid Maple French Style Armoire English Oak Wine Cabinet Solid Oak Hutch Power Lift Recliner Hand Painted Entertainment Center Navy Leather Recliner Hunter Green Leather Recliner Antique Repro Pine French Desk Antique Finish Black Hall Table Brown Leather Recliner Solid Oak Coffee Table Queen Williamsburg Collection Bed Dresser, Chest, Mirror, Nightstand 6000 1300 1550 .2850 1180 490 1900 4997 2190 2800 2750 2550 2220 1647 2495 2495 1500 1200 2350 1109 8485 3495 2795 929 749 1099 895 2044 1595 885 595 259 189 1395 695 2974 1359 1859 1995 1395 1359 949 1595 1595 995 895 1295 669 6061 2495 1095 1495 795 895 1095 795 1049 1049 695 495 949 495 4495 Many More Floor Samples are Available! 5 Miles east of Cazenovia in Nelson, NY.Telephone 315-662-7071 Tuesday-Saturday 9:00am.Closed Monday SADA Charity Preview benefits the National Kidney Foundation of CNY The SADA Charity Preview will be held on Tuesday, January 31 at the OnCenter in Syracuse.This exciting venue has becomethe premier social event of the year, complete with music, dancing, entertainment, delicious cuisine and of course, an exciting preview of the new 2006 and 2007 automobiles.The Syracuse Automobile Dealers Association (SADA) Charity Preview benefits 13 select CNY charities, including the National Kidney Foundation of Central NY.

Corporate underwriting allows each charity to retain a major portion of each ticket it sells, so your donation through ticket proceeds goes directly to our life-saving screening and preventative services.There is still time to make plans to attend this event and support the National Kidney Foundation of CNY.Please call us today at 315-476-0311 to purchase your tickets! National Kidney Foundation of C E N T R A L NEW YORK For more information, call 315-476-0311 or visi \ .S » A M I J I, 2006/9 Beaver Lake Nature Center day to register and check conditions.

each Saturday and Sunday, a Beaver Lake naturalist will embark on a wild winter adventure."Tracking Wildlife on Snowshoes" is a free walk on snowshoes in search of what the winter season has to offer.Winter is frequently associated F r o m page 2 with stillness and lifelessness, when actually the winter wilderness is teeming with life.

Both above and beneath the blanket of snow, the winter woods are bustling with activity; signs of this activity are everywhere.On snowshoes, a Beaver Lake naturalist will help participants decode these winter clues and discuss the strategies both plants and ani- Registration is required beginning at 8 a.the day of the hike and space is limited.This program will be offered only when snow conditions are acceptable.

Call the Nature Center at 6382519 that day to register and check conditions.Trail tales for children Beaver Lake Nature Center will offer Trail Tales, a preschool program, at 1 p.This is an opportunity for 3&// azz Sweethearts to 5 year-olds to do both.A natu\gi (Brunch ralist will read stories to theSunday, TeSruary 12th children and lead them on a walk Hfestaurant 10:30 am - 2:30pm to experience what the season $22 per person has to offer.

This program is free 'Enjoy soot fling performances Sy with the $2 per car admission Joe Whiting c£ Coren (Barrigar into the park.and a dedgfitfuC Srunch Buffet ADK storyteller Bill Smith On Saturday Feb.11, Beaver Lake Nature Center is offering a special evening with Special Valentine's Dinner ala Adirondack storyteller, Bill Smith.Smith has become as carte menu available Valentine's Call for much of a symbol of Adirondack Weekend (Sat.2/14) in Reservations Mountain life as the ash splint our beautiful Dining Room.638-0315 pack basket he so skillfully Feb.In front of a crackling fire, Acoustic Guitar by Loren Barrigar Smith will enchant participants Followed by Kevin & Loren Barrigar Open Tuts.4-8 with his true stories and tall tales in the Tavern Fri.4-9, Sunday 3-8 of life in the north woods.Hot 26 W Genesee St, Skaneateles mulled cider and warm desserts 3160 Cold Springs R& (RL 370) Reservations (315) 685-3405 For more info: will complete this winter Baldwinsville evening.

Advance registration is required by Feb.Limited seating is available and this program fills quickly.A special Valentine Beaver Lake Nature Center Whole House Water Filter has a different idea for celebrating Valentine's Day.

The center New Technology • No Electric is offering a program from 1 to 4 FREE INSTALLATION! Quality.f e # 1 C Eliminates: Yellow Water, as Tuesday Feb.By I w Iw w Hardness & Chlorine spending the afternoon snowshoeing along the snowcovered trails of Beaver Lake, participants can share their love for the outdoors and each other.

Afterwards, return to the visitor center for dessert and a hot drink.

The price of this program is $7 per person and includes dessert, a hot beverage and snowshoes.Spaghetti dinner fundraiser From noon to 3 p.19, the Friends of Beaver Lake Nature Center will be SYRACUSE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA hosting a spaghetti dinner Daniel Hcge • MUSK Director fundraiser.Bring the family, friends and neighbors to enjoy h this delicious dinner which infe£* cludes spaghetti, salad, rolls, A \.Tickets - # Mulroy Civic Center at Oncenter, Syracuse, NY are $6 for adults, $3 for children % Daniel Hege, conductor (ages 5- to 12-years old) and chil-i Upstate NY Ballet, Kathleen Rathbun, director dren younger than 5-years old I f You will enjoy the timeless grace and splendor of are free.Reservations are recom|:: dance set to the glorious music of Tchaikovsky's I Sleeping Beauty.All proceeds benefit the highlight performance the whole family Is sure to enjoy, nature center.

This program is sponsored in part by Francesco •**.*i,*-: Snowshoeing clinic (sen* rtttrkttofii may jppfy) THIS s Beaver Lake Nature Center ,1 P°n$oredby: A AllianceBari" WEEKEND! is offering a snowshoeing clinic IK.This w-fendin! F r | d a y & Saturday, February 10 & 11 clinic will include instru :tions \/\ C I U O I C O 800pm • Mulroy Civic Center at Oncenter and a short snowshoe hike.Families with little ( r no VERDI'S REQUIEM snowshoeing experience will Experience t h e p o w e r a n d p a s s i o n o f Verdi's epic especially enjoy this one-hour m a s t e r p i e c e Requiem.

Registration is Danif-! Hege, conductor required beszinpinsj .f< v a n d space • ' , The Attorney Conso'ti, > ;nit» 'i j h i- am will iv •« i )t't'(M 1 SllOV t '• M PI on ihe •; ' h a t FOR TICKETS or visit SyracuseSympbo • Same great HoneyBaked Ham, just smaller! Starting around $ 1 9 — .- $ i ' pants have seen finback and humpback whales, harbor seals and numerous pelagic birds, the trip also includes a visit to the New England Aquarium.The price is $370 and includes transportation, lodging, admissions and some meals.Beaver Lake is three miles west of Baldwinsville off Route 370.

The V 4 Ham! *£ Join us at Tabatha's for Valentine's Day hi mals use to cope with this harsh season.Registration is required beginning at 8 a.the day of the hike and space is limited.Whale watch, aquarium visit Beaver Lake Nature Center will lead a three day whale watching trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts, from May 12 to 14.

In addition to two whale watches, where past partici- " r.' i ' n lli>h Or Try Our Super Fan Package V 4 HAM • TURKEY BREAST 3 LARGE SIDE DISHES plus a FREE DESSERT? $Bm$ up to 12 for about $7 per person) 345$ Erie Blvd., DeWitt THE HONEYBAKED H A M C O M P A N Y .7300 in < • - • ; > mm w 2dKgmto last WeChw>sefiprn fptdt ttdt yellow pinky orangeandpurple* Vour Choice - Airy .Color LEISfNON'S Jewelers Market Fair North • Clay • 622-4663 �"") „ ID/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY EASLE I, 2006 NtWSFAPttS Police Blotter From page 3 Kline At 11:12 a.

Knaul observed a vehicle traveling south on Oswego Street with an expired inspection sticker.The vehicle was stopped and the driver identified as Robin B.A DMV check discovered that the registration to the vehicle wa> expiree and Kline's driver's license was suspended.

Kline was arrested and charged with third degree aggravated unlicensed operation, unregistered and uninspected vehicle.Kline was released on her own recognizance and was scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.Oneida street with the driver not wearing a seatbelt.The vehicle was stopped and the driver identified as Thomas Kimberly, 36, of 7751 Seneca Beach Drive in Baldwinsville.Computer checks further revealed that'his license was suspended for failure to appear in court.Kimberly was arrested for third degree aggravated unlicensed operation and is scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.

Unauthorized use of a vehicle At 4:06 p.Leroy arrested and charged a 17 yearold youthful offender with third degree unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.The investigation and arrest was a result of a traffic stop by Officer Gleason on Dec.30, when the youthful offender was the driver and was cited for several violations.

Further investigation revealed that the vehicle had been stolen from the lot of Ken's Automotive on Syracuse Street and the youth- ful offender was further charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle.was released and was scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.in Baldwinsville and charged him with petit larceny and third degree forgery in connection with a complaint from his then employer Cole Muffler.

It was alleged that Flynn, between October and December, had charged numerous items from the Village Ace Hardware store to the Cole Muffler account but then kept those items for himself.It is also alleged that Flynn signed both his name and forged a coworkers name when charging the items.Flynn was arrested and issued an appearance ticket.He was scheduled to appear in court at 6 p.*****"***• NO COVER » DRINK SPECIALS $ 2°° BOTTLES BUD, BUD LIQHT POOL SPECIAI 'i 6PM - Midnight PER PERSON '&$&**-+* POOL SPECIAl 7 6PM - Midnight / $6 PER PERSON Free Finger Foods During Game MICHELLE ALLEN 197 DOWNER STREET BALDWINSVILLE, NY 13027 (315) 635-1307 "Advertising in The Employment Guide has been the best 'bang for the buck' that we have found in the Syracuse area." and was scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.Multiple bench warrants served At 5:42 p.in Baldwinsville regarding a bench w a r r a n t for DWI, unlawful possession of marijuana, no inspection and insufficient lights issued by the Baldwinsville Justice Court for failure to appear on a scheduled court date.Carrington was arraigned before Justice Huling and released on his own recognizance.He is scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.Holtman arrested an 18 year-old youthful offender, when he turned himself in to police at the station on a bench warrant charging him with fifth degree criminal possession of stolen property.The youth was charged originally on Feb.The youthful offender was arraigned before Judge Huling who released him on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in village court on Jan.

Hirsh, 19, of 1002 Landrush Way in Baldwinsville regarding a bench warrant for third degree aggravated unlicensed operation after Hirsh failed to appear at a scheduled court date for the original charges that occurred on Dec.Hirsh was arraigned before Van Buren Justice Van Der Water and bail was set which she was unable to meet.Hirsh was transported to Onondaga County Justice Center and was scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.

Zeppetello stopped a vehicle on Downer Street for illegal tint.Hanmer, 38, of 7630 Maple Road in Baldwinsville.DMV checks revealed that his license has been suspended numerous times for failing to answer a summons and failure to pay fines.Hanmer was arrested and issued two traffic tickets for aggravated unlicensed operation and illegal tint.He was released on $100 cash bail and is scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.

During the booking process it was revealed that there was a warrant for his arrest from the city of Syracuse.Hanmer was turned over to the Onondaga County Sheriffs Office regarding the warrant.

12, Baldwinsville Police were contacted by Onondaga County Sheriff Deputy J.O'Neil that he had a youthful offender in custody for a warrant and that there were active warrants out of the village of Baldwinsville court for that same subject.

Knaul placed the youthful offender under arrest for the bench warrants for two counts of larceny, unlawful possession of marijuana and seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The offender was arraigned before town of Van Buren Justice E.Van Der Water, who set bail at $1000 cash or $1500 bond, which the youthful offender could not meet.The youthful offender was transported to the justice center m;i - Matt Lasher Senior Medical Recruiter Maxim Healthcare Services *>•*••• (4 The Employment Guide is a great way for CareStaf to recruit potential employees.Czyz observed a male drinking a beer behind Eckerd Drug at 18 E.Computer checks further revealed that Warhol had an active arrest warrant for petit larceny in the village of Baldwinsville.

Warchol was transported to the police departPlease see Blotter, page I I h WINTER SA1E m • \m ms m M - Debbie Murray, Branch Director CareStaf of Syracuse '.- ise, call us at 437-6173 ,CNY A pbyment Guide Central Ne ,'ork's best link between job seekers and employers.•At £&?= I Top of the Hill, Fayetteville 637-9443 *Brightc ' deluded I • -—m •• •• m• I - • - - - - - • • * ** • •";: I �EA0LE MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I , 2006/11 Niwjr*riu Police Blotter From page 10 ment and arraigned before Judge Huling.Bail was set at $500, which he was unable to make.

Warchol was remanded to the justice center and was sched' uled to appear in village court at 6 p.Unlawfully dealing with a child At 2:39 p.

Coakley arrested a 16 yearold male youthful offender on a bench warrant charging him with unlawfully dealing with a child in the first degree.The initial arrest occurred on May 16 when the youthful offender gave alcohol to juveniles.

The warrant was issued when he failed to make a court appearance.The youthful offender was arraigned before Justice Tim McMahon and was released on his own recognizance to appear in village court at 6 p.U n l a w f u l possession of marijuana At 12:35 p.Reidy, 17, of 107 Hosmer Drive in Syracuse.21 at Baker High School regarding a student in possession of marijuana.A criminal summons was applied for and issued by the village court on Dec.

Zeppetello served a summons on Frances A., Baldwinsville after investigating a complaint at the Baldwinsville Diner on Dec.18 where O'Brien became involved in an argument with another patron and threw coffee on the person.O'Brien was charged with second degree haYouthful offender charged At 6 p.18, Officer rassment and she is scheduled to P.Holtman arrested a 17-year- appear in village court at 6 p.criminal summons for third degree criminal trespass.The Osier charge is a result of an incident At 5:20 p.Holtman served a criminal High School where the youthful summons on Joshua Osier, 25, of offender was on school property 605 Landrush Way in in violation of his suspension Baldwinsville charging him from school.

fender was scheduled to appear The summons was issued based in village court at 6 p.Further computer checks revealed that the vehicle's registration was suspended.The youth was placed under arrest and issued two tickets for uninspected vehicle and operating a suspended vehicle.The youth was released and is scheduled to appear in village court on Feb.4th, 2006 Screenings residence, he threw her to the appear in village court at 6 p.is scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.21, Officer T w o charged w i t h D W I C.

20, Officer vehicle traveling south on SyraC.The vehicle was traveling west in the eastbound stopped and the driver identilane on Downer Street.Smith, 27, of Gleason followed the vehicle, 210 Seneca Ave in which then crossed the double Baldwinsville.Alcohol involveyellow solid lines, and then ment was detected and field sodrove on the shoulder of the briety tests administered.The vehicle was stopped Smith was placed under arrest and the driver identified as and issued summons for driving Daniel J.Thompson, 22, of 12029 while intoxicated, first degree Rt.Alcohol in- aggravated unlicensed operavolvement was detected and tion and speed in zone.The agfield sobriety tests were admin- gravated unlicensed charge was istered which Thompson failed.

the result of a computer check Thompson was arrested and is- that showed Smith's driver's lisued summons for driving while cense had been suspended.intoxicated, failing to keep right Smith was released on his own and driving over a hazard mark- recognizance and is scheduled to ing.He was released on his own appear in village court at 6 p.recognizance and is scheduled to on Feb.

11am: "Flash G o r d o n " seriaK'36) 1:30pm: " G o d z i l l a vs.the Smog M o n s t e r " 11:30pm: " C h i l d r e n of the Sky" Matinees $3.

50, Late Nite $5 Palace Theatre, 2384 James St.

, Syracuse Presented by the IJ-Movie Film Fest (>52-3ilf»tt, A $10 Membership can make sure it never happens to you.fiJiruary i -nar<*ea w i t h incr o r d e r of o *3 !?'**?* •5 -» « & j 7 'T~ '• -.- * c culG HIS i i i O L l i t J i;~~7t Jtf"> - - .1 Ol l i l t l U IVi'lC threatening them both repeatedly.Both the-mother and sister had valid orders of protection issued against the male.

He was arrested for violating the orders and charged with two counts of second degree criminal contempt.The youthful offender was arraigned before Judge McMahon and bail was set at $200.Bail was posted and the youthful offender was released into the custody of his father and was scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.'P: l - SHOW fc££UBS Fri 5 pm-9 pm : Sat- 10 arn-5 pm jsun 10 am-4 pm • Adm S6 j FREE PARKING!?? YOUR HANDSTAMP RE-ADMITS YOU j ALL 3 DAYS!!! Country Folk Art Shows, Holly, Michigan • Ph: (248) 634-415 em: [email protected] • Many Top Quality Artisan-Exhibitors from across the Country! + YOU = O ' B r i e n charged w i t h criminal mischief At 1:45 a.in Baldwinsville and charged him with fourth degree criminal mischief.The charge was lodged after an investigation into a broken out bedroom window at 1002 Landrush Way.It is alleged that O'Brien punched out the back bedroom window of that apartment in retaliation to an ongoing feud between the two families.O'Brien was arrested and issued an appearance ticket for fourth degree criminal mischief.

He is scheduled to appear in village court at 6 p.<~ •'> :> ;j'"fr/ STPR ItfEWS CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Y O U ' R E K N O W N BY T H E C O M P A N Y Y O U K E E P .Zachary, Melanie & Katelyn When your company's name is heard on The WRVO Stations, your message reaches the most affluent, involved and influential citizens in Central New York! For information on how to target your message to the community's most influential decision makers while staying within your marketing budget, call Tom Herbert at 1-800-341-3690.9FM Traffic stop leads t o a r r e s t At 2:58 p.

Lock wood observed a vehicle on Oswego Street with an expired inspection sticker.

The vehicle was stopped and the driver identified as a fTn They don't know how important their smile is.9FM SYRACUSE WATE«TOWN UTICA But you do.

Children's Dentistry DDS P C A 5 and under - FREE Get Acquainted Visit • 7282 Oswego Rd.

NY 13090 451-6260 -1-800-341-3690 Now Patients Welcome Sewing the children of Our community for over 20 years.' �I, 2006 I2/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY ENSUE N I W I F A M U Boards Municipalities could receive grants From page 3 From page I V B approves I O E contract into the pockets of the taxpayers." "Local government officials have been examining this idea for a while, but they haven't had an effective means or the appropriate resources to achieve this goal," Sen."My legislation would establish a municipal cooperation program that would facilitate intergovernmental cooperation initiatives in Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Cortland and The town of Van Buren has approved a three year contract with the International Operating Engineers.The revised contract includes a 30,60 and 89 day work review for employees on probationary period.CWSC to receive repairs The towns of Lysander and Van Buren have agreed to split the $21,733 cost of roof repairs needed at Canton Woods Senior Center.The program would be responsible for awarding research grants, implemenTowns, villages and local government tation grants and cooperation reward grants to assist local govofficials are trying to put their heads ernments in carrying out an eftogether to find ways to cut costs, make fective plan to share services and improve efficiency while their governments run more efficiently cutting costs.

" The legislation would approand save their taxpayers money." priate $lmillion for the purpose of providing grants through the Sen.John DeFrancisco Central New York Municipal Cooperation Program.Senators Michael Nozzolio, James Seward and James Wright are cosponsors of the measure.A LESSON IN GUITAR Pottery and Fine Crafts GALE J.GRICE • (315) 635-9488 "If you have hidden talent that you want to explore & a burning desire to create music that you can't ignore, call me for a "fun-filled" jam session, No Calorie Valentine Gifts! FM THE ONE TO TEACH YOU YOUR GUITAR LESSON!!! Hours: Wed 10-4, Fri 10-5, Sat 11-4 Route 31, across from Library, Baldwinsville 638-7750 RT.57 FULTON B'ville 31 03 CHRYSLER 300M #7144, Loaded, leather, moonroof, 45K PW, PL, Pmirr.,AC, CC, TW, V-6, auto, 46K #7137, Loaded, leather, 15k 14,995 ®s249£i 22,995 © $37K! U0 CHEVROLET VENTURE 4 cyl, auto, pwr win/lock, cruise, tilt, air, AM/FM/CD, alloy wheels 30K iH

14495 ®*H$ 18 24K 4 to choose ' 0 4 0LDSM0BILE ALER0 GL PW, PL, P mirr., CD/AM/FM W DODGE STRATUS CHRYSLER SEBRING *10,995 0*179 & D5 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SE Q5K1A OPTIMA 4 cyl, auto, pwr win, lock, #6843, 4 cyl.auto, air, cruise, tilt, pwr win, mirrors, air, cruise, tilt, 17-24K locks, mtiTors, AM/FM/CD, alloy wheels, 4 to choose 27K #7063, 4 cyl auto, PW, , CC, 18K Pwr win, locks, mirrors, air, cruise, tilt, AM/FM/CD.0,9950*185 S S > mo *H,995 ©*196« 11,295 &miUL mo,J Plus tax, title & DMV fees.Interest Rates based on tier #1 rating with a 740 score or more.3 a 481, Fulton • 1-800-826-6508 GUARANTEED QUICKEST GUARANTEED QUALITY FREE LOAN CARS HASSLE FREE INSURANCE CLAIMS 8 0 2 5 Route 11 699-3148 Reid named assistant dean for advancement at SU George Reid has been appointed assistant dean for advancement for the Martin J.Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.Before joining the University, Reid was senior director of leadership gifts at American University, where he managed the progress and strategic fundraising efforts for the arts campaign and planned giving and major gift prospects nationwide.

Earlier, Reid was director of major gifts at Florida State University and associate director of alumni relations at Ohio University.Reid received bachelors and masters degrees from Ohio University.A native of Philadelphia, Reid is a graduate of Benjamin Franklin High School.He and his wife, Karla, now reside in Baldwinsville, N.Whitman % School of Management at Syracuse University educates students to become successful leaders in a rapidly changing global economy.With a strong foundation in the liberal arts, students become well grounded in the issues and challenges of todays business environment as well as the core principles of management.The schools 60 full-time faculty include internationally known scholars and researchers, along with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

*&995 onm&nvm**iw»B'ville man named chairman W CHEVROLET of Scleroderma Foundation CAVALIER IS * STOWN G O * Wamer Bros.TV/VHS, rear AC, P Doors, Alloys 8,995 ©$163.-05 CHRYSLER FT CRUISER H2 D0D6E INTREPID SE D5 CHRYSLER PACIFIC A AWD Great Northern Mall MOVERS AND SHAKERS Joseph P.

of Baldwinsville, was elected the new chair of the board for the Scleroderma Foundation at the December board meeting.He replaces Elaine Furst who served as board 2000."I'm really looking forward to working with Joe as we move forward," said Donna Kohli, president and CEO of the Scleroderma Foundation."There are many, many wonderful programs, research projects and services we want to accomplish.Funding these ideas is a challenge and Joe will be a great help as we continue to build.His professional background is a perfect fit for this position.

Camerino is the district superintendent/executive officer for the Oswego County Board of Cooperative Educational Services.In this position, he oversees all Oswego BOCES programs.He supports the educational needs of some 25,000 students and leads an organization of 800 employees."I am grateful for the opportu: nity to serve the foundation," Camerino said.

"It is an honor for me to be part of a special group of people whose sole purpose it is to eradicate this disease.Enhanced communica& * Baldwinsville DeWitt Route 3 1 8 8 8 1 ManBua Cantor Rd m tions at the national, board and chapter level will harness-the positive energy of everyone at the table, allowing us to focus our efforts and increase revenues to create more research opportunities and establish overall financial stability." Scleroderma is a chronic, often progressive, auto-immune disease in which the immune system attacks its own body.Scleroderma, which literally means "hard skin," can cause a thickening and tightening of the skin.In some cases, it causes serious damage to internal organs, including the lungs, heart, kidneys, esophagus and gastrointestinal tract.

As these organs harden, they work less effectively, sometimes leading to their failure.Camerino encourages all who are connected to the disease to step forward to share ideas and strategies, which ultimately provide hope, will and means to find the cure.His connection to the Scleroderma Foundation is due to his mother, who had scleroderma and £ied from the disease three years*ago.Camerino has been a member of the national board, serving as the national treasurer in 2005." " * * • 437-1111 monday-frlday 7:30-5:30 • Saturday 9-12 • Call Erin Smith at 434-8889, ext.t • • We are the only bank headquartered in Syracuse.We have the largest market share of locally-based banks.

Our trust business has more than tripled to over $850 million in assets under management.Oui commercial leasing subsidiary has grown over 350%.We have one of the fastest growing branch networks in Central New York.Our assets have nearly doubled since our name first appeared in 1999.

We are Alliance Bank and we are everywhere MA.r All market share data is according to the HigMine Data BranchSource Report and The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as of June 2005.Stock performance is based on a reviewj>j 12-month period starting January 1, 2005 and ending December 31.Other statements are based on die unaudited 2005financialsof Alliance Financial Corporation (ALNC) Alliance Bank, N A is a subsidiary of Alliance Financial Corporation, NASDAQ symbol ALNC.ks during the -• **iiiTt - *ffl jTerwrj-DIC iSJ �14/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I , 2006 EASLE NIWSHril LIBRARY FOCUS New resources at BPL ) February has arrived with lots of reasons to love your library including a raft of interesting programs and new additions to online offerings that patrons can access from home.FEBRUARY 1 - 5 ANNUAL AUTO SHOW! Valerie Chism N e w resources a t y o u r fingertips SPONSORED BY Syracuse Automobile Dealers Association This is your opportunity to see all the 2006 cars and trucks together! Over 350 cars and trucks .The Auto Show is fun for the whole family! Convention Center & War Memorial in Downtown Syracuse SHOW HOURS ADMISSIONS Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 4 pm - 9 pm Saturday: 12 Noon-9 pm Sunday: 11 am • 5 pm Adults: Seniors: Children 12 & Under: quality custom built cabinetry c factory direct prices >>:• j advanced technology $6.50 unmatched value CAB FAB * • * * * » • : « « mm m Showroom i Mon-F«l

• > We're always glad to see you here at the library, but library users can't always make the trip when we are open which is why our library system offers such a wide variety of online resources.Two of these collections have recently added new titles and functions to make them even more useful.The Health and Wellness Resource Center has added video resources to its collection of health and medical encyclopedias, pamphlets, artides and links to key health web sites.These new videos cover topics including oncology, rheumatology, neurology and gastroenterology in a well researched news magazine style format.

The Gale Virtual Reference library has also added a large number of titles to its collection of materials on b u s i n e s s , h i s t o r y and medicine.It's a great first stop for basic information on these fields available to library patrons with online access 24 h o u r s a day.S t a t e Fair s t o r i e s n

" The goal of this new writing group is to expand our focus to record and collect these daily experiences of Syracuse workers t h r o u g h photography and writing.The group will begin meeting Mondays from Feb.If you're interested in 'joining this program contact Group Facilitators R I s h i S i n g h a1 and Steve Parks at sinarksfa i .> i \ OVER FIFTY YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE t ft OUR SPECIALIZED LEGAL SERVICES )\\\\i\))\ J.Trusts & Estate Planning e Criminal, Traffic ev DVV1 • Automobile Accident & Other Personal Injury • Mortgage Foreclosures • Collections • Real Estate - Related Litigation s • Business • Income Taxes • Divorce • Adoptions • Support & Custody Matters • General Family-Related Problems .SINCE 1946 x / \ FARRELL, MARTIN & BARNELL LLP INTEGRITY & EXPERIENCE ATTORN FYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW 44 Oswego St.NY 13027 PHONE 635-3222 FAX 635-4636 la ocue•' ".Conies oe avail- - U i L i O • able at the event ror p u r c n a s e begins d L C o n r o y ' s Road Show and signing.The Friends of Genealogy aiert ne History gets p e r s o n a l w h e n B a l d w i n s v i l l e Public L i b r a r y you start, t r a c i n g t h e roots of i n v i t e you to meet y o u r family tree.Get a leg u p Baldw-insviile's own e x p e r t on your j o u r n e y at 7 p.on Tim Conroy as he hosts a local of "Antiques Monday Feb.6 when local ge- v e r s i o n n e a l o g i s t L o u i s e C r e i g h t o n R o a d s h o w " at 10 a.p r e s e n t s Climbing Your Fam- 16 at t h e l i b r a r y .

T h i s p r o g r a m h a s a r e invited to b r i n g a cherl i m i t e d s e a t i n g so r e g i s t r a - ished a n t i q u e to s h a r e .Call t h e li- is a $1 suggested donation for b r a r y at 635-5631 to sign u p .Trail talk Hamper top workshop Maybe you don't h a v e time F i n i s h the J a n u a r y h a m p e r to do t h e A p p a l a c h i a n T r a i l project with a h a n d woven lid but p o r t i o n s of t h e 4,600-mile at a w o r k s h o p held at 10 a.N o r t h C o u n t r y N a t i o n a l See- on F e b .18 at t h e l i b r a r y , nic T r a i l a r e right h e r e in o u r T h e r e is a $15 m a t e r i a l s fee own back yard.Al L a r m a n n for t h i s project and registraof the CNY Trail Association tion is r e q u i r e d .

will give a visual p r e s e n t a - S t o r y t l m e back in .tion on p a r t s of the completed b u s i n e s s foot t r a i l followed by a Q and S t o r y t i m e r e g i s t r a t i o n for A session at 7 p.c h i l d r e n from six m o n t h s to Readers groups 7-years old is still in progress, The Mystery Readers will b u t some sessions a r e filled, meet at 10 a.on T h u r s d a y C h e c k o u r w e b s i t e a t Feb.9 to d i s c u s s "Clouds of b v i l l e .u s or stop in at W i t n e s s , " by Dorothy S a y e r s .t h e l i b r a r y for a c a l e n d a r Books for Breakfast will meet with d a t e s and details on difat 9 a.P h o n e registo talk a b o u t " T h e Reading t r a t i o n s a r e being accepted at G r o u p , " by Elizabeth Noble.Both g r o u p s s h a r e fellowship T a x i n g t i m e s and light r e f r e s h m e n t s and The federal and state tax new m e m b e r s a r e a l w a y s wel- forms h a v e a r r i v e d and can come.O p p o r t u n i t i e s for w r i t e r s S i g n u p for AARP tax help has More i n t e r e s t e d in w r i t i n g s t a r t e d at t h e l i b r a r y for apthan reading? Our Writers' pointments ry.on'- That's e n o u g h for t o d a y T u e s d a y F e b .

T-un,e i n n e x t week for s h a r e t h e s t r u g g l e e v e r y-> �EASLE MESSENGER, FEBRUARY Y, 15 NIWHAPII! BALDWINSVILLE PAC-B (CHANNEL 98) - FEB.Baker Sports: Boys' at Hershey, PA 10/2003 9 p.Genesee (1/26) mental Jazz Ensemble 5/2001 .9 Baker High (part 1) (1/20) Tuesuay Feb.

Baker Sports: Girls' Board Meeting (2/2) then Al- Bowling vs.Fowler (1/26) bany Reports then Steam Boats 10:30 a.Friends of the Lion the Erie Canal brary: Joe Virkler; Murder on Independently owned & operated with Dignified Service i> Pecue of Moid Sine lC)-i< 3 p.Old Cars and Parts Noon Community Band at St.Thanks For The Church Memories w/ Joe Trionfero at -Pre-Arrangements 6 p.Baker Sports: Boys' CWSC 9/03 Bowling vs.Erie Canal Cloggers -Medicaid or 7:30 p.Home 1/2004 Baker High (part 1) (1/20) 3 p.Baker Sports: Boys' SSI Burial Funds 9 p.Genesee (1/26) -Setting Up Trust Accounts Board Meeting (2/2) then Al4:30 p.

Kids Science News bany Reports then Steam Boats Net: Venus Transit on the Erie Canal 5 p.5 tal Jazz Ensemble 5/2001 Visit us on the web at: 9 a.

Travels In Egypt: Board Meeting (2/2) then Al- Michelynn and Gail McCall (9/ 93 Downer St., Baldwinsville, NY 13027, P h o n e 6 3 5 - 3 0 3 1 bany Reports then Steam Boats 14) on the Erie Canal 7 p.

Early Spring in Noon Adirondack Story Baldwinsville - video tone poem Teller at Beaver Lake (1/14) 7:30 p.Old Cars and Parts Show at Cortland 8/2004 at Hershey, PA 10/2003 8:15 p.Dedication of Canal ans see o u r f u l l Park at Lock 24 8/1999 9 p.

Baker Sports: Girls' line of EMTEK LOCK COMPANY, INC.Community Wesleyan brary: Joe Virkler; Murder on~ Canton St.Baldwinsville Village Gun Safes Board Meeting (2/2) then Al- Wednesday Feb.Baker Sports: Boys' bany Reports then Steam Boats Decorative Hardware Wrestling vs.

Genesee (1/26) on the Erie Canal Automotive Transponder Keys (call for info) 10:30 a.Baker Sports: Boys' Net: Venus Transit Bowling vs.Henninger (1/25) Replacement OEM Keyless Remotes 11 a.Honors Recital at Locksets & Dead Bolts Baker High (part 1) (1/20) 4/ mental Jazz Ensemble 5/2001 ADA Approved Hardware Noon Travels In Egypt: 2003 Michelynn and Gail McCall (9/ Monday Feb.Early Spring in Teller at Beaver Lake (1/14) 10:30 a.Old Cars and Parts Baldwinsville - video tone poem 5/2002 at Hershey, PA 10/2003 1:30 p.Dedication of Canal Show at Cortland 8/2004 Park at Lock 24 8/1999 2:15 p.Perils For PedestriNoon Baker Sports: Boys' ans Bowling vs.Fowler (1/26) Baker High (part 1) (1/20) 4:30 p.

Baldwinsville Village Board Meeting (2/2) then Al- brary: Joe Virkler; Murder on bany Reports then Steam Boats Canton St.

Army Newswatch on the Erie Canal Tri-County Mall Baldwinsville 6 p.Henninger (1/25) Prices for 2/1-2/7/06 7:05 p.Honors Recital at Memories w/ Joe Trionfero at Baker High (part 1) (1/20) 9 p.Erie Canal Cloggers Teller at Beaver Lake (1/14) FALARDEAU FUNERAL HOME, INC., Syracuse 472-6988 OSS bonded> ( t?md> Home Installation S SAVE A LOT Inside Display BARNES Memorials! Quality Granite & Bronze.Bruce Barnes - Owner r Monuments 21 Water Street • Baldwinsville Call (315) 635-1624 J V,0\N Ur.

Jxevm welcomes old friends & new patients to our *$«w" state-of-tne-art dental office at ST LOUIS FLAT RIBS Check Us Out & Save SAVE £40% SBSr Mon-Sat 9am-9pn Sunday 9am-7pnt �I , 2006 I6/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY EASLE NiwspArus W In pa\ <>-7'\, Coiiimissiuii 10 Sell N our Home? \\ li\ pa\ <>-7'\, Commission Vo Sellour Home? Where Can You Pay Where Can You Pay 2.5%? Our System Simply Works Better! You Sell Faster, Easier and For Less Cost You Can Have It All for 2.5% 0%? rofessional Management of Your or Sale By Owner Campaign Low Flat Fee is all it Takes! yH *% C 0 / Central New Yorkers now have Real Choices! J&L* A M C R T P A

v sit 4 V mm m % # / O » us online for Home Searching, Live -52/fpT Lreal e s t a t e direct Seminars, E-Mail Alerts and the latest in — vtlUlvCi Sate e Mappi 8 Technology 299-2674 "" " " 299-2673 3522 James St.

Suite 201, Syracuse, NY 13206 Community Open House, February 9,6 pm At Holy Family School, we offer a variety of programs designed to fit your family's needs: • Nursery School/Pre-K • Day Care forThree to Five-Year-Olds • All-Day Kindergarten FamilyscHOOL For more information, call 315-487-8515.**•*-*•>*• «»»w*<«»~ ifl I, i i • • • *'' iirfrr* i ni y.Margaret s School zw in Mattydale would like to tJhiik the following businesses for their contributions to the spaghetti dinner on January 14«b.Sawdust a n d woodchips Friday, Feb, 3 11:30 a.Senior business meeting Noon PEACE N u t r i t i o n lunch 1 p.Bingo, cribbage tour-, nament Monday, Feb.Chess club Noon PEACE N u t r i t i o n lunch 1 p.Duplicate bridge tournament/legal services 1 p.Travel meeting and Italy trip sign-up Wednesday, Feb.Guest speaker, Mutual of Omaha - Medicare partD Noon Nutrition lunch 12:30 p.Pork dinner (must sign-up and pay at center) v 3 p.

Baldwinsville Community Band winter concert Thursday, Feb.Arm chair aerob i c s / P a r k i n s o n ' s support group 11 a.Sign-up for Maine and Polar Bear Express trips Noon PEACE N u t r i t i o n lunch 12:30 p.

Bingo, pool tournament Lysander Park F a t h e r / Daughter Dance .Call Lysander Park for more information Please note: Lynn McCormkk, Notary Public, wilt now meet seniors at Canton Woods.Calf her at the Van Buren Town Hall to make an appointment (635-3010).Outreach hours for Judy Laurange, Van Buren, are 10 a.Outreach hours for Donna Metz, Lysander, are 1:30 to 4:30 p.PAC-B from Page J5 Holy Family School • 130 Chapel Drive • Syracus«,N«w York 13219 iMWwwmuni Sign-up for trips: Italy, Maine and Polar Bear Express • Before and After School Care • Grades One through Six r amririT- IT CANTON SENIOR CENTER Gift: Baskets by Angela • Ascioti s Markets House of Ban • BJs Wholesale Club Cakes by Marie Rauch % Ui's Cookies & Cakes Eagle Newspapers * Luminary Mode! 8c Talent McKie Sports • Floral Tributes er Marketing • Francesco Rinaldi Federal • G&LDa\sMea& Credit Union Gianelli Sausage • Roma Tile Geddes Bakery • Syracuse Banana • Time Warner Cable • Torchwood Wine & Spirits • Village Office supply <••• 10:05 a.Thanks For The Memories w/ Joe Trionfero at CWSC 9/03 11:05 a.

Home 1/2004 Noon Travels In Egypt: Michelynn and Gail McCall (9/ 14) 1 p.Early Spring in Baldwinsville - video tone poem 5/2002 1:30 p.

Brockway Truck Show at Cortland 8/2004 2:15 p.Kids Science News Net: Venus Transit 5 p.

Silk & Satin Instrumental Jazz Ensemble 5/2001 6 p.Friends of the Library: Joe Virkler; Murder on Canton St.Thanks For The Memories w/ Joe Trionfero at CWSC 9/03 11:05p.Travels In Egypt: Michelynn and Gail McCall (9/ 14) 10 a.Early Spring in Baldwinsville - video tone poem 5/2002 10:30 a.Brockway Truck Show at Cortland 8/2004 .Perils For Pedestrians Noon Baker Sports: Girls' Bowling vs.Friends of the Library: Joe Virkler; Murder on Canton St.Thanks For The Memories w/ Joe Trionfero at CWSC 9/03 5:05 p.Kids Science News Net: Venus Transit 8 p.Silk & Satin Instrumental Jazz Ensemble 5/2001 9 p.Travels In Egypt: Michelynn & Gail McCall (9/14) 10 p.

Early Spring in Baldwinsville - video tone poem 5/2002 10:30 p.Brockway Truck Show at Cortland 8/2004 11:15 p.* « • • » » ! N EW S P AP FR S �EAffiLE MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I, 2006/17 N i w w A r i i j LYSANDER PARKS AND RECREATION Programs offered Winter-spring registration is now going on for t h e Lysander Parks & Recreation Department.Registration is on a first come, first served b a s i s .

P r e - R e g i s t r a t i o n is requird to attend a program.

There are still opening available for the Father Daughter Dance, Family Ski Day, Snow Tubing Night, Walking Prog r a m at Durgee J r High School, and our Basket making c l a s s e s , and m a n y can pick up our New W i n t e r - S p r i n g Brochures at any local B a l d w i n s v i l l e b a n k , the B a l d w i n s v i l l e P u b l i c Lib r a r y , the L y s a n d e r Town Hall and at Lysander Park or download from our website at .For more information call Lysander Park at 635-5999.Father - Daughter Valentine Dance Come and join us for our third annual Father -Daughter Dance Friday.10 for grades two through four & Saturday.

This program is open to all r e s i d e n t s of Lysander.Van Buren and the Baldwinsville school district.Girls maybe accompanied by their father, guardian or an adult relative.

The dance will be senfi-formal (dresses and skirts for girls, suit suit coat attire for dads); Moms may come for pictures after 9:15 p m.Red Cross babysitting classes The Town of L y s a n d e r Parks and Recreation Department will be offering babysitting classes.Students ' are asked to bring a lunch and something to write with to the class.All students must be 11 years old before the program starts.The first session will be offered Saturday, Feb.The second session will be March 4, and the third ses- you safe and having fun.at the Baker Horseback Riding Lessons High School cafeteria.PreInterested in learning to registration is a must.ride a horse? Then this class is for you.You will need hard Candle basket and sole shoes with a heel and be at least 7 years old.Adults are beeswax candles This class will allow you to welcome.

This is a begginer roll a pair of beeswax candles class and you should not sign and make a basket to display up for more then one session them i n ( l a great gift idea.each session will be the same This class is Feb.Session 1 starts Monto 9:30 pm at Durgee Middle day, Feb.For more information on fees contact the Lysander Parks & Recrea t i o n D e p a r t m e n t at 6355999.March 20 from 7:30 to 8:30 dropped off to Lysander Park p.There is a maximum of or Van Buren Park, Monday six per session and sessions through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.cyclopedias, or books that have mildew on them or are Used Book D o n a t i o n s As part of the Fourth An- in disrepair.For more information on n u a l B a l d w i n s v i l l e Youth Fair coming March 18, the fees contact the L y s a n d e r towns of L y s a n d e r & Van Parks & Recreation DepartBuren Parks and Recreation ment at 635-5999.RegistraDepartments will be looking tion forms a r e - a v a i l a b l e at for donation of books for the o n l i n e event.org Programs of Study Adult basketball T h i s p r o g r a m h a s now started on Mondays & Thursday nights from 6:30 to 9 p.at Durgee Junior High School and is open for all Lysander and Van B u r e n r e s i d e n t s only.No pre-registration required, all you need is your driver's license or proof of resistance and a dollar each time to play.

Check Out SUNY Canton! Cf rn "a 1 investigation Heai: n Se'-.c e s Management In'crmat o n Technology T e c n c l c g .g Eng,nee r ;'ng 7ec n n- ;cg> Apprentice Training Industrial r'3dt•o•, C\ 1 Eng;nee r ;rg Tec" r o;cgy Co'tiixjte' "' -oSystems Construct'O" Eng " e e v j Co ,s'.~ St J'" Early C n i J ' : c O v : 2006 OPEN HOUSES CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS UieCt r iC3i E'~g " ; ' ! - ' "•.

- i March 25 th & April 22nd Family ski and snow tubing night I earn about SI N \ Canton > tour- and two-year decree programs Skiing for the whole family at an affordable r a t e on Wednesday.Lysander Parks & Recreation is offering Family Ski Night at the Four Seasons Ski Center in Fayetteville.

Skiers can rent ski boots and poles and lake one hour lesson, but you must register at Lysander Park in advance.Spots fill up fast so call the Lysander Parks Office at 635-5999.ut and join the fun and go snow tubing at F-QurJSeaso.Four Seasons supplies the tubes and pulls you up the hill, you just supply the fun & laughter as you slide down the.The snow tubing hill is different from the skiing hill to keep M e t t.-\ivu Subscribe to the Baldwinsville Messenger today! Call 434-8889.' s ; I M V i U U i n v - ilil'iV!'; Res en 'a 1 ions Rc< u ire (I New Bachelor's N Y Come Join ' Us *t« Emergency and Disaster Management Alternative and Renewable Energy Application 8 0 0 ." 123 admmio in'-' CANTON is:i \ Allyn Degrees for 2006 Food and beverage professionals are preparing a wealth of tantalizing tidbits for Central New York's premiere gourmet tasting event presents Savorl u benefit for the Food Bank of Central New York %M Varicose vein treatment just became less invasive.No stripping, minimally invasive Endothermal vein ablation: MEDIA SPONSORS: N E W S P A P E R S CNY Business Journal CNY Latino Lite 105.

9 Table Hopping Urban CNY ELVS (laser) VNUS® (radio frequency) Sclerotherapy (vein injections) To learn if one of these procedures is right for you, call Interested in showcasincfyour restaurant's specialities this year? Call The Events Company at 315.461 0068' 607 257-2116 1(866) 257-1818 ( t o l l free) Now more convenient & affordable than ever! Vein &Laser Center SYRACUSE HORSEHEADS ITHACA VESTALi W * i " Y<>rk Thursday, April 13, 2006 Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, New York 6:00-9:00 pm Tickets: $60 PAST PARTICIPANTS INCLUDE: Anthony Road Wine Co.

Aurora Inn Carnegie Catering Chateau LaFayette Reneau Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Gentile's Restaurant Mazlitt 1852 Vineyards Heron Hill Winery Johnny Rockets Knapp Winery & Restaurant Las Oelicias The Lodge at Welch Allyn Mai Lan Restaurant Mirbeau Inn and Spa Nick's Tomato Pie Oven Artistry The Secret Hostess Sheraton SU Hotel Turning Stone Casino Resort Wegmans Markets and more! To purchase tickets call the Food Bank of Central New York at 315.1899 �18/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I, 2006 EAfiLE N I W S M M J ! I I Open a new OR make a contribution to an existing Roth or Traditional IRA Certificate and receive "V* ••:•:•:•: S s S S S S w • ?s m 12-month ; 1.

u *If you currently have a Traditional or Roth IRA Certificate, a contribution of $2000 or more to a rollover will make the entire certificate amount eligible for the Special 5.Contributions for 2005 are eligible for special rate as long as made between December 1, 2005 and March 31, 2006.Contributions for 2006 are eligible for special rate as long as made between January 1, 2006 and March 31, 2006.

Substantial penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

Baldwinsville Office 2235 Downer St Federal Credit Union Serving Everyone in Central New York! 1315) 635-5418 Syracuse Office 4727 W Seneca Turnpike (315) 469-5599 Manlius Office 107 Fairgrounds Drive E.(315)682-1174 �EA0LE MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I, 2006/19 N ( W S P A F ! 1 S Volleyball Bees rally past Cazenovia BY PHIL BLACKWELL So much for those past tournaments where the Baldwinsville girls volleyball team could not figure out Cazenovia.All the Bees did last Friday night was go into the Lakers' own home court, Buckley Gym, and upset the natives by putting together a four-game, come-frombehind victory that lifted B'ville's record to 14-0 for the season.Though it wasn't a league match, the intensity was still large, and B'ville felt some early heat as 15-1 Cazenovia took the opening game, 25-17.However, once the Bees took the second game by that same 25-17 margin, things had changed.

B'ville's victory in a narrow third game, 25-22, only seemed to accelerate things as the Bees finished ofTwith a 25-19 victory in the fourth game.All through the match, Kelsey Klopfer was a steady, productive presence on the back line, recording 36 assists.Cazenovia never knew where the big hit would come from.Amanda Kershner led B'ville with 12 kills and three blocks, but Lauren Hartman was right behind, with 11 kills.Erika Van Valkenburg earned 10 kills of her own.

adding three aces, and Erika Levey, with nine kills, made it four-deep.Cazenovia, in defeat, got just seven kills from Mandi Britton, while Chelsea Winkert put up 16 assists and six kills.B'ville took care of a necessary piece of unfinished business, sweeping Watertown 25-17, 25-13, 25-13.

It was the Cyclones who, one year ago, beat the Bees in the Section III Class A finals, putting an end to B'ville's incredible 124match win streak.Graduation hurt WatertownT though, and it's struggled through this winter.The Bees, of course, did not show any sympathy.Kershner, Hartman and Nieves each finished with eight kills.Van Valkenburg added five kills and four aces, with Klopfer earning 20 assists.

B'ville (15-0) hopes to take care of road matches at Rome Free Academy and Oswego this week before closing out the regular season next Wednesday at home against Liverpool.Sp0RTS BRIEFS All stones by Phil Blackwell, sports editor for Eagle Newspapers.Boys hoops lose to Fowler Even as the calendar turns i February, and the post-seaso:; draws nearer, the Baldwmsivi;boys basketball team is in a ma .Trying to inch closer to a wr ning season last Friday nignt.

tr Bees instead could not hold a ia: lead and fell, 6-3-60.Steady, productive possession allowed the Bees to build a &»-: halftime lead.

Fowler made ut) tr deficit, though, and were propelle to the lead in the fourth quarter h; Amos Woodruff, who had seven o: his nine points in that frame.Luke MacDougall finished with 13 points, followed closely by Brett Botsford (12 points) and John Tierney and Styer both had Lawrence, who had 10 points.goals in that last frame, while It was a memorable weekend for Lane got an assist.However, Oswego prevailed as Bay Stoker Lawrence, who on Sunday was one scored twice, helping to negate of 56 honored for his contributions the 25 saves put up by Kirk | on and off the field at the National Football Foundation's Scholar-AthKwaczala.lete Banquet at Drumlins Country B'ville, at 5-4-1 in Division I Club.B'ville is 8-7 and will be faplay (8-10-1 overall), still has the fourth and final playoff spot and vored in both of its home games this could all but clinch its berth this week when it play

Rome: Free week, when it visits Ithaca and Academy and Oswego.Wrestlers edged byWest Hockey team gains split, stifles Auburn BY PHIL BLACKWELL Now it was time for the Baldwinsville ice hockey team to reach down and find another gear that could prove useful in the regular-season homestretch.Meeting Auburn last Thursday night at Lysander Arena, the Bees slowly took charge of the game and never let up, beating the Maroons 4-1.B'ville led all the way through, led by Eric Parah, who found the net twice.

Jeremy Stocker returned to get a single goal, joining Justin Tierney in that column.Adam Styer finished with two assists as Tierney, Ryan Venditti and Chris Lane all earned single assists in the Bees' deep, balanced attack.So dominant was B'ville's defense throughout the game that it held Auburn to a mere seven shots, as opposed to the Bees' 31.Saturday's trip to Oswego did not have as pleasant an outcome, as the Bees were handled by the Buccaneers in a 4-2 defeat.

13, was won by B'ville on an emotional night where the rto.11 jersey of the late Bobby Conklin was retired.The more conventional rematch saw the Bees shut out until the third period, by which time it trailed, 2-0.Genny Boys track takes second at Constantino meet • BY PHIL BLACKWELL Taking full advantage of the absence of some start, the Baldwinsville boys indoor track team nearly got the top prize at last Wednesday night's George Constantino Memorial Invitational at Manley Field House.The Bees gained 51 points, beating everyone - except CiceroNorth Syracuse, who won with 58.

B'ville was the champion of an exciting 4x200 relay.Jason Houghtaling, Matt Case, Mike Toper and Anthony Carapella teamed up for a time of 1:36.08 seconds for the top spot on the podium.More than half the Bees' points were attained in field events.Matt Moran was second in the high jump, clearing 5 feet 10 inches with fewer misses than his teammate, Toper, who settled for third place.That alone was responsible for 14 points.

In the long jump, David Giannino was second, going 19 feet 9 3/4 inches, as Nottingham's Brian Hall (20 feet 1 1/2 inches) prevailed.Jason Mills, by clearing 10 feet in the pole vault, gave B'ville six more points for third place.Tim Gaulrapp ran to fourth place in the mile in a time of 4:34.19, while Mike Jones was fifth in the 600-meter run in 1:29.B'ville also earned points in the STRIKING NEWS faster than the field.In the 200, she was even better, finishing in 25.46 seconds, more than a full second in front of Rome Free Academy's Kaleigh McKinney (26.Boyle was the only competitor in the 55-meter hurdles to break the.

81 seconds as Kerriann Borke (Cicero-North Syracuse) was second in 8.Allison Levchak placed well in field events, taking third in the long jump by going 15 feet 8 3/4 inches, and adding a fifth in the triple jump (33 feet 6 3/4 inches) as Boyle was fourth with a leap of 33 feet 7 3/4 inches.Cathleen Green was sixth in the long jump Swimmers fall to Liverpool (15 feet 1 3/4 inches), behind Once again, Baldwinsville's Levchak.

boys swim team could not keep up with its powerful neighbors from Liverpool, losing, 90-77.Mostly, the Warriors took individual titles, but there were a pair of exceptions, including Kenny Margrey, who was first in the1 100 21 and 22, Cunningham caught fire.Inevitably, his next game was breaststroke in a tinie of 1:15.Each of his shots found the pocket not as good, but with 206, Earlier, Elijah Ianglois gave the and struck without much difficulty.Cunningham closed out a 731 se- Bees a title in the 200 freestyle, He had threatened perfect games ries.That, combined with Nick ducking under the two-minute before this season, but wasn't quite Catalino's 609 set.helped offset mark with his winning time o; able to finish it off.

strong series by 1 lenninger's Mike 1:59.Tliis time, though, it was differ- Cannizzaro (666) and Ryan Owens.In :ho loth frame, as i; grow Bortrand <•>»").» quick timeo: quiet- • -round him and the pros In girl ie: ion, B'ville beat 3:44.

-' series, one of her tho lone double winner hacking uf were :"• 1 .One strike later, he ; oi \r- • ason, and Andrea his title in th»; .''(»freest \i< other relays, taking third in the 4x400 (3:39.87) as Gaulrapp, Moran, Carapella, Houghtaling, Steve Wisely, Kevin Pond, Brandon Tarney and Cory Greczyn were all involved.Earlier in the week, B'ville's girls stars, Lareea Chisholm and Heather Boyle, again accumulated three victories between them at the Jan.

It was all part of an effort where the Bees got 43 points and finished fourth, just a point behind third-place Fayetteville-Manlius (43 points).Chisholm was first in the 55meter dash in 7.

26 seconds, at least three-tenths of a second Cunningham rolls 300 game in Bees' win BY PHIL BLACKWELL Without much delay, Baldwinsville bowler Brett Cunningham senrtiis latest shot down the lane - and not surprisingly, all 10 pins fell.Yet this shot, at the end of his secondame against Henninger last Wednesday at Strike-N-Sparo I vanes, meant a bit more than the others, for it gave Cunningham ;i perfect 300 game his first of the OHSLseason.As he accepted congratulations from teammates, parents, his coaches and bowlers from other teams, Cunningham could also take comfort in the fact that his 300 was important, for it helped the Bees defeat the Black Knights 5-2.Henninger was bowling well from the start, and Cunningham's opening 225 game, while solid enough, was not close to some of his better scores this winter.

But in the second game, on !VVN Baldwinsville's wrestling team had all kinds ofstrong performances in last Thursday night's meet against West Genesee.However, that good work did not translate into a victory, as the Bees were beaten, 35-28, by the Wildcats.Ethan Lynch, wrestling at 119 pounds, gave B'ville a big boost when he pinned Donny Longo in just 29 seconds.No one else on the Bees worked as quickly, but the victories were still impressive, including Matt Palmer (140 pounds) topping Zac Biesiada in an 18-2 technical fall.Nate Russell won his 130-pound match, ripping Bob Clos 10-2.

Frank Todzia (171 pounds) breezed past Ben Wysokovvski 14-4, while Matt Needle, at 152 pounds, beat Ossania Mere 10-3.i �20/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY EASLE 1, 2006 Niwsrxrits RELIGIOUS SERVICES Baldwinsville Alliance Church 7587 State Fair Blvd.Phil Turner, pastor 638-0353 Sunday Bible classes for all ages at 9:30 a.followed by morning service with nursery and children's church for those 1 1 and under at 10:30 a.A W A N A Children and Youth programs and adult Bible-study Wednesday, 6:30 p.Baldwinsville First U n i t e d Methodist Church 17 West Genesee Street, Baldwinsville 6 35-6442 Pastor: The Rev.Kourerick Sunday worship, 9 and 10:30 a.Office hours Monday through Friday, 9 a.

, Phoenix Michael Houck, pastor 695-4751 Sunday m o r n i n g worship, 10 a.

with children's program;, and nursery care available.Christ Community United Methodist Church 3474 Stiles Rd.Nornx, pastor 457-9382 Sunday, T h e Rev.George Craik leads the celebration with "The Resurrection.C h r i s t Episcopal C h u r c h Main and Delhi Sts.Katherme Day, Rector Sunday service, 10 a.T h e C h u r c h o f Jesus C h r i s t o l L a t t e r - D a y Saints Route 48, Fulton.598-5757 , Lonnie Drake, Bishop Meeting is rive miles north of .Sunday meetings: Sacrament meeting (for all) 10 to I 1:10 a.

c h i l d r e n ' s g r o u p s , 12:10 to 1 p .

C o m m u n i t y Christian Reformed Church ~ v 2 ; H'.

-Tor ovvloo4 • comnumitycrcf'i' 'in Sunoas senaces begin at 10:30 a.

; Sunday School tor all ayes begins at ° .A Ladies Bible Study meets the first and third Wednesdays, beginning Sept.

ObiiuarieM The church is presently accepting applications tor the Academy in kindergarten through grade 12.T h e First Baptist Church 22 Syracuse St.

Harland McGill, pastor 635-5792 Wednesday, 9:30 a.morning worship service - child care provided; 11:30 a.

First Congregational C h u r c h / U n i t e d C h u r c h of C h r i s t 43 Bridge St.Nursery care is available during worship for children through kindergarten age.Hearing devices available for the hearing impaired.

Handicapped accessible entrance from front sidewalk.

Hayes, pastor 635-9964 Sunday worship 10 a.

