Are you an adventurous and creative person with a passion for literature and the arts? A Comparative Literature B. will encourage you to think in original and exciting ways about the relationships among literature, art, culture, and the environment. You will have the opportunity to make compelling connections among a diverse array of human arts and experiences.

The Department of Comparative Literature is part of Indiana University Bloomington's College of Arts and Sciences 22 Nov 2017 - Study BA Comparative Literature degree in the Department of Comparative Literature at King's College London. King's reviews its optional modules on a regular basis, in order to continue to offer innovative and exciting programmes and this list is therefore subject to change. Please check here for .

When pursuing a major in Comparative Literature, you will study in the company of award-winning faculty with diverse backgrounds in comparative literature, literary translation and a variety of other academic disciplines.

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You will also explore connections between comparative literature and other academic disciplines such as philosophy, history, religious studies, cultural studies, the sciences, and more. Study in comparative literature trains you in fundamental skills that can lead to success in nearly any career path. Courses will teach you how to express yourself effectively, how to write clearly, how to solve problems in creative and innovative ways, and how to understand and relate to people with differing opinions or backgrounds from yourself.

The Department of Comparative Literature offers two undergraduate minors for students majoring in other fields: a minor in Comparative Literature and a minor in Comparative Arts.

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Students also usually take another 100 or 200 level Comparative Literature course In order to be persuasive as comparative literary-critical writing in this way, the three key areas named in the Faculty marking criteria – understanding, depth of and to get a better sense of what the College's generic criteria might look like in the concrete case of written coursework in the discipline of Comparative Literature, .

Additionally, majors should start studying a chosen foreign language as early as possible during their academic career at Indiana University Bloomington. Tracks and concentrationsStudents majoring in Comparative Literature will choose one of the following options for advanced study.

Option A - Language and Literature: You may take one advanced course in foreign language literature study in the original language at the 300 or 400 level.

Option B - Interdisciplinary Study of Literature: You may take one 300 or 400 level interdisciplinary comparative literature course along with a 300 or 400 level course offered by a corresponding department and approved by the Comparative Literature Department Jump to h2: Coursework - As a comparative literature major, you will take at least eight courses in literature, film or related arts from the offerings in several departments and Whether you're on track for membership in an honor society like Phi Beta Kappa or need help navigating your college career, Clark offers a .

Examples of suitable departments include Anthropology, Fine Arts, History, Political Science and Religious Studies to name a few. Upper level courseworkThe Comparative Literature major allows you to personalize your curriculum with 300 and 400 level courses relevant to your interests. You can build upon concepts of literary criticism through comparative close readings of texts in a variety of genres, such as narrative, drama, satire, or lyric poetry, or from a wide range of literary periods, such as Renaissance, Romanticism, and 20th century literature.

Some elective courses explore the interrelationship between literature and the arts while other courses focus on cross-cultural studies UCLA's Department of Comparative Literature offers both inspiring coursework and the chance to build an exciting, yet practical B.A. or minor. Not only do students have access to the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), with opportunities in 42 countries, the department also encourages students .

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In addition, numerous courses in literature and film are offered. Overseas study is an excellent option if you wish to enhance your studies in foreign language literature. Commonly pursued majors, minors and certificatesYour major represents about one quarter of your degree requirements.

With the help of your academic advisor, the major can be combined with many other areas of study.

The most common recently paired majors with Comparative Literature include History, English, Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures, French, and Spanish Comparative literature (CMPL) is the study of literature, theory, and criticism across the boundaries of language, nation, culture, artistic medium, genre, and Program alumni have attended top graduate programs, received numerous Fulbrights and other fellowships, and gone on to successful careers in such fields as .

Check your bulletin for more information about these majors and minors. Enhance your majorWorking with facultyWhen pursuing the Comparative Literature major, you work with faculty who have expertise and experience in the field.

Take advantage of office hours to talk with your instructors about your performance in class, the content of assignments, and how the course helps you work toward your goals Themes explored in our modules include freedom and oppression, film adaptations of literary works, gender and sexuality, travel, the body, childhood and adolescence, and vampires in literature and film. You do not need to be able to read a foreign language to take a Comparative Literature degree as we study translations .

If you are interested in independent study options, you may have the opportunity to take an individual readings course or a foreign study course in comparative literature with a faculty sponsor.

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Students should discuss the possibility with individual instructors and then make a formal request through the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the department chair. Talk with your academic advisor, faculty and instructors about these possibilities. HonorsOutstanding students may qualify for the Comparative Literature Honors Program.

Honors students engage in advanced, independent work and focus on topics of special interest.

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High-achieving students may be recognized for Academic Excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences, or be eligible for admission to the Hutton Honors College Why study BA English & Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths? You'll develop an understanding of the depth and breadth of literature, and will be able to practise the skills needed for a confident and effective reading of literary and non-literary texts; The degree is flexible, allowing you to specialise in the areas that interest .

Undergraduate scholarships and awardsThe Annie Geduld Memorial PrizeThe Comparative Literature Service AwardThe Ilinca Zarifopol Johnston AwardThe Outstanding Senior AwardMore scholarships and awards related to Comparative Literature include: