Abstract/Summary Biotechnology, as the name would imply, involves the use of living organisms to develop a “technology,” whether that is a product, a microorganism, medicine, or plant. In our lab we focused on bioluminescence genes from jellyfish as a method of measuring the absorption of a chemical solution in bacteria.

This method of using “reporter genes” is used widely by scientists to identify and log conditions that encourage reception between the bacteria and the independent variable. Our experiment involved injecting the pGLO plasmid into E. The plasmid contained an antibiotic (amplicillin), arabinose, and the glowing gene from the jellyfish. The arabinose sugar allows the bacteria to absorb the plasmids and turn on the glowing gene. If the pGLO is successfully absorbed and digested, the bacteria will resist the ampicillin and glow under ultraviolet light.

As we began the lab, we mixed CaCl to DNA- (untransformed) and DNA+ (transformed) bacteria solutions. The Calcium Chloride aids to break down the bacterial cell walls so the bacteria can digest the proteins easier. Each of the 4 plates we’d be sampling had the LB nutrients dissolved into the gel, with ampicillin on 3 plates (two DNA+, one DNA -), and arabinose on one of the DNA+ plates. After “heat-shocking” the DNA samples so they’d bond quicker, we placed a small amount of the solution onto each agar plate – two of DNA+ and two of DNA- – and placed them in the incubator. We left the plates culturing the bacteria in an incubator over the weekend and came back to find various amounts of growth and glowing.

When ampicillin was present, the DNA-, as expected, didn’t grow BIOTECHNOLOGY LAB REPORT FORMAT. GENERAL INFORMATION: ALL lab reports follow the same classical organization and format. They should be neatly written in your science lab notebook. Make sure it is in your table of contents of the science lab notebook. The title should indicate what the lab was all about..

The DNA+, contrastingly, was transformed in order to resist the antibiotics and grew. The only notable glowing came from the arabinose plate.

What are your experimental hypotheses for this experiment? Please provide a hypothesis for each of the 4 plates and explain your reasoning for each hypothesis.