During the year, all are welcome to join the church for a wide variety of youth and adult activities.W o m e n ' s fellowship, retired men's club, youth groups, family activities, choir, handbells, scouting, VBS, Bible circles, adult education and the children's church school program.T h e church hosts a fall ham dinner, rummage sale and numerous lunches throughout the year.Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.Facilities h a n d i c a p p e d accessible.Terry Millbyer, pastor 454-0828 9 and 11:15 a.kid's connection and primetime, Christian education programs for children and adults.F a i t h Baptist C h u r c h r ~ 7312 Van Buren Rd.Bible s t u d y / prayer hour; Patch the Pirate C l u b for grades' o n e t h r o u g h six; ProTeens tor grades seven through 12.T h e c h u r c h offers Biblical Counseling.Sovereign Grace Baptist C h u r c h of Baldwinsville meets at the Baldwinsville Grange on West Genesee Street Larry White, pastor 626-6044 Services, 9:30 and 10:30 a.

Augustine's Catholic Church 7333 O'Brien Rd.Paul Alciati 638-0585 Mondays through Thursdays, 10 a.Program for 3, 4 and 5-year olds as well as nursery care, during the 8:30 and 11 a.E l i z a b e t h A n n S e t o n Church 3494 NYS Route 3 1 , Baldwinsville The Rev.

Church office hours: Monday through Thursday, 9 a.M a r k ' s L u t h e r a n C h u r c h 2840 Cold Springs Rd.Kenneth Blyth, Pastor 638-0406 Judy Earle and John Loos, deacons First Universalist Church of Sunday, 8 a.Contemporary ComCentral Square munion service; 9 a.Education Hour; A Unitarian Universalist Congregation Routes 49 West and 1 1, Central Square 10:30 a.Traditional C o m m u n i o n service; ( N u r s e r y C a r e p r o v i d e d for T h e Rev.

Margaret Hart, Minister preschoolers during the 10:30 a., Video Discussion Bible Study Tuesday, 7 p.M a r y o f t h e A s s u m p t i o n W o r s h i p s e r v i c e .

L i b b i e 47 Syracuse Street Stoddard; 1 1 a.Father Richard Kopp, pastor C h u r c h is handicapped accessible.

635-5762 Weekend masses: Saturday 4:15 p.Full G o s p e l C h u r c h o f G o d and Sunday 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30 a.Lalco, pastor Weekday masses: Monday, Wednes635-7216 day and Thursday, at 6:45 a.serNursery available for Saturday, 4:15 vice.Grace Episcopal C h u r c h 1 10 Oswego Street 635-3214 e-mail: [email protected] T h e Rev.

Children's worship from 9 C o m m u n i t y Wesleyar.

followed by church school 1 12 Downer St.Adult formation from 9:1 5 to opposite Tn-County Mall 0:50 a.

Holy Eucharist (conCarl C h a p m a n , pastor temporary).Sunday School tor All are welcome to worship and parall ayes.ticipate in a wide variety of youth and morning worship; 5 p.see the church adult services and activities.An active service on PAC B Time Warner C h a n n e l youth program offers groups for three age 98.

Numerous opportunities for adult Wednesday, 7 p.prayer meeting, fellowship occur regularly throughout the y o u t h g r o u p meets and p r o m i s e l a n d year.Music program includes a junior grades 1-5.

Various small groups meet during the week.Hillview C o m m u n i t y Baptist Cornerstone United Methodist Church 752 W.Lynnette Barnes, pastor 635-7438 Sunday, 9:30 a.

worship; children leave sanctuary for church school at 10 a.Adult and children choirs, Bible study, women's fellowship, spring and summer chicken BBQ's,*spring and Election Day turkey dinners and a monthly social club.

Pannafino, Interim Pastor Sunday school, 10 a.Little Utica United Methodist Church Lamson Rd.Northminster Presbyterian Church 7444 Buckley Rd.North Syracuse, 458-0393 Sundays, 9:15 a.Nursery care provided for children through age five.

T h e church is accessible to the physically challenged.Plainville Christian C h u r c h T e m p l e Baptist Church 2295 Downer Street The Rev., pastor 638-1159 W e b site: w\ baptistl61 l.

org Nursery for all services; Sunday school, 9:45 a.Trinity United Methodist Church 8396 Morgan Road, Clay The Rev.Mani Swords-Horrell, pastor Warners United Methodist Church 6514 C a n t o n St.T h o m a s Schafer 672-5595 Sunday worship, 10 a.W o r d of Life Assembly of G o d church 12 East Oneida St.Czyz, Senior Associate Pastor 638-8870 Sunday, 9 a.Nursery and Kingdom Kidz (ages 2 through 12) provided.

W e d n e s d a y , Family N i g h t , S o u t h C a m p u s 7 to 8:30 p.M i s s i o n e t t c s for girls k i n d e r g a r t e n through 8th grade.Royal Rangers for boys kindergarten through 8th grade.

Weekly television broadcast Sundays, 3 p.on Time W a r n e r Access C h a n n e l .Mowins, 64 Retired school teacher Educated at Baldwinsville Academy High School Helen Smith Lehner, 93, of Baldwinsville, formerly of Rochester, passed away Jan.

She was born in Potsdam and was a graduate of Potsdam Normal School Helen was a retired school teacher from the Rochester City Schools and had previously taught at Helen Smith the South Lehner Colton School.She was a member of the New York State Retired Teachers Association.She was predeceased by her husband, William E.Lehner in 1995 and two grandsons, Timothy J.

(Ruth) Lehner of Montpelier, V t , Susan L.(Richard) Heimerman of Liverpool and Jane L.(William) Neer of Baldwinsville; sisters, Grace B.Hayes of Potsdam, Mary Frances (Robert) Williams of Potsdam and Sarah Jane Smith of Rochester; sister-in-law, Helen Smith of Cazenovia; 13 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at the Maurer Funeral Home, Moy ers Corners and in St.Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Baldwinsville.Graveside services were held in White Haven Memorial Park, Pittsford.Calling hours were held at the funeral home, 3541 Rt.Contributions in lieu of flowers may be made to the Timothy Manning Scholarship Fund, c/o St.Bonaventure College, 3261 West State Road, St.She was born in Syracuse, the daught e r of t h e l a t e J o h n a n d Maude (Marvin) Mowins.S a n d r a was educated at Baldwinsville Academy H i g h School, graduated valedictorian, College of New Rochelle and then entered into t h e Sandra B.Carmelite Monastery in Mowins S a r a n a c Lake for four years.

She will be dearly missed and forever in our h e a r t s , your loving family and friends.

She is s u r v i v e d by h e r b r o t h e r , J o h n G.M o w i n s ; nephews and niece and three great-nephews.Burial will be at the convenience of the family in St.Charles Bowomeo Church communicant Barbara Ann Kerwin, 65, of Baldwinsville, died Jan.She was a lifelong resid e n t of t h e Syracuse/ Baldwinsville area.Barbara graduated Diane Guala from Most Christ the King Holy Rosary High School Church communicant in 1958 and Diane Guala, 73, of Liverpool, St.

27,2006 at home Hospital surrounded by her loving family.School of Barbara Ann She was born in New York City N u r s i n g in Kerwin and had resided in Liverpool for 1962.Barbara Diane was a homemaker and was was a c o m m u n i c a n t of St.

involved in civic activities such as Charles Borromeo C h u r c h , past president of Craven Crawford Westvale and a member of Elementary PTA as well as past b o t h t h e R.president and polling inspector for Charles Parish Visiting the Town of Clay Republican Club.She was a communicant of Surviving are her husband, Christ the King Church.M a t t h e w ; two d a u g h t e r s , She was predeceased by her husLisa Anne Kerwin of band of 50 years, Peter Guala in Gaithersburg, Md.

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Kerwin of Syracuse; a son, She is survived by her daughter, Matthew (Delisa) Kerwin; a Katherine A.Guala of Liverpool; a brother, T h o m a s F.(Gina) son and daughter-in-law, Peter J .(Gina) son and daughter-in-law, Peter J.

Davis of Syracuse and three and Doreen A.

; three grandsons, PeA Memorial Mass was celter, Michael and Phillip and one sister, Elise CalabreseofMattituck, ebrated in St.Friends called at Funeral services were held at Whelan Bros Best websites to order a custom thesis proposal technical communication 10 days High School Standard US Letter Size.Friends called at Funeral services were held at Whelan Bros.Funeral Home, the Maurer Funeral Home, Movers 3700 W.Corners and in Christ the King In lieu of flowers, contribuChurch, 21 Cherry Tree Circle, tions may be made to Hospice Liverpool.Interment was in Our of CNY, 990 7th North St.Subscribe today! Contributions may be made to Hospice of CNY, 990 Seventh North Call 434-8889.�EASLE MESSENGER/PEBRUARY I , 2006/21 N t W S M n t ! 1/ ~\ KIDNEY CARS SAVE LIVES Donate your car or boat.Call 476-0311 Free a possible tax deduction! NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION" OF CENTRAL NEW YORK Six i Margarets ' cSchook Lucy and Angelo Simone ANNIVERSARIES B'ville couple celebrates 65 years Lucy and Angelo Simone, grandparents extraordinaire, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary recently.

Their seven local grandchildren would like to warmly thank them for their love, support, guidance and prayers over the years.Since they relish life, a festive dinner celebration and an evening of fun was had by K>* all.Lucy and Angelo's daughter, Annette Sica, and her husband, Frank, Diana and Joe Cavender, Debra and John Walker, Darlene and Ryan O'Kane, Denise and John Pedercini, Mary and Phil Fiorentino, Frank Sica, Bernadette and Sal St.Thomas are all grateful to be blessed with their presence.Newly Renovated Heating, Central Air, Lighting, Sound-proof Classrooms And More! • Pre-K program (3-5 year olds) • Full Day Kindergarten • Onsite Tutoring & Academic Support • Interscholastic Sports Programs • Chorus, Band & Music Lessons • Dance & Karate Programs • Before & After School Program Sum mer L Caa m OPEN HOUSE •»V'»rKi- SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH 1:00-4:00 p.nmmsiM x School Tours & Registration A trail to tell Baldwinville Librarian Meg VanPatten (left) and Pat McFall, secretary of Friends of Baldwinsville Public Library, chat before VanP itten's Power Point presentation about her 2,400 mile journey on Route 66.The listory of the "Mother Road" and pictures of what is left were presented at the Jan.19 meeting of the Friends of Baldwinsville Public Library.

11) • Matty dale, NY 13211 315-455-5791 Father Champlins Spiritual Suggestions For a Stress-Filled Society with Father Joseph Champlin - Moii./WSYR at 5:43pm Glass Half Full or Half Empty Spiritual Suggestion: ~:SB5 1'iPft, We can view any experience from a negative perspective and see it as a half-empty glass for from a positive perspective and see it as a half-full glass.This is Father Champlin in Syracuse with a Spiritual Suggestion to de-stress your day.The morning after Thanksgiving, I went out early to pick up the newspaper, slipped on icy steps and fractured my wrist.Be the best YOU can be! Two long time family friends, a physician and his wife, came to my rescue.John Fatti, another longtime friend and orthopedic specialist.He could not see me until 3pm because of many surgeries scheduled on that day.When we finally made our way to the orthopedics' office, I said to the receptionist, "Oh, you have to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving?" She said "Yes, but we have two days off coming up?" Her colleague in the next cubicle immediately responded, "That's her! Always half-full glass.It certainly was painful and the healing process will take weeks.

But it might have been a broken leg, fractured hip or a concussion.The same reality could be seen as a half-full or half-empty glass.You may have tried everything else, why not try God? fat*&U Christian Brothers Academy 6245 Randall Rd.5960

If you'd like to help, call the Guardian Angel Society at 422-7218 and ask For Kathy.Also listen For Father Champlin every day on VVSYR radio.Founded in 1900, CBA is Central New York's premiere private, Catholic college preparatory school for young men and women in grades 7 through 12.We welcome qualified students without regard to race, gender, national or ethnic origin or religion.

�22/ ER, FEBRUARY I , 2006 EA0LE * — • .

NlWSPAriKS POLITICAL CORNER Walsh hosts grantwritiiUT workshop for fire departments Reps from departments invited to attend By: Tom Stoppard Directed by: Robert Moss THE REAL THING What is this dangerous thing called love? And how do you know when it's the real thing? JAN What should you do at those times you genuinely feel passion? I * 0 ~ STAGE Single tickets start at $19.6Packs now on sale, r r g Group rates: 315.///////////2005/06 Season SEASON SPONSORS: SPONSORED BY: The fbst-Standaitf(lurrlcr CABLE MEDIA SPONSOR: o ConsteBatkxi Energy.

KiMilrlH'i The w»y snorjy« Business JOURNAL at the SYRACUSE CHAMBER BUSINESS SHOW Thursday March 23 Cargill Exnibit Center 9am to 6pm pmmm mimn.Chamber Business Show nss grown to unparalleled ions and become a malnBtay of strength and vitality in ral New York business community.As we plant for a four>n, we proudly applaud the many companies and ions whose efforts, talents, support and oollaboratlon 3use a growing plaot to Vtn and work,,,r Syracuse Chamber of Commerce Business Show one roof, businesses and professions serving of market sectors.Exhibitors demonstrate and and services while making contacts and clients.

Technology, commerce, finance, I, insurance, healthcare, education, and more.© A UnitedHealth Group Company GOLD SPONSORS: SlIMM SPONSORS: .MEDIA SPONSORS: it rwBOfrAnott co*K*rrt COtWOMVON tffflgjg.( i « f i i i • «« , • • • TheRKt-Stendaid ove> TIME WARNER CABLE V» £a&flaj&£ 2&- EAGLE THE POWtd&F VOU'* it's all here! UMffiKTlW B O O T H F E E S 14TH ANNUAL COMPANY INFORMATION GREATER SYRACUSE CHAMBER Of COMMERCE BUSINESS SHOW Company Size No.of Employees 1-5 6-50 51 + COMPANY: CONTACT " ™ 1 AOPRESS: Syracuse Chamber Member Boom Price $475 $626 1625 • ., Non-Member Booth Price $575 $625 $725 TOTAL OUE: tm — • — • — .PAYMENT INFORMATION CfTY: PAYMENT TYP€: STATE: .OCHECK* a VISA a MC Q DISCOVER QAMEX *MakB checks payable to CenferStage Events, Inc.

CrattotkwVRtfcnd Policy: You wff rseato i Ml refund of booth f w $ ' CwrterStaoe Events: COMPANY NAME AS IT SHOULD APPEAR ON OUR BOOTH SIGN: EXP DATE: 3 DIGIT V-CODE rrouowwo YOUR CAAD # ON THE SIGNATURE STRIP); 21P CODE CREDIT CARD IS BILLED TO: AUTHORIZED CARDHOLDER SIGNATURE: Q nwmm EVENTS Y E S ! Picas* contact me <*t9\ Information r»oarcHoQ &pon*oahip opporturittos 404 Chapel Drive • Syracuse, NY 13219 PH: 315-484-1123 • FX: 315-484-0293 E-mail: [email protected] • Website: Congressman Jim Walsh will host a workshop for 25th Congressional District fire department officials interested in applying for a 2006 Assistance to Firefighters Grant through the Department of Homeland Security at 7 p.6 at Onondaga Community College's Whitney Applied Technology Building, Room 101.At the workshop, a fire program specialist from DHS will be available to fully explain the FY 2006 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program and discuss the preparation of individual department's applications.The program was originally known as the FIRE Act program through the Federal Emergency Management Agency."The DHS Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program provides important federal resources for fire departments and first responders across the country," Walsh said.

"I'm happy to be able to host this workshop again this year.The response from last year's was extremely positive and the results proved that they certainly assisted in preparing successful applications." In FY 2005, 24 25th District fire departments were awarded a combined total of >ver $2.5 million in grant funding through the program.

Funding is competitive and both paid and volunteer departments are eligible.

The application period will be 30 days, tentatively plannedfor early March to the first week in April.Attendance at the workshop for applying departments is completely optional and free of charge.Information on the program and a listing of additional workshops are also available at the DHS/ AFG web site at , or by phone at (866) 274-0960.As a member of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus, Walsh has worked to ensure the American fire service remains the best in the world.Walsh was an original cosponsor of the FIRE Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, marking the first time that the federal government supported proactive local emergency service efforts.

Departments interested in participating in the workshop are rsked to call Walsh's Syracuse District Office at 423-5657.Because of space limitations, the workshop is limited to two personnel from each department.�>-7 EA0LE MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I, 2006/23 NtWSPAPIKJ SCHOOLS AND SCHOLARS Area students named to dean's list The following students enrolled in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University were named to the dean's list for the fall 2005 semester: Brenda Edwards, of Baldwinsville, a senior major- ing in painting, and Amy The following students Schumacher, of Baldwinsville, enrolled in the Martin J.a senior majoring in music Whitman School of Manageeducation.ment at Syracuse University Area students named to were named to the dean's list SU's M a r t i n J.

W h i t m a n for the fall 2005 semester: School of Management Sarah Jennings, of dean's list Baldwinsville, a sophomore BRIAN'S ONE DAY u For all questions and comments FULLY INSURED 638-2113 KITCHEN & BATH REMODELING * Quality Workmanship * Reroofing * Repairs • REPAIRING • REMOVING OF WRINKLES WITH POWER STRETCHER New Homes Repairs and Remodeling Hot Water Heaters Power Sewer and Drain Cleaning * FREE ESTIMATES me.fV S

Kirkville, NY 13082 J*,- LIMITED TIME OFFER.Over 28 Years Experience LICENSED-INSURED Ph.635-6721 or 635-9793 (10 Miles East of Syracuse) FAX: 3 1 5 - 6 6 2 - 7 1 9 8 CARPET CLEANING PLUMBING & HEATING m 2 1 2 3 M A I N S T R E E T • PO B o x 460 N E W W O O D S T O C K , NY 13122 P H O N E : 31 S € 6 2 - 7 4 5 0 NickTorio JOHN CANINO * * * * MEMBER NASD.Owner FREE ESTIMATES Baldwinsville, a junior majoring in general studies in management; and Sarah Schmidt, of Warners, a senior majoring in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises and marketing management.8-3 • All Cleaning Done On Premises majoring in general studies in management; Patrick Overton, of Baldwinsville, a sophomore majoring in accounting; Jennifer Palumbo, of Baldwinsville, a sophomore majoring in finance; Joanna Snell, of MOWINS HOME IMPROVEMENT SINCE 1©67 6 2 EAST GENESEE ST.H Br " nrn AJ 'The Company That's Growing" (315) 695-LAWN (5296) REMODELING • ADDITIONS SONG • BASEMENTS • DECKS jwT ~ All In The Ear Hearing Aids starting at $500 - Digital starting at $799 We repair .

ill makes cV models of Hearing Aids SUPERIOR Scapes Inc.ve Kxaminations • Contact Lenses • fcye Glasses At The Village Mall • 52 O s w e g o St.5-3904 Call foj an appointment • Medicaid Accepted Serving Baldwinsville 30 years j

5!JjJJj DIGITAL DESIGN & IMAGING OPTISIGHT LTD Onticii and Hearing Aid Center • Yxc CIIASSCS snrtjni; p o | Landscaping Specialists • Rrtv k P a v e r • Re-taming W .u J n ' • s,, PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION \\,.i', «" S a4 All your flooring HON needs MAIN ST.SYRACUSE NY 315-463-2378 Look for the RED awning! �24/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY I, 2006 EAGLE N I W U A M t ! • • « .

• « • - * BUY 3 GET 1 FREE DVDs NEW LEAS Nothing Over .95 BUY 3 GET 1 FREE VHS VHS \ \ WALL UNITS COUNTER TOPS FLOOR UNITS SHELVING VHS TAPES DVDs 3 TELEVISIONS CASH DRAWERS ADULT TAPES VHS MACHINE A SAFE.and much more RIVER MALL, RALDWINSVILLE 635-4834 Open 7 Days.v* BOOKCASES AND WALL UNITS VIDEO GAMES Play Station Play Station II • X Box CANDY FOR SALE HURRY FOR BEST SELECTIO �Inside: Feb.I to 7, 2006 Automotive Real Estate Employment Public notices More.•• ••'• : i - v v ? « - - • ? • • • ; • • " , • • ' .-- ••- ••••••->'< n i erials, Super Bowl, special guests at ThePalace will prime audiences fpr B-Movie Fest \v•>%*.

; biggest screen in Central New York," Bonk said.5 film plus Super Radioactive giant dinosaurs stand Bowl party costs $10.

BYRUSSTARBY poised to invade Eastwood,>-.im> Horror hosts Feb, 18 ing local audiencesforIts seventh annua! The fbHbwingSunday, Feb.18 at 1 salute to cinematic mediocrity with a var- p., following a "Dick Tracy" serial at 11 ied series of screenihgS;Ms mbhtli at the a., the Palace will screen the restored, newly restored Palace Theater,; /?.uncut, "Raymond Burr-less" original '•••The 2006 B-Movie Fest is scheduled35mm version of "Godzilla: King of the forMarch 3 through 5, but you don't have Monsters.'' to wait until then to start celebrating lowAs a bonus that day, the B-Movie Film grade films.

Fest w ill honor past horror/ B-movie hosts n it I* I r i 3 f • of Central New York.Scheduled to appear : Breakfast Serials at noon are Alan Milair, who portrayed Dr.Remember serials? The B-Movie Film Festival sure does.

whoa and if s reviving the old movie-going tra- hosted "Freaky Flicks & Food" for several dition with Breakfast Serials, with years on WTVH-TV along with his side"Flash Gordon'' starring Buster Crabbe kick, David Fatta.Mike Price, who in the | debuting at i I a.4,: at 1960s hosted horror films as Baron Dae- 1 , the Palace Theater, 2384 • Janies St.i in themon on WIXT-TY, has also been invited.Eastwood section of Syracuse, Admis- • •:.At about 12:45 p ~m,v the B-Mo vie Film0&" • sion';co$ts.•,: -;• Festival will present those hallowed hor,.udieuce rneinMrs; will S able tb in- rbr nsts with an award Cor bringing this to local airwaves, troduce their families to these fun-filled offo

: build up to the 2006 B-Movie Film Festiscreen*" said B-Movieseveral giantthey did in the good W *fepi inaciassy,:sat this year's test," Bonk comfortable, safe ehyirbrwill preceM a B-Monster Movie Matinee at 1:30pan, featuring "Godzilla vs.Saturday, Midnight Screams premier with the sci-fi thriller, "Children of the Sky," which was producedright here in Syracuse by director; Jeff Forsyth.Godzilla" will be screened "Then our audience can stick around after and watch The Super Bowl on the 'Black Belt jofies' Feb.l8VMc&lght'Screams feature will be whatppnk considers one of the finest 1970s |6iabksploitation'' movies ever made,i being screened in C&onor of Black History Month;:(?Enter the Dragon- : stars as a martial-artsW&s a Los Angeles self-defense academy from a gang of violent mobsters.

For B;M)vie;Festival mfo, call 6523868, or visit .Just fill out the heart below and mail it in by February 1.All entries must be received by February 2! our Witfi a g r e l t i n February 8th edition."i r A 2x2 heart greeting is only $20! !'ii\ M> m a k r \nv -x ' niuMione call 41-i nail to 1M88 �mum*»srs * Tneater* Restaurants* 1 s*tei€*lnte!iaiiititem*raiii •Mil Nightclub dates Listed chronologically: Lou Nocilly & Jazzitude.Acoustic tunes at Yesteryears Coffee House & Cafe, 24 State Street Mall, Auburn.Young and old improvisors jam with a dynamic young rhythm section.Hooligans Bar & Grille, Rte57, north of the Thruway, Liverpool.Pooch's Sports Bar & Grill, 1627 Milton Ave., one block from Solvay Bank, downtown Solvay.Sassy singer Jody Burnash and the boys perform a variety of classic rock and R&B.Lucy's Sports Bar at the Holiday Inn, Carrier Circle, off Thruway Exit35, East Syracuse.Classic rock and R&B at Spirits Cafe, 20 State Street Mall, downtown Auburn.Guitarists John Lerner and Joe Biz play a wide variety of classic rock at Old City Hall, Water Street, West Side, Oswego.Roots-rock madmen swing from the trees as they make their Dino debut at the world-famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 246 W., at corner of North Franklin Street, Syracuse.Live music at Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub, 100 S.Italian tunes on voice and accordion accompanied by a delicious Mediterranean buffet.

Le Moyne Manor, 629 Old Liverpool Road, Liverpool.Songs of S i n a t r a , Bennett, etc; Daniella's Steakhouse, Best Western, 670 State Fair Blvd.

Versatile guitar picker plays classic rock, blues and originals for "Ladies Night" at Amore Restaurant, 205 W.

Hooligans Bar & Grille, Rte57, just north of the Thruway, Liverpool.

, at corner of Sackett Street, West End, Syracuse.Parker's Grill & Tap House, 129 Genesee St.Rock at Gatherings By Design, 8 Bridge St.Rock out at Pooch's Sports Bar & Grill, 1627 Milton Ave., one block from Solvay Bank, downtown Solvay.Australian blues harp wizard returns to the Dinosaur BarB-Que., at corner of North FranWin Street, Syracuse.Downtown Manhattan's, One Hanover Square, Saturday downtown Syracuse.

In bteween patrons will be bussed to a brew fest at the State FairJFriday Mick Dooley.

Pooch's Sports Bar & Grill, 1627 Acoustic guitarist Dooley plays tunes by Milton Ave., one block from Solvay Bank, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, Neil Young and downtown Solvay.Swing, standards and showtunes performed with gusto by the savvy Sammy423-8894.Fri-Sat 6-8pm; also winning keyboardist.

Versatile pianoman performs Hotel, 1060 E.s t a n d a r d s , jazz, rock and blues at Free.

Versatile pianoman performs standards, Free.Piano jazz, rock and blues at Phoebe's Garden tunes, followed by DJ Juliet Lloyd.

Oldies and Downtown Manhattan's, One Hanover Square, downtown Syracuse.474- blues at Wacky Wyatt's Tex-Mex BBQ, 85 E.Swing, standards and showtunes performed with gusto by the savvy Sammy- Solo piano and vocals.Genesee Grande Steakhouse, Best Western, 670 State Fair Hotel, 1060 E.Lucy's Sports cover band featuring Sammy-winners Bar at the Holiday Inn, Carrier Circle, off Gary Frenay and Arty Lenin.rock at Downtown Manhattan's, One t specializes in Sinatra.Daniella's Steakhouse, Best Western, 670 $5.Wacky hard rock band at Gatherings By Design, Wyatt's Tex-Mex BBQ, 85 E.J o h n Puma & The D a n g e r o u s (Rte31), Baldwinsville.J o h n Puma & the D a n g n e r o u s Horns.Classic rock the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 246 W.Oldies rock band fronted by R&B, complete with horn section.The Ukrainian Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub, 100 S.

Nine-year-old vocalist Miss Cole Leigh sits in at this weekly jamboree.Jigs and reels performed by a plethora of acoustic musicians the first Sunday of every month at The Halfpenny Pub, 321 W.Poet Jane Cassady welcomes guest poet Chris Caskey from Baldwinsville and versifiers of all ages and abilities to the weekly reading at the Coffee Pavilion, 133 E.What a night for a daydream as the awardwinning rockers go acoustic at Downtown Manhattan's, One Hanover Square, downtown Syracuse.Acoustic Mondays Begin with a songwriters showcase.Every Tues 6:307:30pm beginner tango lessons; 7:309:30pm social tango dancing (Milonga)., on corner of South Clinton and Walton streets, downtown Syracuse.A c o u s t i c J a m Session & Song Circle.Acoustic performers ofall ages are invited to play; hosted by songwriter Larry Hoyt.Good music plus good brew specials until midnight.Austin blues guitarist plugs • in at the world-famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 246 W., at corner of Noitth Franklin, Syracuse.

Happy Hour performance by the power pop duo also features free pizza and wings.

Sheraton University Inn, 801 University Ave, SU hill, Syracuse.The local flugelhornist leads a small group performing jazz for diners at the Cazenovia Grill, 37 Albany S t , Cazenovia.Improvised music at Syracuse Suds Factory, corner of South Clinton and Walton streets, Armory Square, Syracuse.A swingin' 17-piece big band plays standards from the 1930s, '40s and '50s for dancers and diners.Le Moyne Manor, 629 Old Liverpool Road, Liverpool.Jazz threesome led by one of the area's top saxophonists.

Merry musicians Merlyn & Wayne Fuller host the session at Jordan Free Library, Mechanic Street, Jordan.Original acoustic material and songs of social justice, some from Latin America, often special guest.Hooligans Bar & Grille, Rte57, just north of the Thruway, Liverpool.

Mac's Bad Art Bar, 1799 BrewertqnRoad (Rtell), Mattydale.

Reggae music every Hump Day at Downtown M a n h a t t a n ' s , One Hanover Square, downtown Syracuse.Blues and classic rock c/o southpaw guitarist Chuck Dean.

Blues and roots rock by Steve Winston, Mark Tiffault, Colin Aberdeen and Mark Nanni., at corner of North Franklin Street, Syracuse.Festivals and celebrations Listed chronologically: will be crocodile researcher Matthew Harris.Wednesdays thru Sun- Center, Route31, Jordan.Milton Rubenstein Morris D a n c i n g .

Every Mon 7 Musem of Science & Technology 8:30pm., Armory Westcott Community Center, 826 Euclid Square, Syracuse.

50/chil- Avenue at corner of Westcott Street.478dren up to age 11 and seniors age 65 and 8634.Every Regional Market Farmers & Flea Wed 1:30pm; thru Feb8.s 10am-6pm, Sat 7am- naturalist will help participants find 2pm/farmers market; Sun 7am-3pm/flea wildlife signs while reaping the benefits market.

CNY Regional Market, 2100 Park of a good aerobic workout.Nature Center, East Mud Lake Road, off Rte370, three miles west of African Dance Class.

West African dances taught by $3; $2/per car parking fee.Westcott Community Center, 826 Euclid Avenue at corner of Westcott Open Figure Drawing, Inc.$10/adults, $7/students, $5/ages Wed 7-10pm.charged of participating artists artists.Westcott Community Center, 826 Euclid Upstate Herpetological Associa- Avenue at corner of Westcott Street.ian hobbyists' monthly meeting; speaker \ �Theater Concerts Listed chronologically: J.The local flugelhornist leads a small group performingjazz for diners at the Cazenovia Grill, 37 Albany St.

Frenay & Lenin/All That Jazz/Los Blancos."Party for the Arts" features guest artists such as Nancy Kelly, Joe Whiting, Bobby Green and Bill DiCosimo.Classical pianist perfiorms compositions by Mozart, Haydn and Schubert.State Theatre, West State Street, Ithaca.

S y r a c u s e S y m p h o n y Orchestra.Maestro Dan Hege conducts as the Upstate NY Ballet dances "Sleeping Beauty." Crouse Hinds Concert Theater, Mulroy Civic Center, 411 Montgomery St.

Loudon's sister perform songs from her disc, "Cool Morning" at a concert hosted by the Syracuse Folkus Project at May Memorial Unitarian Society, 3800 E.Disco dance party with three excellent area bands.Turning Stone Casino Showroom, off Thruway Exit33, Verona.Center for the Arts, Main Street, Homer., at the corner of Second Street (Rte 370), Liverpool.

Classical parlor music by Scarlatti, Mozart and; Handel.A group of Ithaca's best old-time musicians play for a live broadcast of the long-running WVBR radio show, "Bound for Glory" at Annabel Taylor Hall Cafe, Cornell University, Ithaca.

Texas blues guitarist returns to the world-famous Dinosaur BarB-Que, 246 W.

, at corner of North Franklin, Syracuse, Free.A swingin' 16piece big band plays standards from the 1930s,'40s and'50s for dancers and diners.Le Moyne Manor, 629 Old Liverpool Road, Liverpool.Taylor Hall, Cornell Univer- Church, Horseheads.10: T h e D r i f t e r s & T h e Goldstein Auditorium, SyraPlatters.10: Marian Anderson Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, SyraString Q u a r t e t .M : J A S S M a r d i Gras Center, Verona.25: The Bear Cat Jass Drumlins Country Club, Syra- Band.Taylor Hall, Cornell UniverMunson-Williams-Proctor sity, Ithaca.I I: Lou & P e t e r Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, SyraP irryman.First United Methodist M a r c h 3: T h u n d e r Canyon/ Church, Horseheads.(607) 962- C u s t o m T a y l o r Band/Fulton 4461.

Turning Stone Casino ShowJustin's Grill, East Syracuse.Liverpool Public Library, Mulroy Civic Center, Syra- Liverpool.Feb I 2: Lou & Peter Taylor Hall, Cornell UniverBerryman.Taylor Hall, Cornell Univer- March 9: The Celtic sity, Ithaca.*Vr-V++-*\+ ** • Fayetteville Free Library, Fayetteville.Art & Home Center, State Fairgrounds, Geddes.Taylor Hail, Cornell University, Ithaca.M a r c h 24-25: Cherish t h e Ladies/Syracuse S y m p h o n y Orchestra.Sun 2 and Sun 2pm; runs weekends thru 7pm, Wed Febl 2 and 7:30pm; Feb4.Nudie musical staged by runs thru Febl2.at New Times The- sion blend in this play about maratre, Art & Home Center, State riage and infidelity.Fri 7:30pm, 479-SHOW Hercules, The Maiden and Sun 2pm.Every Sat 12:30pm; ducts the Syracuse Symphony special mid-week show Feb22; Orchestra as the Upstate NY Balruns thru March25.

The muscle- let dances at the Crouse Hinds bound musical is staged by the Concert Theater, Mulroy Civic Magic Circle Children's Theatre.The Hilarious Hillbilly Mas- Jekyll and Mr.Sat 8pm, Sun 2pm; runs 7pm; runs thru Jan28.

Mountainous she- Louis Stevenson's schizophrenic nanigans staged by Bob Brown's story staged by Gifford Family Opening Night Productions at the Theatre at Le Moyne College.Glen Loch Restaurant, North 1419 Salt Springs Road, Syracuse, Street, Jamesville.The Strange Case of Sheik Sat 7:30pm, Sun 3pm.Thurs 6:45pm; runs thru revue includes songs from "Okla- March9.

SALT-winning playhoma" and "The King & I," pre- wright Bob Greene and his Acme sented by Fulton Community Mystery Co., present an hilarious Theater at Jubilee Hall, Immacu- interactive mystery starring/the.late Conception Church, 309 Buf- hilarious Bill Coughl jn inthe.$10/adults, $8/se- role as leader of a Mideast natioja niors and students., North Side, Syracuse, guy Marra hosts guest comics $25.475weekly at Cucina di Amore, Bay- 1807.

Ev$10/show only, $5/with dinner ery Fri 9pm, Sat 8 and 10:15pm.variety of regional comedians atMy G r e a t , G r e a t G r e a t tempt to get crowds laughing at Grandfather Said.i i h a , $ 1 0 featuring Vanessa Johnson eel- and $7.ebrating African-American Tony & The Soprano.International Mask & Febl-Thurs 7:30pm, Fri-Sat 8pm, Puppet Museum, 518 Prospect Sun 4pm, Wed Feb8 7:30pm; runs Ave., at junction of North Salina thru Febll.

Rachel Lampert's Street, North Side, Syracuse.$9/ original comedy-drama about a adults, $6/children.35-year-old Brooklyn man and his Jessimae Peluso.romance with a Juilliard music Manhattan-based comedienne student.Kitchen Theatre, Clinton raised in Solvay performs her new House, 116 N., down8pm; runs weekends thru FeblL town Syracuse.Opens Fri- A corporate comedy by John Sat 8pm; runs thruFebll.An old Smitherman, who also directs man and a young bride switch and stars in this show presented bodies; presented by Appleseed by Salt City Center for the PerProductions at Atonement forming Arts at Jazz Central, 441 Lutheran Church, 116 W.Fayetteville Free Library, Fayetteville.

Storer Auditorium, Onondaga Community College, Syracuse.First United Methodist 'March II: Galitcha.March 11 • Robin April 8: T h e Dady Brothers.Thurs-Fri 1pm, Sat 1 and 7pm, Sun 3pm, Wed Febl lpm.Thurs Fri 3pm, Sat 3 and 6pm, Sun 3pm, Wed Febl 3pm.Thurs-Fri noon and 4pm, Sat noon, 2,4 and 8pm, Sun noon, 2 and 4pm, Wed Febl noon and 4pm.Spectacular viewing experiences on the huge, curved IMAX screen, Bristol Omnitheater, IMAX, The MOST, 500 S.

$8/ adults, $6/kids and seniors; and see the MOST exhibits for pnly one additional dollar.The 1995 film by the late director Marlon Riggs jumps into the middle of explosive debates over Black identity with a flavorful mix of personal testimony, music and history; part of the Contemporary Film Series at Everson Museum of Art., at the corner of South State Street, downtown Syracuse.$4/general, $3/students and museum members.

Low-grade horror reigns at the Palace Theater, 2384 James St.

Outer space sci-fi thriller directed by Jeff Forsyth and produced right here in the Salt City! Palace Theater, 2384 James St.

�GENERALJ EASLE 317 Auctions Classifieds 460 Pets For 395 Wanted To Buy SAWMILLS from only $2,795.00 Convert your LOGS TO VALUABLE LUMBER with your Norwood portable band sawm i l l .

Log s k i d d e r s also available, - Free information: 1-800-578-1363 ext 300N (NYSCAN) PET BOARDING P R E S T O N ' S PET StTTfHQ CONNECTION Atofetw standard of pet sitting SED Exam March 10 A 11, 2006 Cazenovia High School Site #418 Call Margie at 313-256-6492 375 Seasonal MAJOR A N T I Q U E A U C TION, Saturday, February 11th.More information and other exciting auctions at or call Tom 607-760-0273 (NYSCAN) .grfKF™ PET SITTING Adoption •LAND AUCTION* 240 Props Must be Sold! Low Free to good loving homes.Down/ E-Z Financing Free Adorable kittens.Linda Holic (655-1301) for registration and eligibility requirements PETS FOR SALE Free Parakee+sl No fee to take the exam.Registration Deadline is March 3 "8 weeks old" Call 492-6990 Bring your pets, large or small, to our fun & loving facility! 3817 Carver Rd.

New Hope « 315-497-2280 PET FOODS DRUM LESSONS Wanted: Old Fishing Tackle, Any Amount.Rock/Jazz/ Funk/Latin 7- ISTEIWLISTER did you remember to pick up the pet food? 315-497-2280 • new Hope Michael Cortese, M.

M, 315-439-2242 A Full Service eBay Listing Company A division of T W Conroy LLC., Bakiwinsville, NY 1 3 0 2 7 PETS FOR ADOPTION Trusted Team ofProfessional, Experienced Appraisers, Descriptive Writers, Bookkeepers & Shipping Experts can help you.

HOME CARE GRANNY NANNY A Second Chance for.FOR ELDERLY (FT), Experienced, Good Mermce*.She Is a very sweet and friendly Retriever mix.HOME HAIR STYLIST Sell on e £ # ; Tte JEay Wayi Email: auetions@mysi«tertheli» :•.Call 3 1 5 - 6 8 9 - 3 3 0 0 For a Free Consultation & Value Estimate HAIR STYLIST * \ will come t o home.

699-1956, 345-4893 CNYSPCA 6878 East Molloy Rd.104 Unreserved Snowmobile Inventory Reduction AUCTION tost l (l lu., Located @ Aero Marina 9080 Beach Road, Brewerton, NY LOST NECKLACE W h i t e G o l d w/Pave Diamond heart.Auctioning on location for Aero Marina, having sold their Yamaha Snowmobile FranchiseNew '06 Yamaha Snowmoblles:APEX RTZ W/REX, Attack, 2-Nytro ER; New '05 Yamaha Snowmobiles: RX Warrior LE, 2-RE Warrior, 3-RS Rage, RS Vector ER, RS Vector; New 404 Yamaha Snowmobiles: 2-RX-1, Viper ER, SX Venom; New 02 Yamaha Venture 700; New '01 Yamaha Venture 700.$150 Buyer's fee for purchases less than $1500, $200 Buyer's fee for purchases S1500 and more.Buyer's fee to be put down as deposit with balance due within 4 days.Driver's license required for bidding number.All statements made day of auction take precedence over printed material.

2052 Lamson Road Phoenix, New York 13135 (315)678-2542 • 1-800-562-0660 mnr, brzosteL cum Members of the NYSAA & NAA I 315-454-4479 Generous Reward | t PEISLbST DOG - Cherished Lab Mix Female, very shy, frightened & withdrawn.Brindle with white on chest/feel Lost Rt 80 behind Dorwin Springs and Green Hills, Nedrow.on 25'x 129'lot! Also auctioning 2 sets of Jaw books! She is extremely Idd bock.

and would prefer just lying next to you and having her betyrubbed.She can be a Ittte shy at flat, but once she gets to know you she fcs extremely affectionate.and a nice walk or a too of a toy would make her reaty happy, if IMS sounds lee something you would enjoy also.

please consider making Ruby a loving member ofyourfamiy New & used accordions, drums, guitars & musical instruments.

Sizeable reward - 440-2572 anytime Bidding starts at $1! Directions; 1-90 to Canastota Exit 34: Left on Peterboro St.2flc9, 1-3 PM \ i\i h i u i \i< HOMO i v 20SJ I atmon Road 13135 CASH HOW Ass

ANNUITIES and INSURANCE PAYOUTS 1800) 794-7310 J XL Wentworth means'CASH NOW for Stroctured Settlements! In print and online! Call 43*1988 to place your ad! �EMPLOYMEN EA0LE Feb.1,2006 Classifieds Town of Skaneateles Part Time Position Body Person - Local Service Company is looking for a full time person to maintain body and fender repairs to their fleet Experience is required.Mechanical experience with diesel trucks is a plus.

Please mail resume with any salary requirements to: HR Manager, P.DELIVERY MAIL POSITKDNS! Earn $12-$48 per hour/ No experince Full Benefits/ Paid Training Now Hiring! Call Now Toll free 1866-409-2663 ext 41 (NYSCAN) DRIVER- Communication.Come to Knight TODAYI- Weekly home Time -2500 + miles/week -2005 & newer Volvos.Immediate Phone Interviews- Call Jennifer @ 800-308-2809.Drivers, Teams, O/O, & Students Welcome.888MORE-PAY (888-677-3729) (NYSCAN) SEE THE COUNTRY AND GET PAIDI National delivery service seeks people to deliver commercial trucks nationally and Canada.Low cost entry and high income potential.We also need pickup truck owners to help deliver RV trailers nationwide.

Details on (NYSCAN) ALL CASH CANDY ROUTE.Do you earn $800 in a day? Your own local candy route.CALL 1-888-771-3496 (NYSCAN) NEVER BEEN BEFORE DONE- $28,000 In Days Not ing Calls, (Not A Survey) Work anywhere.

No Selling! No Explaining! No Convincing! Free Call 1-888-590-6260 (NYSCAN) PROFESSIONAL VENDING ROUTE: No Bubble Gun Here! Real Snack, Soda, Water, Juice, Financing available with deposit.(877)843-8726; (NYSCAN) Drivers - CDL drivers needed for local service company.Company ***m Opportunities paid health benefits.Please mail resume with any salary requirements to: HR •GET C A S # For your setManager, P.Box 11009, tlement, Annuity Payments, Syracuse, NY 13218 or Inheritance.apply in person at 526 State (NYSCAN) Fair Blvd, Syracuse.CAPITAL DRIVERS Are you getting GOTHAM the pay you deserve?? MORTGAGE CORP.- Fast Roehl drivers are! Van up to Closings! Cash Out! Stop .41, plus •Foreclosures! No InTarp! Sign-on bonus.Stud- come/Assets, Late Payents Welcome.Class A re- ments/ Judgments/ Bankquired.Call 7/days 1-877- ruptcies OK! 1-866-3GOTHAM.(NYSCAN) DRIVERS Average Loans Arranged Through $53,854/year.Light & heavy cleaning, Indry, ironing, etc.687-6516 LINEN WORLD HOME PARTY CONSULTANT.

Need an extra $500 a month? Display quilts, lace, blariKets and more.Cruise incentive! 800-536-2457 (NYSCAN) Part Time Bookkeeper Position in Cazenovia.RAILROAD FREIGHT CONDUCTOR positions in New York! Earn $40-65K plus Benefits! Applications are REQUIRED for interviews.Apply online: Call toll free 866-373-2916 (NYSCAN) Welder - Second shift full time opening for an experienced welder.Please mail resume with any salary requirements to: HR Manager, P.Box 11009, Syracuse, NY 13218 or apply in person at 526 State Fair Brvd, Syracuse.

Looking for a job? We've got them! Accountants Consultants • • Doctors Kjurcpc; W'ltil i u l d b l u l er$ Secretaries % Retail estaurant dministrators % Tellers Mlltianics EAGLE N E W S P A P E R S Growing company has multiple openings in Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Jefferson Counties.Both experienced and entry level positions available.Please mail resume with any salary requirements to: HR Manager, P.Box 11009, Syracuse, NY 13218 Applications available at the Town Clerks Office 24 Jordan Street, Skaneateles, NY 13152 House Cleaner Needed DRIVERS WANTED Need reliable & conscientious people to work Wednesdays at Tri State Auto Auction.Must have clean drivers license and be able to drive a standard.All driving is on premises with guaranteed hrs.Apply in person, Monday from 1pm-4pm, ask for Linn Carrier, 5930 Rt.3 1 , Cicero 18°° an hour Two mornings a week, four hours a day, one mile from Skaneateles village.

Duties would include vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, dusting, sweeping walkways, ironing, etc.Non smoker with personal references required.If you are looking for part-time work, enjoy immediate satisfaction from seeing a job well done, and want to work in a family environment where your efforts are appreciated please reply to (exit 30 off Rt.) T5i STATE PO Box 545, Skaneateles, NY 13152 AUTO Mechanics AUCTION, INC.TRUCK DRIVERS EXPERIENCED DIESEL MECHANICS WANTED Service Company has multiple openings for all shifts, Full Time and Part Time.Please mail resume with any salary requirements to: HR Manager, P.

Box 11009, Syracuse, NY 13218 or apply in person at 526 State Fair Blvd.Apply at For full-time position in Syracuse area.Must have strong print and online design background.Must be proficient with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker and InDesign.

Competitive salary, health, dental, 401K.Please send resume and cover letter to: CALL TODAY! 50 Solo Drivers Needed Immediately! 550 Charles Ave., Solvay or fax resume to 315-468-1472 flair NEW YEAR / NEW START * Dedicated Reefer Routes * * Home Most Weekends * * 2400 Miles Guaranteed * COVENANT TRANSPORT Van & Flatbed Available Late Model, Clean Equipment Regional & Local Dedicated Runs Available Limited Positions.122 866-365-2884 kscaries@ Ad #512 C/O Eagle Newspapers 5910 Firestone Drive Syracuse, NY 13206.Marccllus Central School • <:> AI; v|ll«t||> 2 Modified Girls Lacrosse coaches and a Modified Track and Field Coach.Must have First Aid and CPR Certification.Please send cover letter and resume to Arthur Wilson, Athletic Director, Marcellus Central Schools, 1 Mustang Hill Dr., Marcellus, NY 13108 before February 10, 2006.

mmm FACTORY Seeking sales professionals Print experience preferred but not required.*° DRIVERS / CDL A DRIVER If you are a motivated sales pro, familiar with the CNY market and looking for a stable environment, competitive salary and commission, bonuses, 401K plan, health, dental and life insurance, send your resume to: Richard Keene, President Eagle Newspapers 5910 Firestone Drive Syracuse, NY 13206 or e-mail rkeene@ v Orchard Earth and Pipe .j?*f •—, Graphic designer wanted '!!• •'• The Town of Skaneateles Bookkeeping Department is accepting job applications for an immediate opening.Must have a 2-ycar accounting degree or equivalent work experience with good computer and office skills.

Must have excellent people skills, be organized and detail oriented.Applications must be received by February 17, 2006 Openings in production and warehouse on 1st & 2nd shifts.Competitive salary, Paid vacation, 9 paid holidays, paid personal day.4 paid days to earn for perfect attendance.Apply in person Monday-Friday 9am-4pm or mail resume to HR Recruiting.

1 Stickley Drive, PO Box 480, Manlius, NY 13104.Fax 682-0711 E-mail hrrecruiting@ No phone calls, please EOE 1 Jtickley J Our Clier>ts Are Hirirjg! PART TIME HELP WANTED CLERICAL ASSEMBLY INSPECTION J.Pickard provides special medical equipment and accessibility modifications to allow people with disabilities to live at home and for therapy at schools and other venues.Prefer college level education, computer literate, good writing and communication abilities, and experience in medical and/or human services.

Pay is by progressive fee for service and commission for sales professional.This is a good opportunity for a person who would like to help make this established business grow.Best for person in the Jordan-Elbridge or surrounding area.Pickard atjrp@ or call 689-3896 All Shifts, Local Areas.Call Today 697-9675 Adecccj THE I M P I O Y M I N T M O f t l Staffing Services Sales & Account Management �EA0LE N o w hiring temporary consultants.Earn average of $600 during your first two weeks.

Must love candles! Interested in hearing more or booking a show: 687-5584 or candle7667@ FRONT DESK CLERK Seeking customer service-oriented individuals wtfh multiple phone line and computer experience for fast-paced front desk at historic hotel.Flex hours, competitive salary and benefits.ftpple Annie's Restaurant Line Cook, Waitstaff & Dishwasher Needed.1, 2006 Classifieds Looking for individuals interested in getting paid everytime someone turns on a light, surfs the net, or makes a call.Take a look at this once in a lifetime opportunity today.Call 1 - 8 7 7 - 2 8 5 - 1 1 7 5 , pin 0 4 5 4 .Registered Nurse, PT Admissions Nurse, 7 PT position available.Additional Hospice, homecare, oncology, BSN is preferred.Comprehensive benefit package & paid mileage.Delivery Driver Monday - Friday, generally 35-40 hours.Set routes established of delivery of newspapers to newsstands with collection of money at locations.Other routes are drop new and pick up old publications.

Also includes delivery of various print media to local mailers.Send resume to Lori Newcomb, Eagle Newspapers, 5910 Firestone Dr., Syracuse, NY 13206 or fill out application at above address.2 1 2 3 MAIN STREET • POBOX460 NEW WOODSTOCK, N E W YORK 13122 31&662-7450 • FAX 31562-7198 National Investment Firm located in New Woodstock, NY is seeking a qualified individual for administrative duties.

Two or Four Year Degree & computer experience required Possibility for full time w/benefits and paid vacation.Please call Kate Santiago to set up a confidential interview.315-662-7450 IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR MASONRY F0RMAN NEW CAMILLUS LOCATION FOR LOCAL PROJECT Hiring For: •EM—BMBfTS: Own transportation, own tools, rnipiiiifclu / ctependaMe, 10+ years experience, deetandbig crew leader, responsible for afl hQrutfs, production, quality, be abletopass oYug-screening test, report daly to owner.Respond Willi ojuaMcatiens and waoe reojuest to: - Pizza Maker - Sales Associate - Drivers - Shift Manager - Kitchen Crew Send resume to PO Box 215, Camillus, NY 13031 call Amy at 282-1280 Woodfine Development Corp.Fax 315-597-2683 LPN's FT&PT-Days& PT11-7am night positions Minimum 1 yr.

New Hartford, 4 suite facility also looking for PT 1 l-7am.mileage & comprehensive benefit package, stipend after 10pm.

Nursing Students Completed Nursing Fundamentals may be eligible for CHHA positions, PT and weekend positions available.Call Hospice & Palliative care 735-6487 x251.Purchasing Assistant Full-time support for busy department assisting Buyer / Planners with specs, quotes, changes variances.Maintain department office equipment, supplies, files and system revisions.

Requires accuracy, excellent verbal/written communication, math skills.Be willing to learn, follow instructions and apply knowledge learned to job at hand.Adaptable to variety of assignments and priorities while exercising independent reasoning.Competitive salary, comprehensive benefit plan.Send resume with cover letter stating salary history / requirements to HR Recruiting, Stickley Furniture, PO Box 480, Manlius, NY 13104 fax 315-682-0711 email hrrecruiting@ .

EOE Member NASIVSIPC Miction ?AMttti*sHtr' Executive Assistant Community Action Partnership for Madison County i!ftp:-.—, Coordinates community development activities as well as public relations contacts to include press releases and speaking engagements; maintains donor database; cultivates prospective investors, and assists in revenue development through grant writing and private solicitation.

Provides administrative support to the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.Qualifications: A bachelors degree required with at least three (3) years of grant writing and/or fundraising experience.Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and Publisher; experience with automated databases required.At least five (5) years of experience in business required as well as the ability to interact in a professional, respectful manner with all levels of staff and the public.Must possess strong technical writing skills.

Medical and dental benefits as well as a retirement package are available.Send resume with 3 professional references to: HR Director & Community Action Partnership, 3 East Main St.CAP is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Employer Jticklo/ Or>oo6*ga Comfort Inn BY CHOICE HOTELS COMFORT INN FAIRGROUNDS P/T NIGHT AUDIT, DESK CLERKS & HOUSEKEEPING POSITIONS.APPLY IN PERSON AT COMFORT INN, 7010 INTERSTATE ISLAND RD, BALDWINSVILLE 315-453-O045 EOE Seeking S a l e s Representative Eagle Newspapers, an award winning weekly newspaper, is seeking a sales rep.If you are energetic & organized and looking for a full time position with benefits.Please send your resume & references to: Pam Kennedy Eagle Newspapers POBox301,Cazenovia,NY 13035 EAJSLE NEWSPAPERS HOUSEKEEPING Part-Time Positions Available 1st and 2nd shifts.Includes weekends, holidays and on call time.

Interested applicants contact the Director of Housekeeping, Community Memorial Hospital, 150 Broad Street, Hamilton, NY 13346 or call 315-824-6564.brkforce ew York f»ur us to wort: for yoo New York State Department of Labor George E.Pataki, Governor FOR I M M E D I A T E R E L E A S E : SPRINKLER FITTERS RECRUIT APPRENTICES Syracuse, NY (January 20, 2006) - The Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for Sprinkler Fitters, Local 669 (Central NY), will conduct recruitment from January 28 through June 17 for five apprentices, State Labor Commissioner Linda Angello announced today.Applications can be obtained at Plumbers and Steamfuters Local 267, 150 Midler Park Drive, Syracuse, from 8:30am to 1030am, every other Saturday (January 28; February 11 and 25; March 11 and 25; April 8 and 22: May 6 and 20: and June 3 and 17).The committee requires that applicants: • Be at least 18 years old • Have a high school or general equivalency diploma.

• Take a physical examination and a drug test at the committee's expense, after acceptance for the program.• If a veteran, submit a copy of their DD 214.Proof of education and veteran status must be submitted at the time of indenture.For further information, applicants should contact the New York State Department of Labor office located nearest their home or the Apprenticeship Training Central Office at 315-479-3228 Apprentice programs registered with the Department of Labor must meet standards established by the Commissioner.Under state law, sponsors of programs cannot discriminate against applicants because of race, deed, color, national origin, age, sex, disability or marital status.

Women and minorities arc encouraged to submit applications for apprenticeship programs.Sponsors of programs are required to adopt affirmative action plans for the recruitment of women and minorities.1,2006 Classifieds 500 Autos For Sale 500 Autos For Sale 530 Boats 580 Sport Utility (Antique) International 1972TraveaJI 1010-VS-304 Gold Metalic Original Owner, 26,000 original miles.$8,900 315-637-4155 2001 JEEP WRANGLER Sport, hard and sofUops, 35K, excellent condition, $14,800 Evening 315-6552979 1988 INVADER, GREAT cond., loaded, 1989 150 hp outboard, cover, trailer, ski pkg.2002 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 5 speed.$19,000 Call 635-7019 or 727-5655 leave message.

1989 Imperial 22 1/2' I/O engine with cuddy/trailer, well maintained, excellent shape, $4,900 or OB 8292800 For Sale: '98 Infinity QX4 SUV 4WD 97k miles, pearl white, excellent condition, loaded, original owner, $11,500, see at 4931 East Lake Rd.

00 CHEVY 3500 - $6,800; 99 Ford E350 - $6,800; 95 Dodge Conversion - $5,900.01 Infiniti, I30, V6, excellent, traction control, moonroof, heated leather seats, Boise 6 disc, 82K, $10,900.1991 VOLVO 240 WAGON, 5 speed, 124K, good condition, $2,500.1992 Ford Taurus SHO New; tire, break, clutch, 83 K loaded $4,799/080 6552232.cab, 2x4, auto, snows, needs some TLC, runs great.Excellent condition, very c l e a n ! 117,000 miles.Only 70k, auto, A/C, power w i n d o w s / l o c k s , in very good condition, great "first car" for someone.

8 FWD; Manual, Green; 4Door; 117,600 miles; C l e a n ; w/Maint Records; 27 mpg; good tires; 4 snows.1995 Mercedes Benz E300 Diesel Pearl black on black 76,000 miles.1998 HONDA CVR LX, 5 speed, A/C, Cruise Control, 104,700 mi.

, black, alloy wheels, one owner, good condition.1998 Infiniti I30t, 5 spd, EC, loaded, Bose, leather, sunroof, 108k highway miles, pearl white, 190hp, sharp $8,900.1998 JETTA, 93K, auto, moon roof, CD player, New tires, recent insp.

1999 Chevy Prizm sedan 4 door, FWD, 5 Speed, Manual, A/C, Good Condition, Taupe, Side Airbags, &ojthern car, 93k $3,500 4680956.1999 Chevy S u b u r b a n 1500LS Tan 100,500 4 WD air, 3rd Seat, Tow Package, aluminum wheels, running boards, runs great looks great.

