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Quote: At Chicago, it's all about the idea.You'll focus on generating, analyzing, comparing and refining ideas.

Why? Because there are no pat answers or simple rules to draw on in business Best website to get writing assistance math lab report plagiarism free US Letter Size College Senior Premium single spaced.Why? Because there are no pat answers or simple rules to draw on in business.

You'll thrive throughout your career because you'll have learned how to: Examine every idea.

Whether presented by a classmate or a professor.You'll voice your support, your dissent, your suggestions.Here, there are no wrong questions except the ones that go unasked.Through the lenses of accounting, economics, psychology, sociology, and statistics.

With a diversity of analytical tools and methods, you'll see things in new ways.You'll learn to feel comfortable when there is no formula to guide you.You'll lead the way with your ability to think critically and act decisively.

The Chicago experience will take you deeper into an issue, broaden your perspective and force you to question assumptions - including your own.Instead of accepting the status quo, you'll pursue the best thinking.You'll develop the skills to successfully take on any business challenge and the opportunities they generate.The Chicago experience will give you the confidence to perform in situations where there are no set guidelines - and that is what distinguishes a leader.Booth offers two options for campus visits: Daily Campus Visit Program: This is an informal half-day program.

You may sit in on a class, attend an Admissions information session, get a tour of the Charles M.Harper Center, and have lunch with current students.Chicago Booth Live:These are full-day events held on a Friday and allow to you to spend a day as a Chicago Booth student.You will engage students and faculty in the classroom, and meet new friends at a reception called "Liquidity Preference Function."Directions to Campus: The campus is located minutes away from downtown Chicago.

Visitors can travel using a cab, bus, or train.After an applicant submits their application, the application is first verified to make sure it is complete.Approximately half the applicant pool is invited for an interview each year.For applicants invited to interview, they can interview with an Admissions Fellow (second year students) on the Chicago Booth campus or they can interview with an alumni in the city they live.

In response to questions from applicants, the admissions committee has clarified that Booth has no preference for interviewing with second year students on campus or with alumni off campus.Internships Booth provides entensive support for obtaining an internship: Full Day Conference: Alumni and other top professionals share experiences on their respective career paths and current roles.Flexible Curriculum: You can take tcourses you feel you'll need for success before your internship begins; Corporate Events: Over 150 corporate events where you can learn about internship opportunities.Student Mentors: student mentors provide career advice and information about what to expect during an internship.A campus visit is a must if you expect to be admitted.

It is impossible to be admitted during Round 3.You must have a minimum GPA or GMAT score and 5 years of work experience to be considered for admission.There are no minimum's for these factors.Quote: In monitoring the discussion forums, talking with Booth applicants on the road, and meeting prospective students here on campus, the Admissions team is often reminded of the misconceptions prospective students have about the Chicago Booth admissions process.

The Admissions Committee finally attempts to de-bunk the top 10 myths! Myth 1: The GMAT is the most important part of the application.There is no one admissions requirement that is more important than the other.While the results of your GMAT exam are important to us, they are by no means the only tool we use to make an admissions decision.The GMAT score is not a "make or break" item.At Chicago Booth, our application process is a holistic one in which the Admissions Committee attempts to learn all about you in order to determine a fit between you and Chicago that goes above and beyond your GMAT score.

Myth 2: A campus visit is a must if you expect to be admitted.Myth 3: It's impossible to be admitted during Round 3.Booth does in fact accept students in Round 3.Round 2 sees the greatest number of applications and since we fill spots in the program as we progress through the Rounds, there will naturally be fewer spots left for Round 3 applicants.The best advice is to apply when you believe that you can turn in the application that you're most proud of that best reflects your strengths and talents.

However, we do encourage our international students to consider applying by Round 2 in an attempt to avoid potential hassles in obtaining a student visa prior to the start of classes.Myth 4: You must have a minimum GPA or GMAT score and have 5 years of work experience to be considered for admission.This is an easy one; there are no minimums for these factors! Anyone who has or will obtain a bachelor's degree and can report a GMAT score is eligible to apply for admission to Chicago.You can view our class profile online to see some statistics for the class of 2009.Myth 5: An interview with a staff member will increase your chances of admission more than an interview with a student or alum.

Regardless of who your interviewer may be, the feedback is valuable and is weighed equally in each and every case.Each year, we rely heavily on our alumni all over the world to conduct interviews with applicants.The same holds true for students here at the Harper Center and those who may be studying abroad.These two groups, each member of which has been carefully trained, conduct the vast majority of interviews.

At times, the Admissions staff will also conduct interviews in certain locations.

Myth 6: The earlier you submit your application before the deadline, the earlier your interview invitation will come.The interview invitation process lasts a few weeks for each round as our staff and graduate assistants read and review thousands of applications.The process of inviting applicants to interview is entirely random, and the point at which you hear from us is not a reflection on the strength of your application or the timeframe in which you submitted it - we promise! And we really do extend interview invitations all the way up until 9:00 am on the mid-decision date! Myth 7: If you were not a Business major, you are at a great disadvantage in the admissions process.Students who apply to and enroll at Chicago Booth come from a variety of backgrounds with respect to their undergraduate studies.In fact, 34% of the class of 2009 had a liberal arts background.

We are always excited by the unique experiences that each student's education brings to the community at Chicago.

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Myth 8: Chicago Booth prefers applicants from finance and consulting backgrounds.We value diversity in all its forms, including career industry.Many of our applicants come from finance or consulting backgrounds; but many more have work experience in other industries, including military service, marketing, education, retail, and non-profit work, just to name a few Where to order a math lab report no plagiarism 20 days Business British US Letter Size.Many of our applicants come from finance or consulting backgrounds; but many more have work experience in other industries, including military service, marketing, education, retail, and non-profit work, just to name a few.

It's not what you do that matters - it's how you do it and the experience you'll bring to the classroom and study groups.

