Share 17 June 2014 Students taking a geometry class need several types of supplies beyond textbooks. These supplies include calculators, paper, measuring instruments, and pencils.

Each item on the supply list is vital to the student's success in their high-school geometry class.

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Staying abreast of the most common supplies needed will help to ensure a successful experience in geometry class.

1Scientific CalculatorDoing high-level math by hand is tough, if not impossible. Geometry requires students to calculate the area and volume of complex shapes using numbers such as pi and functions like sine and cosine.

Students should purchase a scientific calculator that can handle these functions and more. Most schools suggest buying a Texas Instruments brand calculator, but Casio and Sharp offer similar calculators with the same features.

Scientific calculators should include the ability to find the sine, cosine, and the tangent.

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Students who wish to save money should consider a graphing calculator Buy Oxford Advanced Maths Set from our Stationery & Geometry Sets range at Tesco direct. We stock a great range of products at everyday prices. Clubcard points on every order..

It is a type of scientific calculator, but offers graphing functions in addition to all of the other mathematical and engineering functions.

PaperMost school classes need paper products, and Geometry is no different. Purchase several notebooks, packs of filler paper, and a packs of graph paper.

Students will use all three types of paper throughout the year.

Students need notebooks for taking notes during in-class lectures, for doing homework, and for writing down notes from the textbooks 580 items - 9-piece math set contains the ideal tools needed for geometry class; Includes all essentials such as, metal compass, automatic pencil, 6 180 degree protractor, 6 ruler, 45 degree triangle, 60 degree triangle, extra lead and eraser; Neatly packed in a flip open storage box. 9.21 $9.21. Each. Available In Store Only..

Notebooks come in single-subject, three-subject, five-subject, and seven-subject varieties.

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Filler PaperFiller paper comes in both college-ruled and wide-ruled varieties. The kind of paper students should choose depends on the teacher's requirements.

Filler paper comes in packs of 100 to 500, but most students only need 100 sheets for geometry class. Graph Paper Students will use the graph paper daily.

Graph paper comes in single loose packs of 50 sheets, or students can purchase a large pack of up to 500 sheets. When choosing loose graph paper, there are two choices, which include hole-punched sheets and plain sheets.

Another kind of graph paper comes in a letter-size legal pad.

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ProtractorMeasuring and working with angles requires a protractor. This item is on every teacher's list for geometry class.

Protractors are available in several shapes, including circular, square, rectangular, or semicircular. The instruments measure angles in degrees, which line the outside of it.

Students can choose protractors made of clear or solid plastic and metal. Protractors are not large and will fit in a folder, binder, or a pocket inside of a backpack.

CompassStudents use the compass to create arcs and for drawing perfect circles The perfect companion to paper folding books, these translucent squares of paper make fun math activities easier than ever! Learn geometry hands-on with patty paper squares or teach a tactile understanding of important geometric concepts that students will really embrace. Why patty paper? When it comes to paper .

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Some compasses allow students to use a regular pencil, or to have an attached arm with a graphite tip.

The thumbscrew compass comes with several different arms that detach for different applications. RulerLike protractors, rulers are a requirement of all geometry classes.

Students use rulers to make straight lines, draw shapes, and to measure.

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Students can choose from metal, plastic, and wood rulers.

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Students can match their ruler to the color of a folder or binder. Additionally, the ruler will fit inside of the pocket inside of a binder or folder.

PencilsPencils are a necessity for any math course. Number 2 pencils are a requirement for high school classes for testing, but for normal class functions, students can choose other types of pencils.

Students can purchase the classic wooden pencils, or they can choose mechanical pencils.

Mechanical pencils come in many different styles, colors, and brands.

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How to Buy Geometry Supplies on eBayStudents and parents can easily find many geometry supplies available on eBay. To find the supplies needed, type each item from the supply list into the search box at the top of any eBay product page.

Click on the blue search button to access the results. From there, add each item to the cart to make a purchase.

If the student wants specific brands or colors, the brand or color should be included in the search terms.

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Each of the supplies needed are easy to find on eBay without leaving the house.

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