Air needs re-charge, great for snow, $ 8 , 0 0 0 (315)655-8090 Jim.1999 Mercury Villager Sport, A/C, Good Condition, No Rust, Quad Seat, 67,000 miles, $6,500 OBO.655-4603 or 439-3154 2000 ACURA INTEGRA GS-R sport coupe 2D, 87.k miles, loaded, leather, CD, moonroof, $9,200 or best offer, Manlius, 682-9604.

77 Ford LTD Full Power, Stored in garage.Georgia Car, $2,800 Call 682-6467 96 Mercury Sable Automatic, CD player, mechanically good, $500, call Jeanne 6873176 or Sandra 1-518-4619515.

Not Diesel; Good Engine but does need work.C H E V R O L E T - 1987 4 door with two new tires.

DODGE NEON 2000 - Excellent condition, automatic, air, AM/FM/tape, 34,280 miles.60K, 4 door, power windows, locks, cruise, A/C.PRICE REDUCEDI Pontiac Grand AM SE '94 V6 Auto, look CD ABS Cruise, New Muffler, New Power Steering Rack $2,000.Warranty, white with black hardtop, black leather.VW'S: ' * 'USED* Jetta, Passat, Golf Audi: Sales, Service, Parts.Auto Parts & Accessories For Sale: 1991 Enclosed Sportsman 4 wheel trailer, 24x8x8, with utility racks, good condition.Harold Landers 366-2371 SAAB Winter Tires: Set of four gentty used winter tires on ALLOY WHEELS, approx.

12k miles, sized to fit c u r r e n t & recent years SAAB 9-5s and 9-3s.Call 6563757 530 Boats L— 1942 SKANEATELES COMET with sails, Hull #1913.Good condition, bottom needs re-bedding $800.1979 Regal 18' Open Bow outboard motorboat with a 140 mercury motor.2001 Ford Focus Silver 4 Trailer included, may be Door, 53.Power seen at 4515 Ridge Rd-CaEverything.0C0CBO Call 380-7137 BOAT FOR SALE! 1989 Nissan 15' Outboard.

60 • r 1994 Sylvan-deck boat (23 foot) Good condition, in water, with trailer $6,000.1999 Silverton 352 Twin Engines 454's Less than 250 hours, Full canvas windless.Excellent Condition $149,000 315-652-7221 Penn Yan Sport 84, 16', 2.

5 L, OMC, Stern Drive, IO, 130 HP, Trailer, $2,100.315-655-9189 SAILBOAT, 17ft Thistle; Beautiful, restored, full set of sails & trailer.Land Rover '96 Discovery Willow Green 4x4, V-8, Cruise $4,700.'97 Ram 1500 KingCab V8, P/W, P/L, Liner Tonneau, Great Condition.1992 Ford F150 V8, a/c, power windows, 107,000 mi.Superswamper tires, lifted, piped, many extras.

315-337-0010 1984 Honda Goldwing, new tires, windshield paint & pipes.Runs and looks great! 44,000 miles/ $3200 OBO Call Dave 569-4335 2000 Chevy Astro Van, AWD, AC, Cruise, Roof Rack, Running Board, Great Shape, Highway mileage 135,000; Asking $5,500 Call 687-3009 after 6pm 1972 FLH Electra Gluide HD, Blue $8500.655-9685 For Sale: Yamaha '03 Roadstar Silverado Limited Silver Edition.Winnebago Brave, Class A,'83, 27', 119k, 454 Chevy, Banks Power, 4 kw generator, $6,000Vbest 315-4581671/315-440-1869.2001 Jeep TJ Sport - both hard & soft tops.

200 Call 655-3178 2002 Ford Explorer XLT, S0K auto, loaded, moonroof, hitch, no 3rd seat $9,500, 2elow book value good condition 315-632-4277.V6, 4x4, gray, black interior, p/W, privacy glass, CD.684-9826 after f,om & Upholstery Call 885-5568 LLLLZJjJLLaza2-iru:cLF£a.Only 30,000 miles! Loaded w/20" wheels & more! Excellent Condition.3 liters, V-6, 145 K, automatic with A/C cruise, tilt, AM/FM cassette, roof rack, exc.

Place your ad in our 14 suburban papers for $30* and we'll run it until it sells!!! Call 434-198$ fa*4S m or e-mail jgalvln@chyirnlc;co'rfi' online: cnylink .

com Your ad can appear on our website, V*AU»fe must Hi preptfT f4i w J t pLimit of "20 words; each additional word is 2ffcen*$.626-2321 after 5 or 416-1711 580 Sport Utility 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 ST Quad cab Hemi 5.

7 L, V8, 37,000 miles, bed liner tonneau cover, Excellent condition.Marine Canvas another classified page '79 Mazda Ford Chasey 22ft long.01 Arctic Cat 2up electric start, reverse only, 198 miles, excellent condition, $4,990.Call 622-3057 2001 FORD RANGER Edge Extended Cab, 4x2, 67K, 5 speed, air, CD, excel, condition.570 RV's& Campers 575 Snowmobiles 1997 F-250 Pickup Truck Ford, Powerstroke Diesel Engine.

172,000 miles New Turbo, good condition $10,500/OBO 315-6356770.1992 FORD F150, 80,000 miles, new tires & front brakes, 6 cylinder, 4 wheel drive.550 Motorcycles Boats 590 Trucks* Vans < ACROSS 1 Wear a long face 5 It's capped on a tire 10Spellbound 14 Blunted blade 15Dot-com communication 16 Stick in the fridge 17 Stops talking 20Part of a portfolio 21 Nitty-gritty 22 Uncorks 23Gondolas ply them 26Ogler's study 28Not even far 30 Escape artists 34 Stops talking 38 Leaves in the bag 39Pennsylvania port 40Golf ball's position 41 Damage irreparably 42 Sought a seat 43 Stops talking 47 Said of an active person 49 Belly problem 50Desktop symbols 52Rush-hour speeds 56Pnaraoh'sland 59 Venus de — 61 Row starter 62 Stops talking 66 Sleuth Wolfe 67 Stopped a sou eak 68 Gem a1* Vr« 69' 'eT'Hizec 70" ~ - v m 71 - : DOWN 2 3 1 5 6 o::-rv s 7Hddsup 8 Morrow or Damone 9'TelephoneLine" rock grp.10 Frolicked 11 Sailor's direction 12 Teller's partner 13 Toys for— 18 Snow hut 19 Come in to relieve with a ten-run lead 24 Area behind the choir 26 City not far from Butte 27 "Thrilla in Manila" combatant 29 Look to 31 Decorative case 32 Cayuse controller 33 Played the pigeon 34 Goose egg 35 Caspian Sea country 36 Ale serving 37 Bro's counterpart 41 Mother of Poseidon 43 Splinter groups 44Kmglsey's "Two Years — " 45Block passage through 46Pulsate 48Rrver horses, for short 51 Catch a whiff 53 At what place? 54 Homegrown 55 Arrange the outcome 56Wnter Ferber 57 Snowballed 58Bygone time 60Palm reader's opening words 63 Oscar-winner Hanks 64Shake a leg 65NYC airport © 2061 Timothy E.Parker & Universal Press Syndicate �Feb.

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( ) No page count fees • No consulting fees • No hourly rates Professional design at a fraction of the price.Call 434-8889 E A G L E for more information.N E W S P A P E R S �NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE 20041AX ' A r E OF NEW YORK 'JPREME COURT, '.: 04-999 ' 1ITIONANDNOUCE ' ORECLOSURE ) •M the matter of the fore•-insure of tax l e n s by proceeding INREM pur"' iant to Artide Eleven of Hi" Real Property Tax 1 v by the County of ' ' ' lison ''•«? above-captioned pro' -f>cv Jing is hereby com• -need to enforce the i >'rient of delinquent ' , v " s or other lawful i " n e s which have ac" nutated and become against certain property.

The parcels to which this proceeding applies are identified on Schedule A of this peti'""n, which is annexed i'"r

3 answer must be f l e d in the Office of the County Clerk and served upon the attorney for tax district on or before the date above mentioned as the last day of redemption.FAILURE TO REDEEM OR ANSWER: In the event of failure to redeem or answer by any person having the right to redeem or answer, such person shall be forever barred and foreclosed of all his or her right, title and interest and equity of redemption in and to the parcel described in this petition and a judgment in foreclosure may be taken by default.A N D E R S MADISON COUNTY TREASURER STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OFT MADISON iLanders, being duly sworn, depose and say: I am the enforcing officer for the County of Madison.I have read this petition which I have signed, and I am familiar with its contents.

The contents of this petition are true to the best of my knowledge, based upon the records of the County of Madison.I do not know of any errors or omissions in this petition.27 Ac Residence value $58,000 tax $2,206.Rogers Elaine Rogers Matthew 1887 Gorton Lake Rd ID# 173.15 Weeks Jeffrey S 2019 Stillman Rd ID# 174.91 Paddock James C/O Attn: Esther Paddock 11261 Center St ID# 175.14-1-16 2 9 A c Residence value $53,200 tax $996.90 Burch Francis H 11299 Center St ID# 175.14-152 30Ac Residence value $32,000 tax $918.07 Piersma Brian Piersma Carmen Beaver Creek Rd ID# 188.

20 Cota Albert 10320 Stanbro Rd I D * 188.90 Kabana Thelma M Franklin L 230 Stanbro Rd ID# 188.19 Catranis Catharine M Skinner Raymond Es- Capra Timothy C Capra Ridge Rd ID# 85.84-1-7 tate C/O Attn: John Q Lisa A 5327 Paddleford Skinner So Lk I D * I D * 151.11 Ac Resi- Residence value $10,000 dence value $55,700 tax $827.73 Dichristina Frank C/O Ridge Rd I D * 85.84-1-8 Attn: Leonardus Vanda Marshal Roderick E So 3.

10 value $1,000 value $5,500 Marshall David E 4548 tax $409.-1-30 SpaukJng Thomas Roy Cota Robert Q Cota Glo4.

-1-2 ria J 2506 Carey Rd I D * value $138,300 1£36Ac vacant 152.44 value $4,900 idence Jones Warren F Jones tax $381.78 value $116,000 Elizabeth B Lincklaen Allen Carol A Allen Elwin tax $1,698.3-1-75 D II Lincklaen Rd I D * ZekJner Richard L Jr 1.02AC Zeidner Judith A 4056 Vacant value $18.82 Town of Eaton Town of Fanner Coon George Jr Coon Deborah Pompey Hollow Rd I D * 118.97 Gardinier Henry E 2299 Juddville I D * 119.1 80Ac Residence value $79,000 tax $2,316.

30 Wood AdeJaJde Life Use Wood Benjamin J Jr Holmes Rd I D * 131.79AC Agricultr value $183,000 tax $3,577.

71 Waterbury Douglas S 24 Mam St I D * 111.

10 Waterbury Douglas S 55 Main St I D * 111.77Ac Commrcial value $400,000 tax $14,901.

61 Waterbury Douglas S Off R t 2 0 I D * 111.81 Waterbury Douglas S Off R t 2 0 I D * 111.

80Ac Residence value $80,000 Hirt Thomas Hirt Shirley Kilts William L 1992 tax $4,304.04Ac Agricultr AielloPaui J 12 Eaton St value $3,000 dence ID* 111.13 value $100,000 Hirt Thomas Hirt Shirley tax $5,288.27Ac Vacant value $9,900 Wickham Dorothy A HAROLD C.55Ac ResiTREASURER Hirt Thomas Hirt Shirley Spooner John W Acad- Kinney I D * 146.-1-61 dence value $70,900 emy Rd ID# 188.34Ac Agricultr THIS 12TH DAY OF value $49,300 value S9.47Ac Residence "is notice is directed to DAN Shirley E Off Parker Rd value $10,000 i persons owning or !D* 146.

59 * •vmo or ciaimina to NOTARY PUBLIC Vacant Doroshenko Gerald V .

n the ' value $1,500 5059 Route 20 ID* property uesenbed ATTORNEY FOR TAX tax $202.Such per- DISTRICT: Klotz Timothy M 1349 Hirt Thomas Hirt Shirley value $100,500 • '.

57Ac Residence •is pennon nas been Sykes Aaron J C/O Attn: MADISON COUNTY value S3.

900 value $115,000 "d m the orfice of the SvKes Patncia Swamp tax $4,111.'orcing otticer ot the DEPARTMENT OF LAW tax $326.BOX 635 Cota Albert E Jr Lamb Hirt Thomas Hirt Shirley 24.64AC Vacant am open for pucxic in- WAMPSVILLE.- value $9,900 f e c t i o n up to and in- 13163 19.uding trie date value $9,500 value $4,200 Oley George B 5107 r-pecitied below as the tax $575.Town of Brookfield Spooner Dick L Acad- Hirt Thomas Hirt Shirley 2.05Ac Commrcial i-;GHT OF REDEMPemy Rd I D * 203.-1-30 TION: Any person havW Sheds I D * 147.13-1-44 value $89,500 an interest in any such value $24,900 Goglia Michael 3759 .21 Williams Corners Rd I D * value $200 Cota Albert E Oota iegal right thereto may tax $161.13Ac VaUnda S Giles Rd I D * Hirt on or before said date cant Jacqueline 218.77 Ac Thomas I Kinney I D * value $92,000 redeem the same by McCumber 147.57 value $2,500 such unpaid tax items 157.38Ac Resi- value $58,000 Goglia Michael Williams tax $223.

25 thereon, including all in- dence Comers Rd I D * 122.-1•erest and penalties and value $7,300 Farms 2367 Cota Albert E Cota Mrthva 2.07Ac Vacant other, legal charges tax $309.

60 Linda S 599 Giles Rd Parker Rd I D * 147.-1-18 value $12,000 which are included in the Bishop Luke Bishop I D * 218.83 lien against such real AI'idaVidlerRdlD*157.- Residence value $45,000 property, computed to 1-30.69Ac Vacant Houck Robert L J r W e n value $27,400 tax $2,017.48 and including the date of value $1,100 dover Rd I D * 125.

13Ac Vacant Cota Sandy Ann 465 Harms Kariotla 789 value $5,500 ments shall be made to Lum Walter Lum Mary Route 8 I D * 219.

01 the Madison County 2611 Route 8 I D * 160.122 88Ac Residence 47Ac Residence Treasurer, P.

12 2 0 3 A c Resi- value $10,400 Goglia Michael 4768 value $39,000 Wampsville, NY 13163.07Ac Vacant taxes are paid by a perBeldon Bret Beldon tax $711.! son other than tho Brenda 771 Route 8 I D * pher Jr Roodenburg tax $369 01 * Wright Melissa E Wright tecord owner of such 219.

06AC Mary 709 Division St I D * MolliE 258.1 Route 8 ID* real property, the person Residence Nourse Roger W 5017 206.

37Ac Res- value $84,600 Wilcox Rd I D * 135.-1-13 dence tled to have the tax liens idence tax $3,064.

08Ac Residence value $50,000 affected thereby satis- value $10,000 value $52,900 tax $366 22 tax $1,863.15 LAST DAY FOR RE- Barker John H Barker Williams W i l l a m P Mill Town of Cazenovia Brink Steven Route 12b DEMPTION: The last day Laura E Miner Rd ID* St I D * 206.

55Ac Residence Vacant Steen Karen J 94 Linckfixed as April 28, 2006.Agricultr value $17,500 value $15,000 laen St ID* 95.29-1-14 SERVICE OF ANSWER: value $28,400 tax $554.

65 tax $844 26 19Ac Residence Every person having any tax $1,359.titje, or interest in Grenell Carl fv N Cham- Smith Michael S 2881 Larmon Paul Larmon tax $5,807.54 or lien upon any parcel berlain Chariene L Kin- Woodman Pond Rd I D * Mildred Route 12 I D * of real property deney ID* 162.-2-19 4 2 1 A c Resi- Marconi Dennis M 6 Burr scribed in this petition 5 52Ac Vacant dence ID* 95.11Ac may serve a duly verified dence value $12,000 Residence value $25,000 answer upon the attor- value $14,300 tax $2,031.45 ney for the tax district tax $858 53 tax $2,816 94 Spaukfng Thomas Roy Brightman Gary Brightsetting forth in details Fleming Doug G FlemPhillip 5162 307 East Lake Rd I D * man HoRy 3069 Camp Hi'? nature and amount ing Rebbeca S 2716 Kevile ID* 151.17-1-6 of his or her interest and Route 12 I D i 171.81 Ac Res- Rd 23 2 5 33Ac Residence 22Ac Residence idence 28Ac Residence any defense or objection value $20,000 In the foreclosure Such value $88,000 vafue $24,000 value $84,500 tax $3,688 00 tax $1,285.55 tax $965 98 Miler Wilfred 5624 Fossil Rock Rd I D * 68.

22 Bodley Michael Bodley Michele 2762 Perryville Rd I D * 69.24 Van Dam Leonardus Etal Texas Hid Rd I D * 224.34 Mortimer Susan B Hamlton Rd I D * 200.

60 Rinaido Joseph V Jr Lumber St I D * 36.16 Town of Hamilton Carpenter John C 1184 Collins Rd I D * 201.23 Cooiey Timothy 128 Center St I D * 36.

90 Community Center Uc 39 Fayette St ID* 21320-1-1.27 Johnson Jacob Johnson Phyfis 1 B a l St I D * 36.33Ac ResiTown of Lebanon dence value $45,800 Dichristina Frank C/O tax $631.77 Knapp Jerry L Knapp Leonardus Van Dam Marjorio A 15 Stoddard Paul 210 Flsk Rd I D * 166.

52Ac Residence value $9,100 value $22,000 value $82,200 tax $597.Choquette Stacy M Wallin Theodore O 47 N 360networks (usa) Inc Main St I D * 213.43Ac Residence 56 FF Pubi srvc value $6,000 value $88,000 value $27,827 tax $445.90 Sehwieger Richard B Palmer Robert L Jr C/O Davis Robert Taubman Tina M 3275 Schwieger Joann 4 Attn: Rd I D * JaquinRd I D * 6.17Ac Residence value $51,000 cant value $53,000 tax $1,746.96 Weeks Bunni Harding Schuman Norma J 25 Clyde St I D * 214.

62 value $20,800 Pett Floyd 1176 Falls Rd ID* 77.95AC Commrcial value $123,800 tax $5,800.10 Bodley Michael Gates Marva East Rd I D * 78.10 Cornell Ronald C 49 Main St I D * 214.06 Reuter Edward I 56 Montgomery St ID* 153.37 Camek) Stephen M 49 Montgomery St ID* 153.57 Sykes Patricia A Cole Hill Rd I D * 155.98 Sorrell Craig Cesario Joseph Old Orchard Ave Hawk Peggy A 1344 ID* 6.21 Ac Residence value $3,700 value $70,000 tax $455.

02 Palmer Sheldon S Palmer Sheila L 5699 Lebanon Rd I D * 197.88 Clemens Norene 9178 O H Orchard Ave I D * 6.47 Purcell William M C/O Attn: Purcell Michael 549 Camcross Rd I D * 211 .

87 Reynolds Clifford Estat Reynolds Victoria Estat Bemhards Bay Ave I D * 6.07 Town of Lenox Pell John 3470 Cleveland PI I D * 6.

67-1-10 10Ac Residence value $51,000 tax $1,794.11 Ac Cotton Susan E Cotton Louis Eric 4830 South 1.79 vaiue $173,900 Excell Eugene Exceil vaiue $109,400 tax $7,350.19 Diane 8089 Larkin Rd Malbout Patncia Barlow tax $4,243.10Ac Kashel Edward D 3685 ID* Ward James A 9115 Vacant Wyss Rd I D * 88.22 Residence Walnut Point Ave I D * vaiue $5,500 value $85,000 17.22 Hall Bettejane P 8150 Rinakjo Joseph Jr 122 value $84,300 Green Rd I D * 170.43Ac Residence Perkins Gloria 9107 Town of Georgetown value $52,000 value $112,800 Kyser Beach Rd ID* tax $2,046.<::Haitian Donald R 1631 Meddaugh Leland Med- Rinakto Joseph V Jr 316 dence Route 80 I D * 178.-1-25 daugh Dawn 1858 Wick- Wilson Ave I D * 36.28Ac Residence value $93,000 value $89,000 value $27,900 tax $3,816.

79-1-37 Skramko Daniel R Laclair Mark F 109 Park Skramko Julie J Lenning Berle Lenning St I D * 36.15Ac Vacant value $1,200 Lebanon Rd I D * 180.-1- Elizabeth 7201 Chappel Residence tax $297.12AcVacant Residence value $55,000 Aflen Russell Route 31 tax $1,361.74 cant Spengler Gerard ChapDiamond St I D * 36.33 Campbell George Estate value $51,000 tax $462.28 8899 Main Street Rd I D * Rinakfo Joseph V Jr 102 tax $1,408.54Williams Jennie T 1077 Brasiel Dana L Taylor dence 2-26 .-1- Theresa M Route 12b value $34,900 value $53,400 12.57 Johnson Donna J 446 Blair Martin 3019 Watervalue $300 tax $164,97 Canal St I D * 36.65Ac Residence value $48,700 H o o s e R d l D # 1 9 9 .60Ac Residence value $27,000 Halsey Kevin D Halsey Jones David P Jones tax $1,200.17 Lori A 458 Canal St I D * Colleen M Lewis Point Campbell David J 1396 Rd I D * 12.67Ac Residence Willey Rd I D * 199 •1-27 dence value $60,200 value $37,500 value $20,700 26.07 value $126,000 Colvin Claude R Corvin Laurie J 5330 Swamp School Rd I D * 79.

30 Jackson Aston N Brown Richard Upham Rd I D * 209.6 52 24Ac Vacant value $49,900 tax $2,761.

78 Mitchell Timothy L Mitchell Alison J 413 State St I D * 36.61-1-6 FF Residence value $39,000 tax $1,440.11 Hatch Colleen A Meeks David 9092 Lewis Point Rd I D * 12.-1-55 14 90Ac Vacant value $3,500 tax $283 43 RlnaWo Joseph V Jr 103 Main St ID* 36.61-1-46 22Ac CommrciaJ value $94,800 tax $5,733 35 Hatch Colleen Lewis Point Rd I D * 12.

-2-14 95Ac Residence value $24,200 tax $1,700 54 �Hoch Tina 8 9 0 0 Lewis Point Rd ID# 12.80Ac Residence value $ 6 1 , 4 0 0 »ax $ 1 , 8 8 2 .1 8 Bankers Trust C o Of Calif 4 2 4 9 Canal R d I D# 36.69Ac Vacant value $ 1 5 , 3 0 0 tax $ 2 6 1 .5 6 Blair Marty 2 9 6 5 Hamlin 'We ID# 12.21-1-22 32Ac Residence value $ 9 4 , 1 0 0 tax $ 4 , 5 5 4 .9 1 H a z e n Bruce D 3 7 9 7 Canal Rd ID# 36.

59Ac Residence value $ 5 9 , 3 0 0 tax $ 2 , 8 9 5 .68Ac Vacant value $ 5 , 4 0 0 tax $ 7 1 5 .

0 6 Togias Christopher Togias Donna Douglas Heights Dr ID# 36.30Ac Vacant value $ 1 6 , 9 0 0 tax $ 7 3 1 .2 9 Fpi-banks Richard 3175 Route 31 ID# 12.23-1-5 GOAc CommrciaJ vai« I B $ 7 0 , 0 0 0 tix $3,426.

03Ac Residence value $ 1 0 1 , 0 0 0 •nx $3,069.03Ac Commrcial value $ 1 9 5 , 9 0 0 'ax $ 1 1 , 4 8 6 .2 8 Francis Timothy 3 7 9 7 Seneca Tpke ID# 36.192-36 28Ac Residence value $ 6 7 , 1 0 0 tax $1,308.82Ac Vacant value $ 1 2 , 2 0 0 tax $ 4 5 8 .19Ac Vacant value $ 1 , 5 0 0 tax $ 2 1 4 .4 2 f>opple James E 8 6 9 2 Lewis Point Rd ID# 19.

79Ac Residence value $ 8 1 , 1 0 0 tax $ 1 , 8 7 3 .8 0 Marshall William D Marshall Susan Seneca Tpke ID# 43.87Ac Residence value $ 7 6 , 1 0 0 tax $1,169.

01 Ac Vacant value $ 4 , 5 0 0 tax $ 3 3 9 .5 3 l y n c h William A 0 ' Marah Kathy Oneida Vly I D * 20.52Ac Residence value $ 5 2 , 6 0 0 ' i x $844.54 Chaires K e n n e t h R 2 9 4 9 Indian O p e n i n g R d I D * 27.-1-12 1 27Ac Residence value $48,600tax $2,306.81 Kennedy J a m e s Trustee 3 1 9 3 Indian O p e n i n g R d ID* 27.29Ac Residence value $ 9 7 , 3 0 0 tax $ 3 , 9 4 6 .Vanvalkenburgh Nora 8 3 3 2 M a i n Street Rd ID*.32Ac Residence value $ 6 4 , 5 0 0 tax S786.68 Cornish William-Cornish Joyce Main Street Rd I D * 27.61AC Residence value $ 4 1 , 1 0 0 tax $ 1 , 4 4 4 .7 3 Patane J o h n D Patane Rosina T Main Street Rd ID* 27.

72AC Commrcial va'ue $64,900 tax $ 2 , 8 7 4 .2 2 Malfitano Vincent Main Street Rd ID# 27.-3-30 t 93Ac Agricultr value $ 9 0 0 tax $ 1 6 3 .80Ac Agricultr value $ 2 , 4 0 0 fax $ 2 6 5 .1 6 Kratz Donald Kratz Jan 7 6 8 9 Roberts St ID# 36.33Ac Residence value $ 5 0 , 6 0 0 fax $ 1 , 3 2 8 .

5 9 Kratz Donald F Kratz Jan Q Roberts St ID# 3 6 .2 8 Ac Vacant value $ 8 0 0 tax $ 1 9 3 .1 7 Taylor Dennis Taylor Amanda S 3 6 8 5 North St ID# 114.58Ac Residence value $ 7 6 , 0 0 0 tax $ 2 , 3 2 9 .7 8 Strong William H Strong Diane K 4 2 8 6 Cole St ID# 101.24AC Agricultr value $ 1 0 2 , 8 0 0 tax $ 3 , 7 2 6 .1 0 Strong William H Strong Diane K 4 1 6 6 Cole St ID# 101.

54Ac Residence value $ 7 6 , 4 0 0 tax $ 2 , 5 4 8 .5 9 Strong William H Strong Diane K 4 1 8 4 Cole St ID# 101.74Ac Agricultr vajue $ 1 6 3 , 0 0 0 tax $ 7 , 5 7 8 .5 0 I into Joseph Fiato Melanie 8807 Lewi? •bint Rd ID# 19.-2-26 ,; ?Ac Residence value $ 2 3 , 1 0 0 tax $ 1 , 4 1 3 .5 5 Beaulac Mark R 3 4 3 8 Whitelaw Rd ID# 19.

08Ac R e s i d e n c e value $ 7 4 , 2 0 0 tax $ 1 , 5 1 3 .1 4 T o w n of M a d i e o n Tobin Dennis Oxbow Rd ID# 44.54Ac Residence value $ 7 1 , 8 0 0 tax $2,331.54 3 6 0 n e t w o r k s (usa) Inc Spec I D * 500.-56-10 FF Publ srvc value $68,222 tax $17,397 12 36v N e t w o r k s (usa) Inc I D * 500.-56-10 -1 FF value $ 2 4 4 , 9 6 8 tax $3,866.92 Town of L i n c o l n Dygert J o h n Jr Dygert Constance R 4560 Clockville Rd I D * 45.

58 B i s h o p Elversa B Bishop Rodney R 4517 Fairview Ave ID# 45.

00Ac Residence value $ 4 4 , 6 0 0 tax $ 7 6 7 .5 5 M o o n en Vaughn Moonen Linda 7 2 9 9 Creek R d I D * 45.37Ac Residence value $ 5 5 , 0 0 0 tax $1,268.19 Kinter Carl E 6667 Creek Rd I D * 5 3 .

89Ac Residence value $ 5 6 , 7 0 0 tax $2,907.84 G a r d n e r Gerald S 6 2 8 9 Old County Rd ID# 6 2 1-22.78Ac Residence value $ 4 8 , 2 0 0 tax $1,171.20 Johnson Malcolm F J o h n s o n AJice A 4 3 8 4 Whitman Rd I D * 62.02Ac Residence value $ 3 7 , 7 0 0 tax $ 6 6 8 .

4 5 Lohr G e n e 4 6 0 6 Whitm a n Rd ID# 6 2 .10Ac Residence value $ 3 0 , 9 0 0 tax $ 8 8 4 .7 8 Kinter Carl E 6323 Creek Rd ID# 6 2 .

20AC Agricultr value $ 1 1 7 , 7 0 0 tax $ 6 , 4 3 5 .15Ac Vacant value $ 3 3 , 1 0 0 tax $ 1 , 1 8 4 .

7 4 Case Douglas 6043 Creak Rd ID# 6 3 .29Ac Residence value $ 9 3 , 5 0 0 tax $ 4 , 5 1 6 .3 3 Oliver Whitney H Oliver Sharon Route 12b ID# 103.

51 Lansdowne Roger C 4 4 6 2 Eatonbrook Rd ID# 134.09Ac Residence value $ 2 0 , 0 0 0 tax $ 1 , 0 5 1 .84AC Residence value $ 9 9 , 1 0 0 tax $ 3 , 6 0 2 .25 Moot Michael S Sr Moot value $94,100 tax $3,749.06AC Agrkxitr value $ 2 , 1 0 0 tax $ 2 5 1 .

3 3 Irwin James E 2 5 2 6 Erieville Rd ID# 1 4 9 .

52Ac Residence value $ 4 5 , 0 0 0 tax $ 1 , 7 3 3 .1 3 Moot Michael S Sr Moot Francis J Jr 5 8 8 9 Middle Rd ID# 64.51 Ac Residence value $ 1 0 5 , 0 0 0 tax $ 1 , 6 5 4 .2 9 Deyo Larry B Deyo Janet L 1233 Smith Ridge Rd ID# 9.41 A c R e s i d e n c e value $ 2 1 , 5 0 0 tax $ 5 0 7 .

4 5 Kelly Nancy W 4 2 1 7 Sanderson Rd ID# 1 5 0 2-8 61.49Ac Residence value $ 7 7 , 6 0 0 tax $ 3 , 8 8 9 .6 2 T o w n of S m i t h f i c l d Fox Sharon Fox Gary 4 4 9 2 Milestrip Rd ID# 71.-1-46 LOOAc Residence Rice Deborah L 7 2 6 7 Valley Rd ID# 1 1 4 .28Ac Residence value $ 2 7 , 0 0 0 tax $ 6 3 0 .71 Rice Frederick W Rice Deborah L 3894 Solsville R d I D * 114.06Ac C o m m r c i a l value $ 4 2 , 0 0 0 tax $ 1 , 9 8 5 .1 7 True T h o m a s P 4 2 2 1 Bennett R d I D * 8 0 .42Ac R e s i d e n c e value $ 6 7 , 7 0 0 tax $ 2 , 3 8 0 .1 9 A n d e r s o n Thomas A n Parker Genevieve Es- d e r s o n Jessie 4 5 0 8 Eliztate C/O Attn: Shiffer abeth St i D * 8 0 .1 9 - 1 - 5 6 5 5 3 Route 20 i D * 125 - 4.60Ac R e s i d e n c e * value $ 4 5 , 9 0 0 value $ 2 2 , 1 0 0 tax $2,442.2 8 C h e s e b r o Mark K a r e n W o o d Fred E W o o d Wright 5 4 5 8 Williams R d Brenda J 6714 Route 20 I D * 81 -1-25.7-1-9 ,13Ac Residence Residence va'ue $227700 value $10,000 tax $1,263 41 tax $ 3 2 8 .3 5 Tucker Phillip Tucker Brink Steven I e 12b Ginger Williams R d I D * I D * 137.111 ,58Ac VaVacant cant value $ 3 0 , 0 0 0 value $ 1 , 0 0 0 tax $ 1 , 6 0 2 .3 9 H o m e c o m i n g s Financial Ernest Colvin N e t w o r k 2 4 1 5 J o h n n y Colvin M a r y J 4 8 5 1 Rich Rd Cake Hill R d I D * 153.34Ac R e s i d e n c e idence value $95,800 value $ 4 6 , 3 0 0 tax $ 3 , 2 9 1 .6 7 tax $ 8 7 7 10 Fitzgerald T h o m a s Big Island ID# 154.-13 Garcia R e n z o C 4 8 4 3 FF R e s i d e n c e Old C o u n t y Rd I D * $ 5 1 , 5 0 0 1-32.

9 8 Agricultr value $97,200 tax $ 3 , 0 8 0 .2 5 T o w n of N e l s o n Hackett J o a n n e M 4 3 9 1 Colvin Ralph A 4 1 4 2 Route 2 0 I D * 110.99Ac C o m m r c i a l value $ 8 8 , 6 0 0 tax $ 2 , 8 4 1 .0 4 Barber Robert W Barber Kathrynl4188Route20 ID* 110.25Ac Residence value $ 5 4 , 8 0 0 tax $ 1 , 7 9 7 .7 3 Huttenlocker Douglas J Huttenlocker Elaine B e e b e R d l D # 121.

34Ac Vacant value $ 2 4 , 0 0 0 tax $ 5 8 2 .6 0 Scott R u s s e l R Scott Elizabeth M 3 3 6 4 Tuscarora R d ID# 1 3 3 .89AC Residence alue $24,400 tax $ 5 8 9 .8 1 Pearsall Rebecca C 4 4 3 2 Eatonbrook Rd ID# 134.07Ac Residence value $ 6 1 , 7 0 0 tax $ 2 , 1 7 2 .

7 6 Moot Michael S Sr Moot Francis J Jr Sullivan R d ID# 65.55Ac Agricultr value $ 1 0 3 , 6 0 0 tax $ 1 , 7 0 5 .4 5 Fuess Kevin A Fuess Linda L 7 5 5 5 Route 2 0 ID# 114.

75Ac Residence value $ 9 7 , 5 0 0 tax $ 4 , 5 7 6 .6 0 Goglia Michael A 3 2 1 2 Route 20 I D * 96.2 7 7 A c Commrcial value $ 5 7 , 5 0 0 tax $ 2 , 7 1 9 .

8 5 Moot Michael S Sr Life Us Moot Francis J Jr Middle Rd ID# 64.39Ac Residence value $ 8 0 , 7 0 0 tax $ 1 , 5 9 0 .64Ac Residence value $ 2 4 , 8 0 0 tax $ 7 0 7 .8 9 T o w n of S t o c k b r i d g e Vanslyke Tammy L 5 2 9 6 Valley Mills R d I D * 82.27Ac R e s i d e n c e value $ 6 9 , 3 0 0 tax $ 2 , 0 6 1 .1 4 Cordell Sandra A 6 1 3 0 Williams Rd ID# 8 2 .

35Ac Residence value $ 4 8 , 3 0 0 tax $ 2 , 3 0 3 .8 2 Kroneck Brian G 6 1 2 0 Williams Rd ID# 8 2 .72Ac Agricultr value $ 1 8 5 , 0 0 0 tax $ 3 , 2 9 9 .

4 0 Moot Michael S Sr Life Us Moot Francis J Jr Moot Rd ID# 55.63Ac Agricultr value $ 8 5 , 0 0 0 tax $ 1 , 5 8 5 .

35Ac Agricultr value $ 5 , 7 0 0 tax $ 3 6 3 .1 8 Moot Michael S Sr Moot Francis J Jr Route 4 6 ID# 73.45Ac Agricultr value $ 1 3 , 4 0 0 tax $ 3 4 5 .9 0 Moot Michael S Sr Life Us Moot Francis J Jr Middle Rd I D * 73.19Ac Agricultr value $ 2 9 2 , 5 0 0 tax $ 4 , 6 4 8 .7 4 Kampf W i l l i a m P Jr Valley Mills R d I D * 7 3 - 1 - 7 3 93Ac R e s i d e n c e value $ 7 0 , 4 0 0 tax $ 1 , 2 9 9 .

6 3 M a r c h Michael T 6 0 7 ' Hasiauer Rd I D * 73 15I-31.53AC R e s i d e n t value $85,500 tax $ 3 , 9 6 3 .3 0 Waison Lorraine F Stockbridge Falls Rd ID# 91.56Ac Residence T o w n of Sullivan Pylman Jack Margot Ave ID# 4 0 2 0 - 1 - 3 9 .5 11Ac Vacant value $ 1 0 0 tax $ 1 5 8 .9 2 Diveronica Steven P Diveronica Alice C 505 G e n e s e e St ID# 41.14Ac Commrcial value $ 6 5 , 6 0 0 tax $4,098.

96 Maxwell Phyllis D 507 W a n e n St I D * 41.79-1-6 18Ac Residence value $ 5 1 , 9 0 0 tax $1,305.

94 Orbesen Chris J O r b e sen Mona R 502 Charles St I D * 4 1 .17Ac Residence value $ 5 6 , 7 0 0 tax $ 3 , 2 5 1 .1 6 Bloser J o s e p h W 397 Lake St I D * 41.80-1-39 14Ac Residence value $80,900 tax $ 2 .

2 1 6 2 2 J a r m a c z Michelle 601 Webber > I D * -19 22 17 1 7Ac Residencevalue $54,200 tax $ 2 : 4 6 2 07 - " Ostrowski Edwa/d 8 9 0 8 Bridgeport KirkvHlelD# 8.1 78Ac Residence K e n n e d y J a m e s P Folmar Patti L 1218 R o u t e 31 I D * 9.34Ac Commrcial value $ 1 7 7 , 8 0 0 tax $ 7 , 1 5 6 .

1 3 Clark Carrie Estate 137 Onondaga Ave ID* 10.36-1-61 09Ac Vacant value $ 1 , 0 0 0 tax $ 1 6 6 .4 1 Dozier Charles III Dozier Sheri 116 W a s h i n g t o n Ave ID* 10.44-2-54 09Ac Vacant value $ 1 , 0 0 0 tax $166.41 Ostrander Todd M 2 3 6 6 Route 31 I D * 11.

36Ac Residence value $ 1 3 5 , 4 0 0 tax $1,808.26 Streeter Chawnsy Streeter Chansey 8 7 5 / Whitelaw Rd I D * 11 -1 55 1 8 I Ac Residence va!u° $5 1 t.

Freunscht Robert Etal 121 Falls Blvd ID* 49.41 Ac Comrn- rciaivalue $ 1 2 5 , 3 0 0 tax $ 6 , 0 5 9 .

4 0 H o p k i n s Michelle Hill R d I D * 74.47Ac Vacant vaJue$21,500 tax $ 1 , 1 3 2 .3 3 Robbins R i c h a r d G Robbins D o n n a E Hill Rd I D * 74.

92Ac Agricultr value $ 2 1 , 5 0 0 tax $ 1 , 0 2 7 .0 8 Kirk Scott A Kirk Mary E 5045 Brown Rd I D * 82 1-22.33Ac Residence value $ 1 0 3 , 8 0 0 tax $ 2 , 4 2 6 .

0 8 R o b b i n s R i c h a r d G Robbins Donna E Mosquito Point Rd ID# 83.91 Ac Residence value $ 4 0 , 8 0 0 tax $ 1 , 8 8 9 .5 6 Robbins Richard Robbins Donna Mosquito Point Rd ID# 83.83AC Agricultr value $ 7 3 , 8 0 0 tax $ 2 , 9 7 6 .7 9 Robbins Richard G Robbins Donna E Mosquito Point Rd ID# 83.00Ac Vacant value $ 3 , 0 0 0 tax $ 2 1 8 .2 2 KJehn Andrew J Kiehn Kelly J 4 8 2 6 Brown Rd ID# 91.1 92Ac Commrcial value $ 9 1 , 7 0 0 tax $ 3 , 2 8 7 .3 2 MacAdanrJames A And R o s e 323 Barrett Ln I D * 3.

1 95Ac Residence value $ 2 1 4 , 5 0 0 tax $ 7 , 9 6 1 .1 9 Barrett William G North Rd I D * 3 - 1 - 2 7 56.66Ac Vacant value $ 4 0 , 7 0 0 tax $ 7 6 2 .5 6 Jenrrngs Waiter Clarence Jennings Heather Lee 9430 W o o d s Rd I D * 3 .

4 0 - 1 25 16Ac R e s i d e n c e value $ 4 4 , 6 0 0 tax $1,361.11 Speach Joanne 9393 L a k e s h o r e View R d I D * 3 41-1-5 44Ac Residence value $ 8 6 , 3 0 0 tax $ 4 , 0 7 8 .7 9 Whipple Gerald 9423 Woods Rd I D * 3.13Ac Residence value $ 3 5 , 7 0 0 tax $ 1 , 8 7 5 .9 4 N a b i n g e r Edward 5 3 7 Woods Rd IDff 3 .11 Ac Residence value $ 2 3 , 2 0 0 tax $ 9 5 4 .

7 5 Nabinger Edward 5 3 7 Woods Rd ID# 3 .23Ac Vacant value $ 2 9 , 6 0 0 tax $ 1 , 6 0 0 .

3 5 Man- Michael T ManSusan E 581 Shorelawn Dr ID# 3.

49-1-25 3 6 A c Residence value $ 1 2 4 , 0 0 0 tax $ 2 , 3 0 5 .1 0 Falter T h o m a s A Sr Falter Mildred I 7 7 4 4 Blade C r e e k Rd ID# 24.43 Crisafulli Anthony 8 9 5 9 Ash Ln ID* 9.

24Ac Vacant value $ 9 , 9 0 0 tax $1,146.44 Lachrneyer Kenneth Ditchbank R d I D * 2 6 .18 M u r p h y Michael T Murphy Laurie A Lakeport R d I D * 17.95Ac Vacant value $ 1 1 , 8 0 0 tax $ 3 3 9 .9 6 Philo Rebecca L Schreiber K a r e n 8 4 3 0 G e e R d I D * 18.

07Ac R e s i d e n c e value $ 8 8 , 1 0 0 tax $ 1 , 9 5 5 .4 9 Patane J o h n D Patane Rosina Ditchbank Rd ID* 18.20Ac Agricultr value $ 1 , 1 0 0 tax $ 1 7 6 .6 7 Patane John Patane Rosina T Ditchbank R d ID* 1 8 - 1 - 3 4 ' 4.05Ac Agricultr value $ 1 , 2 0 0 tax $ 2 0 1 92 Patane J o h n D Patane Rosina T Ditchbank Rd ID" 18 -1-35 5 74Ac Agncuitt value $ 1.Allen George Norma Estate Sandy Hatch ID* 33.

1-1-28 Vacant value $ 7 , 3 0 0 tax $ 5 1 2 .1 2 : : '•" ' •• Baker G e o r g e C Baker Donna K 1509 Kinderhook Rd I D * 40.79Ac Residence value $ 1 0 3 , 2 0 0 tax $ 3 , 7 4 8 .3 7 Gerard Richard & Danielle J 2-195 R o u t e 5 I D * 4'0 - I - " ? 2 1 '<0A • Residence value $73.

v And 7463 Rd 30Ac Devine Robert 2143 New Boston Rd I D * 34.

01Ac Residence value $92,500 tax $ 4 , 7 6 4 .-l'v •' * r Kimberty A 611 Charles 1 St i p i .jo 22-1 '• ~ 1 7 A-" I 'd • '•' > "• Residence -T v ; ; i , ; , .X $•» , Lax $ 3 , 3 4 6 10 D i a m o n d Robert J Diam o n d D e o o r a h L 101 M e a u PI I D * 49 33-1-8 1 4Ac Residence value $ 6 8 , 0 0 0 tax $1.52 Houle Edward W Houle Patricia Ann 1174 Chestnut Ridge Rd ID# 24.87Ac R e s i dence value $ 8 6 , 8 0 0 tax $ 2 , 9 8 7 .4Af Ro value $ 7 6 , 3 0 0 ' tax $649 71 Pylman >\\c>\ Latayette Ave I D * V 29 2-8 09Ac Vacant value $1 .

OCX: tax $ 1 9 9 29 Intondi Louis Jr 126 Lafayette Ave I D * 11 292-23.1 39Ac Residence value $ 4 6 , 9 0 0 tax $ 2 , 5 0 0 .6 2 Clark Carrie Estate Syracuse Herald Ave I D * 11.30-1-4 0 5 A T Va cant value $1,000 tax $166 41 Fanizzi .John Madison Ave ID* 1 1 3 0 1-13 23Ac Vacant value $8,000 tax $544 1 s Colla Phillip Colla J e n nifer 123 Cayuga Ave ID* 11 37-1-18 18Ac Residence value $63,300tax $2,021 64 H e n n e b e r g Werner A m i d o n Martin M a r s h Mills Rd ID* 15.

3 2 A c Vacant value $43,100 tax $ 2 , 2 6 1 .8 4 Amidon Martin M Etal 725 Marsh Mills R d I D * 15.44AC Vacant value $ 1 1 , 1 0 0 tax $ 6 9 3 .8 9 Strauss Charles C 7 7 2 Marsh Mills Rd ID#.26Ac Residence value $ 7 2 , 0 0 0 tax $ 2 , 6 0 6 .- Patane John D Patane Rosina Ditchbank Rd ID* 18 -1-40 1 76Ac Agricultr vaiue $90C lax $ 1 9 4 87 u-.hruwav 0 - jy)Q • r FF ' ; uLx sivc vaiue $33 :<7 1 tax $1 7.

' tax $3 -04 :- ; Patane J o h n D & Rosina T.68Ac Agricultr value $ 8 0 0 tax $ 1 9 0 .THRU WAY I D * 500 -56W 0? Ff Recrearni value SO.0 9 Patane John D Patane Rosina T Ditchbank R d ID* 18 1-42 1 63A<: Agricultr value $ 6 0 0 ?.x S166 27 Oneida City School Taxes Patane ; o h n D Patarte Rosina Ditchbank Rd ir.

'i 18 -1-4,3 1 69A-J Agricultr value $ 5 0 0 tax $ 1 6 8 33 Patane John Patane Rosina T Ditchbank R d ID* 18-1-44 3 85Ac Agricultr value $ 1 , 9 0 0 tax $ 2 2 9 .

2 0 Sgartata Christopher 2 5 3 4 Pine Ridge R d I D * 18.55Ac Residence value $ 1 3 0 , 9 0 0 tax $ 5 , 3 6 5 .8 3 H o p k i n s Daniel M Hopkins Elizabeth J 1139 Taylor Rd ID# 2 4 .

45Ac Residence value $ 5 8 , 5 0 0 tax $ 3 , 0 6 7 5 2 H a m m a n WilHam L 1210 Chestnut Ridge Rd ID# 2 4 .78Ac Residence value $ 1 0 8 , 7 0 0 tax $ 5 , 0 1 1 .9 6 Town of L e n o x L a b r a k e S h e r y l y n n '07G e n e s e e St I D * 3 " 1 7 1-76 26Ac Resi dence value $-'-0300 tax $334 4 1 Lynch William O M a r a h Kathv Oneiric Vly I D * 20 2 39 52A Residence value $ 5 2 , 6 0 0 tax $1.

285 3 4 Town of L i n c o l n Cordell Darwin L Seeber Rd ID* 44.86AC Agricultr value $ 2 9 , 9 0 0 tax $ 4 8 7 .5 6 Schultheis Michael J 4 2 5 8 Seeber Rd I D * 44.

15 3 70Ac Residence value $ 5 6 , 7 0 0 tax $ 5 5 2 .9 7 Dygert John Jr Dygert Constance R 4560 CbckvHIe Rd ID# 45.89Ac Agricultr value $ 3 3 2 , 8 0 0 tax $5,947.

1,2006 the centerline of said East served against the effective date: 1/1/06.Route #31 (Lakeport-South appropriation; Thence 87° permitted by the Limited chance to be heard.Notice of Formation of Lake Road NE 172.22 feet Company: 4459 Lincklaen Office located in Madison Bay Highway), said point 18' 0 0 ' W.

, along said JULIANO ENTERPRISES, Liability Company law of the By Order of the Planning to a point.SSNY designated standing at the intersection northerly line of Russell LLC, a domestic Limited State of New York.

and Judith The purpose of the as agent of LLC upon whom of the centerline of New Street, a distance of 18/75 CT/C8-9 CA-5 Liability Company (LLC) E.Rockwell as recorded in Company is to engage in process against it may be York State Route #31 with feet to the southeasterly Articles of Organization filed the Madison County Clerk's media buying and served.SSNY shall mail the easterly boundary of corner of property now or with Secretary of State on NOTICE NOTICE OF FORMATION Office in Liber 669 of Deed advertising agency process to: 1264 Glenwood William D.NY Office OF as Page 64 of the following services, and to conduct Ave.Steding (now or formerly) as recorded in the Madison Residents Please Take location.

ONONDAGA ARONSON MEDIA five bearings and distances any other lawful business LLC is manager managed.as described in a Warranty County Clerk's Office, in Notice: that the Town Board County.83 feet to a 5/8th permitted by the LLC Law of Purposes: Real estate Deed dated October 27, Liber of Deeds #967, Page will hold a Public Hearing on is designated as agent upon NOTICE that Aronson steel rod set (hereinafter New York State.investment, developments 1993 and filed in Madison #278; Thence N.

09 09'20" Wednesday, February 15, whom process against the Media Group, LLC tiled its called a survey marker) SE HT/CR-9 management and any lawful Cou nty Clerk's Office in Liber E., along the easterly line of 2006 commencing at 7:00 LLC may be served.Articles ol Organization with 231 46 feet to a survey act or activity.980 of Deeds at page 73; said Mann property, a PM at the Town Municipal Secretary of State shall mail NOTICE TO BIDDERS the NYDOS on 12/20/05.

marker, SW 172 22 feet to C8-7 thence N 70 deg.

34 feet to The Board of Education Building, Route 31, Jordan, a copy of any process pursuant to LLC Law Sec a survey marker, N 231 46 180.00 feet along the the northeasterly corner of of the West Genesee New York.The Public against the LLC served upon 203 The name of the LLC feet to a survey marker; NW centerline of New York State said Mann property and the Central School District Hearing is being held to him/her to C/O CARMINE NOTICE OF SALE is Aronson Media Group.

83 feet to the point of #31 to a point; thence S 09 southeasterly corner of hereby SUPREME COURT8786 invites the identify and discuss any DURANTE, LLC (the "Company") The beginning, containing 1010 COUNTY OF MADiSON deg.72 feet property now or formerly submission of sealed bids projects to be submitted to WEDGEFIELD LANE, office of the Company is to acres of land Said premises to an iron pin; thence S 80 owned by R.on the 16th of February, the Onondaga County CICERO, NY 13039.ABNAMROMortgate be located in Madison known as RD 1 East Lake deg.83 feet to Penner; Thence northerly 2006, at the stated times: Office of Community Purpose: To engage in any Group Inc.an iron pin standing on the along an existing top ob General Art Supplies, and Development the Town of lawful act or activity.AGAINST William designated as agent of the (Section:138.easterly boundary of John bank being the easterly lines Instructional Art Supplies Elbridge Tanner, a t Al.

PO-5 feels are Company for service of Lot 40 0) Approximate S.Hummell (now or of properties owned by said at 1:30 PM Construction necessary to improve Defendants) process The address to amount of lien $70,172.01 Pursuantto a judgment formerly); thence N10deg.Paper, Office Supplies, and conditions for low and VILLAGE OF which the NYSOS shall mail plus interest and costs.Notice of Formation of foreclosure and sale duly 55;49"W130.00 feetalong Taylor, as it winds and turns, Classroom Paper Supplies moderate income residents SKANEATELES NOTICE a copy of any process Premises will be sold Notice of Formation of dated 1/13/2006 I, the the easterly boundary of a distance of 257 feet more OFPUBUC HEARING served against the subject to provisions of filed Delphia, LLC.Articles of undersigned Referee will sell Hummell to an iron pin or less to its intersection at 2:00 PM Athletic Supplies, within the Town of Elbridge.

please take notice that The projects also include and Library Periodicals at Company 4459Lincklaen judgment and terms of sale.Organization filed with at public auction at the standing on the southerly with the Southerly line of the Historical Landmarks housing rehabilitation and Rd .Frances Secretary of State of NY on Madison County Office boundary of Steding; thence property now or formerly 2:30 PM The bids are to be The purpose of the Blazer, Esq.Office location: Building, 1st Floor Lobby, S 75 deg.Case, as received at the District construction activities and Preservation Commission the Village of Office.

300 Sanderson the Public Hearing is to of Company is to engage in DeRose .Village of Wampsville on 21 feet along the southerly recorded in the Madison Drive, Camillus, New York prepare a list of needs to Skaneateles, Onondaga media buying and Attorney(s) for Plaintiff, 213- Secretary of State is 22/2006 at 10:00 AM boundary of Steding to an County Clerk's Office, in advertising agency 44 38th Avenue, Hayside, designated as agent upon premises known as 602 Cain iron pin standing on the Liber of Deeds #563, Page 13031, at which time and submit to the Office of County, New York, will hold place all bids will be publicly Community Development a Public Hearing at the services, and to conduct N.whom process against the Street, Chittenango, New easterly boundary of #342; Thence easterly, opened.Village Office Building, 46 any other lawful business CR-8 LLC may be served.York 13037 All that certain Steding; thence N 09 deg.along said southerly line of submitted in sealed East Genesee Street in the CA-5 permitted by the LLC Law of Secretary of State shall mail plot piece or parcel of land, 00'00" E 488.

08 feet along said Case property, a envelopes plainly marked Board Room, at 7:30pm on New York State.NOTICE OF FORMATION a copy of any process with the buildings and the easterly boundary of distance of 100 feet more or with the above category February 8,2006, pursuant NOTICE OF FILING HT/CR-9 against the LLC served upon improvements thereon Steding to an iron pin; thence less to its intersection with you are bidding on.OF to Article VII, Section 225ARTICLES OF TREMAN CONSULTING, him/her to PO Box 236, erected, situate, lying and N 09 deg.29'45" W 401,19 said westerly bank of said Specifications and bid forms 25 of the Village Zoning ORGANIZATION OF NOTICE OF SALE Chittenango, NY 13037.being in the Town of Sullivan, feet continuing along the Chittenango Creek; Thence for any or all of the above LLC Law, to consider an JBCREMODELS& SUPREME COURTPLEASETAKE NOTICE Company does not have a County of Madison and easterly boundary of southerly along said bid items may be obtained application for a Certificate RENOVATIONS, LLC COUNTY OF MADISON that Treman Consulting, LLC specific date of dissolution State of New York Section, Steding to the point and westerly top of bank of said at the District Office PLEASE BE ADVISED of Approval from the Mldfl ret Bank filed its Articles of in addition to the events of Block and Lot 41.

The Chittenango Creek, a between the hours of 8:00 that JBC Remodels & Commission, submitted by Plaintiff, Organization with the dissolution set forth by law.Approximate amount of lien above described parcel distance of 306 feet more or AM and 4:00 PM or by calling Renovations, LLC filed its Gary Horton & Kim AGAINST Department of State on Purpose of company is to $49,914.924 1/-acres less to the palce of (315) 487-4692 on any day Article of Organization with Demascole, to install 3 Timothy L.

2005, pursuant conduct any lawful business costs Premises will be sold of land, more or less.other than a Saturday, the New York Department business signs 'Sundance Detendent($) to Limited Liability Company permitted by the Limited subject to provisions of Subject to the rights of the CT-8 Sunday or holiday.

The of State on January 4,2006 Farm Natural Foods' on the Pursuant to a judgment Law Section 203.The name Liability Company law of the Judgment of Foreclosure public to that portion of the Board of —Education pursuant to Limited Liability building located at 1 Studio of foreclosure and sale duly of the limited liability State of New York.and Sale, and Terms of Sale above described premises REFEREE'S NOTICE OF reserves the right to reject Company Law Section 203.Place (behind Doug's Fish dated 12/19/2005 I, the company (the "Company") CT/C8-9 with Index # 2005-1717 lying within the bounds of SALE IN FORECLOSURE any and all bids.The name of the Limited Fry on Jordan Street) in the undersigned Referee will sell is Treman Consulting, LLC.Amidon, District Purchasing Liability Company is JBC Village of Skaneateles.

A Index No,: 03-1013 at public auction at -the The office of the Company Referee Fein, Such & Crane, Any subject to any Legal Notice Agent.Remodels & Renovations, copy of the application is SUPREME COURT OF Madison County Office is to be located in Madison Trexler's Inspection LLP, Attorney for Plaintiff, easement, covenants or THESTATEOFNEW CA-5 LLC.The County within the available at the Village Building, 1st Floor Lobby, County.The Secretary of Services, LLC Notice of 1800 First Federal Plaza, restrictions of record.State in which the limited Office, 46 East Genesee YORK Village Of Wampsville on 27 State is designated as agent formation of the above Rochester, NY 14614 CT-8 COUNTY OF MADiSON liability company is to be Street for public inspection.

VILLAGE OF ELBRIDGE 23/2006 at 9:30 AM of the Company upon whom Limited Liability Company Dated: 1/20/2006 located is Onondaga All interested persons will Ameriquest Mortgage LEGAL NOTICE premises known as 3ox process against it may be ("LLC").Articles of CT-7 SUPREME COURT OF Company Plaintiff PLEASETAKE NOTICE County.The New York State have the opportunity to be 306A Church Road, a/k/a served.The post office Organization filed with the THESTATEOFNEW vs.that the Village of Elbridge Secretary of State is heard at the scheduled Box 306A Carey Road, address within or without Secretary of State of NY Legal Notice YORKCOUNTYOF Michael P.