Myth 9: The Admissions Committee members only read the first essay in the application - they disregard the rest.Our staff, including our Admissions Fellows, reads each and every essay, recommendation letter and transcript that crosses our desks.This makes for a great deal of work but we're committed to putting together the best possible class and to do so, we feel we need to get to know each applicant well.This process is a part of what makes Chicago Booth a unique place.You've worked hard to submit your application, and we appreciate that effort.

Myth 10: A letter of recommendation from the CEO of my company/a Booth alum I met once/the Governor/the President of the United States is better than getting one from a supervisor or colleague who knows me well.Choose your recommenders carefully! Letters of recommendation are a crucial part of the admissions process and while you may be tempted to impress the admissions committee with the connections you've made, you'll want to work with someone who knows you and your accomplishments, talents and skills well.Your current or former supervisor and a colleague or client who can speak at length about your value to your company or organization is a much better choice than someone who may have an impressive title, but little insight into you as a person or future Chicago Booth student.Quote: Linda Abraham: Hello, my name is Linda Abraham and I am the founder of and the moderator of today’s chat.First, I want to welcome all applicants to the Q&A today, and I want to congratulate you for taking this time to learn more about Chicago's Booth School of Business.

It is critical for the decision-making process and your admissions chances that you know as much as you can about the schools you’re applying to.Being here today allows you to ask experts about these processes.I also want to give a special welcome to Kurt Ahlm, Senior Director of Admissions at Chicago Booth, and to Julie Morton, the Associate Dean of Career Services at Chicago Booth.This is your chance to ask the questions that are important to you.

About applying, about re – applying, about Admissions policies and of course about career opportunity at Chicago Booth, but I’m going to take advantage of my position as a moderator and ask the first question.So, to both Kurt and Julie, what’s new at Chicago Booth? Kurt Ahlm: That’s actually a lot new in Chicago Booth as to we just appointed a new Dean.He's going to start in January so that’s one obviously big new thing that’s happening and absolutely bringing a lot of other new things.To be candid, from an admissions perspective and just I think from a school perspective, I think really what’s been new in the past couple of years is we've just been really trying to get out there.

We’ve been and really give people greater access and greater understanding in what Booth can provide.I think for a lot of people what seems like new things happening in Chicago is really pretty much business as usual, but I think the way we’re promoting the program and talking about areas like marketing and entrepreneurship and strategy in general management, a lot of things that Chicago hasn’t got the attention from in the past is now becoming just more common knowledge.So, I think that, at least from my perspective, what’s being perceived as new is really just stronger messages out there about the institution.Julie Morton: Yes, I think from a career prospective, the exciting news for us is that the economy appears to be picking up.Certainly not a dramatic turnaround by any means, but it's definitely more robust than what we’ve seen for the last couple of years, which is great news and a good new development from our perspective.

One of the things that we’ve seen sort of gradually is a real diversity of student interest from our career perspective, and related to that, a real broadening of where our students are going in terms of jobs.I think part was frankly driven by the economy - as the economy tanked, especially in areas where Chicago Booth is particularly well-known, such as the financial services field on Wall Street, certain students certainly looked more broadly, but I think that the change is really more profound than that.I think students have really started to look beyond the traditional MBA hirers for potential opportunities because of their interest in their foci.One of the things that we’ve been able to do which has been great is we’ve got such a great team of people doing player outreach.There are soon to be seven of us on the team who really focus on that and we've been able to really cover the world from a geographic prospective and through that, combined with students broadening of interest, we've been able to make some really nice headway in a new geographic market and also new functions in industries which is a great new development.

And then of course the biggest news on campus is that 579 new first years have arrived for their first day of orientation which was last Tuesday so that's big news.Linda Abraham:: Great, thank you very much.I'd like to follow up with a question for both of you.It has been recently reported that MBA's are increasingly interested in marketing as a post-MBA goal and as an area of study during their MBA.

Chicago of course is famous for its strength in finance.What does it offer someone interested in marketing, for example? Kurt Ahlm: Sure, so, just as something to point people in a direction in terms of a great resource, in terms of learning about marketing at Chicago Booth is – so we have a lot of academic centers here.They were originally put in place to provide greater opportunities to bring in additional research, maintain faculty within the field and they are truly academic centers.A lot of them have evolved and do a lot of student programming.

One in particular is called the Kilts Center, named after James Kilts, former CEO of Gillette.

Anyway, Chicago has always had a very strong marketing program but obviously it's easy to bucket programs when we're located just 12 miles south of another phenomenal program, Kellogg.And at least in the Chicagoland area and certainly a more global perspective has been that one's known for marketing, the other one's known for finance and I think, now that people have begun to dig a little bit deeper and as schools begin to really promote "fit" a lot more in terms of culture and recognizing schools can provide really good academic opportunities, both of us are becoming more known for a broader range of options.So, the thing distinctive I think about Chicago in terms of our approach is Chicago has always had a very strong focus on analytics and really understanding how the quantitative elements - I don’t want it to be perceived as just number crunching but really how analytics, including some of the quantitative metrics, really help people to become better informed as marketers.So how do you leverage data, how do you really think about some of these quantitative and analytical measures to really better informed decision-making in the marketing field, right? And, I think, Chicago has had the propensity of really, through a flexible curriculum in terms of discipline-based approach to allow people not only a wide range of opportunity in the classes that they take, but it really has strong bases for understanding problems, dissecting down to the roots and making very effective decisions.So there's sort of this, again, "routine" here of a good thinking about marketing, not just necessarily in a creative sense so, how do this brand come to life in the market place, but really how do you define brand, how do you define segmentation, how do you really define the way your consumers behave, and how they will operate within the market place.

And I think that’s the routine here in Chicago.It's very comprehensive, again, very analytical.And the courses range, you know, anything from integrated marketing communications or something like advertising science, the things like data driven marketing, which is very heavy on the research side.But the blend of marketing classes combined with a lot of the things that Kilts offers which has things like managing labs to bringing companies into classroom settings where students can get real-world practical experience and they provide mentoring opportunities so, if as a marketing student, you want to be mentored by an alum – you have those opportunities.So, there are a lot of things that Kilts helps to do that facilitate that marketing element here.So, you get really the best of both worlds.Network options outside the classroom and really sort of that in-depth analytical look at curriculum.And the last thing I want to say is the beauty about Chicago and not just in terms of marketing but any sort of concentration you decide to pursue is, you know, because Chicago doesn't adhere to the strict core curriculum.We have a lot of flexibility, it's provided.

