Management Case Study Guidelines for Preparation and Writing Topic Candidates are responsible for choosing the Management Case Study topic. Where appropriate, Candidates should discuss their proposed topic with the appropriate parties within their own organisation for any consideration toward confidentiality or privacy.

The Candidates should identify a topic related to their workplace and a process/event that they have actively been involved in and one that has provided the opportunity for them to demonstrate their leadership skills.

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Coroners case, Emergency Response, significant clinical incident, significant concern regarding a clinician service development, implementation and evaluation development of a Workforce or Strategic Plan.

The topic should allow Candidates to demonstrate: ability to identify an important health service management issue ability to assess and research the issue capacity to relate this appropriately to theory, knowledge and best practice ability to take management action ability to document the Case Study in a clear and professional manner. It is important that the Management Case Study demonstrates a link between theory and practice.

Hence, the assessment will involve an examination of the practical aspects of the management decisions and actions which are the subject of study.

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Utilising the developing skills of the Candidate, the available literature, and the Preceptor or Executive Coach, the Case Study should demonstrate an understanding by the Candidate why certain management strategies did or did not work in this instance I do find the materials provided to be quite useful, with the case study material for the operational level exam extremely helpful, however I am quite disappointed as these errors make it extremely difficult to continue using the material for my studies as I am not sure if I'm genuinely getting the answers wrong (and therefore .

The study is intended to extend the knowledge and skills of the Candidate.

Both the preparation and the examination of the Case Study should be a learning experience. The study is not intended to be original research, but nevertheless, it should not have been submitted previously for other course work or another degree.

Undertaking the StudyManagement Case Study Proposal The Management Case Study Proposal will incorporate an outline of the proposed Case Study: the rationale for undertaking it, the specific objectives, the proposed methodology and expected outcome The popularity of case study assignments in developing hypotheses has grown only in recent years especially in ethnography, management etc. encountered by students. Here are few tips to write different case study assignments provided by Ph.D. qualified case study writers. The solution of my assignment is too go..

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The Proposal must be signed off by the Preceptor or Executive Coach before being sent to the Censor for Research and Case Studies for endorsement. Any Proposal not signed off by the Preceptor or Executive Coach will not be considered.

The Management Case Study Proposal should be a maximum of 1,000 words. The Management Case Study should demonstrate that the Candidate has developed further knowledge and practical skills in the subject area.

It should describe a health service management activity and analyse it in terms of relevant management literature and practice.

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The usual format for the Proposal is as follows:Title – This should be a succinct but defining statement of the overall nature of your study.

Background – A description of the problem being addressed The 'problem' is a description of what precisely the event or process improvement is and how it will be identified 18 Sep 2017 - See how management training could benefit you and what it includes. Who attends these courses? What do they get out of it?.

This may include reference to key relevant literature or needs analyse. If the problem is too broad for this Management Case Study, it is important to define the scope of the part of the problem you will be addressing.

Methodology – This is a statement of the overall approach, strategies or method you used.

RACMA Competencies Please submit your Management Case Study Proposal with the Cover Sheet to your Preceptor 2 Jul 2007 - The case study is examined in order to try and understand what has happened and why. It is not A successful case study analyses a real life situation where existing problems need to be solved. Management Case Study, L & L Online tutorial http://www.monash.edu.au/lls/llonline/writing/business-..

Written Management Case Study Why the topic is being presented? What was the problem/issue/challenge? Contextualise this and convey meaning about the importance of resolving the problem. Why was it a priority? What did you do to understand, determine a course of action, communicate, get agreement to and implement the course of action/response to the problem, and how effective was the outcome? What did you learn from this problem solving action - about organisation, management, people, systems, managing change, etc.

? What research did you do to find a solution? How it was managed to conclusion/resolution? What was your role in the process? How did the Candidate’s development of the RACMA Core Competencies apply in the management of this situation? What skills and knowledge have you developed as a result of this activity? Structuring your written Management Case Study The final Management Case Study will be: Between 2,500 and 3,000 words (excluding references, title, footnotes, appendices). WORD COUNT MUST BE STRICTLY APPLIED, IN CASE OF EXCESSIVE WORD COUNT THE MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY WILL NOT BE FORWARDED TO THE MARKERS FOR ASSESSMENT.

Appropriately referenced to relevant literature.

Please note: Candidates may choose the Harvard or Vancouver referencing system Management Case Study. The focus of Management level is on the medium term and monitoring and implementation of strategy. In the Management/Gateway Case Study exam, your role will be that of a Finance Manager. The Case Study exam is essentially a virtual business role play. Therefore, students need to .

Appropriately related to the RACMA Core Competencies to demonstrate how the Candidate has attained and enhanced these as part of a learning process during Candidacy. Declaration A signed statement (as below) that the work submitted is your own and has not been submitted for any previous assessment.

Declaration: "I hereby declare that the intellectual content of this Case Study is the product of my own work even though I may have received assistance from others in style, presentation and linguistic expression.

I also declare that I have addressed all ethical and legal considerations prior to submission Your course is split up into phases: you will firstly be introduced to the concept of the case study, you will learn about the competencies being tested and how the case study The Management case study consolidates the learning from subjects E2, P2 & F2 to reflect real-life work situations. When will I receive my material?.

This written Case Study has not been previously submitted in this form, for assessment at any time.

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Submission The written Management Case Study must be submitted in a WORD document to RACMA National Office via the eETP with the Management Case Study Cover Sheet (available on the web).

The Preceptor should acknowledge on the cover sheet that the work is ready for submission and assessment by Censors.

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