Fusillo, Board of Trustees will hold designated as agent of the hearing.Hamilton, New York 13346 this state to which the ("SSNY") on December 29.Notice of conversion of MADISON Mortgage Andrew Fusillo, John Doe a public hearing onMonday, limited liability company Dated: January 25, 2006 All that certain plot Secretary of State shall mail 2005.Office location, B u t t e r n u t - M a n l i u s Electronic Registration February 6, 2006, at 7:15 upon whom process against By order of the Village Defendant(s).'jbietefpr parce gf land, with a copy of any process Madison.SSNY Associates to Butternut tricjrt Systems, Inc.seryed,against him or her has been designated as Manlius, LLC (LLC).nominee for Fleet that pursuant to a judgment Building, 210 West Main office address which the Preservation Commission Improvements thereon is.

" 32 Albany Street, agent of the LLC upon whom Certificate of Conversion Mortgage Corporation, of foreclosure and sale Filed Street, Elbridge, New York, Secretary of State shall mail Jorge Batlle, Secretary erected, situate, lying and Cazenovia, New York process against it may be filed with Secretary of State Plaintiff,-agalnston February 27, 2004 and to identify projects and a copy of any process PO-5 being in the Town of Eaton, • 13035.SSNY shall mail a of NY (SSNY) on 12/19/05; REFEREE'S NOTICE OF bearing the Index No.03- discuss the views of the served against the limited County of Madison and purpose of the business of copy of any such process effective date: 1/1/06.SALE before liability company is c/o 1013, I, the undersigned community NOTICE OF PUBLIC the Company is to conduct served to: In care of: Office located in Madison State of New York Index No.

03-1969 Referee, will sell at public submitting its consolidated James P.Cherchio, 2704 HEARING VILLAGE OF Section, Block and Lot: any lawful business Trexler's Inspection County.Marsh; auction, at the First floor five-year plan to the Maple Drive, Camillus, New SKANEATELES 152-1-47.1 Approximate permitted by the Limited Services, LLC, 519 Grand as agent of LLC upon whom Pamela J.

Marsh, lobby of the Public Office Onondaga County Office of York 13031.The purpose of NOTICE IS HEREBY amount of lien $43,604.Building, North Court Street, Community Development.this Company is to engage given that the Board of plus interest and costs.SSNY shall mail Pursuant to a Judgment Wampsville, NY, on This plan will include projects in any lawful act or activity Trustees of the Village of Premises will be sold C8-8 process to: 1264 Glenwood of Foreclosure and Sale February 9,2006 at 10;00 that the Village of Elbridge for which limited liability CR-10 Skaneateles, Onondaga subject to provisions of filed Ave.entered herein on January AM, premises known as: feels are necessary to companies may be County, New York, will hold Judgment Index #1645/05 LLC is manager managed.6,2005,1, the undersigned LEGAL NOTICE Notice of f ormatl on of 207 East Chapel Street, improve conditions for low organized under applicable a public hearing at the G.ROBERT Purposes: Real estate Referee, will sell at public Canastota, NY 13032 NOTICE IS HEREBY Limited Liability and moderate income law.

, GIVEN that the Town Board investment, development & auction at the first floor Company (LLC) residents within the Village Village Board of Trustees ALL that certain plot, CA-9 Referee of the Town of Cazenovia, Name: 113 HUNTER management and any lawful lobby of the Madison County piece, or parcel of land, with of Elbridge.This public on Monday, February 27, Steven J Baum, P.Public Office Building, the 2006, at 7:00 p.at the buildings and hearing is to gain input in Attorney for Plaintiff, at the Town of Cazenovia Organization filed with C8-7 Wampsville, New York on improvements thereon the preparation of a list of Village Office, 46 East PO Box 1291.Office Building, 7 Albany Secretary of State of New March 1, 2006 at 10:00 erected, situate, lying and needs to submit to the Office Genesee Street, NY 14240-1291 Street, Cazenovia, New York (SSNY) on 1/4/06., the Premises being in the Village of of Community Development SUPREMECOURTOF Skaneateles, New York, to Dated 1/17/2006 York on the 6th day of Office Location: Madison described in said J udgment Canastota, Town of Lenox, for potential future funding.THESTATEOFNEW identify and consider HT-7 February 2006, at 7:00 P.

SSNY designated as follows: See Schedule A County of Madison, State Sally A.Eick YORK COUNTY OF possible community for the purpose of as agent of LLC upon whom attached hereto.

Said of NY: Clerk-Treasurer MADISON ONEJDA development projects to be conducting a Town Board process against it may be SAVINGS BANK Plaintiff, premises are known as; 346 Section 36-54 Block 2 CA-5 proposed over the next year Work Session served SSNY shall mail NOTICE OF SALE va.

Russell Street, Lot 33 to be included in the Village's Linda C.Approximate amount of application for 2006 Notice of Formation Town Clerk West Genesee Street, JAMES M.

NEVELDINE, Judgment amount lien, $62,641.Premises Community Development Notice of Formation of Notice of Formation Town of Cazenovia Chittenango, New York , $91,562.The premises will be sold subject to Northwestern Properties Notice of Formation of funding, as well as Village CR-5 13037.

Purpose: to engage THELMA CURTIS and will be sold subject to the provisions of the filed LLC.filed with GUMBO PROPERTIES, projects to be considered in in any and all business for John Doe, Mortgaged provisions of the filed judgment of foreclosure and Secy, of State of N.LLC, a domestic Limited Onondaga County's fiveLegal Notice which LLCs may be formed i xienii, Notice of Formation Judgment.

SUPREME COURT Notice of Formation of under the New York LLC 1968 Route 31 25,2006 eligibility Onondaga Articles of Organization filed Project Harris N.

LindenfekJ, Location: COUNTY OF MADISON St., Referee with Secretary of State on requirements are available BANK ONE, N A .filed Sec'y C8-8 Pursuant to a Judgment Referee as agent of LLC upon whom 7/15/05.

NY Office location: from the Onondaga County FORSYTH, HOWE, A THE FIRST NATIONAL of State (SSNY) 1/10/06.of Foreclosure and Sale Shapiro & DiCaro, LLP 0 , DWYER,KALB& process against it may be ONONDAGA County.AS Office location: Madison Legal Notice dated January 6,2006 and Attorneys for the Plaintiff MURPHY, P.SSNY shall mail Secretary of State is Division, 1100 John H.TRUSTEE FOR THE County SSNY designated Notice of conversion of filed January 20,2006,1 will 250 Mite Crossing Boulevard ONE CHASE SQUARE, process to: William M.May, designated as agent upon Mulroy Civic Center, STRUCTURED ASSET as agent of LLC upon whom Skenendoa Associates to sell at public auction at the Suite One Rochester, New SUITE 1900, 10729 Sprucedale Avenue, whom process against the Syracuse, NY 13202.S E C U R I T I E S process against it may be Skenendoa, LLC (LLC).

Madison County Office York 14624 Las Vegas, NV 89144.ROCHESTER, NY 14604 All interested parties C O R P O R A T I O N served.SSNY shall mail Certificate of Conversion Building, North Court Street, Purpose: any lawful activity.Secretary of State shall mail are urged to attend the SCHEDULEA (585)325-7515 MORTGAGE PASS- copy of process to 2182 filed with Secretary of State Wampsville, New York on CA/EB-5 a copy of any process hearing.

Any person wishing LEGAL DESCRIPTION ATTORNEY FOR THROUGH CERTIFICATE Ten Eyck Ave , Cazenovia, of NY (SSNY) on 12/19/05; March 1.against the LLC served upon to propose a specific project All that tract or parcel of PLAINTIFF SERIES 1999-BC1, Plaintiff NY 13035 Purpose any effective date 1/1/06 premises known 1966 Route land situate in the Village of him/her to C/O THE LLC, should provide a brief writte n CB-5 against LORI R lawful activities Office located in Madison 31.Chittenango, NY 13037, Chittenango, County of P.

BOX 526, MANULIS, summary of the proposed NOTICE OF PUBLIC ROCKWELL ANDGERALD CR-9 County SSNY designated and described below.Notice of Formation rEARNG W ROCKWELL JR.as agent of LLC upon whom approximate amount of York, and being more lawful activity.

Notice of Formation of Please take notice that Dated: January 24, 2006 Defendant(s) Pursuant to NOTICE OF FORMATION process against it may be judgment is $69,390.70 plus particularly described as Delphia, LLC.Articles of the Planning Board of the PO-10 Sally L.Sheehan Village served SSNY shall mail costs, fees and interest follows: a Judgment of Foreclosure OF Organization filed with Town of Elbridge will hold a Clerk Village of process to: 1264 Glenwood Sold subject fo the and Sale dated March 2.ARONSON MEDIA Beginning at the Secretary of State of NY on public hearing pursuant to NOTCEOF FORMATION Skaneateles, New York Ave , Oneida, NY 13421 provisions of filed judgment.

Office location: section 276 of the Town 2005 I, the undersigned GROUP, LLC Notice of Formation of PO-5 Referee will sell at public NOTjCE that Aronson LLC is manager managed Justin R., northerly line of Russell MADISON County.Lawon the application of Telecommunications and auction at the 1 st floor lobby Media Group, LLC filed its Purposes: Real estate Referee 248 Main street Street, as appropriated by Secretary of State is Virginia Williams for a Information Consulting, NOTICE OF FORMATION of the Madison County Articles of Organization with investment, development & Oneida, NY 13421 the State of New York, designated as agent upon subdivision of land.

filed Sec'y OF APGC HOLDING LLC Office Building, the NYDOS on 12/20/05, management and any lawful Nemeti, McDermott, appropriation Map # 1, Parcel whom process against the subdivision is on of State (SSNY) 10/25/05.N Y on the pursuant to LLC Law Sec act or activity Eppolito & Hedgion # 1 , with the present LLC may be served Chamberlain and Wheeler Office location: Onondaga Limited Liability 2nd day of March.

2006 at 203 The name of the LLC C8-7 Attorneys for Plaintiff 112 westerly top bank of Secretary of State shall marl Roads in the Town of County.0 00 a m premises Ail that is Aronson Media Group.New Chittenango Creek, thence a copy of any process Elbridge The tax map as agent of LLC upon whom APGC Holding LLC has tract or parcel of land situate LLC(the"Company") The York 13421 N 87° 36'20'W.

along said against the LLC served upon number for this property is process may be served Legal Notice been formed as a domestic atEastLakeRoad Townof office of the Company is to Notice of conversion of ALL THAT TRACT OR northerly street line of him/her to PO Box 236, 40 00-01-01.A full legal SSNY shall mail copy of limited liability company and Madison as ' • i w s ' he located m Madison Erie Boulevard East PARCEL OF LAND Situate Russell Street, a distance Chittenango.description is on file at the process 2958 E LakeRd, states the following 1 The T L,ea,'""1inq at a ooirt • -,i e , iJ(1|y h P ' N Y S O S IS Associates II to Erie in the Town of Sullivan, of 11 feet more or iess to a Company does not have a Town Clerk's Office Skaneateles.

NY 13152 name of the limited liability enter < ' t as! -an''jnateo as agent f tne •:• ,'evaro basi •• .ThenceS 79" 18' 11 SDeofio date of dissolution The hearing will bo held Purpose any lawful company is APGC Holding ~'/ mnanv 'r.( : e r:; • i r a t e ofState of New York bounded W along said norther • ne >n addition to the events of at 7 15pm on Wednesday, purpose LLC 2 T he date of filing of • Russell S'reet.

stance dissolution set forth by law ' h e a d r j r e s s '0 las! i aKe'• DM ess \re:>v\ ' State of N v Beginning at a c.

:parties wiii be rj'ven a NOTICE OF FORMATION company with the Secretary HAMILTON EATON CAMILLUS JORDAN ELBRIDGE CANASTOTA CHfTTENANGO LENOX SULLIVAN CAZENOVIA FENNER NELSON • N SKANEATELES MARCELLUS SPAFF0RD OTISCO �PUBLIC NOTI EAGLE Feb.1,2006 a copy of the process in any for the transaction of SyraqdlfflMew of State is December 8, Organization filed with o Galaxy Communications, Las Vegas, NV 89144.The county within Secretary of State on 10/ LP, 235 Walton Street, Purpose, any lawful activity.Canton Street Road, NOTICE IS HEREBY action or proceeding business in the State of The Ljmited Liability CA/EB-5 Baldwinsville, New York FURTHER GIVEN that the against the Limited Liability New York and elsewhere Company does not have a the State of New York in 07/04.The Limited Liability aforesaid proposition may Company which may be which the office of the.ONONDAGA County Purpose* any lawful act 1.The name of the registered agent within the limited liability company is Secretary of State is The effective date of the NOTICE OF FORMATION Company does not have a appear on the ballot labels served upon him is 60 John Limited Liability Company Stttiew York Notice of Formation of registered agent within the of the voting machines used Glenn Boulevard, is Northeast Green Building to be located is Onondaga designated as agent upon LLC shall be January 2, '-5,aXrapmited Liability State of New York.The Secretary of whom process against the 2006 at such Special District Syracuse.The Limited Liability Meeting in the following The Limited Liability State is designated as the LLC may be served, 2.The Articles of any activity for which a EB-7 Arts, of Org.filed with Secy, of State of NY (SSNY) on Company shall engage in abbreviated form due to Company does not have a Organization were filed with (imrtBdifity company may agent of the limited liability Secretary of State shall mail 12/28/05.

Office location: any activity for which a space constraints: company upon whom a copy of any process Notice of Formation registered agent within the the Secretary of State for be la>irftr|£y engaged under Onondaga County.SSNY limited liability company may GALAXY ALBANY State of New York.process against it may be against the LLC served upon the State of New York on thelaWsbjf the State of New PROPOSITION designated as agent of LLC be lawfully engaged under LICENSEE LLC 5.The Limited Liability served The post office him/her to C/O THE LLC, Shall the proposition set December 15,2005.'( Notice of formation of upon whom process against the laws of the State of New forth in the notice of this Company shall engage in address within or without 120 WALTON STREET, EB-5 3.The office of the the State to which the STE 500.SYRACUSE, NY the above Limited Liability it may be served.SSNY York meeting authorizing (1) the any activity for which a Limited Liability Company EB-5 construction of additions to limited liability company may is to be located in Onondaga NOTICE'bF FORMATION Department of State shall 13202 Purpose: Any lawful Company ("LLC").

Articles shall mail process to: 103 mail a copy of any process activity.of Organization filed with Tradewind Circle, North •Fails.' Bridge and reconstruction of be lawfully engaged under County, New York.served against it is 17 PO-8 the Secretary of State of Syracuse, NY 13212.

NOTICE OF FORMATION various School District the laws of the State of New 4.

The Secretary of Development VI LLC ("LLC") Academy Street, Notice of Formation facilities, including site and York NY ("SSNY") on 12/21/2005 Purpose: any lawful activity.State of the State of New has beien formed for Skaneateles, New York NOTICE OF RUNG EB/NS-7 Mortimer Holdings, LLC incidental improvements, at Office location, County of EB-5 York is designated as the » r a'-jrKS a c t i n g 13152.The purpose of ARTICLES OF Notice of Formation of a a maximum cost of Onondaga SSNY has been agent for the Limited Liability busine$sin NY and the business of the limited ORGANIZATION OF designated as agent of the NOTICE OF FORMATION domestic Limited Liability $10,433,000.

"; LEGAL NOTICE and Company upon whom elsewrwJrij.1 Articles of liability company is to Notice of Formation of Company (LLC).Articles of providing that such sum STLLWATERS LLC upon whom process Articles of Organization process in any action or Organisation were filed with engage in any lawful act or HOMEGARELLC against it may be served.Organization filed with the shall be raised by a tax levy of Rochester Foodservice proceeding against it may the NY

NY office installments with District filed with Sec.of State of within the State to which the LLC's office is in organized under applicable LLC filed its Article of to: Mr.Office location: location: obligations to be issued in NY ("SSNY") 1-4-06.Office Secretary of State shall mail Onondaga County 3 The law.Organization with the New o Galaxy Communications, Onondaga County.Secy of State is anticipation thereof, and (2) Location: Onondaga a copy of the process in any NYSS; TS designated as PO-10 York Department of State LP, 235 Walton Street, designated as agent of LLC designated as agent upon the purchase and County.

SSNY has been action or proceeding a - g;C e n t on October 3 1 , 2005 Syracuse, NY 13202.upon whom process against whom process against the installation of security designated as agent upon against the Limited Liability for service of process The TOWNOFSPAFFORD pursuantto Limited Liability Purpose: any lawful act.Secy improvements with whom process against the Company which may be addressinNYforNYSSto ZONING BOARD OF Company Law Section 203.

The effective date of the shall mail process to: 4955 of State shall mail a copy of S307,000 District monies to LLC may be served.SSNY served upon him is c/o mail a cppy of the process APPEALS MEETWG The name of the Limited LLC shall be January 2, Nestling Duck, Liverpool, any process against the matchafederalCOPSgrant shall mail a copy of any Gerald F., agarost'LLC: 7085 Manlius NOTICE Liability company is 2006.Purpose: any LLC served upon him/her of equal amount, be process to: Wolak Group Hancock & Estabrook.Bd, E Syracuse, NY The Zoning Board of Stillwaters Homecare LLC.to: 6420 Terese Terrace, approved? Corporate Offices, Dunkin 1500 Mony Tower I.The LLC shall Appeals for the Town of The County within the State EB/NS-7 Jamesville, NY 13078.The Board of Education Donut Plaza, Second Floor, 4976, Syracuse, New York engage in any activity Spafford will meet on in which the limited liability Legal Notice Purpose: To engage in any of the School District acting Box 4, 65 Gray Road, 13221-4976.

February 13, 2006 at the company is to be located is Notice of Qualification NOTICE OF FORMATION lawful activity.Liability Company does not DT-9 # Spafford Town Hall, 1984 Onondaga County: The New of Strata Decision Notice of Formation of EB-6 determined this Project is a Purpose: Any lawful have a registered agent Rt.

to hear York State Secretary of Technology, L.Type I Action" which will business purpose.NOTICE OF FORMATION LEGAL NOTICE the following petition State is designated as agent Authority filed with Secy, of of Org.

filed with Secy, of not result in a significant DT/LR-8 Falls Bridge 5.The Limited Liability James Henrickson, of the limited liability State of NY (SSNY) on 12/ State of NY (SSNY) on 11/ Articles of Organization effect upon the environment Company shall engage in Development VII LLC residing at 1851 East Lake company upon whom 23/2005.Office location: of NeuGen Biochem, LLC, underlie regulations of the Notice of Formation of any activity for which a ("LLC") has been formed for Road, is petitioning to have process against it may be Onondaga County.State of New York Limited Liability limited liability company may t r a n s a c t i n g a business out of his home.The post office formed in Illinois (IL) on 12/ designated as agent of LLC of State of NY ("SSNY") on promulgated pursuant to the Company (LLC) be lawfully engaged under business in NY and He would be restoring and address which the Secretary 18/1998.SSNY designated upon whom process against 12/23/05.

Office Location: State Environmental Quality Name: CAMBRIDGE the laws of the State of New elsewhere.Articles of refinishing furniture for retail of State shall mail a copy of as agent of LLC upon whom it may be served.Organization were filed with sales, Article IX, Section any process served against process against it may be shall mail process to: 4955 has been designated as NOTICE IS ALSO Articles of Organization filed EB-5 the NY Sec.SSNY shall mail Nestling Duck, Liverpool, agent upon whom process HEREBY GIVEN that with Secretary of State of ("N YSS") on 12/2/05.The All interested parties will be is P.Box215,Marcellus, process to the IL address NY 13090.

Purpose: any against the LLC may be applications for absentee New York (SSNY) on 12/8/ NOTICE OF FORMATION LLC's office is in heard.SSNY shall mail a ballotsmaybeappliedforat 05.Office Location: Notice of Formation of Onondaga County 3.The SECRETARY • EB/NS-7 copy of any process to: The the office of the School Onondaga County.Arts, NYSS is designated as purpose of this Company is Kleinmuntz, 2001 South 1 st LLC, 2104 Euclid Avenue.

Any such designated as agent of LLC of Org.filed with Secy, of a PO-5 to engage in any lawful act St.200, Champaign, g e n t or activity for which limited IL 61820.

filed Notice of Formation Syracuse, NY 13224.application must be upon whom process against State of NY (SSNY) on 12/ for service of process The LEGAL NOTICE Notice of Formation of Purpose.Any lawful received by the District Clerk it may be served.Office location: addressinNYforNYSSto liability companies may be PLEASETAKENOTICE organized under applicable 351, Howtett Bldg.a domestic Limited Liability business purpose.at least seven days before shall mail copy of process Onondaga County.SSNY mail a copy of the process Noble that the Town Board of the law.

, Springfield, IL Company EB-7 the date of the aforesaid to: 500 Cambridge Avenue, designated as agent of LLC against LLC: 7085 Manlius Town of Otisco shall hold a PO-8 62756.Articles Special District Meeting if Syracuse, New York 13208.Syracuse, NY Public Hearing on February of Organization filed with NOTICE OFSPECIAL purposes.the ballot is to be mailed to Purpose: to engage in any it may be served.The LLC shall 13, 2006 at 7:00 PM at the DISTRICT MEETING EB/NS-7 the Secretary of State of the voter, or the day before and all business for which shall mail process to: 5702 engage in any activity Notice of Formation Otisco Town Hall.EaatSyracuso Mlnoa such Special District LLCs maybe formed under Caugheenoy Rd.Notice of Formation of Barker Street, Hamlet of GUMBO PROPERTIES.

NY office location: Central School District, Meeting, if the ballot is to be the New York LLC Law.Purpose, any lawful Otisco, to consider the LLC, a domestic Limited Notice of Formation of Onondaga County.Secy of Onondaga County, New delivered personally to the DT-5 activity.proposed adoption of a Local Liability Company (LLC).

Of State is designated as agent York voter.A list of all persons to EB/NS-5 NOTICE OF FORMATION The Board of Education whom absentee ballots shall Law and or Resolution for Articles of Organization filed Org.filed Sec'y of State upon whom process against LEGALNOnCEOF .Point Five Development Tax Exemption for members with Secretary of State on (SSNY) 11/30/05.

Office the LLC may be served, of East Syracuse-Minoa have been issued shall be FORMATION OF UMfTED NOTICE OF FORMATION III LLC ("LLC") has been Onondaga Secy of State shall mail a Central School District, available of the Otisco and Amber 7/15/05.NY Office location: location: for public UABILTTY COMPANY Notice of Formation formed for transacting National copyofanyprocessagainst Onondaga County, New inspection in the office of Volunteer Fire Companies ONONDAGA County.PRECISION Mortimer Holdings, LLC business in NY and r and Ambulance Services.Secretary of State is Registe ed Agents, Inc.

the LLC served upon him/ York, HEREBY GIVES the School District Clerk PROPERTIES OF CNY, Notice of Formation of a elsewhere.Articles of At said time and place all designated as agent upon designated as agent of LLC her to: 200 Shotwell Park NOTICE that a Special not less than five days prior LLC domestic Limited Liability Organization were filed with persons desiring to hear will whom process against the upon whom process may be Syracuse.District Meeting of the to the date of the Special NOTICE IS HEREBY Company (LLC).

SSNY shall mail Purpose: To engage in any qualified voters of said District Meeting (excluding GIVEN, that the above Organization filed with the ("NYSS") on 6/13/05.

The School District will be held Saturdays and Sundays) named Limited Liability Secretary of State of NY on LLC's Dated: January 25, 2006 Secretary of State shall mail copy of process: 2463 Oran lawful activity.Waldau EB-5 at the new High School during regular office hours Company has been formed December 1,2005.

The a copy of any process Delphi Road, Manlius, NY Town Clerk Gymnasium Lobby located until the date of the aforesaid for the transaction of location: Onondaga NYSS is designated as against the LLC served upon 13104.Purpose: any lawful PO-5 him/her to C/O THE LLC, purpose.NOTICE OF FORMATION at6400 Fremont Road in the Special District Meeting.

BOX 526, MANULIS, EB-7 Notice of formation of Town of Manlius, New York, addition, such list shall also New York and elsewhere, designated as agent upon for service of process.Purpose: Any TADE Group, LLC (LLC) in said School District, on be posted conspicuously 1.The name of the whom process against the address in NY for NYSS to lawful activity.School District Public Notice of Formation Articles of organization filed the 15th d a / o f February, at the places of voting Limited Liability Company LLC may be served.Secy mail a copy of the process Notice PO-10 Notice of formation of with Secretary of State of 2006, at 12:00 o'clock Noon, during the hours of such is Precision Properties of of State shall mail a copy of against LLC: 7085 Manlius Notice is hereby given Limited Liability Company.Prevailing Time, for the Special District Meeting.Syracuse, NY that the annual inspection Article of Organization of Office located in Onondaga purpose of voting by voting 2.

The Articles of LLC served upon him/her 13057.The LLC shall Dated: East Syracuse, for 2006 of all buildings Ryan-Biviano, L.SSNY designated machine upon the New York Organization were filed with to: 6420 Terese Terrace, engage in any activity within the Skaneateles filed with the Sec.of State as agent of LLC upon whom proposition hereinafter set the Secretary of State for Jamesville, NY 13078.Central School District for of NY ("SSNY") on December process against it may be forth.Polls for the purpose BY ORDER OF THE the State of New York on Purpose: To engage in any DT-9 fire hazards which might 23, 2005.SSNY shall mail of voting will be kept open BOARD OFEDUCATIONOF December 6,2005.

endanger the lives of Notice of Formation 117 Hillsdale Avenue, process to: 7001 Lehman between the hours of 12:00 EASTSYRACUSE-MINOA 3.The office of the EB-6 NOTICE OF FORMATION students, teachers, and GALAXY imCA Syracuse, NY 13206.SSNY Street, Syracuse, NY o'clock Noon and 9:00 CENTRAL Point Five Development SCHOOL Limited Liability Company employees therein, has LICENSEE LLC has been designated as 13041.M, Prevailing DISTRICT, ONONDAGA is to be located in Onondaga IV LLC ("LLC") has been LEGAL NOTICE OF been completed and the Notice of formation of agent upon whom process managed.COUNTY, NEW YORK FORMATION OFUMrTED formed for transacting PROPOSITION 4.

The Secretary of report thereof is available the above Limited Liability against the LLC may be lawful act or activity.

business in NY ana LIABILITY COMPANY Shall the following McCormick, School District State of the State of New at the office of the Director Company ("LLC").Articles of PRECISION resolution be adopted, to- Clerk\ of Facilities for inspection of Organization filed with copy of any process to c/o York is designated as the PROPERTIES OF CNY, Organization were filed with wit.LEGAL NOTICE OF by all interested parties, the Secretary of State of Steven R.Ryan, 117 EB/DT-5 agent for the Limited Liability the NY Sec of State LLC RESOLVED that the Company upon whom PO-5 NY("SSNY1 on 12/21/2005 Hillsdale Avenue, FORMATION OF UMrTED NOTICE IS HEREBY ("NYSS") on 10/18/05.2 Board of Education of East LIABILITY COMPANY process in any action or GIVEN, that the above The LLC's office is in Office location, County of Syracuse, NY 13206.

LEGAL NOTICE OF Syracuse-Minoa Central FORMATION OF UMrTED proceeding against it may named Limited Liability Onondaga County 3 The LEES REALTY, LLC NOTICE OF FORMATION Onondaga SSNY has been Purpose: any lawful NOTICE.IS HEREBY School District, Onondaga be served and the address Company has been formed NYSS is designated as Notice of Formation of designated as agent of the business purpose.LIABILITY COMPANY EB-7 GIVEN, that the above County, New York, is hereby CLASSIC PROPERTIES within the State to which the for the transaction of a 83EASTGENESEELLC,a LLC upon whom process g e n t named Limited Liability authorized (1) to construct Secretary of State shall mail business in the State o! for service of process The domestic Limited Liability against it may be served.OF CNY, LLC to and Company has been formed additions Notice of Formation Company (LLC) Articles of SSNY shall mail a copy of NOTICE IS HEREBY a copy of the process in any New York and elsewhere addressinNYforNYSSto reconstruct various School Notice of Formation of for the transaction of Organization filed with any such process served GIVEN, that the above action or proceeding 1.The name of the mail a copy of the process Secretary of State on 6/3/ to: Mr Edward F.

Levine, c/ BEJ PROPERTIES, LLC business in the State of District facilities, including named Limited Liability against the Limited Liability Limited Liability Company against t LC 7085 Manlius 05 NY Office location- o Galaxy Communications, Arts of Org.site improvements, original Companyhas been formed Company which may be is Precision Properties of Ctr Rd, E.Syracuse, NY ONONDAGA County LP, 235 , of State of NY (SSNY) on 1.

The name of the furnishings, equipment, for the transaction of served upon him is 60 John CNY, LLC.13057 4 The LLC shaii Boulevard, Secretary of State is Syracuse, NY 13202.12/16/05 Office Location: Limited Liability Company machinery, apparatus, business in the State of Glenn 2.The Articles of engage in any activity appurtenances, and New York and elsewhere.Syracuse, New York 13209 Organization were filed with allowed by law designated as agent upon Purpose: any lawful act Onondaga County.

incidental improvements whom process against the The effective date of the designated as agent of LLC 2.The name of the The Limited Liability the Secretary of State for DT-9 and expenses in connection LLC may be served.LLC shall be January 2, upon whom process against Organization were filed with Limited Liability Company Company does not have a the State of New York on it may be served SSNY the Secretary of State for therewith, at a maximum is Classic Properties of CNY, registered agent within the December 6.

Secretary of State shall mail 2006 ARTICLES OF State of New York.EB-7 shall mail process to 115 the State of New York on estimated cost of LLC.a copy of any process ORGANIZATION 3 The office of the Metropolitan Park Drive, December 2,2005.$10,433,000 °°, and that against the LLC served upon 5.

The Limited Liability Limited Liability Company 2.or so much Organization were filed with Company shall engage in is to be located in Onondaga KftHMEL PROPERTIES, him/her to ATTN: PAUL C.

Notice of Formation Purpose: any lawful activity.Limited Liability Company thereof as may be the Secretary of State for any activity for which a County, New York MOGRE, GENERAL GALAXY SYRACUSE LLC EB/LR-5 is to be located in Onondaga necessary, shall be raised the State of New York on limited babtJrty company may MANAGER CAD 83 EAST LICENSEE LLC 4.The Secretary of Under Section 203 of County, New York by the levy of a tax to be December 6,2005 GENESEE, LLC, 17 WEST Notice of formation of be lawfully engaged under State of the State of New the Limited Liability Notice of Formation 4.The Secretary of collected in annual ELIZABETH STREET, the above Limited Liability 3.The office of the the laws of the State of New York is designated as the CompanyLaw FIRST The Notice of Formation of State of the State of New installments as provided by Limited Liability Company York SKANEATELES, NY 13152 Company ("LLC") Articles agent for the Umrted Liabilrty name of the limited liability Latest date to dissolve: 121 of Organization filed with Northwestern Properties York is designated as the Section 416 of the is to be located in Onondaga EB-5 Company upon whom company is KIMMEL 31/2066 Purpose: Any the Secretary of State of LLC.

Arts, of Org filed with agent for the Limited Liability Education Law.and, in County, New York LLC process in any action or PROPERTIES.NY ("SSNY") on 12/21/2005 Secy, of State of N Y .

Company upon whom anticipation of such tax, LEGAL NOTICE OF 4 The Secretary of SECOND The county within proceeding against it may PO-8 Office location, County of (SSNY) on 12/5/05.

Office process in any action or obligations of said School State of the State of New FORMATION OF UMrTED be served and the address the state m which the office Onondaga SSNY has been Location: Onondaga proceeding against it may District shall be issued, and York is designated as the UABUTY COMPANY ' within the State to which the of the limited liability NOTICE OF FORMATION designated as agent of the County.SSNY designated be served and the address (2) to purchase and install agent for the Umrted Liabirty NORTHEAST GREEN Secretary of State shall mail company is to be located is Notice of Formation of LLC upon whom process as agent of LLC upon whom within the State to which the certain security Company upon whom BXHLUNQ CONSULTtJG, a copy of the process many Onondaga THIRD The 120 ACQUISITION against it may be served, process against it may be Secretaryof State shall mail improvements at various process in any action or LLC action or proceeding Company does not have a COMPANY LLC.a domestic SSNY shaH mail a copy of served SSNY shall mail a copy of the process in any School District facilities with proceeding against it may NOTICE IS HEREBY against the Limited Liability specific date of dissolution Umrted Liability Company any such process served processto WilliamM May.action or proceeding $307,000 monies of the be served and the address GIVEN, that the above Company which may be in addition to the events of (LLC) Articles of to Mr Edward F Levine.cJ 10729 Sprucedale Avenue, against the Limited Liability School District to match a within the State to which the named Limited Liability served upon him is 60 John dissolution set forth by law Company which may be federal COPS grant o

v:: - - •- •-*- " • �PUBLIC NOTKAS FOURTH The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against it may be served.The post office address within or without this state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy cf any process against the limited liability company served upon him or her is: Mark S.Lederman, 16 Ackerman Road, Warwick, New York 10990.FIFTH: The effective date of the Articles of Organization shall be the date of filing with the Secretary of State.SIXTH: The limited liability company is to be managed by 1 or more members.

IN WITNESS certificate has been subscribed to this 29th day of June, 2005 by the undersigned who affirms that the statements made herein are true under the penalties of perjury Lawrence A Kirsch, Attorney in Fact Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State on November 21, 2005(1) Its principal office is in Onondaga County (2) The Secretary of State has been designated as its agent upon whom process against it may be served and its post office address to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process served upon him or her is: A DIMARCO FAMILY HOLDING CO.13088 (3) The latest date of dissolution is November21,2055 (4)The purpose of its business is to engage in any lawful activity for which limited liability companies may be organized under section 203 of the Limited Liability Company Act EB-LR-8 ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION OF KIMMEL PROPERTIES, LLC Under Section 203 of EB-5 the Limited Liability Company Law.FIRST: The Notlca of Formation name of the limited liability Notice of Formation of company is KIMMEL 4673 Brickyard Falls, LLC PROPERTIES.

filed with Secy SECOND: The county within ofStateofNY(SSNY)on1/ the state in which the office 10/06 Office location of the limited liability Onondaga County.SSNY company is to be located is designated as agent of LLC Onondaga THIRD: The upon whom process against Company does not have a it may be served.SSNY specific date of dissolution shall mail process to: c/o in addition to the events of Shulman CurtinGrundner& dissolution set forth by law.

Ste 502, FOURTH The Secretary of South Clinton St , State is designated as agent Syracuse, NY 13202 of the limited liability Purpose all lawful activities company upon whom EB/NS-8 process against it may be served The post office address within or without FORMATION OF DIMARCO HOLDING CO., this state to which the Secretary of State shall mail LLC DIMARCO HOLDING a copy of any process CO .LLCfileditsArticlesof against the limited liability Organization with the company served upon him Secretary of State on or her is: MarkS Lederman, November 21, 2005(1) Its 16 Ackerman Road, principal office is in Warwick, New York 10900.The effective date Onondaga, &oyqt&l2)J/he.

FIFTH: ,l tffe 'Article's ' of Secretary tsfSrareTrasUeen' W designafedas its agent upon Organization shall be the whom process against it date of filing with the may be served and its post Secretary of State.office address to which the The limited liability company Secretary of State shall mail is to be managed by 1 or members.IN a copy of any process more WITNESS served upon him or her is DIMARCO HOLDING CO.7373 Palomino Path, subscribed to this 29th day Liverpool, NY 13088 (3) of June.2005 by the The latest date of dissolution undersigned who affirms is November 21,2055.(4) that the statements made The purpose of its business herein are true under the is to engage in any lawful penalties of perjury.Kirsch, liability companies may be Attorney in Fad organised under section EB-5 203 of the Limited Liability Company Act ARTICLES OF limited liability company is Black Market LLC.

SECOND: The county within the State of New York in which the office of the limited liability company is to be located is Onondaga County.THIRD: The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against it may be served.The address within or without this state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against the limited liability company served upon is 106 Candee Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13224.EB-9 Liquor Lice nee Notice is here by given that a license, number to be assigned for liquor, has been applied for by Sugar Pearl Inc.to sell liquor at a retail club, under the Alcohol Beverage Control Law, at 600 Burnt Ave.

, City of Syracuse, County of Onondaga for on premises consumption.EB-5 Tax Notice Town & County Taxes For2006 Notice is hereby given that I, the undersigned Receiver of Taxes of the Town of DeWitt, Onondaga County, State of New York, have received the tax rolls and Warrant dated December 29,2005 for the collection of taxes in and for said Town.Taxes may be paid on orbeforeJanuary31 -2006, without penalty or interest.On all taxes remaining unpaid after that date, one percentum will be added for the first month and an additional one-half percentum for each month and fraction thereof thereafter, until the return of the unpaid taxes is made by the Receiver of Taxes to the Commissioner of Finance pursuant to the Law.The Commissioner of Finance will receive the rolls on 1/29/05.

All taxes will be paid and collected at my office at 5400 Butternut Drive, DeWitt, New York through 3/31/06 from 8:00am to 4:30 pm on Monday through Friday, and from 9am to 12:45pm on Saturdaysduring the month of January only.Office will be closed on all legal holidays and Saturdays during February and March.Please mail or bring in both copies of the tax bill when making payment.EB/LR-8 ORGANIZATION Victor Vasta OF Receiver of Taxes FORMATION OF A.

BLACK MARKET LLC DIMARCO FAMILY Under Section 203 of the Town of DeWitt DeWitt., LLC Limited Liability A DIMARCO FAMILY Company LawDT-5 HOLDING CO, LLC filed its FIRST: The name of the National Grid PURPOSE: TO AMEND SCHEDULE PSC NO.219 GAS TEXT: Notice is hereby given that Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid has filed with the Public Service Commission proposed tariff amendments to its PSC No.Specifically, revisions have been proposed to Rule No.The revisions would modify the long term curtailment provisions of Rule 3 to assure that the curtailment priorities set forth in Rule 3.7 do not depend on whether the customer purchases their commodity supply from the Company or from an alternate provider.The tariff revisions provide, in the event of a long term curtailment, for the continued delivery of, and compensation for, noncore customer gas supply to the city gate in order to provide gas supply for all core customers, regardless of supplier.

Copies of the proposed amendments to PSC No.2 19 Gas are available for public inspection and can be obtained by writing Niagara Mohawk, A National Grid Company, Gas Pricing Department, B-1, 300 Erie Boulevard West, Syracuse, New York 13202.Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid William F.Edwards, President Syracuse, New York EB-6 Notice of Formation Notice of Formation of Dell Center Drive Company, LLC, Art.Office location: Onondaga County SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served.SSNY shall mail copy of process to 540 Towne Dr.EB-9 Notice of formation of Limited Liability Company (LLC) Name: APEX PENSIONS, LLC.Articles of Organization filed with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on January 23, 2006.SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served.SSNY shall mail copy of process toc/oStewartM.

, Scolaro, Shulman, Cohen, Fetter & Burstein, P.Purpose: to engage in any and all business for which LLCs may be formed under the New York LLC Law.DT-10 to Scolaro, Shulman, Cohen, Fetter & Burstein, P., 507 Plum Street, Suite 300, Syracuse, New York 13204.Purpose: to engage in any and all business for which LLCs may be formed under the New York LLC Law.

DT-10 LEGAL NOTICE Notice of Qualification of Brookfield Power NY Finance LLC (LLC).Authority filed with Secy of State of New York (SSNY) on 12/16/2005.LLC formed in Delaware (DE) on 10/28/05.SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against may be served.

SSNY shall mail process to David Youlen, Vice President, New York Operations, 225 Greenfield Parkway, Suite 2 0 1 , Liverpool, NY 13088.Principal office of LLC: 225 Greenfield Parkway, Suite 201, Liverpool, NY 13088.Cert of Form filed with DE Secy of State, P.DT/LR-10 amount of such fee snail be set by the Village Board of Trustees from time to time by resolution.SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served.

38 Annual Fee copy of process to Scolaro, Every permit holder shall Shulman, Cohen, Fetter & pay an annual fee each Burstein, P.C, 507 Plum year or portion of a year Street, Suite 300, covered by the permit.For the purpose of this Purpose: to engage in any section, a year shall run and all business for which from June 1st to May LLCs may be formed under 31st.annual, fee shall be set by DT-10 the Board of Trustees from time to time by Notice of Formation resolution.This Local Law shall S T R A T E G I C take effect upon filing with ENVIRONMENTAL, LLC.of State of NY (SSNY) on 1/ BYORDEROFTHE 13/06.Office location: BOARDOFTRUSTEES Onondaga County.SSNY Dated: January 24, 2006 designated as agent of LLC Patricia J.Derby Village upon whom process against Clerk it may be served.SSNY DT-5 shall mail process to: 25 1/ Feb.

1,2006 name of the limited liability company is 202-208 North Main Street, LLC.The date of filing of the Articles of Organization of the limited liability company with the Secretary of State is November 3, 2005.The county within which the office of the limited liability company is to be located is Onondaga County.

The Secretary of State is designated as the agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against it may be served.The address within the State to which any process served against it is: c/o James H., The Galleries of Syracuse, 441 South Salina Street, Suite 211, Syracuse, New York 13202.The purpose of the limited liability company is: to engage in any lawful act or activity for which limited companies may be organized under Section 203 of the Limited Liability Company Act.DT/EB-10 NY 13066, registered agent upon whom process may be served.EB/NS-8 Notice of Formation Notice of Formation of Trason Rochester, LLC.filed with Secy, of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/9/05.SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served.

SSNY shall mail process to: 3187 Bellevue Ave.EB/NS-4 Notice of Formation Notice ol Formation of PROPULSIVE WING, LLC.filed with Secy, of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/30/05.SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served.SSNY shall mail process to: c/o Joseph Kummer, 105 NOTICE OF FORMATION Churchill Lane, Fayetteville, NY 13066, registered agent OFGatea Road LLC Under Section 206 of the upon whom process may be served/Purpose: all lawful Limited Liability purposes.The name of the limited liability company Notice of Formation (hereinafter referred to as DTK RENTALS, LLC: the "Company") is Gates Road LLC.The Articles of Notice of formation of Organization of the Limited Liability Company.Company were filed with the Articles of Organization for Secretary of State of the DTK Rentals, LLC ("LLC") state of New York on were filed with the Secretary January 17, 2006 3.

The of State of New York county within New York ("SSNY") on December22, State in which the office of 2005.

Office Location: the Company is to be located Onondaga County.The designated as agent of the Company does not have a LLC upon whom process specific date of dissolution against it may be served.in addition to the events of SSNY shall mail a copy of dissolution set forth by law.

The Secretary of State is o Shulman CurtinGrundner designated as agent of the & Regan, P.C, 250 South Company upon whom Clinton Street, Syracuse, process against the New York 13202-1262.The Post Office address to Purpose: To engage in any which the secretary of state lawful activity.shall mail a copy of any EB-8 process against the Company is: 6810 East LEGAL NOTICE OF Seneca Turnpike, FORMATION OF LIMITED 2 Water Street, NOTICE OF FORMATION Baldwinsville, NY 13027.OF202-208 NORTH MAIN Purpose: any lawful activity.STREET, LLC BM/EB-10 Under Section 203 of the Limited Liability ARTICLESOF Company Law 202-208 ORGANIZATION OF North Main Street, LLC has PATRICIA ENTERPRISES been formed as a domestic LLC limited liability company and Under Section 203 of states the following: 1.The the Limited Liability name of the limited liability LEGAL NOTICE Company Law.

FIRST: The company is 202-208 North Notice of Qualification name of the limited liability Main Street, LLC.The of Brookfield Power New company is PATRICIA Notice of formation of date of filing of the Articles York Finance LP (LP).Limited Liability of Organization of the limited Authority filed with Secy of SECOND: The county within Company (LLC) liability company with the the state in which the office Name: ONMYWAY, State of New York (SSNY) Secretary of State is on 12/16/2005.

The Onondaga company is to be located is Organization filed with location: county within which the Onondaga.THIRD: The Secretary, of State of New County.

LP formed in office of the limited liability Company does not have a York (SSNY) on 11/14/05.company is to be located is specific date of dissolution Office Location: Onondaga SSNY designated as agent Onondaga County.The in addition to the events of County.

SSNY designated of LP upon whom process Secretary of State is dissolution set forth by law.as agent of LLC upon whom against may be served.designated as the agent of SSNY shall mail process to FQURTH:TheSecretaryof process against it may be the limited liability company Patricia Bood, General State is designated as agent served.SSNY shall mail upon whom process against of the limited liability copy of process to Scolaro, Counsel, 1629350 Ontario it may be served.The company upon whom Shulman, Cohen, Fetter & Limited, 480 Boulevard de address within the State to process against it may be Burstein, P.

, 507 Plum la Cite, Gatineau, Quebec, which any process served served.The post office Street, Suite 300, J8T8R3.Principal office of against it is: c/o James H.225 Greenfield address within or- without Syracuse, New York 13204.

, The this state to which the Purpose: to engage in any Parkway, Suite 2 0 1 , Galleries of Syracuse, 441 Secretary of State shall mail and all business for which Liverpool, NY 13088.Cert South Salina Street, Suite of Form filed with DE Secy a copy of any process LLCs may be formed under 211, Syracuse, New York of State, P.Box 898, against the limited liability the New York LLC Law.Purpose: the limited liability company company served upon him any lawful activity.

Gregory Notice of formation of DT/LR-10 ! S J ° Ji - 3 4 7 9 Watervale Road act or activity for which Limited Liability Manlius, New York 13104 limited companies may be Company (LLC) OFFICIAL NOTICE FIFTH: The effective date organized under Section LIABILITY COMPANY Name:8195ROUTE57, Village of Eaat Syracuee of the Articles .Articles of Organization shall be the The company is to be LEMROG RETREAT, LLC ELECTION NOTICE Company Act.NOTICE IS HEREBY Organization filed with date of filing with the managed by its members.The character of the GIVEN, that the above Secretary ofState o? New that at its meeting on Secretary of State.Monday, January 23rd, the The limited liability compa'ny business to be transacted named Limited Liability Notice of Formation Office Location: Onondaga Board of Trustees of the is to be managed by 1 or by the Limited Liability Company has been formed Notice of formation of County.SSNY designated Village of East Syracuse more members.IN Company is any activity for for the transaction of F.& as agent of LLC upon whom directed by resolution that WITNESS WHEREOF, this which a limited liability business in the State of AssociatesTPA LLC (LLC).process against it may be Registration Day (not certificate has been company may be lawfully New York and elsewhere.SSNY shall mail personal registration) will subscribed to this 12th day engaged under the laws of 1.The name of the with Secretary of State of copy of process to Scolaro, be held on Saturday, March of January, 2006 by the the State of New York.

Limited Liability Company NY (SSNY) on 1/17/06.Shulman, Cohen, Fetter & 11, 2006 from 12 Noon to undersigned who affirms EB-10 is Lemrog Retreat, LLC., 507 Plum 5:00 PM at the Municipal that the statements made 2.

SSNY designated Street, Suite 300, Building Court Room, at 204 herein are true under the Organization were filed with Notice of Formation.as agent of LLC upon whom Syracuse, New York 13204.North Center Street, East penalties of perjury.Notice of formation of the Secretary of State for process against it may be Purpose: to engage in any Syracuse.

Kirsch, MEGA VISION CENTER II, the State of New York on served.SSNY shall mail and all business for which Village Election will be held Attorney in Fact LLC a NYS limited liability January 12, 2006.process to: 6390 Fly Road, LLCs may be formed under on Tuesday, March 21, 3.Polls will be open filed with SSNY on 01/09/ Limited Liability Company LLC is manager managed.is to be located in Onondaga DT-10 from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Purpose: to provide LegalNotlce at the Municipal Building Notice of Qualification SSNY designated as agt.• retirement plan design and Court Room, 204 North 4.

The Secretary of Notlca of formation of administration services and of Syracuse II Hotel Of LLC, upon whom process Center Street, East may be served.SSNY shall State of the State of New Limited Liability third party administration Management LLC.mail copy of process to: York is designated as the Company (LLC) filed with Secy, of State of services and any lawful act The LLC, 63-73 108th agent for the Limited Liability Name: 125 SOUTH 1ST By order of the Board of NY (SSNY) on 1/10/06.Articles of Trustees Dated: Office location: Onondaga Street, Forest Hills, NY Company upon whom DT-10 Organization filed with January 24, 2006 Patricia County.Purpose: All Lawful process in any action or proceeding against it may Secretary of State of New J.Derby Village Clerk Connecticut (CT) on 9/19/ purposes.

Notice of formation of York (SSNY) on 11/14/05.SSNY designated as DT-5 EB-8 be served and the address Limited Liability within the State to which the Office Location: Onondaga agent of LLC upon whom OFFICIAL NOTICE Company (LLC) Secretaryof State shall mail County.SSNY designated LOCAL LAWHEARJNG process against it may be Notice of Formation Name: 25 PUBLIC as agent of LLC upon whom Village of Eaat Syracuee served SSNY shall mail Notice of Formation of a copy of the p rocess i n a ny process against it may be PLEASE BE ADVISED, SQUARE, LLC.Articles of process to: Tom Hart, Trason Alabama, LLC.

SSNY shall mail that on Monday, March 6, Organization filed with General Manager, The Marx of Org.filed with Secy, of against the Limited Liability copy of process to Scolaro, 2006 at 7:00 PM the Board Secretary of State of New Hotel & Conference Center, State of NY (SSNY) on 12/ Company which may be Shulman, Cohen, Fetter & of Trustees of the Village of York (SSNY) on 11/14/05.Office Location: served upon him is c/o Burstein, P C , 507 Plum East Syracuse will hold a Office Location: Onondaga Syracuse, NY 13210, Onondaga County.SSNY Hancock & Estabrook, LLP, Street, Suite 300, public hearing at the Court County.SSNY designated registered agent upon whom designated as agent of LLC 1500MonyTowerl,P.Syracuse, New York 13204 Room at 204 North Center as agent of LLC upon whom process may be served.

CT upon whom process aga inst Box 4976, Syracuse, New Purpose to engage in any Street, East Syracuse to process against it may be address of LLC: New Castle it may be served SSNY York 13221 Attn: Richard and all business for which hear all interested parties in served SSNY shall mail Hotel LLC, Two Corporate shall mail process to: 3187 W.The Limited LLCs may be formed under the matters of proposed copy of process to Scolaro, Drive, Ste., A-3, Liability Company does not the New York LLC Law.

1, of 2006, a Shulman, Cohen, Fetter & CT 06484.C, 507 Plum with CT Secy, of State, 30 Purpose: any lawful activity.DT-10 local law amending the Street, Suite 300, Trinity St., Hartford, CT Municipal Code regarding NS/EB-4 5.The Limited Liability fees for telecommunication Syracuse, New York 13204.

Purpose: all lawful Notice of formation of Company shall engage in tower licenses, as follows: Purpose: to engage in any activities.Limited Liability any activity for which a Notice of Formation and all business for which LOCAL LAW NO 1 OF Company (LLC) limited liability company may Notice of Formation of EB/NS-10 LLCs may be formed under Name: 31 WEST 2006 TO AMENDTHE EAST the New York LLC Law.PROPULSIVE WING, LLC be lawfully engaged under BRIDGE STREET, LLC SYRACUSE MUNICIPAL NOTICE OF FORMATION Arts of Org.filed with Secy, the laws of the State of New DT-10 Articles of Organization filed CODE RE: Communications OF 202-208 NORTH MAIN of State of NY (SSNY) on York with Secretary of state of permit fees 12/30/05.

Office location: EB-9 STREET, LLC Notice of formation of New York (SSNY) on 11/14/ Add new sections Under Section 203 of Onondaga County.Office Location §812 15 Application the Limited Liability designated as agent of LLC LEGAL NOTICE OF Company (LLC) Onondaga County.SSNY Company Law 202-208 upon whom process against FORMATION OF LIMITED Fee Every Name: RIVERFRONT designated as agent of LLC North Main Street, LLC has it may be served SSNY UABUTY COMPANY communications permit WAREHOUSE, LLC.

Articles upon wrtom process against been formed as a domestic shall mail process toe c/o LEMROG KELLER, LLC application shall be of Organization filed with limited liability company and Joseph Kummer, 105 it may be served SSNY NOTICE IS HEREBY accompanied by an Secretary of State of New states the following: 1.

The shall mail copy of process Churchill Lane, FayettevilJe, GIVEN, that the above application fee The York (SSNY) on 11/14/05.Purpose: all lawful Company has been formed 4.The Secretary of dissolution in addition to Articles of Org.

filed NY specific date of dissolution Board of Education of East MINOA DISTRICT, activities t n e transaction of State of the State of New the events of dissolution Sec.of State (SSNY) 12- in addition to the events of Syracuse-Minoa Central SCHOOL EB/NS-10 06-05 as SIDNEY P.School District, Onondaga ONONDAGA COUNTY, business in the State of York is designated as the set forth by law.The Secretary of State is County, New York is agent for the Limited Liability 5.The Secretary of New York and elsewhere.The name of the Company upon whom State is designated as agent LAWYERS.Office in designated as agent of the hereby authorized (1) to Onondaga County.

SSNY School District Clerk ORGANIZATION OF Company upon whom construct additions to and Limited Liability Company process in any action or of the Company upon whom DT-6 PATRICIA ENTERPRISES is Lemrog Cobblestone, proceeding against it may process against the desig.agent of LLC upon process against the reconstruct various LLC LLC be served and the address company may be served whom process may be Company may be served.School District facilities, Under Section 203 of 2 The Articles of within the State to which the The Post Office address to served.SSNY shall mail The Post Office address to including site NOTICE OF FORMATION Notice of Formation of the Limited Liability Organization were filed with SecretaryofStateshallmail which the secretary of state copy of process to 1500 which the Secretary of State improvements, original Tower Bldg., shall mail a copy of any furnishings, equipment, MAXDEALS RENTALS, CompanyLaw FIRST The t n e Secretary of State for a copy of the process in any shall mail a copy of any State the State of New York on action or proceeding process against the Syracuse, NY 13202.

process against the machinery, apparatus, LLC, a domestic Limited name of the limited liability January 12, 2006.against the Limited Liability Companyis: 4455 Carriage Purpose: To practice law.Company is DeFrancisco appurtenances, and Liability Company (LLC) company is PATRICIA EB-9 LLC 3.The office of the Company which may be Circle, Jamesville, NY Law Firm, 121 East Water incidental improvements Articles of Organization filed ENTERPRISES with Secretary of State on SECOND: The county within Limited Liability Company served upon him is 60 13078.Street, Syracuse, New York and expenses in Notice of Formation is to be located in Onondaga Oswego Street, 13202.

The Company is connection therewith, at 11/9/05.NY Office location the state in which the office 6.The company is to be County of the limited liability, Notice of Formation of managed by its' sole a maximum estimated ONONDAGA County, New York.Baldwinsville, New York managed by its members.

The character of the Limited Liability Company.The character cost of S10,433,000; and Secretary of State is company is to be located is State of the State of New Company does not have a business to be transacted Articles of Organization of of the business to be that such sum, or so much designated as agent upon Onondaga THIRD The' York is designated as the" registered agent within the by the Limited Liability Parkwood Holding LLC transacted by the Limited thereof as may be whom process against the Company does not have a agent for the Limited Liability State of New York.Company is any activity for ("LLC") were filed with Sec.Liability Company is any necessary, shall be raised LLC may be served specific date of dissolution Company upon whom 5.The Limited Liability which a limited liability of State of NY ("SSNY") on activity for which a limited by the levy of a tax to be SecretaryofStateshallmail in addition to the events of process in any action or Company shall engage in company may be lawfully January 6, 2006.

Office liability company may be collected in annual a copy of any process dissolution set forth by law proceeding against it may any activity for which a engaged under the laws of Location: Onondaga lawfully engaged in under installments as provided against the LLC served upon FOURTH The Secretary of D e served and the address limited liability company may the State of New York.SSNY has been the law of the State of New by Section 416 of the him/her to C/O THE LLC, 21 State is designated as agent within the State to which the be lawfully engaged under CIRCLE, of the limited liability Education Law, and, in HERITAGE EB-8 designated as agent upon York.Secretary of State shall mail thelawsoftheStateofNew EB-9 anticipation of such tax, SYRACUSE, NY 13209.company upon whom whom process against the a copy of the process in any York.

SSNY NOTICE OF FORMATION obligations of said School Purpose: Any lawful process against it may be EB-9 action or pr0Ceeding served.The post office OF EXPERIENCED RX District shall be issued; activity.OFANOVS PIZZA PUB shall mail a copy of any a g a i n s t t h e Umited Liability EB-8 address within or without LLC Under Section 206 process to: 6780 Northern CONSULTS, LLC Under and (2) to purchase and Company which may be this state to which the Notice of Formation Section 203 of the install certain security of the Limited Liability Blvd.

, Suite 400, East s e r v e d u p o n h i m is do : Syracuse, New York 13057.

Limited Liability improvements at various NOICEOFFORMAT10N Secretary of State shall mail Company Law Hancock&Estabrook,LLP, Notice of formation of Point Five Development a copy of any process Company Law School District facilities 1.The name of the Purpose: Any lawful 1 5 0 0 M ony Tower I, P.limited liability company business purpose.Experienced RX with 5316,017 monies of V LLC ("LLC") has been against the limited liability EB-8 Consults, LLC has been the School District to formed for transacting company served upon him S0Xu4?I?ASyAraCUSD'' N e

B o x 4 9 7 6 - Syracuse, New Articles of Organization for (hereinafter referred to as York 13221 Attn: Richard York 13221 Attn: Richard Finmo Rentals, LLC ("LLC") the "Company") is ANDY'S formed as a domestic limited match a federal COPS business in NY and orheris: Robert G.The Limited were filed with the Secretary PIZZAPUBLLC.Articles of 3479 Watervale Road THE MANUUS LIBRARY liability company and states grant of equal amount.Liability Company does not Liability Company does not of State of New York Organization were filed with Manlius, New York 13104 1ARWEALBANESE the following: 1.