You can start taking elective-based course work immediately at Booth.So, if you’re somebody who’s really interested in marketing but maybe doesn't have a great perspective of what it is to be a brand manager and just think you know, you have the option to start taking courses immediately, so you can take marketing strategy, you can take data driven marketing.You could do a lot of different things to give you that perspective and set you up very nicely to do internship in that field.So, for a lot of people who are career changers, you have the opportunity to begin to tailor-make your MBA early on to set you up, not only understanding the field at a much earlier level but putting you in the position to be more competitive for internships.Adam: So, what did you learn during your first year at Booth? Booth2010: First year is mainly getting core classes done (Accounting, Microeconomics, Statistics) to be able to take more advanced classes.

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Form a study group for each class, and learn to study together - collaborating in a team.Time management skill is critical since time flies and there are so many things you need to do.Corporate presentations, mini-presentations at lunch hours (lunch box provided), student groups, lectures of your areas of interest, study group, and social events apart from hours you spend on actually studying the material Should i order math lab report University 30 days single spaced Premium.Corporate presentations, mini-presentations at lunch hours (lunch box provided), student groups, lectures of your areas of interest, study group, and social events apart from hours you spend on actually studying the material.

MBA is very much about 50% intensive studying and 50% intensive job-hunting.You will need to manage time every minute if not, you will pile up things to do - so it is crucial to prioritize and allocate your time realistically.

It is also crucial to develop your network to create a pipeline for a potential position so that people may want to interview you for a position when available Today, many companies call themselves professional lab report writing services, but unlike us, the majority of them do not offer such a high quality of product at   in Toronto and all across Canada become our clients because they know that only with us they get premium conditions for ordering dissertation writing services..It is also crucial to develop your network to create a pipeline for a potential position so that people may want to interview you for a position when available.Adam: What part of the program have you liked the most? The least? Booth2010: I liked the fact that the program offered breadth and freedom of choice in courses, yet according to the class requirements, you have certain fixed path until you claim the concentration equine-research-inc.com/paper/precision-production-trades.php.Adam: What part of the program have you liked the most? The least? Booth2010: I liked the fact that the program offered breadth and freedom of choice in courses, yet according to the class requirements, you have certain fixed path until you claim the concentration.Study group is formed in most of the classes.Professors and TAs allocate enough time for office hours.

There was a program change since 2009: 3 Foundations areas of Accounting, Microeconomics and Statistics remain the same, 6 courses – One course in six of seven categories representing Functions (Finance, Marketing, and Operations), Management (Decisions, People, and Organizations), and the Environment in which firms operate (Macroeconomics and Global Institution and Political Economy) replaces the requirement to take four Breadth requirements and two General Management requirements (A and B).11 electives, unchanged from the existing curriculum.Leadership requirement now applied to all (Full-time/Part-time/Evening) programs.There are some more changes, so I recommend you to read Booth homepage well and do not depend on past information so much.Basically school added even more flexibility to the program.

About the LEAD program, it is a very much a bond creating, fun program that focuses on your personality and development of team spirit and leadership.When you become 2nd year, you have a chance to become LEAD facilitator for cohort, with which you can develop/demonstrate leadership (and can write on your resume), as well as good presentation practice.Also, other forms of mentoring/mentee opportunities are abundant.Some professors with less experience and low evaluation scores are to be avoided - it makes a difference.I also had to work extra to understand a professor who used slang a lot - but if asked they will listen to your needs/request.

Adam: How would you describe the culture of Booth? Booth2010: Supportive-competitive.It is not too individualistic as I imagined before - staff are supportive, and professors will make sure you understand the subject.Social events are abundant and you only need to sign up.Most of the students live in downtown, and it is far from Hyde Park where the school is, and you develop social circle at where you are based at.Alumni are very approachable and mostly helpful if contacted.

Booth has presence in major industries but not all - so if you are going for industry like healthcare, you might need to find Alumni to reach out for potential opportunities and inquiries.Career track and classes you take divide your path - and you never see some faces throughout year, which probably makes Chicago different from other schools with core classes where everyone sits in the same class for the first year.Adam: Do you actually have any time for clubs? If so, which ones are you active in? Booth2010: Clubs activities are mostly during lunch time and I found it difficult to go to those since most of the times there are some sort of lecture during lunch time, or I just wanted to prepare for classes.I am a member of the Healthcare Club in which we share info or organize conferences - also, some cultural group have frequent outings.

Occasional communal events help to get back in touch with classmates you rarely see otherwise.

It is crucial to have a membership and get your resume out in certain club's resume book to increase exposure to firms.Membership fees amounts to a lot, so select wisely.Adam: Are there any common characteristics you find amongst your classmates? Booth2010: Hard working, independent self-starters, as most of all MBAs.I find many people have strong finance background - I found others are a bit of minority.However, we have diverse people of various backgrounds, like advertised at MBA fairs - it is true.

Very international - many students from India is what I notice at most classes - South Americans are next, East Asia, then rest of Europe, Middle East.International Connection helps especially in times of recruitment.Adam: How has the financial crisis impacted life at Booth? Booth2010: Impact is clear - many companies reduced their booth area or did not even come to Boston Career Forum - many students choose plan B (ex.School wide, many people are having difficulty securing internship and full-time job.

I heared rumor at some point in April that 50% of 1st years were without internship (should have improved) and 40% of 2nd years without full-time job.(In September, I learned more than 90% had internship, paid and non-paid) Career services have been trying very hard to reach out for Alumni for job opportunities and they have launched a portal specific for that purpose.VC, Investment Managements are now very invisible, and many multinational firms terminated sponsoring visas for internationals.There are some internship opportunities created by school - working for projects.Economy seemingly boosted international students intake - as far as I heard from other students, number of acceptance doubled in many international countries - China, Japan, and France - so it should be a good time to apply, for international students, however loan situation is not any better.

