News: June 2016 Rare candidates and clients work to build a better society“Working in the public sector is an opportunity to influence change in society, and this insight day really helped candidates to experience that. ” said Rachael Gourley, an Executive at Rare who works with our public sector clients.

On Friday 24th June, seventy Rare candidates met with GCHQ, Police Now, Teach First and the Civil Service Fast Stream to gain an insight into graduate opportunities in the public sector. The day began with candidates hearing from each of the organisations. Dave Spencer, CEO of Police Now, spoke about the statistics; the bottom 10% of society are more likely to be the victims of crime than any other portion of society, so much so that even when compared to the next 10%, there is a significant difference.

To remedy this, Police Now are focusing on the most deprived areas of the country, and implementing strategies that will improve, and save, lives. Katherine from Teach First spoke about educational disadvantage, and the roles that teachers can play in combatting it.

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In fact, a child from disadvantaged school is 22. 4x less likely to go to a Russell Group university than their privileged counterpart. Katherine spoke passionately about the aim of all TeachFirst graduates: to ensure that every child receives the same educational opportunity.

Patrick, the Head of Fast Stream & Early Talent Marketing and Diversity Outreach, spoke about the opportunities that Fast Streamers have to tackle some of the biggest social, economic, political and security challenges facing the UK today, and work on the policies that will make a difference Has been offering specialized medical and nursing writing services to thousands of students around the. However when The most popular sites offering research papers, such as. Before students start writing a plagiarism free essay, research paper, or research proposal it is advised to choose and organize the selected..

“What the Civil Service are doing to help contribute to society is amazing – I didn’t realise that they are constantly implementing projects that can potentially change individual lives. Finally, a spokesman from GCHQ talked about the importance and breadth of work his organisation does; from national security to counter terrorism, intelligence analysts work to protect society. GCHQ plays a vital role in ensuring the United Kingdom’s safety and security. Having heard a host of inspiring stories, the candidates were then invited to take part in four interactive workshops, each of which were designed to give a practical insight into what the task of a teacher, civil servant, police offer and intelligence analyst involves.

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”The day ended with networking, giving the candidates the chance to meet employees from each of the organisations, and find out more. Speaking about the event, Rare candidate Nima Kalantari said, “The workshops were interesting and insightful.

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