The Articles of have a registered agent have a registered agent ('4SSNY")onDecember22, Organization of the AVENUE MANUUS, NEW of the limited liability FURTHER GIVEN thatthe the NY Sec.of State FIFTH: The effective date within the State of New York.Office Location: Company were filed with the YORK 13104315-682the Articles of company is Experienced RX aforesaid proposition may ("NYSS") on 1/5/06.The Limited Liability office is in Organization shall be the Consults, LLC.The date appear on the ballot labels LLC's 6400 5.SSNY Secretary of State of the of filing of the Articles of of the voting machines Onondaga County.The date of filing with the Company shall engage in Company shall engage in designated as agent of the state of New York on The Manlius Library will Organization of the limited used at such Special NYSS is designated as Secretary of State.

SIXTH: any activity for which a a n y activity for which a LLC upon whom process December 20,2005.The limited liability company g e n t nitedliabilityompanymay limited liability company may against it may be served.The county within hold its annual meeting on iiability company with the District Meeting in the a be lawfully engaged under be lawfully engaged under SSNY shall mail a copy of New York State in which the Thursday, February 9,2006 Secretary of State is following abbreviated form for service of process.The is to be managed by 1 o thelawsoftheStateofNew the laws of the State of New any process to the LLC, c/ office of the Company is to at 6:30 p.

The due to space constraints: address in NY for NYSS to more members.

PROPOSITION mail a copy of the process WITNESS WHEREOF, this York.o Shulman Curtin Grundner be located is Onondaga.At this meeting members of county within the State of EB-9 Shall the proposition against LLC: 7085 Manlius certificate has been EB-9 & Regan, P.The Company does the Board of Trustees will New York in which the office Clinton Street, Syracuse, not have a specific date of be elected, and the slate of of the limited liability set forth in the notice of Ctr.Syracuse, NY subscribed to this 12th day LEGAL NOTICE OF LEGAL NOTICE OF New York 13202-1262.

Date dissolution in addition to officers and the 2006 company is to be located is this meeting authorizing 13057: 4.

The LLC shall of January, 2006 by the FORMATION OF UMfTED FORMATION OF LIMITED to dissolve: Perpetual.the events of dissolution budget will be submitted.The (1) the construction of engage in any activity undersigned who affirms LIABILITY COMPANY to and allowed by law.

that the statements made UABEJTY COMPANY Robert F.Toole Secretary of State is additions Purpose: To engage in any set forth by law* LEMROG GULL, LLC designated as the agent of reconstruction of various DT-10 herein are true under the GORMEL FAMILY, LLC lawful activity.The Secretary of NOTICE IS HEREBY penalties of perjury.NOTICE IS HEREBY Trustees EB-5 the limited liability company School District facilities, EB-8 State is designated as agent GIVEN, that the above GIVEN, that the above upon whom process against including site and NOTICE OF FORMATION Lawrence A.

Kirsch, of the Company upon whom named Limited Liability named Limited ~Liability I iouorl lean— Point Five Development Attorney in Fact it may be served.The post incidental improvements, Notice of Formation process against the Company has been formed company has been formed EB-10 Notice is hereby given office address within or at a maximum cost of VI LLC ("LLC") has been WARE GROUP, LLC: company may be served.for the transaction of f o r l n e transaction of Notice of formation of The Post Office address to that a license, number to be without the State to which $10,433,000; and formed for transacting business in the State of business in the State of Limited Liability Company.which the secretary of state assigned for liquor, has been the Department of State providing that such sum business n NY and Notico of Formation New York and elsewhere.Articles of Organizatin for shall mail a copy of any applied for by Sugar Pearl shall mail a copy of any shall be raised by a tax elsewhere.Articles of Notice of Formation of The name of theT n e n a m e o f t n e Ware Group, LLC ("LLC") process against the Inc.to sell liquor at a retail process served against it is levy to be collected in Organization were filed with S T R A T E G I C Limited Liability Company Limited Liability Company were filedwith the Secretary Company is: 5950 Butternut club, under the Alcohol 4849 Glinden Lane, annual installments with the NY Sec.

of State of New York Drive, East Syracuse, NY Beverage Control Law, at Syracuse, New York 13215 District obligations to be ("NYSS") on 1/5/06.The Articles of office is in ofStateQ

SSNY the State of New York on m e s t a t e o f N e w York o n a s a g e n t o fL L C u p o n 7 T h e t r a d e r of the consumption.designated as agent of LLC g e n t engage in any lawful act or of security improvements a January 12, 2006.whom process against it business to be transacted EB-5 activity for which limited with $316,017 District for service of process.

The office of the 3 j n e 0ft ce o f t n e may be served.SSNY shall by the Limited Liability liability companies may be monies to match a federal address in NY for NYSS to it may be served SSNY Umited Liability Company Limited Liability Company mail a copyof any process Company is any activity for Notice of Formation organized under applicable COPS grant of equal mail a copy of the process shall mail process to: 25 1/ Water Street, against LLC: 7085 Manlius 2 is to be located in Onondaga istobelocatedinOnQndag*.*Q;the LLC, c/o Shulman which a lirnifed liability Notice of Formation of law.EB-9 amount, be approved? County, New York.Curtin Grundner & Regan, company may be lawfully CMKK Cohoes L L C , Art Nodes of Formation The Board of Ctr., 250 South Clinton/ engageduhderthe laws of of Org.filed Sec'y of State Notice of formation of Education of the School 13057.The LLC shall Purpose: any lawful activity State of the State of New state of the State of New Street, SyracOOffice MEGA VISION CENTER II, District, acting as Lead engage in any activity BM/EB-10 York is designated as the York is designated as the 13202-1262.Oate to Onondaga LLC a NYS limited liability Agency, has determined allowed by law.EB-8 location: agertfortheUrratedDabirty agentfatheLirrFormation this Project is a Type I DT-10 NOTICE OF FORMATION Company upon, whom Company upon whom Purpose: To engage in any NOTCEOFFORMATON as agent of LLC upon whom filed with SSNY on 01/09/ Action" which will not result OF2Q2-M6 NORTH MAIN action or process-in anyvacbon-or lawful activity.Notfoa OF8HELLPROPBmE8, process against,itjnay be 2006.in a significant effect upon proceeding against it may proceeding against M may EB-8 LLCUndar8actJon206 served.SSNY shall mail SSNY designated as agt the environment under the The Annual Meeting of Under Section 203 of be served and the address be served and the address of thoUmttad Liability copy of process to CMKK Of LLC, uponwhom process regulations of the State of The Board of Trustees of the Limited Liability within the State to which the within the Statetowhich the N o t e of Formation 2001 LLC, 235 Moore St.SSNY shall New York promulgated the DeWitt Community Company Law 202-208 CompanyLaw Secretary of State shaJImail SecretaryofStateshallmail NORMAN POINT, LLC 1.200, Hackensack, NJ mail copy of process to: pursuant to the State Library will take place in the North Main Street, LLC has aoopyoftheprocessinany a copy of the process in any Notice of formation of limited liability company 07601.Purpose: any lawful The LLC, 63-73 108th Environmental Quality Library on Thursday, been formed as a domestic action or proceeding action 0 r proceeding Limited Liability Company, (hereinafter referred to as activities February 2 at 5:30 PM.limited liability company and Street, Forest Hills, NY Review Act.

against the Umited Liability against the Umited Liability Articles of Organization for the "Compan/') is SHELL EB-50 11375.Purpose: All Lawful NOTICE IS ALSO Members of the community states the following: 1.The Company which may be company which may be Norman Point, LLC ("LLC") PROPERTIES, LLC.HEREBY GIVEN that and other interested name of the limited liability served upon him is c/o s e rved upon him is c/o were filed with the Secretary EB-8 applications for absentee persons are invited to company is 202-208 North Notfoa 2.

The Articles of Hancock& Estabrook, LLP, Hancock & Estabrook, LLP, of State of New York Organization of the The DeWitt Main Street, LLC.2 The ballots may be applied for attend.The Annual Meeting of 1500 Mony Tower I, P.("SSNY") on December 20, Company were filed with the The Board of Trustees of AMENDED NOTICE OF attheofficeof the School Community Library is date of filing of the Articles Box 4976, Syracuse, New Box 4976, Syracuse, New 2005.Office Location: Secretary of State of the the DeWitt Community District Clerk.Any such located in ShopingTown of Organization of the limited SPECIAL DISTRICT York 13221 Attn: Richard Y ork 13221 Attn: Richard Onondaga County.SSNY state of New York on Library will take place in the MEETING application must be Mall, lower level near parking liability company with the W.

The Limited designated as agent of the November 23,2005.Library on Thursday, East Syracuse-Mlnoa received by the District exit 6.Amendments to the Secretary of State is Liability Company does not Liability Company does not LLC upon whom process 3.

The county within February 2 at 5:30 PM.Central School District, Clerk at least seven days bylaws will be discussed November 3, 2005 3 The have a registered agentave a registered agent against it may be served, New York State in which the Members of the community Onondaga Count/, New before the date of the and voted upon.county within which the within the State of New York, within the State of New York.SSNY shall mail a copy of office of the Company is to and other interested York aforesaid Special District Susan B.

Reckhow office of the limited liability 5.The Limited Liability 5 T n e Limited Liability any process to the LLC, c/ be located is Onondaga.persons are invited to The Board of Meeting if the ballot is to Director company is to be located is Company shall engage in Company shall engage in 0 Shulman Curtin Grundner attend.The DeWitt Education of East be mailed to the voter, or DT-5 Onondaga County 4 The 4.The Company does any activity for which a a n y activity for w>-:ch a & Regan, P C , 250 South not have a specific date of Community Library is Syracuse-Minoa Central the day before such Secretary of State is limited liability company may limited liabilitycompany may Clinton Street, Syracuse, dissolution in addition to located in ShopingTown School District, Onondaga Special District Meeting, designated as the agent of be lawfully engaged under be lawfully engaged under New York 13202-1262.

Date the events of dissolution Mall, lower level near parking County, New the limited liability company York, if the ballot is to be Legal Notice the laws of the State of New the laws of the State of New to dissolve: Perpetual.Amendments to the HEREBYGIVESNOTICE delivered personally to the Notice of Qualification upon whom process agamst York.Purpose: To engage in any 5 The Secretary of bylaws will be discussed that a Special District voter.A list of all persons of Syracuse II Hotel it may be served The EB-9 Meeting of the qualified to whom absentee ballots Management LLC Authority address withm the State tc EB-9 lawful activity.State is designated as agent and voted upon.Reckhow voters of said School shall have been issued filed with Secy of State of which any process served NOTICE OF FORMATION Director DT-5 District will be held at the shall be available for public NY (SSNY) on 1/10/06 against it is c/o James H LEGAL NOTICE OF process against the Notice of Formation of FORMATION OF LIMITED NOTICE OF FORMATION company may be served new High School inspection in the office of Office location Onondaga Messenger.

Art of Gymnasium Lobby the School District Clerk County LLC formed in Galleries of Syracuse.441 LIABILITY COMPANY OF JEREMY LANE, LLC The Post Office address to NOTICE OF FORMATION Org tiled Sec'y of State located at 6400 Fremont not less than five days Connecticut (CT) on 9/19/ South Salma Street, Suite MEDRETRIEVE,LLC Under Section 206 of the which the secretary of state KRAVETZ KLEANING & (SSNY) 12/21/05 Office Road in the Town of prior to the date«of the 05 SSNY designated as 211, Syracuse.

New York NOTICE IS HEREBY Limited Liability shall mail a copy of any HAULING LLC Under location Onondaga GIVEN, that the above Manlius, New York, insaid Special District Meeting agent of LLC upon whom 13202 5 The purpose of CompanyLaw process against the Section 203 of the County SSNY designated named Limited Liability School District, on the (excluding Saturdays and process against it may be the limited liabilitycompany 1 The name of the Company is RR 5 Box 620, Limited Liability Law as agent of LLC upon whom Company has been formed limited liability company 13032 1.The name of the 15th day of February, Sundays) during regular served SSNY shall mail is to engage in any lawful process may be served for the transaction of (hereinafter referred to as 6 The company is to be limited liability company 2006, at 12:00 o'clock office hours until the date process to Tom Hart, act or activity for which SSNY shall mail copy of business in the State of the "Company") is JEREMY managed by its members (hereinafter referred to as Noon, Prevailing Time, for of the aforesaid Special General Manager.The Marx limited companies may be process: 2737 Erie New York and elsewhere LANE, LLC In Hotel & Conference Center.The character of the the "Company") is KRAVETZ the purpose of voting by District Meeting Boulevard East, Syracuse, voting machine upon the addition, such list shall 701 East Genesee St .

203 of ttie Limited Liability 1 The name of the 2.The Articles of business to be transacted KLEANING A HAULING proposition hereinafter set also be posted Syracuse.1210, C o m p a n y Act NY 13224 Purpose, any Limited Liability Company Organization of- the by the Limited Liability LLC 2 The Articles of lawful purpose is MedRetrieve, LLC DT/EB-10 Company were filed withthe Company is any activity for Organization of the forth.Polls ' f o r the conspicuously at the registered agent upon whom DT-7 2 The Articles of Secretary of State of the which a limited liability Company were filedwith the purpose of voting will be places of voting during process may be served CT NOTICE OF FORMATION Organization were filed with state of New York on company may be lawfully Secretary of State of the kept open between the the hours ot such Special address of LLC Newcastle OF Gates Road LLC hours of 12 00 o'clock District Meeting LEOALNCmCEOF Hotel LLC, Two Corporate Under Section 206 of the t e Secretary of State for November 3,2005.

engaged under the laws of state of New York on FORMATION OF UMITED the State of New York on 3 the county within New the State of New York January 12, 2006 3 The Noon and 9 00 o'clock Dated E a s t Drrve, Ste 154, Shelton, Limited Liability P.UABUTY COMPANY CT 06484 Arts of Org filed York State in which the county within New York Syracuse.

CompanyLaw EB-8 PROPOSITION with CT Secy of State, 30 State in which the office of January 9, 2006 3.The office of the office of the Company is to 1 The name of Shall the following COBBLESTONE, LLC Limited Liability Company be located is Onondaga, BY ORDER OF THE Trinity St , Hartford.CT the limrted liability company NOTICE OF FORMATION the Company is 10 belocated NOTICE IS HEREBY istobe located in Onondaga 4.The Company does (hereinafter referred to as SIDNEY P.COMINSKY is Onondaga County 4 The resolution be adopted, to- BOARD OF EDUCATION GIVEN, that the above County.

New York, not have a specific date of TRIAL LAWYERS.LLC Company does not have a wit: RESOLVEO that the OF EAST SYRACUSEthe "Company") is Gates named Limited Liability named Limited Liability Company has been formed for the transaction of business in the State of New York and elsewhere.1 The name of the Limited Liability Company is Lernrog Keller, LLC.2 The Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State for the State of New York on January 12, 2006.3 The office of the Limited Liability Company is to be located in Onondaga County, New York.

The Secretary of State of the State of New York is designated as the agent for the Limited Liability Company upon whom process in any action or proceeding against it may be served and the address within the State to which the SecretaryofStateshallmail a copy of the process in any action or proceeding against the Limited Liability Company which may be served upon him is c/o Hancock*Estabrook,LLP, 1500 Mony Tower I, P.SM& " V for �EAGLE Road LLC 2 The Articles of Organfzation of the Company were filed with the Secretary of State of the state of New York on January 17.2006 3 The county within New York State m which the office of the Company is to be located is Onondaga 4 The Company does not have a specrfic date of dissolution m addition to the events of dissolution set forth by law.

The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the Company upon whom process against the company may be served.The Post Office address to which the secretary of state shall mail a copy of any process against the Company is: 6810 £ast Seneca Turnpike, upon whom process against it may be served SSNY shall mail process to., Fayetteville, NY 13066 Purpose any lawful activity EB-8 Notice of Formation Notice of Formation of Liverpool Veterinary Hospital, PLLC.

a professional service limited liability company (PLLC) Arts, of Org.filed with Secy, of State of NY (SSNY) on 1/ 12/06.SSNY designatedasagentofPLLC upon whomprocess against it may be served.SSNY shall mail process to: The PLLC, c/o Todd P.

Skoglund, DVM, 7906 Oswego Road, Liverpool, Purpose: Jamesville, NY 13078 6.NY 13090 practice the profession of The company is to be veterinary medicine.managed by its members 7 The character of the EB/LR-9 business to be transacted by the Limited Liability Company is any activity for which a limited liability company may be lawfully engaged under the laws of the State of New York.EB-10 B'VILLE LYSANDER VAN BUREN THEMANUUSUBRARY 1ARK1EALBANESE AVENUE MANUUS, NEW YORK 13104 315-682-6400 The Manlius Library will hold its annual meeting on Thursday, Febnjary9,2006 at 6:30~p'm at the Library.At this meeting members of the Board of Trustees will be elected, and the slate of officers and the 2006 budget will be submitted RobertF Toole Secretary, Board of Trustees EB-5 Notice of Formation Notice of Formation of SHERWOOD PARTNERS uLC Arts of Org filed with Secy-WSftrtffOttW(€SNY>on 1/6336 Office location Onondaga County SSNY designatedasagentofLLC / TOWN OF LYSANDER PLANNING BOARD NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town of Lysander Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing at 7:30 p.

, on Monday, February 13, 2006, at the Lysander Town Building, 6 Lock Street, BaldwinsviHe, New York, to consider the application of Catherine Thompson, for a Final Subdivision approval of a two (2) lot Minor Subdivision on property located at 3260 Patchett Road, Tax Map No.The applicant's proposal is to subdivide two (2) lots from approximately mnety-one (91) acres Lot 1, t 58 acres to allow the construction of a single family residence, Lot 2,7.

33 acres with an existing / • • • PUBLIC NOTI residence and outbuildings; and Lot 3 the remaining lands to remain under agricultural use Maps of the proposed subdivision are on file at the Town Building.At such time all persons interested in said application will be given an opportunity to be heard by the Planning Board Dated: January 27, 2006 W.Frederick Rood, Chairman Lysander Planning Board BM-5 PROPERTIES.LLC under company upon whom Section 203 of the Limited process against it may be Liability Company Law served.The name of the address within or without limited liability company is the State to which the CYN PROPERTIES.The Articles of mail a copy of any process Organization were filed with served against it is 3112 the New York State Coriear Drive, BaldwinsviHe, Secretary of State on New York 13027.The purpose of the The county within this state business of the limited in which the office of the Liability company is to limited liability company is engage in any lawful act or to be located is Onondaga.activity for which limited FOURTH: The secretary of liability companies may be state is designated as agent organized under applicable of tffe limited liability law.company upon whom BM-9 process against it may be NOTICE OF HEARING NOTICE OF FORMATION served.The post office OFJOHNJOHNSTONE address within or without TOWNOFVANBUREN PITCHING CLINiC, LLC this state to which the PLANNWGBOARD secretary of state shall mail John Johnstone NOTICE IS HEREBY Pitching Clinic, LLC filed a copy of any process GIVEN that, pursuant to Articles of Organization with against the limited liability Section 276 of the New the Secretary of State on company served upon him York Town Law and Chapter December 14, 2005.

Its or her is 6 Snogles Lane, 175 of the Code of the Town office is located in BaldwinsviHe, New York of Van Buren on February 6, Onondaga County The 13027.

FIFTH: The purpose 2006 at 7:05 PM at the Van Secretary of State has been of the business is to engage Buren Town Building, 7575 designated as agent upon in any lawful acts or Van Buren Rd., whom process against it activities for which limited BaldwinsviHe, NY on the may be served and a copy liability companies may be following matter: of any process will be mailed organized.APPLICATION BY: to 8606 Wrenwood Circle, BMAR-10 Eldan Homes, Inc., 4713 BaldwinsviHe, New York Crossroads Park Drive, 13027.Its business is to Liverpool, NY for approval engage in any lawful activity NOTICE OF FORMATION of the Revised Preliminary for which limited liability Plat of a thirty-four-lot OF companies m a y ' be DEUMANTPROPERT1ES, residential subdivision organized under Section entitled Harbor Heights LLC 203 of the New York Limited Under Section 203 of the Tract- Section No.

December 12, 2005, (map Limited Liability is part of Phase A2 of the BM-7 Company Law overall development) on Deumant Properties, LLC has been formed as a property located south of Notice of Formation Notice of Formation of domestic limited liability Seneca River, west NYS company and states the Rte.The name of the Development (PUD) Zoning of State of NY (SSNY) on 1/ limited liability company is District.13/06 Office location: Deumant Properties, LLC.The subject application Onondaga County SSNY 2.

The date of filing of is on file in the Town COdes designated as agentof LLC the Articles of Organization Office available for upon whom process against of the limited liability inspection during regular it may be served.SSNY company with the Secretary business hours.The hearing shall mail process to: 25 1/ of State is January 9,2006.is open to the public and 2 Water Street, 3.The county within the interested persons are BaldwinsviHe, NY 13027.

State of New York in which invited to attend and be Purpose: any lawful activity.BM/EB-10 liability company is to be Anthony Geiss, located is Onondaga Chairman County.Notice of Formation Planning Board, Town NOTICE IS HEREBY 4 The Secretary of of Van Buren GIVEN OF THE State is designated as the BM-5 FORMATION OF CYN agent of the limited liability N.SYR CICERO LIVERPOOL Legal Notice Notice of Qualification of BG-CICERO, LLC.

Authority filed with Secy, of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/ 6/05.LLC formed in Delaware (DE) on 10/12/05.SSNYdesignated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served.SSNY shall mail process to: c/o CT Corporation System, 111 8th Ave.

, NY, NY 10011, registered agent upon whom process may be served.filed with DE Secy, of State, 401 Federal St.

EB/NS-4 NOTICE OF FORMATION OF 602 SOUTH MAIN STREET, LLC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the abovenamed limited liability company has been formed for the transaction of business in the State of New York and elsewhere.The name of the limited liability company is 602 SOUTH MAIN STREET, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").The Articles of Organization of the Company were filed with the Secretary of State on December 9, 2005.The county within New York in which the office of the Company is to be located is Onondaga.

The Secretary of State has been designated as agent upon whom process against the Company, may be served.The post office address to which the Secretary of State shall mail process is: 602 SOUTH MAJNSTREET, LLC, 6352 South Bay Road, Feb.The purpose of the business of the Company is the ownership, management and development of a.NS-5 Notice of Formation Notice of Formation of Bear Road-Route 11 Properties, LLC, Art.SSNY designatedasagentofLLC upon whom process against it may be served.SSNY shall mail copy of process to 5326 Guy Young Rd.NS-7 LEGAL NOTICE Articles of Organization of Rochester Foodservice Group, LLC ("LLC") were filed with Sec.SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served.

SSNY shall mail a copy of any process to: Wolak Group Corporate Offices, Dunkin Donut Plaza, Second Floor, Box 4, 65 Gray Road, Falmouth, ME 04105.DT/LR-8 Notice of Formation Notice of Formation of COR Aspen Park Boulevard Company, LLC, Art.SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served.SSNY shall mail copy of process to 540 Towne Drive, Fayetteville, NY 13066.EB-7 LegaJ Notice Notice of Qualification of Strata Decision Technology, L.

Authority filed with Secy, of BEJ PROPERTIES LLC.Office location: of State of NY (SSNY) on Onondaga County.Office Location: formed in Illinois (IL) on 12/ Onondaga County.SSNYdesignated designated as agent of LLC as agent of LLC upon whom upon whom process against process against it may be it may be served.

SSNY shall mail shall mail process to: 115 process to the IL address Metropolitan Park Drive, of LLC: c/o Don N.Kleinmuntz, 2001 South 1 st Purpose: any lawful activity.filed with IL Secy, of State, Room NOTICE OF FORMATION tBldg.of State of NY (SSNY) on EB/NS-7 11/25/05.SSNY NOTICE OF RUNG OF designatedasagentofPLLC upon whom process against AflnCLESOF it may be served.SSNY ORGANIZATION OF shall mail process to: c/o ENCOMPASS Baldwin & Sutphen, L L P .

, TECHNOLOGIES LLC Under Section 203 of the 126 So.CompanyLaw NOTICE IS HEREBY Purpose: practice the GIVEN that the above profession of dentistry.EB/NS-5 named Limited Liability Company has filed its Articles of Organization with NOTICE OF FORMATION Notice of Formation of the Secretary of State of the State of New York.filed with Secy, Liability Company is of State of NY (SSNY) on Encompass Technologies 12/28/05.Office location: LLC (hereinafter referred to Onondaga County.The designated as agent of LLC Articles of Organization of upon whom process against the Company were filed with it may be served.SSNY the Secretary of State on shall mail process to: 103 September 12,2005.The Tradewind Circle, North county within New York Syracuse, NY 13212.State in which the office of Purpose: any lawful activity.

EB/NS-7 the Company is located is Onondaga.The Secretary of State has been NOTICE OF FORMATION designated as agent upon Notice of Formation of whom process against the 313 Van Street, LLC.filed with Secy, of The post office address to State of NY (SSNY) on 11/ whichtheSecretaryofState 29/05.

Office location: shall mail process is: 215 Onondaga County.SSNY Wyoming Street Syracuse, designated as agent of LLC NY 13204 5.The Company upon whom process against -shall engage in any activity it may be served.SSNY for which a limited liability shall mail process to: 4955 company may be lawfully Nestling Duck, Liverpool, engaged under the laws of NY 13090.EB/NS-7 SN-7 Notice of Formation Notice of Formation of NOTICE OF FORMATION.Notice of Formation of here's how I add it up: Take an I N C R E D I B L E price, add someone who is INCREDIBLY te/'V easy to work with that has P H E N O M E N A L design skills and you get one FANTASTIC w e b d e s i g n C o m p a n y ." - Charles Owens, Truevance Management, Inc.( ) No page count fees • No consulting fees • No hourly rates Professional design at a fraction of the price.

* * « • • • * •• t �PUBLIC NOTT EAGLE 150 North Midler, LLC Arts, of Org filed with Secy, of State of NY (SSNY) on 11/ 29/05.SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it nay be served.

SSNY shall mail process to: 4955 Nestling Duck, Liverpool, NY 13090.EB/NS-7 EB/LR-9 Churchill Lane, FayetteviJle, Secretary of State of NY NY 13068, registered agent ("SSNY") on 11/18/05.upon whom process may be Office Location: Onondaga FORMATION OF A.

DIMARCO FAMILY EB/NS-8 upon whom process against HOLDING CO.

Articles of Organization with NOTICE OF FORMATION SSNY shall mail a copy of the Secretary of State on Notice of Formation of any process to: 450 Tracy November 21,2005(1) Its Part Time Enterprises, LLC.Street, Syracuse, New York principal office is in Art.Secretary of State has been Office Location: Onondaga LR/NS-9 designated as its agent upon County.SSNY designated whom process against it as agent of LLC upon whom FORMATION OF LEGAL NOTICE DIMARCO HOLDING CO.

, may be served arjd its post process against it may be Notice of Qualification office address to which the served.SSNY shall mail of Brookfield Power New LLC DIMARCO HOLDING Secretary of State shall mail copy of process to: 4245 York Finance LP (LP)., LLC filed its Articles of a copy of any process Canal Creek Lane, Authority filed with Secy of Organization with the served upon him or her is: Liverpool, New York 13090.State of New York (SSNY) Secretary of State on A.

DIMARCO FAMILY Purpose: any lawful on 12/16/2005.location: Onondaga principal office is in Palomino Path, Liverpool, LR-9 County.

13088 (3) The latest Delaware (DE) on 11 /14/05.Secretary of State has been date of dissolution is NOTICEOFFORMATION SSNY designated as agent designated as its agent upon November 21,2055.

(4) The Notice of Formation of of LP upon whom process whom process against it purpose of its business is J&M Superior against may be served.may be served and its post to engage in any lawful Entertainment, LLC.of SSNY shall mail process to office address to which the activity for which limited Org.filed Sec'y of State Patricia Bood, General Secretary of State shall mail liability companies may be (SSNY) 12/14/05.

Office Counsel, 1629350 Ontario a copy of any process organized under section Location: Onondaga Limited, 480 Boulevard de served upon him or her is: 203 of the Limited Liability County.SSNY designated la Cite, Gatineau, Quebec, DIMARCO HOLDING CO.Principal office of LLC, 7373 Palomino Path, 225 Greenfield EB-LR-8 process against it may be LP: Liverpool, N.

SSNY shal mail The latest date of dissolution Liverpool, NY 13088.Cert copy of process to: 4245 Notice of Formation is November 21, 2055.(4) of Form filed with DE Secy Creek Lane, Notice of Formation of Canal The purpose of its business 4673 Brickyard Falls, LLC.

Box 898, is to engage in any lawful Arts, of Org.

filed with Secy, Purpose: any lawful Dover:, DE 19903.

Purpose: activity for which limited any lawful activity.Office location: LR-9 DT/LR-10 organized under section Onondaga County.SSNY LEGAL NOTICE 203 of the Limited Liability designated as agent of LLC NOTICEOFFORMATION Notice of Qualification Company Act.

upon whom process against Articles of Organization of Brookfield Power NY E8/LR-8 it may be served.shall mail process to: c/o ("LLC") were filed with Authority filed with Secy of Shulman Curtin Grundner& Secretary of State of NY State of New York (SSNY) Notico of Formation Notice of Formation of Regan, P.

, Office Location: Onondaga location: Liverpool Veterinary South Onondaga Hospital, PLLC, a Syracuse, NY 13202.LLC formed in professional service limited Purpose: all lawful activities.been designated as agent Delaware (DE) on 10/28/05.

EB/NS-8 upon whom process against SSNY designated as agent liability company (PLLC).of LLC upon whom process of State of NY (SSNY) on 1/ SSNY shall mail a copy of against may be served.Notice of Formation 12/06 Office location: Notice of Formation of any process to: 450 Tracy SSNY shall mail process to Onondaga County.

Street, Syracuse, NewYork David Youlen, Vice designatedasagentofPLLC Arts, of Org.Purpose: Any lawful President, New York upon whom process against of State of NY (SSNY) on business purpose.Operations, 225 Greenfield it may be served.

SSNY 12/30/05 Office location: LR/NS-9 Parkway, Suite 2 0 1 , shall mail process to: The Onondaga County.designated as agent of LLC NOTICEOFFORMATION.

Skoglund, DVM ; 7906 upon whom process against ' Articles of Organization Greenfield Parkway, Suite Oswego Road, Liverpool, it may be served.Purpose: shall mail process to: c/o ("LLC") were, filed with Cert of Form filed with DE practice the profession of Joseph Kummer, 105 veterinary medicine.DT/1 R-10 Nodes of Formation NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN OF THE FORMATION OF CYN PROPERTIES.

LLC under Section 203 of the Limited Liability Company Law.

FIRST: The name of the limited liability company is CYN PROPERTIES.SECOND: The Articles of Organization were fifed with the New York State Secretary of State on January 26.THIRD: The county within this state in which the office of the limited liability company is to be located is Onondaga.

FOURTH: The secretary of state is designated as agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against it may be served.The post office address within or without this state to which the secretary of state shall mail a copy of any process against the limited liability company served upon him or her is 6 Snogles Lane, Baldwinsville, New York 13027.FIFTH: Thepurpose of the business is to engage in any lawful acts or activities for which limited liability companies may be organized.BM/LR-10 TOWN OF CICERO PUBLIC NOTICE: The Town of Cicero Planning Board Pre-Agenda Meetings for the year 2006 are normally scheduled for each Wednesday prior to the Planning Board Meeting, at 3:00 PM, 8236 Rt.11, Cicero, NY Pat Leone Planning Board Chairman 1/12/06 NS-5 Legal Notice Notice of Qualification of Syracuse II Hotel Management U C.

1,2006 filed with Secy, of State of NY (SSNY) on 1/10/06.LLC formed in Connecticut (CT) on 9/19/ 05.

SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served.SSNY shall mail process to: Tom Hart, General Manager, The Marx Hotel & Conference Center, 701 East Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13210, registered agent upon whom process may be served.CT address of LLC: Newcastle Hotel LLC, Two Corporate Drive, Ste.filed with CT Secy, of State, 30 Trinity St.Town of Cicero, 82~6 South above described Contract Main Street.

Cict o, New Documents may be York, 1303S, until 11:00 examined at no expense at a., Local Time, February the Off ice of the Town Clerk, 23, 2006 and there at said Town of Cicero, 8236 South office at said time publicly Main Street, Cicero, New opened and read aloud.This York or the office of O'Brien project includes the & Gere, 5000 Brittonfield scheduled and emergency Parkway, East Syracuse, repair and maintenance work New York.The on sanitary and storm sewer Owner is exempt from the facilities and appurtenances payment of sales and of the various Sewer and compensating use taxes of Drainage Districts of the the State of New York and Town of Cicero, Onondaga of cities and counties on all County, New York.The materials, equipment and contract period for this work supplies sold to the Owner shall begin upon execution pursuant to this Contract of this contract and Also exempt from such continue through December taxes are purchases by the 31,2006 and thereafter on Contractor and his a yearly basis for up to four Subcontractors of (4) additional years unless materials, equipment and terminated by either party supplies to be sold to the thirty (30) days afterEB/NS-10 Owner pursuant to this notifying the other party in Contract, including tangible writing.The Contract Notica of Formation H J personal property to be Documents may be Smith RaaJEatata LLC obtained only from the office incorporated in any Notice of Formation of a of O'Brien & Gere, 5000 structure, building or other domestic Limited Liability Brittonfield Parkway, East real property forming part of Company (LLC).Articles of Syracuse, New York, the Project.These taxes Organization filed with the 13057, upon deposit of the are not to be included in the Secretary of State of NY on sum of $40 per set.

NY office shall be made payable to accompanied by cash, location: Onondaga the Town of Cicero.The full certified check, cashier's County.Secy of State is amount of deposit for one check or bid bond in an designated as agent upon set of Contract Documents amount not less than five whom process against the will be refunded to any percent (5%) of the amount LLC may be served.

Secy Bidder who has duly of the Bid in the form and of State shall mail a copy of submitted a bid subject to the conditions any process against the accompanied by the bid provided in the Information" LLC served upon him/her security required by this for Bidders.The right is to: 7681 Totman Road, Advertisement and who reserved to waive any North Syracuse, NY 13212.returns the Contract informalities in the Bid and Purpose: To engage in any Documents complete and to reject any or all Bids lawful activity.in good condition within thirty TOWNOFCICEROChester SN-10 days following the award of Dudzinski, Jr.Supervisor SN-5 the Contract or the rejection ADVERTISEMENT of the bid.

The full amount NOTICETO of this deposit for one set of NOTICE OF FORMATION CONTRACTORSFORTHE Contract Documents will be OFMICHAELGRIDLEY refunded to the successful CONSTRUCTION OF LANDSCAPE SANITARY SEWER AND Bidder upon the execution ARCHITECT, P.DRAINAGE FACILITY MICHAEL GRIDLEY A partial refund in the LANDSCAPEARCHITECT, REPAIRS amount of $20 will be made P.

has been formed TOWN OF CICERO ONONDAGA COUNTY, for the return, within thirty as a professional services days following the award of limited liability company NEWYORK the Contract or the rejection pursuant to Section 1203 of Sealed bids for the of the bids, of other sets of the Limited Liability Documents Company Law for the construction of the Sanitary Contract Sewerand Drainage Facility complete and in good purpose of engaging in the Repairs will be received at condition Copies of the practice of landscape the office of the Town Clerk, architecture The Articles of Organization were field with the New York State Secretary on December 6, 2005.The office of the limited liability company is located in Jefferson County The Secretary of State is designated as the agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against the limited liability company may be served The post office address within the State of New York to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process served against the limited liability company is 215 Meyers Road, Liverpool, New York 13088.LR-4 Notica of Formation Notice of Formation of Liverpool Veterinary Hospital, PLLC.

a professional service limited liability company (PLLC) Arts, of Org.filed with Secy ofStateofNY(SSNY)onl/ 12/06.SSNY designatedasagentofPLLC upon whom process against it may be served SSNY shall mail process to: The PLLC, c/o Todd P Skoglund, DVM, 7906 Oswego Road, Liverpool, NY 13090.Purpose practice the profession of veterinary medicine.

EB/LR-9 MEETING NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Annual LOT OWNERS MEETING of the PINE PLAINS CEMETERY ASSOCIATION, INC.of heldinthe office of the Cemetery on Monday, February 13,2006 at 7:00 PM, for the purpose of electing Trustees ana such other business as may come before the meeting All lot owners are invited to attend Clifton Carlisle Secretary SN-b mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm&mmmmmmmmmZ lel srew «P < clieclien ntele using E«8 ' r el11l reach my c „ rea'dy f* fJa ,A beyondtfr is w,iy"frnm your above :ta°" Why run in our Service Directory? Just ask our clients! Call 434-1988, Fax 434-8883 com ore to get started! ><• .——•—~~"~~~pirectory Ask about our current specials! NEWSPAPERS *«:»:;S:W:':¥*S¥xW-Vt!&&&&'*&&#&*•?•:• �One month of T V cable? Satellite radio service for a month? A full tank of gas for a medium size car? Dinner & a movie for two? Cell phone service for a month? One week of fast food lunches? One ticket to a rock concert? LA An Entire JYJE5SENGER i Star News tt/ i Tribune JJirs j Observt **g?Flying hi :h«iih.ilitltGtlliit&mMmttiiMlUi Eagle Newspapers is proud to present an added value to your participation in our Central New York Community Newspapers • EMMIE.CIUUB —«<1 1 he £r?gfe Club card will be presented without charge to all new, home-delivery subscribers throughout Onondaga and Madison Counties.s 1 he carJ represents a discount on purchases while shopping at any of our participating retail outlets.

5910 Firestone Drive Syracuse, New York 13210 • 315.8889 • • • *» , � Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections.For more information see, /documents/dces/.Title Baldwinsville Messenger 2006 Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections.

For more information see, /documents/dces/.Title Baldwinsville Messenger 02/01/2006 /omeka/files/original/ adccd4039cce501ca5a8feb1b22494c6 Text Messenger 148th Year, Number 5 Baldwinsville, New York, February 3, 1093 Home of Jerri Costich 50 cents • 20 Pages Passing Parade Football club to meet The Baldwinsville Interscholastic Football Club will resume its regular monthly meetings on Mon.Anyone interested in participating as an officer for 1993 should plan to attend or call Peg Bittel at 652-5572 Brown to hold contact hours • • —=• Syroco has filed plans with the Town of Van Buren to build a huge new 270,000 square foot structure that was built in the wake of the fire in warehouse at Its Baldwinsville site for increased storage capacity.proposed warehouse would be even larger than the recently completed v Syroco plans giant new warehouse in Van Buren by C.Alan Baker the board and about 20 onlookers.Another huge warehouse, one "They want to expedite matwhich the town supervisor says ters, there's a lot of dirt to be might be the largest of its kind in moved." the country, is on the drawing The town planning board was boards at Syroco, Inc.and the slated to 800 the site plan at its Town of VanBuren.

Supervisor Edward The new facility would substanHallenbeck, confirmed Syroco's tially reduce the storage space plans at last week Wednesday's which the company now rents in town board meeting, saying the several locations in the Syracuse facility will be about 497,000 sq.It would also reduce the ft It will be devoted to storage of amount of handling of finished the company's line of resin casual product, Hallenbeck said.

By comparison, Syroco just Other projects The supervisor, plus town completed in December a 270,000 building officer Michael Salati, sq.warehouse at its State Fair also reported on other business Blvd.plant It replaces warehousprojects in town, as well as the ing lost to fire in June of 1990.potential for some new business The proposed new facility will ventures: be built pavilion-style, open-sided, • Raynor Door Co.

i s building a unheated, on about 700,000 sq.ft of blacktop surface, according to 10,000 sq., to relieve be of the heavy timber categoryto, overcrowding at its present locathe east and south of the present tion on Long Branch Rd.Hallenbeck said that the foundations for a 19,000 sq.

ft portion of the facility visible from jvarehouse-expansion-and-2• Developer Jack Fisher plans "plenty of room" on the Syroco site, to build some single family homes and there are no zoning questions, on lots already approved in Phase the site being industrial."We believe it could be the larg• "Advanced negotiations* are est pavilion warehouse in the underway with an unnamed comUnited States," Hallenbeck told pany that may buy the former he termed "some very good finanBanko Co.

location in Interstate cial information" related to upIsland Industrial Park, and would coming permanent closure of the built another 12,000 sq.site is also being consid- He reported having negotiated a 2.

• Four VanBuren sites are be- & Trust Co.4 ing eyed by an unnamed company million bond anticipation note the town will use to finance the clofor a "new banking facility.Halenbeck said it's practically stop is "being considered" for a VanBuren site already properly "highway robbery" that the town zoned for it, entailing 190 jobs.can borrow the money at that rate, "We're the only finalist," turn around and invest it at 3.1% until it comes time to pay contracHallenbeck said.• A possible annexation of a $4 tors for the work.

Eventually, the million property into VanBuren town will get 75% of the money could hike the town assessment back from the State Department by 10%, the supervisor claimed, of Environmental Conservation declining again to name the pros- before it has to permanently bond foT the town's share.pect • • Things may get rolling again x Hale called Hallenbeck's effort on delayed construction at TED on the borrowing "a fantastic piece Park, the fuel tank farm on of work." In a related matter, the board Herman Rd.Hallenbeck said -Mobil Oil could wind up taking delayed a contract award to a over the project, which might also Troy-based company, low bidder expand in size."It's going to go by about $544 over a Syracusebased firm, for the work at the forward," he said.

Board members want to new distribution center on see how much Syracuse-area laWalters Rd.is enclosed, and work bor Metcalf & Eddy plan to use as on the office portion is under way.

Town Attorney Thomas The vehicle maintenance building is being started.Marzullo cautioned that DEC must agree on which contractor is Other "big news'* used, lest the town lose its reimHallenbeck also reported what bursement.Candle wick residents question board Zimmerman asked the board if Englebrecht law does village had an excellent code enby Mike Gridley they could provide any informaforcement officer in Tupper.The village is The recent carbon monoxide tion about meters to monitor carMayor Jean Wells also renot a guarantor of whether or not incident in the Candlewick develbon monoxide in the home that sponded to the group.we need to tighten up a little more Zimmerman and others in his reported in the Jan.

Tupper go out more group also questioned the practice the Messenger resurfaced Monday (see page 2) night in the form of a citizen's of reiving on the builder for in- often," she said.group from that area which spoke spection information.In the case before the Village Board of Trust- of his home, Zimmerman said he ees at their regular meeting Mon- was told that the building inspector never even came to His house.day night Mark Zimmerman, the The builder sent a form to the homeowner whose family was inspector, which the inspector evicted from his Braeside Dr.

Another Candlewick resident home for three days when Niagara budget.Because the dispatchers said that safety, not money was by Mike Gridley Mohawk inspectors discovered The Village of Baldwinsville offer shared services to the police dangerous levels of carbon monox- the major concern of the group."Is ide in the building, led the group there anyone that is liable to us has a budget for 1993-94 but not department and village hall, they without major dissent from some have a required place in the budfor safety?" he asked."We want the guarantee that if trustees.Niagara Mohawk inspectors Parry called this "the blatant discovered that the chimney in we are paying for a building in- Trustees approved Mayor Jean use of a loophole".3 million budget in a 4-3 Zimmerman's home did not meet spector he is out inspecting," said "When you get down to the botvote that split down party lines at building codes, which require the another resident, tom line, the total expenditures, the board's Jan.

chimney to be at least two feet The current building inspector, its all there," said Trustee Gordon The Citizen's Party trustees, above the highest peak of the roof Howard Tupper, did not hold the Slye.led by Fred Parry, pushed for a and ten feet from the side of the position at the time when the Where an item appears in the house.Other homee in the neigh- Candlewick homes were built He zero percent tax increase.budget is not important, said "I think that in light of previborhood appeared to have a simi- responded to some of the residents Presley.

"I understand the exous recent budgets inflicted upon lar violation of the code.I have to determine the taxpayers of this community, "We are questioning how some- as well."I will be on site, in every whether the expense is valid.I every effort should be made to ofthing4ike this could haw hap- phase, to approve any new homes don't care how it's coded," he said.

fer a zero percent tax increase," pened," said Zimmerman.He The inclusion of a dog warden Parry said in a prepared statebought these homes in good faith, added that in many cases, the in the budget was also an unnecment.We trust that when (the building building inspector has to rely on essary expense, said Parry.Since The issue of how police inspector) signs off on this, the the builder for information.

"The the two towns also have dog catchdispatcher's salaries were achomes are safe," he said.builder knows, and we will accept ers, services are being duplicated, counted in the budget was also a Zimmerman wanted to know if that" he said, he and his neighbors had any reIn the case of the Candlewick thorny point Dispatcher's sala- he said.When the budget was called to course to recoup the cost of bring- homee, holding the builder re- ries come under the Village Hall a vote, Citisen's Party Trustees operating budget Parry wants to ing their homes up to building sponsible has been troublesome, Norma Hook and Charles Baker them in the police deperment's code.An extension had to be added Residents are unable to locate the joined Parry in a no vote, while budget instead.to his chimney to solve his carbon builder or identify the heating conVillage Party trustees Gordon Parry said that the current monoxide problem.

tractor, and the building inepecStye, Presley, and William Cross placement of the $65,000 in Village attorney J.tor has no plans for the homes on supported the mayor's budget dispatcher's salaries allowed "a Englebrecht responded by saying file.As it stands now, village taxes that the building inspector sent a T h e village has had major misrepresentation of the total cost on the Lysander side will go up 27 of operating our Polios Departletter to all the homes in the si- problems with that builder," said cents, to $6.

90 per $1000 assssaid ment* fected development as soon as Trustee Rick Presley.

"It will be a value, while Van Buren villagers Trustee Rick Presley disthey were eware of the problem, long process to recoup any losses," will pay 41 cents more, $66.96 per agreed, saying state law dictates As to whether or not the village he said.where items must be placed in the waa liable for the coat of repairs, Presley added that he felt the Village board OK's 1993-94 budget Assemblyman Harold C.has set up special monthly constituent contact hours in Lysander on the first Thursday of each monthJrQm~ -at the Lysander Town Hall, 6 Lock St.Residents of Lysander may meet with Brown to resolve difficulties, obtain information or express their views.Singing valentines Renee Balduzzi and Kristin Trainham, teachers at Ray Middle School, and members of the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus, will be delivering singing valentines Friday, Feb.The group will sing two songs in four part harmony, leave a card and candy.Proceeds go to the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus.To obtain more information, please call 454-8153 or 668-9249, xll4., Kimbrook Village Square, 8417 Oswego Rd., will provide free postage for 1 ounce ($T29)— Valentine's Day cards and letter sent to an APO of FPO address to troops assigned to military posts outside the U.WAK (Sealed With A Kiss), is designed to boost the morale of U.troops stationed at various military installations and on ships around the world this Valentine's Day.Girl Scout cookies The annual Girl Scout cookie sale is in progress from now until Feb.This year Girl Scouts in the Central New York Council will be taking orders for seven different varieties wrapped in brand new boxes designed to communicate the values found in Girl Scouting.Cookies will be delivered to your home the first two weeks of March.In addition, Girl Scouts will be running booths at various malls and store locations in the early part of March for your convenience.If a local Girl Scout does not fmfryou home when she calls, and you do not want to miss your favorite kinds, please call Baldwinsville Cookie Coordinators, Inn Manton (635-3189) of Mary Lou Adsit (638-2009).-J AIDS awareness program Christine Fox, member of the AIDS Task rmational session with the Syracuse community on Feb.

Fox will answer questions and try to increase overall awareness of AIDS.This program is free and open to the public and is being sponsored by the McNamara PTA.

Tri-County Bridal Show Tri-County Mall's third annual Bridal Show will be this Sunday from noon to 4 p.Two professionally done fashion shows will be featuring Aimi's Bridal Boutique, Cathy's Collections, Country Kids, Centore's Formal Wear, Sir William's Men's Store and Hilltop Florists.Stop by for prizes, refreshments and fun.

An incorrect telephone number was listed in the Regional Learning Service article in the Excellence section of the Jan.The correct number for the RLS is 425-5252.

0-5921 tXCSLUMCS 93 Excellence *93, the Eagle Newspapers' award-winning business and economic forecast supplement, continues this week.And watch for even more Excellence coming next week! Eagle Newspapers B4Uw % 1 71MM • DnWtt l*ttp**lK*9km*ktm\MllmC*tuiti • CM s �2/ 1 ne Messenger February 3,1993 "Me and My Girl" to open this ••MMM I i FREE EYE EXAM i i i Hi»e >ou' tjti eummed b» one ol ou' own Independent Doctors of Opionietry.ind >oui e>e e»am is dee with ihe putchjse ol »ny complete p*r ol eye glasses (lenses £ I'jmes).w bong m yout own Doctor's prtscnption itonj with youi tececpt ind recenre up to $40 ofl i complete Di» ol eye glasses) (Ortar not valid with any oth*r discount or third party Insurance).

Expires 2/20/93 With Coupon -ouDon Only unry i • i OPTISIGHT I I NORTHERN LIGHTS • 455-6604 TRI-COUNTY MALL • BALDWINSVILLE • 635-3904i GIVE YOURSELF A LIFT Bolster your spirits this winter with a new hairstyle, color or permanent.racy, but his girl, Sally, cornea comes Lambreth, the wrone wrong side of of from Lambreth.How Bill resolves his problem is the focus of the plot, and the seriousness of his plight is ironically achieved through comedic language and actions.For those whose interests lie chiefly in the musical elements of the show, "Me and My Girl" abounds in happy, melodic tunes.There are several chorus numbers, ballads, pattersongs, and choreographic treats, all which play to the strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion of the well-trained pit orchestra.

Tickets for the show this Friday and Saturday at 8 p.in Baker High Auditorium can be obtained by calling 638-6039 between 8 a.The final touches are being tn to thin this woab-onrVo weekend's nmrliif.production of "Me and My Girl" at Baker High School.The musical, a 1987 hit on Broadway and a current favorite running in London for the seventh year, promises to appeal to a wide range of people.

Youngsters can delight in the farcial antics of the he* J, BiU Snibson, who "slips up", lueially, time and again on his way from low-class ignorance to digni* •, etiquette, and social position demanded by his newly-found arip tocratic family.For the more mature theatre-goers, "Me and My Girl" provides a poignant storyline.The social status he seeks can be acquired on condition that he marry a woman of the aristoc- iH

He said Trustee Parryjsaid that wheii there are devices that range in the board was hearing from the PERSONALLYYOURS price from a dollar to several hun- insurance agencies that bid on the dred dollars.His organization village's umbrella policy last year, HAIR & SKIN CARE SALON does not currently recommend one the agencies recommended keep52 Oswego St.(In The Village Mall) of these devices, he said."When ing all coverage through the same, you go to buy devices, you want to agency.

He said the board should take great care with the great re- obtain t h e policy through sponsibility you are placing on Delmonico and Yackel, who holds these devices," he said.Stone recommended that every Trustee Presley disagreed, sayhomeowner have their heating ing that "all other things being ¥ system checked by a reputable equal, I think we should do busicontractor every year.He noted ness in the village", referring to that his organization now spon- Tappan and Sedlak.sored seminars for heating conTrustee Norma Hook motioned tractors to better educate them on that the board award the policy to Rogers & Hammersteins safety issues.

Beautiful Musical Revue In other business, the board: Trustee Slye amended the motion -Heard a recommendation from to say that if the cost was the presented in Dinner Theater QUALITY CARPETING AT Trustees Fred Parry and Norma same, the Mayor would be emat the LOW OUTLET PRICES! g Hook that the personal use of vil- powered to select the agent.The EMPIRE ROOM Prices Starting lage vehicles, with the exception motion was put to a vote and Art & Home Center As L O W As.of the police administrator's ve- passed unanimously.New York State Fair § hicle, should be restricted.

After -Set a public hearing date of 00 some discussion of how use of a March 1,1993 at 7:15 p.for the vehicle is included in some village purpose of hearing comments re50,000 SQ.employees contracts, Mayor Wells garding proposed zone changes in § asked that the issue be looked into the village.

-Adopted a resolution estabNOW OPEN -Heard Trustee Gordon Slye lishing hours, place and dates for SUNDAY 1 2 - 5 Evenings Matinees announce that a developer pro- voter registration.4, 5, S posed that the village contribute -Adopted a resolution appoint524.

50 *5 $60,000 toward the building of ing inspectors of election, fixing Per Peraon Per Peraon sewers in the Brown Estates de- compensations and designating a RESERVATIONS: THEATRE •*> BOX OFFICE velopment.) -Tabled the motion to approve 4 5 1 :0?0

water supply, if he agrees to pay Wells said that only one carrier the standard tap in fee and the offered the policy so it would be cost of installing a water meter in the same price regardless of the his home.H In a drunken stupor, Parchester Henderson) both aristocrats, v Lambreth (Chad McQueen) ir schemes of the Dutchess.638-8101 SOME ENCHANTED * EVENING * *4 .YIHEAVTOI: >c As Cockney-born Bill Snibson (C aristocrat he must become to e educate his soul-mate, Sally (CI crown and cloak provide him w books do.Hearts

The truck, an old van, was once used by workers at the town dump, for i u heater.• Mandated that photo ID cards be made for all town employees, to 1993 TEMPO GL 4 DR.$13,344 •10,398 FORD Will 1992 MUSTANG 2 DOOR Soeed control.power locks, powo' window*, road wheels & mon».

R P $12,101 '8956 Factory, 4 M I W disc.« & Fri 1 0 J So* 9 N o o n Baker High jazz band, the Durge band at the concert.

The show i be carried while on town business.The town has the necessary equipment, but in the past not all staffers have had cards.It was also reported by the supervisor that the union representing town highway employees has been notified the town intends to begin talks leading to a new labor contract.31, the supervisor wants talks finished in 60 days.

The board's next business m e e t i n g is slated at 7 p.3 At This Pries COlTATtSY it IMI SPORTS MART, Inc.

Band concert co School lunch FEBRUARY 8-12, H MONDAY - chicken nuggete peaches, milk.4 gm fat, 869 TUESDAY - spaghetti and m< sweetheart gelatin, milk.3 p WEDNESDAY - apple/grape tomato, oatmeal cookie, orange s 886 mg sodium) THURSDAY - cheeseburger i cocktail, milk.

3 gm fat, 625 FRIDAY - cheese pizza, garc fruit, milk.4 gm fat, 57freali COURTESY FORD - WE WILL BEAT A N Y LOCALLY ADVERTISED BE Fast, O n The-Premisps Service •PLAQUES •TROPHIES •JEWELRY-CHARMS •SILVER TRAYS • I D BRACELETS -Approved the appointment of Daniel Warner as Police Lieutenant to become effective Jan.Ellis as Deputy Village Clerk to become effective Jan.-Approved the list of unpaid water and sewer bills in the amount of $41,168.08 to be included in the Village Tax Roll for the year 1993-94.

-Approved a motion to set a bid The Ray Middle School seventl opening for the new garage doors for the Harrington Firehouse for band director Phil Sterling for the School on Monday, Feb.don't forget about our outstanding thru FRIDAY .19, the Village Board of Trustees: -Adopted a local law removing the residency requirement for the Village Clerk, clearing the way for the appointment of Rosemary L.Johnson as Village Clerk, effective Jan.

-Received the minutes of the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting held Dec.-Received the Village Justice report for the month of Dec.-Changed the regular meeting date of Feb.

1993 TAURUS GL SEDAN Air coryj, AMrf M starao, awbafl $ i*ry offwr extras #So28 M 9 R P $1»M? UanftaalTlma Offer $ 14,180 FtCttm 1993ESCORT LX*S Your Choice 3 door, 4 door, 5 door or wagon Air, p.As High As $12,499 COURTESY POR0* ONE PRICE '9499 factory, daasa* #ec.air conditio defroster, cast akimnumwl FM stereo cassette 3 to ON M.$17,6) •15,175 1993AEROST/ 5 To Cfcooee Pro 7 passenger.H •15,497 M-kraaa P A R I S A srev \ A I I S MOrV �jLt reDruary a, iyy*> LETTERS Around town TO THE EDITOR Start thinking about what is fair for Baldwinsville's employees To the Editor: I am sure most of you are tired of reading my letters.I can assure you that I am equally as tired of writing them.It will be if you have read Blase Laurie's and Eileen FOBS' letters of Jan.

They detailed for you our problems and frustrations in trying to deal with highly paid, unprepared negotiators whose idea of negotiating is "take it or leave it." Recent stories about cuts in state aid are just that.The district used similar stories last year as justification for its contract stance.You should know that the chance of final passage of such cuts is minimal.

I hope you noticed that Baldwinsville is, indeed, the fourth highest in the county in income as BTA has stated for several months.Perhaps you all should begin to take notice of other figures BTA pro- vides, including the fact that Baldwinsville collects the largest payments-in-lieu-of-taxes amount of any district in the county.Those amounts are not even counted by the state to assess district wealth.We must all get over the idea that Baldwinsville is a small, poor county district.The state says that we are a large, relatively wealthy, suburban one.

Your employees do not ask to be the highest paid but that they at least be in the middle range.I guess your definition of verbal attack does not include anything you feel free to say about teachers.I thought my reply to your original attack was quite constrained and sympathetic to the plight of nurses.