Class of 2011 is the biggest in history, reflecting the economy crisis and choices people made accordingly.While, recruiting is not picking up very quickly.Recruitment has been hit by cost cutting - less companies are flying to have session, some just canceled the program.Adam: Do you have any specific advice for those considering application to Booth? Booth2010: Booth is not only finance - also strong in consulting marketing and other areas.If you look at job stats on school website you will verify that.

Campus visit helps especially if you meet Adcom and make impression.Also, especially if you know specific companies you want to target to apply in US, it is good idea to research which schools they target to recruit - some firms target not exactly based on school rankings, but geographic proximity.It impacts your candidacy for the company.

Some companies recruit at Booth, and not at Kellogg, and some do at Kellogg, and not at Booth.Of course being a student at their target school improves your chance to be hired, since corporate HR's job is also to maintain School-Company relationship.Adam: Anything else you would like to tell us? Booth2010: Two years are big investment in your life.Choose your school well - considering location, program, etc.

It helps to have great friends who can support you.Chicago Booth Pros and Cons - Rhyme's perspective The curriculum is flexible You can take two courses Pass / Fail The name DOES open doors and it does command respect Flexible Curriculum So lets talk about the flexible curriculum a bit.The school really sucks at selling this.First, they lie about how flexible it is.

Second, even though they lie, they still forget to mention why what IS true is actually interesting.

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So, first off, raise your hand if you've heard "There's only one class required at booth!".Ok you can all put your hands down now, cause that's not true.Sure, LEAD is the only required class (if you can even call it that) -- but you DO have to take classes among the foundations and functions Math Lab report Order high quality academic writing and editing help nbsp.

Sure, LEAD is the only required class (if you can even call it that) -- but you DO have to take classes among the foundations and functions.

What that means is that you will have to take an accounting course, you will have to take a microeconmics course and you do have to take a stats course.As far as I'm concerned, getting to pick between Accounting I and Accounting II isn't flexible.So lets say there are 4 required courses.Nevertheless, the flexible curriculum IS cool.Here's why: First, you get to know 2nd year students during your 1st year equine-research-inc.com/laboratory-report/order-ecology-laboratory-report-business-6-hours-102-pages-28050-words.

Here's why: First, you get to know 2nd year students during your 1st year.

They know how to manage the reqruiting process and they provide a lot of great insights / help / cover letter reviews etc.They are also likely teh very people who will be reading your cover letter for the FT job in a year, so being friends with the new associate at company X certainly doesn't hurt.Third, if they end up in your study group, they know how to 'play the game' and have figured out how to prioritize tasks so that you dont' feel overwhelmed.

This is a pretty big perk -- because honestly, without it, you aren't going to get to know 2nd years that easily.

Second, its flexbile not just in what kind of classes you take (e.I dont want to take that, I'll take this) but also in what order you take them in.For instance, if you plan on recruiting for banking but havent a clue about finance, its nice that you can jump right into investments in your first quarter rather than have to be stuck taking accounting first.

That helps when it comes time to interview because now you actually know *something* relevant to the subject.Similarly, if you plan on going into marketing, take marketing your first quarter and worry about takign statistics later.In fact, some people dont' do accounting until their LAST quarter on campus.(yes, accounting is that boring) Third, the flexibility means you can have a kick ass schedule.Only want classes monday and tuesday ? Thats doable -- in fact, my final quarter at Booth I had that schedule.

What a beautiful schedule -- no class Wed, Thurs or Fri.Its also helpful if you want to find a part time job (as some peopel do) because you can actually work two full 8 hour days if you want (and a number of people do in PE and VC) Fourth, even the same classes -- say, introductory economics, are taught by different professors with different styles.One professor might prefer team oriented work like a final report while the other might be a more traditional midterm and final.Hate math? Don't take the one with the midterm and final.

Prefer a class that has no midterm at all? Take professor Z.Or if you want a class with 70% of your grade determined by homework? Try professor Q.You can really pick what YOU like and what YOu want.

Fifth, you can combine classes to craft a schedule that works.If class A is going to be heavy on reading, then dont' take two other heavy reading classes at the same time - combine a case-heavy class with a non-case based course.Combine a teamwork intensive class with one thats more individually focused.You put this altogether and you get a VERY flexible curriculum that really lets you take what you want, when you want, with what professor you want.The school talks about it, but again I think they just don't do a great job of selling that.Taking Classes Outside Booth Some of the other related perks here is that you can take classes outside of Booth if you want (e.intensive chinese if you are a masochist) -- some people take classes in the law school as well (e.

I'm told the law school is crazy and its awful, but you can do it if you want.Similarly, you can take two classes pass fail and have them count towards your graduation requirements.Either because you can take something you know will be hard and just pass fail it, or because you can lighten the stress of a quarter you otherwise knew was going to be tough.I imagine thats pretty obvious -- but it really does.I like how when you mention you went to Chicago people's eyebrows go up -- they immediately assume you are smart (unless you are a PT who asks a corporate recruiter about consulting, then they and I both think you are an idiot).and the cachet and almost 'table stakes' assumption about you is certainly a nice perk.

Academics First, there's really very little competition here.Sure, there are those people who *care* more about their grades and there are those that practically appear to be comatose in class -- and everything in between, but there's hardly a lot of competition.First, there are far more people who aim for a "B or a C" than people who aim for an "A or A-".So, right out of the gate, that reduces the competitiveness in class pretty substantially.

Second, much of what you do (with the exception of certain courses like accounting) is very team oriented.A lot of these team efforts begin to approach collusion instead of competition.For instance, if you have a 5 person team and say, 10 case writeups to do over teh course of a class, some teams will just say 'ok you do the first 2, i'll do the next 2, etc.' and you just cut your workload in a fifth.

Professors don't much encourage that of course, it's sort of cheating the learning process a bit being that the whole idea of team oriented learning is taht you discuss (not that you just divy up the work).

