OUR THEME!!! Music Brings us Together! 3.

WHAT IS A MURAL? Definition of mural! A mural is a creative painting on a wall or a ceiling.

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If a family would pay an artist a lot of money to paint murals on a wall or a ceiling.

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MEDIEVAL PERIOD OF MURALS In 1066 Feudalism continue to develop, reaching its height during this period.

 Since there was little unity or regional boundaries outside of the large cities.

 The basis of constitutional government can also be traced to the medieval period with the singing of the Magna Carta, or the Great Charter, in 1215 One way to provide empowerment to all of our students is through educating ourselves to learn how to provide and model best practices of accommodating and improving accessibility to learning and participating in the rich visual language of art; To make this happen there needs to be collaboration between the special .

EXAMPLE OF A MEDIEVAL MURAL A mural that has recently come to light in Tuscany has been identified by a British university lecturer as the earliest surviving representation of witchcraft in Christian Europe BA in Visual Studies. 2013-2014. Visual Studies. Why VS? Because you are interested in the visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, video,…) Because you want to find a job and make a living after graduation. Visual Studies. Because you are interested. For example, you enjoy. going to exhibitions .

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"I have no doubt that this is by far the earliest depiction in art of women acting as witches," Fresco says. DIFFERENT TYPES OF MURALS Funny faces Mural Pony/Horse Island MuralChildren’s mural Mural Beach Mural Egyptian Mural Night Mural Sun Mural Farmer Mural Religious Mural 7.

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GETTING READY TO MAKE THE MURAL’S /watch?v=szAIi903dhI&list=HL1331640796&feature= mh lolz 10.

VIDEOS OF EACH GROUP PAINTING OURMURAL ! /watch?v=ayPkEvUg- vg&feature=  /watch?v=3GxmP- FPVSo&feature=  /watch?v=VjpYAoiiEGE&fe ature= 13.

COMPLETED MURAL IN MUSIC PRACTICE ROOM 1 14 22 Mar 2012 - Visual arts! powerpoint presentation. 1. VISUAL ARTS! 2. OUR THEME!!! Music Brings us Together! 3. WHAT IS A MURAL? Definition of mural! A mural is a creative I have no doubt that this is by far the earliest depiction in art of women acting as witches, Fresco says. 6. DIFFERENT TYPES OF .


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