I tried to answer some questions you raised in your letter and explain why some of your'suggestions could not be implemented.

Your nurses "woe is me" stories are really as good as ours.Perhaps nurses should seek better representation if they chance losing their jobs because they press charges for physical and verbal abuse.If you read carefully, you should have noted that I mentioned the amount of my pension only because it illustrated what many of our Educational Support Personnel could expect in retirement.You are correct that I chose to be a substitute teacher, but my earnings are similar to many of the support people.You accused me of jumping around in my Jan.

Teeples' letter from the previous week, I believe you will find that I followed his statements in my answers.I also believe that you are very wrong to say" Only the A letter from Santa To the Editor I would like to thank everyone that donated to the Santa Claus Fund at Seneca Federal Savings.Thanks especially to the Liverpool Police Dept for driv- ing Santa and providing help with distribution.

Also thanks to local churches and organizations, for without your help we couldn't reach so many people throughout the year.SANTA CLAUS Citizen's Police Academy very naive could believe that statement.As employees near retirement age, the pay issue becomes a vital one.Have you never asked on what your retirement will be based? Mr.Barden were correct last week when they said that it is time for the letters to stop.You elected school board members to serve the people of Baldwinsville not the boards of other school districts.Tell them to let other districts negotiate with their own employees for fair pay and to start thinking about what is fair for Baldwinsville's.Let them know that you want this stalemate brought to an end.The longer they allow it to go on, the more difficult it will be for all of us to resume our once friendly, school-community relationship.

MILDRED BJRUNGER Member Crisis CommitteeBTA, ESP, Subs The Baldwinsville Police Department still has a mimberof~ openinga for its Citizen Police Academy Program.The program was given exceptional reviews from the first group of graduates as well as police instructors.Scheduled for the upcoming program are a tour of the 911 center, as well as classes on criminal investigation, crime scene processing, physical evidence and domestic violence.The program runs Thursday nights from 7 to 9 p.If you are interested in the program, please contact Agent Mark Augustus of Officer Thomas Leroy at 635-3131.The program is open to area residents from high school to senior citizens.Cheerleading tryouts Varsity and junior varsity cheerleading tryouts for the 199394 football and basketball seasons will begin with a meeting on Tuesday, Feb.in the Large Group Room at Baker High School.26, with the final tryout date being Saturday, March 6.Tryouts are being held early to avoid interference with any spring sports.Students will need to bring a signed physical alipiO-the first day of practices.

The nurse will be available on Monday, Feb.All interested students in grades 9-12 in the fall of 1993 and their parents/guardians are asked to attend the informational meeting.

The Messenger welcomes letters to the editor on subjects of interest to our readers.All letters must be SIGNED (not a typewritten signature) and should bear a daytime phone number (phone number will not be printed) for verification, if necessary.Editing may be necessary for space, clarification or to avoid obscenity, buf ideas will not be altered.Letters used do not necessarily reflect the newspaper's opinions.

Anonymous letters (letters without signatures) receive no consideration.

Computerized catalog course The Baldwinsville Public Library will be holding orientation sessions on its computerized card catalog system known as LePAC.The sessions, entitled Take the Mystery out of LePAC will be offered Saturday, Feb.Sessions will last about one hour and pre-registration is required.To register, stop by the library or call 635-5631.RS*§&5|s8 Pancake breakfast 0 The Lamson Grange and Lysander Volunteer Fire Department are sponsoring an All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, Feb.

The Lamson Grange is at the corner of Lamson Rd.

The menu includes pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and much more.J Garden club to meet FRED PARRY k m NORMA HOOK DICKeOLQUHON Citizen's Party announces candidates for trustee, mayor The Women's Garden Club of Baldwinsville will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, Feb.Club member Fay North-will present the program, "Composting and Soil Preparation." North, who is a Federated Garden Club Life Member and a National Council Accredited Master Flower Judge, will share her knowledge establishing and maintaining a successful, environmentally sound home recycling program.Members will also discuss selecting and starting seeds for , successful plants.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting CONNIE TAFT K-J or-in joining t h e club m a y contact Mazy N e u i a n g at 635-7139.The Citizen's Party of the VilNorma Hook, a local artist and House, for 18 years she has been a lage of Baldwinsville has an- community activist is seeking a member of the Christmas Bureau, nounced its candidates for the, second term as village trustee.and for the last 3 years has seryed March 16th village election."She served on the board's Public as co-chair for the Baldwinsville Heading the ticket is Fred Safety Committee and has worked Octoberfest's children's tent.

A Parry, a senior trustee on the vil- on other special committee assign- member of Grace Episcopal Church, she has held such posilage board and local businessman, ments.and is tions as senior warden and parish Parry, 42, resides on Sunset Ter- active in local organizations.race and is involved in local orga- is a supporter of veteran's groups A native ofWatertown, Taft has nizations including the and advocate of veteran's issues.degree from Syracuse UniBaldwinsville Chamber of Com- She is a recipient of the versity where she was president merce, the Baldwinsville Theater Baldwinsville "Woman of the of her national sorority and coGuild, and the Octoberfest Com- Year" award.As a trustee he is the seDick Colquhoun is making his Choir.She is serving her third DAN O'HARA nior member of the Public Safety second bid for the office of Village term on the board of directors of Committee and the Labor Rela- Trustee.He has been a village the Baldwinsville Theater Guild.He is also Chair- businessman for 19 years and has During her involvement with the In 1985, O'Hara and his wife man of the Future Directions served in the United States Navy.Guild, she has produced and co- returned to his hometown of SyraCommittee.He attended the University of Buf- produced 16 productionsr+nelmrAfter As mayor, Parry says he will falo and Canisius College.

In 1969," ing their upcoming production of looking at several communities, work to keep village spending he became self-employed in the the Music Man.they decided the village of down by continuing his efforts to laundry and dry cleaning business Dan O'Hara, 32, lives on Baldwinsville was an ideal place utilize competitive bidding, to con- locally.solidate services, and by continuColquhoun is a member of the Monique and their children O'Hara is employed by Niagara ing to seek alternatives to the way American Legion Post #1343, the Bonnie, Danny and Morgan.

Mohawk and works in their Reguthe village operates.Veterans of Foreign Wars Post After graduating from Provi- latory Audit Department.The "In local government, there are 947, the Baldwinsville Chamber dence College with a B.It is our job of Commerce, and the Masonic ness administration, O'Hara was Mary's Church and their children to investigate and implement F&Am Lodge #764.employed by the United States are students at Elden Elementary.these alternatives when they Connie Taft has resided in Secret Service in Washington, O'Hara is seeking to fill the one make sense.Our village deserves Baldwinsville for the last 24 years.

His duties included provid- year unexpired term of Trustee the type of leadership which is She works as a typesetter for the ing protection for the President, Carol Samson, who resigned in achieved through action, not reac- Eagle Newspapers.She has Vice-President, their families and December.worked as a volunteer for Vera FROM PAGES PAST From the pages of The Onondaga Gazette.and The Messenger, all published in Baldwinsville.now on microfilm ot the Baldwinsville Public Library.ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE YEAR8 AGO -1868 A swindle: Not long since a chap driving a fine team and cutting quite a dash, called at the residence of Daniel O'Brien, claiming to have a patent right for an attachment to mowing machines, out of which a fortune could be made.

By the help of a smooth tongue and magnificent representations of the excellence of the aforementioned fixture, he induced Mr.OTJrien to purchase the right for Lysander and VanBuren, Mr.O'Brien giving him his note for eight hundred dollars.After the bargain was consummated and the note secured, the fellow "scooted" for parts unknown.I wish to grumble at our village trustees for not repealing the ordinance against immoderate driving in the streets.We have a number of fast horses kept here and they must be exercised, and we do not want the owners or keepers of these horses compelled to break the law every time they may wish to course their horses up and down the streets.I also grumble at trustees for the ordinance prohibiting the boys and girls'ridingdown the sidewalks on their sleds.Is it any worse to be run over by a boy on a hand Sled than by a man in a cutter drawn by a fast horse going at a break neck pace? I hope trustees will show their consistency by repealing these ordinances.Norman Golt who owns a nice farm of fifty acres about a mils north of this village, has rented the same to D.Oiddings for twelve years, price per year $300.ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO - IMS An intoxicated Hartford, Conn, car conductor held his ear for some minutes in front of a wooden cigar man, whose uplifted hand the conductor thought was a indication that he wanted the car stopped.The Epworth League of Cold Spring will hold a patriotic sociable at the residence of Daniel Cramer on Tuesday evening.The proceeds to apply on the pastor's salary.Letter to the Editor: If there is a piece of good road in the village, I do not know where it is.

The time has arrived w hen the taxpayers are calling for a change and it will not be long before they will demand it The material which has been, and is, being used to make our roads with is absolutely worthless so far as securing anything like permanent results or even furnishing a fair return for the money spent The Gazette will issue from its press within a few weeks a pamphlet containing complete lists of all the members of Seneca River Masonic Ixxlge from its institution in 1850 to the close of the year 1892, a total of 339 names.The Business Men of Baldwinsville and vicinity are requested to meet at F.Marvin's office next Monday for the purpose of discussing the license question as related to this village, and making plans for the future granting and enforcement of the same.

FIFTY YEARS AGO » IMS A torpedo to Adolph Hitler will bear the name of Fred Haggerty, local diner proprietor, as a token of appreciation for ha courtesy to men in uniform wbo eat ai his dinar.

Haggerty refused to let "Pint" Bort, a member oooeof Uncle Sam's submarine crews, pay for a meal at the diner meMfe:' Pint said ha will writ* on one of his tub's torpedoes, T o Adolph frett Fred.la a captive of the Italians, according to a telegram from the-War Department < Messenger PO Box 270, 7 East Genesee St.

Baldwinsville, New York 13027 USPS 340-480 Phone 315-635-3921 • Fax 315-635-3914 Stewart Hancock, Publisher Michael Gridley, Editor Paul Nagle, Ad Manager The Messenger is a unit of Eagle Newspapers Richard K.Keene, General Manager Jim Arnold, Executive Editor Sharon Fulmer, Managing Editor John Mott, National Advertising Manager Beverry Selby, Business Manager Paul Grashof, Circulation Manager Office of Publication: 7 East Genesee Street, Ba.New York 13027 Second diss Postage paid at State honor Heather Sickler, past Beloved Queen of Bal-On-Sen Triangle jn Baldwinsville, was recently installed as state representative of the Organization of Triangles at a ceremony in Saratoga Springs.Sickler has also been serving as junior advisor for the Oswego-Onondaga District of Triangles.

13027 The Baldwinsville Messenger serves the residents of the VEage of Baldwinsville and the Towns of Lysander and VanBuren and the BaldwinsvOe School District The BaldwinsviDe Mesenger Is published weekry by Eagle Media Partners.Mail subscription rates: p i per year in advance to addresses in New York State; $24 per year in advance to addresses outside New York State.Postmaster: Send address changes to The Baldwinsvile Messenger.

The Eagle Newspapers are owned by Eagle Media Partners.

Northrop Jr, vicechairman; Stewart Hancock, president; Edward 5.A local gas dealer will be given a record of all members of Post 118A, Aircraft Warning Service, and each will be allowed enough gaa to drive to and from the post by signing a register.A school will be conducted soon for one week, with Air Corps officers teaching how to identify Allied and enemy planes.

Voluntary rationing of gas must go into effect at once in the Baldwinsville area if industry engaged in war production continues to receive sufficient gas for its mounting needs.Every household user is urged to cut his consumption 25 percent.Don't heat your home over 65 degrees; reduce use of hot water, prepare meala which require a minimum of cooking.Charles Keller, Earl Bratt and Robert Woods have been appointed to a special committee on agriculture to do planning for rural Onondagans, including attention to the vital food situation TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO - 1968 Anthony Greco of Frawley Dr.has been awarded the Baldwinsville Jaycee8' Distinguished Service Award for community service during 1967.

Jaycee President William Beall made the presentation at the annual Bosses Night banquet of Fireside Inn.Richard

Candidates for queen of Winter Weekend at Baker High School include Kathy Ryen, Gerri Roberta, Carol Heller, Lou Ann Hamon, Diane Whitcomb, Barb Price, Kathy Zinsmaister, Barb Glenn, Shares Woodall, Kari Meier-Pedereen, Carol Wolken, Barb Ingeraoll and Debbie Hansen.Baker High School physical education teacher John Arcaro is one of two Onondaga County coaches who r e e v e d honorary awards from the New York State Coaches Association.Arcaro waa cited for "a Job wall done" as Baldwinsville's football and track coach, plus -—frtsnt wrestling coach.Tappan Agency joins the ranks of incorporated businesses, and henceforth will be known aa Tappan A Tappan, Inc.

Only thaname b new, ware advised by John and Edgar Tappan.

�The Messenger / £T February 3,1993 / c ? Ballfield benefits VanBuren supervisor Edward Hallenbeck Jr., left, presents Syroco's $2,000 check to, from left.Mark Curry and Dan Bourdreau, members of Little *S«DELI SANDWICHES •CHILI -HOT SANDWICHES •FRENCH CUSTARD •HARD ICE CREAM •SUNDAES •BANANA SPLITS Leagues ballfield construction committee, and Cecil Reeves, local landowner whoisdonating his land for the complex.Help carriers: clear sidewalks Outgoing AARP Tax Assistance Western Division Coordinator Bob Kirk confers with his successor, Ernest C.The program covers the areas of Baldwinsville, Camillus, Marcellus, Skaneatles, and Onondaga Hill.Kirk will stay on as a tax counselor at the Baldwinsville location.assJrStance available for seniors Again this year free tax assistance is available under the sponsorship of tBe

Ariterlata'Asfciocia"thm of Retired Persons.-Counselors are trained by the IRS and the New York State Department of Taxation.All seniors and those over 50 are qualified for this service.Counselors will be available at the Canton Woods Senior Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.2 through April 15, by appointment only.Seniors are advised to come According to Baldwinsville Post Office Supervisor Michael Kiernan, ice and snow not clear from sidewalks and steps caused several injuries to our local letter carriers last year.Postal regulations require customers to keep the approach to their mailboxes cleared of snow.On curbline routes, this will permit the carrier to drive up to your curbline mailbox to deposit and collect mail without leaving the vehicle.The approach to and the exit from the mailbox should be cleared sufficiently on both sides to allow the carrier to drive ahead and not be required to back up after delivery.

Every reasonable effort will be made to provide our customers with efficient and timely mail delivery, but we must remind you that snow and ice on steps and sidewalks must be removed, affording your carrier Bafe access to -your- mail receptacle.prepared with your records, last year's (1991) Federal and State yetnrraB and this* year's Federal and State tax packages, wage and earnings statements (W2), pension income statements, interest earnings (1099*8), dividend and interest income, and all other relevant information regarding income and expenses.This year's tax counselors will be Mary Bruner, Peter Bzowycky, Bob Kirk, Martin Slahor, and Paul Taggett Home calls will be made for those who are physically unable to come to the senior center.mgmammm* New office opens State Assemblyman Hal Brown held an open house in January at his new office at 5109 W.

He Is pictured welcoming Messenger Editor Mike Gridley and Camillus Advocate editor Kate Loomis.New to Bresee Bresee Chevytown and GEO is pleased to announce that Jeff Stevens of Baldwinsville has joined their professional staff as Sales Consultant.

JEFF STEVENS Fashions featured at show great way for people to plan weddings.Everything you could possibly need will be included in the show.It's a great atmosphere to comparative shop and get some ideas • for yourself or a friend of family member that's getting married." The show will feature over 60 vendors slong with the Tri-County Mall merchants.There will be plenty of priies and refreshments.

Parking snd admission to the show are free.• Snowshoeing clinics Beaver Lake Nature Center is offering snowshoeing clinics every Saturday and Sunday in February at noon, 1:30 p.Naturalists will lead these clinics, especially designed for individuals and families who have never experienced the fun of pleasant snowshoe hike.Participants will receive instructions on snowshoeing techniques before taking a short hike through some of the nature center's woods and open fields.• This pro gram,, including the use of the Nature Center's snowshoes, is free of charge.Participants can reserve a pair of snowshoes by calling the nature center at 638-2519 after 8 a.

Night s k i i n g Beaver Lake is offering extended winter hours through Feb.for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing provided there is adequate snow cover.This gives visitors a chance to take advantage of the natural moonlight along Beaver Lake's nine miles of ski trails.At trail's end is the Visitor Center with exhibits and a crackling fire in the fireplace.February w e e k e n d walks Discover just how active the animals really are during winter as you snowshoe your way through some of Beaver Lake Nature Center's snow-covered trails.

Every weekend during the month of February, a weekend wildlife walk will depart from the nature center at 2 p.Participants will each be issued a pair of snowshoes (provided there is adequate snow) and shown the basics of how to enjoy the feeling of floating on top of snow in the Center's Green Mountain Bear Paw snowshoes.Call the day of the hike to reserve a pair of shoes.Business notes Tri-County Mall's third annual Bridal Show, this Sunday from noon to 4 p., will highlight two professionally done fashion •hows, featuring Aimi's Bridal Boutique, Cathy's Collection*, Country Kids, Centore's Formal Wear, Sir William's Men's Store and Hilltop Florists."This is top quality • one of the beet fashion shows around," said Don Cole, Jr.

of Tri-County Mali -Baaed on the success of the first two year's ahows, we decided to go with a third annual show.It's a Beaver Lake Nature Center t Birdwatching tour Beaver Lake is offering a daylong birdwatching tour of Central New York on Sunday, Feb.Participants will join ornithologist Gerry Smith on the road to whiter biro hot spots, travelling aa far north as Lake Ontario in search of species such as snowy owls, snow buntings, and Arctic gulls.

Participants are asked to bring a bag lunch and wear plenty of layered winter clothing.Pre-ref* istration is required and there is a program (eel ;-SjSSs»?|Bu? Lar 8e Sub 0 r G e t 2 n d SandwichPrice OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE Expires February 17,1993 •PAtY PLATTERS •ICE CREAM CAKES •3FT* & 6)hr.Don Falardeau, Licensed Manager Joseph D.Falardeau Serving all faiths in the area with Dignified Service & Peace of Mind Since 1940 •Off Street Parking 'Casket Selection Room 93 DownerCHILDREN'S DENTISTRY D&D JANITORIAL Commercial Cleaners Specializing In Tile Floors and Carpet Cleaning Dr.Charlene Hecht Pediatric Dentist 635-3671 30 W., Baldwinsville * Professional * * Fully Insured * * Complete Janitorial * All About Travel Free Estimates • Will Do Residential Ed DaPolito • Nick DaPolitn 6822284 Mary Jane Szczesniak President 523 East Genesee St.

, Fayetteville Everything v j | WE WILL BEAT ANY LOCALLY ADVERTISED BEST PRICE! OVER 50 -1992 FACTORY REPURCHASED VEHICLES TO CHOOSE FROM 92 Escort LX 4 Dr., air,cruise, power steering, power lock*, renul repurchase, mile* from 14,983 -19,854.

AS LOW AS $7990 L'ntrltO I Mftt (/iTvf 92 THUNDERBIRD 2 to choote from, 6 mux, air, AM/FM stereo call.

, p i , 15,688 • 18,917 miles, renul repurchase., power lock i A window* A m»ny other extras Renul repurchase./36,000 bumper to bumper warranty $ AS LOW AS 11,990 92 Aerostar XL Van 6 cyl.$ 14,590 WHAT IS A TOUR PACKAGE? A tour package is a trip booked with a tour company thaTputs" together one or more of the individual parts of a vacation, that is, air, car, hotel, meals, transfers, admission and event tickets, etc.WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? When the airfares are high, the cost of a trip can be significantly lower by booking a tour package because the tour company has negotiated rates with the airlines which are generally less than the going fare.

Also, they do offer children's rates where as airlines generally do not.Also, the companies have negotiated rates with hotels and car companies and often these rates can be batter than an individual booking.Finally, on a tour package, you do not have to stay over a Saturday night to get a good rata.You can goon Monday and return on Friday if that suits your needs.The package is paid for before departure so you know in advance what the majority of your costs win be.

Call SALT CfTY TRAVEL to find the bast pries for your next vacation, be It with a tour package or individual reservation bookings.THERE IS NO FEE FOR OUR SERVICES! SALT CITY TRAVEL 73fl7 Oswego Road (Rt.57) Liverpool 457-8560 Ft* $11 your tr*r*4

Currently studying Africa, they seen here with shields made to celebrate animals in the Masai tradition.

The shields, made of felt, cotton and glitter, represent giraffes, monkeys, cheetahs and other animals.Crumb, 98, formerly of Baldwinsville and Martville, died Monday, Jan.Crumb was a former cash' ier with Rockwell Corp.She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Baldwinsville.Surviving are a son, Charles, of East Syracuse; three grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Private graveside services were Jacksonville Cemetery, in Lysander.Allanson-Glanville-TappanFuneral Home had charge of arrange-meats, Laura Wilson More Baker twins Kevin and Sandra Baker of 22 North St.are seen here with their newborn twins, Jeremy, left, and Joelle, right, born Jan.This is the third set of Baker twins in Baldwinsville.

Chuck and Kathy Baker have twin girls, Mark and Sandra Baker have twin boys, and now Kevin and Sandra have one of each.Laura Isbell Wilson, 82, of 1903 Warners Rd.She was formerly employed at Pass and Seymour Co.in Sorvay and at the New York State Thru- way restaurant in Warners.Paul's Episcopal Church and the Canton Wood Senior Citizens in Baldwinsville.Surviving are two sisters, Iva Delosh and June Olgaty, both of Warners; and several nieces and nephews.Spring burial will be in Warners Village Cemetery.Contributions may be mada to the Memphis or Warners Volunteer Fire Departments.Sloan, 73, of 92 Downer S t died Friday, Jan.

Sloan was born in Syracuse and lived in Baldwinsville the past 37 years.He retired in 1983 from Crucible Steel after 31 years with the company.

Sloan served with the US Army Signal Corps during World War II.; three sisters, Ruth Skelton of Syracuse, Shirley Ann Gardner of Endicott and Mary Lou Minahan of Liverpool; five grandchildren; several nieces GaryE.

Frank lived in Baldwinsville for most of his life.He was a 1991 graduate and a student at Onondaga Community College.He was a member of First United Methodist Church.

He was a former Eaglo Scout with Boy Scout Troop 107.Surviving are his parents, Beverly and David of Baldwinsville; one brother, Jon Ward of Baldwinsville; his maternal grandparents, Fred and Dorothy Ward of Baldwinsville; his paternal grandmother, Mildred FrankofRochester;andtwonephews., Wednesday, at the Gates Funeral Home, 29 W.

Contributions may be made to Boy Scout Troop 107.Nina Hamblin-Madison Nina Hamblin-Madison, 80, of 3321 Meadowbriar Ln.Hamblin-Madison lived many years in Syracuse before moving t o t n e Liverpool-Baldwinsville area 15 years ago.She was a retired registered nurse and a 1934 graduate of the Syracuse Memorial Hospital Nursing School.

Hamblin-Madison was a communicant of St.Surviving are a daughter, Patricia Chambers of Cldy, three sons, Kenneth Hamblin of Davie, Fla., and Eric Hamblin of Rochester; a sister, Ella Perry of Syracuse; a brother, Robert Hamblin of Falls Church, Va.; three grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.Maurer Funeral Home Movers Corners, 3541 Rt.Virginia Hurd Virginia Ann Hurd, 55, of 24 W.was a volunteer with Salt City Genesee St.three daughters," —Anative uf Adams, Mass., Hurd~ lived 20 years in Camillus before Katherine Rogers of Camillus, moving to Baldwinsville five years Elizabeth Bowles of Canastota ago.She was owner for 13 years of and Jennifer Hurd of Sarasota, VA.

; her mother, Angela Giromini and was a realtor for 25 years.of Camillus; a sister, Florence Samuel;' a Haugnter, ElixabBttP Hurd was a' graduate "bf Realtor * Janes of New Hampshire; ttwo Media of Hopewell Junction; three Institute and a member of the brothers, Stanley Kuzia of New sons, Michael of Lander, Wyo., Greater Syracuse Board of Real- Hampshire and Joseph Bozek of Mark of Millbrook and J.

Syracuse; seven grandchildren; of New York City, two sisters, Hurd was a communicant of S t and several nieces, nephews and Margaret Mulvihill of Waterford, Joseph's Church, Camillus., and Susan Pickard of was a founding member of People Buranich Funeral Home, Mexico, N.; two brothers, Rich- United for a Rural Environment, Camillus, had charge of arrangeard McDermott of Mexico and Ed- a group that opposed the county's ments.Burial was in Greenlawn ward McDermott of Central plans for a landfill in VanBuren.Square; and several nieces and Hurd was a member of Rotary Contributions may be made to nephews.Peck and Peck Funeral Homes, former professional folksinger and Pine Plains, had charge of arrangements.Contributions may be made to ATTENTION the Sharon Hospital Cancer Sup port Group, 50 Hospital Hill Road, EXPERIENCED HOMEMAKERS Sharon, N.Falardeau Funeral Home, 93 Downer S t , had charge of arrangements.Surviving arpbiBwifp, FVanre —Contributions may be made lo J.Sloan the American Diabetes Foundaof Syracuse and Vicki M.She was employed with Miller Farm and Garden in Winners of the Tiger Cubs Pinewood Derby finals in Pack 248 are, from Millbrook and Stanfordville and left: Lee Burwell, third place; Michael Putzer, first place; and Colin previously was an operating room Taisey, second place.

The races were held recently at the First Baptist nurse with Kingston Hospital.She was a member of the Unitarian Fellowship of Poughkeepsie and the Tri-Mountains Square in Pine Plains.She was a founding member of the LOVE Sharon Hospital Cancer Support Group and a volunteer with Hospice of Dutchess County.Surviving are her husband, Pinewood Derby winners The MESSENGER OFFICE HOURS: been shown.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 let us help show yours 7 P.

00 ADMISSION Includes Beer, Soda & Buffet Pull-tabs Available.CLOSED SATURDAYS The MESSENGER 7-9-11 E.

Baldwinsville 635-3921 CICERO-NORTH SYRACUSE ELKS 652-7589 your Christian bookstore at Great Northern Mall (near Kaufmann's) Rt.For More Information Formerly Willows Restaurant 699-9257, THE BALDWINSVILLE MESSENGER Extra Copies Available At: THIS WEEKS' SPECIALS BALDWINSVILLE A-Plus Mini Mart B'ville Sweet Shoppe Bee Drug Book Nook Byrne Dairy Fay's Drugs The Feed Mill Holiday Inn Noble's Convenience Store • Ogden Mini Mart LYSANDER Wrightway Store P&C Red Apple Rite Aid Seneca Gill Smith's Supermarket Sunshine Mini Mart Tri-County AM-PM Van Buren Big M Vicki's Brass of Central /Yeiu York.


AIS br<*«, t*r*o A mor: 18000 to 26000 Mi.LIVERPOOL Food Bag PAC Weg man's You may already have the skills you need to start a rewarding health career.We're hiring CARING people to assist elderly at home.Daniel Pluff and Tory MacLeod and expert financial panelists as they answer viewer questions pnd discuss tax free investments.PKjftl Tcvy M o c K v x l PS*S,I-* �Students vie to represent BVille in spelling bee On Friday, Jan.22,61 students from fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades congregated in the Large Group Room at Ray Middle Schoo for an Oral Spelldown to see which eight of them would represent the Baldwinsville School District in the next round of the spelling bee on Saturday, March 27.

They had been chosen from their respective schools after successfully spelling more words correctly than their classmates in a 25-word written spelling test.There were 5 students from each of the five elementary schools and 12 students from each of grades 6,7, and The Messenger i*7 February 3,1993/ I EORGE v.Each of the eight finalists received a monetary award from the District as well as the chance to compete for a trip to Washington, D.After the written test on March 27 at 10 a.at the Carousel Center Skydeck, the top 35 will be announced.They will compete in an Oral Spelling Bee on Saturday, April 17 at WCNY-TV at 10 a.

The winner will advance on to Washington, D.for the National Spelling Bee, representing Central New York., BALDWINSVILLE, NEW YORK 13027 •Real Estate •Corporations •Planning For The Elderly 'Trusts •Wills •Bankruptcy Pictured here from Baldwinsville Junior Troop #437, displaying the 7 kinds of cookies, are from left to right (front row): Ashley Osinski and Sarah Evans with the nation's all-time favorites, Thin Mints, Melinda Graves with Peanut Butter Patties, and Elizabeth Warner with Shortbread cookies.In the back row are Valerie Schmidt with Lemon Pastry Cremes, Katie Suddaby with Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies, Megan McGinnis with the newest cookie, Praline Royale, and Undsey Graham with Caramel deLites.Junior Troop #437, besides earning individual credit for Girl Scout Summer Camp, is working to pay for atrip to Albany, including a visit with Nancy Laraine Hoffman.call 635-1275 Girl Scout news Pictured here are the last eight standing after abou

From left to right, front row, are Mark Graves (grade 7, Ray), Melanie Bowen (grade 8, Durgee), and Amy FurteR (grade 8, Durgee), who finished third, first and second respectively.In the back row, from left to right, are Frank Szakaly (grade 7, Ray), Ricky Jones (grade 6, Ray), Teryl Vought (grade 6, Ray), Jami Rothman (grade 8, Durgee) and Colleen Gibbons (grade 7, Ray), finishing sixth, seventh, eighth, fourth, and fifth, respectively., has completed the weather specialist course at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, 111.

Students were taught to observe and record weather elements using 6 mechanical and electronic meteorological equipment Included in the training were elementary meteorology, observing and recording of weather phenomena, use of storm detection equipment, and weather station operation.

is a 1992 graduate of Baker High School.6 Dodge Truchs ' Still taking cookie orders The annual Girl Scout cookie sale is in progress from now until Feb.This year Girl Scouts in the Central New York Council will be taking orders for seven different varieties wrapped in brand new boxes designed to communicate the values found in Girl Scouting today, as well as depicting the diversity, fun and learning experiences girls find in Girl Scouting.

Each box features a message from a girl, sharing her views on a Girl Scout experience, conveying a sense of pride, self-confidence and satisfaction often felt by girls who are encouraged to reach their full potential in the Girl Scouts.Dodge Truchs Dodge Truths The boxes show a variety of activities that exemplify the fun girls have in Girl Scouting.Some of the activities include: biking, hoisting a sail, staging a variety show, and visiting a science lab.If a local Girl Scout does not find you home when she calls, and you do not want to miss your favorite kinds, please call Baldwinsville Cookie Coordinators, Inn Manton (635-3189) of Mary Lou Adsit (638-2009).Cookies will be delivered to your home the first two weeks of March.

In addition, Girl Scouts will be running booths at various malls and store locations in the early part of March for your convenience.STOP Dodge Truchs For A Heating & Cooling Contractor I T S LONGLEY BROS.•xc—1992 Dodge-Dakota Sporl 4x* 1992 Dodge Dakota Stock #5669, 318 Magnum V-8, Auto.9 Gears, HD Electrical Air, ZZ\ SAVE$3362 | $ Stock #5974, Magnum V-6/Auto.24 HOUR SERVICE 7DAYS A WEEK Stock #6135, 2-tone Paint.MSRP $20,443 I SAVE $3423 j SINCE 1978 471 -7747 $ 17,020 S8:30-11:30 am WeatherKing *MBB* <&fc 1993 Dodge W-150 4x4 1/2 Ton 1993 Dakota Special LE Club Cab $SAVE 4 » • 1 & 2 Bedrmin apartments at affordable rates • Appliances and Carpeting • Individually Controlled Heat • Limited RA Assistance Subsidies ANGELO $ 2 3 0 0 • NOW rOMLY '& 1'5i071'' tin 173 * $10,173 S A V E Rent is Based on 30% of Income Best Service St Prices In Syracuse Stock #5700.MSRP $15,157 1 Country Living at it's Finest! LOOKING • RESIDENTIAL 6 • COMMERCIAL BBB • LICENSED Kn a • INSURED Mercer's Millasr • FREE ESTIMATES • DUCTWORK CLEANING 4 0 0 Landrush Way Baldwinsville, NY 818 WOLF ST.Call 635-2338 mcruRixJ by longky§r= QUALITY WORKMANSHIP & INSTALLATION "Dedicated To You For Over 45 Years.


I $ woke up one Saturday with Jamie 10 ibs.-IS- jumping on the bed — and realized 1 just didn't have the energy I once had for such things.I chose to ta FmHA PROJECT STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS Sale On Selected Birdwatching & Birdfeeding Books "I learned how to stop at one drink after work just to stay on tup of the things I care about/' jones 457-1881 THE BIRDFEEDING STATION 137 First Street, Liverpool Open: Mon.Unlike treatment services where abstinence is the rule — V DrinkVVise is an educational $AVE ON THESE '92s! $ '8499 9995 program that helped me choose a responsible level of drinking.Then * HURRY IN - THESE W O N T LAST!! gave me tactics to meet that goal." So, now I have the energy to enjoy life.OtUVIMO r t v w f nvfWtt M l tfvou or fmicvtie yott hnr mitftt benefit /uw DmikiVfef'< pnxv>i « n a w mfe — call pro free.* 18117 NEW 1992 DODGE RAM 50 PICKUP #3346 474-WISE or 449-WISE 2 4 EF1 Eniirw, S Spd With Overdrive, Siding Rear Window, Step Bumper, AM/FM Radio, 24 BH Engine, Automatic With Overdrive, SMfaft Re*r Windowi.NY 1 » * I •** l l « W Plge T M , T»to A FW» NEW 1992 DODGE RAM 80 PICKUP SE Battaffcf, MOTORS, I"" fffflMM 7 M I U M F t * ttvd.4174211 PRIC �Lysanaer recreation VJI February 3,1993 Sharks swim a t Junior Olyiiipics \ The Greater Syracuse Sharks Swim Team qualified 23 swimmers for the Junior Olympics, held at the SUNY-Buffalo Alumni Arena held from Jan.

The meet, sponsored by Star Swimming in Amherst, was attended by 977 swimmers representing 50 teams.The Sharks were ranked 13th in the large team category.When asked about his senior swimmers, who made a strong showing at the meet, Coach John Holohan said an important objective in his coaching, is not to make a 10-year old a champion, but to have that swimmer still interested in swimming at age 15 and peaking at'I7.Having outgrown YMCA competition (in which the Sharks no longer participate), the senior team is now taking on the chafc~ lenge of USS competition.

There were several Baldwinsville youths competing for the Sharks in the Junior Olympic tournament.Senior Division: Melissa Brezina swam in the 200 free, 50 free, 100 back, and 100 free events.Allison Dawley swam in eight events, and placed in two.Ploy Siripornsawan swam in four events and placed 11th in the 200 breast at 2:41.Age 13 & 14 Division; Katie Yevich placed in one of her three events.

21, good for seventh in the 100 breast Age 11 & 12 Division: Cara Belardi swam in seven events, and placed in four.She took 13th in the 50 and 100 backstroke events, 15th in the 100 free, and 16th in the 100 breast.Emily Dietrich swam in the 50 back, and Liza Dietrich was in the 100 and 50 freestyle events.ChriB Aloi swam in the 50 free and 50 backstroke events.

Age 8 & Under: David Richards swam in four events, and placed 14th in both the 100 IM and 100 freestyle events.Van Wie tournament crowns champions Last weekend, the 43rd annual Wilson Van Wie Memorial Bowling Tournament for Muscular Dystrophy concluded and champions were crowned in both the men's and women's divisions.The men's finals saw the team of Don Gates and Dean Distin win the tournament with a combined score of 6858.Rounding out the finalists were Andy Melynk and Steve Szkoiak with a 6668, Frank Lusk and Dave Demperio with a 6835, Bob Hoefer and Joe Losordo with a 6410, Pat Calabrio and Mike Piston with a 6347, George Cavanaugh and Joe Petrowski with a 6309, Dan Sheaks and Ken Sprague with a 6326, and Tom Minnegan and Sam Ventura with a 6319.In the women's tournament, Freida Gates and Jeanette Adams won-with a score of 6417, followed by Kathy Uva and Sherry McClusky with a 6136, Rose Anne DiFlorio and Nancy Poilicino with a 5778, and Pat Youcker and Andrea Antinelli with a 6991.

Other finalists included Jeanni Cooper and Rosa Mpro with a 5761, Joanne Games and Becky Sharron with a 5634, Linda Paul and Sally Gates with a 5528, and Sonny Clifton and Marcia Polakiewicz with a 5579.Two of the champions have become used to winning the tournament, as Don Gates and his wife Freida are both repeat champions.Along with Jeanette Adams, Freida has won the tourney four years in a row, while Don Gates has won with four different partners.All of the money raised in the tournament goes to muscular dystrophy, and is used for children and families in this area.Tournament directors Sharon Sojdak and Doris Van Wie each received personal plaques from Jerry Lewis for raising $140,000 over the years.

Special thanks goes to those at the Sports Bowl, and the participants that made this 43rd year a successful one.Baldwinsville wrestlers win three matches The Bees got in the win column by defeating Liverpool 33-30, Oswego 58-12, and Fowler 35-30, at a triangular meet at Baldwinsville last Saturday.Triple winners for the Bees were Jason Accordino with two pins and a technical fall; Joe Boudreau with a technical fall, a 28 second pin and a win by forfeit; and Jim Schanzenbach, who added three wins to his record with two pins and a 5-4 decision.

Also taking three matches were Ace Meloling, who added a pin, technical fall, and a 7-2 decision to his record.Adam Alexander also tallied three wins, with a pin, a 72 decision, and a forfeit.Mike Young had a great day in defeating a powerful Liverpool foe, 2-0, pinning his Oswego opponent, and dominating his Fowler man to a 13-0 superior decision.Dave Patrick, working his way into the varsity line-up, had two pins on the day, and another overtime loss.Kevin Ryan, Jim Webb, and Jim Quinn each had a sixpoint victory for the Bees.

Brian Angell, Derek Piotrowicz, and Chris Thompson added to the home team's cause.VanBuren recreation Water w o r k o u t The Town of Van Buren Parks and Recreation is running their very popular Water Workout Program once again.The program has been changed back to one night a week again.Water Workout will be held Mondays, Feb.1 through May 3 (except 2/15 and 4/5) at Baker High School Pool.

There are two sessions available to register for: Session I, 7:30 to 8:30 p.This program consists of water exercises set to music and it is a great way to tone up after the holiday.

Water Workout is designed with the non-swimmer in mind, so you need not know how to swim to participate.Hurry to register, the program is filling quickly.To register, use the mail in form from the brochure or come into the park office, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.Valentine's Holiday Children ages 6*8 are invited to come enjoy an hour of holiday fun.This Valentine's Holiday Happening will be held Saturday, Fob.13, from 9:30 to 10:30 at the Van Buren Town Hall.All participants will receive a fun filled hour of holiday theme oriented songs, games, prizes and a holiday craft.

Parents can register by sending in the mail in registration form from the brochure, or coming to the park office.For more information, call the park office at 6384727.Registration deadline for this program is Thursday, Feb.Aerobics c l a s s e s The Town of Van Buren Parks and Recreation is once again offering ACT Aerobics classes.Feels Great Aerobics has moved out of the area, but you can still do aerobics to keep in shape.Bev Chapman, formerly of Feels Great Aerobics, has formed her own company and will be running the classes.Aerobics classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.Session II is from April 20 through June 24.The registration procedure for these classes has been changed.

You may now register and pay for an entire session, or pay a drop in fee for each class.Those that wish to register for an entire session must sand in a program registration form from the spring brochure with payment, or stop by the park office.Kidzercise Kidzercise is an 8-week creative exercise class designed to meet the fitness potential of your little one.Your child will love exercising to choreographed routines, while listening to their favorite music.Children will explore creative movement through stretching, running, jumping, dancing and play.

Classes will be held at the Presbyterian Church in Baldwinsville on Wednesdays Feb.24 through April 21 (omit April 7) from 10 to 10:45 a.Babysitting course Babysitting classes for boys and girls ages 11 and up will be held at the Palmer cafeteria on Tuesdays, Marcy 9, 16, and 23 from 6 - 8:15 p.(brochure states 6:30 - this is an error).Participants will learn how to prevent accidents; feed and care for children; how to take emergency action and how to select appropriate toys and games.Upon completion, participants will earn a Red Cross Certificate.

Professional edge This class will cover how to look professional while interviewing for the position you want.We will discuss hairstyles, make-up and nail tips, as well as how to dress to make the best impact while interviewing.This program is for those ages 16 and up and will be held in Room #1 at the Reynolds Elementary School on Tuesdays, April 13, 20 and 27 from 7 to 8 p.Munch b r u n c h This "kids in the kitchen" class is designed for fun and safety while creating some delicious foods.

The class will cover reading recipes, measuring, safety with appliances, cleanliness, clean-up and cooking.Recipes for all foods prepared in class will be passed along to participants.Classes will be held at the Canton Woods Senior Center on Saturdays, April 17, 24 and May 1 from 9:15 to 10:45 a.

Help me write a technical communication thesis proposal high school writing from scratch single spaced cbe

and is open to boys and girls ages 7-11.

alone 'til you get home from work? Then this informative session is for you.A representative from the Onondaga County Sheriffs Department will discuss being at home alone for both parents and children ETRI 8 ITFIND.A representative from the Onondaga County Sheriffs Department will discuss being at home alone for both parents and children.

This program will help your child to be prepared for what to do in an emergency, covering home safety skills; personal safety tips; dealing with loneliness, fears, boredom, etc.This 'workshop is FREE and open to the public on Thursday, Feb M.A. Thesis. Khartoum: University of Khartoum, Sudan Research Unit,, 1967, with 2 sketch maps and a large, folding map, 4to., pp. 255, reproduced from   207, publisher's wrappers, a little rubbed, Richard Hill's copy - with his name written in ink on title-page, 3 other leaves have ink markings, otherwise a very good, clean  .This 'workshop is FREE and open to the public on Thursday, Feb.at the Lysander Town Building in Lock St.Easter b a s k e t class Calling all kids ages 4 and up (with adult).Make your own Easter basket to set out for the Easter Bunny to fill help me with a computer science lab report single spaced US Letter Size Harvard.

Make your own Easter basket to set out for the Easter Bunny to fill.

This class will be on Saturday, April 3 from 9:30 a.The fee includes instruction and all materials.A sample basket is on display at the park office.Guitar l e s s o n s Haveself how to play the guitar? Put your frustrations aside and join us for group lessons.The class will cover basic cording and reading music.Don't procrastinate - there are limited openings.Classes will be held at the VanBuren school for ages 8 through adult, March 2 April 27 from 7 to 8 p.Karate for kids This is an introduction to the martial arts for children ages 6 and up.This program is designed to teach the basics of self defense to the beginner, it enables a student to learn from the ground up as it builds confidence and self esteem.

Classes will begin March 29 and run through June 14 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.Family swim/lap s w i m ~~Baker High pool will be open for recreational and lap swim for families.NO youth under 16 years of age without a parent or a picture ID card will be admitted.

The adult does not need to go into the water, but must remain in the pool area and locker room while the child is present.will be held at the Baker pool on Wednesdays, Thursdays and SatHome alone Do you have a child at home urdays.Wednesday and Thursday times: 7:30 • 9 p.The program is limited to the first 40 people and there is a small fee per person.

Murder mystery weekend Shake those "winter blues" and take a bus trip to Middlebury, Vt.This trip is a 3 day, 2 night Murder Mystery Weekend hosted by the Middlebury Inn in Vermont.on Friday, March 5 and return Sunday evening around 8:30 pan.

The cost of the trip includes the following: Bus transportation, 2 nights at the Middlebury Inn, taxes, baggage handling and gratuities, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 candlelight buffet dinners, 2 evenings of entertainment, 2 evening snacks, a wine and cheese party, admission to the Shelbourne Museum and Norman Rockwell Museum, mystery package and group picture.A trip to the Vermont Teddy bear Company and theSaratoga Uutlet Mall are also on the itinerary.Don't delay, the deadline is fast approaching! For more information on fee or registration procedure, call the Lysander Park Office.For more information on these programs call the Lysander Parks & Recreation Office at 635-5999, or stop by the office at 8439 Smokey Hollow Rd.

Lysander announces foul shooting winners On Saturday, Jan.23 Lysander Parks and Recreation held its annual Foul Shooting Contest.39 boys and girls participated in the contest.The following are the winners: 8 year old boys - first place, Bradley Mader, second place, Shawn Herrmann; 9 year old boys - first place, Corey Hutson, second place, Justin Cough and Shane Spencer, third place, John Alibrandi; 10 year old boys - first place, Mike Badlam, second place, Jesse Johnson and Sean Murphy, third place, Danny Gower; 11 year Bowling ——* I D il ti t\cT(\ ii Fata* - Pta.

12 Nick's Knockers 11 1/2 AC- Trucking 11 Rick's Auto „ .

11 June's Girls 10 Cerios Trucking 4 Hayden Jewelers 4 High scores - D.Foxfire Restaurant 2588, and high single game, Foxfire Restaurant 916, and individuals - high 3 games, D.Gavin 233 B'VILLE DINER RECREATION Tram Standings (as of Jan.

Pta D*s Place U Parts Plus 12 R & R Roofing u Mickey's 10 Bills Auto 9 Williams Market.7 Collins Sportaworld 5 B'ville Diner 5 Bush Mill 4 NRK Painting 3 Vernice Suttle 113 2 C A S Paving 2 High scores- J.

Bush Mill 2895, and high single game, Bush Mill 1061, and individuals • high 3 games, M.Binsley 704, and high single game, J Julian 268.Montague 216, B Cerio 215, 212, J Peters 214, J.Merrifield 212 THURSDAY NIGHT MEN Teass Standings (as of Jan.28) Team Pu Should-A-Beens tf Sports Bowl Too ig BVill* Dinsr „ 124 Lysander Construction 14 Warners Trash Raraoval.— 12 Paul's Oarage 12 0poach Lumber n Sports Bowl 11 The Club House 10 Atlas Signs 9 S/roco.g No Minds is J Phantoms 0 High scores • M.Levin 119 S Thocnas616,M Cook 602, L Calkins6*4, K.

B Moorshead 679, J Karins 676, N Tori* 665.Wsmer 664 Season's record* Team* • high S games, BVilU Dinar M i l , and high single game, Sports Bowi Too 10*4, and individuals - high 3 games, J.L Calkins 21720a, H U r i n S I M M , J Heirbotser 216, J.Avery* Troia-T Oatterean 200 place in the 14-16 year old age group was Jason Badlam.First place overall for the boys was Jason Badlam, who received a basketball.

The winners in the girls competition were: 9 year old girls - first place, Kristi Smiley, second place, Jennifer Smiley; 10 year old girls first place, Michelle Gossai; 11 year old girls - first place, Allison Pinto; 12 year old girls -firstplace, Allison Coomey, second place, Allisa Coomey, 13 year old girls first place, Kara Bugnacki; 14 year old girls -firstplace, Brenda Case.First place in the 8-10 year old age group was Michelle Gossai.First place in the 11-13 year old age group was Kara Bugnacki.First place in the 14-16 year old age group was Brenda Case.First place overall for the girls was Kara Bugnacki, who received a basketball.24 WMI 23 C A S Paving 21 VFW153 15 Sport's Bowl 14 Tri-County A-plus 14 Bonney*s State Farm 12 Auto" Gear .12~ Raphael's Rest 11 Liverpool Elks 9 Bikery 9 Bush Mill 4 High scores - C.

Teams - high 3 games, C A S Paving 3529, and high single game, C A S Paving 1219, and individuals - high 3 games, B.~ EVANS CHEVROLET Team Standings (as of J a n .26) Team Nami's Engraving Forfire Restaurant Van Wie Brenda's Place Jacob's Thunderbirds Reinhardt's Collins Sportnrorld old boys - first place, Drew Mader, second place, Craig Hudson, third place, Corey Conroy, 12 year old boys - first place, Corey Densk, second place, Brian Byrne, third place, Gary Pinto; 13 year old boys - first place, Chris Conroy, second place, Rich Lowery, third place, Travis Herrmann; 14 year old boys - first place, Jason Badlam, second place, Ryan Drake, third place, Matt Ezzo.First place in the 8-10 year old age group was Mike Badlam.First place in the 11-13 year old age group was Corey Densk.

First Age group winners in the Town of Lysander Parks and Recreation Foul Shooting Contest Jan.23 were, from left, Corey Densk, Michael Badlam, Kara Bugnacki, Michelle Gossai, and Jason Badlam.SPORTS BOWL MIXERS Team Standings (as of Jan.

Lane Seventeen 16 Perresult's I 16 Mickey's n 16 Pork A Besns 13 Mickey's 1 11 Reef Pieces 10 Perresult's II 10 Ghost 9 All Nighters .9 Glsdbaggers 7 We *n' Us 7 Mickey's ID „ .Teams - high 3 games, Mickey's 12579, and high single game, Mickey's I 916, and individuals • high 3 games, P.20) Team Pta Lamacks 9 Nolan's Plumbing 9 Berndt-Michels 8 Tommy III Video 6 Ward Sales 6 Gales Girls 6 Nightingales « Campbell Bros.t Shicks Chicks 6 Jack's R*ef Hotel 6 Blue Moon Junction ,4 Auto Tech of Syracuse 3 High Korea • L Aahby 480, 8.

Teams - high 3 gamea, Oalaa Oiris 2609, and high sing!* game.NightingalM 886, and individuals • high 8 games, H.

Bsrhaglia 737, and high single gam*, H Barbagtia 283.411/S Gutter Duster* 28 Vt WYSIWYG Vt H«df*Pocf* So Oatfarfun SI 1/2 BcrlTh*** Or*r .hi ah 2 late BUMMT* 1SS4, and high single Mr* 4TS, and indrriduak .Overall winners of the Town of Lysander Parks and Recreation Foul Shooting Contest Jan.23 were Kara Bugnacki, left, and Jason Badlam right.Frosh boys lose to Liverpool The Bftldwinnville freshman boys basketball team traveled to Liverpool last Friday and lost a hard-playing game, 56-66.11M young Beea had to play catch-up from the first quarter oft Playing tough defense, the yearlings battled back to be ahead by one with 16 seconds remaining.The Warriors took a 16-foot shot from the corner that was partially blocked by Tim 8panfeJner, and fell into the hands of a Liverpool player, who put it in the basket for a one-point victory for the Wsi- norsw The Beea had a tough day foul shooting, going 8-21 from the •tripe.They had been shooting 63% from the foul line for the season.This puts the freshmen record at 64, with just one game remaining on the season.

Point totals for the Liverpool game were ss follows: Badlam two points, Buta six points, Cough two points, Drake 20 points, Flanderd two points, Lass two point*, Myers 12 points, Petronio 18 points, and Spanfslner four points.�1 Religious services CHRI8T COMMUNITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 3474 Stiles Rd., Sunday school/all church ice cream social.Norris speaking on "Salt City Aflame," Sunday school classes., Bible study group meets at the home of Nancy and Leon ClarkTuesday - 7 p.


, coffee hour, Sunday school, adult talk-back.

Elizabeth (Bib) Dyre Wednesday - 9:30 a., confirmation FTRST BAPTIST CHURCH overnight retreat., confirTminy fWrdnftgrlay) - C T f l m , -inationwemight-ends.

, worship sereducation meeting at Donna vice., Joyful Noise, Fedkiwsr parenting class.

ing worship service - Scout SunMonday - 10:30 a.Boy Scouts, adult children Monday - 9:30 a., adminisBible study, How the Parables of trative board.Jesus Apply to the 20th Century Tuesday - 9:30 a., Chancel Cross work meeting in the library.Roth GRACE EPISCOPAL Interim pastor CHURCH Lorrie E., adult class, Christian Education Thursday - 9 a.A nursery for 2 year olds and younger, and a class Choir.'4TrearH>lds is held-in ritfal spaghetti supper (by reser- Westminster House.Tuesday • noon - Afternoon — Monday -10 a., session with new members Tuesday - 9 a.FREEDOM CHURCH North Entry Rd-Radisson Aspen House Charlie Booth, pastor Today (Wednesday) - 4-7 p.

, Meadows Community Center, Radisson, Bible Study, "Wounded Heart., Worship Service, sermon - T h e Christian Approach to Economic Issues." BALDWmSVTLLE ALLIANCE CHURCH of the Christian and Missionary Alliance 7587 State Fair Blvd.

, Pioneer Clubs for Children ages 4 through Grade 6; Youth Group Meeting for teens, grades 7 through 12; Midweek Hour of Worship and Prayer for adults.

, Coffee Break Bible Study for ladies, nursery available:— Sunday - 9:45 a., Sunday School hour with classes for all ages.

Nursery care is available for all Sunday services.Overton, pastor Today (Wednesday) - 7 p.

Sibby Foti HI, youth pastor Today (Wednesday) - 7 p., Family Night- Adult Bible Study nursery provided; Heir Force Youth Group, ages 13-18; Missionettes for girls, 5 and up; Royal Rangers for boys, 5 and up; Rainbows for 4-5 year old boys and girls., Sunday School for all ages with many lifeapplying adult elective8 offered, nursery provided., Sunday Evening Service, nursery provided.A great time of prayer, praise and Bible study and men ministering to men., Ladies Prayer & Share, nursery provided.

COMMUNITY WESLEYAN CHURCH Opposite Tri-County Mall Pastor Jim Willson Carl Chapman, Christian Ed & Youth director Today (Wednesday) - 7 p., Family Bible Study, classes for all ages including nursery and adults.COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH 7823 Hicks Rd.Join others from the community to study the Bible at a level that best suits you.Story hour for children ages 2-5 with a Bible story, craft, games 2840 Cold Springs Rd.neer clubs for boys and girls Saturday - 9:30 a., family sledding tian club for children which inparty at Longbranch Park.

, eludes Bible lessons, crafts, Sunday - 8;16a-m.

10:30 break Bible study at church for a., men and women studying I & II adult winter potluck with guest Peter.

Call 638-1664 for more inspeaker, Pastor Peter Suarez.Tuesday - B'ville Ministerial Thursday - 2:15 - 3:15 p.leased time religion class for' Palmer School children, grades 1-5 Honors Denise Van Patten Denise Van Patten, daughter of Donald and Diane Van Patten of 8921 Plainville Rd., Lysander, made the Dean's List at Oswego State University.Van Patten is a communications major and business minor and plans to graduate in the spring of 1994.

has been named to the Dean's List at Lafayette College for the fall 1992 semester.45 semester grade point average to be named to the Dean's List.Ronald Waterbury Ronald Waterbury of Baldwinsville has been named to the Dean's List at Herkimer County Community College for the fall 1992 semester.The Dean's List recognizes students with an average of 3.Peters of Baldwinsville has been named to the list of alternates to attend the U.Nine high school seniors from Onondaga County have been named to the list.Straub of Baldwinsville has been named to the list of alternates to attend the U.Military Academy at West Point by Congressman Jim Walsh.Nine high school seniors from Onondaga County have been named to the list.

M a t t h e w Guzzo Matthew Guzzo was named to the Dean's List for the fall 1992 semester at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.To be named to the dean's list a student must earn a 3.5 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 credit hours.Sports talk In the home stretch Mid-terms and lake-effect snow provide a good opportunity to look back at the winter sports season to date, and to look forward to sectionals.

There has been some great action thus far this winter, and many of our team* have done very well, and are at the top of the league rankings.

Out of all the events that I have covered, here are a few of the highlights.11, Skaneateles senior guard Stefan Kowalski became the first boys basketball player in school history to reach the 1,000-point plateau, during a game with Caxenovia.Play was stopped and the fans paid tribute to an athlete who deserves much recognition.After Skaneateles cut five points to tie the gams in the last minute, it cams down to s last second driving bucket by point guard Tom Dougherty to lift Caxenovia to the two-point win.Leading csndidstss for ths EAGLE Newspapers most valuable player are Kowelski, Jason Osier of FM, Jeff O'Connor of West Genesee, and Chittenango's Gary Swidowski.Osier has the edge right now, but anything can happen as sectionals near.Girls basketball has been very exciting as five or six of the games that I have covered went down to the last minute.

The West Genesee-Liverpool game was great, but best finish has to go to ESM-FowleronDec.Although play was a little sloppy, the end was photo-like, as junior Laura Costa sunk a jumper as the busier sounded to give ESM their first win of the season.EAOLE MVP candidates for girls have to include Kari Herzog and Kris Brutdiinski of West Genesee, Nancy Hicks of JD, Lori Lavelle of Liverpool, and Jennifer Hughes of ESM.Early nod to Herxog, with Hicks close behind.

This it my inaugural ssason covering girls volleyball, and the fast pace, enthusiasm, and way the momentum can change so quickly fascinates me.Best game, no doubt, was Liverpool st B'ville Nikki C.Pierce, daughter of Debra and Nelson Pierce of Phoenix, wan named to the Dean's Honors List for the fall 1992 semester at Buffalo State College.Kelly A n n Porter Kelly Ann Porter of Baldwinsville has been named to the 1993 edition of Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities.

Porter was among 17 students at the State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse named to appear in the listing.She is a senior majoring in resources management.Bees down Sdlvay on ice The Baldwinsville hockey team overcame the loss of several key players and posted an important 4-2 triumph over league-rival Solvay last Thursday night.The victory avenged an early season loss to the Bearcats, and more importantly, enabled the Bees to gain an edge in the battle for fourth and final playoff spot.The opening frame was a battle of hot goal tenders as B'ville's Paul Tomachesky and Solvay's Ron Amato took center stage.