Third, peeople just aren't like that -- its quite common for people to share cheat sheets for final exams ("oh i took that class last quarter, let me give you my cheat sheet for the final") or notes or other resources.Fourth, and perhaps this should have been first, we have grade non disclosure.IT means that you cannot divulge your GPA to any recruiter until after you graduate.So (and this relates to my first point about most people not aiming for As) there's really very little incentive (outside of your own personal sense of accomplishment) to aim for As.I'm proud of my high honors but other than my parents, I'm not sure anyone cares.

Fifth, it takes EFFORT to get something lower than a C.I don't know of people who have -- although I know they exist.But honestly, you REALLY have to do nothing to get below a C.The overall difficulty of the academics are far overblown.Sixth, part of it is just being smart -- pick your teammates well.

People get reputations as 'idiots' or 'slackers' quickly, and those people won't find themselves in good groups.

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If on the other hand, you get the opposite reputation you'll find that people you barely know are trying to get you to join their group.Having the pick of the litter makes your life a lot easier.It's not always easy to cut out the weak ones and I've thrown a few really poor performers under a bus which I didn't like to do, but it was the right choice 2 Nov 2017 - Our company will take care of your mathematics papers like mathematics essays, arithmetic term papers, mathematics analysis papers, mathematics thesis or mathematics dissertation in any citation styles: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian and Harvard. Custom-Writing.Co is a proficient custom paper writing  .It's not always easy to cut out the weak ones and I've thrown a few really poor performers under a bus which I didn't like to do, but it was the right choice.

By the time I got into my second year, I had all of the smartest folks in teh room pairing up on my team - most of whom (if not all) were smarter than I was.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding Where to get a lab report math 2 days Harvard Junior 21 pages / 5775 words.The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.0 undergrad and I graduated with high honors from Booth Where to get a lab report math 2 days Harvard Junior 21 pages / 5775 words.0 undergrad and I graduated with high honors from Booth.That either means I got smarter in the interim, everyone else got dumber, or people just dont' compete that much on academics.It seems unlikely that either of the first two things happened equine-research-inc.com/presentation/british-literature.php.

It seems unlikely that either of the first two things happened.

LEAD LEAD is arguably the most overhyped utterly useless entirely worthless bag of garbage ever concieved by man.In all seriousness, I don't think I could create something more worthless if I tried.First, from the get go they tell you take it seriously, but then clearly set it up so that you don't have to.

50% of your "grade" in LEAD is attendance.Soemthing like 25% is just submitting the homework and the remaining 25% is discretionary.Keep in mind that LEAD is just a "pass fail" course.So in other words, if you show up, hand ANYTHING in (even if its a blank piece of paper with teh words 'i hate you' written on it) you've got a 75% in the class.How can you possibly fail? Moreover, how can someone tell you this is a capstone course that you should take seriously when the grading is set up this way? You might not believe it, but there is always someone who DOES fail LEAD.

If you find someone who does, take note -- they are the type of person you dont want in your study group.To me, thats enough to kill it, but lets continue painting this pig, shall we? Now, a leadership development class, you would presume, would be taught by people with, well, leadership experience.Now some of these people are impressive, but its hard to take a 22 year old analyst from Merrill seriously when they tell me how to be a CEO.

I have undigested meat in my colon thats older than some of these people.Its a farce of the highest order and one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen.These people know nothing more about leadership than you do, some of them barely have more than a few years experience.Bring in a CEO to talk, or bring in someone who does this stuff for a living.But to purport that a 2nd year is somehow now qualified to teach ethics and leadership is insulting to my intelligence and to theirs.

As for crisis management? Seriously? A 25 year old teaching you how to manage life crises? With what? Some 'johari window' or other such crap pulled from some framework? It's the equivalent of my attending swimming lessons at a local pool and then teaching a class on 'how to ditch an airplane in high seas and survive'.Then there's the mock cases you do that are supposed to represent 'real life' situations.The real life examples are so far removed from real life, they might as well be taken from the latest harry potter movie.How about this for a nice realistic situation you might find yourself in? *real case*.

You play the CEO of a 5B dollar hospital.Someone else plays the Private Equity buyer.The nurses at the hospital have been giving free medical care to some homeless people and the CEO and CFO are worried that if they sell to the PE buyer they firm will put a stop to it.

Is it unethical to withhold that from the buyer? What should they do? Then you get together and pretend to debate it for 30 minutes.

because here's the kicker: everyone already knows everything: everyone has read the same case, and everyone knows each others arguments ahead of time because they are all in the written case, so you just spend half and hour mentally regurgitating out crap you ALREADY KNOW to each other.Worse, they tell you what the supposed personalities of each person are - so if the CEO is supposed to play hard and tough - are you supposed to be hard and tough? What if thats not the type of person you are? They also tell you what point of view you are supposed to argue.What if you don't agree with the supposed point of view you are supposed to take? How will this help you practice your skills by pretending to be someone else and pretending to adopt some viewpoint you don't actually have? So here's how it goes: Nurse: "But its not that expensive!" (page 2 of case) CFO: "How expensive is it?" Nurse: "Uhm uh I don't know the case doesn't say".

CEO: "Well I think its important for our community" (page 3 of case), other guy: "But its bad for our relationship with the PE guy" (page 4 of case).Third guy: "Well I don't actually feel this way but I'm supposed to say that I oppose telling the buyer.CEO: "Yea, ok, well uhm, I disagree) (page 6 of case, except you can tell he doesnt) As if that didn't render the excercise entirely meaningless already, there's absolutely no evaluation of an outcome.They don't even take a tally to see if you all come to a similar decision.First, don't hand me the exact same case info as everyone else, because thats just retarded.How about this: A member of your study group hasn't been pulling their weight and you arent sure how to deal with it.Or maybe you've started a new job and you arne't happy with your assignment, and want to take on more leadership, how do you handle that? Or maybe your new boss is doing something you are concerned about, who, if anyone do you tell? Now *thats* real, relevant, and unlike becoming the CEO of a fictitious hospital, probably something will happen to you in the next 5 years.Third, make the !(#!(#@ decision matter.In another course I took they actually had each game be zero sum - someone wins, someone looses, and although your grade isn't tied to the outcome you do see z-scores for everyone so you can see how you did.You want to know who benefits? The people who teach the class - they get to get up in front of an audience 2x a week and practice public speaking, they get a large amount of one-on-one training with a real executive coach (he's older than 25).

