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Let’s define Art first…oThe expression orapplication of humancreative skill andimagination, typicallyin a visual form such aspainting orsculpture,. • A variety of forms that can beenjoyed using the eyes.

Difference Between Two Dimensional andThree Dimensional Art (Examples)Painting/Drawing(2-dimensional medium) Carving/Weaving(3-dimensional medium) oil/acryliccharcoal/pastelpencil drawingwatercolorphotograph/posterlithographsilk-screencartoon/comic engravingwoodcutetchingstained glassmosaicstage settingtapestrycarved design or picture 7.

Painting/Drawing(2-dimensional medium) Art that has onlythe dimensions ofheight and width,such as found inmost paintings anddrawings Carving/Weaving(3-dimensional medium) An object thathas height, widthand depth, likeany object in thereal world. SculpturePaintingFilmPhotographyFashion designGraphic designOther related art forms thatare in two or three dimension form 9. What is the most popular forms ofvisual arts? 1.

Painting Sculpture and painting will be the topics that we aregoing to learn for this semester.

 Project description will be given by the teacher 19 May 2011 -
Visual Art has been defined as a language of visual signs which conveys ideas, feelings, or moods.
; 5. The Meaning of the Word Art…
The word art encompasses many meanings, including ability, process, and product.
Ability - The human capacity to make things of beauty and things .

Sculpture is a three dimensional art work (thatexists in space) and created by shaping andcombining materials. What is three-dimensional?An object that has height, width and depth, like any object in the real world.

Example: your body is three-dimensional 11. Clay Sculpture: It is all hand built andkiln fired without the useof any molding (frame)techniques. Clay if oftenused to create beautifulceramicpiecesorportrait busts. Depending onthe size and type of wood the artistcarves the wood either with knife orwith a wooden mallet until the shape isformed. Stone Carving: This process is moredifficult than the woodcarving but the artistsfollowthesametechnique.

He chiselsaway at the stone pieceuntil he finds the figurehe seeks.

Metal Sculpture: It can be created from iron, bronze, brassand aluminum, etc 22 Mar 2012 - Visual arts! powerpoint presentation. 1. VISUAL ARTS! 2. OUR THEME!!! Music Brings us Together! 3. WHAT IS A MURAL? Definition of mural! A mural is a creative I have no doubt that this is by far the earliest depiction in art of women acting as witches, Fresco says. 6. DIFFERENT TYPES OF .

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The artists may cut the metals, or hammermetals or he may join metals withscrew and rivets. Wax Sculpture: A wax sculpture is asculpture made inwax.

Often these areeffigies, usually of anotableindividual,but there are alsodeath masks.