Tomachesky was called on to make eight saves in the first 15 minutes while Amato stopped 17 shots.In the second period, both teams opened up offensively and at 10:24 freshman wing Mike McClure initiated the scoring.Amato was unable to control the rebound off a Matt Fullone blast and McClure crashed the net and slid home a rebound.Nick Webster also assistedr Solvay scored off the ensuing face-off to even the score just seven seconds later.The Bearcats added another within three min- utes and it was a 2-1 Solvay lead after two periods of play.

The third period was all B'ville, however, as the Bees cashed in three times in four minutes to skate off with the victory.Rob Yackel and Fullone set up McClure for his second of the night, 4:30 into the third.Two minutes later, Chris Yackel showed excellent composure as he waited to flip a rebound over the fallen Amato.McClure and Jim Radney earned the assists.Rick DeYulio closed the scoring with an insurance tally with 6:30 remaining.

Positioned off the right post, DeYulio stuffed the rebound off a Rob Yackel shot for a 4-2 lead.The Bees kept the Bearcats pinned down in their own zone for the remainder to cap an impressive comeback.Tomachesky finished the game with 33 saves, while Amato turned away 50-54 shots on goal.Baldwinsville's record now stands at 4-4 in the league, and 77 overall.Varsity girls winners by Todd Thorpe In a game played last Wednesday night, the Baldwinsville varsity girls basketball team broke out of a two-game losing streak with one of their strongest outputs of the season.

The Lady Bees defeated Fayetteville-Manlius 5340.Early on, the game was tight, as both teams played well offensively, and B'ville jumped out to a 16-14 lead at the end of one.In the second quarter, the Lady Bees showed signs of pulling away, as they extended their lead behind the play of sophomore Lori Behm.FM came storming back in the third, as they outscored B'ville 1712 and drew the game to 42-38 at the end of the quarter.

But in the fourth, it was the B'ville defense that stepped up, as they limited FM to just two points and pulled away for the 13-point win.Behm led all B'ville scorers with a game-high 20 points, on eight field goals, including two three-point field goals.Christie Brooks had one of her better games with 11 points, while also scoring were Kristen Barsh with six, Deb Penafeather with four, and two each for Amina Mack, Kelley Hayes, and Amy Chong.relays In action last Wednesday night, the Baldwinsville girls varsity indoor track team looked impressive as they dominated the sprint relays at the CNYITA Select Meet.

The relay foursome of Amy Kahl, Melissa Anderson, Cheryl Wanamaker, and Melissa Fletcher won both the 4 X 400 and the 4 x 200 meter relays with just one event rest in between." First, they won the 4 x 400 event going away in 4:14.Then the team returned a few minutes later to defeat Nottingham in a tight battle with a time of 1:51.The Select Meet, a meet with strict qualifying standards for only the top Central New York runners, also saw Shannon Flynn 'wtapfcer neat«of>the 680' meter, with a personal best time of 1:46.WE GO TO YOU FOR ESTIMATES! - TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS Harris has the latest in refinishing and bodyy lecnnoiogy.

FREE LOANER CAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.&4 by Todd Thorpe WE WILL BE OPEN SUNDAY, FEB.I'm counting on a rematch in the sectional finals.

EAGLE MVP candidates for volleyball are Jodi Finochio from Liverpool, Paige Carson and Chris Lindsey from B'ville, and Julie HeinxeofMflrcellus.Finochio and Carson are in a dead heal, and sectionals might be the deciding factor.Although it has the least teams', hockey maybe the best to watch, if you like speed, and bone-crunching hits.The best game was the first game, B'ville vs.Canton, because of the brutal cold, not the 4-0 Laker loss.The MVP for the five teams that I have covered is by far the hardest to select.Denny Dougherty of Caxenovia, Jsson Lynn of B'ville, Kevin Sheedy of West Genesee, and Jeff Bobbett of Skaneateles ars all candidates with none holding an advantage.Wrestling is another difficult sport to cover, because of all the matches that take place, but CNS* Andersen Tournament was great back in December.

MVPs will be crowned in every weight class, and leading candidates so far look to be Rusty Dean from Chitteflango, Andy Curinga of CNS, and Jim Dwyer of West Genesee.Where they finish in the league and sectionals may decide who wins MVP awards.Don't forget track, swimming, and bowling, sports that may not get the ink during the season, but look for photographs and expanded coverage as the season winds down.The rest of the regular season promises to be exciting with key West Genesee-Liverpool encounters in boys and girls hoop and in wrestling, Marcellus-Solvay volleyball on Feb.

12, end Chittenango- W S boys this Friday night Look for special sectional coverage in February, along with different all-star pages in March.M *AM* * * & & tf&> $ & Atf* Ordci Uarly 1 635-5901 "The HflMu'iim-ilfY Floucr Sno/»" A l l .MAJOR CRIWTCARDS ACChPTtl) Coble's FlowefTjallery 2) Syracuse vSi.

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The following is Part II of their account of this trip.

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SEYMOUR WE HAVE MOBIL ••• •SEAT •HANDLES •REPAIR PARTS It's a no-cost review of your insurance coverages and needs.Part H-Australia Our plan for Australia was to forego the usual tourist itinerary to Ayer's Rock and the Great Barrier Reef to visit, instead, the lesser-traveled inland regions between Melbourne and Sidney, driving through 'back country' and the mountains west of Sidney.Arriving in Melbourne by plane, after a four hour flight across the Tasman Sea from Auckland, we immediately picked up our rental car and headed north along the Hume Highway.There is much similarity of this road to our own New York State Thruway, with divided concrete lanes, excellent landscaping, the many concrete overhead bridges, and even the general type and style of road signs and markers.Rest stop stores offer traditional Australian fare, and the trees along the way are mostly eucalyptus - with their distinctive odor, and serve as a haven for koalas.Barbara Rhode and a sleep koala in the Blue Mountains of New South Our *watch out for deer signs', in Wales during the Rhode's recent visit to Australia.everywhere due to a heavy down- soon became obvious.The railroad Along this route we jlsp bfigan pour in progroso.

Consequently, truvurtitis a path on the side of a to notice small patches, and our recollections of Australia's mountain shaped like the letter sometimes whole hillsides, of a capital are confined to what little 'Z\ and has two switch backs, two striking purple flower - creating we could observe as we beat a tunnels and three huge stone viathe image of a most unusual all- hasty retreat from the drenched ducts.It was designed to connect two other rail systems, one at each purple hill.Although the total We found Yass to be a beautiful out that these 'flowers' are an unresultant travel of the Zig Zag was sheep-station community.

Fortuwanted weed, known as only a vertical riseof 600 feet, it nately, the rains eased as we enTatterson's Curse'.tered the area, giving us lovely, required two hours to cover this First overnight scenic views of its pastures, sheep short distance - mainly because of Our first overnight was the and lambs.small country town of Rutherglen, From Yass, the highway swung Driving on through the fringes with all its 2,250 souls.

It is north through Australia's Blue of the cutback, we eventually renowned for its excellent winer- Mountains so named because of came to the first gold mining town ies.Here, we spent considerable the bluish cast its trees give off in Australia, called Sofala.It is a time observing production meth- from a distance.Our first lodging one-street town with quaint eld ods, sampling the different types in the Blue Mountains was in a buildings some about ready to fall of wines, and discussing their fine cabin situated deep in the bush down.The main attraction in points with the owners and the and nestled in a beautiful euca- Sofala is undoubtedly its one bar, many locals' enjoying cocktail lyptus forest.

Outdoors, ravens located in the remains of an old hour---who-were delighted to be and-crimson - parrots kept-up-a hotelrUpon entering, we saw that able to converse with Americans.this could well have been a scene Driving on, we traversed New from "Crocodile Dundee" - even South Wale's beautiful Snowy The Zig Zag down to the bar's patrons! The following day, we took a Mountains to Cooma, Canberra Our next visit was at the ride on an old coal-fired, steam- Jenolan and, finally, Yass.Approaching Caves, situated in a diflfiCanberra we found the city exten- driven-locomotive, railroad called See page B5 sively flooded with cars stalled the Zig Zag - for reasons which L.v3 • v l l C C O C FAUCET STEMS See me for a State Farm Cl~.

nl OPTION A i rawnwAND A UPHOUTttY WANO rHH 9w* 5 �B2/ The Messenger February 3,1993 Bob Bilyeu 10 Years Exp.INTERIOR - EXTERIOR PAINTING Free Estimates 635-1043 .Owner 638-2556 • v IHIUMUM NATIONWIDE LOCATING - AUTO RECYCLING Beth Brown, a piano student of Amy Heyman, recently performed at the Everson Museum's "Holiday Festival of Trees".Beth is a ninth grade student at Durgee Jr.USED PARTS HEADQUARTERS • DOMESTIC & IMPORT A Complete Stock of Late Model Used Parts VAN BUREN RD (Exit 690) BALDWINSVILLE ROUTE 57 BETWEEN PHOENIX & FULTON Boy Scout news Troop 114 Attention past Scouts and Scouters of Troop 114.

Cold Springs, NY: Troop 114 celebrates its 40th birthday this summer.

If you are interested in attending, please call Bob Sterner at 6358062, or Ray Scruton at 622-9203.Cub P a c k 189 Seneca* "Knolls Cub Pack 189 held its monthly Pack night at St.17 Scouts with parents were in attendance.The following Scouts received awards this month: Nathan Hobelman was awarded the recruiter patch for recruiting a new Cub Scout.Daniel LaBrake received one yellow bead toward his Wolf badge.Neil LaBrake III received three red beads towards his Bear badge which was also given to Neil along with one gold and one silver arrow.Anthony Mastracco and David Migon received their Readyman Badge as part of their Webelos' requirement.

Mathew Rossman received the last red bead toward his Bear badge which he also received, along with one gold arrow point.Because of his achievements, Mathew's mother Anna received a mom's pin.The activity theme for this month's meeting was Pirates and hidden treasure.All the Cubs, along with their brothers and sisters participated in a Treasure Hunt.Anthony Mastracco won the grand treasure.

The annual Pinewood Derby race is coming up and the Scouts were given their blocks of wood to carve out race cars.Other Cub Scouts that attended our meeting were Daniel Bender, Joshua Decker, Corey Hogan, Michael Mastracco, Bradley Migon, Matthew McLear, Jeremy Rininger, Michael and Ronald Schmidt, and Joey Walker.After the meeting and award ceremony was over, the Scouts and their families enjoyed refreshments to complete the night.To join, or for more information, contaet-Netl-kaBiake atr 635-7626.Auto Parts Performed at Everson R& FREE ESTIMATES 638-2113 KITCHEN & BATH REMODELING * Quality Workmanship * Re roofing * Repairs JIFFY *#«a- - s - w / % 0 0 5 - 5 U 0 2 " " •' V * * - — •— — — i — ~ — "••~ir~""-i j "'B'-i.i~L ~i **i T TXJ~U~'-|"> rx-i~«j~i— ~i ~U~I I ELECTRIC MOBILITY Sales & Service y V VhyVvVMVv / M638-1516 Family Owned & Operated For Over 20 Years ~ SEPTIC SYSTEMS - INSTALLED & REPAIRED ALL TYPES OF BACKHOE.

DUMP TRUCK & DOZER SERVICE Tappan & Sedlak Inc.Insurance Since 1967 Dick Benson CURRENT RATE Our Service - Our PrWe Our Future PMNTtNKs fWORNCCAHPENTRY PAINTING - GARAGES - ADDITIONS 695-4720 Insured References KELSEY CONTRACTING — DEWEY KELSEY — C o m p l e t e R e m o d e l i n g Service FULLY Did you know?- The Constitution as the basic and supreme law of the land has been guiding our country for over two hundred years.Some of the fine tuning and adjustments, the 462 additional words known as the "Bill of Rights", were made immediately.

Sixteen more amendments were added later.This vehicle of government, seta down on the printed page the powers, duties and the form of structure of our government which enabled it to weather such future storms as a Civil War, World War II, and the Watergate scandal or the 1970s.The Betsy Baldwin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution urge you to join with them in observing February as American History Month.Students pledge to stop discrimination Students and staff at Ray Middle School took part in activities recently aimed at ending discrimination.The students culminated their activities by signing a pledge to stop discrimination in all ways.

This was this capped several weeks the students have spent in honoring the principles of Dr.The pledge, entitled "Preamble to a Better World" states, "We, the students of Ray Middle School, in order to from a more perfect world, choose to stop name calling, prejudiced attitudes and discrimination; choose to be positive in what we think, amy and do; in pursuit of a health life style, equal liberty and justice for all." Once the student or staff member makes a pledge, they receive a paper band of different colors on which they will write their name.The links will then be hooked to- gether to make a paper chain which

signifiee the linking of all races, cultures, abilities and beliefs.This paper chain will be hung encircling the library in the middle of the building One of the activities the seventh grade students participated in was a segregation experiment.The majority of the students were blue and the minority were green.Each student has an opportunity to be green for one day.The greens experienced some of the practices that went on before t h e Civil Rights Ada were passed, such as separate drinking fountains, bathrooms, etc.

They then had to write a paragraph on how they were treated and how that treatment made them feel.The activity was designed to give students a better idea of the meaning of discrimination and segregation.HOMEOWNERS -BUSINESS CtnTING - PERM COLORING - SUNGLITZ B A L D W I N S V I L L E AT 4 RIVER ST.

1979 We've Been Around! ALTERATIONS AT REASONABLE PRICES • H c m \ •7ipp*r% »CoaU • *Miii< * l iningv 'Drape* HANK'S AUTO SERVICE, INC.Arctic Cat & Polaris Snowmobiles Parts - Sales & Service Complete Automotive Repairs LAKESHORE TAILORING F&RRFII Mon.8-3:30 NUMBING 5> Doug House! Retail Sales & Service •FOrnaces •Boilers 16 OSWEGO ST.

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8-7; SaL 8-4 NEXT TO FAMILY DOLLAR Acroa From EVini Chery.PffiEMO PRODUCTS SWING SETS ATTORNEY AT LAW •DOG HOUSES 435-796751 Oswego St P.A N D BUSINESS P H O T O G R A P H Y 3Ha$en Some tHematoling • Custom Homes •Decks • Roofina & Sidina 652-9743 CENTRAL NY's BACKYARD BUILDER Oswego Rd., B'vllle JOHN CANINO PLUMBING & HE A TING • • • • New Homes Repairs and Remodeling Hot Water Heaters Power Sewer and Drain Cleaning LICENSED — INSURED Ph.635-6721 or 695-7025 638-0812 'Kitchens •Bathrooms "Garages •Replacement Windows 'Additions I aVr• TOUCH PAINTING IRA's - PENSIONS Insured Const.REDUCED WINTER RATES NOW FOR INTERIOR PAINTING PH.WITH THIS AD Rick Jones, left is congratulated by Clint Williams for knowing that Jordan is a country to the east of the West Bank and is the home of many Palestinians.With that response, Jones became the winner and Williams finished second in the recently completed National Geographic Geography Bee at Ray Middle School.13027 •SEASONED 24 HOUR TOWING COMPLETE FRAME LOANER CARS & BODY SHOP 100 Syracuse St., Baldwinsville Open M-F 7AM-5:30PM DISCOUNTS L A W N & G A R D E N EQUIP.BY • S N A P P E R " T O R O / W H E E L HORSE •ROBIN VSfm>9 MONICA BROTHERS PAINTING- CONSTRUCTION INSURED COLLISION SERVICE 638-0285 OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE INC.tecrDugerrOwrrer Estimates Geography bee winners FULLY INSURED KEN'S — FREE ESTIMATES — Financing available to qualified homeowners.— FULLY INSURED — DALE H A Z E N , B A L D W I N S V I L L E 635-3146 — 427-6767 WE SERVICE AN0 REPAIR HOOVER WE FIX CARS.

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•AKYlttt? NATIONWIDE INSURANCE **ty*««aMe �Sailing the Hummingbird «,.,, n o t e : Joanne and BUI Weaton, Bald winaville natives, graduates of the "old •©•demy", have retired from £»chinf and taken up a new lifestyle aboard their sailboat Hummingbird.They continue to share their adventures with occasional letters to the Messenger.

The day before we departed from Beaufort, N., it occurred to us that we had not asked about Song Lines, one of the boats that had rafted up with us and Xiomara in Manasquan.We checked with the marina and they told us that they had left either yesterday or the day before.

They had been there and we hadn't even seen them.There are so many boats, it isn't surprising.But now we know they are ahead of us and well be on the lookout for them.with Joanne, Bill Weston to keep in touch and I wonder if well ever see them again.But I had forgotten that when we first met them, t had given them one of our "boat cards" which our daughter-in-law had designed for us.

With the last packet of mail which our son, Ken, delivered to us, there was a postcard from Song Lines saying they were doingfineand giving us an address.miles or so before we see them in the wild and that will be about the same time we start to see Spanish Moss.Within the 27 miles long Pine Island Cut that is part of the ICW, there is a 2-mile section called "The Rock Pile.' The rocks which continually fall into the water from the clay banks make the way comfortably wide enough for only one boat.There are no markers, half of the shrimp (saving the rest for another day).

Supper that night is cold boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce.(And you all thought we lived on moldy hard tack with limes to prevent scurvy!) ~i .! r n m l n i l ill il FoundA III r sidinli.imilx mi nihil 1 he ii null |it nili IK i \i I i u t \\\ ;is>is|;ilH'l " i l h

ll l i l t III l (1 II IM S Our 3 residences nfTersin iifTnnkthle alternative In li\ inu alone.•3 meals:it\n\ ' \|i

It wouldn't hold more than one or maybe two cars at the most We have decided to pass by Charleston, which is usually one of our favorite stops, but we figure well spend some time here in the spring.So we are aiming for an anchorage just past Charleston on the other side of the Wappoo Creek Bridge.An automobile accident on a bridge just before Charleston holds us up for over an hour.And the bridge tender opens for us just before 4 p.Clouds have come and gone as did the rain showers.It would rain and Bill would say, There, that's over!" But pretty soon it was doing it all over again.of water that is Charleston Harbor, the storms that had been building all day hit.Warmer t h a n Nova Scotia We pass by Swansboro without 8piWLi&diijttminda us of the good time we had there last fall on the trip down.That year we had met some folks from Nova Scotia, while we were in Atlantic City.They were on their way to Swansboro to pick up their mast which was being fabricated there and also spend the winter in the relative warmth of North Carolina.

(As she stated it: "It's Georgetown, South Carolina's waterfront with a fishing boat tied up to warmer than Nova Scotia!) Dur- the dock as seen from the passing Hummingbird.r ing the time that they were there, they planned to complete their N e a r Atlantic coast partially finished catamaran.except a metal stake here and ' They had gone on ahead of us In the section of North Caro- there pounded into the bottom to from Atlantic City doing a couple lina that we are now in, which is call attention to the most treachof overnight runs on the Atlantic.Before entering this sec* So, it was several weeks before parallels, very closely, the Atlan- tion it is customary, and wise, to we pulled in to the dock at tic Coast, separated by a chain of call on the VHF to "concerned Swansboro and saw them again.

As we pass traffic" to check to see if there are By the next day we were fogged by Wrightsville Beach and Caro- any boats approaching from the The r a i n s come The rain came in stinging lina Beach, the ocean is just east opposite direction, so you won't in.sheets - I would have thought, of us, across the thin sandy isDuring the several days more meet them.of fog, we spent the time, when we The area of this whole cut is rain, butitithurt, was really quite warm We go by the huge inlet of the just west of the hustle and bustle weren't working on the boats, exand it was definitely not solid.

changing stories and enjoying Cape Fear River and then we pass of the tourist mecca of Myrtle The wind was right over our side each other's company.They were a series of small inlets which are Beach.This quiet canal with its and ripped open a seam in our an interesting couple.She was the either unnavigable or navigable wooded banks and peaceful atmo- bimini (the top that shades us only woman to ever have kayaked for only small boats with local sphere is flowing along next to from the sun and keeps the rain around Cape Breton Island and knowledge of the every-shifting high banks which hide the con- off, at least when the rain isn't he was the son of missionary par- sand bars.Depending on whether dos, restaurants, traffic, and sea- coming in horizontally as it is toents and was born in Africa.

He the tide is on the rise or the fall, side attractions.day!) Bill said it was good that the works as pilot and will go the water is coming in or going Being a big golfing community, wind was blowing so hard because back to Canada for the ice season.out these inlets as you pass by there are some golf courses which it was keeping the hood of his foul He will sign ontoa boat traveling them.Sometimes your first indi- are visible from the waterway.weather jacket (which wasn't the waters of the frozen north and cation of a small inlet or creek One has a cable car that carries tied) plastered right to his head.

if conditions are right and the that leadstoone, is that if there is the golfers from the clubhouse to The storm passes over and we boat is in danger of being caught a boat ahead of you, you will sud- the course and it goes right over enter Wappoo Creek, but when in the ice, the ship captain turns denly see him swerve one way or the ICW.You can see the people inside the little cars as they pass .we call the bridge tender, he says the piloting responsibilities over theother.He 65 feet over your boat Also, it is a constantly changto the ice pilot and with his experdoesn't open between 4 and 6 being factor — whether you are gotise*, he guides the ship through.

Christmas shopping cause of heavy street traffic.By ing against the current or with it Sadly, these people are not in Near the end of the cut, a large 6:00 it will betoodarktofindour If the tide is coming in, after you Swansboro, nor have they findock on the east side invites boatway into the anchorage, which we ished their boat.They have re- pass an inlet the current is with ers to tie up and eat at the restauhave seen but never been into, turned to Nova Scotia with the - you, but as you approach the next rants or shop at the upscale shopwhere it sits behind an island.The hull, an avant garde one, the incoming tide is coming ping center-containing

rtore thanA quick check of~the chart design which they have been 10 at you, sluwing your speed.We arrive late in shows a widening area with good years constructing, proved to H u r r i c a n e ' s w a k e the afternoon and I have most of depths just off to the side next to have a design fault which made it my Christmas shopping done be- the bridge.So we drop our anchor, We see quite a few wrecked unstable as soon as the mast was boats along the waterway on the fore we go out to dinner.hang up our foul weather gear to stepped.

They are now trying to shore in this section.We assume We continue on through South drip and think about some supsort out the alternatives to the they are left from when Hugo tore Carolina, stopping one night in per.Georgetown, once a thriving port I fix the rest of the Georgetown for the shipping of rice, grown on There are also huge piles of dead shrimp, sauteed with onions and Engine trouble the plantations in the area.

You trees along the bank which have crab boil seasoning, and I named We had planned to take on fuel can still see the diked fields along been cleared from the waterway, it Shrimp Wappoo, and here's'the at a place called Swan Point, the waterway.Now Georgetown undoubtedly from the same event recipe: which is a day's run past We see a flock of oystercatch- has a steel mill and a paper mill Swansboro.As we approach, we ers standing on the tipping deck which keeps it prosperous as well see Song Lines at the dock and we of a partially submerged boat, just as an active shrimping and fishswing around and dock right behind them.We think that, per- a few feet off the channel.see the fishing boats tied haps well travel along with them are quite striki ng with their white upWe at the docks with their colorful stomachs, black heads and large for a while, but they are having a floats looking like bunches of colproblem with their engine (a gas red-orange beaks.We walk to the seaengine, not a diesel).Their engine lined with Great Blue Herons.food market which cement stopped as they were going along, .

They stand, every quarter or half floored building withis aa conveyor and they raised sails and made mile, guarding their strip of belt at one end used to sort We have in the past out just fine until they attempted riverbank.seen herds of goats on a few shrimp for size.And near the door to land at the dock, which they hit of the islands,wild but on this trip we there are barrels containing head on and did some damage to see none.I their boat * buy some shrimp which they It isn't too serious butHhey T h e "Rock Pile" weigh on a hanging scale and put

wont bereKdytotravel for a few By the time we are in South in a plastic bag with some of the days.We leave them behind, and Carolina, we have seen our first ice that is cooling the seafood.then I realire that I don't have an palm trees, but these are only in Back on Hummingbird, I boil address at which to contact them landscaping.It'll be another 100 OuriTsirii'iKTs |)l'M\i(U MTlll'ih .Hid The Messenger / T J ' Z February 3,1993 / J D O PREVENTIVE, RESTORATIVE AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY * GENTLE AND CARING FAMILY DENTISTRY • EMERGENCIES SEEN IMMEDIATELY 63 East Genesee Street Village Of Baldwinsville CHILDREN ALWAYS WELCOME I 638-2288 • n -WELCOME

PAM BACK TO BRENDA'S PLACE! r I | TOT" iLOEE HAIRCUTS PERMS & COLORS I With Pam With Coupon 1 T I -I With Pam | With Coupon BRENDA'S PLACE FAMILY HAIR CARE SALON 16 River St.Fealwfcf rrwtocli From: Baldwinsville WALK INS WELCOME OJOm//Zy Times Have Changed, \\ Cars Have Changed.\ OUR COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION HAS NOT HUDSON & MOWINS has dedicated 45 years and 3 generations to providing Baldwinsville with quality service.Customer Satisfaction is top priority with us! FOREIGN & DOMESTIC AUTO REPAIR HIIVI 62 E.7 - 9 3 S C © BALLOONS & GIFTS FOR VALENTINE'S DAY #6 LOVE IS IN THE AIR 12 red mylar roseTaTKT2 mylar hearts attached lo a 7 oz.95 I LOVE YOU BEARY MUCH 22" soft white plush teddy bear with large white teddy mylar and 2 mylar hearts and 1 heart chocolate chocquito.95 MICKEY'S BALLOONS & GIFTS 5438 Bear Rd.10-3, Valentine's Day 9-2 458-7781 �B4/ The Messenger February 3,1993 Honors Chad L u t h e r Chad Luther of Baldwinsville has been named to the Dean's List at Herkimer County Community College for the fall 1992 semester.The Dean's List recognises students with an average of 3.Luther is a business and marketing major.Melissa Kastler Melissa Kastler, daughter of Donald and Diane Kastler, 3263 Far Reach Drive, has been named to the dean's list at Hamilton College for the fall term of the 1992 academic year.

A student is placed on the dean's list for earning an average of 90 or above during the term.FOR ALL Y O U R GARDEN & HARDWARE NEEDS Mon.635-5951 BURDICK FORD AND THE PLAN Santa visits St.,rearwindow defroster, electric mirrors and more.

12 21MSQ!hl $200 Refundable Security Deposit $500 Cash down payment or trade $891.88 Total monthly payments •ToUrf iml«»9« aSowtd.

Mtte*g« charge ovw 30,000 mil**, l i t par mikt.Tax, Ikanaa and r*si«fr»lioo not Included.Leeaa* haa the option to purchase the vehicle at leaae end.Leasee retponwble lor all ezceea wear, tear and maintenance.

fyfffy? FEBRUARY TRUCK IN ELBRIDGE AT IPIRRO 93AEROSTAR WAGON - -- 3 0 V-6.Mark's Nursery School's Christmas parties in December.Waiting their turn as Maria Platzbecker tells Santa what she wants for Christmas are the rest of her three year old classmates.Standing: Kelsey Masella, Alex Kupstas, Elisabeth Nagy, Scott Hawkin and Michael Merle.

Mark's is now registering 3 and 4 year olds for 1993-94 classes.awards from area competition Several Baldwinsville area stu- Evans, Pat Bradley, Dan dents received awards at the Mackessy, Katie Hendrix, Robyn SUNY Oswego Scholastic Art Stockdale and Laura Varacchi.

Area art profes- Silver key winners from Durgee sionals awarded 120 gold key (first Junior High were Mikael place) awards, 203 (second place) Yamaguchi, Shad Miller, Derek awards, arid 351 honorable Tfieiv-- Shepard, David KlimachefskyT tion awards to junior and senior and Shannon Burke.high school students representing Honorable mentions were re13 counties in Central New York ceived by Baker students Jennifer The competition is the prelimi- Angeloro, Kelly Buschle, Chrisnary event for the national art con- tine Diamond, Nicole Dickerson, test, founded in 1927 by the pub- Daniel Peirson, James Boysuk, lishing company Scholastic.Geoffrey Smith, Sharon Gold key winners from Wiedmann, and Laura Varacchi.

Baldwinsville were Christine Dia- Durgee students Paul Quatrone Kim Walker and mond, a senior at Baker High and School, and Dan Weber, an eighth Baldwinsville OCM BOCES stugrader at Durgee Junior High.

Sil- dent Jeffrey Gillespie also rever key winners from Baker High ceived honorable mentions.were Nicole Dickerson, Curtis Pamela W h i t e h e a d Pamela Whitehead of 3603 Melvin Dr.South, has been accepted to Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations under early decision for the fall 1993 freshman class.Derek B l a c k b u r n Derek-BlaokbumpSon-of-Maryand Richard Blackburn, has been named to the Dean's List for the fall 1992 semester at Alfred State University.Blackburn is a senior majoring in automotive technology.

, was awarded the Frueauff Scholarship for the current academic year at Ithaca College.The schol- Joan Ramin, right, retired as Meals on Wheels Coordinator this year, arship is awarded to outstanding but not before looking over some great shoe-box gifts over the holidays.students in the Division of Allied Also pictured is Joan Arnold of St.Smith is majoring in the administration of it ** ' health services, with a minor in •g ~~**\ gerontology, at the School of Health Sciences and Human Per12 Triangle Place formance.A dean's list student, 3 bedrooms, 1-1/2 baths.s**r&&i she was inducted into the Oracle Directions: West on West honor society and named a Dana Genesee at B'ville 4 summer intern."UNITED WE STAND AMERICA'fi > Shoebox gifts , Donation: Advance $8.20) (Includes Food & Entertainment)' wm ENJOY M O R F AFFORDABLE INSURANCE Membership Kick-Off JAMBOREE ymy featuring * %/ SKIP PARSONS & RIVERB0AT JAZZ BAND • • EDDIE FAGAN & BANJO • FEBRUARY 5TH 8:00 PM -1:00 AM Nelson Inn, OPEN SUNDAY 1 - 4 -K r II Save with Nationwide's Homeowner's Discount! Corners, 3rdrightturn.For information or appointment call Don Cahill, Slsp.Insure both your home and car w i t h Nationwide, ond get a special money-saving discount on your h o m e o w n e r s insurance.633-9959 1 BALDWINSVILLE VILLAGE 20Oi»»JLsi.Just listed, is this contemporary 3 bedroom ranch, 2-1/2 baths on 1/2 acre lot.Features fully equipped kitchen, large living room with Fieldstone fireplace, overlooking a beautiful backyard.For information or appointment to inspect, call E.NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Na-jc"—./(tf*"**? Ihte (amity home w» J y T L , , * * « , y a r dyour leisure moments this spring at • Gourmet Cooking PRICES OOOO THRU 2 * * 3 •Watercolor, Ceramics garden as a place for digging,retreat- Children's Books •18,295 - Architecture Whether you picture your mind's • Writing and Marke ting Auto OOlrant .

tpare are and wheel, A U f M tuper cooing.5 S V-8 • NYS History and • Oriental Rugs Literature 93F-250HD4X4 Design Eastern Europe • African American •17,395 • Landscaping and Garden HEARTS AND FLOWER $61,000 First home or retiring, you will love the yard from spring through fall Plant your garden and flowers Only a short walktoshopping and churches.• Art and Architecture of • course* the Middle Ages « « * lor t t t rating Sarin* t 3 MSC brocrwrt tor dettriptkM 4 MtSAt 01 ROMTlPl COMTMt • Conversational French, tone , .Spanish and German AAJms • Antiquing in CMY PIRRO C4yStHeV7>) Soc* Security # 1 M t N I i SyracuM Unr*rwry Conhnuno I docahcvWSC •nQum».

610£ Ftyfflt Strut Syncvs* MY 13?44 w o Or c a t 443-3268 Or I n .e/j/vn/ry 9fa/*/ in ana* GIVE YOUR TRUE LOVE A NEW HOME IN EASTWOOO: $79,900 509 Hickok Ave She wil jutt tov« ttt Mwing/rMring M M Th» kids willfcefce large bedrooms and big dosetspius2Mibtfhs Dad,hares your dart and fancad backyard with garden and garage Family/ gamaroomand plenty of room for workshop Meticulous cars a much more! LONGLEY-JONES REAL ESTATE (B€ 23LM » �Australian journey.

The Messenger / " D C February 3,1993 / D £ ? P r o m page Bl cult to reach location in the midst of a steep mountain wilderness.The approach to the Cave's hotel is through a natural tunnel in the mountain.Emerging on the other side, there is a lovely Swissstyle mountain resort.We claimed our overnight'' accommodations and went into the resort's main dining room for what turned out to be a gourmet meal.

Even the dining room was a classic, with its tall ceiling, huge glass chandeliers, and lovely, antique, furniture.

In the morning, we toured the underground cave's remarkable limestone formations truly a most exceptional display.The bold design of this famous landmark required 14 years to construct and finally opened in 1973 at a cost of over- $102 million.Another thrilling sight was the replica of the sailing ship 'Bounty which had recently been used in Sidney Harbor for a remake of the movie of the same name, which came past under full sail, carefully threading its way among ferries, fast catamarans, and various other harbor craft.0 BURDICK FORD AND THE PLAN Marilyn Buschle graduated with honors and received a bachelor of science degree from SUNY Oswego on Dec.She was one of five surama cum laude graduates from the School of Education.To graduate summa cum laude, a student must acheive a cumulative average of 3!8 or above 1993 FORD TAURUS Last d a y "down u n d e r " on a 4 point scale.Buschle mainGL WAGON Our last full day in Australia tained a 4.

, rear window dawned, again, warm and sunny.While at Oswego, Buschle was defroster, rear wiper, doth trim & much Starting off early, we took a brisk named to the President's List for Return to outback more.walk around Circular Quay, visitacademic acheivement.

She is a Returning to the outback dis$ ing all the piers, the Opera House, trict, we stopped at an historic old and lovely nearby harbor gardens.member of Kappa Delta Pi, an pioneer village, called Hartley, to 24 Months Mid-morning found us at an out- honor society for education majors, and also Alpha Sigma $275 Refundable Security Deport view its courthouse, church, old door cafe on the waterfront for Lambda, an honor society for 11500 Cash down payment or trade hotels, and other leftovers from a coffee and croissants.97 Total due at Inception bygone eraLater, we caught a ferrytoDar$6,239.28 Total monthly payment* Next on our itinerary wasLthe A character

out ot-Crocodile ling Harbor where the big attrac- degrees.kywa/rlccaTecTalew miles east Dundee" in the old outback gotd tions are preparation nforhoating Non-traditional Student Union.*TTTW mHnfli M m lit M W f f * w mitrjl chary* over 31X000 mil**, 11* par mfc.Tax, Last fall, she was awarded the of-Katooinba

-4iaor-a-cab town uf Sofala: MARILYN BUSCHLE the 2000 Olympics, a fantastic •can** and ragl»«r«lon net Inducted Laaati traveling horirontal on cables out haa tha optiontopurchaaa tm vahicta at laaaa marine aquarium, and an en- Charles Wisotsky Memorial and.Laaaa* raaponaMa for a l axoaaa «aar, Scholarship for academic excelBuschle, formerly Marilyn over the deep Jamieson Valley.chanting Chinese 'Gardens of Lavallee, is a lifelong resident of tear and maJntenanoa.This ride provided a close view of F i n a l d e s t i n a t i o n Friendship' complete with a tall lence.

Buschle recently finished stu- the Baldwinsville area.She taught Katoomba Falls, and a giant rock The gateway city of Sidney pagoda-like structure and several formation, called the Three Sis- was our final destination in other outdoor pavilions for the dent teaching a t Elm Street for several years at the Presbyteters, towering over the valley.However, on the way visitortorest and contemplate the School in Phoenix and Mexico rian Nursery School and has been Middle School.She hopes to find a active in many church and comthe distance was the renowned down from the mountains, we lovely surroundings.

job teaching at the elementary munity activities.She lives with stopped a t the Featherdale wildMegalong Valley and the many As we prepared for departure her three children in Lysander.mountain ranges- comprising the life park, a place to meet the the next day, we mused at what a school level.kookaburra, koala, kangaroo, marvelous country Australia is to Blue Mountains.That night we stayed at an- penguin, and a host of other inter- visit, especially Sidney, with it; other classic from the past - the esting animals and birds native to lovely harbors, its skyscrapers making up a simply magnificent Hydro Majestic Hotel, perched on this country.

skyline, its historic old buildings, Before seeking our apartment a mountain top overlooking the its many fine restaurants and hotel in Sidney, we turned north, broad Kanimbla Valley.\ : pubs, and a warm, friendly, popupast Sidney, for perhaps an hour, gold-colored resort datesfromthe % lace.to Duffy's forest, the Ku-ring-gai last century and was fashioned after the grand hydropathic Chase National Park, and the In fact, the Rock's harbor area health spas so popular in Europe Waratah Wildlife Preserve.

The could almost be characterized as a in that era.

Our room, although latter gave us ample opportu- fairyland, with its ships and hary, T O O \ 1 \ M NKN small and basics, as was the style nity to actually mingle with line bor raft of every description dart* CARS & T R l C:KS of last century, had a spectacular with its huge modern skyscrapers ing to andfro,their horns and view overlooking the valley.We towering above Circular Quay, the whistles providing a pleasant, but Come & See found that the Hydro Majestic had harbor-bridge framing the en- subdued, acoustical background, What The Sam Dell's Going On! lost little of its charm over the trance to Darling Harbor, and the and the many activities and peryears, with a superb dining room most unique Sidney Opera House forming artists on the colorful HERE'S AN EXAMPLE OF OUR HUGE SELECTION OF OVER 100 USED CARS & TRUCKS and its lobby, hallways and meet- with its magnificent, white, sail- pierstoattract your attention.It shaped, roof sections soaring is, indeed, a city that we would be ing rooms still reflecting the grand some 221 feet above the concert happytorevisit anytime! Victorian style.j£ COUNTRY! SURPLUS GO NORTH TO 1986 DODGE D-50 PICKUP WITH PLOW 4 E - / \ r k / > 0 0 Stock #9059A, 4 CYL.MUST SEE - REAL CLEAN NEW 93 RANGER XL PICKUP OVER 100 Your Price


Northern Mall The contemporary skyline of the Australian city of House as seen from Sydney Harbor by the Rhodes on Sydney and the city's famous modernistic Opera their recent visit to the continent.Anthony Carioggia Anthony Carioggia, son of Ron and Rosemarie Carioggia of 1555 Connors Rd., has been named to Central City Business Institute's Dean's List for the fall 1992 semester.Carioggia is 1991 graduate of Baker High School and is presently enrolled in the business management program at CCBI.

He is in training to take over as manager in his parents business, Yemma Appliance Parts.He works there part-time while going to school.ttm-Apm ferrici Have Liverpool The Best Used Car Your Money Can Buy! 66 TO CHOOSE FROM This it • partial Hating.%\*695 • 0 A C C O M ) DX 4 Or N*nt) S 8 p d .

S3000 r r i »l 944*9s M C f t X (AricW v **a) a * p d A Vlent W M t i a r a o Tapa, O r * 44.

auto A/C AM/FM atar»o Jfortjeii) tews M P M I U M " » • Coup* ( U g M 4 * » ) I apd.MCWKUMO re**) Au- t a AfcWV fearao Tapa.

A O K \ A / C Tapa, Foarar y j t v d o - » a Lodta.000 ML 1*696 IT A C C O M LX 4 Or P i e - A i i e e g e * — t C o a e v K a t k N i Wttfcoart C o e t O r O M t g a t l o * "Serving All Fatihm Since 1922" GATES FUNERAL HOME, INC.A M / F M S t a t e Tapa and o r * 4 * 0 0 0 M a m t r J J T • 7 A C C O M OX 4 Or (Tan).% «p4 fed* 4 M 0 A - 1 * * Ml met •7 A C C O M I X 1 Or H * a e * (Wnaal.

O-v t, so <**** tetes i t A C C O M UQ 1 Or r a Mat) Arte, A r t * w9iHmt A toefca.

ar*SKW0 MOM IMPOITt t l A O W M U o a a M L 4 Or (O « « ) .000 J l t o T O T A C v o t i ' a Or fWNjal I %p4.

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A / C Tapa: dnr, 3 0 0 0 0 Cartful m a t * HOttS • 0 TOYOTA Coro«a DX 4 Or (BAJO) .tt*t& M N t K A N Santrt t Dr (Bitc») 4 Sod.O r * 3»000<—>*» » » « ft W H A M Santra f Dr.

A / C O f * SO' itfaa $5595 ao MYIWOAI Eioal OL 4 Dr M TOYOTA Canrry DX V n » 0«v (BroATt).O r * » » 0 0 •aTtSW C a m * It 4 Or ( WTOYOTA M*>.

(MAOAttosso) twes M H Y U M A i t«oal J Or (9»w ) .Tap*, • u n r o o t SjUtMtf $t ALFA M M t 6 t e U a * V t - «e* Con».

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S8996 M FOAO Muttano Cony (Maroon), Auto.Fowar •«ndo*r* 4 toelta, Cn>»* Ful poanv, Aaoy utiaaH and O r * J4.tMOS M 0 X 0 * Cvaaaa O a m 4 Or XC $p*-$p'R °ATLY HONDA Lease Special 622-0669 73Q«Mp» *an-1?pn ofik* M SmlOMTgiaay CITY.(otter expires 2/15/93) LEASE A NEW 1993 CIVIC 4-DOOR STK.

11000 U tSOM 14 O U X Catalt Ouad 4 (BtacA), Au»a A / C l o a d K l

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loadad I 4 » M 4X4/VANS H T O Y O T A »FVt X-Catt F x * u p l O r a v ) .powar windovi * tot**, r t i cftm cap O r * 41Wmaa*tt?»S frlOT FOR ONLY (A MONTH) 42 MONTHS •4? monffi !«**« at 1164 91 pA/s far p«, monFaret and kttt paymanti of $ 164 91 aacti plus tax ol tS 19 6fl and a $500 down o i l 1349.50 due at ncaonof) in cash or trad* •quity.20 residual value piu* $250 „ 16170 70 tax ai termination.Ma*age penelty otft*per me* In • x o * u of 15.000 mkii Price doe* not indude acenae and registration Liabirty M lees* end I* »™taxJtooama

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« GET O U R PRICE B E F O R E Y O U B U Y A N I M P O R T OR D O M E S T I C - A N Y W H E R E ! • 7 F I T Onvkt VOraoar J l l o N V w l W ' t w Q v V V , T* ! * * * * I T WW4AW Van X I f - M w a , .lT6*H eV4 r W A " WE NEED YOUR TRADE "We're Going To Bo Your Favorite Deotor" 7140 Henry Clay Blvd.( -• 4 �B6/ The Messenger February 3,1993 DACIAofNY The Vintage .Furniture Shop Antiques and Collectibles Twelve showrooms of BeautifiiUy Restored Furniturefromthe 1800's through the 1940's.or Have Your Furniture Restored to Look Better Than New, where workmanship is always guaranteed.

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900 Edfar Taker, Mar* Otta, Leocard Sac*.

Hilary Edith StiefeL Henry Killop, Edward Rancruk J r , NorO, Jerry Johnston, D O I H U M Oumptna, Robert Marian H a n s e n .Syhria TWrie, Robert Wborf, Arley Gotrjr, Recir,»« Rawk, Paulina atcConnkk, Joha Crook, Sara H u m , Timothy Colson, Thomas rUvin, Russell Lucy, Paul Burke, Josephine Palcher.Mollamey, Robert Hiram* », Nathan Kirknatrick, Zora eCeloiinr.Roma Town*, Richard Lm aires, Dou- Francis Hamrrtsl, Scott * Marie Marls, Robert gi»i Kay, Alice Osborne, Robert Lamaota ST.Also, LyU Rumble, Susan Deweever, Robert May.Harms, Cart Rica, Robert Kimbar, Leonard Ztmmer, Howard Ferguson, Lnafla Wheeler, Carl Kessey, 13 resident of Red Coach Apartment.Marr I d n m rasaaanS of Uaadlewood Oerdeoe, B t S S ~Ana- Woc«i», OaTyaTBarbara Todd, Robert Carrier, Bloodjood, Paulina Pair*, Mary Thomas, Barbara Richard Smith, Willis * Roberta Curry, Brian Mose, Waller, Tom Meyers, Blanche Bush, Mark Moriarty, James Parsley Jr.

* Mrs Michael Reita, Raymond Coatee, Mildred Mildred Beeba, Every* Dexter, Tbomaa Minardi, Mary Lscouat, Lottie Duarynaki, Frsderico Testa, Donald Brawn.Also, Donald Ward, Joseph Zone, Frederick Klein Crown, John Laupbaimer, Robert Sweeney, Robert Jr., Michael O'Brien, Jacob and Aria Scboheo, Cart Slater.Also, Walter Flock, Julie Nsstioo, Donald * Poetar, lamina Poeoerieau, Steven LaManion, Gary Buermaa, Frank Papalia, Doria Houck, David Shirley Hsasner, Richard Brown, Jena Seymour, Teresa Crane, Nora Scott, George McMahon, Donald BaraeUo, Mark Scrirxai.

Robert Diamond, Michael Brata, Dorothy Wormu th, Raymond Koslovaki, Gerard CaseUe, Irene Rcexofl, Gail * Theodore Strobeck, John Toenniaa, Bernard Coyle, Roger Millard, on* Zutaat, Glenn Wilson, Grstcben Dolas, Harold Wilreaident of Candlewood Garden*, William Neufanfc son, Literski residence, John Lyons, Roger Todd, RobJamea Whim, Robert Taylor, Paul * Suzanne Power*.ert Lonfley, Robert Smith, Arthur Eisa, Barbara Redd, Also, Darid Horan, Lawrence Bamett, William Joseph Schofield.Alonso Peterson S r , Albert JohnWtrjroner, M.Lynn Wilder, SalratoraTrepaaao, Lloyd son, William Lee, Raymond Miller.Also, Beverly SeQry, Ronald Berry, Robert Peters, Elba, Richard Benson, Robert Durland, Christopher BaU, William Stanebury, Jonathan Kinf.

May Walsh, resident, Ous Rows, Ronald Plank, Area Lorenburx.Alan Schreiner, Richard Hunter, reaident of Fairways Apartment, Marjorie Barden, Mrs.Ellen DuSharm, Gertrude Richard Mohr ST.

, Arrin Mcrebouse, John Roberts 8 r , Floyd Wilmer., Darid Vermir/n, RobVollina, Roger Kinf.John Trexler, resident, August RascbeUa, Mrs.Norman Butler, Lois Afne, Arthur ert Obme, Jean ScoriBe, Charles Grarelle, Frederick Hudson S r , Joseph Dreber.

Joseph Moses, Hubert Coviile, Theresa King Ursell.Also, Joyce Black, Robert Lonfwell, Arthur Baker, Abo, Ronald Lease, Fraada Searetto, Marcia Robert Corbect, Nicholas Deeerce, Rachel Witter, RiPosensuer, Masako Heebie.William Chapia, Robert chard Hartigan, Jamea Barrett, Franklin Dreasler, $ 6200 8900 With Mary Kay, Try Before You Buy™ So you purchase only formulas suited to your Individual skin type and glamour shades that coincide with your cotoring, preferences and wardrobe.To try Mary Kay, and receive a complimentary facial, call for an appointment.

Professional Beauty Consultant 13,900 91 NISSAN SENTRA SE COUPE 92 JEEP CHEROKEE LIMITED #1091 A, 5 spd., leather, full power, 18,662 miles $ 7900 Mynared, M r * Mrs.Richard Clark, PatrieU Bullard, Lyndon Snow J r , Helen llukr—|C Mikou Mjoeo, Marjorie Osrrks.

Albert Johnson, Walter McArdell, Mania Misiek.DourlasYounc Richard Baker, Edward Cranston, Norma Walker, Joseph Loffredo, Paul Dwyer.

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Joha Doraa, Deaab Tberrien, Darid Roe, Mack Lathrop, Patricia Minnos.Also, Chris House, John Ecker, Stanley Trexler, Mildred Kanunerer, M r * Mrs.Robert Peyne, Eleanor Gilbert, Ward Hammond, Frederick Furtak J r .Robert Chopko, Carl Slater, Earl Haley, Ladd Harris, Stephen Alper, Dar>J Gomeaa, WEnam Mackay.

Laario Mikulas, Donald Miller, Frank Kca.Also, Larry Baird, Timothy Webb, Howard Mathers, Arthur Reynolds, Michael Credao, Dourisj Serosa, William Rybak, Robert Georre, Jsee

Jack Coorea, Julian MichaeU, John Killiaa Sr.Harry Sarirar J r , Darid Lower, Frederick Miller.Margaret Mora*, Beacon Gospel Tabernacle, Edith Clover, Joha Miller J r , St.Also, Ruth DoreAMarraretKinslow, Robert Bow ore S r , Merrsret Tapper, Ksameth Thomas, James Ryan.

Mirks el Aloi, Michael Masoway, Ken's CollisJoo Service, Mary Hendrix.MacPheraon Rmldaano, Georre Myers, Clir* Rice, Mr.* Mrs Charles Bowers, Michael * Eileen Casts*.Richard Lamiraade, William * Norma Hook, Muriel Kianiat Jennifer Abbott, Michael Krupka, Bradford Briefs, J ames Bailor, Kenneth Deiorm, Joaaae Sare.

Floyd Wilson, Martin Oakae, Catherine Oerrnaia, Kevin Cooper, Ernest Maflei, Leo Weseh, Clarence Bert, Edhh Sochia, Mery 1 Chilaon, Marraret Eddy, Gary Barrett, Trueman Miller, Martia ladry, Harvey Grist, James Finaa, Daniel GawHk, Leonard Scharoun, John Murray, John Hank.Abo, William O'Brien, Barbara Francis, Joaa Myles, Leon GiHnsky, Iran* Miller, Joseph Nadeau.Dale Eppich, Virginia Rice, Lob Jackson, Ann* Eden, Wood Residence, Dorothy Grritner, Charles Parker.Rudolph Schneider, William Britton, BeniU Fkrcxyk.Frank Hosier, Katberine Bendo, Robert Goldman, Dorothy Meredith.William Sparkee, Eurem* Peakal* Abo, nine indrridnal residents of Fairways Apartmeat, Georre McCarthy, JuHus Cxaha, Loren Leach.

Daniel Cook, John Carroll, Mary Kamak A Unrpirvi Allen, Patricia Lynn, 3 rndrridueb residents of Country Club Apartrnents, Laurel Carpenter, Antoinette Lewis, S indrridnal resident* Also, Geraldin* Ladd, Jacob VanMarter, Georrr Snell, Paul Morriasey, Mary Hamilton, Michael Delallo, William Clement, Gordon HasUnfs.John Delaoey, Howard Herrman, Henry Residence, Janine Dubosh, Thomas Fredette, Alada Quackenbush., Thomas Farr, Beatircc Matthews, Mildred 0 3 r i e n .Wuhan: CroweU, Thomas Desiraooe, Robert * Aileea Ecker.Also, Carrie Johnston, Eurene Wenrnynak.Alonso LnkaJr, Richard * Susan Hawtborne, Ed ward Jordan, Georra Duadon, Kenneth Robb.-a & See page B10 #4217A, Tahoe package, air, p.Patar Frey, I The members of the Anthony Coatas, Frank Monafl, Frank St.Barbara Baldwinsville Volunteer Fire De- Raymond.J o i n l o o t , Joka Panflsr, residees, Anthony Bnaaii DeWya, Jobs Staflbrd, Warren partment would like to thank resi- Annacchino, Solomon, DarU Urban.dents and businesses for their conAlso, Darid Desnestfowaki.Kcaard Walkar, Timotinued support in contributions to thy BareaUd, GeraU McBumey H, Darid Radder.Gary CTConnor, Fata* Maui Joel Dauber, Frederick the 1992 fund drive.

VkoPatoae, Charlreeae Creadon, The money generated in the Jamas Knight.PatrkWofaason, Barnard Bond, Jamas William Aheara, Richard Johnson, Edward fund drive will help in upkeep and Goulet, Moses.John Eiefakr, Aage A Edel replacing old equipment and tools Honor*, Vernon Roberts 8 r , Robert Quia*.

needed to help the community in Wkkowski.Anthony Tl—nsr, Harry everyday emergencies.

Pettitt Hi, Jeffrey Blaia, Allan Eidt, Jennie Austin, Malonay, Paul Cnanerssa.Patar Saarie, Nail The department hopes that you Patrick Rtnder, Jamas Wearer, Robert Stiles Jr.William and your family and friends will Habsr, Sheridan Meaker, Joseph Scarsi J r , Clarence never need their service, but they BUj»biuw»re*»d*rxe,AnieifhCaraiiti, Janet Styers-Voignt, will always be there to help you in Jonathsn Bciasn, Lawrence Armstrong.

Also, Mkhnei Slauawhits, Jttdih Hughes, Daniel a time of emergency.Stephen Nagy, The following people contrib- Mrs Mario Oathiran, Denial Isnnlnslln, Mary Lou Gisruiat, Robert * Mildred Long, Emanuel Garbia, uted to this year's fund drive: 91 CHEVY BLAZER S-10 90 PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE $ Baldwinsville Volunteer Fire Dept.thanks donors to 1992 fund drive SEYVRUK WINTER SALE Begins Tuesday, February 2nd Trinity Church's NEARLY NEW SHOP 115 Chapel Street, Fayetteville Open: Tuesday and Thursday 1 0 - 4 ; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 12 - 4; Thurs.

Evenings 7 - 9 Women's, Men's, Children's good used clothing Spring Consignment begins March 2nd Call 637-3262 for appointments.

635-1626 18,900 THE SYRACUSE SYMPHONY CALENDAR "-PEBRUARY THE MANY PHASES OF EVE.r # FIREWORKS Kazuyoshi Aldyama conducts works by Glinka, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff and Stravinsky.Ernest Muzquiz, Conductor; Bob Berky, Mime.Berky's zany style brings humor and classical music together for a morn- M i\ w I I ? MUSH In of 8 A presentation for women, by women.

Much has happened since Eve left the garden.Join us for an exploration of the health care and lifestyle Issues confronting her in the 90s.The Partners in Health Division of the Health Services Association Medical Group is pleased to present a day of discussion with health care professionals who, like you, are addressing these challenges./20 ,m v Saturday, March 20, 1993 Carousel Mall, SkyDeck 8:30 a.

Continental breakfast and lunch Included Fee: $35lasfsf Concert At Most Holy Rosary Church.fi Class Crass 1J5J Trumpeters Jeff Tyzik and Allen ! • § Vlzzuttl perform virtuosk: acrobatics when they join thTSSO for a truly memorable evening.Symphonic folksongs Kazuyoshi Aklyama, Conductor; Carter Brey, Cello; Syracuse Children's Chorus.Music of Vaughan-WUIiams, Elgar and Tchaikovsky.b J T • si I • a • as r§ LrTK \A9n9f U M t M OUsCrwlPC DOtCO.X M O T • n o itufioM tiu( 864A XLT Lariat package, electronic A U r F M casene.

power steering, siding rear window, tape stripes, chrome rear bumper, cast aluminum wheels, 60/40 split bench seat St* #T5599, M.$12,373 TotaJ ol payments $3079 68 $ needed down $2500 H283«2o $ 6928.

M* 8UV PfllCt 1993 F O R D T E M P O GL 4 DR.noormats, power locks, pass s d e a r b a g dearcoatpa344 TotalpaynwiB $357456, $ needed down $2500.e c N d proof r e v door locks & more Stk #5628 MSHP $17,682 Total of payments $4656 $ needed down |2'»00 $ 1942S 1993 FORD PROBE 3 DR.rear window otfrostar, c o n v * n * n c » group.2 0 ktreeng-ne r e a r window wipar/waaNK.#5454 M S R P $ 1 4 iS2 lo'-alo! payrrwntt $448752.I » M 1993 FORD AEROSTAR XL 2 W D tOT~nS47.iie;»«3 «emmnwilllllJ Total ol payments W92.72,• ' « , |e naadad xseiaju down oown $2500 WOOO.A M f M r a i i l M « m o r a i f J e 7 i .fotalolp4wmantt •870886 t r t s w s a d oSPORT $ 279tt $ I Bf UM99 H I I I i i I I I ft i l l H H 8491 2 0 * 401A packaga.7 passenger ouai capt * a r s , p a i n t s t r i p a s .3 0 ) K r t f $1 QQ28 • W 76 «©«• mast tvrseci 12,705

essaVflsaslarl|a ssssvaeej seatgaj * • tssyaassal taasaaar aaejsa.T a a r W m m * • * » M M , 4>r«W •astossfsaMV b s s M • » * • « aassMaV ——ea1 $637449' suTPmct 1993 FORD RANGER XLT tt»o>nt RLSIt.uW hou r p r W HEALTH SERVICES MEDICAL GROUP #75599.Presentations Include: Fatigue: A Women's Epidemic.Internist, Health Services Medical Group Mirror, Mirror o n the W*Hr Beauty M y t h , Body Image, a n d Self — l « * e e m r

"medical sociologist, health education manager.Health Services Medical Group 9 to 5> Fighting Sexual Hanassment In the Workplace.Human Resources, Health Services Medical Corporation The M e t DHemrruu Tacts «, Fallacies.Health Services Medical Group Abusive Relationships! Recognition M i d Response.

Vera House Changing Bodies* Changing Mlndsi A Oynecologlsfs' Perspective.OB/GYN, Health Services Medical Group •I Can t Hear What You C a n t Sayi' Communication sUnters Between M e n B.j* *S LONG AS 66 MONTHS! D AS LiTTLE AS 8,000 ML-YEAR! D AS MUCH AS 15«AI.D ?????? • AS MUCH AS $450 BANK FEE D OPTIONAL AT EXTRA CHARGE? 1993 FORD ESCORT Aircondiborvng, light conv.4 WAGON group, luggage rack, rear wiper/washer, e'earcoa; p a n t , 1993 FORD TAURUS 4 DR.G/L Seating is limited, so please register and make your presentation selections today.