I honestly believe LEAD exists not for the students in the class but for the people selected to teach it.Jobs Jobs are a wierd beast -- in some ways its very uncompetitive and in other ways its hypercompetitive.A lot of it frankly, is just PERCEPTION.On one side of the coin - people do help each other out -- I had an instance where I was walking to an interview and ran into a girl I knew who had just finished her own interview (for the same job).

She mentioned to me that I should brush up on concept X and concept Y -- out of her own volition.I ended up with an offer from that company in part thanks to her heads up.I had that kind of thing happen more than once -- I made groups of people to practice cases with and we shared frameworks we developed amongst ourselves.To be completely transparent though, I have to admit that when others asked me for my frameworks, I wouldnt' share them.It's not because I'm competitive but its because I spent hours and hours building them and I wasn't about to just give that work away to people who couldn't be bothered to do it themselves.

(I did share them with people I trusted however).On the other side of the coin - you DO have the people on the other end of the spectrum as well.One guy showed up to a top 3 consulting firm recruiting dinner after having accepted a job offer in banking.Considering banking was his top choice a lot of people wondered why he didn't have the curtesy to cancel and give someone else a chance to go.He said he wanted to keep his options open.

People like that don't make great impressions and I promise you it did him far more harm among his peers than it helped him -- he ended up loosing his FT job offer and I doubt a lot of people are going out of their way to help him.

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Another fellow came up to me one morning and asked me if I had landed job X.A few months later over drinks I complimented him by telling him: "I'm glad you got that job.

I honestly think you were the better candidate and you seem happy Our team of expert writers is dedicated towards their work and delivers the first-class quality work on time. We are best in offering various writing services among students from all over the world. We employ a tough screening criterion to shortlist a math expert so that you receive the desired paper help without any flaw..I honestly think you were the better candidate and you seem happy.

I know it came down to me and you at the end there and for what its worth, I think they made the right choice." His response? "Oh, I don't think they ever really liked you HP Labs Careers. We're always interested in highly creative individuals who live and breathe technology. If you're a problem solver ready to contribute fresh new ideas and solutions to our customers and our business, let's talk. View all job openings  ." His response? "Oh, I don't think they ever really liked you.I think they were just being nice to you." Another fellow that wasn't much liked to be sure.

These examples are the worst of them though - honestly, people aren't generally like this.I honestly believe it FEELS more competitive than it is.The recruiting season at Booth (and at any other school) is a stressful time.You balance classes, activities, friends, family and job hunting in a short four or five week timeframe all the while acutely aware of who has what job.

Word travels fast -- "Did you hear so and so didnt' get a 2nd round?" or "I heard they are only hiring four people this year" or "I can't believe she got an offer from Goldman, she can barely keep herself from walking into walls.

" You'll see friends get denied from dream jobs, you'll get 2nd rounds they don't (and feel bad about it) and vica-versa, you'll see some REALLY smart people struggle to find a gig, you'll also see some of the dumbest people you've ever met magically land gigs at top firms.Imagine for a moment the stress of your MBA interview and waiting for a decision from the school -- now just repeat that experience a couple dozen times, except this time, if the answer is no, you don't just keep your old job and reapply next year -- this time, if the answer is no, you have no job and you just blew a couple hundred G.It makes the MBA admissions process look like a cake walk.It's a stressful process and that tends to breed some degree of competition - no one wants to be the person without a job offer while all their friends are sitting on two or three.

But that feeling that 'this is it' -- that this is the 'ultimate test', the 'end to all ends' is really more in your own head than anything else.That stress effects different people in different ways - some people are perfectly content not interviewing on campus and holding out for their dream job till June.I imagine you'd feel that stress at Wharton or Kellogg or any other school just as much as you would at Booth.For internships, only FT students can recruit.For full time jobs, PT students (provided they have a certain number of classes and have completed certain training) can recruit.Make no mistake about it, this will piss you off (even if half of them blow their chances within 10 seconds of opening their mouth).

There is nothing more infuriating than some guy with a job he may or may-not have any real intention of leaving showing up to a recruiting event and monopolozing the recruiters time.You'll want to punch their lights out more than once.I got my revenge one night at a recruiting dinner -- I showed up early and dressed business casual.All the part timers always overdo it and showed up in suit and tie.I'm calm and collected and drinking at the bar, and pretty soon I've got a semi-circle of these yahoos around me and frankly id prefer it if they just screwed off and let me finish my drink before the company representatives kicked thigns off.

It then dawns on me they think I work for the company, so I turn to one of the guys, look him straight in the eye and say "So, what do you think are the 3 biggest challenges facing our firm over the next five years?" It was the most beautiful deer-in-headlights look I've ever seen.The guy practically crapped himself right then and there.You might think this was mean, but trust me, spend a quarter dealing with PT people showing up to every event you have and you'll be a little mean too.The point is they are there - they will piss you off.The good thing is that they are generally pretty unpolished when it comes to recruiting and most of them blow their chances immediately.

Halfway through the meal, this girl shows up, plops down next to me and apologies for being late.I'm thinking to myself, "Sweetie, 20 minutes is late, an hour into dinner is idiotic." Although she had probably already destroyed her chances, she gracefully stepped on mine after mine from taht point forward.She proceeds to explain that shes late because of "homework" but that she lives in a "really nice apartment just down the street" and that therefore it only took her a "few minutes" to walk over.

Great, so you show up halfway through a meal because of homework? Yea, what a winner.As if that wasn't enough, she then interrupts the recruiter (sitting on my left, shes on my right) and proceeds to pepper her with questions.The recruiter, who was quite clearly in the middle of another conversation with the person to her left, is left in an uncomfortable position of trying to manage this.My conversation in the mean time is also cut short as this girl begins to talk across from me.As if this wasn't enough, she then starts to talk about how she's also perhaps interested in consulting (note: this was not a consulting company dinner) and starts asking me if I am thinking about consulting too.

I deflected the question and spent the rest of the night hoping the flambe desert would accidentally set this girl on fire.In the end, the only person to get an offer from that firm was a FT student.Another PT student recruiting for a consulting gig went to some event and commented to the recruiter "So hows the hiking thing going?".The recruiter was obviously perplexed -- how did this girl know she had started hiking? The rest of us were just confused.

Turns out, I later discovered that the recruiter's profile on facebook was set to open and that this girl had basically gone e-stalking.You can bet that girl didn't get an interview.So, does it make it 'harder' to land a job? I honestly don't know how much of a material difference it is, but it will certainly FEEL like it makes a difference.It helps that they seem to all have the sabotage switch soldered to an 'ON' position though.If you ask me what the #1 thing that irritated me about Booth is, I'd tell you exactly this.

To be fair, this situation isn't limited to just Booth, other schools have similar policies, although I think Booth makes it too easy for PT to show up.Last year, I had the choice between both schools - I got accepted at both.It was a very tough choice, so I guess you have to break it down in elements and assign weights to each element.Visiting the school IMO won't give you an honest view of the school, since these visits are marketing tools usually.

Also, welcome week-ends are not only marketing tools but they are organized in the same time for both schools (it was the case last year and I'm sure it was no coincidence).

Back to the elements: - Academics: tough one.Both have their lot of great teachers - and I'm sure, their lot of shitty ones too (I know Wharton does).Yes Chicago has an important amount of Nobel Prizes, but: 1.if so, are they any good at teaching? Very often, the answer to these questions is no.

I'd put them equal, despite the fact that Wharton's curriculum is quite demanding - I can't judge Chicago's curriculum (demanding vs.

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other business schools: my undergrad was 10000x times more demanding than this in terms of exams, but that's another debate).- Program: the big debate here is cohort system vs.You've seen in the Wharton thread what I think are the pros and cons of a cohort system (103-t66548?sk=t&sd=a&start=780) 9 Dec 2016 - Geico has been raising premiums nationwide. Over the past year, average premiums per auto policy have increased 6.9 percent, Berkshire Hathaway said in its most recent quarterly report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Berkshire said that, throughout 2015, Geico saw increases in  .

You've seen in the Wharton thread what I think are the pros and cons of a cohort system (103-t66548?sk=t&sd=a&start=780).

At Chicago you can choose ALL your classes.It's a very good thing if you have a good idea of what you want to do, but it's hard(er) too meet people I guess.To be honest the core system gives you a good base to tackle the electives in the second year, which is good, and there are certain great classes I would have never ever chosen if I had to cherry-pick (ethics with Donaldson for example, a real eye-opener), but I still think that Chicago's system is very nice MAGNIFICENT RIBEYE STEAKS: These ribeye steaks are carved straight from the center of Chicago Steak Company's Prime Rib Roast for the most mouth-watering grilled steak. PERFECT RIBEYE: With rich marbling you expect in premium ribeye steaks, these ribeyes won't disappoint. You'll experience a juicy and  .To be honest the core system gives you a good base to tackle the electives in the second year, which is good, and there are certain great classes I would have never ever chosen if I had to cherry-pick (ethics with Donaldson for example, a real eye-opener), but I still think that Chicago's system is very nice.I don't know how you get to get close to people though in that kind of system, especially considering the fact that EC activities are not that extensive from what I gather (more on that later).So basically here it's up to you to determine what works best for you.

It's a tougher call than I would have imagined: in the beginning I thought that cherry-picking was brilliant, but now I see all the advantages of a cohort system, which I didn't see before.- Brand name: this was the element that made me favour Wharton over Chicago (the weight was heavy on this one for me).I still believe that Wharton has a big edge in terms of brand over Chicago, especially in finance and outside the US (and even in the US for that matter).Although I do agree that Chicago has the momentum atm in terms of brand.I think that if it goes on like that, in 10 - 15 years they'll be challenging H/S/W.

But that supposes that Wharton doesn't react.But at the moment IMO Wharton is still the best financial school in the US.That has an impact on the financial recruiters IMO.- Geography: well, NY and DC are 1 hour away and AC is next door (not sure if that should come into balance but just mentioning ).The close presence of NY is a poisoned gift: that means that it's very easy to go and visit Wall Street firms and show your face and motivation, but that also means that the companies EXPECT you to do it.

The closed list events for NY have been announced apparently, and the rumour goes that the most successful ones (the ones that got in >6 events) are the ones that were constantly there visiting companies (I think it's a complete aberration but blame the game, not the player).For me, applying in London only, it didn't change anything.In terms of tourism, obviously NY's presence next door is super exciting.- International students: both schools are pretty international, but I think Wharton has an edge here, which is nice.45% of students in my class are international, which is unparalleled in an MBA program in the US.

The flip side is that this international presence is skewed towards Asia (the Indian-friendly reputation is not a legend), but it's by no means a disadvantage of course.- Sports: I'm only going to talk about Wharton here, I don't know how Chicago is.The indoor infrastructure is great here: the gym is great, the fitness centre is huge and has everything you want: basketball courts, a (great) golf simulator, a pool, etc.The outdoor infrastructure however is a true calamity: it is embarrassing that a university like Upenn only has one or two "multi-purpose" grass fields.I know that the university is in the middle of the city, but still, that's no excuse.

That's actually my biggest complaint about the school.- Infrastructure: Chicago clearly has an edge here.They have a brand new building dedicated to the MBA students.Wharton's Huntsman Hall is gorgeous and pretty new too, but we have to share it with the undergrads (there's a story behind this but I wont go into details) and it's clearly too small for 2 big programs like ours.It's tough to book study rooms and it's tough to find sports in the study lounges, especially in the buy periods.

However, there are plenty of other places where you can go and study on campus (and even meet those fit girls from law), but it's annoying that you can't do it in your own building.- Student groups: I'll comment here on the 2 EC activities where I had interaction with other schools: soccer and rugby.Basically in both we crush Chicago! More seriously, in both sports we have sent 2 teams every time to each tournament.I actually can't remember seeing Chicago at ANY of those tournaments.It's not a big sports school IMO at that would have been (if I had known) a big deal-breaker.