To register, and to receive a detailed brochure, call 638-0254 and ask for Carol Benedict.D * * 24 M0MTH LEASE r Y 15,000 MILES 6NCL PER YEAR df' MILE if FACTORY AUTHORIZED SERVICE ' if NO BANK FEE jf GAP INSURANCE INaUDED i i son 72'1-:WIO 827S WMctt Parkway, I —a r W l f <•» m la> SsMsM �The Messenger 1X1 *7 February 3,1993 / J D # Legislator probes alternative to Van Buren landfill by C.Alan Baker County legislator Robert Warner of Van Buren recently saw something that would please foes of a proposed county landfill in Van Buren Warner told Van Buren Town Board members last week he trav- eled to Niagara County to visit a county operated dump, located in an old limestone quarry.It accepts construction and demolition waste, and is testing disposal of sewage sludge and other material, Warner said.

He described the facility as "full-blown, permitted by DEC (Department ol Environmental Conservation)." Fractures in the bottom of the quarry were sealed before use began, Warner said.Opponents of the Van Buren site have failed to convince DEC to allow county incinerator ash to be dumped in limestone quarries located close by, rather than here."I'll keep you informed," Warner told the board." OPEN 24 HOURS 7£ DAYS: IORDAN DINER & iTEAKHOUSE RT.31C, JORDAN , NEW YORK •Takeouts Available* Public notices 689-5360 LEGAL NOTICE Lysander, 1983, as TOWN OF LYSANDER Amended, known as Chapter AMENDMENT TO THE 55 of the Code of the Town of DOG ORDINANCE Lysander, be AMENDED as PLEASE TAKE NOTICE follows: that t h e Lysander Town Section 55.7 of the Code Board, on January 21,1993, of the Town of Lysander (Secadopted a resolution amend- tion 7 of the Dog Ordinance of ing the Dog Ordinance of the the Town of Lysander, 1983, Town of Lysander as follows: as amended), is replaced by AN AMENDMENT TO the following: DOG ORDINANCE OF THE Section 55-7.Penahiesfor T O W N O F LYSANDER, offenses for dogs running at 1983, A S A M E N D E D , large Any violation of the proviKNOWN AS CHAPTER 55 OF T H E CODE OF THE sions of this chapter prohibrtingjheTOWN OF LYSANDER running at large ot dogs u n Motion by Stever, Secshall be punishable by a civil ond by Stockdale RESOLVED that the DOG penalty of not less than ten ORDINANCE of the Town of dollars ($10.

), except that: (AJ Where the person in violation is found to have violated this chapter, as amended, within the preceding five (5) years, the civil penalty shall be a s u m not I ess th an twe ntyfive ($25.

) nor more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250.(B) Where the person in violation is found to have committed two (2) or more such prior violations within the preceding five (5) years, the civil penalty Khali ha not laaAlhat PROVED Dated: Februarys 1993 By Order of the Lysander Town Board SHIRLEY R.KELLY Town Clerk B-5 fifty dollars ($50.) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.

UNANIMOUSLY A P - merits granting an easement to Empire State Pipeline for SELECTION TOWN OF LYSANDER PUBLIC NOTICE At a regular scheduled meetingon January21,1993, the Town Board of the Town of Lysander adopted a resolution, subject to a permissive referendum, authorizing the SERVICE VOX the installation of underground gas pipeline and aboveground valve on property owned by Town of Lysanderfrontingon Sixty Road in the Town of Lysander for a consideration to be paid to the Town of $5,000.00, determining that the granting of such easement will not interfere with any Town purposes and determining that the amount of the consideration to be paid for the easement is fair consideration.KELLY Lysander Town Clerk B-5 • THURSDAY SPECIAL • Served February 4 From 5 p.

OLD FASHIONED BEEF STEW ON HOMEMADE BISCUIT With Tossed Salad, Rolls & Butter, Coffee Or Tea, Rice Pudding For Dessert.While Supplies while in Auburn, stop at the m Newly R*mnH*letLHllhmZR±fUW4EMNr at 18 E.

, Auburn 255-3578 QUALITY FOX Last VOX a j m » Homemade Food A D » s * r l s BURDICK FORD AND THE PLAN i 1993 ESCORT LX 3 DR., AM/FM stereo cassette, electric mirrors, rear (window defroster & morel #3440050.Monthly Lease Payment 24 Months $ 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM FEB.6 CHQ0SF 93 SiCK-1500 Pick-Up #2798, Auto., Sliding Wndow '14,999 #2829, Leather, Gotf 93 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 ., PS, PB, Rear Wiper Washer, Rear Defog, Reb.Applied •13,997 PacKjgeTTourtftorPacfage, Heavy Duty Trans, RaRy Wheel 92 Olds Clera #2486., PL, Stereo 93 Eagle Talon M 1,395 93 Chevy S-10 a£*#iwf t •11,109 '7,399 '11,799 Demo, loaded with options, Tahoe Pkg.

000 Miles 93 Sskani Ugacy 4x4 '27,899 t 1 R 7 nn I t j f l 9 9 #2857,A»Bag,PW,PL,A/C 83 Chevy Corsica 93 Cadillac Seta DeVIIlt n i,64i 93 Eagle Summit 2 Dr.Leather, LeceWheets #2817, Loaded, 3rd SeaL Aluminum Wheels '12,878 #2788.

Rear Bumper 93 Chen Caprice 13 Man toe* #7443, V-8, AMffll StMto, PW.MlCovert, | 1 ft Q D Q St*Se«HmflngPk» *id I U | U Q 9 93 6rand Cherokee Ltd , PL, CO Play*.K e y * * Entry PS, Security Group, Sunscreen Glass, Al the Time 4 WD, Leather Seats 13GeoPrtzm4Dr.

H A fon #7432,PS,AWFM Cassette * I U | f 9 U 93 Lamina Euro Coupe V448pd,Aukx,A*%Tlyl .Power Trunk, Sport Mirrors, 17408 '16,199 #2788, , Art •7333.«Cyl 5Spd Longbox, AMTOStoracsSlepBuTt* $111Q Q 7 Be*v.Speed CoraoCFulSpare TVs,Ma f l O O Q 1 Ifc|fc9l 93 Plymootl Call 2 Dr.

A»4fM Cass«aa,lrtamrOer*Wip«rs, Soli FoWmg Rear Seat fQ D## 9fOf f 93 Detfge Drauuty •3 CiMTralet Cataifer 2 Dr.ABS 'Uf #9113, ail new body style Come In And Test Drive! 93SeeMetro i f i 1 Q / #9236, Very Economical, 50 MPG * U | I 9 4 •3 dwrrelat Corsica 4 Dr.Air Bag, HQ ABS, * I C,LO I '15,899 13 Ptyrwiti ftyif ar l7656,7Pi«enger,WC, AJ*RI Caaaata, Rear Oasostv W l a'14,199 HURRY IN FOR BEST SELECTION f763«,Aulo,.f 1 C 9 7 0 IU|£f9 '14,459 '7,788 '11,159 93 Deefe Dakita Ctafc Cafe #7SM,V4Aiaa,SldhoRaar WW**.

9,388 •3CtMfrtWS-1lllazar4K4 $1 O A C Q *I £9*t«J«9 499 Jfl M 1 "•00 I #9068.V*7Paaienoar,ArC, OJdSeats,AMTMdaswtra, WSW Tina, A* Bag Engre V

93CfcarrfHIS-18Plck-U| #9187, V-6, Tahoe Pkg.M a l t h a options ff> fitTl * 0 | 4 3 I t l Q I 0 9 Q Q Q 9«lfJ 93 Gat lYadter Cearerlalle 4x4 #9198.Great Fun In Summec & Wlnaul '10,151 HURRY IN BEST SELECTION .Caaaata •ahSpeaaea •12,385 93 Olds Clara 13 Dt4|t Caravaa #2819.cjn r>efcnnd*t »13,788 83 Dean aakata Start Ptek-S* •*•—•*•- ag.

055 03 Chevrolet Lumlm #9200, V-6,Air, Tilt, Cruttt, Auto.l A l l RERATES INCl 1ST TIME RIIYER If APPUCABlt Ttlf.r »i ' T>fir • 4 CKEVY 0 0 •10,093 93 Geo Storm 2 Dr.t l it / i Q C tt,tarU * AM Ra Class* I 4 , 4 at U .93 See Prlzm '10,599 '9,999 A l l PRICES PIUS TAX.

TITIEftREfi PRESENT THIS A0 FOR AOV PRICE irl *t 93Plyn#mhSniaRci4Dr.MMiMttsSwnM A A C f 9 9 l l 93 Chen CI 500 REBATES UP TO $2,000 93 Dodge Daytoaa t l OO Q C I OfL9J Caaattte, PS, PB, Rear Bumper 93 Chety Cavalier 2 Dr.Coupe Trtrsc vch n 4,975 93 Cfearralat Caarersloa Vaa Marie III Pkg.PL, Running Boards 93 Detfee Graai Cararu " , %\h R R Q I *#|UU 9 #7454, /FM,TWedGam.3 Liter, V-6, Air Bag, Tilt Wheel, AM/FM Stereo 93DciaaD150Plck-Up 93 Oltfs t t Ltrali 2tochoose, Loaded with Optione, Aluminum Wheels Total d, 30,000/ntfet.Tax, license and regHJaaSoo not inctuoea.Leasee h M the opSontopurchase tie vehicle at lease end.Leasee responsible lor al excess wear, tear and maintenance.« 11 1 Q Q * l I f IO%> '19,499 13 6KC CI 500 Pick-up rWX, H60.

ApptW H i r i V B*fc I n n Bar! jOA AAA £«Jj«939 92 6MC Jimmy 4 Deer •2800.Loaded with Optorts, Aluminum Wheels •3 Lamina 1734$ AAXV-6,T*& Cruise, AWFM Stereo, Auto, Deck 93 Dodge Intrepid 4 Dr.fe« f f t Q C E SpoteWrteWwdCo/eaSptf Group 9 | Q U « J 83 GMC Suburtian 4x4 •7330, AM/FM Cassette, V-6, PS.

, Rebate & 1st Tme Buyer U f f 1 t « l •7414, AM/FM Cassette.App/ied K 7 1 92 Olds Achleva 9:99 AM TO M #9140,8FLBox,Bedlner, 92 BMC Sonoma AS LOW AS 2.Applied %Oh $200 Refundable Security Deposit $1000 Cash down payment or trade $1398.40 Total monthly payments 93 dWiTfllelC-1500 Foil Sba Pldt-Up 93 Olds Bravada fHRY J » P EAGIE CEO .

i avi j P I Y nODGE FUX i9835 �BS/ February 3,1993 EAGLE NEWSPAPERS Community Classifieds TEN NEWSPAPERS • 125,000 READERS • 15 WORDS • JUST $10.00 635-3921 • 637-3121 • 458-4406 • 655-3415 • 685-8338 • 687-3887 Baldwinsville Fayetteville North Syracuse Cazenovia DEADLINE: FRIDAY AT NOON NEW ADULT Beginning jazz class Starting in February at the Center of Ballet and Dance Art.JUDE'S NOVENA May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world, now and forever.St Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us.

Jude, help of the hopeless, pray for us.(Say this prayer 9 times a day for nine days.By the 8th day, your prayers will be answered.N-5 NT-6 MERCHANDISE FOR SALE RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT For sale.FS-8 MOVING SOUTH Gold tweed pillowback sofa $250; Ficks Reed 5-piece diattette avocado, wicker-cane BOB ROSS OIL cushioned seats $350; rowPAINTING SEMINARS Feb.

27; March 4, 20; April ing exerciser $50.ister at Raindrops on Roses FS-5 Sherrill Plaza, 363-7089.NT-5 NOTICES Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 Miracle town 5 Refute formally 10 One beyond help 15 Ancient country; site of Olympia 19 Inland sea 20 One ol the Muses 21 Bring together 22 Assistant 23 Android on the new version of 31 Across 24 Clan symbol 25 Seaport ol Brazil 26 White or (ire follower 27 Raymond Burr TV series 29 Recipe abbr.31 TV space epic 33 Melancholy animal, in medieval times 34 Weaving machines 36 Pack away neatly 37 Mexican dish 40 Hot, sand•-- -laden-desert winds 42 Funeral orations 46 River and mountains 47 Enthusiastic follower 48 Dagger or short sword 50 Greene, ol 58 Across 51 Front or waist ending 52 "Rebel Without a Cause" actor 54 Jostle one's way 56"— Again" (movie) .57- Harden 58 Long running TV western 60 Wreck completely 62 Summer in Saint-Tropez 63 Star of M'A'S'H GUNS WANTED Double Barrel Shotguns.

FS-6 ARTIC CAT PARTS Clothing, accessories.FS-6 MOVING SALE Hitchcock chairs, treadmill, b/w tv, misc., KLH speakers, wicker settee, baskets, headboard, print.FS-tf WEDDING INVITATIONS Stop in at our office and select from a wide variety of superb quality wedding invitations, announcements, napkins, matches, etc.

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111 "Brother—" associate 112 Vehicle for Ed 15 Rowdy Yates, ancient Asner Memphis of "Rawhide" 72 TV drama 116 Female 16 Pinocchio, centering on parents for one "that human 117"l —of 17 Worthless oil slick" Jeannie" 18 Pursue 119 Place in a row 28 52 Across, 75 Slammin' Sam 121 Road to Rome and name76 Alex Trebek's 122 Buffalo's lake sakes TV quiz 123 Actress riled 80SamueTs ~Verdugo, of outbursts? mentor "Marcus 32 Bagel or biary 81 Endured Welby." 34 Fine statio83 Settings for 124 Headed bolt nery Wild West 125 Essence 35 Place where brawls, often 126 Not any metal is 85 Hasten 127 Military refined 37 Oklahoma city 38 Disney's Little Mermaid 39 Horse blanket 40 Capital of Yemen 41 Wooden shoe 43 Actress Jane 44 Growing out 45 Jewish home festival - v » 47 Discovers by chance 49 "To Have and Have —" 52 Interferes with 53 A form of oxygen 55 Unrestrained persons 58 Pink ruby spinel 59 Square columns 61 Vaults 64 Nothing 66 Family car 68 "So that's it!" 70 Pointers or indicators 71 Unskilled laborers 72 Obligations 73 Assign as one's share 74 Tropical vine 75 More painful 76 Combat with lances 77 North Sea feeder 78 Setting for TV's "AHce" 79 Be filled with longing 82 Rower 84 Diving birds 87 TV role for Vince Edwards 89 Perennial TV favorite 91 Long-running TV western 93 Click beetle 95 Logan or '•""/' Fitzgerald 97 Marionette maker Tony 99 More melancholy 101 Sacrificial tables 102 Jeering remarks 104 Oberon o f Hollywood 106 Moore, ol TV's "The Saint" 107 Star of 117 Across 108 Spanish measure 109 Moslem ruler 110 Require 112 It's before oak or wire 113 Like —of bricks 114 Famous fiddler 115 Weight allowance 118 Actress Alicia, of "Falcon Crest" 120 U N.'sTrygve USED PIANOS Choose from 35 select used pianos.

Exclusive dealer for new Hyundai and Story & Clark pianos.FS-tf NORTH COUNTRY FIREWOOD Seasoned, unseasoned, kindling wood.

FS-tf BEDROOM FURNITURE 50-year-old matching bedroom furniture- bed, highboy dressing table, bench, mirror, chair.FS-5 HIMALAYAN-PERSIAN Altered adult cats.FS-5 AUTOS PONTIAC6000 1988 automatic AC, flit cruise, PL, tape, hitch., 4-door, excellent condition, 84K, $4,200.A-5 1988 DODGE RAM V8 Pick up with cap, auto, ps, pb, good condition, excellent mechanically, 72,000 mi.A-7 Skaneateles LOOKING FOR A GOOD USED CAR? Consider seeing the STRAIGHT-TALK people at Evans Chevrolet-GEO, Baldwinsville.We're looking forward to helping you find the right used car that fits your needs.A-tf Chittenango WATERFRONT THREE RIVERS Two bedroom year round house, two car attached garage.FR-6 3 CADILLAC Fleetwood limousines - 2 white formals, 1 blue stretch.Fully furnished 2 bedroom villa in Palmetto Dunes.

Walk to ocean, pool, championship golf, tennis.FR-13 1987 0LDSMOBILE Custom cruiser wagon.All options except electric windows only, 52,000 miles, excellent condition.

Office and conference room, private bathroom.

CAZENOVIA RENTAL One bedroom in Victorian home.FR-5 UNIVERSITY AREA Beautiful three (3) bedroom flat, new bath, fireplace, full kitchen.FR-6 MODERN Senior citizen building all enclosed with/rec.

Section 8 acceptable, 24-emergency service, call 638-2313.FR-tf DOWNTOWN BVILLE New studio apartment on busline, laundry facilities, heat included, no pets.635-5322 or evenings and weekends, 635-8370.FR-tf FR-5 FOR RENT WINTER DISCOUNT Mild winter weather, perfect for golf (63 holes), tennis, fishing, sightseeing on Jekyll Island, Georgia.Villas by the sea, 1 and 2 bedroom villas, request villas 254 or 451 when calling (800)841-6262.FR-5 READY FOR FLORIDA GOtF? No greens fees? Two bedroom, 2 bath golf course condo - great tennis courts, pools, fabulous dining.

FR-8 BALDWINSVILLE Two bedroom, stove, refrigerator, wAv carpet.FR-6 BVILLE EVERGREEN APARTMENTS Modem security building w/ laundry and parking in Village of Chittenango.One bedroom unit @ $475 and two bedroom unit @ $540 plus utilities.Walking distance to stores, bus line and village.Call 6825949 for additional information.

FR-8 ROOMMATE Wanted for Liverpool apartment $252 per month + utilities, heat included.FR-5 NOW YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CAN BE IN 10 AREA NEWSPAPERS Two bedroom with dining room.

FR-5 FAYETTEVILLE , VILLAGE Unfurnished apartment, small, private 2nd floor with one large BR, LR and office for small 2nd BR.FR-8 CAZENOVIA Ask about our one month FREE RENT offering.

Two bedroom, 1-1/2 bath townhouse, laundry hookup, security deposit, references.• FR-8 LIVERPOOL PLYMOUTH MEETING APARTMENTS One and two bedroom, starting at $419 including heat and hot water, 24 hr.emergency service, Morris Management 638-2313.

FR-tf BMLLE HISTORICAL DISTRICT Commercial/Residential 4 bdrm, 2-1/2 bath.FR-5 Reaching 125,000 Readers EAGLE NEWSPAPERS 15 WORDS • TEN PAPERS • TEN DOLLARS Sell it.Whatever your it, there's no better way to blanket Suburban Syracuse than by placing your ad in the Community Classifieds.For just $10, you' II get 15 words to reach 125,000 readers.Community Combo Readeri' Baldwinsville Messenger Camillus Advocate Cazenovia Republican Chittenango Bridgeport Times DeWirt Times Fayetteville Eagle Bulletin Liverpool Review Marcellut Observer North Syracuse Skaneateles Prest -rout 21513 10771 10*15 45*7 37S4 70*40 14*14 4S»< 1*5 75 • M3 uicwixlnu urtUMOf* »O*TM tnucuu irnwri I'vt/woot /> rrrtimui ICVOCATl CHTmMAMQO mDQtxxr raatl 1*5,000 • R » i d .

r » NNAJMPC 2 9 R t i d t r t per Subscribe* HEADING-BO10 PRINT CAitmoru utmtTtittmtUi ui'cmut o*Mnrr» AfVMU£4« HEADING- BOLD PAINT 15/S10.56 • Cancellation: If an ad is cancelled (example: car sells attar first weak), a coupon for a free ad In the amount due will be issued.

CotlAdl PAYMENT REOUtftED WITH AD •10 Plus SO* Pec Added Word X WMk»Rtir< - I ~ DEADLINE 12 NOON FRIDAY trew«« CHECKQ CASHD Me*« Pay tbta Tot Eeote Media p.i *nr jn*- �The Messenger / T J Q February 3,1993 / J D

/ EAGLE NEWSPAPERS Community Classifieds TEN NEWSPAPERS • 125,000 READERS • 15 WORDS • JUST $10.00 635-3921 637-3121 458-4406 655-3415 685-8338 687-3887 Baldwinsville Fayetteville North Syracuse Cazenovia Skaneateles Chittenango DEADLINE: FRIDAY AT NOON FOR RENT NORTH SYRACUSE.1-1/2 bath town homes near banks and shopping, carpet, appliances, parking! No pets.

FR-tf CAZENOVIA Townhouse, two bedroom, $395.Fully carpeted and appliances, 1-1/2 baths.FR-tf BVILLE HISTORICAL DISTRICT One bdrm flat, $425 includes heat.

Adult building, 2 bedroom, $4307month, includes heat and hot water, 1/2 security 638-2313.FR-tf APARTMENTS In Morrisville, Eaton and Hamilton.FR-5 MODERN NORTHSIDE 5-rm flat, very clean, convenient, reasonable.FR-8 HELP WANTED PAPER CARRIER For an established route in Seneca Knolls area; Baker Blvd.Also one available Village South area: Comstock Rd-r-Cook Or.

For interview call The Messenger, 635-3921.Design, develop and grow with ournew classified department Priordisplay and/or classified sales experience.Computer knowledge; management skills; marketing enthusiasm.Salary, commission, bonus, full benefits.Resumes/letters to: Stewart Hancock, Eagle Newspapjirs

HW-tf MOTEL MANAGER Couple to manage east-side motel.

HW-tf GOOD PART-TIME EARNINGS Work 2 to 3 hours per evening doing telemarketing.Guaranteed hourly rate plus commission with realistic earning potential up to $8 per hour and more.95phone „ „-, INCOME TAX fee Preparer associate.-> RETIRED Opportunity to practice comAtlas Fence needs retail puter and business skills.sales clerks with hardware Phone 687-3931.

experience, swing set installHW-5 ers and parts room workers for parRime positions with AREA flexible hours.Put your parenting skills to HW-5 work for you.Local area reps needed to match European CASHIERS NEEDED exchange students with host Part-time.1-800evening and full weekend 634-HOST STS-USA shifts available.and Vt between 7-19, to compete in TRUCK DRIVER this year's 4th annual 1993 Part-time evenings, 20 hours Albany pageants.NYS $20,000 in prizes and scholClass B-X CDL license re- arships.Ogden Energy, 111 SyraHW-5 cuse St, across from Evans Chevrolet JANITOR/MECHANIC HW-5 HELPER Full-time position with benHOSPITAL JOBS efits.Help wanted, mornings, HW-7 Monday - Friday.

Ask for Laura, 637TICK TOCK ANTIQUES 8686.CLOCKS HW-6 A full service center for your clocks and watch repair -Antique & Modembought, sold, restored Appratoed Trade Wortc We can help you with your New Year's Resolutions JEROME H., Nelson 655-3283 WANTED: 30 people serious about losing weight.Call 315-852-9688 rfosswdraBolutTon is u T E L 1 T O M T B O O Mo 1 N E |e k 1 T A n N A T A A S S T AR T R M S T OW 0 M S i EL 0 G c|o| AE R A A T R O loir R IS B A E R A L T a T A N S 1 DS H A RH ITUUM A 1 c C A D 1 0 1 S D E L fe E K EISI 11Hidma n n a u a a n a s HH nam U ii U •LIU • a m a a o n u a u • u • Q • D O rnuntou HCJ0HU cn u u a n ua naurju a NO a omana n a raan • wu DU HfJ U H H N u a a a a unn a n CJU uur.i S Q H H Q 0EH3 13 nm FIB UMCl P ay u u u IIN ti uuuunuiu n H no n u n n u u HE BO rju Ban warn L-JUl LOHHnn DHDH • nil lira ii JLJIl H|VI t | a MBuran r.innri A Y m e i D I A I N M W i e i e i n i o B !0" |0 N «l LI SMALL PARTS ASSEMBLERS Immediate openings for FT, long term, 2nd and 3rd shifts in Manlius.

Car and phone a must Call for an interview today.-Manpower, Rtr5rCanastot«rr HW-5 PART-TIME Saturdays and Sundays.HW-5 PAPER CARRIER For an established route in s area: Dutchman Dr.For interview, call The Messenger, 635-3921.HW-TF CAR WASH ATTENDANT Part-time, 3 - 7 p.

Apply in person Ogden's Car Wash, 111 Syracuse St.HW-5 ODDS 'N ENDS ROOMMATE NEEDED Non-smoking female to share North Syracuse 2 BR apt.

0-5 ROOMMATE WANTED Unique opportunity to be a friend and roommate for a young woman with a developmental disability.Comfortable home on bus line, off street parking, quiet neighborhood in the valley.First months rent free, reduced rent in exchange for some physical assistance.

0-5 SERVICES BACK HOE AND DOZER WORK Septic systems replaced and repaired.S-6 LYSANDER AREA Reynolds Elementary mother of three will watch your child(ren) full or parttime Monday through Friday.— — S-5 AUTO INSURANCE QUOTES New policies or renewals.

We offer a very low down payment and monthly pay plan.S-7 FLOOR MAINTENANCE Cleaning, waxing, stripping, polishing.Advanced Cleaning Services PatGermlnlo, 451-45830.S-8 TAX PREPARATION In home, aince 1970.

Personal business Degreed accountant, reasonable fees.8-14 HORSEBACK RIDING LEMONS Beginner and advanced young and old.S-7 SEWING MACHINES And vacuum deenert, tetee and service.Parts, attachments, bags, hosts Chtttenango Saw-Vac, 246 Geneeee St 687-3267.S-tf VIOLINTINESI Serenade your sweetheart Your favorite love songs played by professional violinist.PEST CONTROL Bothered by pests at home or work? Call Du-Right Pest Control, 458-0325.S-tf S-5 REFRIGERATORS Ranges, dishwashers.S-7 INVESTIGATIONS CONFIDENTIAL Economical, business or personal, searches records surveillance, licensed bonded, 16 year's exp.

S-5 CHILD CARE Days - all ages, caring environment, lots of activities, mealsr-references.S-6 MAINE'S MAINTENANCE Home office repairs.

S-6 HANDYMAN EXPRESS numbing, electrical, painting, lawn/yard care, leaf removal, gutters cleaned, much more.S-tf NEED A RUBBER STAMP? Order yours at Eagle Newspapers.Genesee St, Baldwinsville, 635-3921 or at The Star-News, 428 S.S-tf EXPERT CLEANING Carpet and upholstery, windows, interior painting.S-tf SJH SECRETARIAL SERVICES Typing, resumes, word processing, term papers, portfolio accounting, letter merges, bulk mailings, high quality laser printer and software.S-6 CARPENTRY & ROOFING New roofs and repairs, garages, additions, bathrooms, family rooms solar rooms, decks, Richer Construction, 622-3392.S-tf CHIMNEY SERVICE Sweeping, caps, relining, repairing.

S-6 PAINTING AND REPAIRS Let Richard Hayman Enterprises do your painting and home repairs for you.

S-6 OUTSTANDING Family colonial 5 bdrms.BUILDING LOT 3/4 acre lot for sale VanBuren Road, Batdwinsvitte.7TH, 1:30 - 4:30 SENECA ESTATES EXECUTIVE SPLIT Donl miss the opportunity to live in Baldwinsville's most prestigious community.This home features 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, formal dining, large kitchen, hardwood floors, family room with fireplace, 2 car garage, large comer lot 2 additional marine lots available at extra $$.Dir: 370 W to Seneca Estates, watch for signs.

Fayetteville •300-1,500 feet •Will build to suit tenant •Super Parking •Highly Accessible TOWN & COUNTRY MANAGEMENT 637-2900 E41-TFN couHueu.SNOWPLOWING Baldwinsville and North Liverpool area.

S-7 GUITAR INSTRUCTION Classical, improvisational, foundational, folk and bass.Children 5 years and older, working professional musicians arid alt levels In between.TELEPHONE JACKS-$20 Avoid telephone company high prices.We install regular and wall jacks for just $20 • everything included.L-M PAINTING Fine residential and commercial painting, wallpaper stripping, free estimates, insured, when quality counts, call 446-0966.S-6 HOUSE CLEANING Have your home cleaned weekly or bi-weekly by an honest, tidy and experienced person.S-5 TAXES PREPARED On computer in your home by degreed, experienced tax and financial professionals.

Fred Neuburger, 422-5868, 9 to 5 or 652-3347.S-12 CLEANING DONE THE PROFESSIONAL WAY Home or office.

S-5 S-6 BLACKTOP DRIVEWAY SPECIAL Through Junelll 10 ft.

x 25 ft "Quality" guaranteed driveway complete $288.S-12 SNOWPLOWING Liverpool and North Syracuse area.S-8 TAX PREPARATION In your home - personal business - 20 year's experience.NELS CONSTRUCTION Custom home improvements, repairs, kitchen, bath, vinyl replacement windows, porches, decks, basement waterproofing, fencing.Free estimates, senior discounts, references, insured.Need help closing last year's books or setting up this year's books? Experienced bookkeeper is ready to help you.Conviction can =jail + license revocation + permanent criminal record.Also replacement windows, decks, patio enclosures and general carpentry.S-tf CARPET CLEANING Professional in your home.Also expert repairing, EVERTS ELECTRIC Lie.

Resi- installation restretching with dential & Commercial wiring.tf 5702 anytime: •-"• -S-tf LAKEFRONT PROPERTY Fingerlakes Region, N.includes recreation facility with pavilion, pool, hot tub, tennis, lighted, tree-lined walkways and boat docks.

Homeowners own these facilities; nearby golf and skiing.Offering by prospectus - starting at $146,500.RE-8 MAINE OCEAN Pemaquid, large, A-frame overlooking harbor w/ R.; access 2000' white sandy beach, lighthouse, boat ramp.Phone 508-934-9704 daytime; evenings after 7 p.

RE-17 TOWN OF EATON 18 year old home, cedar siding, 3 bedroom, whirlpool tub, pine floors, laundry room, 2 1/2 bath, large living - dining - kitchen area with fireplace, 2 car garage with large shop area, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, butternut kitchen cabinets, paneled library, plus 2 bedroom apartment with ful bath.Top condition - quiet location with southern exposure.MARSHAL REALTY 684-3911 WILLIAMSBURG CAPE COD Architect designed, superb setting on 9 acres, south of vfllage, fireplace in iving room and family room.Window seat, corner cupboard in dining room, Woodmode kitchen, first floor master.Call DORIS WEBSTER, BRKR 655-9423 or 655-9237., Cazenovia 655-9423 BANKGRil di FIRST PROPERTIES f TOWN OF EATON 23 acre farm, with 67 stanchion bam, 10 x30 metal pole bam, 4 bedroom home.d 1U 6«i vi Braeside APARTMENTS 25 South St.

Come home to fishing at nine mile creek and relax in a park-like setting with picnic" tables "and outdoor grills.from downtown with the convenience of boating, hiking, and tennis just mins.Studios — 1 and 2 bedrooms with heat & hot water included, fully applianced kitchens, laundry facilities and security buildings.All two bedrooms have two full baths Complex is within walking distance of the village and is on the bus route.12 • 6 imi Charming Cape Situated on a wooded lot of |ust over vt acre.Includes 3 bdrms, m baths, hrdwd ft*, central afc, screened porch.Just $101,500 With access to Lelands Pond and 16x16 screened porch buWng the price is $125,000.MARSHALL REALTY 684-3911 Juet Uatsdt 100+ year old colonial wth 3 bedrooms, m baths, super stze famiy room w/ fireplace, garage, bam.

Al of trfls on a big •

newly renovated space Classic Colonial EST OF THEBEST.Rob Kayne North Office Caryn Scuderi East Office Top In Sales VILLAGE SQUARE 239 East Genesee St., Chittenango starting $350/month Empire Management Co.428-8995 DkfeNasrerrMl) Worth Offtct rVendaYtauns East Office North Regional Office 659-5599.

COtDUJC'Ll BANK East Regional Office 6*9-7197 til Bft»mttUitd �X i ""I f \ I The Messenger February 3, 1993 Fund drive Barbara Deajr.EuI*a» E o a r , Wahar Butcher, U o Johnson, Donald Croo*.Earl Minno*, Francis * Andre EUilaorpe, Leonard Willm Jr, Gataa Fuaeral Home, Evar/n Farfuaoo, Ruth Btedinjw, Baker Studio of Photocrapay.Charie* Bord well Alao, Warren Aurer, Frances Gculet, Frank * Elisabeth Grardon Jr.

, PhjUia Ncatranl, Sergei « Berarrjr Tench, James Van Wis.Ellen VaaOuaaa, Daniel Sheehaa, Dr 4 Mr* Donald Shaver, Paul Minaaau.Mark Sayler, Frankhn Lamiea, David Berube, John * Martha Slauery.Abo, Ronald Abold, Earl Creap, Resident.Michael Wands, Alan Kohler, John Boyd, Chrittin* Shea, Joatph Kieskowaki, Alta Clark, Joseph Schwendner, John Mauraco, David Detlor

RjchaHHovey, Robert ScheiwUler, Cnsjo Farm, 1 nc.Leijh Scudder, Edward Morgrn, Jack St robe I James Snvder, Alfred 4 Joseph Cicci, BaMwunvill* Holding Corporation, ByroeFamily Corporation, Henry ZoU, Wavmood Henaon.Also, Steinbrecher, Onondaga Uniform Co, L.George Gelsomin, Vincenxo Amato, Joseph DeCarlo Sr, Irving Lawton, Jeanne Froehbch, Dina Abelb, Bernard Hill, Edna Mover, Yolanda Roccato, George Lvoeleas, John Wolfe, Hartley Martin.Mrs Norman But k t y T W n a s f/wly Jr., Resident of Candlewood Gar— dens Apt* .

Carl Haley, Frank Papalia, Roy Schreiber, Leo Johnson, Jonathan King, Beverly Cummings, Margaret Chadwick, William Kinalow.EUen Du- Shxrmr fhyllU Nottrinl, Ala Lovenburg, Benita Florczyk, Thomas Perrin, Frederick Miller, Josephine Fowler, Catherine Leonello, Teresa Crane, Walter Butcher, Peter Frey.Justin Sax, Blanche Bush, William Mosley Jr., Anthony Zimmer, Carrie Johnston, Richard Breen, Micahel Jones, Clarence Bert, John Muraco, Etheline Hanitchak, Harry Mdntrye Jr.

, Eugene Egger, Robert Chopko, Robert Demane, MacPherson Residence, George Sanford, Gertrude Granilow, Mr*.Floyd Wilson, Peter Saaras, William Luke, Alonxo Luke, Robert Wellner, Frederick Klein J r .Robert Richman, Michael Krupka Alio, Carl Kelsey, Daniel Cifonelli, Robert Wilkinson, Bernard Bond, Lasilo Mikulas, James Richardson, Charles Harper, Harvey Gent, John Alibrandi, David Lysack, Ernest Ms/fei, Darryl Blanchard.Ronald Meany, Mrs Charles Baker, Robert Bye Sr.

, Anne Dieter, Leslie Roberts, Ronald Fairbank, M Lynn Wilder, Frederick Hudson Sr., Kenneth Aarons, Richard Hovey, Onondaga BURDICK FORD AND THE PLAN >V LAW OFFICES —Experienced Attorneys W.

ANDERSON From page B6 Alao, George Zerabach, Gloria Duneeeth, Wilhaja Uniform Cocapany, Lawrence Barnett.Josephine Fekher, Krria Cooper, Arthur Reynold*, George Snail, Mosley Jr.Chester Amslie, David Morrison, Richard John Carroll, Morris Harrington.Joseph Bruntrsger, E l i s a i e t h R i p b e e , Karea 4 Tia* Scarsi J r , Michael Henderson, Alfred Down*.Carl Koryonski, Resident, Daria Wood, Raaideat, Janice Rica, (Catherine Bendo, Robert Shsahan, Frank Grant, Zelma Cardinal, Raaideat, Helen Hinman, FloCarapella, Philip Nagy, Pearl Thayer, John Stafford.rence Gordon, 4 Residents, Mildred Jewell.Vincent Difuhrio, Don FaJardaaa, Richard Baker Alao, Victor Lisaj.Francis Gosier, Michael Jcoes, Also, Richard Lewi*.Crego Farm Inc , Leoa Goldthwait, Raymond Allen.James Snyder, ert Jokajty*, Richard Lewis.Lorea Miches*, Anthony Erna Puhvar, David Comeau.Edward Witkowski, Mar- Vertucci, Victor Daairo, Catherina larmalki, Michael tin Lally, Gertrude Collins.

Joseph DeCario S r , Henderson, Pamela Carco, Frank Carapella, Gary Pinto, Cecil RatlifT, James Richardson, Edward Russatl Moore, Candlewood Gardens Apu Resident, n l Kami's Engraving A Awards, Philip Austin, Frederick Kaamisrski, Pom in irk * *'~i.Gary Rawlins, Pearl Thayer, Joseph Mitchell.Shuler, LuciU* Chapel Also, Robert Eva* Jr.

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William Baltser, Josephine Cleveland, ert Wellner, Gertrude Cterwintki, Hattie Kowalaki, Donald Snyder, Helen Howe, Bennie Jackson Jr , Pe- Charles Has kins, Mrs.Charles Baker, James Milden, ter Fiorini, Clark Spaiilding, Robert Dodge, Jams* Theodore Taylor, Thomas Howard, James Steward, Walker, Lowell VonRuden, Leon Jovanovic, David Mark Roberts, Robert Bartlett, Norma LaMere, Darryl Schwartz, Thomas McMahon, Victor Arcidino, I TOPerrigo, Floyd Sierritt, Alfred Oppleton.Marsak, Herbert Brown, Wellington Neal Alao, Jesse & Mary Byrnes, Margaret Rogers, Alao, Karen Guffy, Wayne Reed, Anna Carter, Daniel Hillenbrand, Jamea k France* Sloan, Don Harry Mclntyre Jr., Timothy Siddall, Gary Mitchell, Fclardeau, Roland Lavoie, John Emmons, Nelson Nelson 4 Joyce Butler, Marianne Lorenx, Augusta Huntley, Spyro* Deilica, Mathew Bernard, Edward Miller, Alderman Residence, Harold Zogg, Virginia Spanielner, Leon Yingst, Harold Ramaing, John Hagerman, Joseph Schrader, James Ruddock, Resi- Harrington, Florence Wilismaon, Leon Goldthwait, dent, Reaident, Michael Doran, J Lew u Virkler, James Grace Brown, George Haws, Michael Knlceaki, Kurt Walker, Edward Oniah Jr.Mr 4 Mrs Wait, Mary Doback, Chester Kingsley Jr., David Michael MiWki, George Sandford, Jefferson Ogden, Younis, J L DiSano, Hudson k Mo wis*.Business Rush Pond, Daniel Cifonelli Occupant, Farmers Cooperative.OPEN HOUSE THIS SUNDAY 1:30PM-4PM THE I Specializing In: •Estate Planning •Living Trusts •Wills •Elder Law Issues Specializing In: •Personal Injury •Criminal •DWI PROFESSORS TAX SERVICE FREE CONSULTATION Evenings And Weekend Hours Available N 14 West Genesee St.(Next Door To Village Hall) Baldwinsville, N.


PRIZES - FUN - REFRESHMENTS - FREE PARKING 1993 FORD TEMPO GL 4 DR.air, tilt, cruise, ArvVFM stereo cassette, power locks & more.$ Monthly Lease Payment 24 Month* $225 Refundable Security Depoatt $1000 Cash down payment or trade $1449.

Wlesge charge over 30,000 mtea, l i e per mil*.

Tax, Keens* and ragtstrafon not inducted.L»«»«* haa the option to purcriaaa the vehicle at lease end Lata** reaponaibte for a excess we»r, tear and maintenance.MARTIN POINT o n Owasco Lake Introducing Our New "Meadows" Homes at Pre-Constructlon Price — starting at $146,500 Due to popular demand, we're introducing a smaller, more affordable unit with all the amenities.Special pricing available on our last remaining "Lakeview" Homes, and Single Family building lots.Visit the recreation area with pool, hot tub, pavilion, tennis court and boat dockage.

Rd Baldwinsville IfloOTtAnbUi Located Just East of Rt.31 i i w i i w n n o L t a g u u u c o o r U L DUOIWtldd IW BALDWINSVILLE, FAYETTEVILLE & THE SYRACUSE AREA « * Martin Point Dev.13021 MARTIN POINT OWASCO Contact: Buck Stephens Director of Operations 1-800-735-2330 SELLING OUT TO THE BARE WALLS CLOSING BOTH STORES - GREAT SALE DAYS 3•FR1.10-9 Andrew's Makes Quality Affordable 3 GREAT SALE DAYS •imio* •SAT.12-5 Furniture Galleries Fine Qua! ty Furniture, Rugs, Home Furnishings & Accessories SALE BEING HELD IN BOTH STORES AT 45 OSWEGO ST.FAYETTEVILLE EVERY ITEM IN BOTH STORES ON SALE IN A $ GREAT 2,000,000 STORE CLOSING CONVERSION SALE WE MUST SELL OUT BEFORE WE CONVERT! BOTH STORES THE REASON FOR THIS GREAT SALE HAVE BEEN CLOSED UNTIL FRI.5TH TO MARK DOWN PRICES! Sraw mars » * n M rssrs .1 ssrrlns »*l #«*»*»«**, *»»»«»»*»», M K .ar* M v* «acl«*d ta • * • eut owr amir* stodk e« lornrlur* i'« *cc***«n** Irem eur 2 taxaa, s»4 M tNs eof>du**M at eur *sl* w* all r*orj»ni».tn* rtatoek tut ateraawlli *n *Mlr*a/ rum ml* *« hem* •umkiMnf«from m*ny • « • atsnufsctursr* W« must asil em all ar**«M •lee* e« M M qualty kjrnrs/r* eM tetaaeertaa a* tun ** aoeaaM*.h*icew*»ma«w«»lie»a*eufat era* aiXasiaut all pr***m m»rtr*»n4l— BOTH STORES HAVE BEEN CLOSED UNTIL FRI.5TH TO MARK DOWN PRICES! SALE BEGINS FRIDAY MORNING FEB.5TH AT 10 IN BOTH STORES LAMPS A ACCESSORIES $100,000 INVENTORY BY SUSAN CREEK 50% OFF REO $1360 KNOB CREEK SINGLE 0R£SS€R IN PARCHMENT FWISH SALE $ 668< SAVE 30% REG $1624 JAMESTOWN STERLING ROSE PRINT SOFA *«« TO REG $4124 NAVY ALL LEATHER RECLINING SOFA » .

-•ftftfto 70% 8ALEJ88888 SALE ' i T S S 8 8 USE CASH, CHECK, VISA, MASTERCARD OR FINANCING AVAILABLE REG $5420 JAMESTOWN STERLING 8OUD0AK5PC #--a~irxaa BEDROOM SUITE SAIC *2988 REG $1605 OCCASIONAL TABLES SET OF 3 SALE $48888 BRAND NAMES «nobCr**k sM nM»9t4N*Ffl •SasVy •Hickory •PamntyrVaNnta Houaa •SAflh ANO MANY MORE REG $11,685 SOLID CHERRY CHINA TABLE A 8 CHAIRS £$/ « J t y P M n .tout* SALE * A i 6488 f PENN HOUSE R E 0 $ TRADITIONAL CHAIR SALE , , N J 388 ( laumcrrowaoBsAti.\ � Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections.For more information see, /documents/dces/.Title Baldwinsville Messenger 1993 Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections.

For more information see, /documents/dces/.Title Baldwinsville Messenger 02/03/1993 /omeka/files/original/ 1b4b4be2be9b76e51004fc79e1102a52 Text �����6/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY 3, / 1999 Hardscrabble - A 'forgotten village by Ralph Sims When driving northwest on Van Buren Road there is an intersection where Peck Road crosses Van Buren.With the exception of one older home on the northide of the highway, very little remains to show the driver that this a rea was once a very thriving community.In its earliest days thisniTUe settlement was called Van Buren and sometimes referred to as Van Buren Post Office.

The driving force behind the first post office was A.Benghorn who naturally became its first postmaster.Little is known about the very early years of this area.

Van Buren Road which passed through the hamlet, was early on called the Military Road or Post Road.This was part of the long route north that was used in 1812-14 to move soldiers and supplies north to Oswego, thus the name Military Road.As for the name Post Road, this was a name at, tached lo any road that moved mail.Of course, in those days all mail was transported by stagecoach and Van Buren was stagecoach route.Hezekiah Dow was one of the early settlers in this hamlet.

It is his home of which still stands on the north side of the highway.It is a well-kept residence and in remarkably good shape for its ageIsaac Earll was possibly the earliest settler in this area, arriving here around 1808.From time to time he sold off Creels of his large land holding to other early settlers.Around 1813 a log schoolhouse was built and about 1820 the first tavern came into being.

Augustus Harris was one of the earliest tavern-keepers.Previous to becoming a tavern-keeper, he had been a physician,'surveyor and farmer.A well-educated man, he ran the tavern until about 1834 when M.Dow, in addition to being a farmer, also ran a store there during that period of time.

He also served as postmaster 1840-41,1849-50 and 1861 Like every oth"e7 hamlet the area .fsoboasted a blacksmith shop As Van Burenwasastaiehoeinglorthis service as well as local farmers.

In 1848 the Oswego and Syracuse Railroad came into being which put an end to this thriving little hamlet.Shortly afterwards, stagecoach runs for this route came to almost a complete halt, Without this traffic the tavern could not thrived had little need for a grocery store with Warners only a few miles ing during the week.Nancy Dow, wife of Hezekiah, was thefirstsuperintendent of the Sunday worship group, which included many denominations working together in a community church.

t An article written by Ernest Bowden on Sept.1,1931 makes referawav ence to the Community Sunday There areJacob this little hamlet got the name of Dreher was Sunday school superinHardscrabble.

It had not been listed on tendent with son, Lawrence Dreher, early maps of the area.In the argoes, it got its name on a cold wintery tide, Bowden makes reference to the day when many of thenativesgathered enthusiasm shown by the Sunday in the blacksmith shop to visit and tell school group and the number of staff stories.A resident of the area had just members and teachers available.returned from Syracuse and stopped Such names as Lawrence Mills, Leora in to the shop to get warm.

When asked Foster Young, Frances Foster, Margahow road conditions were he replied, ret Peterson, Mrs." This being in refer- and son Jack Wagner are mentioned, ence to making the return trip over bad In 1942 the old brick school used roads with horse and wagon.From that for teaching and worship service day on the area was referred to as closed down.At that time the resi"Hardscrabble," or so the story goes.

dents voted and agreed to send the While there was an early log cabin area children to Warners School by school house in Hardscrabble, the one bus.Jack Commane, who attended schoolhouse that we know of today Hardscrabble School, Well rememwas built in 1859.was constructed Warners High School through his on land donated by-Dow.The one stipu- later grades and graduated in 1948.lation that Dow had in the deed was Jack attended grades one through six that the school should be free for wor- at the Hardscrabble School and his ship service on Sundays as well as teach- teacher was Miss Brown.He spokeof S • : : Snowf ighters at work '• 1 Snow doesn't stand much of a chance of lasting very long in the village of Baldwinsville.Here, crews remove snowbanks along North Street before it piles up too high.

< Search continues for 'outstanding volunteers' by Pat McFall Mary Eleanor Slye and Bob Kirk have convened their award selection committee which is hard at work researching individual nomiPhoto believed taken by Ernest Bowden in Sept 1931 when he did an nees for Man and Woman of the article on the Community Sunday School of Hardscrabble.Second Year and an outstanding organizaon right CailieDrehHardscrabble School is in the background.I wrote the whole thing, the story about the seagulls.It was a bit longer and filled with even more unnecessary detail than the version you just read, but it was.

the first / Hallenbeck supervisor was considerably less than what he was being paid at the brewery.

The leave was to terminate on July 28, 1991 and Hallenbeck was to return the following dyT Subsequently he was granted five separate extensions of his leave of absence, the last being on Dec.Hallenbeck then requested a /sixth extension of his "political leave." While he was campaigning in 1992 for election to the state Assembly, Hallenbeck sfiid he met with William Ohlendorf, the i brewery's manager at the time, who tbldKim "he could have all .

- 4 - L the leaves of absence he wanted and come back to work when he I wanfeH." This statement w a s the pot belly stove, where in the win- the area for many years, it is still ter time the children would spread known as Hardscrabble.It had its their wet outer clothes to dry.He also day in the sun as a community but remembered, probably for good rea- like many others progress brought sons, the cloak room where children an end to its ability to thrive as a wold have to stay for being unruly, hamlet.It still has the feeling of a Jack said he best remembered, after farming community.

No doubt being let out of school in the after- many of the new residents have noon, racing school mates to the pa- settled here for just that reason.Editor's note: Information in tnis article is owed to Louis uow Shutter, a widow, had trouble get Sisco's "Early History of the Town ting around and was always of Van Buren;" Richard Palmer, edipleased when the children brought tor of the Messenger; Joe Virkler; in the paper.As a reward, whoever Van Buren historian; Jack Commane, and Carolyn Dreker.

brought in the paper would get a - J g J J 0a member of die Camhandful of chocolate candy kisses." Itshould be Comane said he always tried to be noted that Van Buren was a part of first.For those who have resided in BAKER PHOTOGRAPHY H o d g e p o d g e .The gulls slowly cleared off the car and stood by on the ground making little sounds, wanting more.

Our laughing petered out and I remember looking at them, those stern looking birds."We gave you u 1 accomplishments during 1998.Slye and Kirk urge Messenger readers to submit names for consideration.They ask that you pick up a form to recommend your favorite candidate and that you use extra pages to give as much information as possible.

Deadline to be consid- A A J vice award.Award winners will be an"" ""~~ Criteria for seTeiiistory of- service vflrich directly -Woman of the Year event which wilL- benefits the Baldwinsville commu- take place March 27 at the Holiday nity.

from page 2 time I ever did anything like that.Do you reitiember the first time you did whatever it is you always hour on a bus to school each way, yond what was already done in Sepdo now? walkers continuing to walk to school tember.

Editor's note: Walter Gwynn is Mark Dengler, chairperson for the editor of the Liverpool Review.and no additional movement of students whowere moved during the the committee, said it had been quite 1998-99 school year.The effects of difficult to develop a "unified, conOption 1, daycare implications, and tiguous map without moving a sigthe impact on special needs also had nificant number of students.The committee began its work by was almost impossible to meet all of initiate a lawsuit against the reviewing the initial impact of Op- the board's criteria.tion 1 which was to redistrict 127 committee "could not justify movHallenbeck's suit raised two students to new "home schools" last ing children just for the sake of makcauses of action.

Only 16 students were ing a unified, contiguous map." tains A-B breached its agreement displaced; all were new to the disBy consensus vote, the redisrictto allow him to return to Work trict.This represents a reduction ing committee tentatively recomupon his completion of public from 3.mended to the board that "given the service.Secondly, he contended total elementary schopl population.success of Option 1 at closely meetA-B breached its collective bar- The district also saved $53,000 in ing its criteria, there is no need for gaining agreement w i t h salaries plus bus wearand tear as a additional redisricting changes in Teamster's Local 1149, of which result of Option 1.The committee created 12 new model met the criteria better than A-B has filed papers outlining models for consideration.But they the action taken through Option 1 reasons the suit should be dis- narrowed their recommendations for the long term.Those in atten, missed, citing references to the on Tuesday to two: Option 5 - Minor dance applauded the committee's collective bargaining agreement redisricting; and Option 9 - Major recommerydation, breathing a sigh and the Labor Management Re- redistricting~Option 5 would affect of relie>a>t their conclusions.

Teamsters or com- 214 stu

However, they agreed that tion in a report to the board, and action is pending.none of the options reviewed would making its final presentation to the .fpom page 1 paign manager, Marc Michalet.Hallenbeck saidhe continued his work as supervisor under the impression that once he left public office, he would return to his former position at the brewery.

6, 1995, aftet losing his bid for a third term as supervisor, he said he wrote to M.Larry Harmon, A-B's manager of employee relations, who responded saying his job had been terminated about two years prior.Hallenbeck then filed a grievance through Teamsters Local 1149, but Harmon refused to h e a r the g r i e v a n c e <5n the grounds Hallenbeck "no longer had standing/fo pursue it as he was not an employee." It was at that point Hallenbeck decided to fci y �/ MESSENGER, * 3, FEBRUARY 1999/7 EAGLE NEWSPAPERS - • Your news.

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? fUbonwxte Mutual Insunnca Company And A f t t a M C o n p u w i Mom.Ot»c« O n * Nakonwd* P l u s COLUMBUS OH 43216 HatonwKj* 11a rtm i A cl Natonw

/ /• • Stickley Drive, Manlius (315) 682-5441 Mon.1-5 r • Complimentary Interior Design Service • Free Delivery within 50 miles • Ask About Special Financing THE Pro Shop at the Lysander-Radisson Ice Arena • s I • I 2725 W.NY 13027 635-1556 ICE ARENA L L C �8/MESSENGER, FEBRUARY 3, W 1999 BALDWINSVILLE POLICE REPORT Four charged with suspended license On Jan.

The vehicle was stopped and the operator identified as James S.A c o m p u t e r check s h o w e d that I laussig's license had been suspended.

Haussig was arrested and charged with a g g r a v a t e d unlicensed operation third degree and operating an uninspected vehicle.The computer further showed that there was an active arrest warrant for Haussig from the city of Oswego.Haussig was turned over to Oswego officers.Mcllroy observed a vehicle speeding on E.The vehicle was stopped and the operator identified as Michael T.Sawyer, 35, 1 lillside Trailer Park, Weedsport.A computer check showed that the, vehicles r e g i s t r a t i o n w a s s u s pended and that Sawyer's license was suspended.Sawyer was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation third degree, operating a vehicle with a suspended registration and speeding.He was processed and released on Two charged with DWI his own recognizance to appear in On Jan.

a suspi- vehicle traveling down the middle cious vehicle was observed on E.

A computer check vehicle was stopped and the operashowed that the vehicles registra- tor identified as Dean V.The ve- 36/ of Wilkinson PL, Baldwinsville.

hide was stopped and the operator/Alcohol involvement was detected identified as Jeremy A.Lloyd, 19/fjf and field sobriety tests were adminMontana Road, Weedsport.Connery was arrested and ditionalcomputer

check s h o w e d - charged with DWI and failure to that Lloyd's license had been sus- keep right.

Lloyd was arrested and released on his own recognizance to charged with aggravated unli- appear in court on Feb., operating a vehicle with a sus- Baldwinsville Police observed a vepended registration.cessed and released on his own re- travel into the oncoming lane of trafcognizance to appear in court on fie while making a right turn onto E., Officer served to be weaving as it was travE.Mcllroy investigated a suspi- eling on E.During "was stopped and the operator identhe course of the investigation it was tified as Robert A.Wright, 43, pf learned that the operator of the ve- Putman St.Putman was hide, Jason Accordino, 23, of Speech ., Town of Lysander had his li- tion and he was arrested for DWI cense revoked.He was subse- and failure to keep right.Due to a quently arrested and charged with previous conviction for DWI, this aggravated unlicensed operation charge against Wright was a felony second degree.He was processed charge, and released on $50 cash bail to ap- Trespass alleged pear in court on Feb.LeRoy served a criminal summons alleging harassment on a 17-year-old youthful offender residing in Fulton.The summons was issued after it was alleged that the youth grabbed his mother's wrists during a domestic dispute in the parking lot of his mother's employment on Meigs road.

The youth immediately appeared in court on the matter.

While investigating the complaint, the youth was observed on the property, which she had been told not to enter and had been previously-arrested for.The youth was processed and released on her own recognizance to appear in court on Feb.ocus EAGLE NEWSPAPERS LJn Local L vents! Oubscribe loaaij! YOUR NEWS.' 434-8889 UPSTATE You'll Love Our New Sweetheart Auto Loan Rates! Go ahead and fall in love with that new car! Fulton Savings Bank has made it-more affordable with our special SWEETHEART AUTO LOAN .rates, and you may borrow up to 80% of the vehicle's purchase price.' s To applyforyour SWEETHEART AUTO LOAN, Just stop in at any convenient Fulton Savings Bank office or call Scott Brown at 592-3171.But hurry! This sweet deal will end March 1, 1999.Monthly Payment Would You Like To Be Healthier? .

Monday 900 AM 10 400 PM Tuesday 8:30 AM to 4.

-00 PMi, Wednesday Thursday Friday OAK I I Lobby Saturday 9.00 PM 9:00 AM to 5:30 PMm 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM(* 9:06AM to 12:00 PM 10.-00 PM 8:30 AM toStiOPM Call Now to Find Out How We Can Help You Get Healthy and , Feel Good Again! 8:30AM / 6:00 PM 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM s (mKtwtGltn) Canalview Center.Fulton - 592-4201 • Route 49 & Green Acres Drive.Central Square - 676-2065 • Village Green.Baldwinsville - 638-0293 • Three Rivers Shopping Plaza.

Fulton - 592-3190 • Brewerton Centre, Brewerton - 668-7903 • Villaae Market Plaza.Hannibal - 564-6480 • Redfield Road at Vella's Market, Constantia - 623-9447 - Call today for an appointment: / 635-2333 / / �* MESSENGER, FEBRUARY ' / 3, 1999/9 HAPPENINGS ON THE HILL Can you - would you - will you? by Nora Scott Will you my readers, imagine a lady frail and blind, who frequently receives mail from friends but cannot read it.She needs help in writing a card and she wonders if you can take time to Jjelp her in her dilemma.How sh