I also know that we usually have good teams in financial competitions (from what I heard), but so might Chicago (I don't know).But globally, due to the sheer size of the program, you'll find that student groups are bigger, which makes it nicer.I'd also like to take a minute here to tell the admits that the best thing they can do is JOIN THE RUGBY TEAM.It's the largest sport at Wharton and by far the most fun.

Don't worry if you've never played, 80% of the team members didn't play before.

It's great fun, there's a fantastic team spirit (on AND off the pitch) and it's a great alumni resource (the rugby team is a very close network inside the Wharton network).- City: well here I think Chicago has an advantage.Philly is not nearly as bad as people thinks, but it's still not great.Although Philly has a lot to offer too: all major sports are present, decently sized city where you can do most things by foot (an exception in the US), a decent selection of bars, etc.

But in terms of choice I'm sure that Chicago outclasses Philly.Plus Philly - although apparently it's getting better - is still a fairly dangerous city (the Centre City is safe though).I won't go into too many details (don't want to scare anybody off), but it's definitively a difference compared to Brussels for example (where I come from).Finally I'd like to finish here with the Wharton Leadership Ventures: the leadership ventures are great (although overpriced) possibilities to visit places where you will probably never go again: Antarctica, Kili, Cotopaxi, etc.That is something that I definitively took into account when I decided for which school I was going to go to.

Chicago has its own pre-term trips, but I don't think that the selection they offer equals Wharton's selection.Academics I agree with Audio in that both are well recognized, but I will advise that Chicago's exams are hard: EXTREMELY hard, and my undergrad was tough (Electrical Engineering in Telecommunication, integrals all over the place till my last day).And from the professors with prizes (Nobel or whatever) they do teach well, actually one of the most praised teachers is Kevin Murphy who will probably be a Nobel Prize a couple years from now, also these folks with prizes have to be good speakers, they had to defend their things to have their prizes.From talks with friends of mine at Wharton, the approach is different, but both will give you World Class education.If you can go to both places and watch a couple of classes.

It is indeed a tough choice regarding here.Program I'm a chooser, and I wanted to start with challenging courses.The "challenge everything" from Chicago is present almost everyday, instead of taking a basic class in a topic I already know (and pay 5 grands for this) I can pick a more advanced class and go further, learn more.

Chicago booth mba guide business school guides gmat club

It can be overwhelming though, as with choices you need to think ahead and think wisely.Another thing that is good for career switchers is that while in other schools people are learning basic stuff and going for summer internship interviews, you may go learning more advanced things - this is what a second year told me.

Just keep in mind that it means that you will work hard, especially if you're like me (I decided to push myself) .Just keep in mind that it means that you will work hard, especially if you're like me (I decided to push myself).

Regarding that making connections, I believe that all depends on you, it doesn't matter if one goes to Chicago, or Wharton or anywhere else, to make connections it depends on you.Brand name Wharton still has a "heavier brand name" but The University of Chicago beats UPenn, in some countries - South America for instance - this makes a difference especially if you want to recruit for some rules and industries outside the mainstream Best websites to buy an lab report math 106 pages / 29150 words College Freshman Writing from scratch US Letter Size.Brand name Wharton still has a "heavier brand name" but The University of Chicago beats UPenn, in some countries - South America for instance - this makes a difference especially if you want to recruit for some rules and industries outside the mainstream.If you want to see what is better for you see the courses that each school offers, for me Chicago has an edge over every school for the thins I want to do after school (IM and Trading) Best websites to buy an lab report math 106 pages / 29150 words College Freshman Writing from scratch US Letter Size.If you want to see what is better for you see the courses that each school offers, for me Chicago has an edge over every school for the thins I want to do after school (IM and Trading).Geography Chicago is isolated, no doubt about it, but for $150 bucks you can fly to NYC; however from Philly is much shorter and perhaps less expensive and by train.

As Audio said location is sometimes a poisoned gift, I imagine how hard is to people in Columbia and NYU, they must go everytime to recruiters.International students 40% in Booth, not that far from Wharton, and I can say it´s pretty balanced there, though Asians are majority, for natural reasons.I made good connections with people from all continents.Sports The structure is good, but honestly, I haven't had time to benefit from it, I used the swimming pool once and played basketball once.I have a friend who's into Ironman stuff, and he's been everydays at the Ratner Center: /facilitie .

Infrastructure I just want to add that even though we share facilities with PT and Weekend MBAs, I think it's good, I used many times the Gleacher Center to study, and next quarter I will have a class downtown.There are plenty of space to study, though during exams sometimes it's hard to book rooms, but nothing that I would complain.Student groups Chicago is not a big sport school, everybody knows that Audio, stop remembering me though.I am participating in 5 groups - Investment Management Group, Hedge Fund Group, Latin American Business Group, Public Speaking Group and DSAC (The group that helps prospective students).I may join another one the Media and Entertainment Group.

I'd say though that 3 is the max number, I'm participating more in the first 3 I listed.Other groups participate in challenges such as the IPO, Consulting, etc, and I know that a groups is in the final phase of a marketing thing with Mozilla.City Here Chicago has a BIG edge in my opinion, especially in Arts - my wife is a Fine Artist and only NYC beats Chicago.As Chicago is the "Midwest Capital" there are many options there in terms of bars, nightlife, restaurants, etc.Sports are not that good though, as the Chicago teams are not that good the the Phillies have just won the MLB.

I've never had problem with Hyde Park, though people always advise not to go further south than campus.I was talking to rhyme a couple of weeks ago and I told him that Chicago is a city to live, not only study, for an urban person like me it's perfect.Also prices there aren't bad, actually comparing to my friends in Boston, Philly, NYC, Bay Area, Chicago is cheap.Some people don't care about 2 years, I do, 2 years will be, luckily, around 3.5% of my adult life for me and my wife this is a huge number.

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